I Dare You

Pillow Fight

"You guys bought every pint in the store?" Nancy asked in shock, "Are you serious?"

"Nancy, chill," George rolled her eyes playfully, "they only had six pints."

"Six pints! I'll never eat all that!"

"Sure you will," Bess said in excitement, "Besides, who can resist Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia! Mmm, if I weren't on a diet…"

"As of now," Nancy smiled, handing her friend the pint, "you aren't. Start munching; I'll get some spoons and another two pints."

Bess's mouth fell open, and George laughed as Nancy left the room. "We'd better make our beds," George started to make a pallet on the floor.

"You really think we'll do any sleeping tonight?" Bess asked looking skeptical. She opened the ice cream and licked the lid, "Mmm! Oh my gosh, I forgot how good this stuff is! I may never diet again."

"I never knew you were," George commented lightly.

"Hey!" Bess threw her pillow at George. She had set the ice cream on one of Nancy's bedside tables, "It's not fair that you can just eat whatever you want and not gain an ounce!"

"And you do?" George dodged the pillow and threw her own in a counter attack, laughing. It had been months since the girls had slept over at any of the other's houses. Nancy walked right into a pillow in the face as she reentered her room. When the pillow fell, Bess and George burst into giggles. George clutched her side, "Ow, it hurts!"

"You should see your face," Bess pointed to her red-headed friend.

Nancy looked completely dumbfounded. She had a pint of Cherry Garcia in each hand, two spoons in one, and one spoon in the other. Her mouth fell open upon pillow-face impact. "Oh yeah," she emptied her hands by setting everything on her computer desk, "You should see your face when I win this fight!"

Then the best of friends had a tremendously messy pillow fight. They played board games, ate ice cream, told jokes, and told spooky stories until finally, near dawn, they all three passed out from exhaustion. Just before they did, however, Nancy murmured, "Hey guys, I almost forgot to tell you…"

"What?" Bess whispered, half awake.

"Mm?" George moaned.

"I have a surprise for you too…" Nancy sighed, oh, her pillow was sooo cozy.

"Oh yeah?" George drifted off to sleep.

"Ooh, a surprise…for me?" Bess's words slurred into her dream.

"Yup," Nancy curled around into a ball, "the Hard-" Her sentence turned into a light snore.

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