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Kingdom Hearts: Light's Destiny

Chapter 1: Exploring the Castle

Chapter 1: Exploring the Castle

The boy starts to open his blue eyes as he looks around and finds himself to be in his room and is in his bed and then lets out a huge yawn before going back to sleep but then he feels a poke on his back and he gasps in surprise as he sees a another boy with spiky light orange hair, cyan eyes, wearing a jade green shirt with black short sleeves, a big blue X in the middle of his shirt, tan and grey short-jeans with zippers on both sides, two rings on two left fingers, and blue shoes next to him and the other laughs at the boy's surprise.

"Oh, it's just you, Pax. You scared me to death." The boy said.

"Well, that's what happens when you oversleep, Ky. You know you were supposed to be up for like ten minutes ago. We're gonna be late to the park to meet with the others." The other boy named Pax said.

"Wait. What time is it now?" The boy named Ky asked.

"11:05." Pax answered.

"What?! I could've sworn I've set my alarm clock before I went to bed! Why didn't it go off?!" Ky asked and Pax shrugs. "Crap! Stupid thing! Okay, I'll get dressed and ready. Just wait for me." Ky said.

"No prob, but you'd better hurry." Pax said as he leaves Ky's room.

Ky quickly gets out of bed and starts to put o his clothes which is a blue short sleeve shirt with a white opened hoodie with black short sleeves over the blue shirt, dark green shorts, a star chain hanging from the left side of his shorts, and black and red shoes and he leaves his room.

Ky also does his hair, brushes his teeth, and grabs a bite to eat before meeting Pax outside the house.

"Wow. One minute. That must be a new record." Pax said smiling.

"Shut up." Ky replied slightly annoyed.

"So what happened to you? Since when're you sleeping late now?" Pax asked.

"I dunno. I've been having these weird thoughts lately." Ky answered.

"Weird thoughts? Like what?" Pax asked.

"Well, just then, I had a dream where I was taken to different places while fighting monsters, but then a huge black dragon thing was about to eat me alive. I couldn't free myself or do anything." Ky answered.

"That sounds weird, but then again, it has to be a dream." Pax said.

"Yeah, but...was any of this for real or not?" Ky asked.

"What do you think? It's your dream." Pax said.

"I dunno. It felt so bizarre." Ky said.

"If you say so." Pax said.

The two boys arrive at the park and they find another boy with pale skin, semi-long black hair, crimson eyes, wearing a black hooded shirt with grey sleeves, black pants with crimson chains hanging from the right side, and a black necklace with a crystal skull at the end around his neck.

"Hey, Nex!" Ky called and the boy named Nex turns to see Ky.

"There you are, Ky. I thought you were gonna be late or never make it." Nex said.

"Sorry. I overslept again. I had a weird dream." Ky said.

"About?" Nex asked.

"I was sent to different places and had to deal with monsters, but one of them ate me. I'm feeling that the dream I had wasn't a dream." Ky said.

"Huh. Not sure what to tell you." Nex said.

"Yeah." Ky said.

"So, Nex, you wanted us all to be here, right? What's up?" Pax asked.

"I'll tell you...after I wake this idiot up." Nex said as he points at another boy with messy dark silver hair, wearing a brown shirt with white short sleeves, dark blue pants, red shoes, and has what looks like a mark that looks like an orange sun with wings on his right arm sleeping on a bench much to Ky's amusement but Pax's annoyance.

"Griff! Wake up!" Pax yelled and the boy named Griff starts to wake up.

"Huh? What happened?" Griff asked rubbing his eyes.

"You dozed off, idiot." Nex said.

"Maaaan. Sorry. I was tired." Griff said.

"Don't sweat it, Griff. I overslept too." Ky said.

"You? Sleeping late? That's not like you at all, Ky. What happened?" Griff asked.

"Just a dream I thought was real." Ky answered and Griff nods.

"Now that we're here, I'll do the explaining. Today, we're gonna explore." Nex said.

"Explore where?" Griff asked.

"If you let me finish talking, Griff, I'd tell you." Nex said slightly irritated.

"...Sorry." Griff said chuckling nervously.

"Anyway, we're gonna explore at the old castle. I believe someone is living there so I'd like to meet that person." Nex said.

"We're really going to that castle? Cool." Ky said.

"I don't understand. Why would someone live in that castle? It's ancient and abandoned. No one's dared to come there." Pax said.

"I hope we can show whoever's at the castle around the city and maybe give out a new home too." Griff said.

"Alright, everyone. Let's go to the castle." Nex said.

The boys leave the park and go through the city and after getting through the forest they find the giant castle that is in fact old and damaged and there are plants encased.

"This place is really old. Who'd want to live here?" Pax asked.

"Probably someone who doesn't give a crap about society. We have to find and teach that person what it means to make a friend." Nex said as he opens the gates and knocks on the door but there was no response and the door opens itself.

"So...we go in?" Griff asked.

"Yeah." Ky said and the four enter the castle.

As the four explore around the foyer they see nothing but dust and cobwebs covering everything and doors and statues are broken.

"So where is this person?" Griff asked.

"We'll have to look. Let's split up and look everywhere." Nex said and they nod.

It has been hours since the boys have been searching everywhere in the castle but all Ky finds are broken doors, dusted things, and damaged rooms but Ky keeps searching everywhere but he can't find anything or anyone much to Ky's disappointment.

"This is getting nowhere." Ky said.

Ky manages to find Nex who is still exploring.

"Hey, Nex." Ky said.

"You found anything?" Nex asked but Ky shakes his head.

"I've found nothing. And it's getting late." Ky said.

"You're right. Let's go find Pax and Griff." Nex said.

Ky and Nex find Pax and Griff.

"Let me guess, you didn't find anyone?" Nex asked.

"No." Pax answered.

"Maybe this person knew we were coming here and decided to hide. Probably shy or something." Griff suggested.

"Maybe, but it's getting late and I guess we should respect this person's privacy." Nex said.

"C'mon. Let's get out of here." Pax said.

The four boys leave the castle and they return to the city.

"Hey, Pax, Nex, we need to start making plans for tomorrow." Griff said.

"Oh, right." Nex said.

"Plans? What plans?" Ky asked.

"Sorry, but we have a secret project for school." Pax said.

"Secret project? I have all classes with you guys and I've never heard of this 'secret project' you're talking about." Ky said.

"He has a point." Nex said.

"Awww, but it'll ruin the surprise." Griff said.

"What surprise?" Ky asked.

"Have you really forgotten something special for someone tomorrow?" Pax asked.

"Uh, another exploration?" Ky guessed.

"Well, that's part of it, but it's something MORE special than that." Griff said and Ky thinks.

"Think about it. A certain someone's gonna turn twelve tomorrow." Nex said.

"Wait. Wait. Don't tell me. Special day tomorrow...someone turning twelve...oh! How can I be so stupid? My birthday's tomorrow." Ky said.

"Bingo, dude." Griff said.

"And tomorrow, we're gonna go on a train ride." Nex said.

"Why?" Ky asked.

"We all agreed we'd go outside the city to see what's out there. You wanted to know what's outside the city, right?" Pax asked.

"Right?" Ky answered.

"So tomorrow, Pax, Nex, you, and I are gonna get on the train and we'll be able to finally know what's out there." Griff said.

"Sounds awesome. I can't wait to finally know what's out. I've always wanted to see and know what's outside the city. That reminds me. Hey, Nex, what was your hometown like?" Ky asked.

"I told you a thousand times, Ky, I don't remember and I don't think I'd want to." Nex answered.

"Oh, right. I thought you woud've by now." Ky said.

"Nope. Not ever." Nex said.

"You ever wanna go back to see it again?" Griff asked.

"Well, I'm happy here. I guess I don't mind seeing it again." Nex said.

"We'll might be able to go there while we're leaving the city." Ky said.

"I doubt that." Nex said.

The four boys keep walking through the city to go home but as they are walking home Ky stops and turns to look around as he hears something and he sees what looks like a shadowy figure on the roof of a building.

"What's that?" Ky asked.

"Ky, what's wrong?" Pax asked.

"Nothing." Ky answered.

"Well, we'd better meet at the train station tomorrow. Remember to bring munny for the tickets." Nex said and the three boys nod. "See you guys tomorrow." Nex said and walks away.

"Remember, train station tomorrow." Griff said.

"Got it." Ky said and Griff leaves.

"We'd better get home before your mom gets a panic attack." Pax said.

"Yeah." Ky said.

"So you excited for your birthday tomorrow?" Pax asked.

"Yeah. I look forward being twelve." Ky answered.

"That's good to hear." Pax said.

The two return home and they find a woman with blue eyes, long blonde hair, wearing a light green blouse, and a white long skirt.

"Hi, Mom! We're back!" Ky called and the woman sees the two.

"How was your day with your friends?" Ky's mother asked.

"Great, Mom." Ky answered.

"Good. Ky, are you excited to be twelve tomorrow?" Ky's mother asked.

"Yeah. Hey, Mom, I'm not sure if you noticed, but tomorrow, Pax, Nex, Griff, and I are gonna..." Ky was cut off by his mother.

"You still want to leave the city to see what's out there. I know how much you've always wanted that, but you're still too..." Ky's mother was cut off by Pax.

"I'll look after him while we're gone. I promise." Pax said.

"Well, if you think you're mature enough to do so, I suppose I'll allow it, but don't go too far from this city and come back here before evening." Ky's mother said.

"Yes, Mom. I understand." Ky said and his mother hugs him.

Ky goes upstairs to his room but as he sits on his bed he sees what looks like a black hooded figure.

"Uh, hi. Can I help you?" Ky asked.

"You are Ky?" The black hooded figure asked and it's a dark and cold male voice.

"Yeah? Why? Who're you?" Ky asked.

"You are just a simple child. You will not be able to fulfill your worthless destiny." The black hooded figure said.

"My...destiny? What destiny? Why're you in my house?" Ky asked.

"You will be reduced to nothing along with this world. Your heart will be consumed and your fate will be much worse than your father's." The black hooded figure said.

"My...father? You know my father?! Where is he?!" Ky asked.

"Foolish boy. You will never see your father nor will you see those dear to you ever again." The black hooded figure said.

"That's it. I'm getting my mom to get you outta here." Ky as he was about to leave his room but the figure is already gone. "Weird. I locked everything before I left. Who does he think he is?" Ky asked.

"Ky, it's time to eat!" Ky's mother called.

"Coming, Mom!" Ky said as he leaves his room.

Unknowing to Ky a white hooded cloaked figure is outside Ky's window watching Ky leave his room and then the white hooded figure disappears in light.

Meanwhile Pax is walking through the city but just then he sees a young man with blue eyes, untidy blond hair, a scar mark on the right side of his face under his right eye, wearing a black and blue hooded shirt with the right side being sleeveless while the left is short sleeved, a grey zipper in the middle of the shirt, dark green pants, a red finger less glove on his right hand, a bandage on his left hand, and a black key shaped tattoo on his right shoulder leaning against a wall of a building.

"It's you, Master. What's wrong?" Pax asked.

"Does Ky suspect anything yet?" The young man asked.

"No, Master." Pax answered.

"Good. Keep a closer eye on him. I'm aware that his birthday is tomorrow and will turn twelve, which means...it's time. Give him this as a gift." The young man taking out a gold necklace with a crystal key at the end.

"Yes, Master." Pax said taking the necklace and leaves.

Meanwhile Nex arrives back home but as he sets his stuff down he sees a boy who looks sixteen, has pale skin, crimson eyes, wearing an opened dark red sleeveless hooded cape showing his bare chest, black bandages around his arms, black pants with dark green chains around them, and has a twisted smile on his face sitting on chair backwards looking bored.

"Oh, it's just you again. What do you want?" Nex asked.

"What? I don't get a 'hello'? Jeez. Rude much?" The boy asked.

"Coming from the boy who broke into my house without permission." Nex said.

"Good point." The boy said.

"Where is he now?" Nex asked.

"He just sent me. He'll see you tomorrow. We have much to talk about." The boy said.

"Yeah. Let's get started." Nex said.

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