Fire Sets Me Free

The last thing he remembered was doubling over onto his knees and clutching at his scar while Maka spoke to him. The sound that had replaced the world he knew before was haunting and ruptured throughout his body; it had made him feel uncomfortable and anxious, like there was static and tingles crawling all over his body. He saw Maka's mouth moving, but he couldn't decipher her words. He had to blink a few times, little dark specks clouding his vision, and then he had blacked out soon after that.

The sun was no longer beating down on him; the heat that was warming his skin had disappeared, and in its place was bone-chilling cold. His feet were no longer planted on the hard sand - in fact, they weren't planted on anything. His body felt like it was floating in thin air, there was nothing keeping him stable, yet he couldn't move his body. His muscles had stopped functioning; no matter how hard he tried to tell his body to move, it refused. It felt like he was having an out of body experience, far too similar to the last time.

His eyes snapped open as the memory came flooding back; the same exact thing had happened on his final mission with Wes

Soul began to panic; if he was floating in the darkness then that meant Maka was in danger, like his brother had been. He refused to let her die at his own hands because he couldn't control the monster inside; he had to find a way back to her. His eyes darted all around him, trying to find a way out, but came up empty in their search. There was no light emitting from beyond, only the purest of black surrounded him, and his heart began to race. He was completely alone; there was no one here to worry about him or try to help him out; even the small voice in his head had gone silent. Once again, he had to depend on himself.

However, he wasn't going to let that stop him. He would find a way out of the darkness and back to Maka - he just had to. It didn't matter if he got himself killed in the process; as long as Maka was alive and well, that's what mattered to him. He loved her, and would do anything for her; losing her was the worst case scenario, and he didn't know if he would remain sane if she were to die. He refused to let her die like Wes had; her fire was going to burn for all of eternity if he had any say in it. It didn't matter how hard he tried to push his body to move, he remained stationed in one spot, and it pissed him off to no end.

He just needed to get back to her.

Soul was close to giving up when he heard the familiar haunting laugh of the little red demon, and the darkness dissolved so that he was laying in the red room. The same scratchy jazz music was playing on the gramophone, but this time there was more furniture. He found that he was able to move, and looked at his familiar yet new surroundings.

There was a small black round table with a matching tall chair sitting next to it, and beyond that Soul noticed a shiny black piano. Instead of the lonesome lamp, there were tall black candelabras that twisted in the middle scattered around the room, each carrying a single blue candle. Looking down, he noticed his garments were different; instead of his regular clothes, he was wearing a black pinstripe suit with a red undershirt.

"Ah, Soul. So nice of you to join me," came the little imp's gravelly voice. Soul pushed himself off the guard, searching for the little imp so he could wring his neck out, but came up short.

"Where the fuck are you?" he called out.

"It appears you still have many questions for me, but you should know the answer by now." It sounded like the voice was coming from all directions making it difficult for him to pinpoint its true location. "I can be anywhere in your mind, and I can appear at anytime. Sometimes I'm in the darkest confines of your nightmares, and other times I'm lurking in the background when you're awake. Really, location is no problem with me. You should know that better than anyone."

He didn't have time for the little imp's games, he needed to back to Maka. "Stop playing around and show yourself." There was a small crack, and Oni appeared directly in front of Soul. "Now tell me how to get the fuck out of here."

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. You only want to get out of here to go back to that little dame of yours, Maka." Oni twiddled his fingers as he spoke. "I believe I should tell you that she doesn't care about you. Pretty sure I've heard her say you'd be better off dead so why don't you stay here and fulfill that wish for her."

He had heard the same speech before and it had stung him, but he wasn't going to fall for it this time. He knew Maka, and she wasn't the person Oni claimed she was. She cared about Soul, and would do anything to keep him alive. She didn't want him to die; that wasn't his Maka.

"Save the bullshit for someone else, it isn't going to work this time," he growled.

The imp clucked his tongue and wagged his finger in front of Soul. "There's no need to be rude, little Soul. I'm only trying to save you the trouble of saving that girl of yours. Wouldn't want you risking your life for a dame like that."

Soul rolled his hand into a fist, and pounded the floor in front of Oni. "I know Maka better than you ever will, and she isn't like that. Stop spouting lies and tell me how to get out of here."

Oni's face fell, and he lightly shook his head. "Not even I know the answer to that."

Soul raised a skeptical eyebrow. Part of him wanted to believe Oni, but the other part didn't; he was fully aware of Oni's tricks by now - years of experiencing them had taught him that - but he felt like this wasn't a trick. Glaring at the little imp, he tried to decipher if his words were true, reading his facial expression and body movement, and found there was nothing off putting about either.

Oni was telling the truth.

He licked his lips, and looked around the room. If there was no way out, then that meant Maka was in danger, but that couldn't be. Every room had to have an exit and he needed to find the one for this particular room. He was able to escape the first time around, but that was with the help of the little imp. Even so, he was trapped in his own mind so surely there had to be a way out, he wasn't that cynical.

Soul pushed himself off the floor and started walking around the room, feeling behind the curtains for some sign of a door or an exit. There had to be something that led to his exit out of there. Pulling each of the dark red curtains from the wall, he searched, but found nothing behind any of them. He kept running into dead ends, and his nerves were starting to grow tired of the madness. A part of him felt like all of it was Oni's doing while another part of him worried that maybe he was right; there really was no exit, and Maka was heading to her death.

He passed behind the piano, and the little imp snapped his fingers with a loud crack. Whirling around, he saw Oni lying on top of the piano and staring at him. He lowly growled in frustration, and went back to what he was doing. After a while, Oni began to snap his fingers to the scratchy tune on the gramophone, and Soul tried his hardest to ignore the imp. His mind told him that he was only doing it to get a rile out of him, and he refused to let the demon get the best of him. However, after a few minutes, he failed.

"What the hell do you want?" he yelled, turning around to glare at Oni. "You already have your wish. Maka's gonna die if I stay in here any longer, so what else could you possibly want?"

"Hmm," Oni hummed. He stopped snapping, sat up, and started nodding his head to the music. "I want you to play for me." At Soul's confused look, Oni gently knocked on the top of the piano. "Like old times. I'm sure you remember that."

Bile crawled up his throat as he stared down at the piano. Now that he had a closer look at it, it did remind him of the same one he had spent hours practicing on as his father listened in the background. Memories of his father belittling him flashed before him, and hatred filled his body. There was a reason he had always wanted to be an Aerodynamics pilot, and that reason was the way his father had treated him. Even Wes was able to see that he didn't want to be a famous musician like his father which was why he applied to the academy. Soul's brother had thought it was the perfect way for their father to see the truth, but the only thing that resulted from it was his father practically disowning Soul.

"And I'm sure you can remember that I don't like playing the piano."

"Mmm, yes. I do recall that. However, if I'm not mistaken you are stuck here while the girl you love is being brutally murdered by the demon possessing your body."

"You're saying that to say what, exactly?" Soul asked.

Oni shrugged, his claws extending elegantly as he did so. "Just that I feel it could pass the short time you and I have together," The devilish grin crept back on his face, "because you know Black Star is going to kill you. Put you out of your misery for killing one of his best friends. That's what you always wanted, isn't it? Your friend turned enemy to be the one who kills you. I'm sure you saw it from the beginni-"

"Shut up!" Soul turned and leaned on the piano, glaring at the demon. "Whether you like it or not, I'm going to find a way out of here. Maka isn't going to die! She's stronger than you think she is, and she knows how to handle herself. She does love me and I love her. So I'll be damned if anything happens to her! Do I make myself clear, you little bastard?"

Suddenly, warmth spread along his chest starting from his heart and going outward. It was weird; it felt like someone was pressing against him, but no one was touching him as far as he could see. His other senses weren't responding to anything around him; he didn't feel the piano's smooth surface under his palm nor did he hear the scratchy jazz music. Glancing at Oni, he saw the fear cross the demon's face, and from the corner of his eye, he saw the room start to break away.

He turned away from Oni and the piano, to watch as the room disappeared. The walls were cracking around him, and the small fragments dissolved into the blackness that he had been in at first. The ground below him remained until there was no more wall to dissolve, and then the floor along with the contents of the room mimicked the cracking and dissolving. Soul didn't know what was happening so he turned around to ask the imp.

"What's going on?"

But he couldn't hear the words that were coming out of Oni's mouth. The only sound that met his ears was that of silence. There were no sounds coming from around him; he felt like he was alone, but at the same time he didn't. It felt like there was another presence with him. He didn't feel like he was in the ballroom or in the black void; he felt like he was somewhere else entirely.

The last bit of the room dissolved away, and it was only Soul and Oni floating in the void from before. Oni was still silent to him, but he heard another voice calling out to him. It sounded familiar; the female voice rang out, but it didn't touch his ears. Instead, he felt it reaching for his heart, and grasping it. His body recognized the voice before his mind could, and he watched as his arm reached out blindly.

"Soul!" Maka called out.

His heart leaped at the sound of her voice. "Maka!"

Looking in the direction his arm was reaching toward, he saw the faintest hint of light coming out of the darkness. He didn't know what was leading him toward it, but he slowly began to push himself forward. He felt like he was swimming as he went through the void; there was a small current pushing him while another one tried to hold him back, but he didn't give up. He needed to get back to Maka, and if he was hearing her voice, that could only mean good news. It had to mean good news.

"Soul!" he heard voice call out again. As he grew closer to the light, her voice began to hit his ears rather than his heart. "Please, you have to listen to me! This isn't you! The person in here," he felt a small palm press against his chest, "is who you are. Please, come back to me."

He continued to follow the voice and the light, fighting against all odds to make it back to her. As he began to get closer to the light, he felt the undercurrent that was pushing him away, forcibly hitting him. It became harder for him to continue forward, and it took all his strength to keep going. However, she kept talking to him; her words acted as a guide, and motivated him to continue in his fight to get to her. He had to get back to Maka no matter what. He needed to make sure she was safe and sound, and that he hadn't hurt her. Whatever entity was possessing him, wasn't who he was, and he would fight against it as long as that meant he could be with her.

He needed his happy ending.

"Soul, please come back to me. I love you."

It was the small crack in her voice as she spoke that made him fight harder. It took all his strength to make it back to her. The light grew brighter and brighter with every single one of his strides. He wasn't far. He only needed to give it one more push before he was finally back in his body.

He closed his eyes from the brightness, and the next thing he felt was a whooshing sensation as he thrusted back into his body. He must have been out for a while because it felt strange to be back; the feel of organs thrumming in his body, muscles relaxing and contracting, and the sounds of his familiar world were both familiar and unfamiliar. His brain was still fuzzy as it tried to catch up with the rest of him. He was vaguely aware of the person standing in front of him, their hand firmly placed over his heart, and their other hand resting on his arm.

"Maka! Forget Soul and get your ass over here! We need you more than that bastard does!" he heard Black Star shout some distance away.

Soul groaned and started to open his eyes. The hot sun was shining down in the desert, obscuring his vision, and Soul had to blink a few times to get used to it. The world around him was blurry as his vision tried to refocus. The hand on his chest floated up to gently cradle his cheek, and Soul instinctively nuzzled into it. Maka smiled up at him, and love and warmth washed over his body.

"Soul," she breathed out. "You came back. I thought I had lost you."

He pulled her into a hug, causing to squeak in surprise. He didn't bother to ask her what had happened because it didn't matter. He was able to make it back in time, and she was alive. That was all he needed to know. Instead, he relished in her steady heartbeat as it thrummed against his chest, the warmth of her skin radiating through her top, and the faint smell of vanilla from her shampoo. They were all signs that she was alive.

"I'm sorry," he whispered in her hair.

"For what?"

"For losing myself."

He felt her shake her head a little in protest. "Don't worry about it. You came back, and that's all that matters."

They battle around them continued to go on as they stood like that for a few minutes. It wasn't until Black Star yelled at them again to break it up that they joined the others, fighting alongside each other as they tried to defeat the shadowy figures. Soul and Maka fought practically in synch with each other, their combat training from the academy still present even years later. It was difficult, but they were able to win in the long run while only losing a few of their comrades.

Maka kneeled down to dip a towel in the water basin that was sitting on the floor next to her before standing back up to rub it along the small cuts that littered Soul's chest. He had suffered a few injuries from the black, shroudy substance that had come out of his scar and the battle afterward. The ignorant man had refused to go see Doctor Stein when they arrived home which left a disgruntled girlfriend with having to do the dirty work.

"Ah, fuck!" Soul yelled when Maka pressed the towel too hard on his skin.

She huffed as she backed away from him, crossing her arms. "Would you rather Stein did this instead?"

"Fuck that," he growled. "The man doesn't even know how to stitch me up properly."

"Then hold still, and stop complaining.".

She bent back over to gently dab at the cuts along his skin, paying extra attention to the larger ones. They stood out on his tan skin like crescent moons kissing his skin, shining brighter in contrast to the color of his flesh. Each time she placed her hand on his chest, she felt him flex under her touch which made her smile on the inside. His muscles were smooth as she guided her fingertips along it, and she was able to make out the distinct steady beating of his heart. It made her own beat in rhythm to it because it was a reminder that he was alive; that she hadn't lost him as she feared she would have.

Seeing him sitting on the edge of his bed with no shirt on felt like an entirely new experience to her even though she had seen him naked plenty of times before. This was a different type of intimacy compared to the past times, one that neither of them had been able to achieve. They both knew that the prospect of sex was going to happen, so the anticipation and excitement built up between them, but this was alluring in a nonsexual way. Her touches weren't filled with desire, but gentle and careful instead;he trusted her over medical doctors to care for him.

Sighing, she wiped away the last bit of grime off of him and backed away to look at her work. She made sure every inch of his skin was clean and that none of the cuts had potential to become infected because she overlooked it. His chest was smooth, save for the few scars that littered along the larger, bisecting one, and she smiled as she spared a few more seconds to marvel at his physique. For someone who rarely worked out and was a lazy-ass on a daily basis, it was a wonder how he was able to remain in shape. Maka suspected that he really wasn't as lazy as he put himself out to be.

"Are you done checking me out?" he asked.

Maka jumped as she quickly threw her hands behind her back and felt the blush as it formed along her cheeks. It took her longer than it should have to realize what he had meant exactly, but the embarrassment remained. "Yep, you look fine- I mean you're good- Clean! Shit!"

She quickly looked away from him and pouted; she hated the effect he had on her when she was embarrassed or shy around him. Her words always became a jumbled mess and she screwed up the situation in some way because of it. She secretly wished her mind was able to get a handle on these type of things, but no matter how often she tried, it still refused.

The bed springs creaked as Soul stood up and his low chuckle grated on her nerves, indicating that he had put two and two together. The urge to hit him upside the head to teach him a lesson on not laughing at her was strong, but she held it back. Based on past experiences, that never amounted to anything, and she was an adult now. There were things she used to do that wouldn't be seen as ladylike or likeable in general if she were to do them now. Besides, he deserved better than someone who was a replica of her past self, someone who was abusive for no apparent reason.

His arm snaked around her waist to pull her closer to him, prompting a small squeak of surprise to escape from her mouth as she came in contact with his broad chest. Leaning down to kiss her temple, she felt little shockwaves run down her spine and travel through the rest of her body. She noticed that they were far too close to each other for two people who were supposed to be recovering. Her hand curled in slightly as it rested on his bare chest, and she had to fight back tears as she felt the comfort within the small embrace.

He was alive and with her; it was enough for her to forget about his injuries and hold on to him.

"You're cute when you get all flustered," he whispered against her hair.

"Shut up," she mumbled.

Soul's hand left her waist to ruffle her hair before the warmth of his body disappeared completely from her side. Maka twirled around and clutched his wrist between her hands, holding on for dear life. She stared at the floor rather than him, but she didn't have to to know that he was watching her in confusion - that his snowy brows were knitted together, his pink lips turned upside in a deep frown, his crimson eyes staring at her wordlessly as he waited for to say something. But what was she supposed to say? That she had been afraid of losing him when he wasn't himself? That there was moment where she had believed Black Star was really going to kill him?

Fighting back the urge to spill her heart out, Maka glanced up and smiled at him. "I just want to tell you I love you."

He cocked an eyebrow up, but didn't call her bluff. "I love you, too." She released his wrist before he continued. "I'm gonna shower, okay?"

"Mhm," Maka nodded, her head hanging low.

She felt his hesitation as his feet shuffled back to face her, but he didn't say anything. Instead, they stood there in silence for a while before he finally turned around and made his way back toward the bathroom. When she heard the door softly close behind him, the sound of the knobs turning and the water running, she stumbled backwards and fell onto the bed. Her chest pained as she pulled her legs up onto the mattress and rested her forehead between her knees, allowing the tears she had been holding in to freely fall. They left small stains on her skirt and tights, but she didn't care.

There had been a brief moment when she had been trying to get through to him that she had lost all hope. His scythe blade had came striking down as he aimed it at her torso, and if Star hadn't rushed forward to stop the attack, they'd both be dead. However, it was Black Star's words that had left her blood pounding in her ears. The promise that if Soul tried to kill her again, he'd put a bullet between his eyes, no hesitation and no questions asked. That had been the moment the reality of their situation had hit her; either them could have died at any moment.

It wasn't so much the fear of losing her better half because that wasn't what they were to each other in the slightest. If anything he was the person she refused to live without in her life. Soul had slowly become one of the most important people in her life and she couldn't imagine life without him.

Her chest pained even more as she pressed her forehead more into her knees and release a shaky breath. Maka was being ridiculous. Soul was still with her; she hadn't lost him, but she had been damn close to doing so. She didn't know what she would do if she were never able to stare into his deep crimson eyes or feel his warm breath tickling her small hairs as he slept. He was her beacon of hope on a foggy day, the person who looked out for safety when she was being reckless, her warm blanket when the cold was too unbearable. Her love for him had grown too strong; it scared her just how close she was to losing him, how close she had been from never seeing the man again.

A strong hand squeezed her knee, and Maka squeaked upon hearing the quiet loft. The water was no longer running and from the cracks between her thighs she was able to make out a pair of tanned legs with a towel wrapped around a waist.

"You okay?" Soul asked.

Maka quickly wiped away the tears that were sitting on her face before looking up at him and giving what she hoped was a believable smile. "Mhm, everything's fine."

He didn't seem convinced as his brows furrowed together; his tone sounded like a warning when he said her name. She chewed on the inside of her lip as she stared up at him; he knew she was lying - he was probably reading it in her eyes right now. The only problem was that she wasn't sure if she should tell him or not. It was a big deal, but at the same time it wasn't. Turning her attention back to the floor, she thought about the events from earlier, how close she had been to losing him, and trying to decide if he should really know how she felt.

Hadn't they promised to be honest with the other? To tell them when they were having a difficult time with a situation or didn't know what to do? Didn't Soul deserve to know how much she loved him and would miss him if anything were to happen to him?

"Maka," he said in a pained whisper. She glanced up to see the hurt in his burgundy eyes and her own heart swelled up.

Maybe it was better to be honest in this type of situation.

"I thought I was going to lose you for a while there," she whispered as she looked back down. "I thought-I was worried Black Star was going to kill you. He had even threatened to do so, and I-"

She broke off as her heart broke at the mere thought of him dying, and she bit down on her bottom lip to prevent her sob from escaping. It was too much to handle, too much to take in, the very thought of living in world where Soul wasn't with her. To imagine her life without the man standing in front of her was not something she needed.

The bed sank in next to her as Soul sat down and wrapped his arm around her waist to pull her closer to him. "Hey, it's okay. I get it. I had the same fear a few nights ago."

He cupped his hand around her cheek to make her look at him while she draped her legs over the bed. His thumb rubbed soothing circles on her warm flesh; small tingles graced her skin beneath his touch, and she closed her eyes as she leaned into it. It felt like home: being beside him, feeling his body heat radiating through her clothes. She was able to breath and calm down in his embrace. They were together, they had made it through the storm, she should be happy.

Clutching herself closer to his chest, she breathed him in; he smelled of citrus, vanilla, and wood from the body wash he used. Sometimes she liked to open the bottle when she was showering because the aroma made it feel like he was in there with her. Running her hand over his bare chest, she felt the smoothness of his skin and the small white hairs that graced it. His chest steadily rose and fell, and faintly heard his heart beating underneath. She softly kissed his chest before turning her attention back to him.

"I'm glad you're with me. You know that, right?" she whispered.

"Yeah, I do." His hand rose to push a few strands of her hair behind her ear and kissed her temple, sending small shivers down her spine. "I'm glad you're here with me, too. I'm especially glad that nothing happened to either of us back there. I don't know what I'd do without you."

"Probably go insane," she smiled as his low chuckle vibrated against her chest.


They stared at each other for a few seconds, his deep burgundy eyes staring into hers causing her heart to beat wildly. She loved him more than anyone else in the world; she would do anything for him. Out of everyone else in the world, they had chosen to remain beside the other no matter what. Even when they were at the academy and things became rough between the pair, they had stuck together. Through every fight, every turmoil, every word that was said in anger they remained true to the other. There was no one else she could see herself with besides him.

"I love you," she said as she stroked his cheek.

"I love you too."

She pulled him down for a kiss, locking their lips together and slanting her mouth against his. Her heart burst as his hand grasped her hip and pulled her onto his lap. The desire to devour him and seek refuge within him was strong as her hands wound themselves in his hair. They took turns biting and sucking the others lip, their moans mingling together, and after a while, Maka felt his erection press against her rear.

Ridding herself of her shyness, she lightly rubbed her ass against his, her hips circling in her sitting position as she pressed down on him. Soul released a guttural moan, throwing his head back as he broke their kiss. When he glanced back at her, she noted the desire scorching his red eyes and she felt her own desire peak. She slid her thighs against each other to feel the moisture that was slowly building there.

Soul must have felt the same way because he reversed their positions right away. He hovered over on top of the bed, his towel miracuriously still on, staring at her intently.

"You don't waste any time, do you?" he asked.

Biting down on her bottom lip, she trailed her hand down his chest until she came to the little white hairs that disappeared beneath the towel. "You're one to talk. You came out in only a towel. What did you expect to happen?"

He smirked and leaned down. "Exactly what you expected."

He pressed their mouths together in a forceful kiss, her heart stopping at the abruptness, before moving away to rid her of the clothes she had on. While he worked on removing her skirt, stockings, and boots, she worked on her corset and blouse. In no time she was completely naked, sprawled out on the bedsheet underneath as she waited for him to lay on top of her.

He kissed up her leg, leaving a few bites as he went, and came dangerously close to her entrance. Sucking in deep breath in expectation, she awaited the touch that never came, as he simply kissed her instead and continued moving up her stomach until he was eye level with her. The intensity of his eyes made her breath come out harder and her chest grew heavier; the warm liquid in her lower abodmen churned with anticipation and want as his hand moved between them to rid himself of the towel.

She felt the head of his dick slid up her entrance, spreading the moisture from herself around his tip before he slowly entered her. Gasping at the sensation of being filled, she clutched her hands on his back and waited for him to fully enter her. She moaned out as he slipped in and out of her, his pace slow and steady at first so she could get used to it before he started to pick up the pace. Her hips rolled up to meet his every thrust, hear spread across her body as he pressed himself closer to her, and her heart rate picked up speed as they moved with one another.

Soul rested his forehead on hers as he moved within her, their breaths mingled together as she felt his lips ghost over hers. She wanted to mold them together, taste the sweat and saliva that glistened in them, but instead placed her hands in the nape of his hair to hold him in place. Staring into his lust-filled eyes, her stomach clenched, her heart beating out of control; the way the city lights shone on his face was intimate, hooding his face and creating a mystical aura around him.

In that moment, she felt his soul reaching out to her. It wrapped itself around her like a warm blanket on a cold winter's night, surrounding her in the safety and security that she had craved for so many years. He understood her better than anyone else, and he would never do anything to hurt her; he was the one person she could fully trust. His heart was hers just as much as hers was his. They saw each other as equals and chose each other above everyone else. Soul was her soulmate, her one true love.

He thrust into her, pressing their hips roughly together, causing both to groan out in pleasure before he moved back out. Maka rolled her hips up to meet his, allowing him to rub against her clit as she moaned out. Body on fire, she felt her core clench around him and her abs tighten as she grew closer to her own climax. Her mewls and moans rose a few octaves as she dug her nails into his back, her mind becoming fuzzy.

Her moan came out heavy and rough, his name raw as it slipped from her lips; she dug her nails into his flesh as her entire body shook. She rode out the waves of pleasure that rocked her body while he slowly thrust himself into her, trying to claim his own release. Once they subsided, she opened her eyes to see him watching her intently, his mouth slightly agape as she noted the curiosity hidden behind his crimson eyes. Her heart swelled at the thought of him watching her as she orgasmed, and a small smile spread on her lips as she watched his own. His face screwed up as if in pain as she felt his hot seed spurt inside of her; the sound of her name as he moaned it out made the fire in her stomach burn brighter.

Soul collapsed on top of her, his head resting on her shoulder as his warm breath hit her already heated breasts. They remained laying there for a little while longer as they came down from their highs, both wrapped up in the others arms. Raising her hand, Maka smoothed his sweaty bangs away from his face to reveal his serene face. Pride shot through her body at the thought of how perfectly they contrasted with each other, his tan skin against her light skin. Deep down, she was certain that they were made for each other and would have found the other whether they had met at age sixteen or twenty-two.

Running her hand down his cheek, Soul opened his eyes and stared up at her, a silly lopsided grin playing on his lips. "So do you think I did a good job?"

She giggled and shook her head. "You're always good."

He rose up to kiss her temple before he kissed her lips and smiled. "Wonderful. That's what I like to hear."

"You're ridiculous," she said as she gently pushed him away.

His eyes lit up as he laughed and grabbed her hand to touch it to his lips. There was something different about him compared to when they had left the apartment earlier and the weeks before. He was livelier and happier compared to the sullen and depressed man she had seen when arriving back in Death City.

Soul leaned back down to kiss her cheeks and forehead again before holding himself up on one hand to stare at her.

"Your aura has changed since we first met, you know," she whispered. Taking her finger, she gently traced it along the scar on his chest as she waited for him to speak.

"Oh. Really? And how's that?" His hot breath warmed her face and she felt the familiar tug at the corners of her mouth.

"You're happier." She raised her eyes to his. "I like that."

Maka caught the faint blush that graced his cheeks before he buried his face in her neck and the warmth that spread throughout her caused her smile to grow. After so long, they were together. They had accomplished so much because of the other and would accomplish so much more as time went on. His darkness had only been the beginning.

Soul kissed her neck before whispering, "I am too," against her skin.

A few minutes passed and he removed his face away from the crook of her neck so that his deep crimson eyes glanced down at her. "I wrote another song." He paused. "Actually it is a song for you this time. The last one had nothing to do you and more to do with what I was feeling at the time… I'm sorry about that."

"No, it's okay. Don't apologize. I still loved it."

He reached between them to wrap his fingers around her hand and brought up to his lips to lay a kiss on her knuckles. "It's not okay because you're worth so much more than a shitty song."

"Soul, it wasn't shitty-"

"Maka," he cut in. "Would you like to hear your song or not?"

She nodded in response, and Soul rolled off the bed to walk over to where the piano remained stationed by the window. Maka readjusted herself, trying to get a better view of him playing for her. In the back of her mind she found it amusing that he didn't even bother slipping into boxers, that he was literally going to play her a song stark naked. Clapping a hand over her mouth, she tried to suppress the giggle that bubbled up. She didn't want to embarrass him or make him nervous.

The piano's lullaby was sweet as it filled the room; calm washed over her as she closed her eyes. It glided over her skin like a satin blanket, gracing her ears the same way the pianist whispered to her when they were in bed. It was a lovely song, and she could feel the love hidden in it as it touched her heart. This wasn't only her song, it was also their song.

Somehow he had captured their relationship in one song perfectly. She heard the turmoil they had to undergo before finally becoming a real couple, the heartache that the battle had brought to both of them, and the love they mutually felt for the other, all in the same song. It was them, and she loved all of it.

Maka opened her eyes once the music stopped and saw him watching her from behind a curtain of white hair.

"So what'd you think?" he asked.

"I loved it."

He picked his head up so he wasn't hiding anymore and stood up from the bench to walk back over to her.

"Do you play naked for all your customers?" she asked with a sly grin.

"Only for the special ones," he commented. "But admit it, you enjoy the view."

"I do indeed," she said, reaching out with both hands to grip his arm and pull him back down onto the bed.

They adjusted themselves into more comfortable positions, Soul lying on top of Maka with her legs on either side of his. His heart thrummed against her as he pressed his chest closer to hers, and he wrapped perfectly around her body, warming the parts of her that had grown cold as she listened to his soothing music. Neither one made a move or spoke during the small moment; they only basked in the light that was each other, relishing in their closeness.

Maka smoothed a hand through his hair, causing the man to close his eyes and hum a little as she did. Her own mouth formed a small smile as she watched him slowly falling asleep against her; he reminded her of a puppy who enjoyed all kinds of affection. He appeared to be peaceful as he rested on top of her and she didn't want to disturb him, but her hand was starting to hurt. The moment she withdrew from him, his eyes popped open and he glared at her.

"Why'd you stop?"

"Because my hand was hurting."

He scooted up closer to her neck so that he nuzzled the side of it. "But I was enjoying it!"

"And my wrist was starting to hurt." She lightly pushed his head away from her.

"But it's still not fair," he whined.

"Soul you can be such a baby sometimes."

"Mmm, so can you," he said as he snuggled against her chest and gently kissed the soft skin there.

Silently chuckling to herself, Maka shook her head at the man. "I love you."

"Love you too," he said as he looked back up at her.

Soul moved up to gently press their lips together while Maka wrapped her arms around his neck. Their lovemaking this time around was slow and lazy, barely moving against each other and only creating a little friction. However, it still felt great. Her heart burst at the feeling of being so close to him, feeling his smooth movements on top of her body. His teeth lightly sunk into the skin on her neck as she let out a small moan, and her orgasm came strong after the long build up. As she clenched around him, she felt Soul come to his own release has his member quivered within her.

They laid in bed peacefully, enjoying the others company and completely in ecstasy as they relished in the fact that they were both alive. The time they had shared together - from their year at the academy to now - had truly been an adventure.

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