PMD: Love in the Abyss of Time

On a Sleepless Night

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Sam's POV

"Really?" I asked, feeling a nervous smile appear on my face. I was hoping that she was just kidding earlier about the I.O.U. She looked up at me and smiled, but it had faded as quickly as it had appeared.

"I guess. It's not like I have anywhere else to go…" She muttered sadly as she shrugged her shoulders. She had turned her face from me. She had seemed to be thinking about something, but it bothered her. I could see it in her eyes as she looked to the ground.

"Hey what's wrong? I thought you'd be happy to join, you're a really good of the best I've ever seen." I said hoping to get her to talk, hell, just to look at me. She continued to look down at the floor. I could see it, her eyes welling up with tears.

"I-I don't know who I am, I can't remember anything! I just want to know at least why...why don't I remember?" She looked up, still holding her tears in. She wasn't going to cry in front of me… I don't think she would tolerate it. I felt so bad, it's hard not to know… she doesn't know if people are missing her, if her friends are looking for her…or even…her family… are they looking for her?

"Hey come on it's okay. I mean someone must know you, you're kinda hard to miss." I said, trying to comfort my new friend. She took a breathe, shaking as she looked up at me.

"Really?" She looked up at me with sad, brown eyes. Looking at her sad eyes made me feel bad. I didn't know what to tell her, I didn't know where she came from… I never knew any humans; that's for sure. But she was nice enough to help me. So I might as well help her. I smiled lightly and smiled.

"U-um, ya! I would want to find you if you were lost, you're my friend." I said, and plastered on a smile. I gave her a thumbs up. She smiled softly.

"You would?" I simply nodded. She looked down the beach and back at me.

"Thank You." She said. "I'm glad I met you Sam." She said looking at me. I wondered what she would do next, she couldn't just wonder around aimlessly not knowing where to go, or where to live.

"What do you plan to do now? I mean you're a Pikachu, and lost your memory. Do you want to come with me and make a exploration team?" She looked back in the other direction, watching the waves roll down the beach. I quickly spoke again.

"You could use your I.O.U, that offer I mentioned earlier is still on the table." I asked her shyly again. She turned back, flashing a quick smile at me.

"I don't want to." She said. I frowned, turning away from her. I was crushed, I thought she would have joined with me… I tried not to scream in frustration, I need someone with me. I can' t do this alone, and I thought…I thought she might be that someone. I thought that she might be my exploration partner.

"W-why not?" I said, walking down the beach. I noticed that she followed me down the beach. She walked beside me as we walked down the beach. She continued to walk beside me. The water would graze my feet ever now and then. It was a soothing feeling and it helped in the blow with the explanation that I was now patiently waiting for.

"I-I just don't want to I guess." She looked at me to try and play it off but I wasn't buying it. She would twiddle her fingers nervously.

"You lying to me right now?" I said, crossing my arms across my chest. She quickly looked up with her eyes wide.

"N-no." She quickly said. I quietly smirked. She did want to join my team, I was happy about that. She was a terrible liar, that was for sure.

"Yes you are, I can tell… I can tell that you want to come with me and join the team." I had stopped walking, stopping in the middle of the beach. She shook her head.

"I told you I don't." She said in a nonchalant manner. I wasn't buying this, I was going to poke and pry until she gave in.

"You do, you know you do. You love the adventure and how it makes you feel! You want this! You need this! You got to, got to have this!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I looked at her and she let out a laugh. She finally smiled at me.

"There you go there's that smile I've been wanting to see." I said. She smiled and nodded her head. I looked back down the beach once more.

"So, knowing you secretly do want to join me… are you going to join my team?" I said once more. She shivered in place for a moment before answering me. This had seemed to bother her, the question of whether or not she would stay with me and start over…or try and find out who knew her…by herself.

"I would love to join your team Sam." She said. I smiled, jumping in joy! She said yes! She wants to join me! I can't believe it, now I can… join the guild and be like my parents.

"Really!? This is going to be the best! Lets go to the guild!" I said, running down the beach. She tried running after me but I kept ahead of her easily. She must have bad stamina, her face was red and she struggled to keep up with me.

"Come on! Hurry up slow poke!" I yelled back, running backwards. She continued running on two feet.

"I'm trying! This is not as easy as it looks!" She yelled, smiling as she tried to keep up with me.

"Ya, that's why most of us run on all fours." I yelled back, she simply ran faster. She couldn't run on four feet.

"Ya well I'm not a Pokémon, remember?" I frowned, rolling my eyes. I could see the edge of the beach in sight and turned around momentarily.

"You look like one, better act like one." I whistled, reaching the edge of the beach. I turned around waiting for her, she was about to make it but tripped over her foot and fell onto her face. I quickly covered my mouth to keep myself from laughing…which promptly failed.

"Hey, you must really like the sand. Have another make out session with it why don't you?" She brought her face up. It was completely covered in sand. Sand was falling off of her yellow face and red cheeks as she brought up her face from the sand. She spit some sand out, and wiped her face.

"I'm not making out with it; I just like the taste of sand in my mouth and had to eat some at this very second." She said spitting out some more of the sand. She wiped the grain for her face.

I smirked, going to pull her up. I felt my hand connect with hers and I quickly felt a jolt of electricity surge through me, it wasn't an electric shock…it was subtle, but my heart had silently sped up at that moment. I had helped her up off the sand, a prolonged touch as I slowly let go, but I couldn't stop watching her eyes. She simply looked at me with curiosity.

"Why are you starring at me like that?" I was taken aback by her statement; I had not even realized that I was. I quickly turned away feeling my face flush in embarrassment.

"Oh, I didn't know I was…sorry." I muttered quietly. I had brushed the thoughts away as she simply shrugged her shoulders, continuing to walk with me to the guild. We had walked up the stairs and I felt nervous once more. Could I really pull it off with her? Would I simply chicken out…again!?

So I stood, looking at the gate. I could only shuffle my feet close to it. She just looked at me and laughed.

"Could you just get on the gate already?" I shyly smiled, maybe she was right… all I had to do was stand there on a grate…and wait… for the judgment of people I didn't know …but I couldn't back down now… I had to join this time.

I stepped on the gate. "Pokémon detected, Pokémon detected! Whose footprints, whose footprints? The Pokémon is Chimchar, the Pokémon is Chimchar." A voice bellowed beneath me. I was a little startled, but I was determined not to cower out.

The voice said "You may pass, but who's that there with you? Tell them to get on the gate." I sighed in relief but was surprised they could see pass that gate. But I looked at Summer, who had just stayed in her place.

"I think they mean you Summer." She looked at the gate a little confused. She then looked at me.

"Do I have to?" She whined. I sighed. And I was about to comment on it when I heard a loud voice yell from the gate.

"Hey stranger! Get on the gate!" She quickly did as she was told. I smiled at how simple that was, if there was ever such a moment. She walked on the gate. The voice hesitated for a moment, as if trying to figure out something.

"You must be lazy huh?" I said, tapping my foot against the ground. She looked over at me and gave me a thumbs up. I had smiled at the attempt, at least she wasn't hiding it…and I might be able to change that.

"You guessed it…" She commented, much to my surprise.

"Pokémon detected, Pokémon detected! Whose footprints, whose footprints? The Pokémon…." The voice was silent for a moment.

"What's the matter?" Said the other smaller voice.

"I think…the footprint…maybe Pikachu's." The other voice yelled out, shaking the ground.

"What do you mean maybe? You're the guard you don't get stumped." I gulped; this obviously doesn't happen to them.

"I'm just saying; I don't know what I don't know." The two voices were now arguing about footprints, amongst other things.

"Man looking at people's feet all day sucks, I mean what kind of security is this!?"

" quiet, they'll hear you!" One of the voices grumbled.

"I guess we could let you in cuz you don't seem bad." Seem bad? She really isn't bad, although I had that same thought when I first met her... but she has that odd, personality. But with that, the gate slowly crept open and we walked inside. I was surprised to see a hole. I jumped down, and Summer climbed down.

"Oh my Arceas." I said in awe, this place was so cool.

"Look, do you see all of this?" I was so excited I lost control of my thoughts. We could still see the outside even though we were cool. Suddenly a bird like creature walked in the room.

"I don't know what you're selling, but you should know we don't take visitors lightly." I didn't think this person could snap so easily. I saw him seeing a music note on his head, maybe he would be in a better mood if he sang a song. I smiled at the thought.

"I bet you do but we want to be an exploration team." I heard Summer say, looking at the small bird. He frowned for a moment before he spoke again.

"It's brave to see new recruits want to take such a hard work force…I mean considering all the people that run away and all." The bird chirped.

"People run away here?" Summer quietly asked as she moved her fingers nervously.

"Oh, no… this is an easy job; it requires a lot of work though." She quickly perked up her head and frowned.

"Work...Great..." I had nothing to say to that maybe it's just because she is tired. She probably just needed a good night's sleep in order to really get into the swing of things. Chatot had moved aside pointing to the other hole. He quietly smiled.

"Okay right this way... I guess." We jumped down the hole and onto the second floor. We walked into a big chamber. Gems covering the room, a pink WigglyTuff stood before us in the middle of the room. He was sitting on a red carpet. He was a round ball of fluff, his pink ears and green eyes looked enchanted, creepy how he starred at us blankly.

"Guild master these are new recruits that want to form an exploration team." Chatot whistled.

"So you want to join this guild, alright friendly friends, just give me the name of your team and we'll be on our way." I panicked, I hadn't thought of a name.

"Uh, a name? I never thought of a name before now." I looked over at Summer maybe she had an idea of what to call the team. I was racking my brain for a name. Flame Bolt… no. Poke Pals… absolutely not. I am not even going to think about that last name.

"Summer got a name?" She looked at me and smiled before looking back at WigglyTuff. She answered pretty quickly...she's been thinking about this. I can't believe she was like 'I don't want to join.' But she found a name in less than 5 minutes.

"Firestar…" She turned to me and said.

"Fire…star? Uh, why-"I started to say but she cut me off. She made electricity surge between her hands… forming a star.

"I like that name. Fire because you're a fire type, star for what we will reach one day." I smiled, we were good enough to reach the stars one day, and all we just needed to do was work hard. I felt the name suited us. I nodded in approval looking at WigglyTuff as I did.

"Okay, Team Firestar your all set, here is your starter set." WigglyTuff said, putting a golden brass box in the middle of the room. Summer cautiously went up to the box. She then looked at me.

"I think you should open it…your technically the founder." She said.

"Ya, but I think you should be the leader, you open it." I said, pushing her in the direction of the box.

"That's okay, really… this is your thing."

"Well now it can be our thing, so open the box."

"Sam, just open the box." She said, moving beside me.

"You open the box…" I said, backing up.

"Well maybe I don't want to." She said, crossing her arms across her chest. She was tapping her foot in annoyance.

"And you think I do?" I said smirking, and Chatot yelled out to us. I quickly looked in his direction, forgetting about the argument I was having.

"Someone please! Just open the damn box!" Summer shot me a look before she opened the box. She got a maroon red colored scarf. I got a smart marine blue ribbon…just…just like my dad's. I was feeling myself get chocked up, I didn't want others to see me like that so I held in my sadness. But I saw our kit, it came with our explorer badges, a zinc bracelet, and a treasure bag. I smiled at the items, this truly made it official. We were now an official team.

"Oh cool, so what is this?" She said holding. WigglyTuff looked at her and spoke.

"Useful items." I looked at him happily, I couldn't wait to start. I couldn't help but smile; it was finally a reality for me. I had a team mate, a new team and my dream would now become a reality. I felt so happy, how could I not? I had turned back, trying to shuffle out of the room.

"Enjoy yourself, friendly friends." We walked towards the guild rooms, as it stretched over a long hallway. I looked to my left to see a boy's room. A Loudred, Corphish, and Bidoof all talked as we passed by. I looked to my right past Summer to see a girl room. A Sunflora and Chimicho were laughing the day away; they turned their heads to us and smiled as we continued our walk.

I could see our room; it had two straw made beds and a small round window to which we could see the moon. I quickly stopped in the doorway. I had to share a room…with her? Summer had turned to me, tilting her head in a confused fashion.

"Is something the matter?" Chatot quietly mentioned. I felt my face get red in embarrassment.

"Uh… do we have to sleep in the same room?" Chatot quickly frowned.

"Well naturally, but I-"He quickly stopped in his thoughts, a weird smirk on his face. His face had turned slightly red for a moment before answering again.

"Is that going to be a problem…?" I just gulped nervously; I had looked at Summer who simply rolled her eyes.

"No, that's fine…he's just being…Sam." Chatot nodded in understanding. He then left the room taking another glance back at the two of us.

"Ok, uh, enjoy your stay. Make sure your up early for tomorrow's work day." His pink face and colorful feathers left the room. I smirked as I turned around and plopped down on my bed, taking a deep breath. I actually made it on the team; I was here…so now I get to put in my hours…so I can be the best.

"W-we did it..." Summer lay down in her bed beside me.

"Ya...we did..." I smiled, looking up at the ceiling. I felt so at home with the entire thing. I was excited; my heart was still racing from all of the excitement of joining.

"Thanks." She quietly mentioned, I quickly looked in her direction. What could she possibly be saying 'thanks' for?

"For what?" I asked, turning to my side and resting my head on my hand. She shyly looked at me and smiled.

"For everything..." I smiled.

"But I haven't done anything..." I said sadly.

"But you found me, and made me your friend. That's everything I could have asked for." She was grateful to was a nice feeling. I felt a blush creep across my face. She made me feel like I had done something important.

"Ok let's get some sleep, I'm kinda tired. As of now we are a team." I felt my heart continue to race, I was so excited. I didn't want to sleep.

"I thought we already were." I smiled at her comment, she was right. We were going to make a great team. I lay back, trying to sleep for the next exciting day. I slightly smiled, I was happy today. I looked at Summer who slowly closed her eyes to try and get some sleep.

I wonder what I saw when I first met her…I thought her eyes were red. Yet when I look at them now, they are brown. Did I merely imagine all of that? I knew she wasn't an ordinary person but she seemed so different…maybe even a bit strange. I couldn't let it bother me now... I closed my eyes, letting my sleep consume me.

Summer's POV

The light went out in our room; I tried to relax, seeing how I had to get up tomorrow. I slowly closed my eyes, trying to drift to sleep. I could feel myself slip away into dreams, which seemed out of place…well at least to me.


I could see the bright vibrant blue sky. I looked around to see birds flying over head and the waves crashing on the sandy beach. I smiled, this was so peaceful and it was great to know of such a place. I looked down the beach as the waves rolled onto the sandy beaches. I saw Sam standing on the other end of the beach.

I ran up to him, happy to see my friend. I happily hugged him. But he had seemed so distant, cold. But I couldn't help but feel like I had done something wrong. I stepped away, twiddling my fingers. It made me nervous when he didn't look at me, or at least be friendly towards me.

"Sam?" I asked, but he kicked the sand angrily. I stepped back, why was he mad? He'd turned around, his face full of anger but yet it seemed happy. His eyes were full of anger and hate, but he had a smile that said happiness and love. It confused me, how could a face show so many emotions at once.

He stood as his normal self, spitting off into three different people. They all stood side by side. Sam's normal self had vanished into thin air. I backed away, seeing the two different versions take form. One turned white, it seemed pure, kind, and gentle. The other had turned black; it seemed lonely, angry, ashamed, and hateful.

The dark form had turned to the other, pushing it in a fit of rage. It beat the white form, leaving it in a pool of its own blood on the floor. I wasn't even sure if it was breathing. It was so broken and beaten up, I was scared, the dark half or form had just destroyed pure counterpart.

"O-oh my god…I-...I…" I stuttered since I was at a loss for words. His dark half had no eyes, they were blank, emotionless. Dark pits for eye as it seemed to stare at me. I was scared, I never felt like I had to be worried about him. He had changed, and it scared me. He quickly pushed past me. He was burning down his beach.

The once glorified beach was now destroyed. The palm trees were burned falling to the floor. The sand looked burned, a charcoal color. The dark Sam had stopped, panting as he chuckled over the damage he caused. It had seemed to cause him happiness and joy in watch or causing destruction.

"Sam, what's wrong with you?" I whispered running to him. I was trying to get him to come to his senses. But he caught me off guard when he quickly sprinted toward me. I turned and tried to sprint the other way. He was trying to attack me. I thought about attacking him back, but I couldn't. I don't want to hurt him; He's the only thing I know right now, I can't...

And so I dodged his attacks, trying to run away from him. I would look back as I ran in the direction of the guild, which was where I knew I would be safe. He chased me, keeping up with every attempt I had at escaping. I was so close, past the rocks on the edge of the beach would be a great spot to hide. I slipped on the wet ground, turning to see Sam standing above me. He looked down at me with a scary smile.

"Aww, did the girl finally realize that running was pointless?" That voice, who was that? Sam certainly hadn't said anything, I knew because I continued to stare in horror.

"Running? I'm not running from anything!" I yelled blindly.

"You're running from me…and I intend to catch you." That wasn't Sam's voice, in fact it sounded like my own. My body had glowed, much like Sam had earlier. I separated myself, my dark half stood there…right in front of me. I was terrified. The dark half had only smirked, coming closer to me.

"I'm ready to have some fun, wouldn't you agree?" She said looking to Sam's dark half. He quickly moved behind me holding me to the ground.

"Sam, don't have to do this." He looked at me with an emotionless face; an angry gritting of teeth could be heard from him. He just shook his head. Instead she spoke for him.

"It's not his decision, I'm the one that's in control now…" With that his body vanished, the black smoke of the figure vaporizing into the air of the waves in a matter of seconds. She reached down to get me. I shut my eyes tight hoping it would all just go away. Please, please just go away.

"!" I yelled, unleashing the electricity in my cheeks. She was wrong...she had to be...she just had to be.

*End of Dream*

"No!" I screamed, scared out of my mind. That was no ordinary dream…I could feel something different. I had felt different; I could feel the mean, hurtful thoughts run through my mind. It was dark, evil even. This new sensation surging through me was like fire on gasoline. It made me feel sick to my stomach. I looked on my body, seeing the tip of my tail beginning to turn a jet black along with the rest of my body. This dream, it was becoming a nightmare.

Ugh! What is this!?" I yelled, waking Sam up from his slumber. His startled body jerked out of sleep, as he cautiously looked around the room. His eyes wondered to where I was standing. Upon seeing me he developed tunnel vision, never taking his eyes off of this creepy transformation. The black was running up my legs, up my arms. It was spreading across my face.

"Summer?" He continued to ask, still sounding shaken. I'm scared to hear his voice in that manner. He sounds scared, so I was too. I didn't know what this was; it was linked to my dream… I know it. This had something to do with halves, good and bad. This was going to be one hell of an explanation.

"Sam, I'm scared. You have to do something!" I felt that pain in my head again. It had given me a really bad headache. I could hear the different voices. Evil thoughts, surged through me. I looked up to see Sam standing there with him mouth slightly ajar. I looked him in the eyes, pleading or at least hoping he would know what to do.

"Please…" I said, feeling my eyes close as the final wave sweep through me. I felt my tired eyes close and slip into the darkness.

Sam's POV

I jolted up from my sleep when I heard that blood curdling scream. I quickly looked beside me. I couldn't even believe what I was seeing. What the hell is that?

"Summer?" The only response I got was a scream. The air was pierced with that blood curdling scream again. I quickly backed up, panting in fear. Her brown eyes were turning red, much like before. Her yellow fur was turning black. She backed away from me in fear.

"Sam, I'm scared! You have to do something!" I didn't know how to answer. This was scary, like something out of a horror film.

"Please..." She whispered. She closed her eyes, as if she was about to go to sleep. I needed to help her. I yelped in pain for a moment getting pushed back in surprise. I needed to break through that electric barrier.

"Don't worry…" I whispered, sprinting forward. I ran to her, not caring if I was being shocked. Her electricity was surging through me as I tried to desperately latch onto her shoulders. The electric shockwaves hurt so bad; my body tensed up. My muscles contracted, so at this point I couldn't back out even if I wanted to.

"I'm here!" I yelled, shutting my eyes tightly with my arms wrapped around her. Her body gave out one last shock, prying me away from her and throwing me across the room. I hit the wall, hearing only a scream, followed by silence. I lay there for a moment trying to be sure I wasn't dreaming. I looked up, seeing a black Pikachu standing there.

"Summer?" The Pikachu responded to her name. It turned around and looked at me. This wasn't couldn't be. I held my breath, scared of what it might do. It stood up cracking joints and bones as if trying to get used to its own body. It turned to me, standing there with an evil smile on its face. I got a chill that sent shivers that ran up the column of my spine.

I felt all my hair stand on edge. I spoke not a word. I didn't even move a muscle. The figure turned to me, stepping in my direction. I swiftly stood up, backing up into the wall as it stood face to face with me.

"Why hello...Sam." It knew my name? I felt my hand try and grip the wall, shutting my eyes. I didn't want to look anymore. It looked me dead in the eyes. I shuttered, shutting my eyes as tight as I could. The room had felt so cold now, it added to the chilling effects that were running through my body.

"H-how do you know me?" I spoke softly, afraid of what it may say to me.

"I am half of who she is...her memories, her life…it's all mine." I thought, there was no way this mean being was half of the sweet girl I had met earlier. But it has her memories…maybe it knew something about her past.

"You…have her…memories?" I asked in surprise.

"That's information I can't disclose at this time." I gulped, but was slightly disappointed; it was weird, having another half to your own personality.

"So are you like…a villain?"

"You could say that…but villain is such a universal word." It said, taking a step closer to me. It only stood about a foot away, stepping on the hay.

"S-so…" I stuttered, feeling tight-chested. This conversation was giving me anxiety. I had only wished that the girl I had met would stroll back into my life so I could at least know she was okay. Not knowing anything and being in the dark like this was causing my heart to race, I couldn't process a single thought.

"W-what would y-you call y-yourself?" I whispered again. It let out a low growl. It had crossed its arms across its body, smirking at the question I had just asked.

"I prefer the term… dark soul."

"Y-you're wrong. Your not..." The Pikachu backed away, its smile turned to a frown.

"You're lying." I said, stepping forward from the wall. I felt confident in my accusation. It couldn't be a dark soul, the Summer I knew was kind, and not a psychotic monster.

"I can't lie to you; you're stuck with me after all." I didn't want to be stuck with this evil creature. I was scared it wouldn't leave, that it would consume her. My eyes widened at the true terror I was facing. I have to be brave; I can't have my one true friend be tormented by this beast.

"W-what have y-you done with S-Summer?" I finally asked the question that had pondered in my mind since the beginning. My horrified sound must have said enough. I'm horrified on the inside, but I was hoping not to let this thing know that...I took a step back. The wall had stopped me from moving back further. It stepped closer to me, speaking in the voice of the chilled darkness itself.

"I have want her… come and get her." It gave me that evil smirk again. I could felt my heart in my throat, Arceas help me now. I looked to the floor, squeezing my eyes tightly. I could feel its cold hand run up my chest toward my face, gripping it tightly. I didn't pull away but it yanked my head from its fixed position from the floor, making me face her.

"Humph, you're not worth never were." I wasn't sure what this dark half meant by the question, but I didn't want to question it at the moment.

"I-I don't want any t-trouble…" I heard it make a chuckle, how every time it laughed it made me more certain my friend was no longer there.

"Trouble is going to find you anyway…" It stepped back again; I continued to clutch the wall with my hand. It could come back, I was still frightened.

"No. I don't believe that..." I quietly said. I finally looked at its eyes. The red dark menacing eyes that scared me into a nightmare; I wonder if I could fall asleep after this nightmare.

"Well, I found you… didn't I?" She was half of what Summer was, there was no way she was hateful, or mean.

"But you are her. There's just no way-" It rushed to me, grabbed my face and looked me dead in the eyes. I felt my heart leave me, I was quiet. I wasn't going to speak out against it.

"Perhaps in another life...I was..." The dark maniacal laughter started again. I looked back at her seeing the black color around her starting to fade. Her skin was changing back to normal color. Her eyes had reverted back to the standard brown and her fur was once again yellow.

I looked at her, to see she had this blank stare on her face. Her eyes were blank and glossy looking. I saw her stumbled toward me, her body collapsing to the floor. I bolted for her, catching her head just in time before she hit the floor. She looked so pale, like the life had just left her. Her eyes were closed as if she had been taking a peaceful nap. That ominous warning from that Pikachu before was frightening; could this have been what it meant?

Her body just lay motionless in my arms, ever so quiet and still. I felt helpless that I couldn't do anything for her, she was on her own. I looked at her, cradling her in my arms. I just starred at her, for forever what it seems. I was waiting for her to move, or make a sound that told me she was okay.

The morning sun was beginning to come up, it had been hours and I had just sat there, watching her. It had been pain staking to just sit there and wait. I could feel this new sensation, a sense of loss and sadness? It pained me as much as it had when I found out my parents had died. I felt a single tear fall off my face…I hadn't cried in seven years. I was waiting, I would continue to do so until I had to ask...was she really still with me? Or was she lost to a dark unseen force?

"Summer, you still there?" Her body jerked at the sound of her name. It startled me, I tensed up. I had not seen her move in hours and she just jerked at her name. It was weird, like a trigger. She slowly opened her eyes, blinking in recognition as her body seemed to relax in my arms. She looked around in a confused manner, as if she didn't know where she was. I gasped at the happy sight, tackling her into a hug.

"Thank Arceas your okay, I was so worried about you!" I hugged her never wanting to let go. She hugged me back tightly. But she had seemed confused.

"Why wouldn't I be?" She said tilting her head. She looked the same as she had when she had gone to be last odd. She couldn't remember anything about last night, even though I'm sure tears of guilt and sadness were still on my face.

"You really don't remember?" I asked confused. She shook her head, confused.

"Not a clue. Should there be something worth remembering?" She asked, as her arms moved from around my neck to my arms. I smiled at her, and she did the same. I couldn't move, like I had been glued to my spot. I slowly talked, continuing to smile.

"N-no. I'm just glad I didn't have to say goodbye." I whispered lightly. I continued to just hold her in my arms. I heard someone clear their throat, looking up to see it was Loudred. I felt my face turn a bright red, feeling hot air run across my face and I struggled to come up with a great explanation for this. I let Summer go, scooting away from her. The blood rushing to my face. I lightly laughed, a smile creeping on my face.

"Um...good morning..." I whispered, trying to straighten up and gain composer. I saw Loudred just straighten up, a smile on his face. It had appeared and in a flash, it vanished. He studied us for a moment, looking at Summer who had that same goofy smile that I did. She probably couldn't think of a explanation either.

"Good morning." He said, scratching the back of his head.

"Was I…uh…interrupting something?" An awkward silence filled the room. I felt my face turn bright red again, trying to think about anything else but us as a couple. But Loudred turned around, scratching his head once more. He quietly stood in the door way for a moment and smirked.

" the way, Summer, the guild master wanted to see you." She quickly stood up, slowly walking out the door pushing him aside. She gave me a quick glance before leaving. But with her gone, Loudred turned back to me, a new found smile on his face.

Authors Note: Hi guys. Thanks for reading!

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