Sunsets Dont Last Forever


Lia, was sign to help protect a college, until she runs into 7 fallen demons who have sent her trouble. Lia was meeting her new family, she felt scared, she didnt want to leave her family, her little sister, until she saw that 7 year old, and lost it. Jinyoung her step brother was so nice to her until he broke her by betraying her, Lia hid the family away before she had to face serious danger

Horror / Romance
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She was an Angel, until she broke one of the main rules that you never break.

He was a Demon, he has fallen and was left behind, he broke his rule, but falling in love with the enemy.

"You have to wake up sister" My little sister started shaking me as I laid in my bed while covering myself up "Tell parents im not feeling well I dont wanna meet up" Ever since I hit my 20's my parents want me to learn the way of ruling over heaven. It sucks but im the oldest one of my siblings, Angels never had boys, it was only demons that would have boys, but if an Angel did have a boy. They would be sent straight down to hell where they were burn with the kid. I know it sucks but it was the rule, no boys allowed in heaven, no girls allowed in hell. But your confused right? How do Angels give birth or have kids? Well they find a human that they must protect and fall for, if they dont fall for the human or the human doesnt fall for them. They go down to hell and burn. I start my new school because im suppose to watch out for bad things that might happen, my parents always told me "When you see danger" And I would always answer with "Go to it and stop it" But they always had a twist "What if it was a demon?" And I would say "Use your magic light to block them out and help the human to safely" I smiled up at my father, he taught me everything, he loves my family, he even moved to here and became the kind of Heaven with my mother as the Queen. My dad would go visit earth but he would never tell us what we are, we would go see our family and where shirts over our wings, so they dont find out. They say if a human scared of you, your a demon, but if they love you enough they are angels.

"It doesnt matter dad wants you now or he said he will cut your wings off" I jolt up before grabbing an outfit and running to get my morning routine done as I walked into my parents office and bowed "Kelci your going down to earth" I looked at them "You trust me?" I held a hand to my heart and looked at them "But your going into highschool" She handed me a paper, it had everything on it, where I came from, what im smart in, and a new name, even new parents "But mom" I said and sat down "how am I going to do this, what am I suppose to do?" I asked softly while grabbing her hand "Your suppose to stop any danger, that back pack has weapons that Only you can see" I nodded and stood up "When do I leave?" My father hugged me "Soon, go pack your clothes, we will send you with lots of money, say goodbye to your sister" I walked away and held my sister hand, she was 7 and was learning how to do things. "Sweetie" I sat her on my bed and frowned softly, I didn't want to leave her but I must.

After I said my goodbyes I went on a bus and walked onto Earth, I sat on a tree before going down as I pulled my things with me, Im suppose to meet my new family at a cafe, ah its right here! I walked in and looked around, I had a picture of the family, One girl, one Boy, two parents, and i smiled, "Hello you must be the Park family" I smiled and sat down on a chair "Yes we are" the female said softly while turning to her husband as I crossed my legs "My name is Park Lia" I handed her my papers and took a deep breath "Wow you smart, you manager in Math and Technology" She smiled softly while nodding "Im Park Hye-Min this is my husband, Park Bum Jay or just Jay" I looked at the two kids before sighing "And them?" The girl opened her mouth and held up fingers, she was 7, it brought me to my sister, I teared up and turned away "Give me a minute, im not use to kids, since I lost my little sister in a fire" I took a deep breath and put on a fake smile "Whats your name sweetie" I cupped her cheeks "Im Park Min Soo" I chuckled at her name, it was such a beautiful name to bad they named my sister after my grandma. "This is Jinyoung" I turned to him, he looked my age "He's 19 and goes to college, just like you" right they said i would go to a college instead since i look to old to be in high school "So you'll have all classes with him since he manger in the same as you".

I walked into my room and looked around while closing my eyes, as I leaned on my wall while curling up, I started to cry, I cant do this, But i have to I have to keep my sister safe. "Lia" Jinyoung. I stood up and wiped my face before putting my hair in a ponytail "Yeah?" I said opening the door before taking a deep breath and smiled "Who are you really" He walked in and I bit my lip,

Back before I left my father gave me a rule "If someone ask who you are, give them your backstory" I nodded at my father and smiled.

Facing Jinyoung I sat down "I came from a different place, I was force to move here since I had no one else to take me in, so I was put up for adoption, I was the only one who survive the fire in my house". He nodded before wrapping his arms around me as he smiled. "Park Jinyoung why are you being so nice to me" I said softly while pulling away from him "Welcome then" he stood up slowly and crossed his arms "I hope you enjoy it" he walked out while leaving me confused. Ok?

I woke up while rubbing my stomach, I had College today, and I had to walk with Jinyoung, my parents said I had another sibling but he/she passed away while my mom was giving birth. "Good morning" I said walking down the stairs as I fixed my pants while grabbing the milk from the fridge and yawning "What time am I leaving?" Jinyoung walked down in ripped jeans a t-shirt as he threw on a jacket "Right now come on lets go" he said heading to the door as I followed him before waving bye to the rest, "Are you lying to me about who you are" I shook my head and got on the bus before sitting next to a girl as I smiled, she smiled back "Are you new?" she must be in the college, I nodded "Lia" She smiled and took my hand "Lisa" And with that we chatted until we went our different way in college, my eyes landed on Jinyoung and his friends, I quickly ran to the bathroom before calling my dad "Daddy... I think im in trouble" I said.... And someone walked in the bathroom as I covered my mouth "She went in here but I dont see her" And I closed my eyes before disappearing.

I stayed there for a while, this was going to be hard, avoiding them, Jinyoung was a fallen Demon but he still was powerful and he knows its me. And he just told his friends.

I had to leave that house, maybe I could ask the parents if I could find my own place, no one is to be trusted, I walked in my class before my eyes landed on him. BamBam....

"Well well" He smirked stepping in front of me "Park Jinyoung told me that your here" I glanced at Jinyoung before shaking my head "I knew I couldnt trust you" I backed away before slipping off the steps and arms wrapped around me, "Watch it Angel" Jackson shoved me forward before I fell on my knees, and Lisa walked in before shoving them back "Watch it Fallen demons" she hissed helping me up, four girls crowded around me before walking away from me "you may seem tough but we know what hurts you" and I felt sick, I blacked out and held onto Lisa.

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