PMD: Love in the Abyss of Time

By SunnySummer77

Adventure / Romance

Where the Lightning Strikes

~Where the Lightning Strikes~

"Okay, I can do this; I can do this..." The last of the warm crimson light was beginning to sink over the horizon; the stars dimly twinkled in the afternoon glow in the sky. The soft evening breeze stroked my red auburn fur as my paws shuffled up the last of the stone steps. My mouth runs dry as my eyes widen; my silver gaze upon the adored pink creature. I breathe in the sweet flowery air; letting out a shaky breath as I try to step forward. Feeling my nervous heart pound against the walls of my rib cage is just too much, and my paws remain frozen in place.

"No, I refuse to be paralyzed by this stupid fear any longer!" I growl, forcing my feet to step onto the wooden grate. I've wanted to do this for so long; so its time…no backing down.

"Pokémon detected, Pokémon detected! Whose footprints, whose footprints!? The Pokémon is Chimchar; the Pokémon is Chimchar." A voice echoed below me. Ice shoots up my leg, stopping my heart the instant the voices are heard. I feel my breathing hasten; my toes tapped anxiously. I had to get out of here; I couldn't go through with this.

"Ugh! I can't; I just can't do it!" I yelped out, jumping off the gate. The muttering sound of the guards had finally stopped. I felt my tan cheeks burn in embarrassment.

Dammit; I thought I would finally do it today; I thought I was finally going to join the guild.

"I'm still not brave enough," I muttered touching the back of my neck, feeling the locket my mother had given me before she left. My paws run along the gold anterior before I open the locket, seeing my parent's picture. A pair of Infernapes sat in the photo. I glanced to their portrait, taking in the features again. My mother's sea-green gaze glanced upward, never parting from my father's silver eyes. My father stood; his muscles tensed as he looked at my mother. His arms had been swiftly wrapped around her waist, pulling her closer until their faces had only been a centimeter apart. Both smiled bashfully in the presence of their best friend, knowing that photo was the start of their lives together. My mother and father seemed to gaze at each other as if the photographer had not even been there though; that's why I like it. A frown rolled across my lips as I stared on in disappointment.

They would have been so ashamed of me…their son, the big chicken.

"I'm such a coward, and here I thought having my personal treasure would help me…" I felt my arms and legs tingle as I exhale; a single memory enters my mind.

"They aren't coming back Sam, I'm sorry," Someone is always sorry… mostly that just ends up with me getting hurt.

With another sigh I walked down the stone steps. There is only one place I can go after a day like this…the beach. I walked down the dirt path, finding my way there quickly.

I wiggled my toes feeling the sand slide between them. I looked to the sky, seeing bubbles flying. The warm lights danced across each spec of bubble, kissing them all with a different color from the afternoon sunset. A warm sensation ran through my chest and I felt myself smile.

Man, the Krabby make the sky look so beautiful at this time of day. It always cheers me up when I'm feeling sorry for myself.

I sat on the white sandy beach, watching the waves roll down the coast line. The waves rolled down to the far end of the beach. I touch my locket again, looking at the other side seeing my stone pattern.

"I want to find out about you…" I whispered softly. I had found it some time ago; it was so different, unique. It had baffled me as I had never anything so peculiar. It had been chipped at the bottom so I knew it belonged somewhere…but where? I wanted to know where it went, where did it come from? I wanted to be able to explore, discover and see things no one else has.

My ear flickered toward the noise of wingulls and pelippers. My gaze turned, seeing the white birds circle something along the rocks. I stood quickly, walking over to hopefully shoo away the birds. They usually pick at stuff that washes on the shore…and it tends to make them sick.

"What are they doing?" I muttered as the squawking grew louder. I quickened my pace over to the other end of the beach, seeing a strange yellow object in the middle of the circle.

Strange, seaweed is not usually yellow.

With a quirked eyebrow, I peered above the ring of birds, I could see them immediate form of a person. I quickly gasped, yelping out to the birds.

"Okay, that's enough! Get out of here! Go on," I demanded, scattering the flock of birds. With a snort I gazed back to the yellow object. I looked her over from a distance, at first only seeing the scratches from the birds. My heart sped up; there was just no way…

Maybe…I was too late?

My eyes cast down toward the sand, my ears falling a bit. But the sound of violent coughing had perked my ears. She had spurt out a lung full of ocean water, her brown eyes shoot open for a moment. She coughs violently, her eyes shut tight.

Thank Arceus; She's alive… for a second I thought I found a dead body.

But in the realization that she was indeed alive, I took a closer look at the person I had just rescued. Her soft yellow fur shifted along the sand. Her heart indented lightning bolt tail thumped against the floor. Her black tipped ears pressed against her head as her red cheeks crackled to life. There's no denying it; she was a Pikachu.

"Ma'am, are you okay?" A voice called out. My fist tightened; a groan escaped my lips.

"W-what…is that…sound?" I asked, dazed. I opened my eyes only to shut them quickly; it was so bright. I tried to move my hand and it scrapped along a soft gravel I thought was sand.

I have to move…come on.

As I slowly pushed off the floor, my forehead throbbed in pain. My hands rushed to my temples to sooth it as I slowly opened my eyes.

I'm on a…beach?

I glanced down, letting the yellow sand slip through my fingers. My eyes ran along the shore, watching the waves roll down the coastline. The palm trees swayed in the distance.

It's a beach alright. How did I get here? I don't remember falling asleep here…but then again…I don't remember…anything?

"W-where am I?" I finally managed to force out, my voice scratchy and irritated. Another cough escaped my throat, as I glanced for a familiar sight.

"I found you on the beach," It was deep, rough…a bit afraid? I glanced around, not seeing a single person who could have made that sound. I could only see Pokémon. From the looks of it, he appeared to be a male. His body was covered with auburn fur, a tan stomach and paws to match. A slight swirl sat upon his chest. A slight swirled up hair stood on his head. He stood up straight, having great posture despite the fact he was a chimp. I'm sure that's a Chimchar. But he was smiling politely, his silver eyes looking at me.

"The… beach?" I mumbled, looking around my settings once more.

"Yeah, that's kinda where we are. Geez, you must have really hit your head or somethin'," I looked around, hearing that voice again.

"Well actually," I want to say that I had, simply because of the ringing in my head from earlier. I also wanted to know where I was because I sure didn't recognize this place. Before I could even utter a word, I quickly stopped; I was talking to nothing.

Losing it already?

"Go on, I'm all ears," I turned to see this Chimchar. His mouth moved as his eyes wandered around the scenery. I felt my head tilt, an eyebrow raised.

"Did…did you just… talk to… me?" My voice squeaked in amazement. Had I merely imagined the entire thing? I watched his face, waiting to see if he would say something else; He just stared, blinking his silver eyes. His arms crossed as he rolled his eyes.

"Sure did! I'm glad to see you're alright, you had me worried for a moment there," I shook my head; now I know I'm dreaming. My fingers glided over my arm, pinching it. But to my surprise, I felt a sharp pain.

This is real, it's real…? Wait…then…

"Get away from me!" I bolted from the floor as I quickly stood up. My voice let out a shrill shriek of fear. I tried to back away; but my knees felt so wobbly. My feet stumbled backwards, falling like a new born deer.

"Hey! Wait I just-" He reached out to grab my arm as I began my descent to the floor. I shut my eyes tightly, my hand trying to push away his tightened grip. I let out a frightened whimper, not wanting to hear his exclamation.

"Just go away! Please don't hurt me," At this point he had released my arm, I had fallen to the floor, my finger's gripped the wet sand tightly.

I will throw this at you if you don't leave me alone!

"Wait, what? Did you think I was going to hurt you? No, listen… I was just making sure you were okay." I could feel my grip loosen on the sand. I opened my eyes, glancing to the concern Chimchar. As moved closer from his bent over position and I backed away from him in response. My heart thumped in my ears, my gaze locked on my hands. I twiddled my fingers nervously, waiting for something bad to happen.

"Oh, I get it… you feel uncomfortable around new people," he said in a hushed voice. I shyly looked up to him. He smiled again, his silver gaze locked on me. I swallowed the lump in my throat, clearing my throat as I went to speak.

"No, it's just I didn't know you could talk…it kinda scared me," he opened his mouth to say something else but words continued to tumble from my mouth.

"But I must say I'm amazed; I've never met a talking Pokémon before," Now he was the one who seemed confused. He raised an eyebrow, staring at me like I had said something odd.

"You're talking to me. Pokémon talk like this to other Pokémon; it's really not that big a mystery," he replied.

"Pokémon? Did you just say Pokémon?" Some part of me hoped he was just kidding around, but the seriousness in his eyes said otherwise.

"I mean I hardly know you, so what part of that would cause me to lie?" I suppose that was true; why lie to a stranger? Especially one you just met. I quickly looked over my body, smiling as I gazed up at him. But I blinked; something clicked.

"Look I'm telling you I-" I said waving my hand to see its yellow color in the corner of my eye. I immediately gulped, quickly tracing down my arms to see my hands; only to see they weren't hands, they were paws. My shaking fingers glided along my new yellow fur, feeling is soft, gentle touch. I looked behind me to see brown stripes on my back followed by a heart-shaped lightning bolt tail that glided through the air. My ears were also yellow and tipped off with black. I touched my face to hear a spark of electricity jolt between my face and my paw.

"This isn't right! I'm a person; a human being! I'm not a Pikachu!" He blinked in surprise, taking a step back. He gulped nervously, chuckling nervously to himself. The sparkling twinkle in his eyes was curious, like he didn't know what to say.

"Um, well..." He forced, his paws coming together. What could he possibly say? He probably thought I was insane; I didn't blame him. I would think this was crazy if it currently wasn't happening to me.

"I knew you wouldn't believe me! I was a fool! A fool!" I screamed into the sky. The Chimchar sighed, crossing his arms.

"Well, you certainly are odd aren't you? But I've met worse," The Chimchar mumbled under his breath. I felt a frown rush across my face as I rolled my eyes.

"Anyway, I'm Sam. And you are?" He had shocked me with a question about myself.

"Me?" He looked around for a moment before I heard a slight groan. He slapped his face, rolling his eyes. I can understand the annoyance of having to repeat yourself or having to be patient.

"Yes you, girl who claims to be human!" He chuckles again, staring at me intently. My thoughts quickly drifted to myself. Why couldn't I remember my name? I looked up from my sitting position.

"Can I help you?"

"Your never told me your name," Sam silvery voice sounded so innocent. I could feel a frown roll across my lips. I could hear this voice pulse through my head. I could only come back to one conclusion; that had to be my name.

"My name is...Summer," He smirked, nodding his head in acknowledgement.

"Golden in spirit, like the sun…it's always a sight to see," Sam's silver gaze turned to the sea, looking over it as he said the words.


"In all honesty," He chuckled, his fingers tracing up his auburn arm. His eyes locked with mine as his face twinge a crimson red. It was as if he was embarrassed to tell me.

"I actually like your- Woah!" His eyes became as wide as saucers. He backed up, his hands shaking as he stood paralyzed in fear.

"What!?" I gulped.

"Y-your eyes…" I felt my shaky fingers run along my cheeks. I turned away from him, pushing my knees into my chest. I breathed in the salty air, trying to push away the mental image of his scared face.

What's wrong with them!?

"Hey I'm sorry, it's just I-" Sam's voice faltered, unsure of how to approach the situation.

"Don't look at me…you've already made it clear that your scared of me. Or at least of my eyes," I put my head to my knees, sighing. I could hear the subtle shifting of sand, glancing to see he had sat beside me.

"Look at me…" His tone had sounded more confident, almost forced from him. It was like he was attempting something new. My arms locked, tensing as I slowly turned my head toward him. His once wide eyes relax; his head tilts to the side.

"What now…?" Sam eyes looked at me again curiously, as if looking for something. His eyes were locked on mine; I could feel my grip tighten on my leg.

"Your eyes are brown…but I could have sworn…" He said before tailing off.

"Sworn what?" He looked away for a moment, looking off into the distance as if lost in thought before looking back and shaking his head.

"Nothing, don't worry about it," He mumbled to himself. He smiled at me, and I could feel the corners of my mouth form a subtle smile. He quickly stood, holding his hand out to me to help me up.

"Just…Just try not to get caught in the surf, okay," He said with a slight chuckle. I felt my ears flatten against my head.

"I'll try not to," I said as my fingers ran circles around each other.

"But look, if you're ever caught in there again, you have a friend who can save you," A mischievous grin rolled across his face, the flame on his tail grew brighter. He seemed to be happier than when I first met him.

"Who you?" I felt a laugh escape my lips, a small smirk tugged at the corners of my mouth.

"Can't swim; but I'll be more than happy to save you from shallow water,"

"But why save me?" He heaved a silent laugh. Sam shook his head, his eyes narrowing on me.

"Silly Summer, I wouldn't let a friend drown," He replied, shrugging his shoulders.

"Friends?" He shrugged again, his eyes narrowing on me as he spoke.

"Yep, and since we're friends I think I should warn you I worry about them…even when they are in danger," He said, initially folding his arms across his body. But he smiled, walking toward me before patting my head with a slight chuckle.

"Well thank you but I think I can steer away from trouble just fine," He rolled his eyes, giving me a serious look.


"You just need a friend to watch out for you," I smiled; I was actually kinda happy I knew someone. Even though it had only been a few minutes, it was great to have a friend. Even if it was just one, I hoped it would turn into many.

"Hey look at this," He said to me with his hand around his locket. He covered half of it with his tan thumb, showing me one half. Looking at the rock carefully, I could see it had a particular pattern on it.

What's that?

"I've never seen anything like that," He opened his mouth to reply but he was pushed down into the sand by a Koffing and a Zubat. The Zubat, who was a blue bat with purple wings had yanked Sam by the neck and pulled off his locket.

"Hey Sam, trying to impress your girlfriend with a rock is not very impressive," The Zubat had tossed the rock to his friend, the Koffing, who laughed at the chimchar's misfortune. I looked to Sam, seeing his lip quiver as he glared at the pair. I felt my cheeks burn at the sentence, embarrassed at the accusation. I shook the thoughts away when I snapped at them trying to defend my new friend.

"Hey leave him alone," I growled, my fingers balling up into a fist. I could hear the crackling of my cheeks as I glared at them. The Koffing turned to me, glaring with his purple eyes. He glided over to me, towering as he began speaking in a low toned voice.

"You got something to say short stuff?" He smirked. I let a growl escape my lips. I looked at Sam who refused to move, he simply stared at the sandy floor.

"I said 'leave him alone'," I felt my cheeks crackle. Sam's tan ears perked, and he glanced toward me with shocked eyes. He blinked.

"Say cutie, why don't you go out with a real Pokémon, instead of that wimp over there," I growled and the Koffing smirked, the Zubat chuckled.

"Not in your life, buddy. Now give Sam back his charm, or else," The duo laughed again. I glared, only turning my gaze as a paw tugged my paw. Sam looked up at me, his silver eyes brimming with tears. I felt my paws shake as his silver eyes shimmered with emotion.

"Big talk for a short girl like you," Koffing growled, puffing out a black smoke into the sea air.

"I'll take you on; and your little pet too," I hissed, my teeth clenched. My fist were balled up so tight, my knuckles were white.

"Is that a challenge?" I nodded. Sam's paw gripped my closed fist. I could see the emotion swirling in his silver eyes, the ones that practically screamed.

Please don't…

"What are you gunna do if I don't?" I had ignored the plea; instead I looked at Koffing, glaring at him.

"I'm gonna make you eat those words!" I spat those words at him. We were up in each other's faces. His hot, stinky breath ran along the bridge of my nose. I grit my teeth, growling as he backed away.

"Okay then, come and get it," He took the stone and levitated over me to run in towards the caves behind us.

"Bye, weenies!" The Koffing and Zubat left laughing. My ears perked to the growl from behind me. Sam looked away from my gaze and grit his teeth. Though he had initially said he didn't want to fight, something about those two must have rubbed him the wrong way. I turned around to see him brushing the dirt off his fur. His eyes darted to the direction of the cave.

"Th-that was my treasure, I…" His eyes stared out, lost in thought. His jaw tightened as he slammed a flamed fist to the floor.

"No! We have to get it back," I turned my head to him as he charged toward the cave. I tilted my head on the subject.

"Wait, we?" He nodded his head, and I sighed; I'm here, might as well help a friend out.

"Yeah! Now come on!" He grabbed my paw and pulled me toward the direction of the wet murky caves.

We had only taken a few steps; the drips of water falling from the ceiling rang throughout the cave. I swallowed hard, knowing that leading someone is not my specialty. I could hear the subtle gurgle of my stomach, hasty breathing. I could feel eyes looking at me.

"Would you mind taking the lead here, I'm not feeling so hot," She gladly nodded taking my place as the leader. She looked around, slightly confused. My tail dimmed as I sunk lower to the floor.

They were right; I'm a wimp.

"Do you know what to look for?" I felt the words shakily exit my mouth. My cheeks burned, I must have sounded like a bumbling idiot. She shook her head.

"Uh, no?" She said shrugging her shoulders; I sighed again.

"Look for stairs. I know that sounds weird but that's what gets us out of here." She frowned, then looked around to see stairs, in the corner of the room.

"Like that?" She pointed walking toward the stairs. She was walking to the stairs. I can see that she has a knack for this, like she has done this before. She saw a Pokémon in the corner of the room, it was running out to attack Summer and block her from the stairs.

"Hey, battle them," I said to Summer; she looked over her shoulder at me. The Corsela on the other hand, just waited for her to make a move patiently. Summer had looked to me, an awkward frown on her face.

"Do what to them?" I rolled my eyes. Her brown eyes stared intently ahead, scanning the cave for others.

"Battle them, you know, use an attack," She looked to her hands then to me with a confused grin.

"Uh, okay? How?"

"" I didn't have a real explanation to this; fighting is something you have to feel. When you have a strong emotion of something, you fight for it.

Or in your case attempt,

"The trick is to allow it to surge through and fuel you, then let it out in an attack,"

"Well?" She scoffed.

"Um, you're an electric type; let the pure energy of your electricity surge through you..." She took a deep breath and slowly closed her eyes.

"Feel it inside you. Feel the crackle and heat that runs in the unpredictable electricity. Once you feel it, let it out in an attack," I told her; she closed her eyes and strained, but nothing came. She sighed sadly, looking at me. She then gestured to the Corsela.

"Uh, it needs practice...I guess." I said to her. She frowned, rolling her eyes as she did so.

"I guess so..." She continued walking throughout the dungeon, finding another Corsola to attack. She ran toward it, fist balled as she attempted to use her power. I shook my head as she released it; she could only create a small spark that didn't even shoot off her fingertips. I laughed as she turned around. She gave an intense glare before smirking.

"It's not funny, why don't you do it Mr. Tough Guy?" I slightly pushed her aside, she smiled.

"Here like this!" I scratched the poor Pokémon, making it scream out in pain. Its nothing personal, just…showing her how this is done. I hadn't even hit it hard, but it winked rolling over and pretending to die… a little too much on the over dramatics. I laughed; it was a little too much for a fainting scene.

"See how that's done?" I said, handing the lead back over to her. She covered her mouth, trying to go along with the Corsela's performance.

"Well yeah, it's easy to hit people see!" She said punching me playfully in the arm. I quirked an eyes, seeing her open up a bit more as our conversation carried on. Her shyness faded and I could see her elevated shoulders relax in my presence. I smiled knowing she was beginning to trust me.

"Now you try. Don't forget, use your emotions," I encouraged. Again she tried and failed. I had to practically fight the entire dungeon alone.

"Sorry, I uh…" She started to say; but I stopped her mid-sentence. Her voice released a small squeak that had seemed disappointed at this.

"Look, it's cool… Don't fret my pet," I smirked and she turned back.

"Don't worry I will bail you out when you need it," She said. I could see Koffing and Zubat in the distance. I grit my teeth, yelling at them as my fists balled up. I was ready to fight, and from the looks of it…so were they.

We saw Zubat and Koffing standing near the edges of the cave. I felt angry at the mere sight of them, noticing my electricity crackle at the thought. Is this what Sam meant by emotions? Sam saw them, running with in a blind rage and screamed.

"Hey, give me back what you stole or I'll-"

"You'll what?" Koffing scoffed, looking me dead in the eyes. I got to admit, that Koffing had a lot of guts. I could see Sam shrink back, bringing his paws together. His waves of courage faded when he needed it most.

Tell him how you really feel Sam,

"And I see you're small friend has come along, what's she gunna do? Glare at us to death?" The Koffing erupted into laughter, his black smoke filling the air. I was about ready to charge in there when Sam stopped me.

"That's my personal treasure, it means everything to me." Sam stared at the floor. I rolled my eyes again, just stand up and fight for it already.

"All the more reason to keep it…what do you think Zubat?" The laughing Koffing said as he smirked at me. The rock or treasure was nestled on the top of his head as he waited to see what Sam would do. Zubat leered over at Sam, smiling at his displeasure.

"W-what?" Sam looked shocked, not that it was truly shocking... I mean come on, I saw it coming. I could see Sam's eyes narrow, growling as his anger began to rise. He closed his eyes for a moment, his fists balled up.

Get him. Make him pay. Go Sam. I'll back you up,

"Yeah, maybe we should sell it," Koffing hissed. I continued to look at Sam, his teeth now clenching.

"Or maybe I can give it to my girlfriend as a gift; I mean she always liked old junk." Zubat chuckled. Sam had opened his eyes, a fire burning in them.

"Okay, I've had enough of this, give it back! Or else!" Sam yelled, stepping forward.

Good for you, now…let's get um'

"Fight us for it wimp," Zubat said, showing his fangs.

"If you looking for a beat down; you got it!" I snapped. It seemed to intimidate him because he backed up. His was scared, I was going to enjoy this.

"Okay, but it's your funeral," We all initiated a stare down; watching for any sign that could give us the upper hand. I looked to Sam, who nodded as the fight broke out.

A brutal battle had begun... I had gone up against Koffing initially, but it seemed like scratch was just not doing any damage. I was angry, letting it fuel my attacks but it wasn't doing anything.

I looked to Summer; her electricity was visible from where I was. She must have been angry, but I had never seen emotions fuel attacks that way. It was more intense than regular attacks. She launched her attack at Zubat, hitting him with more electricity than normal. She really was a little strange. She smiled as he fell to the floor. She had finally launched a real attack.

"Ouf!" Zubat fell to the ground, bruises and scratches covered its body. I turned back at Koffing, he had hit me with smoke screen. Smoke entered my lungs and I gasped for air, coughing.

"I can't see," I yelled, closing my eyes for a moment.

"Don't worry Sam I'm coming," Summer rushed over to me running on two legs, she knows she can use four right? Her cheeks crackled with yellow energy.

"Sam, you okay?" Koffing wasn't taking any chances; he ate a seed and breathed out fire. She looked up at the flames and slide under it, barely sliding out of harm's way. She launched an attack stunning Koffing as she turned her attention back toward me.

Koffing backed up, waiting for the electric attack to wear off. I had wiped my face, trying to get my vision to clear. I could no longer see the yellow energy around his body, meaning he would launch an attack. He smirked as Summer turned to him with a glare.

"Look out!" Koffing body slammed her to the ground. She hit her head as she skid across the dirt floor. I cringed.

That looked like it hurt,

"And down goes mousey," The Koffing chuckled, turning his attention back to me. A warm fire swept through my belly, running through my arms as I grit my teeth. I stood, my arms locked as I puffed out my chest.

"Don't you touch her!" At that moment, I unleashed a flame from my body. It hit Koffing with a force that burned his body. He yelped in pain, flying to the ground with a low groan. He passed out after hitting the floor.

"D-did I just do that?" I asked. I backed up cautiously, scared that I actually did that. I had just done something I never thought that I would… I actually breathed out fire! This is awesome!

I looked over at Koffing and Zubat, to see the two thieves get up. They wiped the dirt and sweat off their bodies. Koffing growled, hissing at me. He threw my locket to me.

"That garbage isn't worth it," Zubat said, those words stung. I could feel a stinging pain in my heart. He smirked, and I tried to fight the urge to kill him.

"This isn't over, we'll be back," With that they ran out of the cave. I smiled at the fact that they were gone.

We did it!

"We did it Summer," No answer. I blinked, seeing her sitting up. She stared blankly into space, her eyes emotionless.

"Hey…uh, Summer?" I asked as I walked to her. I was looking at her eyes hoping that they would move or at least blink. They seemed blank, distant…as if in thought.

Why does she seem so close…yet so far. Those eyes must hold more than she is letting on. But...what exactly is it?

I heard my name being called, my vision soon fixed on a pair of silver eyes. I quickly lurked forward, trying to stand quickly.

"Argh! Hey!" I yelled, rubbing my head as it hit someone. I yelped in frustration as my back hit the floor. My feet kicked the air as someone else screamed.

"Ow! What was that for?" Sam yelled, his voice echoed on the hollow halls of the cave. He rubbed his forehead, glaring at me in his standing position.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!" I cried out.

"No, it's okay. I probably shouldn't have been so close to your face, my mistake," Sam muttered, slowly opening his eyes.

"Well, no one told you to just look at me,"

"I wanted to make sure you were okay. I went to check on you when you didn't answer me. I mean ever heard of concern?" His voice dripped with sarcasm.

"Yeah, sorry, I'm fine by the way," I shot back. He turned, holding his hand out in my direction.

"Sorry… You ready to go?" I grabbed his hand and pulled. His back foot lifted off the floor. I could see that he had lost his balance, or wasn't really prepared to help me up. But regardless, he fell on top of me.

"I'm sorry!" He quickly said; trying to move from the current position he was in. I gulped, my hands balled up as I held them close to my chest.

"No, I-" I was beginning to say. I stopped as soon as he brought his eyes up to mine. I couldn't pull my gaze away from those silver eyes. He didn't move; and we had only been a few centimeters apart. I could feel the red run across my face, as I gulped in embarrassment. I saw the corner of his mouth release a small smile. He blinked in realization; I laughed awkwardly trying to hide the smile that was beginning to creep onto my face.

What's that?

"Uh..." He stuttered, quickly pushing himself up.

"Yeah..." I said, moving my hand toward his chest, gently pushing him farther from me. With that, he slowly got off me, his face a bright red. I stood up slowly.

"Y-you're okay right?" Sam said slightly rubbing his arm. He looked back over at Koffing, who was laying on the floor. I tried to disregard the subject, going along with the sentence he had just said.

"No! I mean- no, I'm fine. Just a bit tired I guess," I muttered.

"Sorry! It's just I wanted to make sure you were okay, and then I just stared at you... you know scratch that last part," I chuckled, smiling as we walked out together.

"Well, it's not like I was looking at a wall, staring is a two way street," I said, hoping to make the conversation simpler.

"You sure you're okay though?" Sam said still worried about the bruise on my head, he touched that tender spot on my head, making me cringe.

"Yes! Now don't touch it!" I said, swatting his paw away. He looked down his silver eyes looked slightly upset.

"I'm sorry. You didn't deserve that, and now…you probably have a concussion," He huffed.

"I'll live. I'm just sorry," His silver eyes cast toward me.

"Y-you're sorry?"

"You don't deserve to be treated like that. I'm sorry they even put you through that," I mutter softly. Silence eats the conversation and I hear him clear his throat.

"Yeah…b-but that's not what I wanted to talk about," He smirks, scratching the back of his head with his tan paw.

"Anyway, thanks for helping me get my treasure back. I really would have been in a tight spot if you hadn't helped," I smiled, happy to see gratitude take over his features. It was nice to feel appreciated.

"Well-" I started to say, but was suddenly cut off by his next sentence. I was hoping to ask if he knew where I could possibly go, or stay.

"Do you want to join an exploration team with me?" What could I say, it was so sudden. He had blurted it out and quickly covered his mouth. I looked around, I didn't have a place to go…and I especially didn't know what an exploration team was. I guess it would be cool to go with him for now.

"Well I-" I began only to be interrupted.

"I knew it! You didn't want to join! Oh my Arceus! I'm so stupid; I should have known you would want to leave after this." He was panicking, jumping to conclusions and yelling without me even saying anything. I raised my hand.

"But I-"

"No, you don't have to explain. I understand. I'm just some stranger that you barely know and you probably thought that was really weird, me asking you to come with me and all,"

"Well yeah, but-"

"And you probably don't even like-" I grabbed his shoulders and shook him. He was silent for a moment. I smiled softly, shaking my head.

"Can I cash in my I.O.U. now? Because if I can I want to use it now…" I was kinda happy to hear he still wanted to be around me. He was my friend. He was my only friend. He tried to smile. But then his smile quickly faded... he nervously laughed.


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