Medusa walked down the golden steps, a pink haired human cyborg cowering behind her as they went. Things hadn't gone as she had planned during the battle a few days ago. She had wanted the shadow figures to murder and defeat the Spartoi members who had come to help out, including the other villagers. However, that didn't happen. She needed to find another way to take down Lord Death and his people so she could release her real prize that was hidden underneath Shibusen.

She was going to put the world into madness and darkness if it was the last thing she did.

Taking the last step, she walked toward the waters edge and looked down. It was dark and murky, hiding the beast that rested underneath. She had spent months, years creating the beast, and now it was finally time for it to see the light of day.

"Ragnorak, it's time."

She dipped her hand into the water, and watched as the ripples flowed into the middle to create a large whirlpool. She heard Crona crying in fear behind her, and rolled her eyes. A small part of her regretted using her own child to experiment with robotics, but it was a very small part that was practically obsolete with the rest of her. The whirlpool separated, creating an opening in the water, and Medusa smiled in glee. She stood up, and walked away from the pool of water.

"Stop your crying and come along, Crona. We have work to do."

As they walked up the steps, the ruins started to tremble. Debris fell from the ceiling, hitting the ground with a loud crack. Medusa and Crona walked out of the small chamber as the entire ceiling caved in, but kept walking until they were outside of the ruins. Medusa paused suddenly, causing Crona to bump into her. She glared at the child who looked away sheepishly, and waited for her monster to escape its prison. There was a loud crack that reverberated throughout the vacant desert followed by a loud screech.

Medusa smiled as the earth below her feet shook and trembled. Her monster was alive, and no one would ever see it coming.

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