PMD: Love in the Abyss of Time

Here's a Note to You

Thank You.

Hello. As you read this, you are probably hating me. This is not only for a "finished" story, but it isn't even a chapter.'s note... that's what you get. No worries though, I finally got back to writing, and starting today is when I will begin. But I believe I owe you guys a thank you letter...and this is where it starts.

Today is May 7th 2014.

Two years ago was May 7th 2012, I began writing what some of you know now as "Love in the Abyss of Time". Boy, let me tell you this story has come so far... beginning with a title and summary to the writing in itself. Man it sucked, I think I had a guest reviewer who used to tell me how horrible my writing was... looking back on it now, I can't blame him.

In all fairness he was completely right, but he was harsh about being the new writer I was, who had no previous writing talent whatsoever, sat there and screamed at a computer screen. Today, I would probably accept it and go about my big deal...unless you tell me my work is scripted "Frozen" which case I will say "no duh, that's the point" but that's not what this is...and I'm sorry I was momentarily sidetracked.

Its my job to understand you guys. A author is nothing without its fans and a book is nothing without its readers. From those who stayed from the beginning and told me your thoughts on this idea. Maybe you didn't, I understand. But I have to thank everyone, if you cared enough to follow the story, Rod the emotion until the end where the wheels fell off. (good thing) or flat out told me who you loved and who you hated and your hopes and dreams for the future of not only this story, but the sequel that followed.

Thank you

For those rainy days filled with conversation

For pms sent in the middle of the night

For the other authors who supported

For the fans who pushed for updates

Because...this story... was made for you.

It was made in hopes that your tears would fall to the keyboard as your eyes ran over the words on the screen

And make you antsy in anticipation as you waited months

And those of you who encouraged

And caught the lyrics

Because it was about...

The heart wrenching emotion that murdered your brain, to the point where you hated certain characters

Speaking of which, you stayed because of the characters that (hopefully) touched your heart

All coming from an author that kissed the computer screen when she saw a new email

So...from the bottom of my heart, to...

The person on the other end of the screen

That unique soul that to me, will be forever viewed as kind, collected, special, unique, and forever engraved

You and the rest of the fans shall forever stay with me...

You shall be adored and loved,

Praised with this corresponding story

And dedicated here forever.

To all the fans and readers of "Love in the Abyss of Time"

Date: May 7th 2014

To me: Happy Anniversary "Love in the Abyss of Time"

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