PMD: Love in the Abyss of Time

Tonight will be the Last Time

Alright! Chapter 19! My favorite to write (so far...). I have to thank all the people who pm'd me or reviewed, it is very appreciated. I hope that support continues until the very end... which you all have been invited to. :) I hope you stick around, its not that far away. Oh, this chapter might be a little dialogue heavy...but action can't be in every chapter...sorry ya'll...besides...that's the next chapter... So enough of my ranting, here it is "The Night Before"

Summer's POV

I have to finish what I started. I feel so torn on the subject; I could tell Sam, but then what? He might run, take the time gears with him... then the world would really be doomed. But what if we were misreading this? What if he was okay with me sacrificing myself? What if he understood that the world needed this and that giving up his friend made him a hero? Okay...he was probably wasn't...that would be a stretch.

"Sum, you okay? You seem to be a bit distant since...well..." He didn't finish the sentence, trailing off before he reached the cause. What Grovyle said was the cause. I can't believe I allowed myself to get stuck in a situation like this...but what else is new? Poor Sam...he was my best friend, I should be able to tell him anything. I glanced up and saw a frown form on his face. His silver eyes wander up from the ground to me.

"..." It was silent for a while. I didn't want to talk, but he continued to look at me with worry, he would continue to do so until I did.

"...I'm just tired." I quickly said, a hint of depression left with my voice. He nodded his head in understanding as we neared the entrance to Temporal Tower. We both stopped, looking up the giant blue tower. A red cloud hung above the tower, lightening flying from it. The royal blue tower was already missing a few pieces, a sign that the tower was soon to collapse. Rubble lay on the floor. I noticed the sun was high, it was beginning its decent in the sky. I could tell it was about late afternoon as the chilly wind whipped my arm.

"Woaw, look at that...we have to climb that?" I muttered softly, looking up the great tower. I could hear ticking coming from the tower.

"Yup, better get started." Sam said, taking the lead into the tower. The clock tower itself was ticking, like a clock. It was soothing, yet reminding me of the time I had left. Every second, every minute, every hour, was shortening the time I had left. I felt my eyes wonder through the tower rooms, noticing how I wasn't leading the way up the tower to my inevitable end.

He was leading the way, taking a glance back at me occasionally. I felt my ears twitch as I looked up to him. My ears flattened against my head and I pushed my fingers together as they nervously circled each other. Sam quickly slowed his pace, walking beside me. We looked around for the stairs, running into a bunch of weird looking Pokemon. Sam simply pushed them aside, continuing our journey up the tower.

"So..." He said trying to break the silence.

"So..." I mimicked, startling a Porygon from its sleep as I spoke. It looked around dazed before fixing on us with its eyes. It leapt at me as I tried to walk around it. Hate rests in its eyes as it cut my cheek. I was surprised at the quick pain that lay on my cheek and gripped my face in anger. But as I looked up to strike back, it pinned me against the wall. It lifted me off the floor, chocking me as I tried to gasp for air. I quickly tried kicking and scratching it to get it to let go of me. This is the kind of person I'm trying to save...great...besides he didn't even give me a chance to explain.

"" I managed to get out. Sam turned to me as he knocked the Lunate out. Running across the floor, he tackled the Porygon to the floor, making him release his grip on me. I fell to the floor gasping for air and coughed as wind filled my lungs. I looked up seeing Sam dropping someone quietly to the floor. The Porygon was knocked out. He was slightly panting, walking back over to me and helped me up.

"You alright? Its unlike you to get distracted in a fight...why didn't you just use a thunderbolt on him?" I heard him say as I went to get up. He was way off on the statement, recently I have been very distracted. I can't stop thinking about what is going to happen...what am I going to do? I quickly gripped the wall, leaning on it as I stood up. My eyes quickly traced his smile as I nodded in response.

"Good, glad to see your okay...except for that," He remained quiet for a second, bring his hand to my cheek and tracing the outline of where I was cut.

"Cut..." He said, there was concern flowing in his voice. He quietly moved his head to get a better look at it and I felt nervous as he quickly leaned in a bit closer. I blinked, trying to piece together why I felt that was strange...why was this happening all of a sudden?

"When we get about half way, do you want to stop and rest? That way we can put a patch on the cheek...what do you say?" My thoughts were interrupted when Sam spoke.

"Ya...sounds good." I said, slowly moving away from the wall and walking up the stairs.

"Then we can relax for a bit." I heard him say behind me.

"Ya...I...kinda wanted to..." I started to say. I wanted to tell him about what Grovyle had said. I wanted him to know, I couldn't just willingly lead him into saving the world at the cost of losing me. Grovyle was right about that; he did want a best friend, he probably didn't want a world without one. But I can't watch him break at my lies...

"Rest? Ya, me too..." He said, his eyes quickly dashing away from me. The silence had spread throughout the room. Neither of us wanted to say something. I could feel pain run through my body, I felt guilty and it was paining me to hide.

"Sam..." I said breaking the silence. He looked at me, quietly making it harder for me to breathe.


"You know I can tell you anything right?" I said, and he nodded in response. He slowly picked up small twigs and branches found on the tower floor.

"Ya... that's kinda what a best friend is for..." He cautiously eyed me and I felt my heart speed up. How could I tell him?

"I want you to know...I always have your best interest at heart...I wouldn't do something without a good reason, and I want you know..." My mouth kept running and my heart was beating so quickly, I didn't even have a good reason. My reason was saving the world...millions of others would be in danger if I didn't go through with it...but at what cost? That reason wasn't selfish, but it was a easy answer to the problem. The cost of it would be to leave my best friend alone? He would be angry, alone and worst of all, probably depressed.

"..." I was silent for a moment. I couldn't bring myself to tell him, he was probably right about me always pushing him away...locking myself away so I don't have to get hurt. But if I don't get hurt...he certainly will.

"You want me to know what? What are you even talking about?" Sam questioned. I quietly, shook my head, my heart becoming heavy.

"Nothing...just forget I said anything..." He quietly gripped my wrist as I tried to pass him.

"You don't have to tell me now if you don't want to...but...know I'm always here if you want to talk." He whispered in a hushed voice releasing my wrist.

"I know." I said. On our way up, we picked up several of the sticks, we held on to them instead of throwing them at an enemy. Sam quietly did the same and eventually we came to the end of the tower. There was the mid way, we were halfway there. Dialga wasn't too far away. Sam quickly tossed the pile of wood in the middle of the room.

"We should rest here for now." I was about to walk off, but a tremor shook the entire tower. I lost my balance, almost falling to the floor only to have an arm catch me. I quickly looked up to see Sam smile in relief.

"Gotcha." I pushed myself from the floor, and felt myself avoiding Sam's gaze. He stepped forward, I quickly stepped back in response. I tripped on the storage rock in the middle of the room, falling to the floor and accidently released sparks from my cheeks. The sparks traveled across the floor to the pile of wood and sparked a fire.

"How did you...?" Sam quickly asked as the dim lit room began to illuminate with fire. I quickly looked up, seeing the orange glow of the fire that now sat in the middle of the room. It was peaceful, small...enjoyable.

"Well would you look at that, sparked fire..." Sam muttered softly, surprised that he didn't have to start the fire. Sparked...Fire...? I remember that Sam had once mentioned to me that I had a fire that inspired others... I was a electric type...was he talking about me? Was I sparking 'fires' in people? was my spirit that kept others going. I felt myself smile coming thinking about it.

I quickly whipped my head up at him but quickly noticed he wasn't there, but in front of the fire. His face released a smile, and he lay on his side in happiness. It was nice to see him relaxing, he hasn't been able to recently.

I got up from the floor, walking to the corner. I sat on the rocky floor in silence. My head was buried in my knees. My soft knees fur felt fluffy against my face. I'm a fool...I don't know what to do...why can't I get an answer? Why can't I give him an answer? Its not that hard, all I have to do is tell him...that's it... so why when I try to do it, I can't bring myself to do so? I heard footsteps walking toward me and stop a short distance away. My ears flattened against my head before perking to his voice.

"You okay?" I heard him say, and I gripped my knees tighter. I was far from okay. I had lost Basil, then Grovyle...I was going to lose Sam... Sam didn't know...but when he finds out, would he be angry? Would he try and deliberately throw off the mission? Would he merely accept it, the way I have?

"I'm just thinking..." I said, slightly looking up from my knees. Sam ran his finger across my cut, a slight stinging sensation died with cool tingling sensation. I began shifting my sitting position to be more comfortable. I noticed how he was holding a oran berry in his hand, dipping his finger to run it along my red cheek.

"Better?" I nodded my head in response.

"Thanks..." I muttered, pushing my head back into my knees. I heard a sigh.

"Oh, can...uh come hang out with the fire..." I quickly looked up, seeing him stand up, his hand extended.

"If...if you want to." He said in a nervous tone. I hesitated, and looked to his eyes. His silver eyes sparkled in the dark, drawing my attention to them as the flame bounce off the glossy reflection of his eyes. I quietly took his hand, and stood up off the floor.

"Ya...that sounds good, but..." I quietly said, but he just yanked me toward the fire.

"No buts, you already said you would," He said with a laugh.

"Besides, you have to hang out with me...its not good for you to be alone anyway." He said, letting go of my hand and sitting down beside me by the fire, in a way it actually reminded me of Basil...and our date...

Silence quickly filled the room. I felt myself gasp as I realized...this is it...this is our last night together. Tears were already coming to my eyes just thinking about it.

" you remember when you made me promise you that if something happened to you, I would keep the team going...?" I quietly said, hearing only the crackling fire for a while. I looked to see Sam staring into the fire.

"Ya...why you going to make me promise the same thing?" He said, cracking a smile with a tiny laugh. I sat in silence for a while and merely held out my pinky. Sam looked shocked, he defiantly had not seen this coming.

"...But...why?" He asked, and he quietly looked at me. This was my chance, I should tell him...he has the right to know. I can't lead him on this lie! What kind of friend does that to another?

"Because...I... just want to make sure that we both have this agreement...just...just in case." I said, trying not to break from my lie.

"Well..." He said, eying me for a moment. His stare was innocent, how could I? I just lied to him...maybe...maybe Grovyle was right, maybe it was best not to tell him...but how could he be? Sam wasn't a person to lie, especially to me...but if the situation was reversed what would he do? Would he tell me?

"Can't see why I can't agree to that!" He said cheerfully holding out his pinky. I found myself smiling before hiding it. I couldn't be happy about this. Sadness was crawling its way into my heart. But regardless, I hooked my pinky. I let my shoulders fall, unhooking my pinky.

"Thanks..." I said, leaning on his shoulder. It was quiet, and I shut my eyes as Sam quietly pulled away and lay down. I scooted closer, leaning on his stomach as he lay on the floor. My feet stretched out toward the fire. I wiggled my toes as I leaned my head back on his soft belly.

"You can sleep by you want to..." He said shyly, his face slightly turning red. I could feel blood rush to my face. He tried to smile and I tried to back. I shrugged my shoulders, laying beside him.

So I'm laying beside Sam, here in the dark. I can hear his steady heart beat as I push my ear to his chest. He shyly looks at me and I felt my eyes dart up. He simply looks down at me and whispers so sincerely.

"What are we going to do after this? Heros of the world got to do something right?" He asked, a smile running across his face.

"I'd bet you we'd be famous, the most well known team that the world has ever known! Then people will admire us! US! Can you believe it? Man, I never thought we would get here! It just makes me more excited..." He chuckled, smiling in happiness. I felt happy that he was thinking that, but...should I ruin that? Take away his happy thoughts? Rip him away from glorious thoughts even when he has experienced tragedy? No...

"Ya, can't...can't wait." I said flatly. Sam just snuggled a bit closer. I could feel his stomach touch along my back. The soft velvet touch was so soft, my like my straw bed back home. I missed the guild, all the friends...but I would miss my team the most, Basil...Sam...

"Summer are you...crying?" I quickly touched my face and realized that hot tears streamed off from my eyes. I curled up tighter, determined to hide.

"No... I...I'm not crying...crying only happens when your sad..." Sam quietly pushed his arms around me. I felt my muscles tense as he scooted closer. He breathing hit the back of my ear and I felt myself cringe.

" could also be happy..." With that he scooted away, yawned and rolled onto his back to look at the ceiling.

"Are you happy?" He asked, and my head quickly whipped around to see him. Emotion swirled in his eyes, his lip clenched shut by his jaw as his fingers nervously traced along his ribs.

"...What kind of question is that?" I asked, lying beside him. His arm was stretched out, so I lay on it. His other arm formed a pillow behind his head as he sighed in contentment.

"It's just a question... I just want to know. You really don't have to put up that wall, I see past it anyway." He said, and I quickly looked to my right. A red glow appeared on his face, as his gaze met mine.

"I...didn't know...I didn't know you could tell." He slowly nodded his head.

"Only certain things, like when you act out of're a happy person...why wouldn't I know when your sad? But...there are other things...certain things I can't read...but I respect that, that's okay." I nodded. He understood, but in a scene he always understood.

"'m just always thinking about the past, or the future...I'm not sure of myself or what's going to happen...I'm...I'm lost." I said, looking at the fire's glow.

"You shouldn't worry about the learn from it. You should worry about what's to for the here and now...otherwise..." He stopped his sentence and I quickly sat up looking at the tear that streamed down his face.


"You'll miss your opportunity." He said, I immediately felt a chill run up my spine.

"Ya...I know," I quietly said. Rolling back into my side before I sighed. Dammit...why did you have to say that? Why is it so hard for you to tell him?

Sam's POV

"Ya...I know," She softly said, sighing. She rolled back onto my arm snuggling up to me before shutting her eyes tight. I sighed, nestling up against her soft hair. I watched the fire, Grovyle...what should I do?

Watching the fire supposedly will give you an answer to your problem.

So I stared, watching the blue base rise to orange as it floated off and disappeared into the air. I breathed in the smokey should know I like her... but... should I tell her now or later? Looking to the fire, I saw I stood alone. No one was around me, not Summer nor Basil. Both were missing from my fire...why?

Maybe I should ask Summer what she thinks it means? I turned my head seeing her sleeping in my arms, her arms were wrapped around me so tightly, as if she was afraid to let go. What was going on in her head? Why does she seem so sad? Why does she seem hesitate to answer me...? What is she hiding from me?

But this is Summer...she ...she doesn't say anything, she hides what she feels...she never showed it, she runs from it. Her emotions are on a switch, they are hidden so well. But then at other times her emotions are not.

Do you need someone to watch you and remain by your side? What about a friend? Do you need someone to listen to your problems and hear them even if they hurt my feelings? Should you wake her up and tell her all of this? Why is it so hard for you to tell her?

Well...if I tell you, that's fine, but if was never meant to be... I don't even believe that...

I closed my eyes and sighed. I'm going to remember this, and hope it never has to end.

Summer's POV

I'm sorry Sam...but this is it. I'm leaving, I hope you forgive me, and just know...I'm only doing this because I care about you. I know you know...okay you don't...but I couldn't leave the way it was intended. I slowly let go, getting away from the nice warm embrace. Sam quietly shivered in place for a moment, and I quickly threw some more wood on the fire. The flames engulfed the wood, and heat started to ventilate throughout the room.

"Sorry Sam...please forgive me." I muttered, tying my red scarf around my neck. I'm not going to let you risk your life...especially when its not going to matter soon. Hopefully I can finish this before he wakes up, then to will just seem like I took off. He can't know... he can't know what I'm planning. If he does, he might suspect something...even...question me!

I started my walk up the rest of the tower, must admit, I do feel bad leaving him there like that. He didn't even suspect it...poor guy. Guilt runs through me, as the tower's wind whips past me. I am cold, and I feel so empty inside. I just left my best friend there.

"Okay Summer, you have to put this to rest...I only did it because I care."I continued walking, taking a new pained step as I neared the top of the tower. I was probably of floor eight...I think...I guess I get there when I get there.

My thoughts ran back to a sleeping Sam. I felt tears run down my face as I continued to wander through the building. I cared Sam... I cared enough to die. I cared enough to take myself out of existence. But its not just you, its everyone I know. You are...the most important thing to me... I have to protect you from seeing such a sad ending. You can't lose me if you have hope. You will never lose me as long as you remember me.

Please...please...don't forget me and the times we've had... I know I certainly won't.

With those final thoughts, I walked up the steps, seeing a black sky. Guess this is the top. A red cloud hung over, and lightening shook the tops of the crumbling tower. I stepped forward, crumbling floor falling beneath my feet. I looked up and saw the Time Gear's slots. I had them in the treasure bag, was Sam going to get this back?

I hastily ran across the brick floor. Hearing a loud roar that made me quickly stop in my place.

"GGGGGGGGGGIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGIIIIIIIIIII!" To me that meant 'leave'. I quietly shook my head, I was not going anywhere, he would have to kill me first.

"D-Dialga!?" I asked, hearing a loud crash in front of me. Cracks ran along the floor, making it more unstable then it already was. I was shaking, seeing red eyes stare at me through the dark. Red pulsing energy was surrounding him. He was far from okay, he was in pain...but in a scene connected...this must be how I am during my transformations...

"LEAVE NOW! OR FACE ME!" He growled, inching a bit closer to me. I felt my heart beat rapidly and anxiously looked to my left and realized I was alone...right...Sam... I quickly shut my eyes. That's who you are fighting for, let him sleep in happy dreams as you fight to keep him that way.

"No...I have something to fight for, so get out of my way." Dialga roared again, baring his teeth at me. I felt my jaw clench.

"FINE...THIS SHALL BE YOUR END!"I head a loud growl, I've never fought with someone this big by myself before.

"I'm already expecting it!" I yelled running at Dialga as his eyes flashed a bright blue.

So this is the cliff hanger right? I think so... oh, one last question. PLEASE ANSWER!

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