PMD: Love in the Abyss of Time

Remember how I'd used to be

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Summer's POV

"Where is everybody...?" I heard a soft voice whimper in the dark distance. My head was spinning again, my stomach was churning. It seemed oddly familiar, like all of this had happened before. I could not hear any sounds, and found it strange. There was always at least the chirp of the birds or the morning sun to wake me up. but instead there was silence. The fuzzy blur faded as I rubbed my eyes. I opened my eyes allowing the surroundings to take hold.

I was in a room, a dark grey room, and it looked pitiful. There was stone concrete wall that surrounded me. There were chains connected to the bench and the wall. I sighed, trying to stand up only to catch myself from falling over in dizziness. I put my paw to my face, closing my eyes as the headache surged. I felt so horrible, like I was sick or something... Why was I here?

"Oh ya, I remember now." I said as the images flowed through my mind.

* Flash Back *

"S-so this is goodbye?" I had extended my hand, smiling. Dusknoir smiled back, shaking my hand in return. It was a fuzzy feeling, a good one. I was sad to see him go, he had saved us twice... but he was going back to his own time, where he belonged.

"It's too soon for goodbyes." His friendly eyes had changed, as his brow squinted at me. His red eye was locked on me as his grip on my arm became tighter.

"What are you-" I shrieked, but he had started his drag to the portal. His pull backwards startled me as I quick followed his motion toward the portal. I shrieked in fear... but once I was in, everything was spinning. Spinning and spinning in the portal. I shut my eyes, just as I felt myself let go into darkness.

* End of Flash Back *

When Dusknoir shook my hand, did he drag me in? I shook away the thoughts as I stood, brushing the dirt off of my fur.

I looked around the room again, seeing now that it looked like a jail. There were silver bars, running from the base of the cave, to the base of the floor. I felt my feet scrape along the floor, walking to the gate. I tried to push them open, seeing if I could somehow escape or get out of here. The doors clinged to life, making a sound that echoed through the hallways. I quickly stepped back, thinking someone may have heard me.

"Summer is that you?" I suddenly heard a familiar voice. I looked up, shoving my head through the bars. I turned my head to see Sam sitting on the floor in the cage across from me. I had reached out to him, thinking we were close. He reached to me but our finger tips wouldn't touch. He was too far away.

"I can't believe your here too! That great, I thought I was alone here for a second." He said, sighing in relief. We had put our arms down. I had smiled, happy to see that he was OK in a unfamiliar place.

"Ya, is anyone else here?" Sam frowned, he shook his head. The smile from my face had fallen...faded away as he looked up at me with such sad, dark eyes. He had felt bad about it, guilty, as if it was his fault we were in this mess. His eyes looked away from me, in shame. I sighed, looking at him as he forced himself to tell me what he was thinking. As his words poured from his mouth, I could tell he was breaking.

"Basil didn't come...I-I let go..." At least Basil wasn't here in the cell, he was at home. But he was probably worried about us, wondering where we had gone where he could not follow. Somehow I had felt bad, it was just Sam and I. We hadn't been alone like this since we had let Basil join our team...I guess this is time to play catch up.

"Oh...Well do you know where we are?" I asked, but I heard a gruff voice clear from beside me. Sitting in the cage next to me was Grovyle. He sat quietly behind the wall that sat next to my cage. He sat curled in a ball, one leg extended as if relaxed by the whole situation. His relaxed demeanor as he sat against the wall, his eyes closed. He opened them, looking across the way to the wall before him. His eyes focused before he turned to me.

"You're in jail. Most likely to be executed..." I stifled a gasp, executed? I quickly looked over in the cage across to see Sam's face drop. He grit his teeth, his fist balled up as he hit the floor creating a noise that echoed through the halls.

"E-executed?" I heard Sam ask, as he looked back up at me, his face now turning pale. Grovyle just nodded his head, turning away from us. I was thinking...why would we be executed? Had we done something wrong?

"But why? I didn't do anything wrong..." I heard Sam quickly say. I had quickly looked to Grovyle as he laughed. His stare with his golden eyes had looked to Sam. Could what Grovyle said really be true?

"You think you did nothing wrong..but believe me they found something on you...something they don't like.." I shook my head, looking to the floor in despair. I don't understand, why were we in trouble, didn't we stop Grovyle and do good? Didn't Dusknoir thank us for all the help we did?

"What do you mean they? What did we do wrong!?" Sam yelped. But the door at the end of the hallway had closed, a cling falling over the room. We had all turned our heads, a dark voice called out to the Sableye.

"Make sure you clean up when your done..." I gulped, as they headed toward our side of the hallway. They walked to the Grovyle's cage, shaking it violently before grabbing Grovyle and tying him in binds of rope. They pushed him, walking him across the room before tying him to a marble pillar. His face after being tied was in a downcast, not looking up from the floor as they came back for Sam.

"No please!" Sam had pleaded as he backed up. He had put his hands up, defending himself as the Sableye began yanking him out of the cage and forcefully dragging him across the floor to the pillar.

"I don't want to die! I didn't do anything!" Sam had screamed as they dragged him away to the far side of the pillars. The screams of my trusted partner had sent a chill up my spine. His hollers and pleas not reaching the light of a savior or humanity.

The Sableye had turned, showing their glass eye as they gleamed across the dimming light in the room. I felt my blood run cold, I knew I was next. As they came for me, I tensed whole body frozen as time seemed to slow as they walked to me.

I had to escape or get out of here; there had to be some way I could, I knew it. It was now or never. As they slowly opened the gate, I rushed forward, pushing past the Sableye that had released me. They fell back onto their bottoms; I wasn't going to give them a chance to recover as I quickly whipped past them.

"Go to the door! Go to the door!" I heard Sam call. I turned to see a big door, its bejeweled front made it look official, that much I knew. I sprinted forward, on two legs, almost losing my balance. The Sableye were quickly gaining on me. If I didn't do something quick, I would be done for.

"Run on four feet!" Sam yelled, I had quickly fell to my hands. I hope this works. I pushed forward with my back legs, running on all four as I realized just how simple it was to run on four feet.

"Run! And don't look back!" Grovyle called as I scurried across the floor. I was far ahead of the Sableye, who were frantically calling for their master. I had turned around, putting my back to the door as I tried to push the door frantically. As I looked up from my push against the door, I saw Sam, his silver eyes seeming to lose their sparkle. He had looked away from my gaze as I slowed my pace on the door.

"I can't leave without you!..." I shouted, stopping my assault on the door. I had pushed off the door, beginning to head back to Grovyle and Sam, I had to help them. We had to escape together. I couldn't leave either one of them behind, doing so could I can't think like that. I had heard Sam scream, and my gaze followed to see him yelling out to me.

"I will get out of here! I'll be OK as long as I know your safe!" I looked up to him and he pleaded with me with his eyes. His gaze of silver met mine, as I found myself not being able to look away. My thoughts were ripped away as his voice rang throughout my mind.

"I promise! Just go!" He shouted, once again trying to break from his bonds. I shut my eyes, could I really trust he would hold to his promise? This was too confusing. I felt so torn, I could never leave Sam, but I was so close to freedom. My thoughts were shattered as the door suddenly creeped open, I backed away turning to see the figure walk in.

A figure had walked through the front of the door and it shocked me... Dusknoir!? I felt myself smile, he would help me...but that faith had quickly faded. He smirked at me, twisting his body and encasing my feet in ice. I gasped, as the icy chill ran up my leg.

"That should keep you from running..." He smirked, I stood still... did...did he just attack me? Why? Did he think that I was someone else? Is that why he froze me? He froze me in my place. I looked around frantically, seeing Sam with a shocked face. Grovyle had just frowned, looking away.

The Sableye walked to me, grabbing my arms and dragging me back to the marble pillar in the middle of the room. They used rope to tie me, binding them hard as it squeezed the air out of me. My feet were freezing and I kicked it against the pillar to chip away at the ice. This was a slow process and it pained me to kick away at the ice. The ice stung my feet and it was hurting me so much to just move them.

"Push your feet out..." I heard Sam say. I looked up to him as he gave me a nod. I slowly pushed the ice, hearing the scraping of ice along the floor as I pushed it out in front of me. It felt like pins and needles as my feet had just sat there in silence. Sam emanated a fire from his mouth, wrapping the warm fire around my toes, releasing them from the icy grip. My feet were finally free and warm, as I wiggled them with freedom.

"Thanks." I said, looking up giving a smile. But I quickly turned my head gritting my teeth in anger. I didn't understand, wasn't Dusknoir a good guy, that's why Grovyle was here... right? Sam yelled out to Dusknoir, his voice carrying on in a confused statement.

"Dusknoir it's me, Sam." He cried, trying to escape his binds. Dusknoir had faced the light, moving toward Sam. A devilish smile grew on his face and his gasly dark red eye glowed.

"Sam...hmmmm...Sam? Doesn't ring a bell..." Dusknoir had said, grinning as I grit my teeth. I yelled, kicking and screaming. How dare he!? I yelled out with anger.

"What do you mean you don't know him!? Look at him stupid!" I yelled. Dusknoir chuckled, sending a chill up my spine. I felt my heart sink...he...he really wasn't kidding. He turned away giving a nonchalant wave as he turned and walked back across the room.

"Is this some kind of joke?" Sam cried, his face looking at Grovyle. But Grovyle had hung there, motionless, his eyes directed at the floor.

"If only it was..." Grovyle said, looking back up at the Dusknoir. Dusknoir had continued walking across the room, speaking loud enough for the Sableye to hear.

"Clean up when your finished with the execution...and see to it that you finish the job." He turned and winked at us as he walked away. I looked to Grovyle, his golden eyes looking back to the floor. He quickly looked up to us, The Sebleye lined up, chanting and giggling.

"If they use their claws, we can escape...all you have to do is trust me." Grovyle said softly, I looked to Sam, as his eyes widened in fear. He had told us the plan, and expected trust in return.

"Trust you!? Like I am that insane as to follow you?" Sam shouted, I tried to calm him but there was no reaching him as I was tied to the post. Sam had practically yelled out against Grovyle, which was strange considering he had just seen Dusknoir practically abandon us.

"Well, what choice do we have!? I say we trust him..." I shouted back. Sam frowned, looking around before looking back at me. I had pleaded to him, please, just trust me. He looked to Grovyle then back at me. His silver eyes seemed to wafer across the scenery. He looked back up, nodding his head in approval.

"I-I trust you...for now." He said, showing distain toward Grovyle. I growled and he quickly looked in front of him. He didn't want to work with Grovyle, but he had just been betrayed by Dusknoir, how horrible he must have felt. The sorrow of a friend betraying him must have been awful...the poor guy.

"OK, so back to the claws, their going to use them?" I asked hopeful that luck would be on our side. If they would cut the ropes, maybe we could get free. I smiled in amazement at the cunning mind of Grovyle...he was smart and slick when he needed to be.

"And if they don't?" Sam said, biting his quivering lip.

"We're screwed anyway." The Grovyle said, as Sam looked down, gritting his teeth. He looked back, determined, nodding his head. We would make it out of here, he knew it, so I did too.

"OK...let's do this." I whispered as the Sabelye had lined up, their glass eyes glimeming in the dark. I was ready, once they broke my ropes I would hide. I flinched as the Sableye linched forward and their claws jumped out at us.

The ropes were being cut. The pressure on my stomach was gut wrenching, terrible, as if on fire. Once the he ropes were cut, one claw actually scraped across my belly, sending pain through my mid section. I didn't have time to yelp out, I just had to act.

I punched my way forward. Pushing the Sableye back, I quickly saw Grovyle pull out a orb, rushing beside me and Sam.

"Everyone GO!" He yelled, pulling us all together before throwing down the orb, in a white flash I dug down...I dug so far until I was certain I was out of harm's reach. Terror ran through me because I knew if I was caught, that would be it...they would kill me...just keep digging...just keep digging I told myself. My heart sped up, I had to stop soon...otherwise they may have known where I was.

I had stopped, listening around me as I sat in a silent hole. Silence, followed by shouting and footsteps. They had seemed to fade away into the distance, but I did not dare utter a sound. Should I go out? Every part of my body said not to, but my mind thought logically. I can't hear anything, so they are probably not out side. With that I slowly climbed up my hole, seeing that no one was there.

Sam had crawled out beside me, as he stood beside Grovyle. Sam had his arms crossed looking at Grovyle again in distain. Grovyle had rolled his eyes, giving a glance around the room before turning to me.

"Hurry, that won't keep them busy for long." Grovyle said, his hand extended to me. He helped me up and quickly looked in the other direction, heading toward the door that I had previously tried to open. Sam stood beside me, whispering to me as we walked along the hallways to the final exit.

"Should we trust this guy...?" I shrugged my shoulders. Looking back at the Grovyle with a wonder, he had helped us escape, so did that make him good...or was he watching himself? Was he trying to go back with us so he could just steal the time gears all over again?

"I don't know, but right now...he is the only one who knows where we follow him" He turned back giving one final glance in my direction.

"I only trust him because I trust you and your judgement." I smirked, following a hurried Grovyle that had rushed off.

It was hard to keep up with him, I was breathing heavily, pushing myself to run faster as it seemed I would slow down. I began to get used to running on four feet, being a Pokémon was getting a lot easier...I could now run on four legs...without falling.

"Grovyle, can we slow down, or rest." Sam huffed, running beside me as we ran up the hill. I was panting, struggling to run up the same hill. Grovyle turned a glance back, he shook his head. He hadn't seemed to wafer at any of the energy that he was using in running.

"We can't...we make sure...we get away." He said turning his head and showing his golden eyes as we turned back. I had asked again, as he slowly nodded, slowly his pace as we ran to a crevice behind a rock. I held my knees, tired of all this running.

"We'll rest here for a bit, then off again..." Grovyle said, peaking his head behind the covering to see if we were being followed.

"I-I just can't...I-I'm too tired." Sam said in a low voice, trying to conceal his energy from being used any further.

"My head is killing me. Why don't we rest until the morning comes... more light makes it easier to travel." I suggested, rubbing my temples in frustration. I was hoping to help Sam out in his stamina problem.

"Hmph...we can't, we've been here for too long..." Grovyle had started again, his green body drifting across the way and out of the chasm. He had seemed to start to wonder in another direction.

"Wait, where are you going?" I asked, picking my head up from the floor.

"Leaving, try not to let them catch you..." He uttered, much to my surprise. But with that, the green blur had vanished from my sight. I could honestly say, he was our only hope, and we had to get back to our world, how could we if he wasn't by our side.

"Good riddance..." Sam barked. He was standing, stretching his arms before looking to me.

"We have to follow him, he is the only person who knows how to get home..." Sam growled once more, and I moved to his side.

"I don't trust him..." I had stuck by Sam all this time, he looked down then back at me. I was beginning to stress out, if we didn't catch Grovyle, that would be the end...and I for one didn't want to die.

"You don't have to, you just have to trust me...can you do that for me?" I asked, looking to him.

"I have always trusted you..." I looked to the dark road ahead. Its dark scary branches seeming to reach out to me...I was starting to feel anxious. The stress of everything could drive someone insane...and I for one, didn't like the feeling.

"Man it looks dark down that way...y-you sure we should go..." I asked, suddenly not sure on whether to go or not. I backed up, feeling my head spin once more as I stumbled to keep my balance. I felt hot, maybe from the running, but running never made me feel dizzy...despite the fact I was slow.

"You'll be fine, I got your back." He smiled, and I felt scared at the anticipation. I nervously trudged behind him. Every time I heard the snapping of a twig or a rustling of leaves in the distance...My head would snap to behind Sam. He chuckled, but I wasn't playing, my head was burning...and my head was spinning...I could barely keep up with him, despite the fact he was leading slowly.

"You scared? How...unlike you..." He chuckled, and I just gripped tighter onto his skin as the road got darker and darker. I saw red glowing eyes in the distance and I sank lower into the ground. The red eyes seemed to follow me as we walked deeper and deeper into the forest after Grovyle.

"Y-ya well...ya know...not a huge fan of the dark..." I quietly said, and I hate to admit it but it was the truth, I was afraid of the dark. Maybe in a way, I was always scared, or frightened. It just wasn't a pleasant thought of whatever lurks in the dark shadows of the night. I would react by hiding. I was hiding my face as I heard a loud noise in the distance. I turned my head, gripping him tighter with my nails. He suddenly stopped, as I bumped into him. He smiled and he held his hand out to me. I stopped, looking at him as he questioned me.

"I'll let you hold my hand, if you get can just squeeze it." He smiled, and I was reluctant to take him up on his offer. My heart sped up, something that hasn't happened in a while...but why? As I reached out to touch it, Basil's face came to mind. His disappointed look surged through my mind as I went to grab Sam's hand. It was weird...almost like I had betrayed him. This was weird, had my mind set this in play because I had feelings for Sam and therefore my morals found it wrong?

"No...that's OK, I'll just cower behind you." I had said, despite how much I had actually wanted to. Sam had frowned, putting his hand down as he continued to wall in front of me. My head was pounding, thoughts running through my mind...the dark memories flew through my mind like a movie, something didn't seem right about the thoughts.

"You sure, I promise I won't bite...much" He smirked, and I tried to ignore the feelings about Basil, taking Sam's hand in my own and completely ignoring them. He smiled as I smiled back at him. We had continued this as we continued to walk down the endless dungeon. Sam was leading me through the dungeons by himself; fearlessly trying to get us home. Sam had changed, his once scared timid nature was now brave and bold. I smiled at the thought. He had come so far...and he had done it himself...without me.

As we traveled through the dungeons...the creepy nature of the dungeons were austonishing and the darkness felt sufficating; I couldn't breath. I'm sure my face was turning pale as I was beginning to grow sick of this. My stomach was beginning to churn. The darkness was closing in around me, everywhere I turned, fright and darkness. This was stressing me out...

"Hey you OK?" I felt a bead of sweat fall off my face. But I quickly nodded my head, but he saw through me. His hand touching my forehead in concern as we continued to walk along.

"Your warm, maybe we should-" He restorted to say, but I didn't want to hear about stopping.

"No, we have to find Grovyle...he's our only way out." Sam rolled his eyes.

"You look like your going to be sick, you sure we shouldn't just stop and rest? I mean we could-" My thoughts had cut him off. I felt the blood rush to my head, surging another headache, my hand rushed to my temple to soothe it...but it was quickly proving useless. I was sweating, panting, ripping my hand away from his.

He rushed to my side, concerned for the condition I was finding myself in. I just felt the whole world, spinning and spinning, as my axiety grew deeper and deeper. I heard a voice in the back of my head.

"I will get him..." Him? Him who? I was racking my brain for a answer, but it only tired me out more.

"Summer?" Sam had asked, I looked to him, trying to answer him but I couldn't, my vision was blurring and I was slipping, slipping further away from him. My breathing was far from calm, and I felt like my whole body was struggling to stay alive. He turned to me, grabbing my shoulders and moving his face to see me, I could see him...but I was spacing in and out of consciousness.

"Summer? Answer me..." He called out once more, this time shaking me more forcefully, but I was falling to the ground, but I was caught, I looked to see Sam had caught his arms I lay, trying to get back up and continue on. I tried to stand but he picked me up, carrying me through the dungeons as I could no longer do so. I whispered to him using his soft shoulder as a pillow.

"Sam...I-I'm sorry." I whispered, feeling my eyes close. I was sorry, because now I really couldn't help him. These were the final thoughts before I drifted away in his arms to a long needed sleep.

Grovyle's POV

"Those kids...their going to get themselves killed." I looked behind me, trying to be sure I was at least somewhat in distance of the two..." But something had seemed off, like the atmosphere had suddenly changed. Should I go back to the two...I stopped, giving a glance behind me into the dark forest.

"Maybe, I should go back..." My mind quickly snapped to the mission. I didn't have time to waste looking out for little kids...I had a job to complete. I had to go back...

"Nah! They will be fine." I had pushed on further, coming to a void clearing through the forest. I had stopped as my foot brushed against a odd looking keystone.

"You have Trespassed on our land!" A voice shouted, and I felt an odd sence of danger. I sharply looked around, trying to detect the source. My body felt like it was blistering.

"What!? Where are you, show yourself!" The voice seemed to boom higher. A flash of white light startled me. I lurched back, crouching into a ball to protect myself.

"How dare you!? We are showing you!" I had backed away, on guard. The air seemed to make my skin blister. My instincts were telling me to run, to flee...but my feet remained, I wasn't going to run away like a coward, I would fight if I had to. My body felt like everything was on fire. Another white flash, I knew this thing or what ever it was was going to attack best be on my guard.

Another flash and everything grew dark, I couldn't see my paw in front of me. This was a fight, and it was playing dirty. Another flash of white light and a spirit seemed to float out of a rock. Its pink body sparked with green as it smiled creepily. I concluded that the odd stone made this Pokémon a Spiritomb.

"What do you want from me!?" I asked, as I kept my distance from the Spiritomb making sure I would not be attacked.

"I'm just passing through..." I growled, using my leaf blades as a shield as they lit up in defence.

"You have trespassed, I will show no mercy!" I backed away, trying to be on guard. He leaped for me, but I leapt past him, avoiding his attack. He turned to me smiling and I didn't know why. As I touched the ground, my feet seemed to glue themselves to the floor. This stinging sensation ran up my leg and through my body. I turned and it had touched me, putting me to the floor in an agonizing pain.

My eyes drifted open as I gripped my arms. Please, if anything, make this stop...but it seemed helpless to think that, I had left those kids to fend for themselves. The Spiritomb smiled and he shuffled toward me. He seemed to look up, fading away without another word. I heard footsteps behind me, possibly the very thing that scared him off. I took a quick glance, seeing a tall figure stand in the same place I had stood only moments earlier.

I saw a orange figure, standing tall carrying something in his arms. His flame lit tail and silver eyes, I saw it was a Chimchar. He had looked at me, shyly happy to see me. I tried to remember his name, that girl he was with had mentioned it before right? I think his name was Sam? Maybe not...but he couldn't stay, he would be attacked if he didn't leave. I tried to speak, grunting instead.

"Oh, Grovyle thank goodness I found you I-" He said, motioning in my direction. I quickly yelped out, concerned for his safety. He had to flee, he had to run...I didn't want to see them get hurt.

"No! You can't be here! You have to go, right now!" I forced out, but it seemed to be too late, a white flash had illuminated the room. I had struggled to get my body off the floor, trying to defend him, but my weight collapsed under me. I saw another white flash, and I closed my eyes seeing as there was just nothing I could do for the duo.

"Trespasser! Prepare to fight...!" The small boy had looked around, gritting his teeth as he lay the thing he was carrying in his arms beside me. I could see it was that girl, the Pikachu that had almost made it out the door. She had slept beside me. I moved a paw, placing it on her forehead to see she was sick with a fever. She had probably over exceeded her stress intake. She had weakly opened her eyes, calling out his name before he left to fight.

"Sam..." She called out, smiling at him weakly as he left her side. He had looked to her, letting his hand drift away from hers as they parted.

"Please, take care of her..." He had whispered to me as he left her. The boy had stood in front of us, looking around for that voice. He was looking around feverishly for that Spiritomb, I had attempted to yell out that it was in front of him. I could see it. It hid in the shadows like a coward, hiding but never showing itself.

"Hey! Its in front of you, don't move from your spot or you'll end up like me!" I couldn't more, I was paralyzed. That pesky Spiritomb must have done this to me. I quietly looked up after muttering the word to see him shake his head in agreement. He had turned and I had watched them in silence.

Sam should have been very perceptive to the attacks of Spiritomb, it was a small creature that had little fire power...but this one was different. His flames grew bright, lighting up the dark forest as he dodged the attacks. He wasn't fighting for himself, otherwise he might have taken a hit. But it seemed like a hit or a blow to him would damage to yet another in his soft silver eyes. He had punched and kicked and done everything in his power to win, he wouldn't stop until he did. I lay there thinking to myself, what would make him fight so hard?

My thoughts had rushed back to the girl, she still lay on the ground. Her face flush and she tossed and turned with such pain. If I could have, I would have helped that girl, I knew of one other that could...maybe help her...but was she the reason the boy had fought so hard?

I was interrupted. A fire ball had erupted in the sky. A flash of orange had taken over the darkness in the forest. I looked to Sam, as the girl had called him, to see his eyes a dark red. He had struggled, but he was determined. That gleaming look in his eye, he wasn't going to stop...that much I figured. He had grabbed the Spiritomb by the throat, burning it as it shrieked out in pain before seeping back into the darkness.

"R-run away!" It cried, jumping up and running back into the shrouded forest of darkness. Sam had walked back to me, his gaze directed at me as I regained movement. He had picked the girl up, curling her back into a comfortable ball before he stared at me. He wasted no time in his objective, his friend needed help.

" her." I frowned, turning back to see the depth of the ruins we were outside of. We were losing time, and a lot of it at that. I looked around, seeing a small cave, away from the view of others unless you knew where it was. Vines covered the outside wall, hiding the room that was in the middle of a tree. Two beds sat side by side, I had to make another one, seeing as how we would sleep here tonight.

I let him inside, lighting small candles as I saw him place her on a straw bed. He sat beside her, on the dirt. He had quietly looked up to me for a answer. I had expected him to want a bed, to possibly rest himself, but his friend had seemed more important to him then resting.

"Any way to help her...?" He asked in a pleading voice. I had felt bad, a hint of sympathy on the subject.

"At this point...all we can do is wait..." I said, turning away from his gaze. He had seemed upset, sitting by her bed. She had slept there, tossing and turning in an uncomfortable fashion. He had found a cloth, placing it on her head to bring down her fever.

They were friends, I knew that much...but what if he had seen so much more? She couldn't answer if I had questioned the thoughts, but it had seemed as though the two had depended on each other for strength when the other was week, a crutch when the other could not stand or walk...or the face that just kept them going.

"..." I just watched, silently laying my head on the straw. It was cute to see how he had cared for her, much like a family does for one another. My family...I had been separated from my family...some time ago. I hope that the night sky lights their way to our resolve, and they succeed for us...they just have to. I closed my eyes, drifting to sleep with a watchful eye.

Sam's POV

"You know I love you right?" I whispered, hoping no one would hear that confession. It had seemed like the only time I could confess is when no one would hear me... but I heard a commotion in the background, my heart stopped. I turned to see Grovyle facing me in his sleep. It had startled me, for a moment I thought that he had heard me.

I quickly turned back to Summer, holding her paw in mine. I smiled, but I could feel my heart rise, get faster...the only true moments when we were alone...could be the best tell her... but these moments would soon come to an end, we would go back home and she and Basil would go back to their lives together. That would leave me to my own feelings.

I looked to her as she lay, sleeping on her side as she faced me in her sleep. Her slow steady breathing as it has seemed like music to me. Her status about the night had improved, so seeing her peacefully sleep without a fever was great. I had sighed, hearing the shifting in front of me as I closed my eyes for a moment. She had slowly opened her eyes, taking her paw from mine to rub the sleep from her eyes, it seemed as though she hadn't noticed. I smiled, she hadn't seen me in a while.

"Hey..." She whispered, gently rubbing her eyes as she spoke.

"Hey...How are you feeling?" I whispered back. She smiled and nodded her head.

"OK. Did you find Grovyle?" I had moved, showing how he was behind me, sleeping the night away. Grovyle at this point was awake, he had stretched and walked over to her bed, sitting next to her. I still didn't trust him. It sent a chill up my back to think he had to help us get back.

"How you feelin' squirt?" He said putting a hand to her forehead, quickly removing it as he looked at me. But he had asked about her well being, when he could not have said anything at maybe, he wasn't such a bad pokemon. Summer had smiled, standing up and stretching. I stood and did the same, looking outside. It was still dark outside. Grovyle had headed to the door, he looked around outside for a moment...then he looked to us and gestured to walk with him outside.

"Why is it dark outside, its morning right?" Summer had asked, Grovyle had turned back to me and her. As he moved closer, I had moved in a defensive position. He was a strong foe, so it might have been best to just drop it.

You still don't get it? The sun is never going to come...the morning will never happen." I had quickly dropped my motives, my hands falling to my sides. I looked to Summer, she looked just as confused as I did. The morning...never

"But why? After a certain amount of time the sun should come up...right?" Summer was right, the sun always rised...there was no reason it wouldn't. Grovyle had shook his head. He had quickly sat on a bed, telling us his side of the story.

"Time has not existed for 150 years... the Planet's Paralyzation is in fact a reality... that world you once knew, is gone...this is the world we live in now. You don't have to believe me, I understand where your coming from." I shook my head. This didn't make scene.

"I get you, so this is real...?" Summer had asked, looking back to the window to see the dark outside.

"Yeah well-" He had started but I quickly cut him off.

"How do I know your not lying?" I said, a little bold it may have sounded, considering he was in short range striking distance.

"Well this is the truth, but I'm sure Dusknoir already told you what to you should just throw that crap away and listen to the truth..." He said in a low whisper.

"I-I will hear you out, I am not saying I trust you...or believe your story but once I have heard it...I will then decide what to believe." I said. He had nodded his head in understanding, continuing with his former statement. He had better not lie to us, otherwise I would blast him with everything I had.

"Ok then, well as I was saying earlier, Time hasn't existed for 150 years..." I had stood there listening to what he had to say.

"So this is..." Summer had started to say, Grovyle had finished it.

"The Future." He finished, he then paused giving us a second to process this. I had no idea what this was all about, didn't we take the time gears back? Didn't Dusknoir say that the removal of the Time Gears caused the planet's paralization.

"Look its not that I don't believe you, its just I don't trust you...and tried to destroy it!" I practically yelled. The room had become quiet, and Summer had silently nudged my shoulder. I growled, how does he expect us to believe him after everything that he has done?

"I was trying to save time... I needed the time gears so I could restore them in Temporal Tower." He said, as I gritted my teeth.

"But then why does time stop in the areas you take them from?" Summer asked, rubbing her arm as she asked in a tiny voice.

"Its only temporary, I was trying to save time from collapsing. Dialga's domain collapsed and caused this! I was taking the tine gears to fix this so it would never happen. Dusknoir is bad! He was a evil agent sent to stop me. Dusknoir was-" Now he was trying to say that Dusknoir was the bad guy? This was too confusing...Dusknoir had saved us, he had fought along side us to save time, not destroy it. I had headed toward the door.

"Where are you going?" I turned back, Summer stood beside Grovyle.

"I'm going to find Dusknoir..." Grovyle had flinched, turning to me and raising his voice.

"That's only going to make you capture easy for him..." I had turned back to the door.

"I know, but this doesn't make scenes, this is far fetched..." I had gone to exit the door but he had grabbed my wrist.

"Let go of me!" I yelled out, yanking my wrist away from his grip.

"Look! You can't go, he will use you against us!" I looked to Summer, who had not said a word about the whole thing, she had turned away from us, not wanting to hear us fight anymore. I frowned, but I needed answers.

"Ask me if I care later." I said walking outside. I had looked to the forest from the night before, but it still looked the same. The sun would usually help in my way around this, but this wasn't helping, the sun wasn't coming up...and that much I knew he wasn't lying about. I had stood outside the entrence to the forest, taking a deep breath as I was about to take a step inside. I felt someone wrap their arms around me, I was ready to strike...thinking it may have been Grovyle. But I saw Summer, her grip on me was tight.

"You can't leave..." I wasn't going to take no for a answer, I was going to leave. She had tears in her eyes, but she refused to let them fall.

"Why can't I?" I whispered, looking back to the dark road ahead.

"Because you promised me you wouldn't..." She whispered, a tear streamed down her face. I had stopped, remembering what she meant.

* Flash Back *

"I missed you so much. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I should have done right by you, because you would have by me, I won't ever make that mistake again." She cried, hugging me as tight as she could. I couldn't breath, but I chocked out the words.

"It's OK. I'm back, and I won't leave anytime soon." I said, wrapping my arms around her to melt into a hug. She looked up at me.

"Promise?" I gulped, my heart leaving me. She had so desperately wanted me to say how I would never leave...and how could I say no...after all she was my best friend.

"Promise." I smiled as she did too, I was happy...and I guess that was the way it would be from that day on.

* End of Flash Back *

"..." I couldn't say anything, I had forgotten about our promise. I mentally slapped myself, feeling lower then I had earlier.

"Don't break your promise and leave me here..." She said, letting me go. She had backed away, tears still in her eyes and she had tried to keep them there, but she had stood there...waiting for my answer.

"..." I still didn't say anything, I saw Grovyle come outside, heading over to us. His gold eyes would stick out in the night, but he wasn't mean like the other Pokémon from this time period...he had gave us a place to stay so Summer could get better. He was helping us go home, so maybe...just maybe...he wasn't that bad at all.

"You going to go? Or you coming with us?" Summer had turned back and walked to Grovyle, she didn't want to see me if I left. They were going back home, and if she went with Grovyle,trusting him to get her back home, I could too. I guess dropping Dusknoir seemed more reasonable then...but now I would have to fight to go home.

"OK...fine." I said walking behind Grovyle, he was an aid in the dungeons and as we walked through them, he began to talk about his friend. He told us that if she was still around she could help us get back home. He talked about all the adventures they had before he had left to the past the first time.

"And her name is?" Summer had asked. Grovyle had still gone on, telling us all the information she had wanted to hear.

"Celebi. She is a nice girl, I couldn't make it as far as I did without her..." He said honestly. He had continued smiling as he said that, a longing in a memory of her. He had seemed lost in a thought for only a moment, a fraction of a second for extra time to think about her.

"The time travel Pokémon?" I asked, as we had walked outside the ruins. He had quickly snapped away from his thoughts, looking at us as we continued walking. I had stopped, looking around the place, there was a high plateau that we would have to climb. But it had seemed eery familiar...

"She can help us in time traveling, without her...we won't be able to get back." He said again, emphasizing on how much she was needed.

"So we need to find your girlfriend?" Summer said, and Grovyle turned around, his face a bright pink.

"She is NOT my girlfriend...we're just good friends that's all!" He protested, his face turning a bright red. He of all people can't lie to me, I know that one...I mean I use it enough.

"Oh, you are such good friends." Summer had chuckled, looking to my with a funny look on her face.

"Could have fooled me." I laughed, covering my mouth with my hand. But Grovyle had turned the tables. He had turned to me, his eyes sharpening as he looked at me.

"Oh don't even go there with me...especially you." He said looking to me. I had quickly stopped, he had heard me from earlier...damn. I felt my heart drop, but since he hadn't said anything I suppose it was fine.

He had stopped as we entered a forest. He had scanned the area, looking carefully before calling out.

"Celebi!? Are you here?" I looked around, not seeing anything.

"Maybe she already left?" I quietly said, looking around once more.

Suddenly a faint glowing light, had appeared. It had a faint, girlish voice and it spoke in an excited tone as if happy to see G" In a white flash a pink Celebi had appeared, she was a shiny...different color from the normal green.

She had fluttered down to him, giving a gracious hug to Grovyle. For a moment they had stared into each others eyes, both blushing before pulling away and looking back to Summer and I.

"Who are your new pals?" Celebi smiled, Summer had waved back, I had a simple nod in acknowledgement. She quickly did a double take, looking back at Summer. I turned my head, wondering what had grabbed her attention.

"No...It couldn't be..." She had started to say but Grovyle had called to her, in which she quickly snapped her head in his direction. I guess this was the girl he had mentioned earlier, she seemed nice. I only hope that what he said about her was true, we really needed it.

Summer's POV

So this is the girl Grovyle was talking about, she really was pretty. She was a small delicate creature, how could she produce the power to get us home? Well, Grovyle had lead us through the platua, moving us up through the dense wood. The dark crunching of leaves as we walked up the mountain, he stopped pointing to a cave that he saw nearby. The cave was relatively big, well big enough for the four of us anyway.

"You guys want to stop?" Celebi practically jumped in his arms, smiling at the opportunity to spend time with him. I had shrugged my shoulders and Sam did as well. Grovyle had led us into the cave, it had looked to be someone's home at one point but no one had been here for a while.

"OK, we have to find something for beds." Grovyle said, heading back outside into the night. Sam had quickly followed him, waving back to me as he left. Celebi quickly turned to me, her face lit up in a happy fashion. She had silently giggled, smiling at me...happy tears in her emerald green eyes.

"Yipee! I get to spend the night with Grovyle!" She practically screamed before covering her mouth. I tried not to smile at the awkward conversation that would happen when the words slipped from my mouth and to her ears.

"Why would you-..." It had clicked in my head and I felt my face turn red. It was a weird feature, loving other people's emotions, but I blurted something before I could stop.

"You like him! Girl, that's too cute!" She quickly flew up to me, and hushed me from saying something else.

"I-I-I" She stuttered, quickly looking for a place to hide.

"You do! It proves it!"

"No! S-shut up!" I was laughing, practically rolling on the floor.

"You do! You like him, you like him, why you blushing?" She was turning redder and redder and it was killing me, I was having too much fun with this. She quickly tunred away, hiding her face from further embarrassment.

"I don't so knock it off!" She said, her face a bright red. Just then the two boys had walked back in the room. They were carrying hay and leaves, placing them on opposite ends of the room.

"Well...fine, I guess you don't want to know his little secret..." I smiled devilishly, and she quickly turned to me.

"I already know all his secrets..." I smiled wider.

"All but one..." I said, with a wink.

"What is it!?" She squealed.

"Well if I tell you, are you gunna blurt it out to him!?" She nodded her head, with a happy smile.

"OK! Well, a little birdie told me that he likes you too, you should make the first move!" Her face had turned pink, then a scared expression had suddenly appeared.

"I can't! I wouldn't know what to say, and besides..."She looked to the floor, a frown on her face.

"It will end soon anyway..." She had looked up to me, I had turned my head, curious on the subject.

"What are you-" I was beginning to say as the two guys walked in.

"There isn't enough for four...up for sharing beds...?" Grovyle had quickly said. I had quietly stood there, just thinking about where this was going to go...and I should probably stop before I do something I will regret. Sam had also remained quickly, just looking at Grovyle like he was high or something.

"Oh! Yes! I don't mind, and neither does she...right?" Celebi cried out, looking to me. To be honest this was turning into something completely awkward, I think I might rather sleep on the floor.

"Uh...well..." I had said, wanting to just avoid the subject. She flew to me, a pleading face.

"Please!?" She said, whining about with her green eyes. Her pink hands clasped together in a pleading motion. Her lip quivered and she quietly looked back in Grovyle's direction. But I had just told her about Grovyle, so...I guess it was OK...

"I guess we can..." I quietly said much to what her thoughts were. Mine were completely opposite.

"OK, so I got Grovyle!" She screamed, grabbing his arm and smiling widely. I looked to his face to see it was a bright red, but he smiled awkwardly shrugging his shoulders. With that she dragged him tot eh other side of the room... I didn't have another word in there with him and I knew if she had her way, they would be a couple by the end of the night.

"So, I guess that leaves us?" I heard a voice behind me, and I could feel my face become red as I knew exactly who it was. I turned back shyly, rubbing the back of my neck in embarresement.

"Ya...I guess it does." I had looked to the bed, then back up to Sam, he had seemed to think the same as me that this was a awkward moment...

"So how is this going to work?" He asked shyly, I coughed. This was just making my face get redder and redder. The straw bed had sat there, still. I had to share one...with someone who wasn't my boyfriend...he was still close to me, but that couldn't have made it any more awkward.

"I think we can figure this out." I said, sitting. He sat beside me, and then we lay beside each other...which was highly uncomfortable. He seemed to dislike the position himself.

"Ya, this isn't working." So we changed, from side to side to cheek to cheek, to face to face...but that was too close for comfort, especially when ever he would look at me in that position I would feel my face get redder and my heart would speed up. This was just weird, why would I feel this way, wasn't I in love with Basil? I was starting to confuse the lines...between friendship and love...between bounderies and respective lines. Between Sam and Basil...this was getting stressful...I couldn't love Sam...could I?

Either way, these positions were not working. So I stood up, and looked to Sam.

"I am going to see how Celebi and Grovyle are handling this..." I had quietly walked across the room. I could see them, asleep, but she lay on top of his chest, his arms wrapped around her. A smile on both faces, and let me tell you how comfortable they looked in each other's arms. In actually they made a very cute couple, and from the looks it seemed that they knew that.

I had blushed at the thought of what I would now have to tell Sam. I had walked back toward Sam... as he looked to me. I felt my throat run dry...this was so nerve wreaking.

"So?" He said, a smug look on his face. I rubbed the back of my neck, my face was probably red. I stuttered trying to answer him.

"" I just felt the blood rush to my face.


"Well...Celebi is laying on Grovyle, and they are asleep so its probably comfortable..." Sam had quickly turned from me, he quietly rubbed his arm. He then turned to me, his face a bright red.

"Uh...I know this is going to sound weird...but do you want to try it?" The second he suggested it, I felt my heart speed up, like it was going to burst from my chest. I rubbed my arm, trying to avoid his gaze.

"I...I..." I struggled to talk, this was so awkward for me...but could I actually go through with it.

"...OK..." I forced out, slightly smiling as I said that. He sat on the bed, patting the bed as he did. I sat beside him, shyly laying beside him. I lay beside him, rolling on top of him. I felt my heart skip a beat as I looked into his silver eyes. He smiled, laying back on the bed. I had felt him wrap his arms around me, pushing me closer into his body. I had felt my hands slide up higher, using my arms as a pillow. I didn't want to look at him...I couldn't.

"You can look at me, your not going to turn to stone." I froze up, tearing my gaze away from the floor and back to him. He smiled at me and I felt my mouth run dry and my face turned red... as did his. I laughed lightly. I let the moment pass, as I was beginning to become more comfortable with the situation.

I had comfortably fell into place, relaxing more as time went by. I felt nervous, taking the chance. I felt my heart drop as I bit the bottom of my lip, resting my head on his chest. But I was afraid, maybe he could hear my heart from where he was, it was quickly becoming a problem for me.

His arms being wrapped around me was oddly relaxing, his warm body a safe haven from danger. I felt safe with him, even though danger lurked outside.

"Sam..." I asked, I remember that I had once before...but he had not answered the last time...maybe this time he would.

"Yes...?" He asked. I snuggled into his warm chest, almost falling asleep as I did. I opened my eyes giving him one last glance before closing my eyes as I rested on his chest.

"Thanks..." I said, curling up to him in a hug.

"Don't fall asleep yet..." He whispered quietly to me. I looked to him. He had looked away, then looked me dead in the eyes...he had seemed to look past me.


"Because we have a lot to talk about..."

Sam's POV

I had thought about this for a long time, the thought had surfaced in my mind after the Grovyle incident. I had almost died, left my friends alone. I had shifted, my lip trembling as the words left my lips.

"You want to promise me something?" I said looking toward the other side of the candle lit room. I could see Grovyle and Celebi, sleeping the night away. I had sighed, if only...

"Depends... what's the promise?"

"Promise that if something happens to me you will continue the team..." She had frowned.

"Sam I-"

"Can't you just promise me..." She had looked to the floor.

"At that point, it wouldn't be a just wouldn't be the same without you..." She had whispered, frowning at a discontent statement.

"You'd be fine...better then if it was the other way around..." She had twirled her finger on my fur, sending a tingled chill up my torso.

"How do you figure?" She said.

"Basil and I would drift apart, much like we did before we met you..." I said back. She had quickly looked back up. I could see the light from the candles was dimming. I sighed, waiting for her to answer. But she asked a question, trying to avoid the subject.

"How did Basil and you meet?" She had asked it, so I would tell was some time ago, the events themselves were hard to remember...

"Basil and I were the same...and when we realized we were, we formed a friendship. He never had a family, his mom and dad were never he grew up alone...I met him because I didn't have parents either...mine had been killed on a mission, and he was the only friend I had..." She scooted closer to me, looking to me as a sign that she cared, and that she was there for me.

"I'm sorry..." She whispered, I had shook my head.

"They were a amazing team, so I wanted to be just like them...they were brave and strong, and everything I ever wanted to be..." I touched my locket, showing my strange patten in one half, my parents picture in another.

"You are like them...and more." She had said, looking to me. I had just stared at her, for moments, minutes... I wasn't sure. I was so close to her face, I could feel close ours lips were...c-could this really happen? I shut my eyes tight, opening them to the hurt I would soon feel in my chest. I felt my breathing stop... as my head quickly pulled away.

I had ignored the feelings, as much as it hurt, she had to make that decision on her I went back to the other subject.

"If one goes, the other should keep this team together." I quietly said, even though she didn't want to say it, it was the right thing to do. She had stay quiet, slowly looking to me after that close encounter.

"Promise me..." I whispered, holding out my pinky. It seemed childish, but it would have to be a promise I would keep if the situation ever arised. She hooked her pinky and smiled reassuringly.

"Promise." With that she had curled up to my chest, falling fast asleep with a smile on her face. The moments, could I be imagining them... or was it true? Had we found a mutual liking for one another? Was my mind messing with me? Or was this a reality? But I couldn't deny it, the time I was spending with her, was slowly coming to a end. when we got back home Summer and Basil would continue their lives together...and then that would leave me...trying to decide between my feelings.

The morning would soon come, and we would have to continue our journey. I closed my eyes, enjoying the moment...and falling asleep.

Summer's POV

* Dream Scape *

"Good Mourning Sam." I had opened my eyes. I had felt the soft plush body I had used as a pillow the night before. I had looked up, I had slept on Sam practically the entire night. I gasped, standing up quickly as I realized what had happened.

"Oh my god! I am so sorry!" I practically yelled, my face was bright like a tomato, I was sure of it. I had looked away from Sam and Bidoof trying to hide the embarrassment that was on my face.

"Look its OK." My ears perked up, did he just say what I think he said? I couldn't stop my face from blushing even more then it already has.

"Um..." I gulped, this feeling, so subtle yet I could faintly feel the beating of my own heart, it seemed so soft at the time...but now it was something I was afraid he would hear... fear, something that might just become a reality...could this really be happening?

* End of Dream Scape *

"Wake up...hey..." I was gently being woken up, I opened my eyes. It had seemed like a dream, a weird dream waking up in Sam's arms. I couldn't even recover what I had dreamed about, and buried my face to at least attempt to recover it. But it was gone, I couldn't remember. But I quickly realized last's nights event.

I had yawned, stretching. My ears ran up against the soft pillow. Its faint chiseled breathing calm and slow. I was warm, moving slowly to position myself to go back to sleep. I had almost rolled back into my dreams, hearing the soft acquainted voice I had grown so used to.

"Hey...good morning." I said, leaping off his lap. He stretched in the bed, rolling over before crawling out of bed. Grovyle had already stood in front of us.

"Sleep well you two?" He asked, a smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes.

"Ya, I slept just about as good as you did." He smiled, trying to hide his gaze from us by looking at the floor. Celebi had fluttered beside him, her green eyes looking at him. He would shyly look up at her, his face turning red when he would.

"OK! We have places to go and people to see wouldn't you agree." Celebi quickly said, trying to hide her blush. She quickly walked beside Grovyle as he exited the door. Sam and I quickly followed.

"Ok ready?" Grovyle asked, as he turned back to us.

"Ready..." Celebi grew quiet, before saying something very softly.

"I would give my life for this..." I frowned, I didn't know what she meant. Maybe because it was dangerous and they needed to get past Dusknoir first. I nodded following Grovyle up the side of the mountain.

Grovyle's POV

"Don't worry everyone! We are almost there!" I said, rushing up the mountain. It just had to be there. The last time I was there was a long time ago and that was the last time I saw...

"Grovyle!" I looked in front of me to see the top of the mountain, we were almost there. I looked back reassuringly. We had made it through the impossible. We were going to go back, I was going to put an end to this never ending nightmare.

"We actually made it!" Celebi whispered, standing next to me as we walked closer to the passage of time. I smiled, this would be the last time I would see her, and it hurt my heart so to even consider the thought. She smiled sadly at me, possibly thinking the same thing.

"So, thats the passage of time right?" Sam had said, he had smiled back at the pikachu, who I didn't caught the name of... but I shrugged it off, looking at the blue portal, its yellow streams of power surging off it like electricity and water.

"Ya, we should be going." We walked further, as the area soon became dark. I heard a roar, a roar that in a instance I knew would scare me to no end as long as I lived. I could see his dark red glowing gem. His big muscled features that scared me to no end. His roar could be heard across time itself. Dialga, the ruler of time...was here and next to him creeping out of the shadows stood Dusknoir.

"Dusknoir!?" Sam bellowed, his voice seemed shocked. I guess he hadn't believed me, since he sounded so shocked. Celebi had stay behind me and I put my hand in front of her to protect her. Dusknoir had laughed, laughing so uncontrollably.

"HAHAHA, so pitiful that it had to end here for you, hmmm Grovyle?" I had sank low to the floor, I looked around. Seeing Sableye and Dialga and Dusknoir all surrounding us. It would be a near impossible win. I had crashed to my knees, looking at the floor and gripping the dirt.

"I-uh...uh...Grovyle?" She had asked, holding my arm in support. I growled, looking up to Dusknoir.

"I-its not over! It may end here for me! But that doesn't mean hope is not alive!" I yelled out, feeling the overwelming sence of guilt... how could I let these kids down. I heard Sam behind me... he had looked to me, shocked. But I turned to confusion when Dusknoir had paused, a laugh that spread over the entire troop that encircled us.

"W-why are you laughing? Is this funny to you!?"

"I was just wondering...why would you say hope is alive?" He smirked as I looked to Celebi, who nodded. She was the only one who knew...aside from Dusknoir himself.

"Celebi and I know, that I was not the only one to travel into the past, there was another..." I could hear the gasps from the two kids from behind me. Dusknoir had laughed again, it made my blood dare he? I clenched my fists in a ball.

"And what might be your partners name? Surely you can tell us that?" I had gritted my teeth.

"She was my one true friend...and the one that's going to stop you! Her closest friend is...Summer." The two kids had quickly turned around, their mouths running a mile a minute.

"This is Summer!" Sam had pointed to the Pikachu. But I had turned away, there was just no way...

"No...the Summer I knew wasn't a Pokemon, she was a human...that's not my partner." And with that the girl had turned away from me, Sam had continued talking. He was astonished. Like he had solve a mystery that had baffled him his entire lifetime.

"Oh but she is Grovyle! And I've known it for some time..." Dusknoir had spoke out. I had looked up to him, his red eye glowing. I couldn't believe what I was hearing...he's lying.

"What? But-" I was inturrupted. My mind was racing, so many thoughts had raced through my mind.

"I heard she would have dreams about the future or past...I looked into it, and soon found it was the Dimensional Scream. I thought it could have been coincidence... since she was a Pikachu, I didn't think too much of the situation...but once I found out her name...and the fact she had remembered the she was once a human, I knew she was in fact your partner..." He had smirked, and in that confident smile went my only chances.

"But, then why-" I turned back to Summer, the Pikachu at this point...she had seemed lost in her own thoughts...maybe she really didn't know. If that was the case, then why didn't she tell me herself...I was her friend, her partner, so why didn't she tell me.

"You could ask her, but she wouldn't know, she had amniesia and that made it that much easier to string her all that was left, was you." I felt my lungs give out, I was struggling to breath, as if my whole world had come crashing down.

He had cried, I had stopped, if Summer really was here then it was all over, Dusknoir would be rid of us and this time would continue.

"I-its over." I quietly mumbled. Celebi had looked down at me, she had bit her thumb, looking to me as if I would say something. But I wouldn't, I knew that this was it...there was no escaping this time.

"W-what?" She had stuttered. I had looked up from the floor, she had looked at me with her green eyes, still dazed in the thoughts I had sent.

"He won." I said, falling to the dirt, I felt guilt...this sence of hurt in my pride...dammit. Sam had screamed, had yelled as Summer had sank in next to me. She had looked lost, defeated. I had touched her shoulder, but she didn't look back at me.

"But-" I yelled out.

"Don't you understand!? It's over, he won...we are ALL going to die here!" I screamed. I had fallen to the floor along with Summer, who had stared blankly out into space.

"Summer, Grovyle, you two can't give up! Celebi, please do something, travel us through time!" Sam yelled, looking to me and to Summer. He was still fighting, picking us off the floor. His fire, his determination was everything that could push us to make it out alive.

"Dusknoir won, he actually stopped us... there's no way we are going to make it out of here." I said lamely, looking up at the portal and seeing just how close we got.

"Don't say that! Celebi, jump us through time!" She had stuttered, looking around in a afraid fashion.

"It would be hard with the RULER of time here!" Sam had bit his lip.

"Just do it!" He yelped as the surrounding members jumped toward us. I had closed my eyes from the quick flash. I looked up from the ground. Celebi had jumped us through time for just a few seconds, so if it was going to work, we had to act now. We scrambled for the portal, but I heard a roar. In a breaking of glass that shatters the calm, the others had appeared...they had spotted us and they roared in amazement.

"Get them!" I heard someone yell. I turned to see Summer and Sam jumping together in the portal. They had held hands, I had smirked at the interaction, there would be now end with those two kids. I turned, Celebi had flew beside me, pushing me further to the passage of time.

"Celebi come with us!" I whispered to her, but she did not reply to me. But she had looked up to my eyes. Her emerald green, starring at me with such amazement. I had found myself smiling at her, even though this was a horrible situation.

"Silly Grovyle..." She had fluttered close to me, quickly leaning in. I wasn't sure what to think of I just stood there baffled.

"I thought I told you..." The world had stopped, my mind was blank. My thoughts had suddenly ran back to me. A single fraction of my heart beat at the same as quickly as the kiss she had lay on my lips. I had blinked, surprised at the sudden transaction. As she pulled away, I felt my face glow red. I was now lost in the moment, did she really just...kiss me? As quickly as it happened, it had stopped. She'd pushed me, I had quickly realized, what the-

"I could never be caught!" She whispered. I had reached out to her...please...don't do this to me...not now...not after this!

I had finally kissed her, well indirectly...but it was the same...I cared too much to let her just slip away...and besides, I wanted her there with me...even in my final please...please don't go Celebi. I felt a tear stream down my face, sad...happy, it was all the same...but I couldn't help but smile.

She looked to me, giving a shy wink as she had closed up the portal, her emerald eyes looking at me. She smiled, looking away with a smile as well. In my heart, there was the reality that she was the only one for me...and that was the truth. That moment, that final moment, was the final glimpse of the girl I had loved.

Basil's POV

"They've been gone for about a month...where are they?" I quietly said, looking up at the moon as I stood on the beach. I had stared at the sky for a few weeks, waiting for my friends to return. The waves had crashed, the sea water touching my toes. I had sighed, it had not seen any sign of Summer or Sam. I was sad that they weren't with me, and we were just not a team if we weren't together.

Maybe...they wouldn't come back at all... but I had to keep it together. They would come day. I had looked to Sharpedo Bluff, seeing a soft blue light reflecting of of its rock exterior. A sharp sound pinched the air, and I covered my ears to keep the sound muffled. A bright blue light fell from the sky and close to the other side of the beach. I had ran, closing my eyes to see three distinct bodies... but who were they, and why we they here?

I had wondered if it was my friends, maybe Arceus had heard my plea. I had walked closer, inching back when I saw a lone figure stand. It was helping another stand. I could see the height differences when my eyes were open, but I had closed them...seeing two pink figures standing ever so closely to one another. Aura had seemed to work the same, as I got a bit closer to see who they were.

Suddenly, another figure stood. His aura a dark blue. I had opened my eyes, seeing that his body was green, could it be...Grovyle? That must mean...

I had retreated from the bushes, my eyes closed as I approached the three beings. As I approached, one aura...the shortest of the three had turned a dark green, they were confused...but about what? I had opened my eyes, seeing the figure more clearly now. It was my friends... but then what about...the pink aura?

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, there stood Sam and Summer standing ever so closely as Grovyle had walked to them. I had stood, as they stared right at me...I should have been happy, ecstatic by the fact that they were home...but to be honest I didn't know which topic to ask first...the one on how they got back, or the one where aura tells no lies...

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