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Something a little Different

Chapter 2

Edward pulled his car off to the side of the road just before the turn off leading to his house. He heard Bella's heart pounding in her chest and her teeth as she gnashed them together. Edward knew she was beyond just being angry. As he was about to tell her that she needed to calm down, Bella managed to unhook her seat belt and be out of the car without managing to injure herself in any way.

"Who do you think you are," Bella yelled as she quickly made her way within a few feet of Jacob.

"I'm just doing what I was asked to do," Jacob replied as he glared at Edward.

"Charlie spoke with Billy before he left and Jacob volunteered his services," Edward added.

"You can stay out of my head, blood sucker!"

"Your mind is too easy to read."

"Jake, go home and leave me alone," Bella said as she ignored Edward's last comment.

"No! I have a job to do here. He supposed to be out of town with his brothers. Yet here he is. You know Charlie's rules. You aren't supposed to be alone with him."

"I'm eighteen and I can do and see who I want."

"Really? So you won't mind if I call Charlie and let him know what is going on."

"You wouldn't dare!"

"He would, Bella," Edward answered.

"You'll get me in trouble! Is that what you want?"

"If it means I am not with you, Jacob will risk it."

"I told you to stay the hell out of my head!"

"Fine, whatever. Call Alice and tell her to come back to my house. We'll hang out there," Bella explained to Edward.

"Without Edward."

"WHAT?!" Bella yelled.

"He wants to get rid of me so that he can go home with you."

Jake glared at Edward for intruding into his mind but he didn't say anything to Edward as trying to keep him out was useless. But Edward got many images of when he left Bella which caused him to cringe.

"What?" Bella asked.

"Since he is so keen to be in my head I let him see what it was like when he left you, specifically what you were like," Jake explained.

"Leave him alone! Now! And you aren't welcome out my house!"

"Uh, I beg to differ. Charlie says I am."

"What make you any different?"

"Charlie trusts me, not him."

"I know exactly why Charlie does not trust me but I promise that your thoughts of Bella can be far worse than mine," Edward added.

"Really! Jake, you make me sick."

"And the blood sucker here having perverted thoughts doesn't bother you I suppose."

"Not really."

"They don't," Edward asked surprised.

"Honestly, I didn't know you ever thought of me in that way. I think about you all the time anymore in that way."

Edward walked to where he was face to face with Bella and ran his lips across hers for a passion filled kiss. Bella felt it all the way to her toes. Jacob growled which momentarily separated the two.

"Bella, love, I may not allow you to be privy to my depravity shall we say but I still have said feelings. If I had known before how that it did not bother you, I might, I say might have told you about it sooner and without the mutt," Edward said.

"I always thought you were a chaste prude," Bella teased.

"I am but it does not mean those types of thoughts and scenarios do not cross my mind. I am still very much a man and you are a very desirable woman."

"I'm going to be sick. There's no way in hell you'll ever have sex with her," Jake yelled.

Bella turned to Jake with fire in her eyes. Edward only followed after to keep her from being hurt in one way or another.

"You've got no right trying to tell me what I can or can't do."

"You'd honestly sleep with this popsicle? He is only after your blood!"

"Good! Two birds with one stone," Bella yelled.

"What?! You want to be like him? Like hell you will! You'll do so over my dead body," Jake spurted through clinched teeth as he began to shake.

"That can easily be arranged, Jacob. Bella, step back, he might phase," Edward replied.

Bella did not budge as Jacob tried to reign himself in. "Jake I can do what I want. Go home. Go back to your wolf buddies and leave me alone. I don't know what you think you're doing."

"He thinks you're his imprint," Edward answered.

Jacob glare and Bella stood with her mouth open, shocked as Edward continued.

"The problem he is having with this is the fact that you do not seem to be reciprocating his feelings in the slightest as you should be, especially at the age that you are. You flirt, yes, but show real signs of interest, no."

Bella spun around and was aghast at Edward's remark. "What do you mean 'flirt'? I do not."

"Bella, I do not mind but it is obvious to everyone. Why do you think he hangs around? Because you give him hope."

"No, because I love her," Jacob snarled. "Which is something I wonder about you."

"What," Edward boomed.

"Answer me this: do you really love her or is she just a conquest to you?"

Edward was livid and Bella could see trouble coming. She really wanted to throw herself between the two of them but thought better of it. Edward grabbed Jacob by the throat and lifted him off the ground before Jacob could do anything about it.

"I have waited nearly one hundred long years since my transformation to find someone. Bella is my someone. I have never in my life or afterlife felt this way about anyone. Do not tell me that Bella is simply a sexual conquest for me! What you feel for her is fleeting but mine is soul deep, you pathetic mongrel pup."

Jacob phased completely and circled Edward. One solid lunge and he pounced on Edward and knocked him to the ground. He easily threw Jacob off to the side. But Jacob refused to give up. Bella was tired of all of the drama and she did the one thing she hoped would help: jumped between the two of them.

"Stop it, right now! Jake, listen, I do not love you in that way. Can't you understand that? And Edward, I can't let you do something that you may regret later," Bella stated.

"I supposed," Edward replied but he honestly did not care what happened to the mutt.

Jacob phased back and stood nude behind Edward's car and put his shorts on that he had strapped to his leg earlier in the day.

"This isn't over and I'm not giving up," Jacob yelled.

"You might as well because this is my life. Leave me alone," Bella stated.

"I'll just call Charlie them."

"Stop, okay? You win! I'll go home. Can Alice at least come over?"

"Charlie doesn't keep her from you like he should so I suppose so. But not him," Jacob snarled as he pointed Edward's way.

"I think you have made that point crystal clear," Edward huffed. "Am I at least able to drive her back home?"


"Jake, you’re an ass! Fine, Alice will drive me but not you."

"I'm going to be at your house whether you like it or not," Jacob said.

"No you will not. Your job was to keep me away from Bella, not for you to hang out with her," Edward snarled.

"Oh yes it was! That's what Charlie told me to do and Bella can't call and ask because then Charlie would know you didn't go camping with your brothers. Any way you slice it, I win."

"For now," Edward glared.

After his meeting Charlie headed to the bar to wait for some of his fellow officers. He needed a beer, Vitamin R sounded really good. He supposed he needed to call Bella but it would be another argument. He would never understand why she could not see that Edward was nothing but trouble and Jake? Jake was the safe and logical choice. Why was it so hard for Bella to see?

Victoria came from the shadows and joined Charlie as he tipped his glass to his lips. Victoria planned to use all her feminine and vampire wiles to lure him in.

"Is this seat taken," Victoria purred.

Charlie lowered his mug and stared at the pale yet hauntingly beautiful red head before him. His words completely left his brain so he nodded and pointed to the chair where she was already seated.

"Thank you. I'm Vicky and you are," Victoria asked seductively.

"Swan, Charlie Swan, Chief of Police in Forks, Washington," Charlie babbled thinking of how dumb it sounded.

"Oh my! How great is that? Chief of Police. It must be a demanding and important job."

"It has its rewards and drawbacks."

"You could say that about most jobs."

"What do you do for a living?"

"I am an attorney in Vancouver. I met with a client here, messy divorce."

"Had one of those, divorce, not messy though. Pretty cut and dry."

"Do you have any children? That is when the real battle starts is when they are squabbling over the kids."

"A daughter, her name is Bella. How about you?"

"Sadly no. My husband died a few years ago, murdered actually."

"Oh, I'm so sorry. Have they caught his killer yet?"

"No, they are still searching for them. Sad how those fiends are still roaming free and my James is cold and in the ground."

"Justice works but not always like you want it to. They will be punished."

"I know they will, eventually."

Charlie was already under Victoria's spell. He played right into her hands. Charlie had been a bachelor for so long that he was beyond thrilled that this beautiful vibrant woman was even talking to him. Victoria continues to reel him in until there was no way Charlie could possibly escape her web.

"Vicky, I would like to ask you to join me for dinner tonight. Can you go," Charlie asked hopeful.

"Yes, I have my dinner catered in. Maybe you could come to my room, say 8ish," Victoria explained.

"I'll be there."

"Room 1159, don't be late."

"Never. Bye Vicky."

"Bye Charlie."

Victoria glided away rather pleased with herself and left an elated Charlie in her wake. This plan was working beautifully. She'd bait him more over dinner. And when the time was right, she would change him. Perfection.

Charlie looked at his watch. It was eight as he prepared to knock on Vicky's door. He briefly wondered if he should have called Bella but all thoughts left him when Vicky opened the door looking as alluring as ever. He pulled the flowers he had purchased in the gift shop from behind his back and presented them to her.

"Oh, thank you, Charlie. How very thoughtful. Come in, dinner is ready," Victoria cooed.

Charlie walked slowly in. A table was set for two. He didn't know when he had ever seen anything quite so fancy. Vicky looked ravishing in a simple fitted black dress which accentuating all of her curves. Her auburn locks were piled softly atop her head and she reminded him of an angel.

"You look beautiful tonight, like an angel," Charlie fumbled.

"You are too sweet. Have a seat. I hope you like a nice steak dinner and chocolate cake for dessert. It is to die for."

"Sure," Charlie said as he pulled out the chair for her and then sat down himself.

"I think you are a closet romantic. I can tell about these things."

"Well, the ex-wife never saw it."

"She must be a blind fool. Go ahead and eat."

Charlie cut his steak first. He was trying to impress her with manners that he did not always display. It had been so long since he had a date and Vicky after all was an attorney.

"Is it good," she asked after his first bite.

"Delicious, don't you think so?"

"Of course, the very best," Victoria said. She had only had a very few bites and spat them in her napkin when he was not looking. "So, tell me about your family."

"Oh Bella, I love her but she is your typical eighteen year old. She thinks she knows absolutely everything," he said.

"I'm sorry. Does it make you upset to talk about it?"

"Well, I usually don't because there is no one there to listen but she is the only one around. Besides Billy but he has his own issues with his son. But I'd like to see what you think about it."

"Of course, Charlie, any way I could help."

"She is in love to this guy who left her for three months with no reason whatsoever. Just gone. Then she runs off to get him because he is in some kind of danger and I am supposed to accept him after all of this like nothing ever happened. She ran away twice since she met him, once as an escape from him and once to rescue him or something. I just don't trust him. And she absolutely won't listen."

"It is a shame she doesn't see how wrong he is for her."

"I know. Edward can provide for her, of that I am sure. He's going to med school but I still don't trust him not to leave her again. She was so depressed I was surprised she didn't actually kill herself."

"Charlie, this Edward fellow sounds dreadful. Maybe she will simply come around."

"I doubt it. Her mom seems to love him."

"I told you she was foolish."

"Enough about me, tell me about you."

Victoria had gotten enough information about Bella and Edward. It was time for her to lay it on thick. She went into detail about how she met James, what he was like and how much she had loved him. She talked about the plans that they had made and how that future was robbed from the both of them. Victoria talked about how she was not with him when he died and how the killer was free and James was not.

"I need justice, Charlie. I know life's not fair but this all just seems so cruel."

Charlie reached across the table and took her by the hand, ignoring the chill. He had a fire in him, a fire that was burning to find the evil fiend who murdered Vicky's husband and her dreams with it. No one needed to be alone, especially not in this vile way.

"Vicky, I will find out who did this to James. I'll do whatever it takes. I feel like I would do anything for you," he said as he was completely under her spell.

"Really," Victoria replied breathy.

"Yes, I care a lot about you and I just met you. It's strange but I have such a pull to you and I want you to be happy, every day and with me."

"Oh, Charlie, I feel the same way," Victoria leaned in to his caress.

They stood at the same moment and kissed. Charlie was only slightly aware of how very cold she was but gave it little thought. Victoria batted her eyes at him when the kiss ended as he reached up to touch her face again.

"I promise, no I swear, to bring the killer to justice," Charlie declared.

"You do? You'll do anything to do this for me," Victoria asked. She knew what his answer would be and she knew her response as well. Charlie just needed to say it.

"Yes, anything."

"And you will too," Victoria said as she bit into his arm. The pain Charlie felt was immediate and intense. The worst pain Charlie had ever felt in his life. It was like every square inch of his body was literally on fire. He writhed on the floor and Vicky leaned over him.

"What . . . what . . . what did you do to me," he screamed.

"Oh, I am a vampire Charlie and you'll be one in three days' time. You'll be my partner, my new mate. But you have a task to complete before you can fully earn that title. You have to kill James's killers. And you know them both, one of them very well. It's your daughter, Bella, and her boyfriend, Edward. She is why he killed my James! You promised to bring me justice! I'll give you time to burn and then we will quench you unending thirst. Welcome to the family, Charlie. You are one of us now!"

Charlie's world went red.

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