PMD: Love in the Abyss of Time

And Suddenly She Knows

Most are angry...others are sad...but this will make up for it... here it is..."Thanks for the Memories" -SunnySummer77

I felt myself silently screech. I pushed myself off the floor and sprinted to the edge of the crumbling tower. Dialga was floating, floating his way back up here...but...where was Sam? It was an awful long way down...and he really can't fly.

"S...Sam?" I squeaked, feeling tears run immediately to my eyes. No...theres...theres just no way...he...he has got to be okay...he has to live...he has to make it out of this hell hole...he can't just be gone. I sat there...sitting in silence, not sure what to do...or say...I was...lost.

My knees crashed to the floor. The sting of bones hitting the floor was small. I was scared, frightening into hiding again. I didn't know or even think about what would happen if Sam suddenly dropped off the face of the planet...but now that it happened...what would I do now?

How could I let this happen?

"You weren't supposed to die, I was! I was supposed to save you, not the other way around..." I felt my body shiver, I was cold, I felt empty...I felt alone. Pushing myself away from the edge of the building, I slowly got up and walked to the alter as the tower shook once more. Time was running out for the over.

Why did you leave then? Shouldn't you have known that this was going to happen? Didn't it ever occur to you that he would come find you? That he wasn't going to just let you go that easy? I tried to ignore my thoughts, as they only made me feel more guilty.

"I left because..." I paused, knowing I was talking to myself. Tears continued to spill onto the ground. I pulled the five time gears out and stared at them, so...was this really worth it? Was saving the world worth losing my best friend over?

"Because I thought he would better off without me..." And know that this pain is not like the others...Its not just something you can let go. really did love him...didn't you?

"..." Didn't you!? I felt my head shake. is all wrong...this can't be true. This has to be a dream! It has to!

"No!" I felt myself speak up. Stop avoiding it! You can't lie to me...

"I'm not lying..." I said as I put the first time gear in place. A heavy pulse washed over me, and I felt the effects of time changing.

Don't don't have to bottle it up anymore. Let it out!

"So what do you want me to do?" Confess. Confess what is really on your mind. From how you felt about a sentence, to what it all means now.

"Like what?" How you really you always felt...about ...everything.

"But..." Start with who you lost first.

"Basil, he was...the first break past my walls. He noticed what I did not...and ...and...even after everything...he...he still found a way to save me. He was...the first one...who...," Keep going...

"I just hope...he can find it in his heart to forgive me...even after everything." I slipped the second time gear in place.

*Flash Back*

"You going to fight me? Or are you going to stare at my eyes all day?" I felt my eyes roll, remembering the fight at the arena when I first met Basil. I didn't know that the road would end up like this...he ...he asked me out, not to long afterwards...

Then...there was our first kiss... it was his 18th birthday... it later became our anniversary...

The thing about kissing that special someone the first time is that it's a dream. A reality that you want to get sucked into. Was the relationship a dream? A fantasy because it was my first one?

When he leaned forward, I melted. I closed my eyes and melted. It was a dream, a wonderful one that trickled into reality as I kiss him back. The touch, and sounds, all being taken in as I wrapped my arms around his shoulders. He swiftly wrapped it around my waist. I was happy, I had never experienced anything like that before.

Then there were other things...but all put to shame when we danced. That was before...our dancing... and...that song represented how he felt about the relationship.

I'm forever yours...faithfully.

"I love you." He smiled at me. And it was true...I never said it back... right...right up until the very end.

"I-I still love you...always have...and I guess I always will...I just have one thing to say...If...I can't get to you...maybe this will." That was it...the last time he kissed me. I felt myself get lost only to find myself again as he spoke. Basil found me...but that's not what made him memorable.

When he let me go, I finally felt it...the freedom that he always lived by. He finally...let me be free? free...

"I want you to be happy...that's why...I'm letting you won't be free to make a decision that will make you happy...unless I do...and if your happy...I accept that." I looked into his eyes, sadness lay in his eyes with his words, yet when he said them...he meant them truthfully.

*End of Flashbacks*

I slipped the third Time Gear in place. Pain shot through my arms, it was as if my body was refusing to put in the Time if it knew it was going to die by doing so. Grovyle...

"The guy who knew me...he didn't give up on our friendship...even when it was clear I didn't thanks...for not letting go." I shoved another time gear in a slot. My body felt a bit heavier, it was clear it was getting harder for me to move.

*Flash Back*

"Farewell Summer, I was lucky to have known you. Though the parting hurts the rest is in your hands..." He was right...he was always right...

*End of Flashback*

I gazed at the final time gear, how its green light shined as the sun shined onto it. It gleamed for a moment and I took a deep breath. This is the last one...the last step.

And finally...

"Sam..." The hot tears streamed down my face again. The cold wind whipped past my face and I was immediately frozen in place. I felt my jaw lock, as if it didn't want me to answer. Taking a deep breath, I slipped the final time gears in place. A purple color glowed around them as if it was fusing to the alter.

"He deserves better..." What?

"Sam was put through hell, yet...even after I hurt him over and over again...he still remained. He was...the best friend, the determined guy, the one who would pick me up on my crappiest day and always find a way to make me smile and feel safe...he..."


I had probably only known him for an hour and we were already close...literally.

"I'm sorry! He yelped, trying to get up from the floor. I felt my eyes quickly catch his gaze.

"No I-" We were silent...not talking, just staring straight at each other...his silver eyes, so scared and happy all at the same time.


"Ya..." I remember my face cheeks were probably burning a bright red. Maybe...

Then there was the arena...I got him to trust me...

"I just don't like fighting...people get hurt." I felt myself hug him, happy to see he was okay after his fight. He had almost lost.

"I was afraid you got hurt..." He looked to me and gave me a smirk.

"I was hurt when you thought I didn't trust're my partner, my friend...I shouldn't have pushed you away... I'm sorry." He trusted me completely after that...and it was a good feeling to have someone trust you.

Then there was the Drowsee attack...he protected me.

"S-she's important and we need her." He whispered, falling into my arms...Sam...he...

Then the exploration.

"Oh my god! I am so sorry!'t...-" I felt my heart beat so quickly. My face was probably turning three different shades of pink.

"Its okay..." I looked to see a slight smirk on his face. I wasn't scared to find myself sleeping on top of him...but I could explain why I felt that way.

Then...there...was that Amp Plains.

"Sam, do you think I'm a bad person...?" I asked, feeling guilty about Basil and my reckless leadership.

"'re a great leader...I would be able to do anything if you weren't here...remember that.

Or that night we gazed at the stars...

"What if we can't find the gears? What if they are all stolen? What will happen?" He didn't know the answer to my question. I didn't have a answer for it either.

"If time stops...pokemon are going to turn on each other...all because...of this, people are afraid of they would fight to keep what they already know...but with everyone doing it...what could they do?"

"Would you turn on me?"

"I would leave...I can't do you harm at my own would be crushing. To me, you are a fighting spirit...a flame that can't be inspires inspire me."

Then when Grovyle almost killed him...I felt the same way...lost.

"Sam don't give up! You can't! I swear I will never forgive you!" I couldn't lose him! Please...don't take him away from me...he still has lived, he hasn't reached his goals yet! I can't let him die, I would never be able to forgive myself.

I felt myself stop, I couldn't continue any more. I fell to his side banging on his chest as I cried.

"You can't give up! You've fought so hard! Giving up here wouldn't do you any good...wouldn't do us any good." Don't leave me...

"Sam please don't go...

I remembered the future of darkness...he took me with him as he searched for Grovyle...

"Promise me if something happens to will keep the team going." I shook my head.


"Just promise me..." I hooked my pinky... I guess some promises just can't be kept. Looks like the team is gone...

Then...when we got back...we almost kissed...and for a moment...I didn't object... why though?

Then we danced... and then I pushed him away...and then we danced again... but I must say he did look cute in his little suit...oh now my head is just being cruel.

The way he danced...was flawless...he was...always smiling... and for a moment, I seemed to drift away...why did I always feel that way?

I don't know where to start... I'm just a little lost, I wanna feel like we're never gunna ever stop. I don't know what to do...I'm right in front of you asking you to stay you should stay, stay with me tonight.

He would smile and sing along, holding me in his arms the entire song. As it can to an end and we had to part ways...I found myself sad...

Then the events that lead up to this...

"He's going to be okay, Basil is strong he'll make it..." He stood on Lapras...and held a extended arm out to me.

"We have to finish the come with us." I looked to his eyes.

"Come with me..."

*End of Flash backs*

Every trial...every battle, every moment, every gaze, every touch and every sentence...has led to this. He was there...for everything...and now that he's gone...I'm empty.

I felt my eyes widen in realization. Maybe...I did...

"Sam is..." Say it! Mean it! Hone it! Its always been there...even when it was not visibly seen. You were lost...but he found you... you've been through everything together...don't deny it now...not when your so close...

"He's...the keeper to my heart...he watched it, like it was his own...he protected me, and talked to me...even when he was in pain...even after...I pushed him many times...he...truly did love me...didn't he?" Yes! You understand... keep going.

"And...I... realize..." There you just one more thing. Say it...

" him..." I felt myself whisper as the final time gear was slipped into place. The gears fused into the wall. Glowing and fusing into the wall with a bright green. I was in shock...did I really just say that? Yes...I think so... and...and...I meant it, it felt right...nothing about it felt awkward or wrong, it felt completely comfortable. Well...its about time...

"I love him...alot...and the fact that he doesn't know...kills me..." I felt myself breathe...and an intense weight seemed to glide off my shoulders...he...was... he really was everything to me...and I now realized it.

"But..." But what? You just admitted what you have hid away for so long...

"It doesn't matter...I'm going to disappear anyway..." I wasn't crying...I was accepting. Sadness still ran through me...maybe because I was one knew I was going...maybe that's why I didn't cry...

But I didn't begin to fade...and I quickly understood...I can't disappear. If I do then the time gears would have never been put there in the first place...I couldn't be the one to put the time gears in...someone else needed to do it.

"You're what?" That voice! I quickly turned around. Seeing Sam standing there...a look of shock sat on his face.

"A-Are you?" I immediately hugged him, strong steady, He wasn't transparent, he was here, he was really here.

" but... that's only because I can jump in windows like a freakin' ninja. But I had to climb back up here, sorry it took so long." He said with a slight laugh, I pulled away and wiped the happy tears from my eyes. He quickly smiled, he was back. I jiggled the time gear from its slot, removing it from the alter and gave it to Sam.

"Put the time gear in..." He glanced at me for a moment. He put it in place and smiled to himself. But as on cue, a yellow light came from my body and disappeared into the sky. Sam's happy smile quickly faded.

" really are disappearing?" His face turned pale as I shook my head. I quickly tried to address what I had said earlier, that last part couldn't have been the only thing he'd heard.

" much of that did you hear? That last part?" He shook his head.

"Only the last sentence... but this is serious...tell me your lying...or that this is just some kind of sick joke!" I shook my head. His eyes widened in fear.

"No joke..." I muttered, slightly sad he had not heard all of my speech. I wished he could have, and would not be such a good time to tell him... but...I have to try...he has to at least know.

He pushed me away from the alter, trying to yank out the time gears... I quickly yelled to him. I dug my nails into his arm.

"Sam! Sam! You can't- STOP!" I yelled, yanking his arm back. He had a gearbin his hand and I quickly pushed his hand over the gear locking it back in place.

"No! I'm not giving up! Why can't you just stay!? You fought for the world! And...if your not here to see it..." I felt my heart stop for a moment.

"Then maybe there shouldn't be a world." He replied bluntly.

"How can you just say that!? How can you say that everything we fought for, everything that we sacrificed for has no meaning?" He quickly swirled me in a tight circle, pushing me against the alter's wall. His hands pushed my arms tightly against the wall. His gaze not breaking as he looked at me. Tears were going to break the surface of his eyes as he continued to stare at me.

"Because...everything we will have... it will mean nothing to me if your not there..." He muttered. I felt my heart quicken in pace. He...he was going to-

"You deserve to be happy... you deserve to stay here. You can't leave me here anyway! I would be all alone!" I quickly hugged him as hot tears streamed down his face. Don't cry...please...I...I'm sorry...but...what choice did I have? You would be miserable...even if I did stay.

"You won't be have to live on, for me...I need you to do that...and as long as you do, I promise you won't be alone."

"But...what about our team!? You can't just leave...who will lead!?"

"You will..." I whispered, trying to smile.

"But...I'm not a leader, I'm nothing if your not there... you helped me... and what am I supposed to do now? You're the most important part of this team...The best part about this team...was you. I could never lead a team or inspire others...that's your job!" His muffled tears grew quiet, and he grasped my hand.

"You made a difference in me..." He whispered. I quickly pulled my hand away, he was wrong... and I needed him to understand why.

"No... I didn't, it was you, I can only support you, you made the decision to keep going...and you taught me so're the one who really made a difference. You taught me to care, and show determination in times of danger. You care about others, even if you get're..." I felt myself getting chocked up. I was having a hard time telling him everything... I could feel the tears coming to my eyes. His sniffling was breaking my heart, and I couldn't run from it...I was the cause of it.

"You...didn't let me say everything..." He quietly mumbled. I quickly looked up.

"I never said anything about it...but I want you to know...I am going to fall to pieces when your gone... I never said everything to you that I wanted to... Not how I felt, or what was really going on in my mind! it is... the truth." He never said anything...while true, lies a cause in emotional tension. I can feel his emotion...he doesn't have to say anything...The light was bright, almost to the point where I could no longer see. He had better say something quick.

"I love you." My heart stopped so quickly, those words were the key that held everything. After everything, at the final moment was finally being told. He finally uttered what he was feeling. I opened my mouth to say something, but I couldn't.

"And you can hate me, and push me away...but that doesn't stop me! It never stopped me, because... found by've always felt it...and its that look in your eye that is giving you away right this very second...your not objecting the idea." I felt the scarlet color run across my face as he continued to stare. I noticed the tears stream down his face even more.

"Honestly, I can't be your friend...I don't want to...I never wanted to just be your friend, I don't think I ever wanted it to be that way... I was afraid to tell you, you had so much...while I did not. But I'm not afraid to tell you anymore, so..." He was panting, trying to get all of his feelings out. He must have bottled it in as much as I did. I denied it...completely. He must have held onto it...this whole time.

"" He said in between pants. I know...but you have to do me a favor.

"Go...tell our story, and make sure you don't forget me..." I whispered, holding his hands in my own.

"I don't think that's possible...I can't tell the story." He whispered, gripping my hands a bit tighter.

"Why can't you?"

" doesn't have a proper ending..."The light increased, I was disappearing more and more with each passing second.

"Oh...well...I...uh..." I muttered, trying to piece together what he meant.

"I just want you to know even though I'm leaving I-" I whispered, hugging him as tight as I could. I was cut off as I looked up to him. He laughed lightly, a slight smile on his face. Tears still streamed down his face, but he was happy he told me, I was happy to hear it.

"I understand...just make sure you don't leave until after I kiss you..." He whispered, pushing me into the wall. The light scattered quickly as I was pressed against the wall. I could see him, leaning and I felt myself smile. I looked to my hands seeing them become transparent, No...please...not yet...I don't want to go. I leaned in, losing as I was a centimeter apart.

"Don't forget me...I love you." That was all I could bring myself to say. I whispered as I felt myself being pulled away. I'm sorry Sam...I am so sorry...but...thank you... thank you for the memories.

The sky above me, a fire red falls...and I will always remember as we stand together, holding hands until they are ripped away. I know I would never be what I would've been if you were not the secure net that would catch me. And maybe that's why we fought to the end. So...hand in hand, we watch the end...together.

The wind will continue to blow, the water will remain unfrozen in time... but what was different in this time? It never changed... the only difference now is your absence. If I count to are still gone. You just vanished from my sight...and no amount of wishing will bring us back together.

So...the question is do I know what is worth fighting for? Is it worth dying for...? Does it takes my breath away? My partner is gone... I feel myself suffocating in their absence. The pain weighs out the pride of saving the world. My faith is smashed, gone, broken...much like my heart at this moment. My mind is crushing heart is dying because of it. I have no more control, and my thoughts have made that possible. And I can't help but help feel that this fight is now officially over...but... I...don't want it to...fighting kept us together.

Maybe I was in better standings giving up the fight, because maybe then it wouldn't be over...

Maybe surrendering would have saved us...because now that we are victorious...I am in ruin.

I was in the guild...feeling a intense pain in my stomach. I squinted my eyes, I'm alive? This is my room...I think. I quickly looked to my blue paws...seeing I was okay, but...there was a huge scar in my mid section...bandages covered my wound. It hurt to move.

" got to say...that was a close call." I heard several voices say. I saw Loudred, Sunflora, Chimicho, Bidoof, Chatot and Corphish standing before me. They smiled brightly, happy to see I was alive.

" guys saved me...?" I questioned, leaning back on the straw bed. Pain ran through me again as I tried to settle in.

"We weren't going to let you go..."

"I don't think Summer would be happy to no longer have you."

"I..." I said, feeling sad as I continued my sentence.

"Its...over..." Everyone gasped for a moment. Sunflora looked at me sympathetically.

"Sorry to hear that..." They all left as I quietly shifted through the hay, remembering what Summer had said. When we get home you should look under your pillow.

"It's a box..." I looked at the card. Her handwriting plastered on the card.

Remember our yesterday, think of our tomorrow and live for our today...

Love- Summer

P.S... so you can't forget.

I opened the white box, and smiled. It was filled with white gems on a bracelet. Personalized white gems a heart as the first character followed by her name. I really couldn't forget, even if I tried.

"Love Summer...ya...I could do that." I whispered, feeling a smile rush to my face. I was holding the bracelet in my hands. I studied it, every line, every curb, every trace. Somehow, it didn't feel right sitting in my hands...

"But...this isn't for me...I don't think it ever was meant to be...this is really meant for Sam...I'll be sure to give it to him when Summer and him get back." Suddenly a small ball of blue light appeared from the bracelet. Its light glowed red, and it came to me just floating in front of me.

"Don't forget me..." It whispered before disappearing into the air. I pondered the thought for a moment...looking at the bracelet, aura letters...

I closed my eyes, something must be wrong... I closed my eyes only seeing darkness. No auras...nothing... oh man...wait...its fine...she's fine...but...why can't I see her aura? I usually can...

I held out my hand, trying to make an aura sphere. I felt a pain shoot through me...that's new. Maybe I overdid it trying to use a move...I closed my eyes, trying to see my own aura. I didn't see anything.

"What happened to me? Why can't I see or use aura?" I felt my eyes widen as I realized all the trauma I put my body may not want to react to may have just locked me out... permanently. And if thats the case...

" am I going to do now?"

So that's it... :) PLEASE! READ AND REVIEW! I tears seriously fell to the keyboard as I typed the piece with no known POV... not that it can't be more than one (*hint hint*) And yes I messed with the ending, its more fun that way. But don't worry, everything else will be addressed. Next chapter will be up tomorrow!

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