PMD: Love in the Abyss of Time

Don't Wanna go too Far

Author's Note: Hi everybody! I love this chapter, absolutely my favorite. :P Its a tease... for everybody...

Sam's POV

"And the members chosen for the exploration are..." My heart was running a mile a minute. Whose name would he say? Is it safe to say that we will not be going? We stared at him for a long time. I could hear heavy breathing noises from the other apprentices, just waiting to see what he would say.

"Loudred" Loudred jumped up and down.

"Ya I knew I could do it." He walked behind the Guild master, waiting to see who would be called next.

"Sunflora, Corphish." Sunflora eeked in excitement and Corphish jumped up and down in joy.

"Yes, The work really paid off." The walked over to Loudred, with enthusiastic high-fives. Chatot cleared his throat and smiled.

"The exploration members of Team Skull, of course will be joining us." I growled at the mention their names. I hated those guys.

"Basil." I was shocked he was actually going to go. He left our line and walked behind the others, not saying a single thing the whole way over there.

"Digglett, Dugtrio" The two cheered happily and moved to the back of the Chatot's growing line.

"Whoop! There it is...!" They dug their way over to the other members.

"Oh this is a surprise, Bidoof." Bidoof shook in place.

"By golly! Really?" He tried to move but he seemed to be stuck in place.

"What's the matter Bidoof?" He quietly stood in place.

"I'm just so excited I can't move my little legs." He giggled.

"Ok well...and Chimicho... Croagank and I think that's it." My heart sank. I wanted to go so bad, how they could take something like this away from me. I saw Skunk tank chuckle.

"Looks like those wimps don't get to go." I felt like sitting in a ball and thinking about the events that led up to this.

"Oh wait we have something scribbled here on the other side of the paper." Chatot quickly spoke up. I looked up at him, hoping there would be the slight chance that Summer and I would still get to go."

"Ummmm...I can't make this out...Sam...and Summer." I jumped up and down. I actually got to go on the exploration.

"We get to go!" Summer hugged me and jumped up and down.

"This is SO exciting!" She opened her eyes to see everyone starring at her. She quickly let go of me and took a couple steps to create distance.

"Looks like you wimps get to go after all." Skunk tank whispered low enough so only I could hear. Chatot was holding the paper still.

"...Guild master...I just named everyone in the guild..." He turned to Wiggly tuff.

"Of course, the more people the more fun" Wiggly tuff sang.

"Then what was the point of picking people if you were just going to allow everyone to go?" He was beginning to get louder.

"Fun, fun,, fun, fun" We all assembled around Bidoof who was still not moving.

The other apprentices quickly surrounded Bidoof and we chatted about the exciting news.

"I'm happy that we all get to go...Wiggly Tuff you never really know."

"Eek this is so exciting!" Sunflora jumped in excitement. Every part of me wanted to scream in joy and happiness.

"How do we pick groups?" ask Loudred. Basil remain quiet but then looked up when he heard Loudred.

"Groups as in our normal group teams' right?" His once calm figure slightly shook.

"Groups as in the guild master pick who goes with whom." He looked over at me then Summer.

"Ok then." We faced Chatot.

"Ok so now I will assign you guys to groups to be transported over to the camp site."

Everyone groaned.

"Hey we don't have to do this; we can just stay home instead." Everyone shouted at the same time.

"NO!" Chatot chuckled.

"Ok then, let me tell you who's going where." We all remained quiet just looking at him, waiting to see what he would say."

"The other party members will go on their own. Seeing as how they are guests."

I growled. I wanted those guys out of my sight...indefinably.

"Basil, you will be going with Sunflora and Loudred." Basil groaned. He apparently didn't like who he would be going with.

"Digglett, Dugtrio, you two will be paired with Croagank and Corphish." They all looked at each other and smiled.

"Bidoof, you will be going with Sam and Summer." In my head I was secretly jumping with joy, I calmly said.

"Let's do our best." I looked over at Chatot.

"The guild master, Chimicho and I will all travel as one group." The guild master whined.

"But I don't want to go with Chatot, your boring." I laughed, he would. The guild master had a growlithe puppy look on his face. He was just so adorable to look at.

"Stop being so stubborn..." The guild master still had that look on his face, but Chatot was persistent, he wasn't going to let Wiggly Tuff do as he pleased. I found that a little odd. Chatot was Wiggly tuff's right hand man, but Chatot was more controlling of the situation, I wonder why? Chatot took out his map

"Everyone look here..." His wing pointed to a foggy area in the map.

"No one has explored this area and this is where it is." It was on the other side of the map. This was going to be a long walk over.

"Ok everyone, let's pack up and be ready to leave in about 10 minutes." Everyone shouted in unison.

"HOORAY!" I looked over at Summer, smiled and called Bidoof over. He trotted over to me. Summer walked over toward me.

"By golly! This is so exciting, our first exploration!" He jumped in joy.

"I'm so pumped! I can't believe we all get to go." I looked up to see her doing a little happy dance.

"Look at this" I pulled out the wonder map and pointed to the mountain in the middle of the map.

"This is half-way to the site. I think we should make it there first then take a break then go to Fogbound Lake." I smiled in confidence. I was going to make sure that I did my very best on this exploration. We all walked outside to the mid-way intersection.

"Ok guys its time." Summer sighed and looked back. Basil was standing behind her.

"Behave yourself." He hugged her.

"When do I ever get into trouble?" He backed up and smiled.

"Well considering how often Sam and I have to back you up, I would say a lot." She giggled.

"I'll see you over there ok?" He looked down at her with sad eyes.

"I'll miss you until then." He hugged her one last time before coming toward me.

"You had better take care of her." He said in a stern voice.

"Of course I will, Summer will see you later, I promise." I looked over at her to see her standing by Bidoof, waiting to go.

"I got to go Basil." I saw him turn around to walk back toward the guild.

"Hey Basil" I called out to him. He turned around

"What?" I opened my mouth to speak.

"Take care of yourself ok?" He smirked and waved back.

"Bye Sam."

"Bye Basil."

I turned back to walk on the empty road ahead of us, knowing once we started there would be no going back.

"Let's go." I followed behind Summer, with Bidoof close behind.

Summer's POV

Sam has been very brave lately; he is even trying to lead this team. Maybe it's the adrenaline of the exploration talking but he is fiercer now then he was then. We have been walking through mud and water for hours.

"Sam where are we going? I might just die in this mud...seriously." He looked back at me and smiled. His smile made me feel safer.

"We are almost there it's just I can't find the stairs...its hiding under the mud." Bidoof trotted and played in the mud behind us.

"By golly I can!" I looked back at him.

"You can?" I was in disbelief.

"Yes of course. How do you think I keep finding these blue gummies everywhere?" I stood on a rock and asked him to point in the direction.

"Ok, I'm going to wait here until you do." I hissed. I wanted to avoid the mud at all costs.

" golly." He walked off finding the stairs right next to where I was standing.

"Really? You couldn't find that?" Sam chuckled.

"That's not funny. I just couldn't see under all this mud." Bidoof trotted back over to us.

"You're welcome." He smiled, his little beaver teeth showed right on through. His little innocent smile made me feel happy.

"Thank you. Now let's get out of this mud pit." Bidoof lead us through the mud and out of the coast. Walking toward a giant mountain, we saw that there were two paths. One lead into a down ward path. The other lead upward to a free faced climb up the mountain.

"Which way do we go Summer?" I looked at Bidoof and sighed.

"I don't know? Sam...what do you think?" He looked out over the water below.

"I think we go through this one..." He started walking on the top right, toward the upward part of the mountain. I followed him cautiously as we walked inside.

We walked up the mountain in darkness the only light was Sam's tail. It was like a becan for other feral Pokémon, monster houses one right after another. We walked outside to see the giant mountain that was the cliff side. I climbed up the mountain, but the higher we got, the more I felt anxiety. I couldn't think clearly, and the climb pushed my endurance to its limit.

" tired of all this climbing." I turned around to see how high we were. I closed my eyes tight when I saw just how high we were, about 70 feet above the ground.

"Don't stop keep climbing we are almost there." Sam gave words of encouragement.

"Easy for you to say, you can climb this thing no problem. Some of us have only two legs." I saw Bidoof, who was also keeping up with Sam in great time. I tried to climb faster, becoming careless in my footing. I reached for a ledge that was slightly out of my reach.

"Hey Summer..." I looked up to see Sam standing on the platform above. He was about 10 feet above me.

"What...?" I was still trying to reach the ledge

"Doesn't, that ledge look unstable and you could fall." I became stressed; falling at this height could kill me. I tried to maintain my cool and tried to show Sam that that wouldn't happen.

"its fine Sam, see." I pulled all of my strength in for the jump that could get me to the ledge. I held onto in and began to pull myself up.

"See told you." I boasted.

"Well good work." He turned around seeing as how I could manage my way up. My paws were grappled into the side of the mountain, trying to pull up the second half of my body up. I looked up to see another 8 feet to go. At this rate it would take me forever to get up there. I sighed, but was suddenly met with crumbling noises. I looked around frantic to see where they were coming from.

"Sam!" I looked up to see his panicked face.

"Don't move! The ground below you could give out. I'll come and get you." He started his climb down. Bidoof looked at me with worry.

"Hurry Sam..." I looked down and prayed that today would not be my last.

"I'm coming...relax" I took a deep breath and tried to sooth my nerves. I looked up to see him swinging down from the edges of the Cliffside.

Just as I felt like I was going to be ok, I heard crumbling and began to panic again. I looked down to see the cliffside crumbling beneath my feet. I grabbed on to the closest slab of rock I could find. I held on to it for dear life. Although the ground didn't give out I wasn't taking any chances. I screamed at the top of my lungs.

"Sam!" I could see his panicked face and how he was rushing himself even faster. He rushed himself until he was right beside me.

"Summer grab on to me." I looked at his outstretched hand, then down at the water below.

"No...I can't...what if I fall...I'm scared of heights." I looked into his pleading eyes. I thought about everything that had happened between us. I felt safe around Sam because I knew I could trust him. The next thing he said made me all the more certain.

"You won't fall because I will always be there to catch you." I locked eyes with him, his silver eyes never leaving me.

I closed my eyes thinking about the situation. I felt my hand became tired and weak. Could I really trust Sam to carry me up the rest of the way? How do I know he's not going to fall? I don't want to put his life at risk.

"Summer, look at me." I opened my eyes to see him face to face with me.

"Trust me." His hand, still extended, was reaching for mine. I remembered that I had said that to him, when we were at the training camp...I smiled at the thought.

"Just hold on to me and I'll pull us up." I grabbed his hand and wrapped my arms around the front of his torso. I looked up to see a smile across his face.

"What's with the smile?" I asked, closing my eyes.

"So you know I got you." I nodded my head.

"I got you, you can relax. I'll have us up in a bit." I felt his body shift upward and he started to climb up the side of the cliff, without his feet. He must have a lot of upper body strength. He climbed up the mountain, slow and steady.

I shut my eyes tight to keep myself from looking down. (Don't look down, don't look down.) I heard Bidoof, he giggled and said

"Almost there Sam...just a couple more steps." I was relieved to hear him say that. I opened my eyes to see Sam on the edge. My heart beat faster and faster in anticipation.

I felt my body slide across the top of the cliff. I opened my eyes to see that I was safe. I saw Sam sitting on the edge of the cliff. I was laying down right next to him. I sat up to look out over the entire cliffside. I felt an immediate sense of relief. He sighed in relief.

"Um...Sam." He quickly turned toward me and smiled.

"Thank You." He sighed and nodded his head.

"I'm just glad you're ok..." I looked into his silver eyes.

"I'm only ok because of you. I was so scared, but you kept me calm and got me through it." I hugged him and buried my face in his fur.

"I think we should rest here tonight and continue tomorrow." He said calmly. I pulled back and looked back up at him.

"It's not too late, maybe we could get a bit farther before we stop." I was surprised that he wanted to stop so quickly.

"I just think that with everything that has happened, you would want to rest and relax." His hand patted the top of my head.

"Ok." I said.

"Bidoof, what do you think?" I looked over to him and his beaver teeth smile right on through.

"By golly! You had better stay wouldn't want another accident would you?" He looked over at me.

"No..." I walked over to Bidoof. He had set up a fire log in the middle of our camp.

I looked around, trying to get used to my surroundings. I noticed that our campsite sat in the middle of the cliff. We were sitting in the middle, surrounded by large rocks, and sitting in a circle. I looked up at the sky and leaned against the giant rock that was behind me. The sky's clouds floated peacefully with the cool breeze. We would all sleep under the stars tonight. I was lost in thought until I saw a shadow behind me.

"Do you want something to eat? I brought you a yellow gummi...your favorite." I turned toward him to see him holding a giant yellow gummi.

"Sure." He handed me the gummi and I happily ate it. He sat beside me. I looked across the firewood to see Bidoof drowning in his own drool. He had fallen asleep. I yawned, and leaned back against the rock.

"It's ok, you can fall asleep. I'll get the first watch." Something had changed in him, like he was trying to let something shine. The exploration wasn't making him brave; he was doing this all on his own. I was happy that he was finally getting over his fears.

"You sure? I can wait up with you, if you want." I said hoping that he would allow me to at least keep him company. He looked into my eyes; my heart began to beat faster in anticipation for his answer.

"That would be great." He leaned against me, I leaned against him, and we watched everything in the black of night. The fires glow gave us a sense of protection. The warm air made me sleepy and I found myself struggling to stay awake.

"Sam?" I asked. It was as silent as it was when I hadn't said anything. I turned, seeing him asleep as he lay on the rock. I smiled, kissing him on the cheek.

"Thanks..." I said, pulling away from him. I felt my body get tired and I closed my eyes to fall into a sleep full of dreams.

Basil's POV

I walked into camp, it was very late. The moonlight lite up the camp. The fog made it hard to see in front of anyone. A familiar face ran up to me.

"Oh great, your here." Chatot said in glee. He seemed a bit worried.

"Oh Hi Chatot, where is everyone else?" I asked. He pointed to the large tent. I walked over to the tent to see an enormous feast waiting for me. Everyone was crowded around the table, eating oran berries and apples. I looked around hoping to see Summer or Sam, but I didn't. I walked near the table.

"Has anyone seen Summer, Sam or Bidoof?" Everyone looked at me, then at each other and they whispered amongst themselves for a while.

"Sorry Basil, they haven't arrived yet." I sighed in disbelief; they left the guild before we did. How is it that we got here before them?

"Oh, Ok I see." I sat down at the table and picked up an apple. I didn't eat it; I just kept looking at the door hoping that in a few minutes they would come through the door. I waited for a long time, watching the night go by as I did. I stood up and shuffled my feet to the front of the table.

"Basil, come and eat something." Loudred yelled. I smiled and said softly

"Thanks guys, I'll see you in a bit." I started to walk away from the table and headed for the door.

"You don't want anything to eat?" I looked back to see Sunflora handing me an apple.

"No thanks." I started walking toward the door again.

I opened the tent, and looked up at the sky. I was so worried; no one has seen Summer or Sam? Did they get lost? My heart goes out to Summer and Sam tonight...and Bidoof too. (I guess) I just hope that wherever they are they are safe. I just hope Sam is keeping his promise. I looked out at the moon, may the light of it be their way back to me.

Sam's POV

I opened my eyes. The sunlight poured into the area. I saw Bidoof still asleep. I tried to reposition myself but my body was heavier than normal. I turned next to me to see Summer's head leaning against my chest. Her facial expression was so peaceful. I didn't want to bother her, so much had happened to her yesterday.

My heart raced faster and faster, the heat in my cheeks rose. If this was a dream, please don't wake me. I saw Bidoof stretch and open his eyes. I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep. I heard Bidoof walk over toward us.

"Sam...hey Sam." I opened my eyes trying to play it like I was sleeping.

"Uh? Ya?" He pointed with his little paws toward me.

"Look." His paw pointed towards Summer.

"I can see her." I smiled.

"That looks so cute." He reached out to touch her.

"What are you doing?" He suddenly snapped back.

"Just going to wake her up." My reality was slowly coming to an end.

"I'll do it." I sighed in defeat. I would rather have her lie there next to me the whole day then anything. I shook her gently. I remembered everything about this moment. The way her face looked, how her ears flopped down toward one side. Her little heart-shaped tail swayed back and forth when she was asleep.

"Summer...time to get up." I whispered in her ear. Her eyes stirred and she slowly opened her eyes.

"Good Mourning Sam." Her eyes widened as she realized where she was she backed away from me and stood there silently.

"Oh my god! I am so sorry." She quickly apologized her face was becoming a different shade of red with every word. She quickly looked away from me.

"Look its ok." My face and cheeks got really hot. I looked away from her.

"Um..." She was silent as if lost in thought.

"Ya..." I tried to change the subject. I quickly thought about the time of day, we should get going on the trip.

"We should get going." She turned around, her face still glowing a bright pink.

"Ok." I walked toward the other end of Mt. Horn. I looked behind me to see Summer wasn't there; I looked to see Bidoof instead. Summer was in the back of us, walking slowly and quietly.

I looked out over the entire mountain range; it was completely covered in fog. I walked down completely trying to forget the moment. The way down was steep and I slipped a couple of times. Reaching the ground floor was becoming a difficult task. I climbed up just to climb down.

The ground was completely covered in fog. We were here. The campsite was at the base of the mountain. I saw everyone standing around waiting for something. I could see Basil in the distance, his eyes were closed and he was sitting on a stump. He immediately opened his eyes and in mere seconds he was up in my face.

"There you guys are! I was so worried about you...Where is Summer?" He looked around for her, skimming the area with his eyes. When he found her, he rushed to her side. Her facial expression changed when she saw him, he twirled her around to pick her up in a loving gaze. I looked at them with a burning envy. I looked away trying to discard the subject. I looked back to see Chatot, his face was full of rage and anger.

"WHERE WERE YOU? YOU ARE THE LAST OF THE OTHER'S TO ARRIVE, I SENT OUT A SEARCH PARTY FOR YOU!" I sank low into the ground trying to escape his fury.

"I-I'm Sorry Chatot, you see-" I was quickly hushed by him.

"Whatever, just...just come here." I followed him to hear him speak on an empty box.

"Ok listen up everyone." We all turned our heads to listen to him.

"This is Fogbound Lake. Legend says that a legendary Pokémon named Uxie that lives here, and if you run into him he will wipe your memories clean." I gasped, wiping your memories clean? What if...Summer. She doesn't remember anything, maybe she ran into Uxie and he wiped her memory clean. I have to tell her.

I walked over to tell Summer when I was suddenly stopped.

"The groups have been dissolved, you will now be able to explore in your own groups. The guild Master will see you off." He turned to see Wiggly Tuff was not there.

"Has anyone seen the guild master?" Chimicho chimed in to the answer.

"Last I saw him he was running after his perfect apple." Chatot sighed.

"Well, good luck team." All the team shuffled off into the fog. I was excited, this would be fun.

Summer's POV

I walked into the camp confused. It seemed quiet odd, but I know this place. It seems so familiar, I was so happy to see Basil I missed the announcements. Sam walked up to me and smiled.

"Hey about the announcements...are you thinking what I'm thinking?" I looked at him and tried to come up with a sleek lie. I opened my mouth to say something, but no words came out.

"You have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, do you?" He got me, he knew me so well that there was no point in lying to him.

"Not a clue." He snorted and then said.

"Well...there is a Pokémon that can wipe memories clean...he just happens to live here. I think this Uxie is somehow connected with your memories." I finally grasped the picture.

"Oh that makes sense since I feel like I know this place." His face lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Maybe if we ask him...he might know about you." I was excited; maybe I would finally know the answers about my past.

"Ok let's go." I started walking off toward the thick layer of fog. I stopped...could this really be coming to an end? Would Unix finally be the answer to my problems? I am not really sure? Would my life ever return to normal again? Would I leave this team if I find out who I really am?

I saw Basil turn around to face me.

"What's the matter love? You seem out of it? Do you want me to carry you? Are you sick?" His face became stressed and worried.

"Huh? Oh...sorry. Um, let's go." I heard Sam call us in the distance.

"Check this out." He held up a red stone, its glowing light moved through it, like lava it felt alive.

"It's pretty Sam...uh where. find that?" He pointed to a plant.

"I fell." I laughed.

"So you can climb a cliff without your legs, but yet you fall in a plant?" Basil looked at me strangely

"Long story." I shrugged.

"We got time." He smirked.

"Well you see, you were right Summer is a horrible climber." I blushed in embarrassment.

"I almost fell off a cliff." Basil's eyes widened.

"I told you to watch her-" I quickly jumped into help Sam.

"No...he saved me." Sam's scared expression turned to a happy, calm expression.

"Well thank you Sam, I'm sorry I yelled at you." I quickly jumped in.

"Well, either way don't yell at him because look at me I'm fine." His face quickly turned calm.

"Your right." I sighed. I looked around to notice we were completely surrounded by fog. I walked forward until I could no longer hear footsteps behind me. I looked around I couldn't see anyone.

"Sam? Basil?" I didn't hear anyone. I heard footsteps in the distance. I readied myself in battle stance.

"Sam? Basil?" I said, a little more forcefully. I felt trapped, surrounded.

"What's the matter? Can't find your little friends?" A lone, dark figure was circling me.

"Who are you?" I asked a little scared of what might happen next. A dark creature walked out of the density of the fog. It was a black Pikachu; it had an evil smirk across its face.

"You don't remember me? Well that's not a surprise since it happened a while ago." I backed away from the creature as it reached out to touch me.

"Do you remember this?" It touched my forehead and my heart...memories rushed back to that night, when I first got to the guild. I transformed into this dark Pikachu, this monster. My memories had Sam...he cried for me. I had just met him and he cried for me.

"I-I didn't know that." It backed away with an evil smile

"Just so you know, I'm still around...I will be back." It backed away into the fog, I chased after it wanting to know more. When would it be back? Where did it come from? I became surrounded in this fog. I heard a voice calling me in the distance, I couldn't find them. I sat down and began to cradle my knees, I'm so confused.

"Summer?" I turned around to see Sam and Basil there. I looked at them, where they really there?

"Yes..." I was silent.

"You haven't said anything in a while, you ok?" I became confused

"How long have you been there?" I asked

"We never left." Basil said.

"You ok?" Sam said.

"Um...Ya, I'm fine...just thinking." I didn't want to say anything, but I will talk about it later.

"Um ok." I turned around to get face planted by a giant statue.

"Hey what is this?" There was a gigantic statue.

"It looks like a Groudon statue. He is a legendary Pokémon. If we ever fought him...we would...well let's not talk about it." I suddenly felt dizzy. I was out in space again. I heard a voice that I did not know. It seemed familiar to me but I couldn't place a finger on it.

" the drought stone in groudon's heart...that should lift the fog. There! good job partner." I was back with my friends. I turned to Sam

"Can I see that stone?" He handed it to me.

"Check this out" I climbed the tower. I saw an opening where Groudon's heart should have been.

"I found it." I placed the stone in the spot and the whole place started shaking. I was lost my grip on the statue and fell.

"Run!" We were all running when the place became engulfed by a white light.

I looked up to see the sky was blue now. Nowhere in sight there was fog. The fog had been lifted.

"How did you know how to do that?" I smiled

"Saw it in a dizzy spell." Basil smiled

"Of course you can." Basil said a little sarcastically.

"Yes." I saw Corphish running toward me in the distance.

"Hey you guys. I just saw that...what a show you know I'm going to get the rest of the guild. Wait here." He ran off before I could say anything. I felt happy; this was going to be awesome.

"Well, well, well look at what the cat dragged in. Thanks for finding out the secret for us but now we are going to knock you out and take the treasure." Three faces came out from the water falls.

"What? Oh hell no! You want some of this then come and get it." I growled

"Are you sure you're ready for a face plant?" said the little zubat.

"As ready as I am to kick your ass." Basil spat out

"You sure about that?" Skunk tank asked.


"Oh Ya?" Skunk tank chuckled

"Ya!" I yelled

"Oh Ya?" I was starting to get annoyed

"You're going to fight or what? This is getting annoying."

"Oh Ya..." Skunk tank said in a whisper

"Yes that's what I just said. Don't you pay attention?"

We all got into fight positions and were about to get in a fight when.

"My perfect apple...please don't go." The guild master ran in hot pursuit of his perfect apple. When he caught it he turned towards us.

"I almost lost my apple...if I lost it..." The area started shaking.

"But you didn't lose it so you're ok then." The shaking stopped

"I need you to turn around and have fun." We turned around to see a giant floating mountain. Waterfalls streamed off it. The place was floating in the sky, no wonder no one could ever find it.

"Go, I want to talk to Team Skull." I took my team and we ran over toward the giant island in the sky. When we reached the entrance to the cave, steam shot out of the ground and the top of the cave.

Basil's POV

"You're going in there?" said Sam

"No, we're going in there." I said.

"Let's get climbing." said Summer.

I walked into the cave. It was so hot. I felt every part of my body sting, as if it was fire.

"How far do you think it will be before we get to the top." said Summer.

"As long as it takes." I said. I heard a distant roar in the distance.

"Did you hear that?" Sam and Summer looked around.

"Hear what?" Summer asked.

"Nothing...never mind." I continued walking through the tunnel. Fire Pokémon ignored us. They looked as though they were trying to get away from something. But what? What could they be running away from?

"What is it with all of these guys, is everyone ok? No one is fighting us." Sam asked.

"You suddenly into fighting? Since when?" I asked.

"Since...does it really matter?" He said

"It matters to me." I said

"Why does it matter?" He said. Summer's ears were beginning to droop in annoyance.

"WHO CARES?" We all became silent.

I bumped into a storage rock. I looked at it carefully; I found a seed inside the pouch.

"Hey look, it's a reviver seed." Summer said.

"I'll hold on to this...I mean we got Sam." Sam pouted.

"I am not like that." I opened my mouth to say something else but it was silence by a faint roar in the distance.

"ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAARRRRRRRR!" My dog like ears perked up.

"Did you hear that? It's that roar I heard from before." Summer sank down next to Sam.

"It's a huge giant Pokémon or something if we heard it roar from here." Summer whispered.

"Are you going to wuss out now that we are so close?" I said this, knowing that she would spite up in spirit.

"Oh Ya, watch me find the treasure first." She ran up the last stairs, leading to a giant plateau.

"Look at me, I'm gunner get the treasure first." A loud roar emanated from behind her. Her happy facial expression turned to fear and anxiety. A colossus monster, stood behind her.

"Summer RUN!" I shouted. She ran over toward me, but fell short. The monster was still chasing her.

"I-I-Its we are in for it." Sam stuttered.

"YOU! TRESSPASSERS ARE NOT PREMITTED HERE! LEAVE NOW OR FACE THE WRATH OF FOGBOUND LAKE'S GAUDIAN!" The voice sent chills up my spine. As I got in fighting stance, I was certain that if I wanted to live, I would have to give it my all.

*Meanwhile* (Back with Team Skull)

"This guy is totally creeping me out." said the zubat.

"Ya boss I think we should just go...Team Firestar is getting to the treasure first." Said the koffing.

"Let's use our knock out combo attack so we can just go." Said the Skunk tank.

Wiggly Tuff danced around with his perfect apple. He turned around to look at the group of Pokémon.

"What's the matter friendly friends? Why are you looking at me like that?" The Pokémon surrounded Wiggly Tuff.

"TAKE THIS!" Wiggly Tuff was blasted with an enormous stench.

*Meanwhile* (With the other apprentices and Chatot)

"Look this was the statue I was telling you about." The apprentices stood around the statue in awe.

"Do you know where they went next?" Sunflora asked

"I saw them run that way. I also saw Wiggly Tuff here." Corphish ran toward the floating island in the sky.

"You saw him run in here!" Chatot squealed.

"Yes. I'm also ninety-percent sure that Team Firestar is there too." Corphish said.

"Well let's go. We need to find them." Chatot lead the ground into the steamy cave.

"Hey Chatot." Chatot was running beside everyone else, although I'm not sure why considering he should be flying.

"What?" His short raspy breaths could be defined as tired.

"Do you know anything about Groudon?" Sunflora asked politely

"Of course I do...I know that if anyone would be stupid enough to fight Groudon, their life would be over, ending."

"Really?" Said Loudred.

"Yes, a colossus Pokémon that big is big enough to wipe out everything on the challenge."

"That's incredible; I hope I never have to find out what power he really has." The guild continues running up the steam cave.

"Yes." Suddenly a sound unlike anything else, rung throughout the cave.

"ROOOOOOOOOOAAAAARRR." Everyone stopped dead in their tracks.

"D-did you hear that?" Chatot struggled to take another step.

"Ch-Chatot are you scared?" Sunflora chuckled.

"N-no...We shall prevail...let's continue." Chatot sprinted off farther into the depths of the cave.

"HOORAY!" The other Pokémon ran after him, determined to make it to the top of the plateau.

*Back with our heroes* Summer's POV

"Summer, what we do." I looked back at Basil who was already in battle position.

"We have to fight him; at the end of the day it's going to be either us or him." I shouted.

"I don't know, maybe he can be reasoned with." Sam said while walking toward the giant Pokémon. I looked over at Sam with a "wtf" look.

"What?" I walked over toward him and punched his arm.

"FOCUS!" I turned back toward the giant Pokémon.

"I am the guardian of Fogbound Lake. Leave Now."

"Look you got us all wrong, see we are an exploration team and-" Groudon roared louder.

"LEAVE NOW! YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!" I backed away slowly.

"I'm not going to back down now...not when we are so close." I walked forward with my heat and energy, my checks sparking.

I charged at the Groudon and jumped onto him gigantic belly.

"Sam, Basil, combine an attack!" I shocked the Groudon but it didn't seem to do anything.

Sam and Basil backed away. Basil made a huge aura sphere and shot it toward the colossus monster. Sam used a fire spine that circled the aura sphere.

"Summer jump off!" I quickly jumped off. I thunder shocked the attack and iron tailed it into groudon's body. The Pokémon backed away slowly. I held my breath waiting to see what he would do next. The Pokémon seemed to just sit there. Its eyes closed, its breathing still.

"I-Is it-" The Pokémon fizzled and fazed. Basil closed his eyes.

"There isn't an aura...either its dead or it's not real." Basil chuckled.

"We haven't been fighting an actual Pokémon...its fake." I looked out at the Pokémon, in the blink of an eye it disappeared.

"I AM THE GAURDIAN OF FOGBOUD LAKE!" A blinding white light came out of nowhere. A creature will yellow hair, a red ruby in the middle of her head. Her blue body levitated off the floor.

"Y-You're the guardian of Fogbound lake?" The creature came towards me.

"I will steal your memories if you don't leave now. All of the exploration teams that have come here, I have wiped their memories because they wanted the treasure of this place." There really was a treasure, how exciting. I just want to scream in joy. Sam quickly jumped in.

"We...We don't want your treasure we just can to get answers." Sam's face was full of terror, probably thinking about what would happen if the guardian wasn't so kind. Uxie walked over toward Sam and I became defensive if anything should go wrong.

"What is your question?" He pointed toward me.

"This is my partner, she thinks she knows this place but she can't seem to remember...and she may have been human. Do you remember her?" I backed away afraid of what she may say next.

"I don't know your friend, no human has ever come here. As for the memories I can only wipe them of this place, I am sorry if I am of no assitance." She said in a whisper.

"Oh I'm sorry...I guess we will be going now." We slowly backed away to go back to our camp, when we were stopped.

"I-I will not take your memories, but you have to promise me you will not say anything about this place." Sam slowly nodded his head.

"Come with me." Uxie walked away into the depths of the cave. I was unsure if we should trust this Pokémon.

"I think we should trust her." I looked over, Basil doesn't normally trust people that well, so I guess I should trust him at his word.

I followed Uxie into the cave. A lake covered the entire area. I smiled this was so cool.

"I-" I suddenly heard a loud noise behind us. I saw Wiggly Tuff running up the platue. His face was same as ever...happy. He waddled around the cave with such curiosity.

"Fun...look at you...pretty, shiny." Wiggly Tuff was up in Uxie's face.

"Who is this pe-" I jumped into help the guild master.

"He is our guildmaster." Uxie sighed.

"Is anyone else coming?"

"I think, here they come now." I looked behind me to see the entire guild waiting outside the cave.

"This is our guild."

"I-I won't take your memories. But you have to promise me you will never speak of this place." WigglyTuff walked up to Uxie.

"I swear that we will never say a word about this to anyone." A glowing light shined behind us.

"This is my treasure." A green light glowed below the water. What was it?

"Is that a time gear?" Sam asked.

"It greatest treasure." I looked at the gear. It had a soft green glow that illuminated the whole water. There was a geyser shooting out of the water. It glow purple and pink.

"It's beautiful." Basil walked toward me.

"We have to come back here really soon." He took my paw in his. I looked around to see Sam on the other end of the cave, far away from us.

"Sam." I called out his name but he seemed to ignore me. I walked over to him.

"Hey what's the matter?" I he looked at me.

"It's nothing..." I was so done with his nothingness attitude and I grabbed his hand and walked back over to Basil.

"Just shut up and watch this with me." Basil, Sam and I all stood together, holding hands and watching this beautiful sight. My heart raced when I would look at the time gear, it was exciting to me. Why did it feel so familiar?

"Ok guys, it's time to go back home." I heard the guildmaster call. As much as I hated leaving this beautiful place, it would be alright with me. I would be back one day...eventually. Even though I didn't want to leave, I put on a happy cheer.

"HOORAY!" We walked out of the cave. I turned back for one final glance, I saw Uxie with a relieved face. We started the walk back home.

*Back with Team Skull*

"Ugh...we got ruffed up." Koffing and Zubat groaned.

"WigglyTuff is so wonder everyone is scared of him." said the Koffing in the raspy voice.

"Ya...but this isn't the end... we will be back." Skunk tank whispered, trying to contain his energy.

"How is this not the end? I'm so tired." Zubat pushed himself up with his wings before he collapsed back to the floor.

"Well as so as you help me up...we will go back." Skunk tank shuffled his body up to stand on his paws.

"Let's go back boys." Skunk tank carried his friends on his back toward Treasure town.

Ok I am going on Hiatus soon...just saying...

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