PMD: Love in the Abyss of Time

The voice that Calls

Chapter 18 is here baby! Ya, including this one...there are appox. 5 chapters left. You ALL will be included at the I hope you continue to stick around. But I think since you've come this far I think you deserve a proper ending...right? ;) We'll see...

Summer's POV

Friends. Most were now gone, seeing as I only had two left. I had been off balance; part of my world was gone. Tears often reminded me that time with them was short…too short… And could the world be right? I tend to think so…but I hoped that lying awake with my eyes shut would somehow bring me peace, but there was always that uneasy feeling...even with Sam around.

"Hey… Sum…time to get up." I felt myself groan as I heard someone mutter my name. I turned to my side with my eyes shut. Someone had just interrupted my thoughts. I didn't want to be awake, that only left pain. Being asleep brought me little comfort and it only seemed to work if the dreams were not tainted by my memories themselves. It was a nightmare, I was always monitoring myself, watching for any sign of hate or even a strong emotion.

"I don't want to..." I gripped, curling up tighter into a ball. Please, just leaving me alone...can't you see that I just don't want to be bothered?

"Oh you're going, even if I have to drag you." Someone said in my ear, making me cringe.

"Go away Sam…" I growled. I heard the soft patter of feet backing up. Two different voices sighed at the same time; I could only assume the subject was me but I payed no mind to it. I was still trying to sleep.

"C'mon…don't be such a baby, get up." Sam said in a cheerful manner as he grabbed both my hands as started leaning, pulling me along the floor.

"Ugh…do I have to…?" I asked, desperately trying to make one last ditch effort to sleep.

"You have a world to save…so ya, get up." I groaned, opening my eyes and standing up straight before wobbling.

"I want to stay here and sulk..." I said in a soft voice, point back to the soft patch of grass I had been laying on.

"What good will that do? Just don't let it get to you." Sam smiled, gesturing back to Grovyle who lead us deeper into the hidden land. Sam knew what was bothering me. My actions were bothering me and I couldn't go on pretending like none of it had ever happened. I continued to think as our group passed a few shrubs and boulders.

"Hey…" I said, cutting into the silence of walking. It had remained silent for a few moments before silver eyes began to look in my direction, I had often wondered why Grovyle had never thought I was trying to talk to him. But either way, he had not seemed to notice the noise, as he continued walking as if nothing had happened.

"About last night, I just wanted to say-" I was cut off by Sam, who was now wearing a small smile. His eyes flashed across the cliff we were walking as he was looking for a escape.

"Its fine. That's what friends are for…" He started off sounding sure, but as the sentence went on, he had sounded quiet unsure of himself and his accusation. This turned some wheels in my head. I wouldn't blame him, but some part of me felt sad about the thought of him not trusting me. Did he doubt our friendship? Was he now afraid of that monster that I had become?

"Right?" He quietly said.

"Listen…It wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for me and my…" I felt a pain in my chest, and I knew that guilt, was slowly but surely eating me alive. It pained me to feel this way all the time, never having a break from the reoccurring dreams. Or the pictures that replayed over and over in my mind.

"You can't blame yourself for what happened." Sam whispered, looking me straight in the eyes.

"Like hell I can't; I mess practically everything we do up...its practically down to a tee. Everyone is slowly leaving my life, I mean I can't believe your still here." I grit my teeth, balling up my fists. I was angry, in just a few days I had lost almost everything. Things would never be normal again, and even if a event like this was to never happen again; it would still be remembered…I would still remember.

"Here on this journey, or here with you?"

"You shouldn't even be here with me, you should be at home...tending to important matters. I should be handling this and not dragging you into another one of my messes. Why do you keep sacrificing for me? You don't have to anymore…" I felt my voice crack a bit, trying to keep a straight face. I didn't want him to think I was hurting; I wanted to show him I was tough, strong…even when at this moment I knew I was absolutely none of those things. I'm sure he knew I was hurting as well, but what's a girl to try?

He looked at me, his gaze matching mine. I was certain he could see past the wall I was trying to put up.

"You know…We started this together, it would be dumb if we didn't finish it…right?" He said before silence took the conversation again. I opened my mouth but had nothing to say. Sam continued on his point.

"Besides, I don't think I could live with myself if you went alone…or what's worse…if you didn't come back." He said, and I quickly looked to his eyes seeing that teary look in his eye. He was serious, and I felt my thoughts quickly vanish. I felt guilty about telling him that he shouldn't be around.

"You don't mean that…how could you? You would probably rather be at without a problem...and would better if I wasn't around." I whispered.

"Would you stop being so damn hard on yourself!?"

"Because I don't see why-"

"I made you a promise… I promise I wasn't going to leave, and suffering or not; when I promise something, I never go back on it." Uncertainty ran through my mind again, if he doesn't leave…he risks getting hurt or worse. I shudder at the thought but quickly brush it aside; I can't afford to think like that.

"But-" That word managed to always fine its way out of my mouth, my mind must want to address it.

"Summer, at some point your going to realize that time is important…you can't waste it on 'how come' and 'what if'…honestly I should take my own advice…seeing as how I haven't for so long…"

"Why didn't you? Why didn't you just go for it? What could possibly be stopping you?"

"Because…I was…afraid… I didn't want to lose what I already had...I guess I previously had tried to but," He had stopped, silently looking at the ground for a moment. He blinked, looking back at me.

"It's a lot easier to give someone advice to someone then to follow it yourself. Besides, if its important will happen anyway." He says, his voice rising a bit. He had just dodged the ending of his sentence.

"So what is important to you Sam?" His eyes quietly looked to the floor shuffling along the path before he quietly looked back at me. I had seemed to stare; maybe looking at his eyes would give me an answer? I noticed that Grovyle had led us through an old ruins…old pictures depicted on the wall.

"…" He still hadn't answered me, his fists had seemed to relax and he feverishly looked around before opening his mouth.

"You really want to know huh?" He asked, making my heart speed up. Something about those words had made me anxious.

"…" Now it was my turn to be quiet. I had been quiet for so long, tell him you want to know…tell him your hopes about the answer while you're at it. Finally getting an answer; that would be nice…right?

"Well…heh…uh its-" Suddenly, a loud noise had made the temple walls shake. I had stumbled to the floor, seeing legendary Pokémon. To my surprise, they were actually pictures. I actually sighed in relief, it would have been a surprise to see them all here. The temple walls had cracks in them illuminating the walls and the pictures on them.

"Woaw, hey guys check this out!" I yelled in an excited manner, as the others got up and dusted themselves off.

"It's always something…" Sam muttered, looking disappointed. But regardless, he looked up at the pictures on the wall.

"Look at all the legendary Pokémon! Look there's Dialga!" We all stood there and looked at the mighty controller of time. This dragon was huge, and I mean huge. He stood with a metal rim on his chest a gem resting in the middle. He was blue all over, having spikes on the back with a powerful dragon tail to finish of the mighty beast.

"Woaw…I would hate to have to fight him…" Sam said, and I quietly nodded my head, agreeing on the subject.

"You know he probably won't just let you change time, you will more than likely have to fight him. But he's really not that big a problem...his roar of time is." Grovyle said, much to my surprise. I assume he's right, he knows more about this then I do anyway.

"Roar of Time? Appropriate name for the ruler of it." Sam muttered, slighty disappointed to hear that.

"It uses energy that he conjures up from all times, past present and future...its brutal...or at least thats what I've heard." Grovyle said in taut voice.

"Crap…" Sam whispered.

"I know right?" I said, feeling more than exhausted on fighting.

"Look light! Let's go!" Grovyle said in a gruff voice, running up the stairs with Sam and I following him close behind. So here's the stairs, glad I only have to do it once…there was a lot of them. I noticed the clouds above us and the enitre hidden valley from below. It was nice to feel the breeze of the warm air as we continued up. It was still relatively early, so the morning fog still lay over some parts of the hidden land.

"Check it out!" After climbing up all the stairs, we saw this rainbow stoneship. Round, big and possibly not even working, that's what I'm assuming. This huge round ship sat, a piece missing from the middle.

"Great its broken..." Sam said saddly. I looked around, seeing a stone tablet sitting in front of the ship.

"Look! Instructions!" I yelled in an excited voice and ran to the stone tablet that sat in front of the ship. I happily ran up to it to find it was in a language I did not recognize.

"And…its in a foreign language…why wouldn't it be?" I muttered sarcastically, letting Grovyle look at the text.

"I know, give me a sec…"

"…" It was quiet as Grovyle's eyes traced up and down the stone. Sam tapped his foot impatiently.


"I'd like to see you read this faster you little-" He turned to Sam with a angry glare. I quickly told him to drop the subject and to keep reading.

"Keep reading…" I said, pointing back to the slab. He sighed, doing as I asked.

"Okay…it seems that this is the stoneship, we need the indentation to match the proof." I turned to Sam who looked at his locket.

"You have to leave that here…" He said, gesturing to his locket. Sam remained quiet and the air became still with silence.

"Sam did you heard what he said?" I whispered. He stared at me wide-eyed.

"I know; I heard him." He said harshly, I wasn't sure why he was acting this way.

"Well come on then." Grovyle hissed, being slightly impatient like Sam had earlier.

"I …no." He said, clutching his locket in his hand.

"Excuse me?" I asked, crossing my arms. Sam stared at me, his hand tightly gripped on his locket. His eyes were full of fear, like I was going to take his life or something.

"I'm not leaving this here." He said, growling a bit in his statement.

"Sam…you have to, you said it yourself; we have a world to save."

"Listen to me, I'm NOT leaving my parents here…" He stated again, his eyes starting to water. I suddenly felt my heart sink. His emotion was sad, so I felt sad too. He has to understand…he has to let go. Of course I can't make him, and I understand that his parents meant and still mean a lot to him.

"Y-your parents?" Grovyle asked.

"Sam, you promised…you have people that are depending on you, you have to save the world." He shook his head.

"I'm not leaving them here!"

"Like hell you're not!" Grovyle growled, grabbing Sam's arm. I quickly moved along side Grovyle. Sam still had not let go of his parents, even after all this time. Of course, I couldn't blame the poor guy. That locket was the only thing he had left, I could easily understand why he wouldn't want to part from it.

"Listen, I know its hard…I get it, but the thing about your parents is that they are…" I couldn't finish the sentence. I just looked at the gold locket, thinking about what may be going on through Sam's head.

"…" The air was silent, we were silent. I didn't know what I could tell him that could make it better.

"They are never really gone…you don't need a locket to keep them with you…you don't carry them on a string, you carry them in your heart." I whispered as Sam continued to stare me down.

"That is so cliché…" He said, wiping away the tear that slid down his face. I felt myself giggle, looks like Basil did rub off on me…not that I mind.

"But does that make it any less true?" I said, grabbing his other hand in my two paws. I pushed my thumbs on the top of his hand, hoping that he would understand what I was trying to say.


"I…uh…fine…" He said, much to my surprise.

"Where…where do I need to put this?" Grovyle pointed to a spot in the middle of the ship and I nodded, letting my hands slip from his.

"Okay…here it goes." He took off the locket, opening it so it would fit the indentation. He was about to put in the locket when I heard shuffling.

"Stop right there Sam!" I heard a voice bellow. I looked around as six Sabelye surrounded us. There they surrounded us, backing us to the middle of the ship.

"Sam…put in the locket." I whispered. He quickly looked to me, his guard up and ready to fight.

"Are you crazy, they will attack us if I do that." He whispered back.

"We can take them."

"I'd rather not risk it." He whispered back.

"Hey quit talking!" One of the Sabelye yelled, raising a hand to strike me. Sam quickly jumped in the way and pushed back the Sabelye. Sam growled, gritting his teeth.

"Don't touch her...or I will make sure that your worst nightmare becomes a reality." He growled, balling up his fists. I backed up. Sam never threatened people, but he was ready to prove a point if he needed to.

"Thats a little dark for you isn't it? Threatening us won't make a difference." One of them stated, coming closer to us. They thought he was bluffing, and honestly, I did too.

"It won't be a threat if you keep it up; I promise you." Sam said, pushing me between Grovyle and himself. He was ready to fight on my behalf, I…I can't believe it. I had just told him to let go of what was important to him and he was fighting on my behalf.

"Oh ya!?"

"Try me!" A Sabelye jumped in between the two, stopping the situation before it could go any further.

"Stop talking or so help me-" TIt shrieked, raising a paw to the other, its claws glowing. It quietly gestured to the other to get moving back down the steps.

"Get moving…he's waiting." He quietly muttered as we began to descend on the stairs. I slowly walked behind Sam, moving to a stone path just below the steps.

"Hello…old friends. Did you miss me?" I knew that voice anywhere and looked up to see Dusknoir. Beside him stood a hole that I knew all too well, a Dimensional Hole. He wanted to take us back to the future. He always gets in the way, I'm starting to hate him...more then I already do.

"Dammit… Dusknoir, you son of a-" I yelled, only to be pushed to the floor along with the others.

"That's what happens when you're a villain…you cheat the game…and you win." I grit my teeth and looked up in anger. Dusknoir laughed at our discomfort, his minions joining along before he quickly told them to stop.

"How did you get here so quickly?" Grovyle mentioned, pushing on my side to stand up.

"It's truly amazing that you get here when you need to…but I'm sure that master Dialga would know all about good timing, wouldn't you think so?" Cheater…and I swear I just hate him to no end. Someone needs to cut this guy down to size for all the crap he's pulled.

"You can just go back to the hole you crawled out of and go back to where you came from! None of us are going with you." Sam yelled.

"Well I'm not leaving without them… so we can be civilized and they can come with me, or we'll force you, your choice." Dusknoir growled, leering with his red eye. I backed up, I knew this guy was serious, and I knew he was strong he had managed to capture Grovyle...probably by beating him. If he was a match for Grovyle, he would be hard to beat, even without his minions. But they were here too, so this was a tough choice. Personally, I wanted to stay so...

"You're going to have to take them over my cold dead body!" Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sam stand up, taking a few paces from the group to yell at Dusknoir.

"Sam…" I was surprised he would even consider the option. Why? You can't take on Dusknoir, he's crazy. Or he'll use you against us.

"I will take them, be my guest and watch, if your still around."

"Sam-" I called and he quickly looked back at me.

"I am not that scared little kid anymore, I'm a fighter. I go all the way and see my goals until the very end! This is no different, so if you want them, you have to get through me!" Dusknoir and Sam were awfully close to one another, glaring, snarling, ready to fight. Dusknoir withdrew himself, having a slight smirk on his face before he lurched at Sam and picked him up by the neck. Sam squirmed and continued to glare at Dusknoir. Dusknoir brought his face to Sam's ear and whispered something loud enough for us all to hear.

"That…can be arranged." He quickly slammed Sam to the floor and needless to say although I knew Dusknoir, I never thought he would stoop so low. I thought I could hear bones crack over the screams of agony as Sam hit the floor. But warmth and flames came from him quickly, he was going to fight.

"Sam!" I yelled, getting into action. Grovyle and I were surrounded by the Sabelye. I grit my teeth, Sam needed me. I was stuck here and he was facing someone who I knew was a lot stronger than he was.

"Summer! Pay attention, you have to fight!" Grovyle ordered and I quickly looked to the three opponents in front of me. Sparkling gem eyes and purple glowing claws, the Sabelye minions stared at me, they were ready to defend their master, the same way I was willing to defend Sam.

"You wanna fight me? Okay, bring it on!"

Sam's POV

He had me gripped by the neck, and I swear I knew this position all too well. My head was being slammed over and over to the ground. I could see darkness eating away at my vision, and if I didn't do something soon…that would be it.

"Ha, this is almost too easy, and here I thought you would put up a fight!" Dusknoir chuckled, dropping me to the floor. I lay there for a moment trying to breathe without feeling pain. Dusknoir had laughed again, kicking my side. I slid a few feet, gripping the dirt before glaring up at him.

"I thought you were going to fight! What happened to that speech you gave earlier…?" He chuckled, kicking me again and I felt the air leave my lungs. I forced my arms to push my weight off the floor; I had to figure out how to beat him.

"I…ugh!" He kicked me again.

"Am…not…" And again.

"Going…to…" And again, each time more forcefully than the last. He rolled me to my side, stepping on my belly as if he was victorious. He pressed his full weight on his foot. He was trying to flatten me like a pancake, the fat ass. But his victorious pose was nothing short of a victory for him. I honestly would have gone along with the accusation before all of this, but I opened my eyes and grit my teeth in determination. He had that one look on his face and I knew that look. It's over so… are you ready to die yet?

"Give up!" I yelled, pushing off his foot and quickly jumping up to punch him with my fired up fist. I leapt up from the floor, yelling out. I punched him across the face, feeling my hand sting from the hit. I quickly moved my body behind him, grabbing his back in the process. I was lighting myself on fire, as high as my temperature would let me; I was going to win the fight and nothing was going to stop me.

"Get off me!" Dusknoir screeched, as my scorched hands touched his back, burning the plate on his back. He howled in pain, using his hands to throw me off his back to the floor. I slammed on the brick, skidding a few feet away from the dimensional hole.

I jumped up and quickly used a flame thrower on him, he countered using a shadow to try and hurt me. I jumped up, careful not to touch them but he was faster the I was.I felt a shadow run up my leg, causing my legs to remain frozen in place. I looked up to see Dusknoir with a fist encase in ice as he quickly ran up to punch me. I quickly unleased a fire spin, getting the shadow to shrink back. I quickly lurch forward, hitting Dusknoir's fist head on. Smoke quickly formed as the moves cancelled out. I lay on the floor, looking up to see the stair case that led back to the stoneship. I pushed myself to stand up but quickly fell as a sharp pain ran up my arm; I quickly looked thinking I may have broken something. All I could think about is how I would be able to defend myself after that…but to my surprise blood ran down my arm and trickled off my finger tips. It looked bad but it as better then being broken.

"Shit…" I muttered, gripping my arm as I quickly turned around. Dusknoir was already towering over me, a shadow casting over me as I simply looked up at the once great giant. There stood Dusknoir, standing above me, his red eye seeming to stare into my soul for a moment.

"I'm tired of your little tricks, especially the one with you being brave." I felt a stake drive through my heart, he was trying to get me where it was going to hurt. His breathing was heavy, he was tired from fighting me.

"And all of this for a girl that doesn't even love you…" He said, smiling devilishly at me. I gasped, backing up until my back hit the stairs. I felt myself whimper, cursing myself mentally for allowing myself to make that noise.

"That's…that's not true…" I muttered again, no…its…not…true…I…I…but…

"Isn't it? Think about it!" He softly said, picking me up by the back of my neck. Thoughts still flew through my head. I remembered Summer and Basil toward the very end of their relationship. even as he lay in her arms…she still told him that she loved him…I didn't catch what he had said since he had said it so softly but from what I have seen after that makes the situation clear; She's…she's not over him…I mean I couldn't blame her but…I…still…hoped…I always hoped….

"…" Dusknoir chuckled loudly, hysterical laughter. He was laughing at my pain, my misery. I quickly closed my eyes, listening to the fighting that went on even as he laughed. Suddenly I heard a nearby explosion and Dusknoir quickly released me dropping me to the floor.

I simply lay motionless, my eyes shut. Now I wanted to drift away, it was bad enough every single time I ever made an advance I was shut down but I couldn't take hearing it from other people…

"S…am…." I heard a voice call. I dared not open my eyes. I was certain something would happen to me if I did.

"Sam…" I heard the voice call again, this time louder and more forceful. I could feel a hand on my shoulder, shaking me.

"Sam! Get up!" I felt my eyes strain and I slowly opened my eyes. I felt dizzy, my vision was blurry but a yellow picture suddenly came into focus. Summer stared at me, she was concerned. Her eyes trace up and down me, and I blinked, blurring in and out of everything around me. I was tired of everything, I wanted it all to end.

"Get up!" She commanded, yanking my arm and pulling me in another direction. My mind was starting to grasp my surroundings, shouting, blasts and explosions from moves all in one area. I struggled to stand and felt my body collapse to the floor in exhaustion.

Summer still held a tight grasp on my arm, digging her nails into my skin. I yelped out as I tried to stand up again. I seemed a bit wobbly, struggling to keep my balance as I stood on my feet. But I trudged one foot in front of the other, stumbling to walk in a straight line. I had a goal in mind though, make it to a corner. I began walking toward Grovyle as he continued fighting Dusknoir. The Sabelye were down for the count, but so was I…I couldn't fight anymore. I was more than tired, I... needed…to…take…a break.

"Sam, stay awake!" Summer yelled, shaking my arm as I started to doze off as I stumbled to the floor in the corner of the battle field. I felt my body slump over, only to be pushed back up against the corner frame.

"You are NOT going to fall asleep out here! Do you understand me?" I slowly nodded my head, eating the few oran berries we had in our treasure bag. I instantly felt better, regaining more consciousness as the healing fruit took its course.

"Good, now wait here." She said, getting up from her sitting position to go assist Grovyle. I was watching them fight and Dusknoir slowly fell to the floor exhausted.

"Ah…" He yelped, falling to the floor. I looked up a bit easier, trying to stand along with my friends who were now panting.

"We…did it…" Grovyle muttered, turning to me. I gave a grateful smile.

"Are you okay?" I nodded my head and slowly walked to them. I stood beside them.

"Glad to see you can walk on your own...good thing we picked all of those berries up along the way." I nodded, noticing Dusknoir get up. He growled his stomach opening.

"What the hell?" Summer yelled, looking at me in fear.

"He's going to try something, get ready!" Grovyle yelled.

"We should counter this..." I muttered. The two looked at me, and gave a triumphant smile.

"Good idea, throw something with fire!" I made a giant fire ball and threw it, I noticed Summer shot electircity and that cicled my sphere and Grovyle used leaf storm and circled that. It crashed into Dusknoir and he wailed out in pain.

"I...its not possible, you couldn't have defeated me." He muttered, falling back to the floor in exhaustion.

"Can you go put your locket in the rainbow stoneship now?" He asked and I felt myself smirk, beginning the walk up the stairs.

Groyvle's POV

I lied. I know I did. I know it's wrong but what choice did I have? I couldn't hide it forever and I knew eventually the subject would be brought up… my time is up on running from the inevitable subject.

Sam had travel far up the steps, and I felt myself sigh in relief. Dusknoir had panted, pushing himself off the floor.

"Why?" I quickly turned to Dusknoir as his red eye softened.

"Why does he protect what is going to vanish?" He muttered, I felt myself cringe and my fists ball up. Dammit, my cover has been blown. I immediately felt uncertainty run through me, please tell me she didn't hear him.

"W-what is he talking about?" Summer quickly asked as her head turned toward me. She heard him.

"You didn't tell her? Such a fool to try and trick her Grovyle; especially, after the end result would result in her inevitable departure." Summer immediately looked at Dusknoir as if he was lying. I immediately felt a knot form in the middle of my stomach. Her questioning him was showing her trust in me, and I lied...that only made me feel worse.


"It would be as if you never existed, that's what happens when you disappear." Dusknoir spat coldly. She was quickly peicing things together and her voice sounded as though she was about to cry.

"Disappear?" She questioned. I was sinking lower and lower. I can't believe that the truth was finally going to come out.

"If you change the past, you are going to vanish…" Dusknoir said, Summer's eyes immediately began to water.

"Can't exist in a time that never happened right?" He said; a slight smirk on his face for exposing me. I growled at him, but honestly he had a point, I shouldn't have lied to her.

"Grovyle…" I cringed, hearing her saddened voice call my name.

"Is that true?" I slowly nodded my head. And I heard nothing but silence for a while, I heard water droplets hit the floor.

"Its true…" Tears began to leak from my eyes, man, I thought this would be easier; I thought I would be able to tell her and she would take it in a better manner. I certainly didn't want her to find out this way. I certainly had hoped I would never hope I would have to tell her about this.

"Why? Why didn't you tell me?" I glanced up from the stone path and looked her dead in the eyes.

"At one point you knew…you were willing to disappear and get a better future. You saw what it was like, living in a world of fear and darkness; You and I sought to change that, even at the cost of our lives. You forgot about our promise and when I found you again...I knew you would take it like this. Try to understand, its for a greater good. I know that this is hard to understand…and maybe…now…you might not even want to go through with it. But…I don't want to live in a world that isn't happy, and world of misery is not a world I want to live in…" I felt my words struggle to leave. She stood, silently crying. Tears streaked down her face and she quickly wiped them away.

"I…I understand." She said, nodding. I was surprised that she accepted it as quickly as she did.

"How do we tell Sam…" I felt my heart drop even more, this wasn't just a inconvenience. Sam could potentially throw the entire mission off. What would he say if he found out before? He might run, he would rather let the world fall then have his only friend go.

"We don't…" I said, breaking my gaze with her and looking back toward the stairs.

"But-" I quickly turned back, was she really suggesting we tell him?

"He can't be told under any circumstances. He won't go through with it. He respects you, he looks up to you, he even aspires to be like you. He won't give you up for the world…" I felt like I had given away something I shouldn't have and immediately tried to cover it up.

"He wants a best friend, not a world without one." Her eyes looked so sad.

"But I can't lie to him, I-"

"Promise me you won't tell him…" I whispered, being serious on the matter.


"Promise!" I yelled, feeling tear well up in my eyes. She quickly looked around and nodded.

"Okay…I won't" I heard shifting but never took my eyes off of her. She was different, and the person I had known was long gone. Some traits were different, but now she was different. She had made a life here, with friends and people who care about her…so…this…has got to be the hardest thing for her. I could only imagine.

"Now we have to- Look out!" I yelled, as out of the corner of my eye I saw Dusknoir leap up from the ground. He sprang forward, intent on attacking Summer. I jumped in front, feeling intense pain run through my body. She looked at me horror on her face but I only recalled an earlier event. Now we're even, I thought to myself as I hit the floor. Pain was shooting up and down my body.

"So you protected Summer huh? Okay, you're going down first." Dusknoir said, cracking his knuckles as he walked toward me. I knew…I had to do one final thing for them…this truly is it. I was going to give up, please for give me.

"No!" I yelled, grabbing Dusknoir and pushed him toward the dimensional hole.

"Grovyle!" Summer shouted, not understanding what I had planned, I glanced at her and shouted. I knew that she didn't want me to go, her pain had already touched me.

"Summer, listen to me!" At this moment Sam had walked down the stairs, looking at me in shock.

"Okay guys lets go! Wait…whats going on? Grovyle?" Sam asked in uncertainty, his whole body shaking. He wasn't aware of anything and I hoped Dusknoir could keep his fat mouth shut long enough for me to get my point across.

"Sam, I'm leaving and I'm never coming back!" He wasn't sure what was going on and tears instantly came to his eyes.

"But-" He started to say, getting chocked up in the process. He had come to trust me, and I felt happy. He had come such a long way since I had met him back in the future, especially when I had been so mean to him. He took care of my friend when I couldn't and I respected him for it.

"It's up to you now," I dropped the satchel I had and Time Gears dropped onto the floor. They clinged to life as they dropped out of the bag and spilled to the floor.

"Those are-" Sam started, "Time Gears…" Summer finished.

"Promise me you'll watch Summer's back!" I pleaded, pushing Dusknoir as he tried desperately to get out of my grasp. He squirmed and pushed his arms against me, trying to get me to release him.

"But take your place? I-I can't," He shouted, tears flowed off his face and hit the floor.

"You can and you will because you can, you two…are the greatest of combinations." I yelled, tears falling as my heart ripped at a past memory of Summer and myself. She was my friend, and letting her go was the hardest part…but it…was always meant to be this way...I know, she's better off this way...and maybe, we will meet again.

"Unhand me!" Dusknoir shouted, straining to move as I pushed him closer to the dimensional hole. I quickly shook him and he quickly stopped.

"Quiet, we are almost there!" I yelled, turning a glance back to my friends.

"Summer!" I shouted and her head quickly shot up from the floor.

"Farewell, I was lucky to have known you…" She quickly nodded her head and gave me a weak smile. I was only a few inches from the portal now and gave a farewell glance.

"Though the parting hurts, the rest is in your hands." I said, feeling a single tear run off my face as I jumped into the portal, Dusknoir screaming the entire way. I know I made a difference, so this is it…thank you guys, for being my family.

Sam's POV

Summer stood there. Emotionless, a blank stare on her face and I quickly walked up to her. She looked at me and I gave her a soft smile, trying to let her know I was there. She turned away, and I noticed tears fall to the floor. I turned her to me and tears didn't stain her face, it was as if she was going to refuse to cry in front of me.

"I know it hurts…" I tried to say in a comforting manner.

"I am just tired of losing everyone I care about…" She said as I picked up the time gears.

"I understand…" I whispered, I knew what she was going through. I thought about it, she was losing just about as much as I was.

"I just want to know why? Why do I lose everything?" She questioned, holding herself in her arms.

"You haven't-" I stated, only to be inturrupted as she spoke. I immediately looked up at her eyes. Her voice was shaken but she was being serious.

"Do you remember how you asked me what was important? I have my answer…" I felt my heart race, she smiled for a moment but it quickly turned to a frown. Her cheeks cracked with electricity.

"Nothing…caring is only bringing pain…and I don't want that anymore…so …I'm not going to care. But we have to finish this…for Grovyle." She said passionately as her voice sounded like it was going to crack.

"I think you do have something that's important…and I understand that losing and pain makes it harder to see what's right in front of you, but trust me…you'll be okay in the end…cutting off your emotions is not going to help…hanging on until the end will."

"No, the end won't help…that's what I'm worried about." She muttered softly, looking at my eyes.

"What? Why?" I said in a confused manner. Her eyes slightly widened and she quickly rubbed her face with her hand.

"Because I might lose the last thing that means something to me, you're all I have now." She said softly before she quickly hugging me. I stood in surprise for a moment before I slowly moved my hands around her shoulders.

"Uh…?" I didn't know what she meant by that.

"Thank you for being my friend…lord knows I really need one." She said, letting go with a small frown.

"I think…we should go…" She said right after, turning to the stairs before she began to walk away.

"Uh ya, but…" She quickly moved toward the stairs. I quickly gripped her hand and she turned back to me with a confused look.

"I have to tell you something really quick." I said in a hushed whisper. I quickly gripped her hand, yanking her back and she stumbled toward me. I closed my eyes, scared to see the reaction on her face.

"Ya?" I quickly kissed her cheek, pulling away as I felt a spark of electricity jump to my lips. I could feel the scarlet color that was running across my face along with the goofy smile that was also forming on the corner of my mouth. My head was screaming Stupid! She is going to kill you! What were you thinking!? She's not interested! Oh, but you have to try! But your going to push her away even more! Maybe she was into it? Ugh, your just stupid Sam...just stupid...yep...

"Ur…I uh.." I started mumbling, my thoughts buzzing around in my head.

"Thanks…for uh…helpin' me out earlier..." I quickly said, trying to cover it up. It was a stupid excuse, honestly... and it was really dumb. My heart was beating so quickly, and I shyly looked away. She simply looked in the other direction. She simply stood there, motionless. I was just shocked…and she hadn't said anything… oh man, this is bad… it's the dancing episode all over again!

"We…should get going…" She said, slowly ascending up the stairs. I felt surprised as she quickly looked back at me, not showing any emotion on her face. I felt a frown form on my face; not…the reaction I was hoping for…and it sucked because I could never figure out was on her mind... why must I be so bad at timing?

"Ya…I guess…" I said, feeling slightly sad that she had just brushed off everything.

This is a huge adventure, and it has been long and hard. I have come so far, maybe…things were starting to change for the better.

I understand that yes, I kept the original dialouge, with some added pieces but this is one of the few pieces I flat out refuse to touch as accordance to such an amazing game. How could I change something that to me was already perfect? :) But this is the last of the 7,000 and over chapters…maybe not…we'll see…but if I pieced this together right then probably not.

Oh I have a question: "In a situation like this, does the end result justify the means?" Please answer!


Thanks... SunnySummer77

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