PMD: Love in the Abyss of Time

It Could Turn into the Rest of Our Lives

Wasn't that interesting? I know I promised I would have this up by Christmas...but given the fact I didn't have my phone or my my-fi sharing crap...that couldn't be done...but all good now. Sorry ya'll... Anyway, I am seriously starting to like the no POV thing. Anyway, this is the last chapter *Tear Tear* Don't look at me, I'm going to cry... I...I just can't believe its OVER D': Maybe I should just accept it, and begin "Seeing Everything in a New Light".

Sam's POV

"S...Summer?" I asked, as the light faded from my view. The yellow lights floated into the sky and my eyes followed them until the were no longer in my sight. There she was, leaving...was that death, was it painful? Did you have to leave me here like this?

"Come...come back..." I muttered, tears sliding down my cheeks. She was gone. Summer was gone, she wasn't coming back. No matter how much I wanted her to, she wouldn't come back. I could feel my heart, still beating rapidly from before was now starting to slow down. Its pace was slow, too slow, like it was dying.

"Please..." I whispered, my hands touching the alter again. My hands ran along the time gears, how they sat in place...unprotected, unguarded...simple, easy to just pull out...I could get Summer back, no questions asked. I reached out, my hand sliding along the inscriptions that lay on all of Time Gears. I heard a low thud, the ground shaking as I felt my hand shrink back.

No, what am I thinking? I can't do that...well maybe I could...No! Stop! I felt myself sigh, I need to get out of here before I do something I regret.

I ran my hand down my face, sighing as I turned around. I need to go home, and get out of this place... I felt a disturbance in the air and looked up. There stood Dialga, blue eyes now watched me. I felt my body freeze. Please don't kill me.

But I felt my body relax, since he seemed calmer. His body did not pulse with red but a soft sky blue. He had a soft grin, which hid his power all too well.

"Sam..." He muttered. How did he know me? He may have heard Summer say it...but I was surprised it took him so long to get back up here...why? I can bet that weighing two tons has something to do with it...but he may have been struggling to keep sane on his way up here...and more then likely was confused.

"What?" I said, feeling myself sniffle.

"Why are you crying? You did something beautiful..." My hand quickly touched my face, I was crying. I quickly looked at my paws, a cut sat on my left paw and I couldn't deny that was possibly from almost falling out a window... I was hoping Summer hadn't noticed, she probably would have freaked out...and in her last moments, that would have been the last thing I wanted her to do...or even tell me. But regardless, they were shaking as I quietly looked up at him.

"It doesn't feel that way..." I felt images flood my mind. Fogbound lake was moving, the geyser was moving. It was graceful, beautiful, full of life. I could see all of the smiling faces of the pokemon who lived there. Dialga must have been using telepathy. A warm fuzzy feeling washed over me, I helped make others happy and save them from a terrible fate...that's...that's everything I ever wanted.

"Hey Summ, you seeing this?" I muttered, only to realize she was already gone. That happy feeling faded. Oh...right...

"Nevermind..." I muttered as Dialga smiled.

"Thank you! Now, I must say I have to fix this place, it's a" He kindly scooted me out and I began on my path back to the rainbow stone ship. I smiled pointing as I turned behind me.

"Do you see-" My smile faded, I sighed...why is it so hard to accept? The farther I get, the easier it should be to let why can't I?

I stepped on the rainbow stone ship and it continued to the steps. I could see temporal tower getting farther and farther away. I'm getting farther and farther away from her. Maybe...this is a was never meant to be? Not that it could work out now but...

"Wow...that sounds stupid...but I can't help but feel like its true." I said, walking to the bottom of the steps. I felt my feet drag, like it was trying to keep me here. My heart wanted to stay, but it was probably in my best interest to go home.

Traveling alone sucks. Famous explorers that do it must be very lonely. I can't imagine living with the silence...but now I may have to. Basil...and Summer...are gone. Maybe...I should end the team? No...I made a promise, I have to keep matter the pain.

I saw Lapras in the distance, traveling through the Hidden land fairly quickly. The pokemon simply looked at me, straying away from me as I tried to travel home. It didn't feel like such a long time, but it was silent.

"Sam...are you ready to go?" She asked in a polite voice. I simply nodded my head, and hopped on her back. She had that look, maybe she knew.

"Did you know?" I asked as she paddled away from the shore.

"No." She responded. She continued to swim and the remaining ride was silent. I gazed to the sun that beat down over us. The island soon was gone from my sight.

"Ya know...I'm sorry...I know it hurts to lose someone you love." She whispered, pulling up to the beach. I quickly turned, looking in the direction I had found had been so long ago, yet the time had gone by so quickly.

" really does." I mumbled. After thanking Lapras I headed on my way to the guild. I slowly looked at the dimming sunset above me. The WigglyTuff gates were closed. I'm home...sorta. I stood on the gate, hearing noises of Loudred and Digglet.

"The footprint is...Sam! Hey everyone, Sam's home!" The gates soon crept open and everyone flooded out of the tent. I felt myself smile, my friends greeting me with smile too.

"You're home!" I nodded, looking at everyone as they circled me.

"Yep!" WigglyTuff and Chatot came out with smiles on their faces. Chatot was okay, in fact he looked more then okay, his feathers looked bright and vibrant and he looked better then when we had left the guild to go to Brine cave. I felt my smile fade, no Basil. Guess...guess he ...yeah.

"Sam...where's Summer? Why do you have her badge and ribbon?" I looked to my hand, noticing I had her stuff...I didn't even realize it...I had all of this stuff.

"She..." I looked up, seeing bright green emerald eyes. WigglyTuff looked to me a frown on his face.

"I don't have to say anything...Grovyle...told me." He let us go? Even when he knew? He could have saved me from all of this pain, but...because of him I got a proper goodbye.


"There's someone here who wants to see you...come on." They all smiled, gesturing to the tent. I jumped down, heading down to the second floor. I climbed down slowly turning around.

"Wondered when I'd be seeing your face again." I couldn't believe my ears. I quickly turned around.

"B-Basil?" I questioned, staring at him. He stood, or at least attempted to. Bidoof helped him shuffle a bit closer to me, while the room remained silent.

"Y-your okay..." I felt tears rush to my eyes. He's alive! I quickly wrapped my arms around my friend. I squeezed him so tightly. He winced from the pain.

"I knew it! I knew you'd be okay! See Summer I told you he'd-" I said with a smile.

"Sam...your crushing me." He breathed out.

"Oh sorry..." I muttered.

"Speaking of Summer...where is she?" He asked, a hopeful gleam in his eye. I sighed, looking away from those ruby eyes. That hope...that wishful would be smashed.

"W...we...I...well..." I sighed, and lead him and everyone to our room. I sat on my bed. Everyone sat around, watching me.

"Okay..." I sighed, feeling my heart break. Its time to keep my promise.

So Sam told the story, for many days, weeks and months. He told it to everyone, since it's a story that he thought needed to be told. He promised, therefore he would do matter the price. It was a story that broke him every single time he told it. He never told the ending...he merely just said that she disappeared with a tearful goodbye. There was no confession...only knowing to continue on for her, and tell the story so this wouldn't happen again. Not that he ever thought it would.

But besides the point, time went on... life gradually returned to normal...Basil recovered and eventually their lives returned to normal...well almost normal...

"Sam this isn't normal..." I felt a growl escape my lips. Basil stood in the doorway, arms crossed over his chest. He still looked the same, but he now had a blue sash that matched his fur. He rapped it around his belly to cover his scar. Small pokemon would occasionally ask about it, and it seemed to be a sore subject for him. But, who could blame him? The girl he loved did that, and it must have been more emotional because he occasionally whimpered at night...not that I would ever tell him that I heard or even knew about it.

"Pfft...okay..." I muttered, crossing my arms as I sat on my bed.

" have been sitting around for months, sulking. I know that this has been hard for you...its been hard for all of us." He wiped his eyes and sighed. The pain was constant, I couldn't get away from it. Everything seemed dull, wasn't fun anymore. What was the point, we never made any money out of it anyway.

"But you can't just sit have to get back out there." He said, yanking my paw.

"No..." I griped, pulling it back.

"Come on..."

"I said no..." I stood up, backing away from him. I let out a low growl. Basil usually would stand up to the challenge but instead, he backed away.

"You can't keep thinking about it, its not healthy. You have to let her go..." I balled up my fists, and quickly pushed past him.

"I can't..." I said, pushing my way out the door. I ran down the steps of the guild and ran straight to the beach, seeing the sun beginning to set. Dinner would be ready soon. I felt myself sigh as I looked over the horizon. Found the new lands and the world treasures...but I don't think this is what I had in mind when I started.

"Running doesn't help Sam..." I heard Basil yell as he caught up to me. I turned back, seeing a shiny thing in his hand.

"Besides...this is for you...I was going to give it to you when you got back...but...I think you need this more now in order to move on." He tossed me a small object. A black band, seven characters sat on it. I looked to see the shiny bracelet sparkle in the sun.

"Love...Summer..." A heart sat before the name and it made sense. I felt myself release a smile. I hooked the bracelet on, watching the letters shine brightly as the final rays of the sun passed over them.

"Maybe now you can let go..." My smile faded. I was a nice gesture but, things like this take time...a lot of time.

"How many times do I have to say it, I can't! It was easy for you its not easy for me!" Basil balled up his fists.

"You think giving her up is easy!? She wasn't just my friend, she was my family Sam! I can't use my aura anymore, I can't see it, I can't feel it...and that's after everything that happened! But I don't regret it, I cherish it! Just because I lost doesn't mean I'm going to quit. I understand the pain, but I can't tell you how sad it makes me to hear you give up on her last wish..." I quickly turned to him.

"I'm not...I just...don't want to go on without her...she started this team with me...I don't want to continue without her." He sighed, turning his back to me.

"Then...I guess its time that I left too." My eyes shot open.

" can't go!'re all I have left!"

"You have to let go...and that's not something I can help you with...I'll be back, if and when you need me." I can't breath, can't...please don't leave.

"Sorry Sam...but...its time..." He looked at me and reassured me with a sad smile. I felt myself breathe faster, don't go. I felt myself plummet to the floor and I gripped his wrist.

"No...okay...okay...I admit, it's a little much...I probably should be able to move on a let go...but...the pain doesn't go away... but... if you will be worse...please...just give me some time...I..." Tears streamed down my face.

"I'm sorry Sam...but you need this..." He quickly turned and headed back to town. He was gone...

On the Hidden Land...

Dialga stands alone on his rock. He stares out on the land. He lets a frown form on his face.

"Oh Sam...I understand...and your pain still seems fresh... if you still really feel this way...maybe this is the only way for you to be happy..."

"So I'm going to give you a gift...the gift of time...please accept it." With that, a mighty roar filled the sky.

Back on the Beach (of course)

Tears were falling off my face. Waves hit my hands and the sea foam spread around me.

"I'm sorry...I'm so sorry Summer, I couldn't keep the team together." I cried, my heart was beating so fast. But it was breaking.

"I loved you...I loved you so much and you left..." I couldn't breathe. My hands were trembling with the water. A bright light appeared to my left, a bright ball of light. It touched the ground taking a familiar shape, I knew it all to well.

" can't be here...I'm dreaming...I must have cried myself to sleep again." I muttered as the Pikachu walked up to me. She smiled and looked me in the eyes. Those brown eyes and that had to be...

"This isn't a dream..." She whispered as she touched my shoulder. I flinched and stood up.

"No...I've thought about this too much, it can't be real. can't be here right now." A smirk came on her face and she walked closer to me.

"Am I going to have to prove it to you?" She said in a playful tone. I felt my eyes dart to the ground, and felt my heart speed up as she gripped my hand. I took in all her features, she looked and sounded the same. And my heart still reacted the same...but its not couldn't be real.

"Y-yes...?" Her face turned a bright red but regardless she smiled.

"Same old Sam...its a good thing I love you." She said, her face turned a even darker crimson. I felt myself smile. It was an odd smile, and I felt a odd emotion well up inside me, it was confident...and cool.

"Prove it." Feisty are we? Okay then, play on. Maybe...this is...or maybe...we could...

Her lips were slightly parted as her brown eyes seemed locked in a loving gaze. We slowly leaned in until our noses touched, gliding across each other until our lips skimmed. Her warm breath was mixing with mine, but I didn't care...I didn't care about anything but this. As we were so close, we stopped, as if both of us were waiting for a sign it was okay to continue, not stop. I wasn't going to fight anymore. She closed her eyes, leaning in.

It finally our lips were captured in dance. Everything had seemed to slow down. Our lips were dancing together, moving in sync. It had seemed slow, if she was afraid to break the moment. She was so warm and gentle, tears flowing from the corner of her eyes as they fluttered closed. I felt my eyes close too. That's when I felt it, my gentle kiss was broken...I knew this was true, real, and I didn't want it to stop.

Her lips were so warm, so soft. I could feel my gentle nature fading, only feeling the hungry passion that was coursing through my body. I was demanding, giving everything in this. I pulled her closer with one hand, caressing her cheek in my hand. I could feel my fingers crawl to the back of her neck, touching her soft fur.

My other hand had pulled the side of her hip closer. I felt her hands slide from my shoulders to my face, wiping away the hot tears that slid down. I felt myself smile as we backed up about a centimeter. I could feel the smile that sat on my face, touching every corner of my mouth as I felt myself tremble uncontrollably. I felt my heart surging, overflowing in joy. It wasn't a dream, it was reality. I pulled away, feeling my hand touch my lips. It was if I had to check to make sure all of this had happened. It was addicting...that was for sure.

"Believe me now?" She said as she crinkled her nose. I got the message.

"You know this means I'm never letting you go again right?" I whispered, leaning my forehead on her as she looked up at me. I held her tightly in my arms, picking her up slightly so she would match my height.

"Who said I wanted you to?" She said drawing me back in again for another kiss. I couldn't believe this, but it was real enough for me. I set her down.

"Does that mean you'll tell this story with a happy ending?" I felt myself smirk, my fingers intertwining with hers. I had told such a sad story, with such a heroic ending, not a happy one...but now...I'm starting to think thats possible.

"Only if we live happily ever after..." I grinned, hugging her again.

"I think that can be arranged." She said playfully as I sighed. I hope she's right...

Basil's POV

So there I stood, watching Sam and Summer together. I felt myself smile, that's the way it was in the beginning...that's the way it should be...and that's the way I'm going to leave it.

"I hope the very best...goodbye you two." I whispered, walking off away from treasure town toward the horizon.

Its time for a new chapter to begin. I need to explore and let go. Leaving is hard, and it definitely hurts but I think its possible to start over. Maybe not here, but someplace new. Besides... I need to find out my destiny. I need to explore and make it big in this world. Leaving is the only way this is going to happen. I just hope that everything is going to work out.

I look to the dirt road ahead seeing a forest lye beneath the valley of treasure town. Well, the greatest journey often begins with a single step...beter get goin'.


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? Unknown ? POV

I'm back...I'm alive. I think to myself as I take off. Run faster, the farther I am away, the stronger I become. I took a quick glance at the sky. The final rays of orange and red danced across the sky as my gaze shot back to the forest of the hidden land. I was not confined, I was running, not stopping, flying, heart pounding...finally free.

Its great to be alive...especially after that crazy escape and everything. Dialga's "Roar of Time" sure has its wonders...even if it isn't fully understood yet. I rounded a corner, hitting someone. I felt my feet quickly get in stance. I quickly felt my eyes dart up, seeing the dark blue eyes.

"You!" He growled, stepping away from me.

"Hey you watch where your going bub! Otherwise, I'll be sure there will be nothing left!" I growled, baring my teeth. The figure with blue eyes stopped. His eyes locked on mine for a moment before they darted away.

"'re not her...your dangerous." I felt my eyes widen in response.

" get out of my way, I have a lot of conquering to do..." I said as I pushed the figure aside.

"Ah, but I assure you that's what we have in common..." I felt my head turn as he opened up a black portal. I heard him laugh, sending a cold chill up my spine.

"Come with me, and we can rule a world together through hate!" He chuckled. I felt myself grin, finally an opportunity to get where I want to be.

"And maybe plunge it into darkness while we are at it!" I laughed into the night sky. Look out world, I'm coming for you. And you'd better prepare yourselves, because when I find you, you're going to wish I hadn't.

From "Love in the Abyss of Time" comes a sequel "Hate in the Abyss of Darkness" I know titles...what are you gunna do? But much like this one there will be romance and adventure...and will answer all possible questions you have.

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