PMD: Love in the Abyss of Time

Don't Push Me I'll fight It

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Summer's POV

"I need you to tell me, what you know about yourself." Dusknoir looked at me, his eye scanning me, waiting for a answer. It made my body tingle, just thinking about it. Did he seriously have to have a answer.

"I don't know too much about myself, all I know is my name!" Dusknoir shook his head.

"No, yesterday when you were about to help those boys, your boyfriend meantioned something about dreams? This fasinates tell me, how do you have these dreams?" He seemed to really want a answer, a little out of the ordianary for me... but he did just save us...I went to speak but Sam jumped in.

"She see things when she touches object and people, then she either sees something connected to the past of future." I glared over at Sam, it was not his place to be giving out my life. I looked over to see him shrink into the sand we were standing on. His face turning a bright red.

"Really?" I said facing him, he looked back at me.

"Sorry." I looked back at Dusknoir, he looked at Sam, then back at me.

"What did you say your name was again?" I thought no mind to just tell him my name.

"Summer." I said simply, but did I notice it just now or did Dusknoir have a slight smile on his face.

"Does it mean anything to you?" Basil asked wrapping his arms around my waist. Dusknoir smile faded, I'm sure that noone noticed that right? Right?

" I'm sorry, but I do know that you ability is that of which we call Dimensional scream." I finally had a answer to something I had been searching for...but how did he know what this was? I wasn't even sure if that was even a real ability.

"What the hell is that?" I said, as Basil moved his paw over my mouth to keep me from swearing.

"Its a ability, the user, that's you, touches a object or person and it makes them dizzy before reality gives them a glimpse of events that have happened in the future or past." I finally had a name for this stupid thing, it was starting to give me a headache.

"Dimensional Scream?" Dusknoir nodded his head. I closed my eyes, trying to take in all this information.

"Its useful, you have no idea." Basil gripped me tighter, I opened my eyes as Sam was trying not to jump in joy.

"Well, I guess that's everything, thanks Dusknoir." I turned to leave, but heard a screeching sound in the air above. I looked up to see the Pelippers flying above us. I saw them flying in a circular motion, something I had rarely seen him do. I looked back to see Sam's face turn pale, giving a slow nod. Sam got on all fours, something I had rarely seen him do. He ran in the direction of the guild, Basil left go of my waist, I turned back to ask what was going on, but he grabbed my wrist pulling me closer to his chest. His hand crept down my back, picking me up and sprinting across the beach. I turned in place to see Dusknoir walking right behind us.

I felt the wind brush against my face, feeling the sun as Basil ran up the stairs. The Pelipper were still flying around in the sky...what was happening to this world? Basil jumped down into the hole of the guild, he puts me down, smiling.

"Sorry I picked you up like that...we just had to be here quickly and well...ya." I shook my head.

"Its ok...but do you know why we're here?" Basil shook his head.

"We're here because something is wrong, we all needed to be here...immidiately." Sam said.

"Oh...well what's so important?" Just as I said that, WigglyTuff walked out of his room.

"I have a important announcment...its about the Time Gears...the one from FogBound Lake has been stolen." I clenched my fists. I was angry. I looked at Basil to see he was just as angry. Looking around the room, I saw all the faces of all the guild members. Most of them didn't even have a clear emotion. They just stood there, motionless.

"Oh my Gosh! How is that possible!? It was well hidden!?" Sunflora said, her voice sounded shaken.

"We have to do something." Sam muttered.

"First off, who has been stealing the gears?" Officer Magnizone walked in, he was holding a piece of paper in his magnet hands.

"Uxie told us everything...this is the culprit." He held up the paper, we were all surprised to see that it was a Grovyle.

"He has been stealing the Time Gears...and he is very dangerous." Basil held his head high. He was determined to help in anyway he could.

"Can we protect the gears now?" Basil said, as the officers left the room. His arms crossed across his body.

"Yes, we know you were right, we need to protect them." Chatot said, his tone bellowing to tone.

"Damn what?" Basil said, enjoying his last few moments of victory.

"We try to purposely try to find the gears, but it will be hard because they are all hidden." Chatot squeaked. I began to wonder, maybe my Dimensional Scream could help in this situation.

"We found some locations that look suspicious, please check them out... good luck teams, here are the locations." I opened the letter... seeing they were sending us to a dessert...great...just perfect.

Basil's POV

"OK let's go..." She said, walking down the dirt road. I looked behind me, see the guild slowly fade from my view. I looked ahead of me seeing Sam slowly munch on a apple.

"Hungry already?" He took another bite, a smirked.

"You know it." I rolled my eyes. Grabbing the treasure back from him.

"You can't wait until we need it..." He took the bag from my hand and drank something from it. Where did he find the time to go to Splenda's café, I will never know.

"Why don't you save that until you need it." He shook his head; then he rolled his eyes.

"I'm thirsty now, so I don't have to be later." I sighed, there would be no winning with him.

"OK but don't say I didn't warn you." I said heading into the desert. We had left the soft quietness of the jungle to head into the hot desert. The tempeture spiked almost instantly.

I could felt the heat suddenly rise as we walked through the desert. It was extremely hot. I literally felt the heat of the sun run down my back. The extreme change in heat was practically unbearable. I could feel my face become flushed at the extreme temperature. I touched my blue fur to find it slightly disgusting.

I could felt that sweat beaming down my forehead. I looked around to see Summer literally crawling on the floor. Sam was happily trotting around the desert like no problem. His fur, unlike mine was dry.

"How do you keep running around like this is no big deal? I mean look at poor Summer, dying for water." Sam glanced over at her, a slight chuckle.

"Well I can't help it, I love the heat of the desert, anything except water...I hate water." I looked over at Sam to see him shudder at the thought.

I walked over to Summer, her face all red. He face, a bright red, her eyes in a daze. Her mouth looked really dry. I'm truely surprised she is still standing. She sat down, her body slumped over, making shade for her face from the direct beams of the sun.

" need water, now...before your face gets redder than your cheeks." I picked her up, placing her on her feet.

"...water..." Damn. I picked her up, carrying her on my back. Her face was sticking to my back.

"Ok can we find water now?" I said. Sam glanced over pulling a oran berry out the treasure bag. He gave it to me.

"Give this to her, it have a bit of water in this." I shook the berry, hearing the water swish around the inside.

"You don't just have another smootie from the cafe?" He shook his head.

"I just drank the last one." I sighed. I opened her mouth, slipping a small piece of fruit in her mouth. She groaned, but at least she wasn't dying of thirst.

"I'm going to seriously die of a heat stroke...I mean ever hear of hyperthermia." She grumbled. I smiled, turning back to see a swirl vortex of quicksand. I stopped, looking for a way around them. I looked to see down my line of sight to continuously see the vortexes. I placed Summer on her feet.

"OK, so now what?" Sam said, sticking a finger into the quicksand. I turned to Summer.

"What do we do now?" She shrugged.

"I guess we go home." She turned back she one last glanced of the vortexes over her shoulder. As she started on her way home, I thought to myself.

"How could we come all this way for nothing."

"We didn't, that's one less place to look now." I smiled, oh so true that statement was. But if it wasn't here, then where? I didn't know.

It was easier to walk back, but I was just disappointed that we didn't find what we were looking for. I was puzzled, the place looked suspicious, but we still didn't have answer. The world around us it starting to go completely...insane. I feel like this is starting to drive me insane, if this person isn't stopped then our world would be completely disrupted. There is no telling what would happen.

Walking into the guild, I was surprised to see everyone else with the same results, they had also found nothing. I was puzzled, as was our leaders...what could we do now? These gears were hidden for a reason, how is this thief finding them anyway? Odd...simply odd.

Sam's POV

The dark of night set in pretty quickly, I could see the stars outside my window. I was looking every night now, at the stars...hoping for a answer to my problem. I can't believe this is happening to us, what's the right thing to do?

Basil wants to protect? We can't even find the time gears, how are we supposed to do anything? We can't even find the damn things, let alone if that thief shows up.

Summer stood beside me, watching the stars.

"What if we can't find the gears? What if they are all stolen? What will happen?" To be honest, I wasn't sure, I could only go off of what Chatot had told us earlier.

"I guess, that since time stops and it turns grey, don't you think that everything would eventually become that? I honestly don't know Summer...I just don't know. It's only a thought...a horrible one, and I honestly hope that never happens, but if it does Pokémon are going to turn on each other, turning because of the fear of change." She looked down at the floor, a frown on her face.

"Would you?" I sat on my bed.

" at the same token, I'm not sure...if I needed to survive I am not sure what I would do." She touched my arm, sending a chill up my spine. I felt my heart speed up, I feel like maybe it is time I tell her. I felt my face get red, thinking about my next words.

"Would you turn on me?" I can't even begin to describe those words that would come.

"I would leave before turning on you...seeing you get hurt at the hands of me would be me you are a fighting spirit and flame that can't be put out, and it inspires me... you inspire me." She turned away smiling, her face getting red...I said something stupid didn't I? Yikes...just stay quiet Sam...just stay quiet. She turned toward me.

"I-" Basil walked in the room and plopped on his bed. She quickly stopped talking.

"How you guys holdin' up?" I shrugged, not sure how to answer.

"Ya, I just can't believe we didn't find anything...neither did the others." I looked beside me to see Summer was no longer there. She was writing in her journal...figures.

"Did you guys feel strange when you guys were out there...I mean besides the fact that we would die of heat." I didn't feel any different...I looked over at Basil, he seemed just as puzzled as I was.

"What do you mean, I got nothing...?" She shrugged.

"I don't know, I guess...I I knew the place already...strange." I can honestly say she'd never been there before, so why would she know the place. Then it hit me.

"Maybe, you are some how connected to that place; kinda like Fog Bound lake." Her smile faded.

"Ya, but they didn't know anything about what make's this any different?" Basil said.

"Well, I guess we'll find out tomorrow." Summer said resting her head on her bed. Basil slept beside her, cuddling her. I sighed turning back to turn out the light. It had been awhile, as I looked at the sleeping faces of my friends.

I lay awake that night.

"To me you are a fighting spirit and flame that can't be put out, and it inspires me... you inspire me."

"You really do..." I closed my eyes, letting the night let me sleep.

Summer's POV

"Ok we're what?" Said Sam. I saw the quicksand before, but there was something about it that was different. I felt like I had been here before. Is it possible there was more than meets the eye here. I stuck my hand in the quicksand, feeling it slip down and through my fingers.

"So...Who wants to go first?" I asked, the two boys stood quietly. I plan on doing this first, but I feel like having some devilish fun...

"What are you talking about?" Basil said standing in front of me, facing away from the quick sand.

"Thanks for volenterring...see ya on the other side." I said, pushing Basil backwards. His face quickly turned to a face of terror. OK, not my brightest idea, but I promise it was all in good fun...sadly.

"Hey what are you-" he screamed falling backwards. I rolled my eyes, gesturing back at Sam.

"See Ya." With that I jumped in after Basil. Sam stood there, speechless.

"Jump i-" I yelled before falling into the sand completely, being thrown to the other side of the quicksand, a hidden cave behind it. I looked up to see Basil, coughing out sand.

"What the HELL was THAT!? Are you trying to kill me!?" His voice booming throughout the cave. His glare was angry.

"What were you thinking?" I walked up to him. I touched his forehead, and chuckled.

"I was thinking that it would be funny and I was going to jump in after you." He shook his head.

" were." He said frowning. I wasn't sure what he was trying to get at.


"Hmph." He turned away from me mumbling. Just as I was about to say something else, Sam crashed down through the ceiling.

"AAAAHHHH! OOF!" Sam plopped on the floor, his eyes shut tight.

"I'm dead...yep...I'm dead." I rolled my eyes.

"Your not dead, get up." He brushed of the dirt, and stood up.

"Shit, you nearly gave me a heart attack, pushing Basil like that." Basil turned around.

"I swear that scared me, you have no idea." Basil mumbled.

"Well, I just wanted to have some fun." I smiled. He walked to me.

"That was more terrifying than anything." He playfully punched my shoulder. I kissed his cheek, and apologized.

"Sorry. I promise next time, I'll push Sam." Basil smiled. Sam quickly turned toward me.

"And what if your wrong?" He held his breath.

"Opps..." I chuckled.

"Oh Thanks." We all shared a laugh before turning back to the cave. I couldn't see to the other side of it. That's not going to stop me.

"Well, time to search, onward!" I yelled, running into the cave.

"Hey wait for us!" I heard Basil and Sam call as they raced in after me.

Basil's POV

I was scared, she pushed me, and nearly gave me a heart attack. I couldn't help but feel, like when she pushed me, I felt for a moment I felt like she wanted me gone...out of her life.

Could that dream really have been right? No...Its just a coincidence...right? Ugh stop over thinking know in your heart she would never, and besides she jumped in after you...but what if she hadn't? Hmmm...

She lied to you, she is going to hurt you, she never cared about you, she is waiting to stomp on your heart and rip you to pieces. That voice rang in my head. I tried to disregard the feeling, but it wasn't going was stuck. I could now see a yellow paw, being waved in my face.

"Basil! Pay Attention and look!" Summer yelled. She said pointing to a lake.

"Who knew that was here?" I said. I looked around the lake, taking in the surroundings. It was nothing too special, it was just different.

"I sure as hell didn't." Sam said, his arms crossed.

"So who do you think lives here?" Sam said getting closer to the water. He shrank back when he heard a voice. I looked out at the lake. I could see a green glow in distance...could it be?

"It's a Time Gear!" Summer said running up to the water, but if there was anything I knew about these gears was that someone was guarding them.

"SUMMER WAIT!" She turned back to me, as a voice echoed throughout the cave.

"Who dare disturbs me!?" The voice bellowed. I saw a light leave the dark depths of the water. A light blue creature stood before us, its pink hair matched its gen. Its yellow eyes scanned the room, looking at us.

"W-who are you?" I asked. It appeared in front of me, moving across the room in a matter of seconds.

"I am Mespirit, guardian of the Underground Lake. LEAVE NOW!" Summer quickly spoke, lets try to avoid confrontation today...please.

"Look we aren't here to cause trouble, we came to help-" Mespirit's eyes glowed, and she yelled.


"What!?" We all yelled in unison.

"Yes, She told me through telepathy. I know all about your ways in not keeping secrets." Summer, stood quietly. Her eyes fixated on Mespirit.

"I swear we would never-" Mespirit quickly turned toward her.

"SILENCE!" She yelled, appearing before all of us.

"THEN PROVE YOUR TRUE WORTH!" She said, getting in her battle stance.

"All three of us?" She stood waiting for us, slowly nodding her head. I was determined to stay out of this battle.

"Pass." Mespirit turned to me. He stance suddenly dropping in demeanor.

"You refuse to fight?" I motioned 'yes' with my head, sitting down on the floor and taking a deep breath.

" really don't mean me any harm?" I shrugged, probably not the smartest thing to do.

"Oh...well, then what happened? To Uxie I mean?" I explained that we meant her no harm, that we were trying to help the gears by providing some extra protection. She walked up to me, staring at me. My ears, pushed slightly back at the pressure.

"She was attacked by Grovyle, who is trying to steal the Time Gears..." I heard a small scuffle of rocks in the background, turning my head to see a green person, standing in the shadows.

"Who are you?" The figure walked into the light, revealing it was Grovyle the thief. I growled, quickly jumping in battle position.

I studied him, waiting for him to make a move. I saw a twinkle in his eye,which surprised me. He quickly appeared before me, smacking me across the face without warning. The sting of the slap hurt. I fell to the floor, growling in anger. I faced his as he continued running off toward the time gear.

"Hello Mespirit, I need that Time Gear." Mespirit shrunk back in fear. She quickly shook her head, ready to defend the Time Gear.

"Never, I will never give you the Time Gear." Grovyle inched closer toward her, I quickly stood up. I quickly shot out an aura sphere, unleashing all the aura spheres I could in a short amount of time.

"Don't touch the Time Gear!" I yelled running after Grovyle. He scurried across the water, surprising that he was swimming and not running. I turned back seeing Sam and Summer call out to me.

"Quickly, we have to leave!" Summer and Sam yelled to me.

"I'm not leaving until this guys is stopped!" I yelled back to them. Grovyle was within inches of me. I could see that he was within inches of the Time Gear.

"Don't You DARE!" I yelled, gritting my teeth. He turned back smirking, as he touched the time gear. Mespirit yelled, her voice reaching the edges of the lake.

"The time gear has been disrupted, we have to leave now otherwise we will be stuck in time, along with all the others!" I turned back, the time effect already starting to ripple.

"Basil, run!" Summer and Sam screamed.

"This isn't over..." I growled turning to run back after my friends. Running, I saw the ripples of time turn the area grey. I saw the area turn grey, knowing the time would stop...stop until Grovyle was caught.

Summer's POV

"How are you holdin' up love?" I asked on our rush home. We rushed out of the cave, trying to be certain we weren't being followed. Basil didn't answer me, his eyes facing the floor.

"How's your cheek I saw him hit you..." He still didn't answer me. I saw the guild with Dusknoir standing outside the guild. He looked puzzled as to why Mespirit was with us.

"Hey guys who is...?" He asked as we ran past him. We had completly shrugged him off; like we forgot he was even there. We jumped down the hole, on the second floor with Mespirit. Everyone turned to us... theirs mouth's wide open.

"Is-Is that?" We all nodded out heads. We explained everything to our guildmaster that had happened, and he issued a emergency line up. As our guild master lined us up we all stood with Dusknoir in the room.

"We have just been informed that yet another time gear has been stolen."

"We need a lead...we have no idea where he is going to strike next. Any ideas?" Dusknoir stood there, a smirk on his face.

"If Uxie, the being of knowledge, and Mespirit the being of Emotion...were gaurding the time gears at a lake... so that means that Azelf, the being of will power must also be at a lake." We all stopped and turned...shit how come I didn't think of that? Like really?

"That's where do we look." He pondered the thought for about a moment.

"It is probably somewhere that is more than meets the wait, that's it!" He walk over to Bidoof.

"May I see that crystal you have?" Bidoof backed up.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about?" Dusknoir shook his head.

"I saw you with it..." Bidoof frowned taking it out from behind him. Sunflora quickly shouted.

"When did you take that!? I was watching you like the entire time!?" Loudred grumbled.

"Hmph, wish she'd watch me..." My eyes slightly widened but she didn't seem to notice.

"What was that?" She asked, his face quickly got red. I smirked, slightly giggling.

"Um, well...this isn't about me, Bidoof why did you take that crystal?" He quickly changed the subject. His face turning red.

"I-well...It was so shiny." Dusknoir asked once more.

"Umm... can I have your crystal...please." He asked in a sweet voice. Bidoof gradually handed it over. Dusknoir walked over to me.

"Take it. Maybe it will trigger your Dimensional Scream." Everyone turned their attention toward me. I felt my face get red in embarrassment.

"What's that?" Sam quickly spoke up for me, I was trying to concentrate.

"It's an ability that only she has, it allows her to see things in the past and future, based on touch." Everyone stood there in awe. I took the crystal and held it in my paws. I wasn't feeling anything and for a moment I felt like I was going to let everyone down. Then I felt dizzy.

"It's happening..." I quickly felt myself out in space, I could see it, Azelf and Grovyle. Azelf was blue, she had two tails, both had a red gem; as did her head. She had a blue face, as golden eyes just like the other legendary three.

They were by a lake, surrounded by crystals. The light of the time gears shined off the crystals, illuminating the entire cave. My vision then turned it's attention to Grovyle and Azelf, and from the looks of it Azelf was losing. She was kneeling on the floor in pain.

"I'm sorry, but I have to take that time gear." Grovyle said, his golden eyes fixed on the green light of the time gears. He walked up to the river.

"I would rather die then give you the time gear." Grovyle looked at the ground. He then looked up at Azelf. Oddly enough, his eyes didn't look angry, he looked sad.

"I'm sorry I have to do this..." He said inching closer. I came back to my reality after that. I couldn't believe it, he was going to kill Azelf, we needed to get there, fast.

"What happened, what did you see!?" I saw Sam.

"I saw a Pokémon I've never seen before, was being attacked by Grovyle." I said, still shaken from the vision.

"That must have been Azelf!" Basil said.

"I saw it, Azelf is in danger. Grovyle is going to get the time gear unless we leave now!" I yelled running to the ladder. Chimicho yelled out before I could leave.

"But..was your vision in the past...or future?" I thought for a moment, I never really could tell the difference.

"I-I don't know?" Everyone started to yell in a panic.

"Then we may be too late!" Dugtrio yelled.

"Maybe it's already happened!" Loudred screamed. Suddenly, Dusknoir yelled out.

"EVERYONE!" We all turned our heads to see what he had to say.

"It has to be a future event...she has never seen that Pokémon before, remember?" Everyone became quiet, and quickly realized just how right he was.

"Go! We have no time to lose." The rest of the guild yelled as they charged after me.

"As long as there is hope, we still have a chance!" I heard Dusknoir rear up the back.;giving moral got to the front of the dungeon. I stopped, there was no way I was going to be able to fight my way through this dungeon alone. I waited for the others to catch up.

"Ok teams, lets roll." I was about to charge into the dungeon when I felt someone grab my wrist. I turned to see it was Sam.

"Hey let go!" He shook his head.

"Wait a sec. we need a plan before we just charge in." WigglyTuff charged to the front of me. He turned back at us, excitement and terror on his face...all at the same time.

"OK EVERYONE SEARCH WITH YOUR TEAMS! END OF STORY!" WigglyTuff cheered, charging into the cave. Chatot ran in after him. The rest of the guild members walked into the dungeon but we all soon got separated.

"Hey where do you think the others are?" I shrugged, as I pressed on trying to find the end of this place, maybe then I could save Azelf. I searched, but all these paths looked the same. The crystals, everything, was beginning to make my head spin.

"Ugh...this sucks." I said turning back to be smacked in the face with a giant crystal. I looked up to see it sparkle and change from green to yellow.

"What the hell is that?" I asked, Basil picked me up off the floor. He looked at the crystal, his red eyes enchanted by the red crystal. He touched the crystal to see it turn a light purple.

"Wow! They change color when you touch them." I silently thought to myself, to get to Uxie there was the statue, to get to Mespirit there was the quicksand, could this be how we get to Azelf?

"I-I don't know." I heard a voice in the back of my head.

"Of the three spiritual elements of knowledge, emotion and willpower...Azelf is the being of willpower, Willpower is the motivation that drives us. It is a unifying power. To unify is to make one, and so if all the crystals are made one...the path should reveal itself. What is the color of Azelf's spirit?" I thought, Azelf is somehow connected to all of this. So what color?

"Any ideas?" Basil asked.

"I think its Azelf's spirit, what color?" We all looked over at Basil.

"What? I can't read her from here, I can't see her. But if I had to guess I would guess that it is the color of will power, its as clear as day if you think about it." Something about that sentence seemed right...clear...clear...clear? That's it.

"Touch the crystals until they turned clear." I said continuously touching the crystal in front of me. The two boys had picked a crystal, touching theirs until theirs turned a little clear color.

Suddenly the ground shook, exposing crystals that were rising up from the floor. I stepped back trying get away from the massive land fill that was now coming into play. I could see the crystals all alinged to create another cave.

"THAT'S IT! THIS MUST BE WHERE AZELF IS! LET"S GO" I yelled sprinting into the cave. I ran hoping that we were going to make everything OK, that we were going to win the I should have only known how right I was.

Basil's POV

I finally see it. The end of the long mile, the hidden lake. I was looking around, seeing the crystals shine due to the lake's glow. I was running as fast as I could to the lake. This would be were I would fight, I would fight to help in our quest to stop Grovyle and save the Time gears. I ran, not thinking about anything else, only their safety. I could see it, but what I saw was not what I wanted.

"I'm sorry, but I have to take that time gear." Grovyle said, his voice ringing in my ears, I could feel my blood began to boil over. This guy's life was about to change, I was going to be sure of it. I could see his eyes, they were fixed on the green light of the Time Gear.

"I would rather die then give you the time gear." I was now ready to strike, moving in for the blow.

"I'm sorry I have to do this..." He said inching closer toward Azelf. I yelled.

"STOP! You by the power invested in me and this team, you are under arrest!" Grovyle turned back toward me, his eyes glaring. I turned behind me to see, Summer and Sam ready to get into action. I saw Azelf, on the floor, seemingly unconsious.

"I'm sorry about this." As we lept into battle, I could see why he was so dangerous. He was fast, he managed to land a blow to my stomach knocking me back. I fell on my back looking up to see my team mates face hard blows. Sam got one to the face and chest, leaving him on the floor. It seemed like for a split second he hestitated to hit Summer. Maybe the fact that she's a girl...I'm not to sure. He punched Summer with a hard blow to her back, leaving her struggling to get off the floor. Grovyle turned, but I stood up. I am NOT going to back out. I am NOT going to give in.

"NO! I won't let you!" I said continuing to charge at him, even though I was clearly out matched. He punched and kicked leaving me with cuts, scraps and bruises all over my body. I felt the pain shoot across my body every time I moved. Everything hurt; lungs, legs, arms and heart. But I couldn't yeild, I couldn't give in. I looked at my body, the blue was now a dark purple. The black part of my body hid most wounds except for one thing...blood.

I looked up from my body to see Summer charge at him, managing to leave a mark on his thigh. He quickly looked up at her, grabbing her foot and swinging her across the floor. She scrapped along side the floor, gripping her arm. She didn't charge after that, she staggered to stand, even though she couldn't really move, she continued to fight. Her yellow body, stained in the darkness of the floor. Her cuts I could see now, were tainted red with blood.

Sam stood up charging at him afterwards, with a dear swing and miss. His body, completly turned around, was a punching bag to Grovyle. He delivered a blow to Sam in the face, making Sam fall to his knees. His knees soon gave out below him, and he cradled himself on the floor, leaving him mere inches away from Grovyle when he was laying face down. Grovyle turned Sam to his side grabbing his neck, lifting him of the floor. Sam's red body, covering in black and blue. His body looked the most beat up.

I heard a small whimper, impossible to denie that Summer had made that sound, she was out of options, ideas, and strength. I began to feel this terror, I didn't want to suffer a loss of a teammate. I tried to speak, to turn out against the will of Grovyle, but it wasn't working, I couldn't speak. I looked at Saw and saw his eyes, pleading that he would be let go.

"Let him go!" I heard a scream. When I turned I saw Summer, barely standing. Grovyle, turned his eyes directed at his new prey. In my head there was no way I was going to let him even touch her. I focused all my energy, focus...focus...over do it, I have her... I thought as I stood up. She stood, never speaking after that, she was ready for one final fight; even as Sam lay in his grasp, struggling to keep consience.

"I-I...won't ...let you...h-hurt him..." She said stumbling forward, he smirked. He walked slowly toward her, I was already making the aura sphere, my one final shot. This was either going to make it, or break it. I was ready to fire, but I could see the concern on Summer's face, her emotions, her life didn't matter to her at that moment...all she cared about at that moment, was Sam. Her life, even if she didn't see it at that moment, mattered. But she did matter, she mattered to me. And I will be damned if I let anything happen to the person who still fights! I shot off the last of my energy. I hopefully managed to save someone. I fired, thinking that I had done everything I could...fading into the blurriness of inner thoughts.

Sam's POV

I can remember thinking to myself of what it would feel like before I would die.

"I-I won't...let you...h-hurt him" I heard a voice say, I struggled to open my eyes. Pain, frustration surging through and through. I let this happen to me again...again dammit. I ended up being a burden. Not only to Summer but to myself, I still couldn't get past the pain. I could hear the soft whimpering of my friend. Even though it was faint, I could still hear her. Her soft whimper was a sign, she didn't know what to do. But even so, she was still fighting. I honestly can't believe it.

My body felt numb. I was so tired. I was tired of fighting; I wasn't even sure if I could keep my eyes open. I could see a bright light, behind the sheild of my eyelids. I could feel my body, feeling like for a moment everything was on fire. I felt this pain for a while, still thinking about the light. I suddenly felt it, I could feel his grip loosen. Such a happy feeling to know I wouldn't die at the hands of a criminal. I could still feel the unseen force of the lighted attack, pushing me further and further out of his grasp.

Flying, flying through the air. I was going to land on the floor, I was going to live. I was certain, but I was wrong. I flew through the air to be met with a splash. I struggled to fight, to stay afloat. I was sinking, drowning. I opened my eyes, to see that I was under water. I can't am I going to get out of this? Maybe they will save me?

Its been awhile since I could see, maybe no one was coming for me? I am finding it so hard to breath. My mind in a panic, I have to breathe air! My vision is starting to grow dim, in the murky water of the lake. The icy water was now feeling the same as my body, cold.

The lack of air that I need to survive, my body doesn't seem to mind. Its just its way of saying that my life is over...I guess. I can't help but feel that I am leaving when I shouldn't. I have too many unanswered questions. I never found out about my relic fragment, I never lived to be a great explorer. I never told Summer...I never told her how I felt...I never told her...that...the reality that I love her...there I said it...I love her...

This it mortal terror of death. Or is it peace and closure of death? I can feel my body go warm, and the oxygen leave my body. I closed, my eyes, letting my feelings and everything slip away...

Summer's POV

I saw a radiant blue light blast out of no where and hit Grovyle, he stumbled backwards, releasing Sam. Sam flew through the air, his body burned and his covered in cuts and bruises. He flew across the land and into the water. How was he going to swim with all those injuries? I felt my body move toward the water. I felt pain with every step, but I knew I had to save him.

I jumped in not thinking about my pain. Not thinking about anything else, just him. I jumped in the water, swimming around and looking for the body of my friend. It seemed like a eternity I was under the water, my lungs beginning to give out. I spotted him, on the bottom of the lake. I put my arm around him, pushing off the floor. My lungs were about to burst. I popped out of the water, my fur soaking wet. I jumped onto the shore, pulling Sam out of the water. I pulled him on to the cold hard ground. I was calling him, trying to get him to answer me.

"Sam?" He wasn't moving, or breathing...could I already be too late?

"Come on Sam, Come on!" I was beginning to panic, he can't be gone. I was listening for any sign of life, a heartbeat, a breath...anything. I didn't feel anything like my emotions and everything was cut off, maybe it was instinct, or the fact I could lose someone important.

"Sam...don't you leave me." I whispered, giving compressions. His body still lay motionless, I gave him two rescue breathes.

"Breathe Sam!" I put my lips to his, the presurre was getting to me, I was panicking. I couldn't lose him...please...don't make me go on without him...He can't give up... Not when he hasn't even had the chance to live. I can't let him die, I would never be able to forgive myself. I was determined to save him. After 4 cycles, I was starting to feel dizzy, my head was spinning...would I lose him? Simply because I couldn't keep this up?

"Sam, don't you give up! You can't! I swear I will NEVER forgive you!" I said giving him two more breaths. I shocked him, trying absolutely everything to save him. I was on the verge of passing out. I whispered a final wish to him...knowing, that I couldn't continue any longer...he would die, because I couldn't go on.

"You can't give up here! You have fought so hard! Giving up here wouldn't do you any good...wouldn't...wouldn't do us any good." I whispered, to him. I cried a single tear, this was it for him. There was so much I had left unsaid...he was gone...and I missed him more than anything.

I banged my fist on his chest, son of a left me. You left me here alone...

"Sam...please...don't go..." I felt tears stream down my face, I was sorry, I was so sorry. I felt my head rest on his chest, hitting him forcefully as I cried deeper into his chest. Why? Can't you see that you can't go because I still need you here with why are you leaving so soon?

I felt the tears stream faster, pouring onto his body like a river. I didn't dare wipe them because they were rightfully his. I hit his chest once more, forcefully crying over his body. But I heard a gasp, a faint cough. I saw water pour out of his face, I gasped a happy sight to see he had heard my plea.

"SAM! Your ALIVE!?" I screamed as loud as I could, but my voice was raw it wouldn't be heard. I jumped to his body, latching on and never releasing. How the tears had continued to fall as I had cried into his chest. The coughed again, laying beside me as I fell to the ground.

My hand brushed against his as I placed mine on top of his. I gave a gantle squeeze as he did in return, he was going to be ok...he was going to be ok...

I rolled to see Grovyle once more trying to get the time gear. Azelf whispered loud enough for me to hear. I had struggled to keep my eyes open...but I had to, I had to make sure I would live.

"You'll never get the time gear!" Her eyes glowed, setting the lake to trap the time gear in a crystal casing. He wouldn't be getting the time gear, he would have to return.

"You-" He went to attack her, when a flash of white light appeared. Dusknoir appeared knocking Grovyle back. He seemed shocked and confused.

"You followed me!?" Dusknoir smiled.

"Oh course, can't let you go around doing whatever you please." I could finally hear the other guild members, finally within distance.

"I'll be back!" And with that Grovyle disappeared in a flash of white. Dusknoir looked disappointed. With that he too vanished, leaving the guild members to see the sight of my team... fallen and beaten. Finally feeling safe, I collapsed.

Basil's POV

"Ugh..." I groaned, turning to my side. I openned my eyes to see I was back at the guild. How? What happened? All I remember is that I went to save Summer...oh shit!

"Oh My Acreas! Where are they?" I yelled, siting up, only to be met with soreness from the fight.

"Oh! Basil! Your awake! That's great, but you need to rest...the other's are still out." Chimicho said in a soft voice. I layed back on my bed, trying to place myself in a comfortable position.

"What happened?" I said, I could hear how hoarse my voice was.

"You passed out after losing too much energy in a attempt to save your team." I thought back, a painful memory. I quickly thought of was she, I turned to my side to she her sleeping...bandanged on her torso and right leg and left ear...oh my poor baby, how could I let this happen?

"What happened to Sam?" I didn't see him beside me... how strange.

"Sam, is sleeping above you, his burns and bruises make for a hard heal...but I think he'll pull through after the fact he almost drowned." He almost drowned?

"He did?" Chimicho nodded.

"Ya but your leader saved him before passing out. It was incredible!" She said as I drifted back to Summer, she did it...she saved him. I smiled at the thought of her saving others. I was happy to hear that-oh wait! I remembered how she said Sam almost drowned.

"She saved him, doesn't that mean she used CPR?" Chimicho nervously nodded. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. I mean its not called the 'kiss of life' for nothing. I blushed red, thinking of the thought...

"Ya... but she saved him so who cares!?" Chimicho tried to play it off, but I can honestly say, I did. I cared.

"And Dusknoir, what happened to him?" Chimicho said that it seemed like Grovyle and the great explorer seemed to have known each other...that in itself is odd.

"OK Chimicho, I'll talk to you after some more rest." She nodded as I tried to drift back to sleep...but the question in my mind remained...

When Sam was at the hands of Grovyle...and she thought he had died, she had expressed so much emotion and turmoil that it was almost possible to say that she loved him... but that could have been that she thought he would die...wouldn't you?

Sam's POV

*Cough Cough* My mind is clouded...what the hell happened? I openned my eyes to see I was in my room at the guild, I was too tired to move, but I could speak. How did I get here? Sunflora and Chimicho were in my room, Sunflora giggled as I squinted my eyes to see her.

"Ugh...what happened?" Don't tell me Grovyle got the time gear.

"Wow Sam, its amazing to hear your voice. I honestly thought you were going to die..." That voice, so familiar. I turned my head to see Chimicho. I looked to see burns all over my body, but they didn't hurt as much, in fact I felt like they were healing rather quickly anyway. It took me a while to register what she had said.

"Why would I be?" Then I remembered I fell in water, I was going to die, I was sure of it. I was certain I was going to die in that lake...who saved me?

"You almost drowned, Summer saved you. It was increadible, she dragged you out of the water and performed CPR and she saved you. I was so certain you were going to die. You looked gone, everything about it suggested so..." She said, pushing me back toward my bed.

Summer, my arceus, when I saw that look on her face, she seemed so lost, for those seconds she thought you were gone. She had that look of loss, of guilt, she even shed tears...I have never seen her cry...not even with Basil." Sunflora suddenly squealed in excitement.

"When we found you two, you guys were holding hands...! Are you two like a thing!?" Sunflora screamed.

"Well...I..." Sunflora's face suddenly lite up once more.

"She's still with Basil?" I slowly nodded, trying not to injure myself further.

"Ya, but..."

"But it means she likes you, she cried for you...she NEVER cries..."

"But she's still going out with Basil..." I reasoned.

"Not for long..."

"And what makes you sure of that..."

"Because when I saw her passed out body, there was a smile on her face...and she was holding your hand!" I rolled my eyes, I couldn't even remember that...unfortunately.

"Wow, that's incredible. I owe her my life." Chimicho looked at me and smiled.

"I'm sure to her, your life is enough thanks to her." Sunflora whispered as she winked. I drifted back to sleep.

Summer's POV

"Hey...wake up..." I slowly opened my eyes, seeing the room in a giant blur. I quickly shut them, turning over to sleep. I felt the pain on the left side of my face. I remembered my ear had taken a brute force of a fall when we fought Grovyle.

"Ow...who dares...ow... to bother me?" I felt a tingling sensation, the pain drifting away. I looked to see Chimicho singing a peaceful tune, that was taking the pain away. I sat up, seeing my friends around me. I turned around to be quickly tackled by Basil who was now hugging me. His grip was tight, like he didn't want to ever let go.

"Oh thank Arceas your ok! I was so worried!" He said, snuggling up to me. I hugged him back, happy to see that he was ok too. I remembered about Dusknoir stopping Grovyle, it seemed like the two had a past experience.

"Uh...ya, I guess Dusknoir took care of him." Then I remembered about Sam. Was he ok? I quickly looked around for Sam. He was lying peacefully on his bed, resting. Upon seeing him, I broke Basil's hug. I jumped on Sam's stomach, making him flinch in surprise. I suppose Chimicho took his pain away too, since he wasn't growling in pain. He smiled, at me.

"You scared me, I seriously don't know what I would do without you." He pulled me into his chest tightly, hugging me as hard as he could. I smiled, happy he was still around.

"I feel the same you know..." I pulled back a bit surprised. The sentence didn't fit...right? I smiled, going to question the sentence but it had seemed time was not on my side... Dusknoir had walked into the room, exclaiming the events.

"I have some explaining to do..." Everyone from the guild gathered in our room, as we all crowded around him to hear what he had to say.

"Ok so whats the announcment?" Chatot whistled.

"Is this about what Grovyle said? I mean, it seemed like you two actually knew one another." Dusknoir sighed.

"Yes, I know Grovyle...I don't really know how to explain this but- you see- Grovyle is a wanted criminal, but not from your time." Time? Shit, this just got real.

"Time?" Sam said.

"Yes, in your time he is a wanted criminal for stealing the Time gears, in-in my time, the future, he is wanted for the planet's paralyzation." The planet's paralyzation? I talked about this with Sam the other night. Dusknoir said his time? Does that mean him and grovyle are from the future?

"The planet's Paralyzation? What's that?" I asked. This was hard to wrap my head around.

"When a Time Gear is removed, time in that area stops...when all are removed, the effects spread and eventually the rotation of the earth stops all together. With that being in effect, the world remains suspended in everlasting darkness. The sun never comes, seasons never change, it is never summer nor spring. It is a world shrouded in the darkness of Grovyle's actions that caused the planet to become that way." Everyone remained silent, it was a lot to take in.

"Um, so did you catch him?" Sadly, he shook his head. I guess not all of us has a happy ending.

"No. But we can. We'll set a trap to get him, he has to eventually get the Time Gear and when he does...we'll be ready." Uxie, Mespirt and Azelf nodded. They were ready now.

"We'll be ready, we'll help in any way we can. We'll fight too!" I said. Dusknoir shook his head.

"That won't be necessary, I mean you guys have done enough. Besides Grovyle will not come unless he is solely convinced that he is not being followed or played."

"Then what can we do?" ask Loudred

"We'll spread a rumor."

"OH that's GREAT, I LOVE talking!" Loudred yelled, of course he liked talking.

"We'll say the other guardians are fussing over the gears, Grovyle in the midst of this would love to steal it...its perfect!" Sunflora yelled.

No one's POV (just to mark the passing of time.)

Everyone agreed in general, spreading the rumor far and wide, hoping that Grovyle would hear. Our heros lay in their beds, recovering. Regaining their strength in about a week. In the week that passed, the rumor was heard by Grovyle, and like the plan was intended, he ran off to get the last time gear.

When he got there, he was surprised to see the guardians were not fighting, they were waiting...along with Dusknoir. He was ambushed by the guardians and Dusknoir. His capture marked the end of the long struggle of Dusknoir, the guild, and our heroes. The Time gears were returned to the guardians, and it was now time for Dusknoir to leave...back to the future.

Basil's POV

"Ok you guys, todays the day." I said, standing in the doorway.

"I don't want to go, I may cry." Sam said, I rolled my eyes. Summer sat silently on her bed.

"What about you?" She stood up, and walked past me.

"He was here, he helped, we need to repay respects. We could never had caught Grovyle without his help." She said. I sighed, I never liked sad goodbyes, they reminded me too much of my childhood, everyone would leave. No one ever stayed.

"Ok lets all go." We all said walking out the door. I walked up the ladder, and waited. I could see the whole town from WigglyTuff's guild. The whole town seemed to be happy in the capture. I can honestly say I was too. I was now sad, I realized that Dusknoir was leaving, I looked up to him. He was like that figure I never had, he didn't abandon us in our time of need, if anything he defended us. That's what I really liked about him.

My team and I walked to the town, see a dark black hole that we passed. I stood behind the crowd in town. I stood next to Sam, and I was standing next to Summer. I was holding her hand, feeling that now every moment was percious.

"Hey what's that?" Bidoof said as he went to touch the black hole. Officer Magnizone stopped him

"Don't touch that, if you get sucked in, your heading for the future." Bidoof stood back into the crowd. I turned my attention back toward Dusknoir, as he walk toward the hole that would lead to the future.

"Thank you all for being here!" Everyone cheered, very happy yet sad he was returning home.

"Nothing could have been possible without your help and cooperation, so I thank you all in the capture of Grovyle." As he said that, Dusknoir's minions walked by, with Grovyle in hand. They had a muzzle over his mouth so he couldn't speak...strange, but I suppose that just shows how dangerous he really is.

"Thanks to you, the future is a better place!" We all cheered. Grovyle was pushed into the protal, the sableye, followed quickly behind him.

"Before I leave, I must see one team, this team put everything on the line to capture Grovyle and I must talk to them. So Basil, Sam, Summer...can I please talk to you?"

I turned to Sam who smiled, Summer just smirked.

"Well, that's us. Let's go." We all pushed past the crowds, and wondered up to him. I could feel them, tears. I am trying very hard not to cry.

"We have had our splendid times of glory, haven't we? Basil, your courage and will to fight is great, don't push it too much though. Sam, stay kind and caring my friend, it will get you far. And Summer..." Her eyes sparkled, she must have felt really proud of all of us.

"I can say, that you are a trifle to reakaen with... your a true leader, and its hard to find people like you." She smiled, content with his comment. Sam was close to crying. Summer answered for us.

"S-so this is goodbye?" She said her hand extended toward him. His paw clasped with hers. He shook it. A creepy smile appeared on his face.

"It's too soon for goodbyes." He said, tightening his grip on her paw.

"What are you-" She said as he started to drag her into the portal. I was surprised, was he seriously doing this?

"Hey!" Sam grabbed her free hand. Dusknoir had Summer's whole arm completly submergd in the portal. Sam grabbed my hand yelling one thing.

"Pull!" I was pulling my paws stuck in the ground. Sam's arm was now being swallowed in the portal. My paws were sweaty, I couldn't keep this up, something has got to give. I could no longer see Summer. She was gone from my sight and at the hands of something awful. I saw Sam turn to me, I yelled back to him.

"If you let her go, so help me!" He rolled his eyes. His grip was loosenening on me. I heard him grunt trying to drag back Summer.

"I can't get to her!" With those final words, his hand released, his body was thrusted into the portal.

"AWWW!" His eyes in a panic as he was swallowed by the portal. He had dissappeared before my eyes, along with Summer. The portal had closed before I could even reach it.

"Damn it!" I yelled, holding my knees as the whole town stood there in shock.

"W-what just happened?" Said Sunflora. They all starred at me, waiting to see what I would say or do.

"SOMEONE! PLEASE! GET THEM BACK..." I whispered the last part.

"Get her back..."


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