I Dare You

Cherry Garcia

Nancy was crying into her pillow again. It was fifteen minutes after Bess and George had left. She had been remembering yesterday's events, and that brought the tears once more. Thinking about it was only opening the wound further, she knew, but couldn't help it. How many nights, Drew? She thought in fury, How many will you sit here and feel sorry for yourself?

Her cell phone rang, startling her so much that she actually answered it. "Hello?" she ventured.

"Nancy! Hey sorry, I know it's late, but I was wondering if I could get your help with something?" the voice said gleefully.

"Frank?" her voice wavered. She wiped her nose on the back of her hand again.

"Yeah, it's me," Frank Hardy started, but then the tone of her voice registered in his head, "Nancy, is everything okay? You sound…"

"Uh, yeah," she sat up and wiped her face again. She cleared her throat, "Everything's fine. I just…I, um…Did you need my thoughts on something?"

"Yeah," he said slowly. Knowing that something was up, but not wanting to press her, he ignored his gut, "Uh, I wanted your opinion on whether Joe and I should stay here in Chicago tonight and come down to your house tomorrow or whether we should just come on down."

"You're in Chicago!" she exclaimed, a smile spreading across her blotched face.

"Yeah, we're on break and thought it'd be a cool surprise to come down and see you," he paused, unsure of himself, "Nancy are you sure that everything's alright?"

"Just had a hard day, that's all," she confessed just enough to settle his suspicions, besides with the Hardys in town, she would have something else to think about…aside from Ned.

"Alright, if you say so," Frank was still concerned, but decided to leave things at that, "Look, it's late, we'll come down tomorrow. Is that okay with you?"

"Yeah, that sounds wonderful," she smiled again, "I can't believe that you guys are actually here! It's been forever since we've seen each other. Oh, Bess and George are going to flip!"

"Okay, we should be there around noon tomorrow. Say hello to your dad for me, will you?"

"Actually, he just went out of town for a case. He's going to be away for a week or two. Hannah just told me earlier today."

"Oh, alrighty then, see you tomorrow!"

"Bye," she hung up and lay back down smiling. Maybe things were going to turn around for her now.

Nancy's door burst open and her light flicked on. "Surprise!" George burst into the room, Bess following excitedly.

"George? What are you two doing here?" Nancy sat up, bewildered, "You scared me! I thought that you guys went home an hour ago."

"Well, we did… sort of," Bess said. They were both dragging in sleeping bags and pillows and such.

"What's going on?" Nancy was curious, as usual.

"We decided that we didn't want to leave either. So," George drew out the word while she sat down next to Nancy, "we asked Hannah if we could stay over with you, strictly for moral support, of course." She said in a mock serious tone.

"Of course," Nancy smiled. Bess plopped down on the other side of Nancy and dug around in her purse for something. "But it didn't really take you all an hour just to get your sleeping bags, did it."

"Ah, back to your detecting!" George eyed her friend with a knowing smile, "Well, we had to stop by each of our houses, attain permission from five adults, stop by the store, and you know how Bess is with packing." George pointed a thumb at her cousin, who had retrieved a wrapped package.

"I'm ignoring that," Bess squinched her nose. She turned to Nancy and smiled, "Here." She handed the wrapped package to her.

"What did you all go to the store for?" Nancy asked as she took the jar sized parcel, "Ooh, that's cold!"

"We had to pick up a few things…" George looked off to the side and fiddled with her fingers.

"What few things?" Nancy asked as she unwrapped the freezing package, "Ice cream?" The package was really a pint of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream.

"It was all Bess's doing, I swear!" George explained, "I wouldn't even have stopped at the store, but she insisted."

"If you're going to suffer of a broken heart," Bess stood indignantly and put her hands on her hips, "then I've taken it upon myself to be sure that you suffer properly!" She smiled, "We bought every pint in the store! The rest is in your freezer."

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