PMD: Love in the Abyss of Time

Remember who you are

So...this chapter is different. I will NOT be telling you who's point of view is who's...and yes that makes it more confusing but I just kinda wanted to experiment with it...see what works and what does not...also this is to see if you are paying attention...I guess. So this is "Fight for a Future"

With a powerful roar Dialga sprinted toward me. The ground crumbled and shook as he ran closer to me. I gasped at how quick he was. When did I ever think this would be a good idea? Dialga's claws flashed a bright silver blinding me for a moment. I squinted my eyes hearing the patter of rocks rumble beside me. I opened my eyes, see Dialga's torso lift off the floor. He growled as he swiped down. I quickly rolled out of the way feeling the ground shake from where his paw landed. Air left me as I breathed out a sigh of relief, that was really close. I had better start moving.

His red eyed gaze quickly whipped to me and my body froze in place. I felt my heart beat rapidly out of fear as he lifted his claws. He quickly pushed his forearm into my stomach. I felt myself grunt, feeling the air get knocked out of my lungs. My feet were lifted from the floor, I quickly realized the power I was facing as I quickly skid a few feet across the floor. My arm burned as I pushed off the floor.

"Ow..." I muttered softly, looking behind me. I quickly heard stomping. I looked up in the sky, seeing a lightning illuminate Dialga. I heard the load crash of thunder roar in my ears. I felt my legs push off the cracked floor. I quickly looked ahead, seeing the smashed columns that lay before the time gear's alter. I quickly reached in my bag, if I could reach the alter before him, I could end this. I heard the patter of his feet get louder.

My eyes quickly widened as I sprinted for the alter. I could hear Dialga's fierce roar from behind me. I wived between the columns, feeling my legs beginning to burn. I jumped, reaching out with the time gears in hand. I noticed a tail swing, and it knocked me to the side. I felt the time gears fall from my grasp as I hit the floor.

"Crap..." I yelled, facing the time dragon again. He growled, and I felt a cold shiver run up my spine. My heart was beating so quickly my slow breathing couldn't keep up. My lungs heaved as I quickly looked around for the five time gears. Dialga stood for a moment, his eyes shut as his red energy coursed around his body. I quietly stood up, feeling pain shoot up my legs, my eyes shot open as the pain ran through me. I must have taken more damage then I thought, and the adrenaline was just masking it. I felt myself let out a squeak and Dialga's eyes shot open.

His mouth emanate a light. Orange in color as it was concentrated into a beam of light. He shot it in my direction and I couldn't react quick enough. The light beam shot the floor and smoke and fire filled my lungs; the taste of ash sat on my tongue as I hit the wall behind me. I was panting heavily, trying to breath in enough air to remain conscious. My bones smashed against the ground as my back slide across the wall. I felt myself slump to the floor. this rate...he will kill me.

I hadn't even landed a hit and I had already given up in the fight. Thoughts of my impeding doom were starting to creep into my head. I didn't have anyone to help me, but, I had made sure of that. I was starting to regret my decision to leave Sam...

I looked up seeing Dialga, seeing Dialga descend to the floor. With a low boom, the ground crumbled again, I noticed the edges of the tower fall. I noticed his claws shimmer a bright silver and I quickly gulped, looking into his dark red eyes. He wanted to end it...and I had no where to go...

"" I muttered as his shining claws came toward me.

"I can't believe she did this to me." I muttered to myself as I walked along the hall ways. The building shook again and I felt my body run cold for a moment. She is fighting Dialga...alone!? I mean, what would even possess her to do that? Doesn't she need me? Who is going to watch her back if she gets into trouble?

"If Dialga hasn't killed you already...I'm going to." I muttered in annoyance. I was irritated, I woke up alone, cold, and wondering where all my supplies and stuff had gone. She has the time gears, she has the treasure bag, and she is going to get an ear full when I'm through with her. I walk up the steps, hearing another explosion in the distance. Well, I hope your winning at least...

I was losing. I was currently hiding underneath the belly of a beast. My breath sounded hazy, and I wheezed every time I breathed in air. The stomping had ceased and I quickly coughed as my knees crumbled to the floor. The air around me was filled with smoke. I was having a hard time staying out of Dialga's destructive way. I'm sure time to save the world is beginning to dwindle. I don't have a lot of time left...I need to hurry.

"Giving up?" I heard a deep voice call. I quietly moved away, seeing a gigantic tail swish in front of me. I could hear the loud crash of thunder as the lightning shot across the sky. His tail stopped in front of me, his eyes wandering in another direction, still scanning the ruble of the tower's columns and walls. This was my chance. Running up his tail with whatever strength I had, I jumped onto Dialga's back. His loud roar was soon followed with great speed.

He crashed into the columns, causing them to tumble to the floor. I dug my claws in further, gritting my teeth as I noticed the red lightning strike again. I closed my eyes, feeling my fingers pulse. I think I was more stupid then anything, and although this may come back to bite me...I have to try. I quickly opened my eyes, my hands extended to the sky as I called out to the lightning.

"Thunderbolt!" I screamed, seeing a lightning bolt rain from the sky. It connected to my fingers and ran to my toes in a tingling motion. I could feel myself slipping in power as my toes discharged to Dialga's body. I was losing control of my electricity. I was too close to the sky, too much energy was up here. It was alot easier to control when I was on the ground. With a final strike, I felt my vision fade out to white, my body hitting the floor. My eyes shot open, knowing Dialga would be coming at me with vengeance for earlier. With my vision blurred, I could only rely to the roars I heard in the distance. He was still going, but I honestly wasn't surprised...he's a legendary. I can only assume that he was wailing in pain but with him always roaring...I wasn't too sure.

I felt myself smirk, but I was quickly met with silence. It was still, quiet...too quiet. I felt my eyes shut, and as much as I wanted to get up, I could not. My arms were stiff, shaking at the thought of another attack. My body would twitch as I tried to move, dammit, I was paralyzed.

My eyes were beginning to shut, just as I heard the steps get louder. I slightly opened my eyes, a figure coming into veiw. A gigantic blue figure standing above me. I know what he's going to do next, he was going to make me suffer. He took his stance, his armor fanning out as his gem glowed a bright red.

"Roar of Time...just perfect..." I muttered, as I heard a loud roar surge through my ears. I felt my eyes shoot open, hearing a roar in the faint distance.

My thoughts were interrupted as voices crept into my ears. I was hearing a voice ring through my head. It sounded so familiar...but so out of place all at the same time. I felt my ears perk, trying to listen but laughter blocked the words as the black was starting to eat my vision. I was trying to make them out, but only caught the last sentence.

Time has no knows no purpose and no destiny, yet it unlocks something that we can

I felt different...but... before I could question it, I felt my vision fade to black as the words ended in silence.

Finally, that last only took forever and a half! I noticed the black smoke that still lay in the air. There was toppled columns and I looked around, not a soul in sight. But...where was Summer? She was up here...I mean she just left me.

I slowly walked forward, hearing the soft crumbling of the stone floor. I looked down, seeing the cracked floor. I looked up, seeing something stumbled out of the corner of my eye. I looked, seeing it collapse to the floor in exhaustion and I quickly made haste to the fallen person. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was Summer, laying on the floor, her eyes wide open, tears streaming down her face.

"Are you really here right now?" She questioned. I gasped, is she sad to see me? She looked horrible, like someone had just killed her motivation.

"Ya...I came as soon as I noticed you were gone..."

"You weren't supposed to get here...I was supposed to finish this on my own." She whispered, holding herself in a ball.

"Why?" That was the only question I wanted her to answer. Her ears perked and she quickly turned her head in my direction, her eyes looking up at me.

"I...didn't want you to get hurt..." She whispered. I felt confused, she...didn't want me to get hurt? But...I knew the risks, otherwise...I might have just stayed home... but that didn't matter, she was my best friend, I was willing to jump through leaps and bounds to get to her...because along the way, I found that there was more to her then just a good friend or a good leader...she was special to me.

"You really hurt me when you left you know..." I said in a hushed whisper. When I woke up, she was gone...and I felt alone...I didn't like the feeling of being alone. Despite the angry feeling, I continued to try and find her. A good friend would miss you, a best friend would come find you and wouldn't let you go to begin with...suppose I'm neither? Hell if I even know anymore.

"I know..." She muttered softly, coughing as she tried to get up. Her body collapsed onto my lap and I simply patted her head, looking around for Dialga. That crazy dragon was on a rampage, but...he still managed to hide...behind a wall or a tree nearby...I don't know how he does it. I looked back to Summer, noticing how she quickly backed up, pushing off the ground with her bruised arm.

"Then why?" She winced for a moment before her eyes immediately darted away from me.

"Because...I knew it would hurt you more in the end..." I felt my head tilt. What was she talking about? The end? What does she mean by that?

"I-I'm sorry..." She muttered, reaching out to touch my hand. I felt my gaze dart away.

"For what?" I asked, knowing the answer. I wanted her to be specific. She pushed herself off my lap, looking me in the eyes. Her eyes were full of emotion, she was regretting, she was sad, she was trying to hide. But she was happy, relieved, was as if she wanted to tell me something, but she just didn't know how.

"For leaving you when you thought I wouldn't..." She quickly hugged me and I felt my arms quickly wrap around her. What is her problem? Why does she seem so upset to see me? Why would she leave me in the first place? What aren't you telling me?

Our gaze was interrupted by a loud roar. I quickly turned my head, jumping in front of Summer as she desperately tried to get to her feet.

"He's really strong..." She muttered, falling back to the floor as he stomped into position and roared. His claws shined silver and he darted for the person on the floor. She wasn't going to be able to move, and he felt it would be easier to finish her off than fight me.

I quickly jumped between them, grabbing Dialga's leg and spitting fire onto his claws. He hissed in pain and quickly backed up mere inches from Summer's beaten form. I quickly used a flamethrower, aimed at his toes as he jumped into the sky.

"Summer, get up and fight!" I yelled, as I ran behind Dialga, climbing higher onto his back as he came back down and growled at Summer. I quickly felt my thoughts drift to the time gears as Dialga's gem glowed green in the center of his chest.

"Never mind! Get the time gears! Get the time gears!" I yelped, as Dialga ran and crashed into the wall. Summer, pushed herself off the floor, trying to find the Time Gears as I kept Dialga busy.

I was busy feeling heat being expelled from my body as I tried to get Dialga to fall. He flicked me off his back using his tail and I fell to the floor. I skid a few feet, immediately turned around to be staring face to face with blood red eyes. There was no fear that lay in those eyes, no remorse, no pain, only anger and bloodlust. He growled, barring his teeth at me and I quickly backed up in fear.

Suddenly the flash of yellow appeared from the other end. Dialga was covered in a yellow light and cried out in pain. I quickly stood up, bringing my hands together as fire spewed from my paws. The yellow light was engulfed by flames and it danced across the massive figure. With a mighty crash Dialga fell to one knee and panted. I had lost a lot of heat, I was cold...

Dialga had immediately stood up, a orange beam of light coming from his mouth, I quickly jumped out of the way, panting in a attempt to warm up my body. Dialga took another step closer, using hyperbeam again. This time, I threw a flame thrower, the two moves connecting for a moment before sliding past each other. I immediately threw my hands over my face to block the attack. As it connected, pain ran through my arms as I flew to the edge of the tower. I heard Dialga wail in pain.

I felt pain run through me as I stopped rolling. I grit my teeth, standing up. I could see the hyperbeam burns coming off me in smoke. The smell of burning fabric filled my nose. My ribbon was getting torn to pieces. I balled up my fist...that's it! I quickly felt my fist glow, gaining strength as I ran at Dialga in full speed. He quickly stomped down his foot, his amour spanning out to the side. His eyes flashed red and he roared. I felt my attack cease. His gem flashed red for a moment and as the wave of roars echoed in my mind, I could see memories come to mind.

I'm sorry Sam...they...they aren't coming home...they're...they're...gone.

But...I-I don't understand, they...they promised me! They always do! They always come home! My parents don't break their promises!

I'm sorry son...but...some promises...just can't be kept.

I felt the hot tears stream down my now, I can't afford to think about it now. I had tried so hard to let it go, to move past it...but I couldn't. I stood up, tears streaming down my cheeks and onto the floor. I wiped them with my paw and glared up at Dialga, his red eyes stared at me, as if peering into my past.

"You want to fight...I'll show you a fight!"

I searched upon the edge of the tower, spotting a green glow from the crumbling stone. I had four of the five time gears. I spotted a green gear on the edge of the tower. I quickly grabbed it, making haste to the alter only to be met with a claw. I flew across the air, determined to keep the gears this time. Sliding across the floor, I looked up at Dialga in anger.

I got up and noticed Dialga in the distance, Sam running at him with a red glowing fist. His red eyes locked on Sam for a moment. I felt frozen in place for a moment and I saw his eyes sparkle a intense blue. He roared, and I felt my knees crash to the floor. I could see the painful memories surge through my head, please...I want to forget, I don't want to remember anymore...please...just let me forget about them...all of them...I don't want to hurt anymore.

Let's try killing something that's real and not imaginary shall we?

No...don't! Not again! STOP!

"Summer!" A voice called and I was snapped back into reality. Dialga was charging for me, and he was too close for me to move. Sam's once red fist had stopped glowing as he looked to me for a moment. The ground beneath my feet was beginning to crumble. Dialga had ran over me, tumbling toward me. I felt my legs leap out of the way and I turned, watching Dialga fall off the side of the tower, and for a moment I sighed in relief. That dragon can fly, I'm sure he'll be fine.

Sam ran over to me as I picked up the last time gear. I smiled as I waved it in the air.

"See we-" Dialga's form reappeared as he clawed his way over the tower, struggling to keep his body from falling off the tower. I know he flies, but maybe all this fighting has worn him down. Maybe he can't fly, maybe he's injured? I don't think he took too much damage from us to not be able to fly. Either way, his eyes locked on Sam and I. I gasped, throwing the Time Gears farther from us and out of Dialga's grasp. Dialga barred his fangs, snapping his jaws close to Sam's neck.

I turned, seeing Sam dodge for a moment, his foot sliding under all of the dirt. Dialga made note and picked Sam up by his neck. The navy blue bandana was caught in Dialga's teeth and Sam was struggling to breath. I knew that I had to do something, anything...I wasn't going stand by and do nothing.

"Sam, do something!" I shouted, realizing that yelling at someone to do something, usually makes things worse. It...also classifies as not doing anything to help the situation.

"Untie the Bandana!" I yelled, waving my arms frantically. Sam gave a swift nod, hastily trying to untie the blue ribbon from his neck. And as he did, he jumped off and away from the colossal dragon and back onto the tower. I sighed in relief only to realize that since Dialga could not get him, he would settle for me. I looked up, I got this. Time to end you-you stupid dragon!

"Lookout!" I was shoved out of the way and my eyes shut in reaction as I hit the ground. Dialga's echoed roar was getting farther and farther away. My once fast beating heart had stopped. It had dropped, and was continuing to do so as the silence continued...oh no...

On the day before x-mas...Sunny gave to we: a double update just for me! :) Merry x-mas guys! And we as in you the readers so either way...Happy Holidays!

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