PMD: Love in the Abyss of Time

Somebody's gonna Drop Everything

CHAPTER 16! The fabled chapter that I actually dreamt about for many many moons….I am stoked to be here ladies and gentle men… and since we hit 200 reviews I posted this very 'unique' chapter…that's all I have to say…so anyway, enjoy.

Basil's POV

It all ends here…

That voice was always in my head now. It was bothering me to no end. It knew how to push my buttons; it knew what my weaknesses were. It knew what I cared about most, and it was beginning to affect my sleep.

"Bas, you look so tired this morning…you're sleeping with peaceful dreams right?" Summer said, touching my hand. I lay beside her on my bed. I simply lay in place, holding her hand as I rubbed my eyes with my other hand. I looked to her and simply smiled. I hadn't had a peaceful dream in a while…all I dreamt about was that voice and what it always said. Its voice was always ringing in my head, trying to get me to doubt…

"So long as I dream of a happy you…my dreams will always be peaceful." I whispered, smiling as I looked to the ceiling. She scooted closer to me, laying her head on my shoulder. I sighed in blish; this is what it was all about…being happy. I was happy, as long as she was by my side.

"Aww that's sweet…" She kissed my cheek and I felt a smile spread across my face. I quickly met her gaze, and she leaned in close to me, nestling into the crook of my neck. I melted into position with her, just letting the day slip away.

"I'm sweet huh? I'm going to smother you in it then…" I smirked, shifting my body so I lay on top of her. I simply stared at her eyes; she had blushed a deep red, showing me a small smile from the corner of her mouth.

"You were always so cute when you did that…" I whispered, touching my nose to hers. She smiled, closing her soft brown eyes for a moment. She quietly nestled into the hay bed. I looked up to see Sam still sleeping, still wearing his tuxedo from last night…figures. I looked down, seeing her resting her eyes with a small smile.

"Open your beautiful eyes, so I can be happy before starting the day…" I whispered again, smiling as I leaned in closer to her eyes. She turned her head, slowly opening her eyes. I quickly leapt up from my position, shocked that I had seen my own partial nightmare.

"Geez!" I yelped, backing across the room. She had quickly sat up, blinking in surprise.

"What?" I looked at hers eyes, seeing them a vicious red. The dark, unkind, evil eyes suddenly struck fear into my heart. I was at a loss for words and quickly rubbed my own eyes to make sure I wasn't dreaming. They remained a dark blood red, but something about it had seemed off, different. She didn't seem to notice the difference…

"Y-your eyes…they…they're red…" Her eyes went wide at my response. She quickly turned around, hiding her face from me. I reached out, only to put my hand down as she had put her face into her hands, burying them into her knees as she sat down. I suddenly felt guilty, pointing that out.

"I don't want you to see me like this…" She whispered as I sat next to her. I lifted her chin, bringing her eyes up to me. I was watching the tears in the corner of her eyes. Her bangs tried to cover them but I brushed them out of the way.

"Why not?" I asked, stroking the tears away with my finger before they could fall. I softly smiled.

"Because it's not normal…and I still don't know what causes that."

"Normal is boring...and if you want, we can figure it out together…" I said, pressing my lips to her soft, tender nose. She smiled at me, wiping the last tear from her face.

"Thank you…" I pressed up against her, curling against her warm skin. I had stroked the back of her head, softly humming a gentle tune. I sat there for a while, gently rocking back and forth as I thought of what her eyes could have meant… what did it mean? She had looked back up at me and they were no longer red… was it just a simple trick of the light?

I heard a loud yawn behind me, and I glanced back to see Sam slowly getting up from his bed and changing out of his clothes from the night before. He glanced over to Summer and I and yawned again, wiping the tears of exhaustion from his eyes.

"I didn't know you two were up…" He said softly, walking back to his bed and laying on it.

"We've been up a while; you know us…" I said, putting my chin on top of Summer's head.

"I know… how did you sleep…?" He asked, as hint of uncertainty in his voice as his eyes looked at me.

"Slept better knowing you guys are back safe and sound…" I said solemnly, and he quickly looked up, blinking quickly in response to my statement. He quickly sighed, looking away. He stared off into the distance for a while.

"Ya...I guess." He said, standing up and walking to the door. He had stood there silently, holding the frames of the doors. He glanced back, quickly turning his head and walking back out into the hallway.

"We have to go soon…" He muttered, walking farther from us and into the next room. I looked down at Summer, who had a prolonged gaze in his direction. She quickly glanced up at me, looking at me for equally as long before standing up.

"We should get going…the world needs us." She said, tying her red scarf around her neck. Her gaze was directed at me, and she held out her hand out to me.

"Coming?" I smiled, standing in response as I took her hand.

"Of course I am…whose going to keep you out of trouble?" I smirked, swirling an aura sphere in my hand as I spoke.

"Trouble? When have I ever caused trouble?" She said sarcastically touching it, it turned a soft white and she smiled. I still didn't know how she was able to turn it white, only that it looked cool. I smiled, rolling my eyes before walking out the door with her, side by side.

"You guys ready to leave?" Chatot asked us, throwing a pack over his shoulder. I looked around hoping to see WigglyTuff send us off but I didn't. But the ground softly shook behind us. The other guild members had wondered behind us.

"We ALL are…" The said in unison. I stood in shock, they had all cared enough to come along with us until the end. I noticed Loudred, standing beside Sunflora quickly grabbing her hand. Her face turned a scarlet red. I smiled, looks like another couple has joined.

"Okay then, everyone….let's get to work!" We all threw a fist in the air, and yelled as loud as we could.

"Hooray!" We yelled with a smile. Chatot then nodded his head in approval.

"The guild master informed me that he will meet us at Brine cave when he gets the chance…so everyone, let's move!" We all marched off, locking the guild behind us. I looked up at the top of the cave, droplets crashing onto the floor from the tops of the cave.

"Okay…stay close so we don't get separated…" Everyone had initially nodded, but we always seem to lose each other. We all marched together, making our way to Brine cave. When we got there, everyone was already in their exploration groups.

Either way, Sam, Summer, Chatot and I were all walking through the cave. Summer rummaged through the bag, yelping out before quickly yanking her hand out of the bag. She quickly stuck the finger in her mouth, most likely to suck the blood from her finger.

"What is it?" Chatot said as he cautiously looked around the cave, looking for the other apprentices most likely. I quickly looked at her, as she just shook her hand in protest.

"I pricked my finger with something." She had opened the bag, looking at the very thing that had pricked her. I saw a red crystal, presumably the one that Bidoof had previously owned.

"Oh, its just a crystal…"

"Ya but it was still sharp…" I looked at her finger that had looked like a needle had pricked her finger.

"Let's try not to worry about it…" I said, continuing along the murky path inside the cave. I looked around to see the walls drip with water. The water dripped from the ceiling, touching my nose with the dirty water every now and then.

"Basil…" Summer asked me, gripping my hand tightly. She had turned her head, looking at my eyes as she spoke.


"I have something for you, and when we get back…you should look under your pillow." She said, blushing a bright red.

"Awww…so you did remember…"

"Can't forget your birthday..." I smirked, quickly stopping my pace as I quickly pulled her hand back. I watched Sam and Chatot continue walking until they were out of my sight. I quickly looked to her, seeing her eyes full of confusion.

"Oh I think there is a little more to it than that…" I smirked, pushing her against a wall. Her eyes widened, and she simply smiled. I moved close to her face, touching my forehead to hers.


"Happy Anniversary." I whispered, quickly kissing her lips. I smiled, pulling away. I looked down at her eyes seeing her look up at me. Her chocolate brown eyes, beaming with excitement and happiness. She smiled back, kissing me again, I smiled happily at the thought of one year. It had gone by so quickly.

"Happy Birthday Bas…" She said again. I smiled. I couldn't believe that it had been a year already. I had asked her out and shared our first kiss on my birthday. She had wanted the day to be about me rather than us.

We stood there, sharing another kiss. I had wrapped my arm around her, pulling her as close as I could. She quietly smiled in between kisses as I did the same. I had pulled away after a few moments.

"Best birthday ever…" I quietly mentioned. She shook her head, hands on her hips. I smiled to her as I motioned for a piggy back, to which she happily agreed.

"Let's catch up to the others…" I said, as she hopped on my back. We walked down the cave and I could see Sam's energy leave a trail as we walked trying to catch up. Summer draped her arms around my neck like a scarf.

"Let's…." She said, laying her head on my shoulder as we walked along. I could hear chuckling in the distance, followed by loud bangs and Chatot's yelling. I quickened my pace, running as quickly as I could. I saw Sam standing alone in the distance.

"Sam! What's the matter?" He turned to me, clenching his fists in a ball.

"They…took…my locket…" Summer quickly jumped off my back, walking behind him.

"Who did? Where is Chatot?" Summer said, crossing her arms.

"Team Skull…they took off with my locket…and Chatot took after them." Sam had been all alone…maybe he would have been able to fight them off if we were here. He stared of into the distance.

"We have to get my locket back…it's the only way to the hidden land." He had that determined look in his eye. We all nodded and quickly descended our way to the edge of the cave.

Twists and turning our way through the caves were very tiring and very annoying. Team Skull is very annoying, they are a nuisance that I want gone.

"Don't get frustrated Bas, I am sure we are almost there…" Summer whispered to me, squeezing my hand tenderly.

"I'm just a bit restless…we have been wondering around forever…I would assume that we would at least heard them by now…" I said back. Sam had took a glance behind him.

"Well, we can't give up…we have to find them…" I was trying to sense their aura…trying to find them in this dimly lit cave, but to no avail. I couldn't find them. It was as if they had vanished…and that was strange.

"Maybe Chatot already found them…" I could see three figures in the distance. I quickly mumbled something under my breath.

"Or something found them…" We quickly ran up to the three members of Team Skull. They lay quietly, groaning and moaning in pain as they tried to stand. Skunktank opened his eyes, flashing an embarrassed smile.

"Well well well…looks like we've been caught boys…" Zubat and Koffing perked up their heads and groaned in response. I smirked at their displeasure, these guys have been at it since day one.

"How did you know we were here, and why did you take Sam's locket?" I questioned, glaring at Skunktank. He shyly looked away, trying hard to stand on his paws. He pulsed his fingers along the ground, trying to stand only to fall onto the floor in exhaustion. He let out a soft groan.

"Answer me!" I yelled, stepping closer to the trio. Sam quickly extended his hand, not allowing me to get closer to them.

"W-we asked the old man when he left the guild last night…by ask, I mean ambush. He told us that the way to the hidden land was a key that one of the guild members had…he described Sam…" He coughed for a moment before starting up again.

"When we questioned what the key was, the old man mentioned an odd symbol…but it was then that Koffing and Zubat remembered the symbol…they believed that was the key…" I growled, gritting my teeth.

"So you followed us!?" Sam yelled, gritting his teeth in anger.

"Bingo…" I looked at Summer for a moment, her eyes shifting to red and her electricity poured from her cheeks.

"Where…is…Chatot?" She growled angrily. I slowly took a step back from her, gripping her arm in case she tried to do anything. I recall the Drowsee incident. I remember how it made me feel.

*Flash Back*

I felt a sudden chill run up my spine. I cautiously looked around for that menacing aura. It was frightening, evil… I turned around seeing Summer pick Drowsee off the floor with one hand. Her voice had sounded darker as she walked closer to him.

"P-please, stop!" He cried, tears welling up in the corners of his eyes. I gasped, leaving the little Azumarril alone.

"Hang on, I'll be back." I whispered to the child. He quickly nodded and I took a few cautious steps to see what she was doing.

"Did you stop when you kidnapped that child? Did you stop when you hurt my friend? No, so in turn you will get everything that is coming to you…" She yelled in his face. He covered his face with his hands, trying to hide from her, as if he was looking at a monster.

"Summer?" I called, starting my pace over to the other end of the room. I wasn't about to let Drowsee go, but I couldn't let her torture the poor guy. I looked at his face, Drowsee was crying, scared like a little child. She punched him in the face, watching him squirm on the floor. He whimpered softly, his hands covering his face.

"I'll make this quick..." She whispered raising her hand into a fist, ready to punch him. I quickly ran to the duo as she swiftly pounded her fist down at him, ready to kill. I quickly stepped in front of Drowsee, catching Summer's fist before she could hit him. I quickly brought my eyes up from Drowsee, who looked shocked and terrified.

"W-what are you doing?" I asked sternly, thinking she may have just wanted to hurt him because of Sam. I looked her in the eyes for a moment, realizing that that was not Summer…that had to be something else.

"Y-your eyes…" She quickly blinked, backing away from me for a moment. She had looked so scared, like she had no control of what she had done moments before. She quickly backed away from me, darting past me.

"Stop! Don't look at me like that!" She ran past me, but I was at a loss for words…what was that?

*End of Flashback*

"He's gone…he left after yelling at us…" We all quickly nodded our heads, ready to start after Chatot.

"Wait Sam!" Skunktank yelled out. We all turned back, and I saw Skunktank toss the locket to the floor.

"Opps, must have dropped it… by mistake." He said softly, turning back to his friends who nodded softly.

"Thanks Skunktank…" Sam said, picking up his locket before opening it. Summer's arm quickly relaxed, and her eyes shifted back to normal. I released her arm.

"That was a nice thing to do boss…" The Zubat and Koffing mentioned before Skunktank glared at them for the 'soft' comment. His pride was big, I give him that.

I was looking at Sam's locket. I peered over his shoulders seeing his parents and I saw him smile, most likely remembering his parents. I felt myself frown, remembering my own parents.


"Mom! Dad! I'm home!" I shouted, walking in the front door of my house. I waited to hear a response but I was met with soft silence. The days were often silent like this, but I hoped that my parents had just not heard me.

"Mom…Dad…?" I said, walking through the house and past the counter top of the kitchen and into the living room. I entered all the rooms of the house, not finding my parents. I sighed.

"Alone…again…" I said sitting on my bed and looking out the window. I could see all of treasure town from here, the town's people and how happy they were. I looked seeing many families as they walked the streets of the town, smiling. I saw a small family of Infernapes walking along, tossing their child in the air. The child was smiling, happy to be with his parents…he was around my age from the looks of it.

"I love you guys so much!" He yelled, sitting on his dad's shoulders.

"Must be nice…" I said, looking to the picture on my dresser carved from wood. I knew my parents, as much as they loved me, they would never be around. I never saw my parents…once a year…depending on their schedule.

"Why don't I get to have a real family like that…?" I said, sighing again before walking back out the front door going to get my food and gather some wood for the night alone.

*End of Flashback*

"Basil…is something wrong…?" I heard Sam ask. I quickly looked around, remembering what we were supposed to do.

"No…just remembering something…" I said. Sam quietly looked away. Summer had a strange look on her face, but she quickly mentioned it as we walked away from Team Skull.

"Oh, I'm sure I know…" Sam said, twiddling his fingers in a circle. Summer had looked at us both.

"How did you two meet?" She asked, and I'm glad she did…because I was glad I met him.


"I've had it! Every single time I need you, you're never there! Sometimes I wish you two were never my parents! Don't expect to find me when you get back, because I won't be here!" I yelled over the phone. I heard my dad sigh.

"Son…it's not that we don't want to be there, its just-"

"You're always busy! If you're not here, why bother even having me!" I could feel tears well up in my eyes, they quickly streamed down my face.

"Son, you know that's not true. Your mother and I-"

"Parents are supposed to be there…you're not…you're not a parent." I hung up the phone, wiping the tears from my eyes and quickly darted out the door. Most of the time this would sound like a normal parent/child fight…but I was serious…I was not coming back.

Run…don't stop…keep running

I heard my thoughts rush through my head. Someone would adopt me, I couldn't take another moment in my home any more. I rounded the corner, running onto the beach. I darted as fast as I could across the beach, running up the slope to the town. I rounded another corner running into someone as they ran in the other direction.

"Hey watch where your-" I rubbed my head, looking up from the floor to see a small Chimchar. His eyes had been red from tears that still stained his face. He quickly wiped his face, backing up from me.

"I-I'm sorry…I-I…" He continued crying, and I quickly backed up, feeling I may have gone maybe a bit too far.

"Hey…I'm sorry…I was…just in a bad mood… I didn't mean to make you cry…" He shyly looked up from his hands and wiped the tears from his eyes. He sniffled, with every word.

"Y-you did-didn't…I…just w-want to be…a-alone…I-I'm not…not in a g-good place…" He continued crying, possibly as loud as he could, tears streaming down his face like a river. I felt so bad.

"What happened…?" I managed to ask. He quickly looked up at me, his tears seeming to stop in mid motion. I noticed he had silver eyes. That was an uncommon eye color for a Chimchar. He just cried more, his hand was shaking.

"M-my…parents…" I felt my ears quickly perk up. I felt a sickening twist in my stomach and I closed my eyes, seeing colors whirl all around him. I was surprised to see I could actually see aura at such a young age, most can't see it until they become a Lucario…but one thing was for sure about this guy… He was an emotional wreck.

"Your parents…what?" He took a deep breath and he slowly spoke.

"They just passed away…I just found out…" I felt my heart drop. I could sense it, he was a broken mess. I noticed he was gripping a gold locket in his hand.

"I'm sorry for your loss…I don't have parents either…they don't live with me…anymore…" I said honestly. He noticed I was staring at his locket. He quickly opened it.

"This is all I have left of them…and this is them…" He said taking another deep breath. He was that same Chimchar from earlier, that much I knew. He had just lost his family…the poor guy. But I noticed the strange pattern next to his parent's picture…a strange symbol.

"… so…where were you heading…?"

"The beach…It usually makes me feel better, I just don't know how I'm going to…get through this alone..." He said sadly.

"Well, you can always come with me…uh…what was your name?" He looked up at me as I helped him up from the floor.

"Sam…" I gave him a soft smile.

"I was going to find a new place to live and start over…" I said.

"I don't want to leave…I like this place, its where I was born and where I somewhat grew up…but if you are looking for a place to start over…you can come live with me...uh…"

"Basil…" His tears were beginning to dry up, but his eyes still looked watery and red from all of the crying. He tried to give me a smile, but considering everything that has happened to him…it would be a while until he was his usual self.

"Oh….that's very kind of you Sam…"

"I just need someone who can be there for me…" I felt the same way, but his sentence wasn't done but I muttered the last word as he did.

"Always…" We said, looking at each other before smiling. He led me back to town, letting me stay with him. He was a friend…so I was in return.

*End of Flashback*

I remember how Sam really was my family… I needed him as much as he needed me. I'm not sure if she had gotten her answer while I had just not payed any attention but…I was certain Sam may have told her.

"So…that's how we met…" He finished.

"Oh, sorry to hear that guys; At least you guys are better now, right?"

"Ya… I think so." Sam said smiling. She smiled back, playfully nudging his shoulder.

I tilted my head in curiosity as I watched then go a bit farther. He soon poked her and she punched his arm to which he did back. Eventually though, she went to poke his face and he caught her hand in mid-motion. She immediately looked up at him.

For a moment they had looked at each other's eyes, giving each other a stare that I felt I knew all too well. But they quickly looked away and turned red. I felt my heart speed up, and I grit my teeth in response. That made me…jealous? Of course it did! I was now starting to see what the dreams were talking about…and I didn't like it.

"Bas, you okay?" Summer asked, turning to me with a smile.

"Wha-oh…ya, I'm just thinking." I said, standing as Sam continued to walk farther into the cave.

"What are you thinking about?" I balled up my fists at my sides, I quickly stopped walking as I waited for Sam to be out of my sight.

"What are you hiding?" I whispered. Her ears quickly perked up and she turned around. Her eyes were wide for a moment before she quickly gained her composer.

"What?" I opened my mouth, not being able to say what I really wanted.

"You…but…he…hmm…" I quickly looked away. I feeling embarrassed for trying to confront her. She touched my cheek, forcing me to look at her. I wanted to talk…but I felt like maybe I was just overdoing it… but what if I was right? Better yet, what if I was wrong?

"Yes…?" I didn't want to tell her about the dreams…it may have seemed weird. It wasn't hard to tell her the truth, but there was something about this that just made me want to hide.


"Just spit it out Bas, you can tell me." She said, giving a soft smile to me. I felt a smile form at the corner of my mouth in response. I personally felt bad, maybe I shouldn't ask… but I knew I was going to anyway. I felt conflicted, I was angry about earlier.

"What happened between you and Sam…something about you two just seems so …different." I asked, and that smile that was on her face had quickly faded. I felt my heart beat faster, but in a flash I felt a pain in my chest…the dreams…were right? Was this a sign?

"…" She remained silent. She wasn't talking to me, and it made me feel that much worse. I felt horrible about asking, and since she looked away I felt like maybe she felt I didn't trust her. But, I didn't…but I did…uh…I don't know anymore…

"Summer…" I said, looking at her eyes that quickly averted away from me.

"Please…just tell me…" I asked again. I didn't know what to say. If she wasn't hiding anything she should just tell me…that's how this works…right?



"Nothing…" She turned to leave and I quickly grabbed her hand. She quickly turned to me. She looked up at me, her eyes feverishly looked around. I felt myself sigh. My heart was starting to ache, and I felt sick. I was facing my nightmare right now…I was just hoping it was wrong. Something inside me was praying it was wrong…

"It's…not…nothing…I can see it on your face…" I felt my grip tighten on her; I quickly realized that I may have been hurting her. I slowly released my grip. She quickly turned back, then turned and ran back in the other direction without muttering another word.

"Wait! Summer, come back!" I yelled, running after her.

"No! I can't believe this! You…" She yelled back, but didn't finish her thoughts. She was continuing to run. I felt drops hit my face, and I quickly realized it was her tears.

"I what?"

"…you weren't supposed to ask that question!" I pondered the thought in my head…why not?

"Look! I'm sorry! I-I'm just confused! I don't know what to do any more…so I asked, because you always have the answers!" I yelled, as she slowed her pace. I slowed mine, standing behind her.

"I don't have any more answers…any more solutions to problems…no end to the road."

"But…" I said…not too sure how to approach the situation.

"I don't know what to tell you Bas…"

"Why don't you just tell me the truth…?" I said, as she turned around. Tears streamed down her cheeks and she hiccupped softly. She opened her mouth, letting out a soft sigh.


"You can't…or you don't want to…?"

"I…" I heard Sam call for us on the other end of the cave. I sighed. I really wanted to find out what was going on between us…between them…and where she stood with all of this. She kept me in the dark…

Sam walked back to us, and pointed in the other direction.

"I think you guys should see this…" He said, and we silently walked forward until we saw Chatot.

"Hey guys, it that…Chatot?" I saw Chatot standing there, motionless. His stare directed at the entire room that was flooded with water. He was cautiously looking around; looking for the thieves we were warned about.

"Chatot!" He quickly turned around and yelled.

"Shhhh! I don't know where the thieves are…but they were here the last time…" He muttered. I quickly moved in front of my team, being very cautious. I glanced back, keeping a very close eye on Sam…that voice was right, I couldn't trust him…but what about her? I didn't have an answer to that…

"Where Chatot…?" He continued looking around.

"They…came out of nowhere…" He looked around before he quickly looked up. I followed suit seeing them hiding on the ceiling of the cave. They quickly jumped down without warning and came into strike. I shut my eyes tightly, not yet braced for a quick attack.

"Look out!" I slowly opened my eyes, hearing someone drop to the floor. I opened my eyes, seeing Chatot in front of us. He looked badly beaten. He had stood protectively in front of us, his wings spread out like a wall. I looked up to see the thieves with knife-like razor claws stained in blood. I gasped at the horrid sight of him.

"Y-you protected us!?" Summer said, tears forming in her eyes. Chatot looked back at her.

"I…I won't let them hurt…our best exploration team…" The thieves chuckled. Two ancient water snail looking creatures chuckled behind their pray mantis leader.

"I remember this guy…he did the same thing last time…pathetic." The boss had said. We all looked at Chatot, he looked like he was on the verge of passing out…I was scared for him… His colorful feathers dimmed with dirt.

"I…just…don't want to see…you three get hurt…you mean a lot to me…and I-I'm sorry…" With that his body lurked forward and he collapsed to the floor. I stood there shocked. What could we do? I didn't know, but this cold chill ran up my spine.

Sam's POV

"C-Chatot?" I stood there, scared. Chatot…just saved us. I heard the thieves laugh again and I studied them. A sad pitiful sight of them. But their fun loving laughter had suddenly stopped and their eyes got wider.

"Y-you're going to pay…" I heard a familiar voice, one I hadn't heard in a while. I silently looked to my left. I saw Summer, the darkness spreading across her body once more. I gasped in fear…this was bad, this was very very bad. I saw Basil's eye wide in shock. He quickly backed away from her. I knew what this meant though…it was ready to play.

"With your lives!" She yelled, stretching out…that creepy crackling of bones sent chills up my spine again.

"W-what is that?" Basil asked, backing away slowly.

"…" I couldn't speak. I was paralyzed in fear. Basil quickly jumped in front of me, shaking my shoulders.

"What is that!?" He had pleaded to me with his eyes and I stuttered trying to answer him.

"N-nothing you want to know…" I was terrified. I looked up from my trance, watching Summer lurch forward and attack the thieves. For a minute and a half I heard inhuman screams as she ripped them open with her hands. The screams echoed through the caves.

"This way!" I heard voices of the other guild members. I heard Basil whimper, his hand shaking in fear.

"T-that's not Summer." Summer had one of the other gang members in her grasp, slowly releasing them as they slowly stopped breathing. She slowly looked back at us, and I could see the blood red eyes as turned around. We stood there, silent and still.

I was stuck in my spot, and I just wanted to run from this spot and hide. She didn't speak, her darkened cloak scurried across the room to the treasure bag I had dropped in the excitement. I didn't breathe a word, but she shuffled through the bag until her eyes widened with an evil smirk. She pulled out a red crystal.

I tried to step away but my feet were glued to the floor. I looked around, looking to see Basil in the same position. He grit his teeth, probably from the questions of uncertainty in his head.

Without warning she lunged at me, but Basil had quickly slammed into her knocking her across the room. She had looked to him with surprise.

"Get away from him!" Basil bellowed, letting out a low growl. He quickly looked to me expecting an answer.

"Basil I-" He quickly shook his head as she tried another attack with electricity. He jumped in, taking the blows and continuing to protect me.

"That's NOT her! She's in there…and we have to get her out!" He yelled, continuing to dodge her attacks. He wasn't going to hit her back, he was too afraid to hurt her. He darted off down the other end of the cave, but she quickly side stepped him and punched him in the gut. The high pitch sound bounced through-out the cave, than it was an odd silence. He growled, looking up at the dark creature before trying to avert his stance. She grabbed him and tossed him into the other room and out of sight.

"Sam! We're here!" WigglyTuff, Grovyle and the other members stormed into the room. I was surprised they missed everything. I saw their faces flushed with heat. They all directed their stare to Chatot, who lay on the floor.

"Chatot…" WigglyTuff picked up his friend after kneeling on the floor beside him. Chatot opened his eyes for a moment, startling me. His black beady eyes strained to stay open as his words reached his friends ears.

"W-WigglyTuff…" He said coughing. I looked in the other direction, thinking about what may have been going on in the other room.

"Y-you saved them?" WigglyTuff sounded choked up, wailing loudly.

"They are important…"

"You're so reckless… you saved them the way you saved me… I was exploring when the thieves tried to take me out…but you saved me." WigglyTuff whispered, drawing the entire guild into tears.

"I-I did…?" He muttered.

"Yes…if it wasn't for you…I might not be here today…" WigglyTuff hugged his friend tightly.

"You always put me and others before yourself…and that's why…you're my best friend…my irreplaceable partner…you are everything to me…I need you in my life…always…because best friends are forever." WigglyTuff said, tears falling off his pink cheeks. I was touched by the friendship that was felt by the two, especially when Chatot cried about how happy he was before collapsing. WigglyTuff cried, and that's an understatement…it was a full blown river.

Grovyle slowly walked to the duo.

"He will be fine, he's taken damage but I think he'll be okay with rest." Some guild members picked him up and ran in the other direction. WigglyTuff soon picked himself off the floor, and turned and walked back in the other direction.

"Where is Basil and Summer?" Grovyle asked. Some of the other members had looked at me, wondering the same thing. I suddenly darted off in the other direction. I had to reach Basil and Summer…the two were fighting…and from the look of Summer, til the death.

I reached the room before anyone else and I was surprised at how far I was ahead of them. Basil was still standing, his body was scraped up, but he seemed to hold his own. He quickly looked at me, as if to tell me something important. He was trying very hard not to use a move.

He was finding it very hard, as he finally had to use an aura sphere. He shot it and she quickly caught it, turning its aura black. I was scared, I quickly ran behind him as she shot it back at him, landing a direct hit.

She didn't give him a chance to hit the floor, she grabbed him and threw him across to the wall. He hit the wall, letting out a grunt. He quickly stood up his eyes burning in determination.

"This isn't you Summer! Where is the girl that I've come to respect and cherish!" She quickly vanished, appearing before him and grabbing him and throwing him to the floor.

"Gone." She whispered into a cold voice. He quickly backed up, going toe to toe with it again.

"No, she isn't!" He was quickly met with a punch to the face; he flew across the room quickly.

"She is!" She growled as he hit the wall. She quickly appeared next to him, grabbing him by his neck and tossing him to the other end of the room. He slid across the floor, bleeding from the corner of his mouth. His left eye was starting to swell. His arms and legs bleeding from the cuts and scrapes from being slid across the floor and walls.

"Where is the girl that I admire?" He yelled. She shot an icy glare at me, who stopped in his tracks as she did. I didn't move. She quickly turned her gaze back to Basil, grabbing his neck and pinning him against the didn't utter a sound. I saw blood drip down from the corner of his mouth. He looked so beat up. He had still looked determined, regardless of this.

I heard him grunt every time she would slam his head against the wall. I cringed at it. She finally chuckled, throwing back over to the side of the room where the water was running. She payed no mind to it, she just simply watched his body hit the wall before letting him slide down the wall. He lay there motionless, and for a moment I thought the worst. He slowly perked up his head…and I let out a sigh of relief as he did.

"W-where….is…the girl…..that I love….?" He said, dropping his head to his hands. It had seemed like that was his final attempt...and it seemed to work. She quickly stopped her assault. Her face softened at his words…and for a moment in those red eyes, I thought I saw Summer. But I felt ashamed of the words, he really truly loved her…what have I done? Even after everything I'm sure he could have thought about…he thought about that.

Even a blind person could feel the love he had for her, even when he was battered and broken. I felt a tear stream down my face. I heard soft footsteps in the distance, the others were closing in. I quickly wiped away the tear before anyone could see. Her eyes reverted back to the scary creature and she turned to me, gripping the red crystal in her hand. As she walked toward my frozen body, I gasped in fear.

"Don't hurt him Summer! He's your best friend!" Basil yelled, once again falling to the floor in exhaustion. She stopped for a moment, turning her glance to Basil.

"There's more to it than that!" His eyes quickly widened and tears ran to his eyes. I felt that fear, the one where you know things are going to become serious…the one conversation you try to avoid at all cost, that 'take that puppy to the grave' serious…that was this conversation.

"I-I…" He muttered before looking away.

"I can explain!" I yelled, but he didn't want to hear it.

"No…I should have known…it was right!" Who was right? What was he talking about.

"What was right? What are you talking about!?" I yelled, noticing the dark creature had just stood listening to our conversation.

"Y-you…and her…were…"

"No, no honestly!" I was silent for a moment, feeling embarrassment fill my chest. Now was the time to just spill it…there was no point in hiding any longer.

"Yes….okay, I guess I tried…but she didn't…"

"You expect me to believe that? After everything…" He yelled, trying desperately to stand up.

"I…I'm not kidding you! She loves you! I can honestly say that!" He growled for a moment, banging his fist on the floor. He couldn't stand up, but I could honestly say he was angry. But his anger soon dissipated and he brought his eyes up to me, and he asked in a tiny voice, scared of what the answer might be.

"Are you sure it's not her love for you that you're seeing?" He asked, relaxing his muscles and laying flat on the floor. Tears dripped from his face to the floor… and I felt so horrible. I felt my air get caught in my throat.

"Well!?" He yelled out again, grunting in pain as he put pressure on his arm as he tried to stand.

"No…no…wait…I…I don't know…" I said, not sure how to answer. I looked to see the dark Pikachu laugh, shooting electricity back at Basil. It jolted through his body and he yelled out in pain, twitching into a ball.

"Let' try killing something that is real and not imaginary…shall we?" She was talking about the relationship being fake…but to be honest…it never was. It had been real from day one. I had envied the relationship of two people that truly cared for one another.

I looked up from the floor to see her red eyes staring at me. They were angry, red, and hateful. She lunged at me with her crystal in hand. She was going to kill me.

"No!" I yelled at the tops of my lungs, feeling my life flash before me. I remembered meeting Basil, the death of my parents, meeting Summer, joining the guild and all the adventures until now. I felt myself get lurched back, and I opened my eyes slowly. This blur of blue whipped past me.

Basil had managed to twirl me to behind him and he embraced me in one last hug, looking me straight in the eyes. Tears streamed down his face, and I didn't know why…why, why save me!? Please! You have every reason not to…I…I wouldn't even blame you if you didn't.

"Take care of her…" He said, pushing me away and twirling toward her. I looked in horror as she drove the red crystal into him. He let out a yell, as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Ack! He was right…but then…" He let out a horrid scream, before continuing again.

"Agh! He was wrong." He muttered, letting out another pained grunt as I fell to the floor. I gasped in horror, feeling everything cut off. My emotions were running wild; I didn't know what to do.

"I-I still love you….I always have…I guess I always will…" I was still in shock. She….stabbed him. He showed no sign of hate toward her. She showed a lot, her dark eyes continued to glare at him. They watched each other for a moment, his body hanging above the floor. He slowly leaned in towards her, driving the crystal further into his belly.

"I-I just have one… t-thing to say…" He coughed spewing more blood from his face. This is bad…she still didn't respond. She continued to glare at him. Her cold, unforgiving eyes showed no emotion…but his had hope…

"If…I…can't get to you…maybe…maybe this will…" He lightly kissed her lips. Her eyes went wide as he pulled away. Her dark color was beginning to fade away until she was back to her normal self. But unlike last time she just stood there in horror.

"There you are…." He muttered, falling backwards. I quickly leapt forward, catching him as he fell into my arms. Summer stood there horrified the crystal still in her hands. The crystal lay there covered in blood, his blood. She dropped it on the floor, covering her mouth with her hand. Tears were streaming down her face.

"No…" She said, rushing to his side. He opened his eyes, he was alive…barely. She was screaming hysterically.

"No! No! No! This can't be happening! Why!? No, oh please no!" She yelled, as her eyes scanned his body. He had a hole in his middle, blood slowly dripping down his mid-section. He raised his hand from the floor.

"We…we have…to talk…" He muttered softly before glancing at me.

"Sam…can you give us a moment…please…" He said. I felt tears stream down my face. This was all my fault…if I had only moved, if I had only minded myself…this may have never happened.

"S-sure buddy…I'll be right back." I said walking away from Summer, who now cradled the broken Basil in her arms. I walked away, feeling tears stream down my face like a river. I didn't know what was going to happen to him…but I was hoping for the best.

Summer's POV

I…don't know what to say. I just kinda held on in shock. I didn't know what to say, or what to do…how…can I even look at him right now? I probably just ended his life…but maybe…maybe he would be okay.

"Basil…" I called, cradling him in my arms. I could feel tears stream down my face off the tip of my nose, dripping onto his face. He opened his eyes in response, his red eyes looking directly at me.

"Don't cry…" He said, bring his hand up and wiping my tears away. I just cried more, this was the worst thing I had ever done. I would never be able to forgive myself.

"I-I can't stop…I'm just so sorry…" I cried out, seeing the other members finally walk through the other end of the cave wall. Behind me lay the water, and there was a symbol that was written on the wall.

"Shhhhh….shhhhh…I…I know you are, but this is important…" He closed his eyes for a moment, and my heart stopped. Please…please don't die on me…but he opened his eyes, tears streaming down the corners of his face.

"I love you so much…but…" I heard his voice crack, blood dripped down his belly as he continued talking.


"Y-you love him too…" He whispered, I silently gasped.

"H-how did you…?"

"I…just…found out…but in a way…I guess…I always kinda knew…I mean…I don't need to read you mind…in order to know… what's in your heart…right?" He said, tears streaming down his face. I felt my heart break…he…knew this whole time?

"N-no…listen to me…that's not true…if you think that I was going to cheat on you, I would never and I just-" He quickly placed a hand over mine.

"You just fell in love…with him…and I…I accept that…" I felt my heart beat a million times fast then it already was. He was telling me I was in love with Sam.

"No, I'm not. I am in love you." I said, feeling my heart being ripped in two, this was killing me. As my tears were falling from my face, I felt a bit relived talking about this.

"I've always wanted to hear you say those words…" He smiled softly. I was trying not to yell, not to scream but it was proving difficult.

"I wanted to feel…like I wasn't losing you… " He said, letting out a loud cry.

"No! You listen to me, you were never going to lose me! I-"

"But…listen to me…I want you to be happy…and I will be happy as long as you are…so if you are happy with him…that's okay too... I..." Tears were streaming onto my lap as he lay there. He was telling me something I didn't want to hear…this was horrible. His words continued to show the guilt I had so desperately tried to hide before.

"But I am happy… with you… I love you Basil…"

"I know you do…" He stroked my face again, and I could feel the cold, hard blood run across my face with his hand. He quickly let out a heavy sigh, groaning as he shifted in the dirt.

"That's why… I'm letting you go…you won't be free, to make a decision that will make you happy…unless I do…" He slowly closed his eyes, resting his hand on his chest.

"Truly….happy…heh…that's a funny thought." He said, coughing in a tiny raspy voice. I gasped again, he was losing consciousness…

"You don't have to do this…you don't have to let go…"

"I can't if you won't let me…so just think about it…" He wanted me to think about us being apart. I…don't know…could we be apart? Especially after the life we had created together.

"I love you…don't you forget it." He whispered, closing his eyes with a smile in the corner of his mouth. I saw his chest continue to rise slowly, he was…just asleep…I think…I hope…but I wasn't sure, his chest didn't rise all that much to begin with. But I lowered my posture, toward his ear…he …was still breathing…slow and shallow…but still there.

"Bas…I love you too." The others had gathered around, not sure how to take the situation in. They didn't know what happened, but they were surprised to see Basil, of all people, this way. I felt my tears stream faster…it was over. We…were over.

"Is he…?" Grovyle moved toward him, checking every possible vital sign. He quickly looked up to me, giving a quick response.

"He's lost a lot of blood, but maybe if you act quickly…he'll pull through…but you need to hurry…as fast as you can…otherwise…" I held his hand tightly only letting go when the others slowly picked him up and rushed out as fast as they could. I closed my eyes, seeing Basil…his bright blue aura flickered brightly for a moment before dimming ever so slightly. He was going to fight for his life.

I sat there, still in shock from everything that had happened. Sam walked over to me and put a hand on my shoulder. I was scared, hyperventilating even. I couldn't think…was Basil going to die? Did I kill him? I don't know! I just don't know…

"I-I….I-I….uh…no….no…no….no…no." I continuing to just ramble, no words were coming to me. Sam immediately came to me, he grabbed my shoulders.

"Summer….Summer….shhhh…you need to breathe….breathe…" He just kept repeating himself. I was feeling so sick to my stomach; I was going to throw up. This was just too much…

"No! I have to go I have to make sure he'll be okay!" Sam quickly looked around.

"You can't! You have to continue the mission!"

"And what about the people we lose on the way!? I can't just leave Basil to die!"

"You're not going to lose anyone! Nobody is going to leave you!" I felt tears stream down my face. Sam's eyes were also watering. I forgot that he was also involved, Basil was as much his friend as he was to me.

"He's gone! Sam, he is gone! It's all my fault….It's all my fault….he is probably dead! Dead, you hear me!" Grovyle's eyes quickly widened. He looked to me, seriousness setting in on his face as his lips tightened at my words.

"Listen to me…this is not your fault! You need to keep going! And you don't know that! Basil's strong! He CAN make it out of this! Do you understand me!?" Sam yelled, shaking my shoulders.

"I can't! I don't want to go; I'm scared of failing again! I've already hurt you and Basil on more than one occasion." I stood and sobbed quietly and the room became silent.

"I can't…I just can't…because I'm afraid…" I whispered.

"Don't be afraid to fall, I promised to catch you…in your time of need, in your time of anger… depend on me…and I will show you that there is a light at the end of this tunnel." He said, pulling me in for a hug.

"He's right…" Grovyle mentioned as I wiped another tear from my eye.

"I'm sorry…about all of this…but sometimes…being afraid…shows us who we really are…don't let your flame die." Sam said. Grovyle just continued his march over to the wall, the encryption on the wall.

"You guys ready?" Sam reluctantly pulled out his locket and a blue light shot out into the ocean. It didn't seem like it was going to do anything but eventually a Lapras came.

"To the hidden land?" She asked in a calm voice. Sam nodded his head before climbing on her back. I stood motionless.

"Summer…" Sam jumped off the Laparas, walking toward me.

"We have to go…"

"I don't want to go… I want to stay here, this is my fault! All of it! Basil would still be with us if-"

"If we don't go, Chatot's sacrifice, along with Basil's sacrifice for Sam will be for nothing… you have to go…" Basil was probably in for the fight of his life…all because of me.


"I know this is hard…trust me, I've been there…"I quickly looked up at him. He quickly nodded his head.

"Trust…?" I shyly asked, rubbing my arm nervously.

"Yes…trust me to help you get through this…" I looked up at his hand.

"Come with us," He started. His eyes were pleading with me to go along with him, but…could I really just leave after everything that has happened?

"Come with me…" Sam said, holding out his hand after jumping back on Lapras. I reached out, stopping at a few centimeters. Was I ready to save the world? Could I trust myself…? Could I trust him to help me get through this? I reluctantly took his hand…I was scared, but I have to trust him…he's all I have now.


So…I'm officially hiding, and by the time you read this…I will be long gone…so don't hate me…please… I would prefer no flames…but I understand if you hate this chapter…most will probably like this…others will not…either way, next chapter will be up soon. Bye for now…

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