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Rising Above the Darkness

By Victoria54

Adventure / Action

Chapter 1

  I woke up that morning to see two cupcakes with a lit candle on one of them. I looked on the bed across from me to see my friend Bella. She gave me a bright smile,

“Happy 8th birthday” she said “I’m sorry I didn’t have enough to buy you a present”

“It’s ok this is amazing” I said, she’s eight too

  Bella and I have been sharing a room for about three years; I loved her like a sister. She had bright strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. She was wearing a blue and pink sundress with white crocs. I sat on the edge of my bed, we grabbed the cupcakes.

“Make a wish” She said “how about a pony or a puppy?!”

  I gave her a small smile and blew the candle out,

“What did you wish for?” she asked

“You’re not suppose to say or it won’t come true”

“That’s a stupid rule”

“I wished that someone will come and take me away from this place” I thought

  The foster home wasn’t bad; the woman in charge Ms. Henderson is really nice and kind to everyone. She mostly takes in children who are struggling with alcohol or drugs, in gangs, or from abusive families. She found me on her front porch with a note that just said “My name is Kida Langston” We ate the cupcakes when I noticed the tiger lily in our window between the beds was dead.

“What happened to the lily?” I asked

“I don’t know I gave her water” Bella said “Can you help her?”


“I named her Lilly, I take care of her but she’s very sick”

“Ok I’ll help her but this is our secret remember” I said

I held my hand in front of it; the flower glowed in a gold light and grew into its healthy form. When I was done the lily was blooming in dark purple colors and white stripes coming from the center. I threw the wrapping in the trash and she went downstairs while I took a shower. I changed into a light yellow sundress and tan sandals. I put my hair in a ponytail and walked downstairs, there I walked passed Mr. Henderson who was busy making enough breakfast for all the children to eat.

“Ok everyone I need you to look good we’re having an important guest come to adopt.” She said putting two plates of bacon on the table “And it’s Kida’s eighth birthday so everyone be super nice to her.”

  I stepped away from the doorway since they all didn’t seem to notice I was there.

“She’s a freak” One girl said

“A weirdo who thinks she can talk to animals” A boy added

“She thinks she’s so special that we should bow down to her.” One girl said

“No I don’t” I finally spoke and they all looked at me “I don’t want anyone to kneel down to me”

“Just get out of here” One boy said harshly

“Nathan that’s enough” Ms. Henderson snapped

  I walked past the table out the screen door into the backyard, it was sunny but the sea breeze was cold against my bare skin. The sun heated sand warmed my small bare feet; I walked out of the white picket fenced backyard to the beach. I walked to the edge and let the cold water splash onto my feet. The only other thing with me was a small crab; I turned around to see all the kids playing with toys in the backyard while Bella read a book under a small tree.

  They were right, I didn’t belong here, I didn’t belong anywhere. I had no memories of my parents or what happened to them. It’s like the first chapter of a book was blank, and they were right about my “gifts”. I don’t know how I got them but I know that I would use them for good. I was able to talk to animals but I can only hear their voices in my head. I walked around the house to the front there; I saw a small dog with a badly hurt leg limping across the street. Then I looked up the street to see a fast and fancy sports car coming down the street. Without a second thought I ran out and wrapped my arms around the dog.

  I closed my eyes tightly and heard tires screeching, I opened my eyes to see the license plate inches from me. A car door opened and a man walked over to me, he was in a fancy suit with dark brown hair and glasses over his eyes. He had a goatee and stared down at me, I suddenly felt afraid that he was going to yell at me. I picked up the small dog and ran across the street to the front porch and ran inside. Ms. Henderson was about to open the door, she looked down at me to say something but I ran past her and ran upstairs.

“Kida what’s wrong?” She said and I ignored her

  When I made it into the hallway that’s when I heard Ms. Henderson talk to someone.

“Mr. Stark you’re here early” She said “is everything alright?”

  I ran into my room and pushed a chair in front of the door. I put the dog on my bed and wrapped my hands around its leg. It let out high pitched cries as gold light seeped through the space between my fingers. When it was over the dog jumped up and off the bed, I pushed the chair away and opened the door.

“Go outside and be safe” I whispered to its ear

  It quickly licked my cheek and the dog ran down the stairs and out the door. Ms. Henderson quickly appeared and I closed my door. I went to my bed and went into the corner pulling my knees up to my chest. She opened the door and I prepared myself for the punishment of jumping in front of a car for a dog.

“Kida I just talked to Mr. Stark” She closed the door behind her and sat on the edge of my bed “why did you jump in front of a car you could’ve gotten yourself killed?”

“I’m sorry” Tears where building in my eyes “I’m so sorry but he was going to be killed”


“The dog” I answered and making her let out an annoyed sigh

“Kida you can’t go around and try to save everything you see”

“Why not?”

“Because no matter how hard we try, we can’t save everyone.” She said “Come on, Mr. Stark is going to choose who he’s going to adopt.”

  I walked downstairs with her and went into the living room, it was big and the rest of the kids played with their toys. Bella sat in a chair reading a book; I sat on a spot next to the window. I pulled my knees to my chest and rested my chin on top of them. The window was open and a warm breeze filled the room. A butterfly flew in and gently landed on the palm of my hand. I smiled admiring the intricate patterns on its wings. While I relaxed Mr. Stark and Ms. Henderson where talking they were in the hallway next to the living room and where quiet so the other kids wouldn’t hear them.

“What’s her name?” Tony asked in a hushed whisper “the girl at the window”

“That’s Kida, the poor girl” she said “I found her in a blanket on my front porch when she was four. I reported her to the police but no one came to claim her. She’s been having trouble with the other kids.”


“They like to bully her”

I felt thump on the side of my head and the force made the other side of my head hit the glass. I closed my eyes tightly trying to ignore the pain, I looked on the ground to see a football on the ground and three boys laughing and pointing at me.

“What a freak” One boy yelled

“No one will want her”

“Look she’s going to cry” the third one added


  The room was suddenly quiet; the other kids looked up as Mr. Stark the man who was driving the car walked in front of the boys. The boys looked up at him,

“Don’t ever do that again ok” He said

“But she’s a freak” One said

“No one’s a freak”

  I felt a sudden warm feeling in my chest; no one has ever stood up to me in my life until now. I felt tears roll down my cheeks from the pain. I didn’t want anyone to see me cry and ran out the backyard and went under the tree. I covered my face and cried, after a minute or two I wiped the tears away when I saw a pair of feet in front of me. I looked up to see Mr. Stark, he went onto one knee in front of me and I went around the tree.

“It’s ok I’m not going to hurt you” He said

“You’re not going to yell at me”

“Why would I yell at you?” He asked

“Well, I’m sorry I jumped into the street I’m really sorry”

“You don’t have to be sorry for that ok, I should’ve been watching the road.” He took off his glasses and his brown eyes stared at my deep blue ones “How’s your head?”

“It’ll be ok”

“Ms. Henderson tells me the kids like to bully you” He sat down leaning his back against the tree looking over his shoulder at me

“Yeah” I walked over and sat next to him “I think it’s because I love animals more than them and the animals aren’t scared of me.”

“What’s your favorite?”


“Nice” He said “but sharks are cooler”

“Nu huh”

“Yeah huh” He said back and I stood up

“Lions are cooler”

“Sharks are the coolest” he said “and sharks are able to breathe underwater”

“Lions are able to breathe on land”

  We went on and we laughed, when it was over I sat next to him and leaned against the tree. He looked at his watch and stood up wiping the grass from his pants.

“Are you leaving?”

“Yes, and you’re coming with me” He gave me a warm smile

“Really, you chose me?”


  My heart jumped and I quickly stood up and hugged him, wrapping my arms tightly around his waist. I let out a small laugh and had a massive smile on my face.

“Hurry up and pack I have to leave in a few minutes”

  I nodded my head and ran inside, I ran upstairs pulling a small pink luggage from under my bed. I threw in everything I had. I zipped the luggage shut and ran out to the hallway, my heart pounding in my chest. Tony walked up the stairs and picked up my luggage for me. I hugged Bella and Ms. Henderson goodbye before going outside and climbing into the car. I buckled the seat in and the bright smile on my face made me feel like I was glowing. Tony put one hand on the passenger seat and turned around to look at me.

“Are you hungry?” I nodded my head yes “Great how about a burger?”


  He started the car and he drove off, the car was really fast. Faster than I expected, I clung to the handle tightly with one hand. He finally slowed down at a drive thru and handed me a small bag. I ate as he drove more and he pulled up to a big and fancy house.

“Is this your house?” I asked

“It’s our house now”

  My heart jumped and I unbuckled my seat belt, I got out and ran inside while he opened the trunk. When I stood in the middle of the living room my jaw dropped and I slowly turned around taking in every space.

“I’ll show you to your room”

  I turned around and he walked up the spiraling stairs next to the fireplace. I followed him and when we made it to the upstairs hallway I saw a woman. She had strawberry blonde hair like Bella’s and blue eyes. She looked at me and I stepped behind him, she gave me a kind smile and walked over to me.

“Hi, I’m Pepper” She said

“It’s ok she won’t bite” Tony added

“What’s your name?”

“Kida” I said stepping out from behind Tony

“That’s a pretty name, Tony you need to be at work soon”

“I’m taking the day off” He said “come on Kida let’s go”

  I grabbed Tony’s hand since the house was the biggest house I’ve been in my life. He smiled a little and walked down the hall. He stopped at one door,

“This is yours and mine’s across the hall and the bathroom is next door ok” I nodded my head yes “Welcome home”

  He opened the door and my jaw dropped, the carpet was white and the walls where painted light pink. There was a big shelf with books and some toys on them, the bed was pink and I jumped onto it laughing.

“You like it”

“I LOVE IT!” I screamed and ran over to hug him “thank you thank you thank you!”

“Calm down Kiddo”


“Can I call you kiddo?”


“I’m going to call you that anyway” I laughed

“Want to see the lab downstairs?” he asked

“You have a lab? Like a science lab?” He asked and he nodded yes “That’s so cool!”

“Let’s go”

  He smiled and I followed him downstairs, I got to sit in his cars while he worked on them. I played with the robotic arm a little before he let me use some tools.

That was the first day of my new and better life, the day I became a Stark. I later came to terms with being a Stark. Dealing with paparazzi fighting for a good picture, but it was ok. I went to good schools, had great clothes, and vacationed in Europe. But my life was going to get thrown into a new world that I never expected.

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