PMD: Love in the Abyss of Time

Let the Storm blow On

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Summer's POV

"I-its over." Grovyle had quietly said. I felt my eyes widen as he dropped to the floor. He had given up; I could see that look of guilt on his face. I looked up from him and looked at Celebi; her eyes were staring blankly at Grovyle. She had violently shaken her head, snapping to her thoughts to words.

"W-what?" She had stuttered. He had looked up slightly, flashing his gold eyes at me. I could tell that his thoughts were the same as mine. He must have thought why I didn't recognize him...or how I let Dusknoir string me along...or why I was a Pikachu. But I didn't have answers, I only had questions...I had so many...

After Dusknoir had revealed my past, I couldn't stop the thoughts from rushing through my head. Why didn't I remember anything? Was Grovyle right all along about Dusknoir being a bad guy? How would this end? I had stared blankly into the darkness, trying to contemplate answers. I could see that the Sableye looked to Dusknoir, who smirked at our displeasure. I grit my teeth, ready to punch him when I heard Grovyle speak again.

"He won." I had found myself speechless, he was the strongest one out of all of us here, if he thought something was impossible, than more than likely, it was. He gripped the dirt in his hand, letting it slip through his fingers. He really had given up.

"But-" Sam had said quietly. Sam was not willing to give in; we had pushed each other to make it back home. I had seen Sam's silver eyes looking behind him to Grovyle. His look was a plea to continue on, to fight…but Grovyle had seemed to ignore the plea. I had felt my body grow scared, Grovyle was like a safety net, he would catch us if we would fall…but who would catch him?

I had shut my eyes tight, trying not to let my anxiety run though me. I was scared, nervous even, but I tried not to let it show. I bit my lip, still hearing Sam plea with Grovyle. But I heard a shift in the dirt. Grovyle had yelled, tears forming in the corner of his eyes. He had tried so hard, it must have been awful for him to accept all of this.

"Don't you understand!? It's over, he won...we are ALL going to die here!" Grovyle yelled, sending a chill up my spine. Reality was beginning to set in and I felt my knees give out from below me. I struggled to breathe and I cradled my knees. I was scared; could this really be the end? I slightly looked up from the floor, seeing Sam clenching his fist.

"Summer, Grovyle, you two can't give up!" He yelled, touching my shoulder. I saw Celebi look behind her to Sam, her green eyes filling with a gleam of curiosity.

"Celebi, please do something, travel us through time!" Sam yelled, turning to face her. He was still fighting, picking us off the floor. His eyes had fire, one that refused to give in. He was showing his determination, not refusing to give in...Even when I did.

"Dusknoir won, he actually stopped us... there's no way we are going to make it out of here." I said lamely, looking up to see how close we were to the passage of time, we were so close, and we didn't make it. The passage of time was in our reach and yet we had felt so far from our goal.

"Don't say that! Celebi, jump us through time!" She had stuttered, looking around in an afraid fashion. I had gasped as her eyes changed; she was now as determined as Sam. She had looked fearfully at Dialga, his red eyes flashing in the darkness as his heavy breathing sent a chill up my spine. But she turned to Sam, with a forceful look in her eye.

"It would be hard with the RULER of time here!" Sam had bit his lip, still looking at Celebi. She had seemed unsure, looking away into space for a bit. But she was soon interrupted as Sam yelled snapping her back to her thoughts.

"Just do it! Please!" She looked back to Grovyle and me, nodding as she looked back nervously. She hesitated, as the Sabelye got in position to attack us.

"Celebi!" Sam yelped, as Celebi threw her arm into the air. I had closed my eyes from the quick flash. I slowly opened my eyes as I heard yelling in the back ground and I looked up from the ground. Sam had stood there amazed as he looked around, not seeing anyone around yet. His plan had worked. I stood up amazed at his quick thinking, but we didn't have time to think, we had to go soon. And so he took my hand, running alongside Grovyle and Celebi.

I had run beside Sam, hurrying my pace to the portal. But something about traveling through it had scared me; Dusknoir had made sure of that. I couldn't jump, so I stopped before we got into the portal. Sam had been ahead of me, stopping as I did, slightly looking to me as if I was crazy. His hands had dropped to his sides as he turned to me, wondering why I wouldn't budge.

"What's the matter!? We should go, right now!" Sam yelled as I had looked away, seeing Grovyle and Celebi running to us. My time was short, and so I spoke softly, looking at Sam's eyes as I did. I would only have a short amount of time before Dialga would change time and catch up with us.

"Listen to me..." He nodded his head, as he looked at me. His hands remained at his side. I shut my eyes tightly. If I was to travel through time, I had to jump through the very thing that got me here. This was just great…absolutely perfect.

"I was scared," I gulped, taking the chance. I reached out and grabbed his hand, feeling myself smile. He had seemed shock by the sudden reaction, making me blush in the process. He didn't have to stare so blankly at me, it made me feel stupid…and he may have forgot he even said it. But that didn't change the fact that I had felt nervous, maybe a little too nervous.But his previous words rang through my head.

"I'll let you hold my hand, and if you get can just squeeze it."

"But I'm not anymore..." He had blinked, registering the words, a smile growing on his face. He gave a nod, turning to the portal. I shut my eyes tight as we jumping in together. The bright insides of the portal shined brightly. Lines had zipped past us as we clung to each other for safety as we spun round and round.

"Don't let go!" I yelled, trying desperately not to let go of his hand.

"I don't plan on it." He yelled pulling me closer to him, shielding me as we spun round and round. My face was buried into his shoulder. His arms wrapped around me, as I did the same. I wasn't going to let go…I didn't want too. I found fear in being separated. I tried to push the thoughts aside as I brought my eyes up from his shoulder.

I knew we would leave Grovyle behind if he didn't come soon. And it was quickly becoming a worry since he had still not come after us. In the distance, I saw Celebi and Grovyle, saying their final goodbyes to each other. They had stared at each other; she had smiled, as he did the same.

I gasped as she quickly leaned in, kissing him. She had made the first move, good for her! I turned my attention to Grovyle, how was he handling this? His eyes had widened, turning red as she pulled away. As she pulled away, she pushed him back, seemingly forcing him to come with us. His face remained blank, but his face said it all...he actually enjoyed it. Way to go Celebi, you left him wanting more...

The portal was now shut. As we spun further and further into the past. I yelled out to Grovyle, his head quickly snapping to us, trying to shake off the blush that was on his face. He looked to us as we shouted out his name.

"Grovyle!" I yelled, shutting my eyes and hiding it from the wind. I yelled again, hoping he would answer me. He quickly looked up, a smile on his face as he burst out.

"We are almost there! Look!" He screamed pointing, as Sam and I had turned, seeing a bright light. We did it, we made it home. As we burst through the light, I noticed we were high in the air. We were falling to the beach, and I shut my eyes hoping that the fall wouldn't hurt as much as I thought it would. I gripped tighter onto Sam as we continued falling. It had seemed like we had fallen forever. I heard a smack sound, and I was reluctant to look up thinking I may have just died on impact.

I had lain there in silence; slowly bring my head up to see the waves as they rolled down the beach. I had silently sighed, putting my head down in a moment of relief. With that, I quickly brought my face up, gently gazing at the person whom I had landed on. He had slowly opened his eyes, and I had locked eyes with him. I had felt so nervous, so I quickly jumped up trying to hide the blush that was creeping on my face. My breathing had slowly stopped and I could hear my heart in my ears. He quickly took after my leave, standing quickly to catch my gaze.

At first we just watched each other. I didn't utter a sound. He sighed, balling up his fists for a moment as if he was mad about something. But he released his anger, sighing in frustration. He shook his head once, looking at me. With that he quickly walked closer to me, his lip twitched for a moment before he once again caught my eyes. It was like he trying to say something to me, he wouldn't utter what was on his mind. He just simply stood close to me, his body was pressed up against me.

He had brushed the bangs from my face and I couldn't explain why but I couldn't break my gaze with him. I felt my body turn to stone. He had slowly grabbed my hand intertwining my fingers with his. My other hand was pressed between us, but it remained motionless. Sam's hand cradled my face as he leaned down closer to my face. I could feel myself being drawn to him, as I felt myself lean up. My forehead had touched his as I could feel the small space between us beginning to dwindle. My nose had touched his and I felt my eyes slip closed, going to go close the gap between us. My mind had drifted away as if I was detached from the world; all I could process was this.

But something about this had seemed so wrong, why was I letting this happen... I could hear alarms in the back of my head. What was I doing? I couldn't go through with this…oh my god! My eyes shot open and I quickly backed away from the arms of Sam, trying to hide the embarrassment that had crept its way into my heart. I had almost kissed him…I had almost kissed…Sam. I had almost betrayed Basil…how…how could I?

I had heard a sound in the distance and I looked to see who it may have been. It had darted off before I could tell who it was. I felt everything speed up, and I had turned around looking for the thing that had made that sound. I stared blankly into space, trying to think all of this over.

I had turned away, hiding my gaze from Sam who must have felt confused himself. But I quickly took a glance behind me to see his face just as red as mine. I had turned my gaze from him, feeling too frightened to say anything. By this time, Grovyle had gotten up and was standing behind us. His head was slightly tilted as he looked at the two of us.

"What's wrong with you two?" I had felt my face turn red and I dared not look at Sam. But I heard him answer Grovyle.

"Uh…nothing…nothing is going on between us." Sam had said, sounding quite unsure. He had sounded absolutely unsure…like he was trying to assess the situation. He himself had not known what to say, or what to do for that matter. I had looked behind me quickly to see Grovyle had frowned.

"Hmmm…" He had whispered suspiciously as he turned to Sam. He had walked closer, pushing his way past Sam and I. He started off down the beach. I didn't know where he would go; he was still a criminal in this time…that much hadn't changed. But where would he go? He couldn't just aimlessly wonder for yet a second time in this world.

"Where are you going?" Grovyle had stopped in his tracks, flashing his eyes back at us for a moment before turning around.

"I'm still a wanted criminal and I need to hide." Sam had started off after him, telling him his idea for the previously wanted criminal.

"I have a place for us all to stay, just so we don't get that many questions with the locals…so let's go." I had turned, shouting out to the others as they were going to start on their way. I needed to get out of here for a bit.

"Where?" I asked, turning back to the duo.

"Sharpedo's Bluff…why?" He had asked again. He had matched my gaze, but I quickly broke it this time. I couldn't face him, seeing his eyes only drove another stake through my own heart…I had already felt bad enough, but his constant silver stares were making it that much harder.

"Uh, I'll catch up with you guys soon…I just gotta go somewhere really quick." Sam and Grovyle had turned back to me. Sam had frowned, looking in another direction for a moment, but he had quickly locked eyes with me.

"Hey, we'll just go with you." I had bit my lip but I just needed time to think. I couldn't go on thinking about both boys, it would just never work…with anything…and to be honest, it was starting to annoy me. This had to stop and a decision had to be made; and I wasn't going to come back until I did.

"No! I mean…just go, I'll find you guys later." With that, I had darted off in the other direction. I had run so fast I was certain I was the fastest thing alive. I just needed to get away and to think, I can't put up with my head and heart going to war... so I was going to hide, until I could figure this out.

Sam's POV

Just because I almost kiss someone does not mean I didn't overstep the line… because I did, end of story. I had invaded someone's personal space and probably confused the hell out of them. Summer has a boyfriend, if I kiss her, it is cheating, and I would have been a part of that, that's a huge mistake in my book…and yet I had still almost done it. Not to mention the boyfriend that may just kill me… even though nothing happened.

My heart still stings from the rejected action. She had retreated from my arms, leaving me to think if I had made the right decision. Maybe I was being stupid, like why, why, WHY!? What the hell was I thinking? I over stepped the line, now she'll hate me...yep! She'll hate me, and that will hurt me more then words of rejection. I don't want to be pushed away, I want to be embraced. I was starting to regret my decision to try and kiss her. I was starting to regret a lot of things. And I would rather not know her feelings, that sounds… stupid… selfish… dumb… but I don't care anymore…this shit is driving me crazy.

"So you didn't kiss her?" Grovyle had said, crossing his arms as he said that. He had stared at me, his gold eyes looking at me with disappointment.

"No. And it's not like I made that choice, but I'm glad she did…if I had kissed her that would go against everything I believe in."

"So you don't want to kiss her?" He asked, slight uncertainty in his voice.

"No, no! I mean…well…see…I-uh…" Sticking with your morals is important… well important to me. So I almost kissed a girl even though it went against my morals…great…way to stick that out.

"Why can't you just kiss her?" Grovyle had said bluntly as we walked up the path from the beach.

"She has a boyfriend…and …" I had trailed off at the last part, but he had only rolled his eyes.

"That boyfriend is not you…"

"Ya… that's right…" I finished lamely. I was always thinking about that, why couldn't I have admitted this at the beginning? Then I wouldn't be thinking about this now.

"Well, she's got to make a decision now…but I'm sure she is having a hard time in deciding…" He finished. I had looked to him curiously. She is a loyal person, she more than likely will go out with same person until they either break up, or become mates…whichever comes first.

"She can't decide?" I asked as he silently nodded his head.

"Don't be so dense…of course." He said, giving me a glare.

"Well I'm not her, how the hell am I supposed to know who she will choose!?"

"Most of us find one person that completes the other half of our own heart…that is why it is special…" He said, looking at the moon as we walked past the poke bank. I had sighed, in my heart…there had only been one, I had only realized this not too long ago, maybe if I had known sooner…she'd might not be confused…or even have to wonder for that matter.

"Ya…no kidding…"

"She'll come around…"

"You think so?"

"You almost kissed her today right?"

"Well, as true as that is… she could still pick the other guy."

"Maybe not…"

"But what if she does…"

"She won't…

"I'm still not sure…"

"Well dammit make her sure!" He practically yelled, and I shoved my hand over his mouth and looked to the item shop to see if he had disturbed anyone. With that I slowly uncovered his mouth, and he again rolled his eyes.

"But just give it time, she can't avoid this forever." I shook my head, so I don't want to put pressure or push for an answer. This was understandable, but I didn't want to wait for an answer that would never be good, so unless she brought it up, I would now ignore.

"Ok, I understand…she just needs space, so I'll give her some space." With that we were on Sharpedo's Bluff, he had looked around.

"In here…" With that I pushed away the bush that hid my home…well my previous home. I had walked down the stairs and looked around. The barrels in the corner of the room were where I had previously left them. It hadn't looked like anyone had found this place. My straw bed had been in the same place, along with the stack of hay in case I ever had company…which rarely happened.

"So this is your place? It's nice." He commented, setting a stack of hay down in the corner. He looked out through the teeth of the cliff. The waves would occasionally crash against the side, leaving a cool breeze to come in from the outside. But at the moment, the moon lay over the ocean, which was calm. Its still waters reflecting the silver moon.

"Nice view…"

"Only in the mourning…maybe you'll stay up long enough to see it." He had made another bed as I brought wood up and went to start a fire. Once the fire had started, I handed Grovyle an apple; I had sat on my bed, looking at the fire watching its flame flicker as if forming shapes and figures.

"You know that watching fire supposedly gives you the answer to your problems…" Grovyle had said, I had seen the fire's glow on his face. His eyes were enchanted with it.

"Really? Oh, so uh…what do you see?" I asked, taking a bite out of my apple.

"When I look at fire, I see the end result of my goal…" I had gazed to the fire, seeing myself being strong and proud, standing up to the people who had constantly made me live in fear my entire life.

"Whats yours look like…?" I asked, he had slightly looked to me. He had looked back to the fire, and he had not wanted to tell me. He had taken awhile to answer me, as if he had wanted to hide what he could see. He had sighed sadly, closing his eyes for a moment before taking a bite of the apple.

"I see…the future…my future." He was a determined guy, so he would complete his goal, no matter what. But he had avoided the question, I guess he hadn't trusted me completely yet.

"Oh…well I hope it comes true." He had looked up quickly, his smile soon faded.

"Ya… me too." With that he had turned away from me. He cautiously looked to me before finally laying in the straw, looking at the ceiling. I had done the same initially but I couldn't shake this feeling of uncertainty.

"I'll be right back… I just need to clear my head." I quietly said, getting up and walking to the stairs.

"Hey," He called out and I turned around. I looked back in acknowledgement and he spoke.

"Remember what I said…"

"Ya…I-I will." I said, stepping out the door and sitting on the top of Sharpedo's Bluff. I needed to think, all this wondering is making my chest so tight, like I struggle to breathe just thinking about it. I know something is going to happen...something is going to change, I just hope everything is going to be ok...because it just has to be.

Basil's POV

"I don't know...could they have really come back?" I said as the rest of the guild had stood there silent. We were sitting in my room, the room that had remained empty for about a week. They had locked their doors, having a late night chat before going to bed.

"I don't think so...I mean that could be anything..." Bidoof had said, sitting on his back legs. Sunflora and Loudred had stood beside one another. They exchanged a quick glance. The two had been acting strange lately…like weirder than normal. Both liked each other…so what could be going on between the two now?

"I think you miss them so much you may be starting to imagining things..." Sunflora had said, but I had thought back to the aura...three different auras… pink…and green? How peculiar?

"I know that I'm not...if I was I wouldn't have seen the aura..." I don't think aura plays tricks…colors are true emotions…but I wasn't sure if it was my friends. I thought that it may have been, but what if I was wrong. What if it was some wondering travelers that got here? Could I have mistaken the three people?

" you think it's really them?" Chimicho had asked as I had silently nodded. She smiled, waving her bell to create a happy balance.

"If it is them...don't you think they would come straight to the guild?" Bidoof had chimed in. They others had shook their heads in agreement and I leaned back against the wall looking to the moon that shown through my window. To be honest, I didn't know…maybe.

"I honestly think that they would… " They would probably come straight to the guild, they probably missed me as much as I missed them. But if they didn't come at this hour I would understand…the guild itself was locked.

"Well I wonder what the future looks like, I hope its as amazing as Dusknoir said." I wondered what the future was like. Was it the same, different, more advanced, void of life…I didn't know…but when Sam and Summer ended up in the Dimensional Hole, did I imagine them getting pulled in? Did they really just fall in? Would Dusknoir bring them back? Is that the third person I saw? And speaking of the future was everything okay with the time gears? Disasters were still going on even though the time gears were returned to their spots…but why?

"Well if it is them, so I guess we'll find out tomorrow."

"Ya...I guess we will." They had all stood walking out of the room slowly.

"Night Basil..." They had all said, waving before exiting the room.

"Night guys…" I had said back. I had put out the light in my room, laying on my back and trying to get some sleep but it had seemed like I was something had just seemed off. I had run off before I really knew if I saw my friends. I had thought I did...but could that really be them...? I tried to ignore the thoughts, trying to sleep, ending up dreaming again...

*Dream Scape*

"I thought I told you not to trust her..." I could hear this voice in my head. I was blind, I couldn't see… so I yelled out blindly.

"Trust is earned, not giving…she earned it…"

"Trust is also broken, it crumbles under pressure…it is unreliable, weak, and pointless." I could feel my emotions well up inside me; I wanted to scream and yell. I balled up my fists.

"Trust is not pointless…" I quietly mumbled.

"What was that…?" I closed my eyes, feeling my energy power through me. I opened my eyes to see a faint blue glow around me.

"Trust is not pointless! Trust is the gateway to your soul, trust is shared among friends, and trust connects us all! I don't have to worry about betrayal or uncertain relationships, because the people I've come to trust have earned it…completely!" I yelled, by paws glowing a bright blue.

"So…you have poor judgment in trust…same difference. You trusted your girlfriend to be committed and to have an honest relationship with you…but yet she struggles in deciding." I was feeling my lungs rush for air, as if I could hardly breathe. What? I-I don't understand.

"Its not like I just can't trust her...I love her." I said back blankly. It had been a long time…almost a year, since I had started dating her.

"You loved the wrong person..." I shook my head again.

"What?" I stood, trying to understand what was going on.

"I told you to watch her and him and you didn't...I told you she would betray you...that's next..." The voice had faded away, leaving me to chase it blindly...she...she couldn't...she wouldn't. No, No...NO!

"No! I didn't love the wrong person, I don't believe that…not for a second…" With that the voice had chuckled away, fading into the darkness that I had tried to chase it into.

"What!? Wait! Come back!"

*End of Dream*

"No!" I yelled, sitting up. I was panting. I was so scared, losing the people I care about. I can't lose her…she was the closest thing I had to a family… so I don't want to lose that. Sam is also part of my family, I can't lose my brother… this team is all I have…

I had sat silently, looking to see it was still dark outside. I had walked to the window, jumping out and climbing on the face of the cliff. Reaching the guild's top, I had looked down at the village below… it was quiet, simple and happy. I had walked down the stairs, feeling a familiar scene in the air…who was here? I had shrugged it off going back to the beach to see if my friends would arrive. I would wait an eternity if I had to.

"Where are you guys?" I silently said, watching the waves as they rolled across the coast. The cold water had grazed my feet and I shuttered at the touch of its coldness. I had looked up to the sky, looking at the dark calm of the sky. The star were always mystifying, light up the sky…I had looked to the moon seeing a star shoot passed it and along the sky.

"Quick better make a wish" I thought to myself silently. I knew what I was going to wish for.

"I wish that everything was the way it used to be…" I didn't have Summer...or Sam. I was bothered...and I just wanted people to be around me...I didn't...I didn't want to be alone any more.

Sam's POV

"Hey…" I heard a familiar voice behind me. I had turned seeing Summer standing there. She had just waved to me as she wondered down the steps to my home.

"Hey…" I had quietly said, but it had seemed she hadn't heard me. I had looked back, seeing the stars and moon in their final races in claiming the sky. The sun would be up soon. I was sure she had thought this over…a lot.

It had seemed to be a while, but I gazed up at the stars, seeing one shoot across the sky. Its bright blue flash shooting across the sky with such grace.

"I wish that everything was the way it used to be…" I whispered. A twinkle flashed on the star, but as quickly as it was here, it was gone. I could tell, the morning light was starting to come up over the horizon.

"Hey…" I turned to see Grovyle coming up. He had looked to me, walking up next to me.

"What's up…?" He had smiled, looking to the ground for a moment. He had chuckled.

"I heard you…" I had quickly felt my face turn red, and I shyly looked away.

"Oh…ya did?"

"Ya, and I just think that's sad, for you. I mean you want this, I can see it on your face. But you would rather, have things go back to normal simply because you can hold out?" He said, I felt my face turn red, it was true. But I couldn't steal her from someone else, its not in my nature.

"I can't, I'm not brave enough to even tell her…"

"Your right…" He said, and I looked to him to see him close his eyes. His arms folded across his chest as he sighed sadly.

"Your not brave enough to tell her…but your brave enough to show her, you fought when no one else would. I had given up, in the future. And when I had found out, I was certain my dream would die along with us. But you didn't, and you had continued to fight…why?" That was true, in the future, I hadn't given up… I fought, to save us.

"I-I don't know…I remembered all the times I couldn't stand up for myself and fight…but that's when…." I had stopped, and I had realized, Summer was the reason…she was always beside me, giving me a reason to fight, because she fights and covers me when I need it.

"Summer…she would, when I saw that she couldn't fight…I knew that I had to because she would have done it for me." With that Grovyle had chuckled, slapping a paw on my shoulder.

"Ya know…I would have said the same thing…she's always been that way I suppose…even if she doesn't remember. Her and I were a formidable team, her dimensional scream revealed the time gears and it worked because she trusted me…"

"Dimensional Scream only works with a trusted partner?" He nodded.

"But she saw visions just shortly after she met me…" He nodded again.

"Doesn't that show just how much she trusted you…" I smiled, we had had a conversation about trust…I didn't trust her too much at the time…but I'm glad that I trusted her now.

"Ya, she's a reminder…just like this." I had shown Grovyle my mark, my treasure. He had studied it for a moment.

"I've never seen anything like that…" I nodded.

"Ya, Summer had never seen it either…but even if she had…she wouldn't have remembered…"

"I wouldn't have had it any other way…"

"It must be hard, for her not to remember you…" I mentally hit myself, I can't believe I said that.

"I'm glad, amnesia gave her a second chance at life…she doesn't remember the darkness of the future, or the struggles that had made it so hard…but I'm sad because she forgot the struggles that made her want to come here in the first place, or why we are trying to change the future…but I think what make me sad the most…is that… she forgot… me." A tear had streamed down his face, but he had quickly wiped it away.

"Ya… that is sad, but at least you remember…" With that he smiled, and nodded.

"And I will treasure them always." The sun was beginning to come up, and it had shot the first glances of the sun toward us. The gleam of orange and yellow slashed across the sky, still soft enough to be seen without a strong glare. Grovyle had smiled, looking back to me.

"The sun sure is pretty…" He said.

"Ya, and to think I had actually had taken it for granted before all this." He had stood beside me, and we gazed at the sun as it drowned out the stars from the night before.

"Don't take anything for granted, because one day…it may just vanish." He said, his words had seemed odd…a little out of place, but it didn't bother me…he was just talking about something else.

So I am going to cut it off here...simply because each chapter should emphasize on one thing... this chapter emphasizes on irony...hope you guys caught all of it. So uh...don't kill me, don't flame me because this chapter isn't what you expected...*cough cough* And yes, I know its short...but I cut this thing in half, the next chapter is done. I'll post that soon...uh...ya...bye guys!

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