PMD: Love in the Abyss of Time

Alive with the Beating of a Young Heart

So this is the next chapter of our amazing saga! This chapter was hard to no joke…please be patient…this was the hardest piece to write and now everything is beginning to fall into the place I want it to…so back off! :P So much drama! So be prepared to hate, but then love…again.

Summer's POV

"Treeshroud Forest?" Grovyle swiftly nodded his head as we walked along, trying to get there.

"It's the only area that doesn't have a guardian…so it's the easiest one to get." He said as we reached the entrance to a giant forest. I looked up trying to see the tops of the trees but I couldn't, they must have been really big. I slowly walked behind Grovyle as he guided us through the dungeon.

"Oh, well that's smart." He nodded in agreement as we continued walking. I was honestly hoping I would get to go home soon, the guild didn't even know we were back yet. Basil was probably still wondering if or when we would come back. He didn't know if we were safe or in danger or even alive…he must have been so worried about us. Basil…don't give up on us, we're coming to you soon.

"Summer, hurry up!" Grovyle yelled out, tearing me from my thoughts. We had walked through the giant forest, seeing vines run up the trees and sit along the floor. I ran up to him, following him closely until otherwise. Grovyle walked in front of me, Sam walked beside me. He had seemed distant, farther to reach then his normal self.

I was avoiding his gaze, the same way I'm sure he was avoiding mine. Things wouldn't be the same…how could they? After everything that had gone on the night before…how could things ever go back to the way things were? This was a discussion that was eventually going to happen, whether I liked it or not. But was there anything to talk about? Did I simply imagine that kiss the I inturrupted?

"What are you thinking about?" Sam shyly asked. I looked up from the ground for a moment to see him twiddling his fingers nervously. It was the same habit I had, that nervous tick. I quickly looked back at the floor.

"I'm not thinking about anything…" I lied, and he quickly looked up. His lip twitched for a moment before he looked at the green grove that was all around the forest floor. He looked away for a moment a slight smirk on his face before he turned back to me.

"Are you lying to me right now?" I gasped at the fact that he had known. It was always so hard to tell him something that wasn't true. But I was determined to cover it up. He waited in response for my answer. If I didn't answer quickly my cover would be blown. I had to say something now.

"Nope…" I answered quickly. He simply scanned me for the answer before shrugging his shoulders and dropping the subject. I sighed in relief that he had left the conversation at that. I was willing to do anything to avoid a conversation at this point. I needed more time, even that was becoming an invalid factor. Time did not exist in the future, so time now was scarce… I shouldn't be wasting it on this.

"Oh…okay then." He quietly said, crossing his arms as his eyes wondered away from me. I sighed, this was so hard. I wish I had someone to talk to about all of this. I needed advice, this was a decision I couldn't make on my own…as much as I would have liked to. I couldn't talk to either of my teammates about this…they were the problem this time.

Sam had quickly looked to me and grabbed my arm. He shyly looked at me for a quick second. I felt pressured, stressed.

"I wanted to talk to you about-" His sentence was interrupted by Grovyle, who simply turned around and looked at us.

"We're here." Sam released my arm, sighing in defeat. He looked pained at what he could not finish. I silently sighed out a breath of relief. Thank you Grovyle…you're a life saver. I quietly looked around Grovyle, seeing a floating gear in the air. It looked like a gear from an old watch, but it floated and glowed a bright green and blue.

It sparkled in the air with such grace. It rested on a stone pedestal in the middle of the forest. I felt my heart racing as I stared at it. Grovyle had turned back to me, a slight smirk on his face.

"I guess some things never change…" He silently muttered. I figured he was talking about my reaction toward the time gear. He remembers how I used to be…where I came from…who I am…there was so many questions I wanted to ask him.

"So…that's a time gear…do we take it?" I looked around, seeing the area remained still. The area remained grey despite the fact that a time gear was there. Why? What was the reason for time acting this way?

"Yes..." Grovyle said, going to grab the time hear. Sam quickly yelled to him. Grovyle stopped in his tracks, stopping mere centimeters from the gear.

"Are you sure we should take the time gear? I mean, the area is grey…"Sam said quietly, looking behind him cautiously.

"Then what difference will it make? Besides, that just means Temporal Tower's collapse has already started…we need to take it." Grovyle said. He quickly took the time gear and placed it in the treasure bag.

At first the area had seemed to remain at its grey. I looked around cautiously for any signs of a difference. Grovyle looked around for a moment, stopping his gaze at me with a slightly annoyed look.

"See I told you-"Without warning, the area grew darker, much like the future's darkness. I gasped, scared of the darkness that ran throughout the area. I quickly backed away from the pedestal and looked up to the sky.

"I told you! We shouldn't be messing with this!" Grovyle quickly stepped closer to me. He glared at me. His yellow eyes ran through me in the darkness.

"If we don't, the world is going to end. Would you like that instead?" He asked sarcastically. I grit my teeth in anger. I silently sighed, letting him pass me and head in the other direction. He was heading back home, I quickly followed.

The world was going to end if we didn't do this? It was a lot to take in; I was surprised Grovyle had agreed to do this the first time. It was hard to believe I was once completely on board with the idea of saving the world…just think a whole world depending on you, and you ask for nothing in return.

We walked home, watching the sun go down. I sighed; I guess we would go one more day without going to the guild. I sure missed everyone that was there. We silently walked through town and into Sharpedo's Bluff.

The sun went down and the fire glowed in front of us. I held onto my knees and sighed. Grovyle sat on the other end of the fire and Sam sat in his bed beside me. I looked at Grovyle and noticed his gaze was fixed on Sam. I whipped my gaze to Sam to see he was looking at me, I quickly looked down.

I need to sleep; I am tired of this avoiding confliction. I have to sleep. I closed my eyes tight, turning to the teeth of the cliff and watching the moon as it went on by. I sighed, if I could only soar along with it…let my problems pass, like it does in the night. I tried to relax, but I found it was only making matters worse.

Time continued to pass. I tossed and turned at night, trying to rest comfortably in my bed. I was finding it very hard to do so and I looked back to see Sam sleeping peaceful, his locket was clenched in his hand. He was so close with that locket, why? He had mentioned his personal treasure awhile back, but the way he gripped it in his hand it had seemed more personal. I slowly got up and crawled over to Sam's sleeping form. I gently pried his fingers from it and looked into his locket, and I felt my heart drop.

There in the picture frame was his parents, it was such a happy picture. Sam had previously mentioned that his parents had passed away; from the looks of it that locket was all he had left of them. I felt a tear stream down my face at the realization that Basil and Sam were the same in that perspective. Both didn't have parents in their lives; that was why they had been such good friends…they…they never had a figure to grow up with; all they had, was each other.

I wiped the tear from my eye looking at Grovyle to see him still asleep. I silently crawled back to my bed. I was lying on my back as I silently wait for the day to come. I couldn't sleep with everything that was on my mine. Who was I really? Was I the same or different from what I was then? Could he tell me what I was like as a human? Is the world going to plunge into chaos if we don't get all of the time gears? All these questions fished around in my head for a while, it was hard to sleep.

I shut my eyes tightly, listening to the crackling fire behind me. The glow from the cave mixed in with the dark afternoon sky. I heard subtle shuffling in the back ground but decided not to turn back. It may have just been Grovyle or Sam moving into a more comfortable position. I gently lay my head back on the hay, waiting for the day to come.

I sat there and waited for a long time it seemed I might never fall asleep. I watched the moon slowly rise in the air, bright yellow as it finally sank back over the horizon. The sun was coming up soon. I heard that shuffling in the back ground again and I slowly perked up my head and turned back to see Grovyle was no longer there. In his place sat a note.

I sat straight up, why would Grovyle leave? I got up and walked over to Sam's bed gently waking him up.

"Sam, hey Sam…" He groaned, rolling over to face me. He sat up, rubbing his eyes with a loud yawn.

"What is it now?" He said, slightly annoyed. I felt my lip twitched as I got the note from Grovyle's bed and handed it to Sam. He scanned the paper with his eyes, squinting to make sure he had read the information correctly.

"What's it say?" I asked. He handed me the note, and gestured to read it myself. I scanned the paper, reading it as I heard Sam get up.

Hello Sam and Summer,

I am sorry you had to find out this way…but I have left to find the remaining time gears. I left you guys with an important job though so don't feel bad. I need help in collecting the time gears, spreading the truth is the most important thing. You need to spread the word about us so that way collecting gears won't end in fighting. Also, you guys have to find a place called the Hidden Land, it's very important. I am counting on you guys…

Good Luck in your part,


I was speechless. He left us with the hardest job, great. I now knew we could go to the guild for help. They could help us in spreading the word. I missed them a lot anyway. I heard Sam crack his fingers as he sat up and stretched. I walked to the door. I looked back to see him look to his locket and put it behind his bandanna. I wanted to question his past but decided against a painful conversation.

"Let's go…" I said, walking out the door. I tied my red ribbon around my neck, happy that we could go back. Sam slowly walked up the steps and looked up the cliff to see the guild. He looked away for a moment, looking to the ground as thoughts must have run through his head. But eventually he looked to me and nodded.

"Go…" He said quietly, sounding a bit hurt. I smiled turning around quickly to face the direction of the town.

I darted off in the other direction as soon as Sam nodded. I could feel happy tears stream down my face as I ran as fast as I could. I ran past the shops, not stopping to answer the questions of how I got back. I ran up the steps, almost falling as I darted to the open tent, other apprentices were walking out and I scanned the crowd for that one face. Sunflora, Loudred, Bidoof, Chimicho…they all silently stepped aside revealing the person I had searched for. I could see him walking slowly in the back with his face hung low.

"Basil!" I yelled as loud as I could, seeing his face dart up from the floor. He stared at me in disbelief along with the other apprentices who simply stepped aside with smiles.

"S-Summer?" He muttered softly, blinking quickly as if what he was seeing may have just been imaginary. I ran faster, passing the first person in the crowd.

"I'm back!" I screamed, jumping on the surprised Riolu. He fell backwards as I wrapped my arms around his neck tightly. I was hugging him as tight as I could. He was lying on his back now, finally knowing that this may have not been a dream. He slowly slid his hands around my waist, hugging me tightly. I was so happy I was here with him; I had missed him so much.

"Y-you really are back…" He whispered to me. I buried my face into his neck.

"I missed you so much…" I said, pulling back from my hug. He looked at me with soft red eyes and smiled.

"I missed you too…" He leaned up and kissed me. I felt my heart race as his lips touched mine. I kissed him back, pushing him down. I ran my hands up to his shoulders, closing my eyes. I felt tears stream down my face as I kissed him, they were happy tears. I felt myself smile as I slowly pull away. He smiled up at me, tears streaming down his face from the corner of his eyes.

"Why are you crying?" I asked him, and he simply hugged me tightly again.

"I'm just so happy. My heart can rest easy knowing your back with me…" I felt myself smile at the sentence. He quickly wiped away the tears and smiled at me.

"Why were you crying?" I smiled, closing my eyes for a moment. He truly cared for me; he respected me, trusted me and worried about me as much as I did for him. In the future, I missed him…he was here, at home…my home.

"I just realized how important you are to me…" I said, kissing him once more. I then hugged him, laying on him for what seemed like hours. I looked around noticing the others were staring at us, so I got up and helped him to his feet.

"How are you here?" Sunflora had asked me, I looked around seeing the entire guild here. Sam had slowly walked up the stairs coming into my view in the back of the crowd. A lot of other questions were asked.

"What's the future like?"

"Did Dusknoir help you get back?"

"What ever happened to Grovyle?"

"I can tell you…" He quietly muttered, and everyone turned to hear what he had to say.

"The future…is a nightmare." Everyone gasped at Sam's accusation. He frowned slightly, continuing with the story.

"It's dark, and scary. Many things we have now are no longer in existence. The sun does not shine; it remains dark at all hours of the day… Grovyle helped us get back…he's the good guy." Sam paused for a moment, looking at me.

"He was taking the time gears to put them in Temporal Tower and save time… and Dusknoir…Dusknoir is a liar, he tried to kill us. He's part of a group that wants the future to remain in darkness. We have to find a place called the Hidden Land because that's where Temporal Tower is…" Everyone had remained silent for a while. Basil gripped my hand tighter, I heard him sigh quickly.

"I know it's hard to believe…" Sam added as Chatot stepped forward; he frowned as he walked to Sam.

"You expect me to believe that? Dusknoir, the greatest explorer of our time, is supposedly a bad guy? And Grovyle is a good guy who is trying to save the world? Ha, if only…" Chatot scoffed at the story. He looked at everyone else, who seemed to go along with what he had said. All had shared a confused glance.

"Anybody actually believe this story?" Everyone had remained silent, shaking their heads. Basil looked at me, and I looked to Sam. Sam bit his lip nervously, hoping the reaction would have been better then what he got. Everyone was against him… and I felt bad about it.

"I-I do…" Basil spoke up; he stood up for justice the most. I was surprised he would believe this story so easily but he had to trust us, we were a team… we were family. He was placing his trust in us… I smiled at the secure accusation of his words.

"Really?" Chatot spoke up; I glared over at him as his voice sounded so cold. His words seemed harsh and unforgiving, like he had wanted others to be against us.

"I-I believe them too!" Sunflora started, and the others soon followed. WigglyTuff and Chatot looked at one another, exchanging a quick glance before WigglyTuff stepped forward.

"Okay, everyone is on the same page…We now start our efforts to save the world!" WigglyTuff cheered, the apprentices on the other hand had just stared, most frowned at his words.

"Um…Guild master… you say all of us… but Chatot doesn't agree with us, he's against the idea; remember?" Loudred hissed.

"Oh don't worry about him…he believed Sam all along, he wanted to see your trust in him." We all looked to the bird, who had a funny face plastered on.

"I guess…there's no fooling you huh, Guild master?" Chatot giggled as he chirped a happy tune.

"See, a loving friendship does connect us all…" Basil's grip had tightened at those words and I looked at him. His face looked pale at the words. I touched his shoulder, whispering in his ear.

"Is something wrong?" I questioned.

"No…I'm fine…everything's the way it should be…" He muttered quietly. I felt my heart drop, everything was the same…but was it the way it should be? Why was he pale like that?

"So where do we start Chatot?" Sam questioned.

"Ask the elder…he'll tell you… everyone else…spread word of their tale that way Grovyle doesn't have to fight for the Time Gears." The Torkcoal that was lying on the rocks a few months ago? I shrugged my shoulders; I supposed that made more sense than wondering around aimlessly.

"Okay, we'll go tomorrow." So Basil, Sam and I all took the day to catch up, we estimated how many Time Gears we thought Grovyle could get in on day…to which I said two. We slept, waking up to our usual morning cheers.

"Smiles go for miles!" We cheered, hurrying out pace to the

"Okay, to the hot springs." I said, pushing through the crowd to the stairs.

"Basil, Sam, it's time to go…" I said as I began walking down the stairs as the others followed close behind. We made it to the waterfall and jumped through. I walked besides Basil, remembering the memories between us the last time we were here. He asked me out here… I felt my face turn to fire as I remembered.

"Summer…" I heard my name being called. I was pulled away from my thoughts as I heard Sam call. I turned to see Sam standing there with his hands twiddling nervously.

"Ya?" I shyly asked.

"I…uh…well…" He mumbled, trying hard to speak. I felt my breath get stuck in my throat. I hated these awkward conversations that were recently happening. I tried to shut the words out, hoping I could just fake the conversation. I crossed my arms over my chest, hoping that acting tough my just save me.

"I don't have time for this Sam…"

"Listen, we have to talk about this sooner or later…so stop running from me." He said, darting his eyes in another direction. I felt my heart pound. I was now certain I couldn't avoid it, and what's worse is that it had actually caught up to me…

"Hmm…." I hummed moving back to Basil. I was avoiding him… I had hoped that maybe all this would just blow over, maybe then our lives could just go back to normal. But he said we would talk about this… great… this is just great.

"Is something wrong? You seem a bit distant today…" Basil quietly muttered, I felt my eyes dart up to him as I quickly smiled. I knew that he could read my mind, so even if he was slightly curious, he could search my thoughts… I gulped at the thought.

"Oh, uh…nothing… I've just been thinking about stuff…" I said, gripping his hand tightly.

"Oh…well you can always tell me…" He said, sounding a bit shaken in his statement. There he was again, sounding a bit unsure…and it was unlike him. He was always sure, even when others weren't.

"I know…" I answered, trying to assure him. But I wasn't so sure anymore…how could I be?

Basil's POV

I was always sure…that much was the same. But now, I wasn't… I wasn't sure if my dreams were in fact coming true…or why I was having them to begin with. It was like someone had wanted me to feel this way, twisted…angry…hateful…but why?

"You guys ready to push the button?" I said, pushing the thoughts aside for a quick moment. I was looking at the gigantic gem in front of me. Summer had nodded, but Sam had remained quiet…

"Sam…what's the matter?" I asked. He quickly looked up at me, his face red in embarrassment.

"I-I can't swim…" He admitted. Summer quickly looked behind her to him. Her eyes locked in a daze. She must have been lost in her own thoughts…

"Take a deep breath and jump…" I said, not sure how to act on the situation. But he nodded as I pushed the button.

"Are you ready to take the plunge?" I asked Summer. Her face turned a pale color as she, gripped my hand tightly.

"I'm taking the plunge with you…" She said quickly. I didn't know what she meant by it. I was actually confused. Her ears flattened against her head and I debated on her thoughts…maybe if I looked and saw what she was thinking about…I could help…

But I remembered about how when I first met her, she had told me not to… maybe I was thinking too much into the statement. I didn't need doubt…not even for a second. I pushed the thoughts away as I saw the water. The water rushed to us, swallowing us up and shooting us up through the tops of the cave. We flew through the air, landing in water with a splash, the water was warm so I knew it was the Hot Springs.

"Argh! Oh...oh it's you young kids again..." He muttered, trying to catch his breath. We all quickly stood up, shaking the water from our fur and quickly asked him about the hidden land.

"Do you know anything about it?" He sadly shook his head.

"I only know it's a land lost in time...and you need a key to get there...oh but if only I could remember." He looked at the ground sadly, I didn't think he would remember.

"I believe it has something to do with proof. You have to prove you are allowed to be there." He said no more, and honestly it was sad, I had hoped for better. But we walked home, as I walked beside Summer, I twirled an aura sphere in my hand.

"Can't believe this was a waste, maybe tomorrow will be better…" She quietly muttered. Sam gave a quick glance back at her, to which she quickly looked away. Those two… so odd in their own way… but I hope they aren't fighting. We walked up to the guild down to the first floor to see how no one was there, I walked down to the second floor and smiled as the entire guild yelled.

"Welcome Home!" They all smiled, I knew this was for Sam and Summer in their return home. I guess they spent the entire day planning this out.

"You guys didn't have to do this!" Sam quietly mentioned.

"We missed you guys, so go get ready, we are throwing a party!" Sunflora squealed. WigglyTuff and the others nodded in agreement.

"A party?" I asked as the boys of the guild dragged me and Sam to the other end of the room. I looked for one last glance at Summer who shrugged her shoulders with a smile. The girls had grabbed her arm dragging her to the other end of the room.

"Aw, this is going to be perfect!" WigglyTuff yelled, dragging Chatot to his room.

I was trying to look go for tonight, since this would be a classy party. I found my tux and flower and was ready to go for the night.

"I still can't believe I have to wear this kind of suit." I exclaimed, looking in the mirror as my friend Sam checked the mirror beside me. His eyes sparkled in excitement. I could feel my heart race, no doubt, I was excited too. I hid my emotions, smirking before Sam pulled me away from my thoughts.

"I don't know, I mean we do look good...I think. " He chuckled, doing a 180 degree turn to see himself in the mirror. I stifled a laugh. I was looking back at the mirror. We were excited, and it doesn't hurt to look good for my little season.

"Can't argue with that..." I looked in the mirror, seeing my body wrapped into a black suit. I had my black tie in hand, tying it around my neck. It was a tie, and it suited the occasion so perfectly. My undershirt, white. My flower was a rose, tied in for the special occasion. A clean cut suit, just for a one night uh, unique. But I couldn't deny that I did like seeing myself in it.

I looked to Sam, having his suit to match mine. His silver eyes were shuffling up and down his suit, looking for any imperfection. He was excited about tonight, I didn't blame him. It was an occasion suited for happiness. My friends had come back to me, traveling their way through the future. I hadn't seen Summer in almost a month, and tonight would be special, I had missed her more than any one person should miss another.

WigglyTuff said it had to be formal...personally I think he just wanted to wear the tux. WigglyTuff was awkward like be honest.

"So you do have someone in mind? You know, the person you're going to dance with?" I said, flattening down my suit. I turned to see Sam's face glow a bright red. He quickly stopped, his eyes widening, he almost choked.

"No! I mean, no one..." I smiled. I knew who I would ask, given I had the chance. But I would be certain to get to dance with her, no doubt.

"You going to dance with Summer?" He asked, I felt heat traveled across my face. I always wanted to dance with her, and I honestly didn't think too much into the fact.

"I think I have an idea..." I smiled, turning to Sam. I gestured to my body. Turning and fixing my tie. The memories flowed into my head, making my skin turn purple. I just wanted to be presentable, everything would be perfect, for her.

"Do I look good...?" He gave me a confused look, and turned a bright red.

"Uh, well I um..." He stood in silence. I laughed, realizing how I made that sound. I scratched the back of my head, chuckling.

"No homo." I said rolling my eyes, he just laughed, nodding his head.

"Of course you look good." He gestured to his body. He asked the same question. I gave him proud thumbs up, signaling his appearance.

"Same." I walked to the door, hearing footsteps outside my door. That must have been the other boys. They were heading out to the dance floor, so I guess that means it's time to go.

"You ready?" I asked as Sam stood beside me, sighing before standing up straight. His nervous appearance told me he had never done this before.

"Ready." We walked into the room, not seeing any of the girls...yet. We all waited in the room. The girls still nowhere to be seen. The guild master came out of the room, dragging an embarrassed Chatot to the dance floor. His face said one thing 'I really don't want to be here'. We all laughed, Chatot did need to relax, and WigglyTuff balanced him out perfectly. The two friends continued spinning around the room.

"Come on Chatot, dance with me!" WigglyTuff wailed, spinning Chatot around and around until Chatot's face was beginning to turn green. He was ready to collapse to the floor, WigglyTuff dragged Chatot's feet around the dance floor, getting smiles and smirks for us.

"Please! Make it stop!" Chatot was on his way to barf, the music began to play...and the girls shuffled into the room. Chimicho was wearing a simple blue dress, curving to her body as she rung her bell as she entered the room. She smiled brightly, swaying into the room. She exchanged words amongst the smiled winking at most of the boys. I rolled my eyes, such a flirt.

Sunflora walked in behind her, she wore a green dress, ruffles matching her flowers. She had a white flower rose. She smiled widely, running in her dress up to Loudred who just turned red. That boy just needed to admit his love for that girl, I mean boy's got the mouth for it.

Anyway, it seemed all the girls had come out, except for one. She stood there, hiding in the shadows. She smiled, and I stood in the middle of the room, awe struck. Sunflora turned back at her, running back and coaxing her to come out, forcing her to make an appearance. The lights shinned brightly across the dance floor, pointing at the door.

My heart skipped a beat as she walked into the light and I saw, Summer wearing a simple black dress. A white rose as her corsage, her bangs framing her face making her absolutely stunning. The whole world seemed to stop as I watched her walked across the room, she said nothing, but I could tell this was new for her. She quickly looked at me, and I shot her a smile.

I smiled, as she rubbed her arm and her face turned red. The music had just started, and dancers were beginning to take the floor. I could feel how nervous I was, curse slow songs. They made me nervous, and my heart was already beating out of my chest. Well that's okay, I walked over to Summer, who was sitting at a table hiding her face. She didn't look up, I moved my tie, feeling it choking me and leaving me with less air then I wanted. I tried to think, but my mind was blank...just great.

"Why are you hiding such a beautiful face?" I asked smiling. My heart skipped a beat as she looked up at me. She smiled, then frowned looking back at the center piece for the table.

"So I don't get noticed..." She frowned, looking back at the table. She was trying to hide? Hopefully it wasn't from me, but I hesitated to touch her shoulder. I shook my head, holding my hand out to her. A single thought ran through my mind, I had to get her to dance with me. I opened my mouth, speaking with a sinking feeling in my chest, it slipped out, but exactly what I wanted to hear.

"Well, I noticed. Care to dance?" She smiled, taking my hand in hers as we walked over to the dance floor. She squeezed my hand, and I looked at her reassuringly. I heard the song change, to Faithfully by Journey.

Highway run

The dancers took the dance floor, twirling around us. I turned my head to see Sam getting the first dance with Sunflora, though it raised a few questions in my mind, I shook it off, focusing on the girl I was with.

Into the midnight sun Wheels go round and round

They all seemingly danced around us, I slowly took her hand in mine. I wrapped my arm around her, as she moved her hands around my neck. We slowly danced, the whole world seemed to stop as I looked at her, her gaze never left mine as we danced around the floor. She smiled, turning away her face becoming a dark red. She was the only thing I was thinking about.

You're on my mind

I blushed as she just stared at me, I could feel myself and how nervous I was becoming. I had been dating her for some time, and I had never been happier. My heart sped up, I was so happy.

Restless hearts Sleep alone tonight Sending all my love along the wire

I thought of everything, it would be perfect. I got close to her ear, whispering as her body just trembled in my arms. Her shivered reaction was nervous… like she was scared.

"I have something to tell you..." I said nervously. I was smiling at her, my heart beating out of my chest. I leaned closer to her, pulling her closer toward my chest. I am sure she heard the fragile beating of my heart. It was beating so quickly.

They say that the road Ain't no place to start a family

"Ya, what is it?" She said leaning toward me, I felt my breath get caught in my throat, it was now or never. I sucked in air, feeling its cool affect run through me.

Right down the line it's been you and me

The dancing, swaying back and forth was cool to the touch, making it fun and exciting but nerve wreaking and scary at the same time. I smiled, hearing the song as it described how I had felt.

And loving a music manAin't always what it's supposed to be

She looked at me again, her warm brown eyes connecting with me. I smiled, before looking away. I felt my heart stop as she pulled away from my chest and looked up toward me.

"Well?" She said playfully as she put her arms are my neck, I followed her example putting my hands around her waist. She looked up at me, dearingly. I smiled once again, feeling a chill run up my spine as she asked me.

Oh GirlYou stand by me

"I wanted to tell you..." I moved to the music, turning away as I spun her. She smiled as she flew back into my arms. The moment in the song was right, as I leaned in closing my eyes as I saw her do the same. I felt the warm breath between us, feeling the same anxiety as I had when I had first kissed her.

I'm forever yours

Our lips met in the middle of that song, I felt them, the soft lips of her. I pushed farther, hungry for the divine pleasure of touch. I felt myself lose control of the situation. She kissed me forcefully, in the passion. My tongue danced to the music that had suddenly faded from my mind. I touched her soft lips, gaining access, the sweet taste of her, was all mine. I was in love, with this, with her. I pulled back, leaning my forehead on hers as we both gasped for air looking at each other like we had when we had first met.


"I love you..." I said softly as the dance continued on. I don't think she heard me, but she smiled, resting her head against my chest. I smiled, happy with her happy. I didn't speak, letting the song speak what was exactly on my mind. The song soon came to an end. I slowly let her drift away, going to dance with other people.

Sam's POV

"You have to tell her! Right now, Sam!" Sunflora coaxed. She was pushing me toward Summer, who stood in the middle of the dance floor. I dug my heals into the floor trying to stop her from pushing me any farther.

"I can't…I'm too scarred, this wasn't turning out the way I thought!" I yelped out, turning around. Sunflora had that determined grin, she was going to push me into something I didn't want to do if it killed her.

"Look here she comes!" Sunflora pushed me from behind and I crashed into Summer. I quickly backed up, feeling embarrassed about the entire contact. I felt my face turn red as I shyly looked behind me for Sunflora. But she simply smiled, walking in the other direction before I could stop her. She quickly started a conversation with Loudred, simply going to the floor to dance with him as I looked back to Summer, who looked at the ground nervously.

"Uh…" I silently said dazed a bit. I didn't have a thought on my mind. It was blank, empty… no single thought was going to help me. I really wanted to finish that conversation from earlier… I also wanted to dance with her. But she quickly pushed me aside, hiding her gaze from me. She didn't talk to me, she simply walked through me like I was a walk. I grabbed her wrist not allowing her to leave. She didn't turn, nor did she say anything.

"D-dance with me…?" I muttered nervously. She slowly turned back to me, trying hard not to look at me. I felt that nervous bead of sweat drip from my forehead. She shook her head, trying once again to leave. I quickly yanked her arm and she flew into my grasp, I looked down at her and gave a sly smile at the quick motion. Her eyes didn't leave me… pools of emotion that attempted to escape in the soft tears that were forming in the corner of her eyes. She had different emotions on her face and I couldn't tell which one she was feeling toward me.

"No…" She said, and honestly…I was going to force her…we were going to talk about this. I was tired of taking the back seat in this.

"One dance won't hurt…" I said, dragging her out to the dance floor. She and I stood in the middle of the floor. I looked around the room, seeing others entranced by their partners. She had just stood looking at me, and I didn't take my eyes off her. I was talking to her as we danced around. I could hear the song Show Me What I'm Looking For by Carolina Liar come on and as I listened to the song I realized how it sounded a lot like me.

"You know why I don't want to be here…" She said softly, I frowned. I wanted to tell her that I had meant it…I wanted it to happen…I always wanted it to happen. I wanted to know how she felt.

Wait I'm wrong…

"I'm sorry… but I just want to know where you stand…" I said, trying hard not to throw up from the nervous feelings that made my body so numb. I felt my teeth go numb, I could hardly breathe without shaking.

I should have done better than this

"Well I have nothing to say on the subject." She said coldly, I honestly gasped at the statement. I know that she has something to say on the subject, you can't just let it pass…I can see it by the look in your eyes that you long to say something to me.

Please…I'll be strong

"Well maybe you should listen because I have tons…" I said, pulling her as close as I could. Her warm body was pressed up against me, making my heart beat quickly. I gulped at the speed, thinking it may explode.

I'm finding it hard to resist

"I told you that I didn't want to talk about it…" She once again tried to back up but my arms trapped her in place, I was not going to let her go without an answer. She looked up at me, frowning at me. I felt my eyes shut for a moment, taking my eyes off of the soft brown eyes that once stared at me.

Please show me what I'm looking for…

"Is it because your mad, or are you actually lost in your own decision…?" Her eyes quickly darted away from me. I sighed, feeling I had just broken the one thing that may have just kept her here.

Save me; I'm lost.

"I'm not lost, I know what I want." She said, sounding angry, I was starting to feel that way, just tell me what's on your mind. She was never forward, about anything! I wanted so desperately to know what was on her mind.

Oh lord, I've been waiting for you

"Then why can't you just tell me…that moment-" I began but was quickly interrupted by her eyes that quickly stared me down into my soul.

"That didn't happen…" She interrupted. I felt my insides stop for a moment. I was thinking about that so often now and I didn't know how to react to it.

I'll pay any cost…

"Regardless, it means something to me… and from the look on your face, it means something to you too." I quietly said, getting close to her ear. She quickly jerked back, trying to get away from the conversation. Her face turned a bright red, and she growled showing teeth.

"That look is not what you think…"

"Is it now? Care to clarify… because I really want to know what you thought about it." I was certain, she was on board with the entire thing. She had to be… the moments, I felt them…all of them. The glances and long stares, the touches that would sometimes turn into close contact between us. I smiled thinking about it, there was no way she could deny it…

To save me from being confused

"Really? You really want to know?" She looked so sad, and I felt my huge smile grow smaller. That look only meant one thing…

"Yes… I really want to know." I found myself saying, my brain had been against that saying…but my mouth kept talking for my heart that continued to beat a mile a minute.

Just show me what I'm looking for…

"Well…I…" She quickly looked away, I sighed. I wanted to hear her story, what she thought about all of this..but I wasn't sure if she wanted to continue with Basil…or try something new with me. She quickly turned away from me, letting go of my hand that she had gripped so tightly before.

Don't let go… I've wanted this far too long.

I felt like maybe this may have been a mistake; it was making me seem horrible. I just wanted to know…I wanted to know badly, and all she had to do was tell me…then I could finally say it was over…I could say I tried…I could say a lot. I had watched everything…between her and Basil but I had not vanished…or disappeared from life…I continued to want and try because I couldn't just give up on us…

Mistakes become regrets… I've learned to love abuse


Just show me what I'm looking for…

"I thought it was…"

Just show me what I'm looking for…


Just show me what I'm looking for…

"A mistake." My half smile had faded, along with my heart that had dropped into my stomach. She quickly ripped away from my grip and I felt my entire body go numb…this…this couldn't be happening. I shut my eyes tightly, all I wanted to do now was run, and honestly… I was surprised I couldn't. I opened my mouth but no words came, I felt myself repeating the statement.

Oh lord…

"You…you think…you think it was a mistake?" The music was gone… I had blocked it out. I only heard the conversation between us… but that didn't change the thing. I asked, I felt my eyes sting…I was wrong, so horribly wrong about everything. I was wrong about the other night… I should have just not said anything. She simply said nothing, stepping back with a sad look on her face, a tear streamed down her face and she quickly wiped it away. I felt my heart crush into a million pieces. I was going to cry…I couldn't stand here and not.

She quickly looked up at me, tears still slightly rolling down her face.

"Sam, I'm-"

"No! That's fine…if that's how you feel about it…" I said feeling my heart break at the words. I pushed past her and ran to the nearest ladder. I didn't stop, I just simply left. Everything I thought I had, was never mine to begin with.

Summer's POV

"What did you say to him?" Sunflora said, in a out-of-character angry tone. I felt like the bad guy, and I had hoped that this wouldn't have had to come to this.

"I…I told him the truth." I whispered, walking into my room. I sat down on my bed, looking out the window to the sky.

"No…you didn't." She said, I quickly took a glance to the door. Sunflora had stood there in her dress with her arms folded across her body. She shot an icy glare and I trembled at it, she was never angry…so this was scary.

"Ya, I did…I told him about how I felt…why is that so hard for you to believe?" I said nonchalantly.

"Because I can see it on your face; you didn't mean a single word of it." She snarled, snorting before ending with a pout.

"I meant every word… but I didn't mean for it to go that far…"

"Really? Because I think you did; you could have easily ended this, months ago… but you continued to string him along, the poor dude didn't even see it coming. He actually had hope, he trusted you…believed in you…and that's what you do to him? You broke him…"

"I didn't string him along… I didn't think that way on anything that was happening… until recently… but then it wasn't like I forced him to have that conversation with me!" I was yelling now, feeling another wave of guilt run through me. I had already felt bad enough…

"Until recently!? He wanted to have that conversation to see if you felt the same way that he did…I guess he found his answer…"

"I don't know why, that's just the way I feel about it…"

"Have you ever talked to him…about how he feels?" I shook my head slowly.

"He doesn't feel anything for me…"

"You should ask him about that too then…" She hissed at me. With that she turned back and walked out to the dance floor, leaving me in the shadows.

No…he couldn't…he wouldn't…right? No…wait…I knew that…but why? I needed to know…this just confused me more. I stood up, walking out of my room and back to the dance room. I quickly looked for the exit of the building, heading to the ladder as fast as I could. Basil stood in front of the ladder, oran berry punch in his hand.

"Hey there you are! I've been looking for you!" He said cheerfully. I smiled weakly, trying to move past him so I could follow Sam.

"Uh, ya…here I am… uh, what's up!?" I tried to say cheerfully. I honestly wanted to get out of here, I had felt so horrible about earlier…. He must have felt so hurt… no longer wondering about the entire situation.

"I just saw Sam leave kinda upset…is everything okay?" He said in a concerned tone. I smiled at his concern. I quickly stepped aside as Basil stepped behind me.

"Ya…everything's fine." He then frowned.

"Everything's not fine… I can see it written on your face…" He said solemnly. I gasped, he knew…in some way shape or form he knew I had messed up.

"I'm going to fix it…"

"Do you want me to help you?" He asked as his red eyes flashed for a moment.

"No…this is something that only I can fix…I'll be back soon." I said, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek before climbing up the ladder. I cautiously looked around the town for any sign of Sam. I needed to find him quickly.

"Sam!" I called as I ran into Sharpedo's Bluff only to find that he wasn't there. His house did not look disturbed, it looked the same way he had left it…empty. I ran back toward the beach…he had to be there…he just had to be.

"Sam!?" I yelled running to the other end of the beach. I was saddened to see I couldn't find him. I had just messed up, big time. I was about to give up when I heard shuffling in the trees nearby.

"What?" I heard a voice come from behind me, and I quickly turned to see Sam burning sticks and tossing them into the ocean. His eyes looked so distant and cold. He wouldn't even look at me. I sighed again, feeling horrible.

"Oh thank god I found you… I have to-" I began, but he quickly raised a hand at me.

"Stop…" I quickly did. I was certain he didn't want to hear what I had to say… I didn't blame him.

"Why do you keep pushing me away…?" He asked, flashing his eyes at me. I looked to see his tux was still on and the air smelled like burning wood and ocean water. I backed up, not sure what to say. He grit his teeth and I was sad…what could I tell him?

"I just…" I quickly looked away.

"Just what?" He questioned.

"I just want to know about…us" I quietly muttered the last part. I don't think he heard me though.

"Want to know what?" I felt my face burn looking away at the rolling waves for a moment.


"You don't have anything to say? Fine…I guess I can understand why… I'm going back to the guild. I'm going to figure this out on my own…as I have for the past year." He said, burning the last of the sticks in his hand and leave back to the guild. I felt another stake drive through my heart, look at what I've done.

"Wait…" He quickly stood in place.

"Can you just tell me what exactly are you trying to say!?" He yelled, balling his fists up. I felt my air get caught in my throat…what was I trying to say? I couldn't help but stare. I was standing only about a foot from him, but I moved closer as our conversation continued on. I heard footsteps run down the beach and I saw Basil, I felt my lip twitch. Basil was a reminder; Don't get lost on this…keep going.

"Hey guys…" He muttered, smiling as he rubbed his arm shyly.

"I thought I told you to stay at the guild…" I said, I felt interrupted…unheard. I just wanted to say what was on my mind.

"I was, but the town elder is here…he says it's important." We all stood in silence for a moment, exchanging glances before leaving back to the guild. We quickly ran up the stairs and into the WigglyTuff tent and slid down the ladders.

There stood the old Torkoal…he stood with a old gentle smile that old people tend to have. His old wrinkled body stood with slight lean muscle despite his old age. He looked at me and nodded.

"I remembered something very important…" We all leaned in close and waited for his reply. He looked around, making sure everyone was listening before he finally said something.

"The Hidden Land's key to get in is a symbol…an odd symbol that is not commonly found." I was thinking, but my brain was focused on other things at the moment. I heard Basil speak up.

"Odd…huh?" He looked at Sam, who looked down at his locket… sketching out the symbol with his finger. It was odd, I hadn't seen it before. I remembered when I first saw that symbol of his locket.

"Sam…what about your locket… the symbol on it…you don't think?" He nodded, showing the old Torkoal. He slowly walked up to the old tortoise, cradling his locket in hand as he stared at the turtle. The old man's eyes went wide in surprise and he pointed to it with his paw.

"That's it!" Chatot's face turned pale… WigglyTuff instantly comforted his friend. They both exchanged a worrisome glance before looking at us. WigglyTuff's green eyes shuffled between Sam, Basil and I. I cautiously looked to Chatot, his breathing hitched and slow.

"We have seen that… it rests at the edge of Brine Cave…" WigglyTuff then clapped. He began moving toward the door to his room. He was trying to hide the worried look on his face…but that promptly failed.

"I have something to do… Chatot you have to take them to Brine Cave tomorrow, I will send word to Grovyle so that way we can get this thing going.…" Chatot smiled in delight.

"Yes sir!" WigglyTuff casually rolled his eyes at the remark. Even the guild master gets annoyed at his friends constant antics.

"So you all get ready, we leave tomorrow…" We all exchanged a smile and walked back to our room. Basil quietly lay on his bed, staring at me. I felt myself smirk as I could hear soft music being played in the background.

"They are playing one more song…" I heard Sam mutter behind me. I quickly turned to Basil, who simply smiled with a nod.

"Go…" I felt myself smile and I rushed to Basil to hug him.

"Love you…" He muttered. I quickly kissed his cheek. I smiled as he did in return.

"Your amazing…" He simply smiled and laid back on his bed. I turned to see Sam smirk as he led me back out to the dance floor. Sunflora stood up, getting a dance with Loudred and I simply smiled at her as she past me.

"All right! This is that last song of the night… so grab that special someone and dance the night away, cuz here's to you…" I heard a voice call. I felt my face blush as I heard the song came on Love Somebody by Maroon 5

Sam's POV

The way I look tonight. I felt nervous, dressing so fancy. But I cautiously grabbed Summer's hand and walked out to the dance floor. I heard the music in the background. I smiled at it as I swiftly wrapped my arm around her and we shuffled across the floor. This song…represents in a way no other could.

I know your insides are feeling so hallow

And it's a hard pill for you to swallow, yeah

I was thinking to myself as I just matched her gaze. She gave me a small smile. I didn't finish that conversation from the beach…but one round of drama is better than two…depending on what it is.

But if I fall for you, I'll never recover

If I fall for you, I'll never be the same

I smiled as I simply mouthed the words to the song, spinning Summer in circles as she flawlessly turned with them. She laughed lightly as we danced.

I really wanna love somebody

I really wanna dance the night away

I know we're only half way there

But you can take me all theway, you can take all the way

I smirked at the lyrics, so perfectly chosen as the night's last song. But I thought back, how true the lyrics actually were. I wanted to be with her…just whisk me away with you.

I really wanna touch somebody

I think about you every single day

I know we're only half way there

But you could take me all the way you can take me all the way

I thought about her all the time, even when she was a pain in my ass. But all that meant was it truly was love. I was in love with her…and it pained me to be pushed away or pulled apart. My insides often felt like goo as I would talk to her. She was the person that this all started with…so I followed…because she lead.

You're such a hard act for me to follow

Love me today, don't leave me tomorrow, yeah

I was often angry when I felt like I was getting one step closer only to be pushed back further then I had been before.

But if I fall for you, I'll never recover

If I fall for you, I'll never be the same

I was often riddled with the question if 'if you actually kiss her…would you explode from excitement?' and I honestly thought that that would be the craziest thing I would ever have to do.

I really wanna love somebody

I really wanna dance the night away

I know we're only half way there

But you can take me all the way, you can take all the way

If you go, I will always follow… no matter the pain…no matter the strive…no matter what…I will never give up, never again. She simply smiled at me.

I really wanna touch somebody

I think about you every single day

I know we're only half way there

But you could take me all the way you can take me all the way

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

"What are you thinking about?" Summer smiled, touching the string to my locket. I can't start any more drama…I'm just done. I couldn't tell her now anyway… I sorta knew where we stood…although she never apologized for it… she agreed to dance with me…so in a way, this is a apology? …hmmm…

I swiftly stared at her eyes, seeing them light up as I sung the words to the song.

I don't know where to start, I'm just a little lost

I wanna feel like were never gunna ever stop

I don't know what to do, I'm right in front of you

Asking you to stay, you should stay, stay with me tonight, yeah

I was feeling better, singing what I had truly felt the entire time. She wouldn't have guessed it… but singing a song that is a constant reminder of your feelings is a good outlet…especially when they are this close to your face. I spun her around in my arms as the song ran into its last chorus.

I really wanna love somebody

I really wanna dance the night away

I smiled as her arms moved to around my neck, but it was a hug… she simply whispered into my ear as she leaned into me.

I know we're only half way there

But you can take me all the way, you can take all the way

"Sorry…for everything…" She pulled away, giving me a happy smile. I felt myself smile back, and I was just dancing that day away with that special girl.

I really wanna touch somebody

I think about you every single day

I know we're only half way there

But you could take me all the way, you can take me all the way

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

I slowly let her go, sliding my hands down her arms to her hand and held them tightly in my own. I stared down at her eyes that simply looked to me. I leaned close, whispering the final lyrics in her ear.

"You can take me all the way, you can take me all the way, yeah."

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