PMD: Love in the Abyss of Time

He's Heading Back From Somewhere

Author's Note: Hey people! Have you found the first shipping yet? If not…your kinda dense… But not to worry, because you have another chance to catch another one…

Sam's POV

Summer had walked past Loudred, she turned back for one last glance as she left from my sight. All that stood now, was Loudred. He remained in the doorway, looking behind him cautiously to see if anyone could see him or hear him. I sat on my bed, looking back at him as he turned to me.

"So...what do you wanna talk about?" I sheepishly asked him, knowing he was going to bring up the awkward situation he had just happened to have walked into. He looked at me and frowned. He slowly sighed, shaking his head. He knew I didn't want to talk, yet he was going to pry…like most people.

"Are you really going to make me say it?" I said, as he smirked happily in response. I felt my heart race, he wouldn't dare ask that question. Would he? I seem to think so.

"Uh, say what?" There, I had said it...the stupid words that I knew would ponder in the back of his mind for weeks to come. Trying to hide it, I plastered on a fake smile. Joking, no matter how much I wanted it to, was not going to get me out of this. He was going to talk to me about what he had just witnessed, and although nothing happened… he would still question the sighting.

"I'm pretty sure you're not stupid. So enlighten me...what's with you and Summer? You two like a couple or something?" That question made me blush. My hands felt clammy and cool as they touched the back of my neck. I really didn't want to answer this question. I looked away from his gaze, looking anywhere but at him.

"So I take it that you do like her?" He questioned once again, I looked down to the floor, remembering the moments we had had between us. When I had first held her hand, there was a jolt between us…could that have been something more? My parents had always said love can be found the moment one touches another's hand…but I'm sure that's not what they meant, right? Then there was the part when I fell on top of her, I couldn't pull away from her chocolate brown eyes, I had felt myself drawn to those eyes… then when she was at the hands of that dark alter ego… I felt alone, lost…different… so does that mean I…like her?

"Well I-" I suddenly stopped my words; I didn't have anything to say. I couldn't feel that way about her...could I? No... I had barely known her. Besides, I was over thinking this… the time frame was too little to of actually formed something so big. I was just over thinking the events and that was making me feel different, that's all.

"You do! You didn't answer me directly and then you just turned red." Did I really take that long to answer? Did my face turn red? I really need to think quicker. I really needed to answer faster rather just ponder the thought. I felt a smile creep onto my face, unable to deny that his words might actually be true. But I didn't want them to be true; if they were…it would have been like some weird instant attraction thing…which of course only happens in fairy tales.

"N-no I don't!" I yelped, trying to defend myself. I felt the blood rush to my face, making me feel that much more of an idiot. I hated being under the gun with weird questions…especially ones like this.

"She likes you too...just saying." I immediately looked up toward him. My face was probably blushing again. But my eyes were fixed, waiting to see what his explanation would be. My ears perked to his words, trying to hear what he would say.

"No she doesn't...she's just my friend." I said, crossing my arms. He just shook his head. I was determined in defending myself on the subject. Loudred was still on the subject though, shaking his head.

"I saw the way she looked at you..." And with that he busted up, laughing at the confused look that was probably on my face. Despite what he said I was not going to give in on the subject. I knew how I felt on the subject, I didn't like her and that was my final verdict on the subject…end of story!

"I don't care, she doesn't like me. And I don't like her! We're not dating! And I don't want to talk about this anymore!" I threw my arms into the air, slightly raising my voice.

"Denial…is always the first step." He muttered, with a slight smirk. I grit my teeth in anger for a moment, releasing the tension as sound as those words reached my ears. Denial?

"I am not in denial!" I yelled defensively.

"Oh just wait, it's going to hit you like a ton of bricks when you figure it out..." He said simply, walking out into the other room. I growled, what does a ton of bricks have to do with anything?

Summer's POV

I walked to the guild's office alone. I wish I didn't have to be here by myself. I wonder what happened last night between me and Sam. He sure was out of character this morning. He was sure acting weird this morning. Did I do something to offend him? Did he know something I didn't? Maybe… but it's weird how I can't seem to remember, I remember going to bed, and the next thing I knew…I was waking up in his arms. So, maybe he'll tell me about it later.

I stood outside the guild master's door. A red symbol of a WigglyTuff on it, I felt scared...being here by myself. The guild master wasn't a terrifying guy. But his authority was. I wish I could have at least been here with Sam, or at least someone else. I sighed, knowing I wouldn't get anywhere by just standing here. So I peeked my head through the door. I whispered, trying to make sure I wasn't disturbing anyone.

"Guild master, I'm here. You…uh…wanted to talk to me sir?" I walked in the room. I could see Wiggly Tuff in the middle of the room, facing away from me. He stood quietly, not even flinching a single muscle. I heard his soft mumbling from a distance. I asked once more, hoping to get a response from him.

"Guild master?" I asked again, a little louder. His assistant or right hand man Chatot, was the bird that was in the room with us when we first got there, was trying to get the guild master's attention. He stood very still, not moving a single muscle. His friend waved his wing in front of his face, all of which seemed to fail as he tried to get his attention.

"Um, Chatot? Is now not a good time, because I can come back-". I quietly mumbled. Chatot turned around very quickly and started to jump up and down. He rushed to me, blocking the door, not letting me leave.

"OH! Your here, well there is something I wanted to talk to you about." He backed away from me, his position upright. This position was professional. He looked at me, and I looked right back, just waiting for him to complete his sentence. But he didn't, he waited for me to say something.

"What is it?" I curiously asked.

"You and your partner seem to be very close." He said with a pause. I felt my face get red; I didn't think he would ever say that to me. I felt myself gasp, slightly afraid of what he might say next. If he had thought that my partner and I were so close…chances are others thought the exact same thing. He continued to look at me, now wondering what that look on my face now meant.

"Y-your face..." I heard him say, I quickly became defensive. I felt my face get red, my cheeks crackled awkwardly. I looked at his face to see his face turn red, probably the fact that this conversation was now turning into an awkward situation. But he probably had the guts to say that something that others were probably thinking.

"Nothing!" I said, quickly looking away from Chatot's gaze. I heard his footsteps fade, backing away from me. I guess that he took the fact that I no longer wanted to talk about this subject. The silence filled the room, making the next sentence slow.

"Why do you act so weird at the mention of your partner? It's not like I was asking you to marry the guy…" He muttered, rolling his eyes. I awkwardly thought of something to say, hoping to get the awkward stare to stop.

"Acting weird? I'm not acting weird…so, uh…what were you going to say?" I said trying to change the subject. He had just seemed to go along with it, but lingered a last of his stare. I sighed in relief as I knew he wouldn't bring it up again.

" the guild master and I decided to put you in a learning technique class. Many instructors will be there to help you in uh… honing your special skills." He chuckled at the thought.

"You and your partner can do this together…maybe then when you come back you'll be a bit closer." He quietly mentioned. I quickly cringed my teeth in embarrassment.

"Are you ok?" I heard Chatot say, I quickly blushed and looked back up toward him.

"Y-yes?" I stuttered. I was mentally cursing myself for stupidity of stuttering over the silly subject. He rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"The camp? You have to go..." I quickly shook my head; I did not want to waste time in this camp. I wanted to explore the world already. This camp was going to be a waste of my time.

"But I don't wanna-". I tried to say, only to have a wing cover my face.

"Don't worry about it, it's just a safety precaution make sure no one gets hurt." He squawked and played a wistful tune. I frowned, realizing there was no way I was going to be able to talk my way out of this.

"Okay I guess-" I stopped mid-sentence, knowing that much to my dismay, I had no choice we would have to go anyway... I sighed, turning my face toward the door. Chatot knew what I was going to say, his statement made me all the more certain we had to go.

"Splendid, do you have any more questions?" He said turning back to the guild master. I didn't even want to go to the dumb camp, this was going to suck.

"How long?" I turned back to Chatot, if anything I didn't want to stay for a long time, it would be really annoying to sit and listen to stuff I already know...well, sort of know. Sam already knew pretty much everything about mystery dungeons so he would be so bored.

"A couple of days" the Chatot smiled and trotted away. He then mumbled something under his breath.

"What?" I asked, leering across the room.

"Maybe…a couple of …uh…weeks." I balled up my fists, but he just simply smiled.

"Don't worry it will be fun". He called back to me. I slowly walked toward the door, shuffling my feet across the green gemmed ground.

"Okay...then... I guess we're in." I turned back, reaching out to touch the oak wood that made up the door. I turned back, seeing the guild master still looking at me.

"Guild master are you okay?" He continued to stare. His emerald green eyes seemed to scan me for what seemed to be the longest time. I felt my eyes wonder back over toward the guild master. A mesmerizing sea of green, like he studied me as much as I studied him.

"Did you enjoy yourself last night?" His talking shook me back to reality.

"Uh Ya, Ya I did." I quietly said.

"Fantastic! I want you to enjoy your stay here is all!" He practically yelled in a happy mood. He was like an energetic child. I cracked a smile, turning back to the door.

"Okay, then I guess I'll go tell Sam." I left the room sighing as I headed down the corridor leading to my room. As I passed Loudred's room, I noticed he wasn't in there. I turned to the girl's room to see the others were still asleep. I looked seeing that he was still standing in the doorway of my room.

"Um...Sam I need to you, after the meetings." Sam quickly looked up from the ground, at me. Sam straightened up, His composure straight and every muscle tensed.

"O-OK sure." He quickly turned away, standing up as Loudred laughed loudly. Loudred just turned to the door, still smiling? He walked out; Sam followed him, not giving me a second to question the situation. Did I interrupt something?

"We're going to be late, let's go." Sam yelled back to me. I stood in the doorway, slowly following them out the door. I turned back, grabbing our treasure bag and bandannas. First day, how exciting!

As I walked out onto the floor I saw Sam, giving him the dark blue bandanna. He studied it for a moment and he sighed. He tied it around his neck, hiding his golden locket behind it. I thought about it for a moment.

"Hey why do you-" I went to ask him.

"I don't like to talk about it." He said coldly. I took a step back and frowned.

"Oh sorry, I didn't mean to pry." The other recruits walked out on the floor

"No…I... it's just something I don't like to remember." He mentioned. I frowned, if he didn't want to talk about it I would respect it…but what was he hiding? He might tell me later once he gets to know me. I pushed the thoughts aside as the other recruits shuffled in and lined up. The guild master walked out, with a rule sheet in hand.

"A one, and a two...and a one-two-three" They all chanted together. I stood there, listening to them. I had never heard the rules before, so I stood next to Sam listening.

"One! Don't shirk your work!" Well of course they were going to say that one... But being lazy is just a thing…and sometimes it's not even that.

"Two! Run away and Pay!"I don't run, so let's not worry about that one, and I'm broke so who cares? I only came because I didn't have any other choice on the matter.

"And Three! Smiles go for miles!" The whole guild chanted. I smiled, that was a funny rule, and I liked it. It was not serious like the rest, it was relaxing and unique.

"Okay, Pokémon let's get to work." Chatot chirped. The guild all threw their fists in the air. I actually followed on this, throwing my fists in the air as high as I could. Sam did the same, smiling in happiness as we looked to Chatot for instruction.

"Hooray!" I found myself smiling to that. I was happy that the guild started their days off in a good mood. It made the environment seem relaxed and non menacing. Everyone went off to work, leaving the room in a quick fashion.

"Oh Sam, can I tell you that thing now?" I saw him walk over toward me. I heard Loudred giggle in the corner and I looked at Sam to see him blush. Loudred was sure laughing about something…but what? I rolled my eyes, tapping my foot in annoyance as he walked over.

"Are you okay?" I asked him. He looked up at me, rubbing the back of his neck as he shyly smiled.

"U-uh ya." He looked away from me, at Loudred. Loudred smirked then pointed at me.

"Sam we are leaving to a camp for a week…maybe longer." His stunned expression told me he was at a loss for words. He suddenly smiled, throwing a fist in the air.

"Really! It sounds like fun." He jumped up and down like an excited kid. I backed away, turning to the ladder.

"Whenever you're ready then!" I called. He bolted toward the door, the explorer kit in hand. I wrapped my red scarf around my neck and placed my explorer bag in the treasure bag.

We left on the dirt road. We walked…and walked, and walked, and walked some more until we finally made it to the camp.

"Milotic and Arcanine's Training for Explorers…" I heard Sam say.

"That sounds promising…" I reassured.

"Is it promising to be lame, because that's the vibe I'm getting'." He said lamely. I smirked at the comment.

"Well it probably won't be that bad, perhaps this will start something new." I quietly said as we walked up to the front desk to check in.

"I hope your right…" He said, crossing his arms across his chest. I hoped what I said was true…otherwise this was going to be the beginning of a long week.

A week went by, practicing, training and learning. I was actually tired of all the nonsense in training, it was hard work. I learned a lot of moves, and now I get to use them. Now we get to's the end of training and it's time to test out my moves.

"I'm so happy! This is going to be AWESOME!" I said, smiling as Sam and I left our room and walked over toward the arena. I looked up at the sky, its bright blue sailing across as far as I could see. It was a bright and sunny day in the training center. I shuffled my feet along the long grass, standing and looking up at the majestic building.

I remembered our mentor, an old Charizard. He was grey unlike most, Sam mentioned he was shiny…but thinking about it…he really wasn't shiny at all. As our mentor, he should have encouraged us, but instead he was always saying how no one he trained had ever won...he always told us he wasn't cut out to teach anyway…figures. If anyone on a team won, they would be able to leave and return to their guild early.

"Lets make sure we win Sam." I said, walking into the building. The floors shiny and bright, reflecting the lights off the ground.

"O-Ok..." I heard him whisper, looking at the ground. He had stuttered softly, turning away from my gaze for a moment.

"Hey, what's wrong?" His face lost its color, as if he was struggling to breath.

"I-uh...nothing, it's nothing...don't worry about it." I stopped walking in; waiting till the others had shuffled into the other room. I grabbed his wrist, not allowing him to leave. He had attempted to shake me off and leave with the others but I refused to let him leave.

"Talk to me." I looked over at Sam to see he had a nervous face. He must REALLY hate fighting. I whispered in his ear, hoping that that may have just calmed his nerves.

"I..." He stood there, looking at the floor, away from me.

"Sam...Please." I pleaded, he was my friend, my partner, and I trusted him, so why wouldn't he trust me? He knew he could always tell me what was on his mind.

"Its...I just..." He started for a moment before stopping. He balled up his fists, throwing them down against his sides. I stepped closer to him, touching his chin and bringing it up to my eyes. I looked as his silver eyes filled with sadness.

"Trust me..." I whispered, hoping that somehow he just might tell me what was on his mind. He smiled, and looked back down to the floor. He suddenly frowned as he looked back up at me.

"I do, but I just don't want to talk about it." I dropped my hand, turning away from him. Those words hurt, I thought that he trusted me...was I wrong to think that about him?

"But I-"

"This is the last I want to hear on the subject… now can we go?" He said, crossing his arms.

"Fine… I guess I know where we stand on trust…" I said, rushing into the building. I left him standing there, he didn't want to talk to me about…anything. What is wrong with this guy?

As we walked into the arena, the lights glared on an opened stage. The whole stadium was lite up in a moderate fashion. The ground floor had yet to be touched. We all shuffled into the room, trying to find a place to sit. I sat next to Sam, who continued to look away from me. I wasn't going to give up on him trusting me.

I eventually saw an Arcanine come on stage. He spoke in a low, gruff voice. He looked very strong, capable of destroying anything if he really tired. His voice set a quiet vale over the entire stadium. We all sat there, starring at him, waiting for him to say something.

"Faithful exploration teams! I was once a young apprentice like yourself, young and full of heart." He started, he then smirked for a moment.

"Fighting never solves problems, but it sure is fun to watch. So...who's up first?" The stadium broke out in cheers and hollers, I couldn't understand why though...I mean what was inspiring about that? After a few moments, the stadium grew quiet and the tension could be cut with a thick blade.

"No one?" The room remained quiet; some brave soul was going to have to step up...the poor guy. Suddenly I heard a voice in the crowd, it was familiar. I looked over…Sam!

"I'll go" He said, raising his hand. I quickly jumped out in front of him.

"Okay what's your name...?" Sam continued to walk down to the dirt floor.

"Sam..." He looked so nervous, I thought that he might just past out. I continued to watch his eyes, as he looked up at me.

"Okay, Sam come on down."

"Wait Sam!" I grabbed his wrist. He looked back at me for a moment.

"What?" He said, I released his arm, sucking up my pride from earlier.

"G-good luck!" I cheerfully said, smiling as I gave him a huge hug. He pulled away looking slightly confused. I suppose that had to do with the conversation we had earlier.

"Uh…Okay?" He muttered, turning away and down the stadium to the arena.

"Go Sam!" I screamed from the stands. Man, I hope he wins; I wonder who his opponent will be?

"Anyone else?" When one person stands up and breaks the ice, everyone just joins in. A whole mess of cheers and boasts went on, but were silenced by one lone voice that seemed to shake the very room. I looked thinking it would be a huge, powerful, unbeatable Pokémon, much to my surprise it wasn't.

"Me!" I looked up to see a lone Cyndaquil making him way toward the bottom of the steps. He looked smaller then the average Cyndaquil.

"Whats your name...?" Everyone remained quiet as he introduced himself.

"They call me Frank." Frank...Oh god, I hate that name. It's annoying. Oh well... at least this will be a good fight. Fire type vs. Fire type. This guy didn't look like a pushover; Sam would have to use everything he learned in order to win. The two took battle positions...

"This fight will commence between Team Fire Fang's Frank and Team Fire Star's Sam...Winner will move on to the second round...Fight!" The two stood there in silence, as if studying the other for a weakness. I could hear Sam's low breathing for the stands, seeing his face so calm. He then charged at the Cyndaquil with a load roar.

The two didn't use moves only punches maybe that's the way fire types fought, I wasn't really sure. Sam was doing really great out there his move were so graceful and flawless. He dodged quickly, sure that he wasn't left open for a attack. Frank's swings could be heard from the top of the stands. The two played off each other's moves to better themselves and the fight.

"Come on Sam, you can take him!" I yelled, it seemed that he heard me, looking up at me from the ground floor for a quick glance. Sam finally used flamethrower and dig as a secondary backup. Frank was confused; he wasn't sure where Sam would even strike. Sam popped up from the ground to do an uppercut, but Frank grabs his hand and threw him out of the ring. Sam hit the wall with a sickening splat. I held my breath, scared that he wouldn't get up.

"Get up!" I yelled. Lying face down on the floor was my partner. He perked his face off the floor, moving his body, stumbling to his feet. Frank still didn't have a scratch on him. Sam stumbled forward before standing perfectly still, what would he do next? Suddenly his eyes grew red; he unleashed an attack that shocked us all.

"Fire Blast!" The blast took up the whole stadium. The smoke cleared and Frank was on the floor. He was finished, Sam had won the match. Sam hit his knees and took a deep breath, I ran out of my seat, flying across the stadium to him.

"Yes! Sam, you did it!" I yelled, jumping in his arms. I was so glad for him, despite the fact that he didn't really enjoy fighting.

"Ya I guess I did. I had to use blaze...that was a close call."

"You can say that again...for someone who doesn't know how to fight, you sure are amazing." His face turned red as he smiled at my comment, pulling me closer and whispering in my ear.

"I just don't like fighting...people get hurt." I felt myself lean on his forehead. I touched the sides of his face with my hands.

"Well, I was afraid that you got hurt." I whispered back. He pulled away slightly, looking at me with his silver eyes.

"I was hurt when you thought I didn't trust you…you're my partner, my friend…and I shouldn't have pushed you away from me like that…I'm sorry." He said quietly.

I watched the Pokémon fight; one in particular caught my eye. It was a Riolu; his quick thinking and judgment made him a threat on the battle field. The Riolu was blue, his paws and face made him look like a raccoon, he had black floppy ears, and I could see his red, ember eyes from the stands. He didn't have to fight much, he usually finished his opponents without using much effort to begin with… it struck me as curious.

Suddenly, it can time for finals, Sam had been beat by that same Riolu in the semi-finals. I beat a purple Gengar for the advancement into the next round. The end had finally come, the finals. Sam and I intended to fight for fun but he was beaten by the Riolu...much to my dismay. Finally I was next...

"Okay let's get our final competitors out here..." The announcer stated. I turned to Sam.

"Well, I'll be back..." I said turning to leave. I turned back smiling as I left his side and down the steps to the dirt floor.

"I'm Summer." Milotic looked at me as soon as I spoke.

"There's something different about you isn't there?" I really didn't understand what they meant by it...but I didn't let it worry me. I walked down toward the arena. A Riolu walked into the arena.

"What team?" The Riolu looked up from the floor. He looked to the Milotic and smirked. He then looked at me and flashed a smile. I felt my blood run to my face as his eyes locked on me.

"I don't have one."

"Well, how about a name?" The arcanine asked in a gruff voice. His eyes tired and strained from all the fighting he was watching.

"My name is of no importance, but you can call me Ace because I never miss my target." He looked over at me and winked. I frowned, trying to throw me off my game huh? Well I can play that game.

"Well then! May the battle begin!" I looked at him, ready to fight. I waited, trying to give him the first move.

The Riolu did not battle...he starred at me...then he closed his eyes. He battled with his eyes closed? That's weird. He suddenly charged at me, barely giving me time to react. I barely slide by his paw, seeing the blue light emanating from his paw.

"What the...?" I yelped, running down the arena.

He continued to fight a blue aura coming out of his paws every time he punched or kicked. I could feel the pure energy come off his paws. I backed away from him, leaving me close to the edge on the square arena we were on. He knocked his paw into my stomach and I fell off the stage onto my back. He smirked from the stage.

"It would be smart to stay down…" He turned back and began walking away. I grit my teeth, ya right…like I'm going to lose to you.

I dug underground, trying to escape him. There has to be some kind of way to beat him...I just needed to think. He must have heard me since he dug a hole next to me. I could feel a chill, feeling the still air around me when it suddenly got all quite. I'm not even sure which direction he would spring from.

I thought for a moment, I used a thunder shock that shocked the ground I was under. I heard a slight growl as I began to climb out of the hole. I sprinted out of the ground feeling the ground as it started to shake. He popped out of the ground using a used an uppercut to try and knock me off my balance. I felt my body slip backwards, I fell on my back and did a thunder tailspin. Electricity climbed up the walls to the lights, shattering them, much to my surprise.

"I didn't think you could do that given that you're a beginner." The Riolu shot me an impressed look. He smirked a sly smile, standing straight.

"There's a lot you don't know about me..." I whispered again, trying to hide my energy. He smiled, looking away before getting back into battle position.

"Lets end this." I heard him say.

"Lets…" I whispered, gritting my teeth. We charged at each other. We both were throwing punches and kicks, neither of us were giving an inch. I punched at him, electricity coming out of my paws at every inch. I was determined to win, even at the cost that I wouldn't have any energy left. He kicked me, blue energy coming out of his paws.

"Your aura is strong, and yet it feels so different from the others I've faced." He said as we continued to fight.

I looked at him, still not giving an inch. "Well what makes me different...?" I questioned. He shot me a sleek smile.

"You actually give me a real fight, and you know what it means to not give up...I like that." I looked up from the ground, to see his eyes glaring at me. I shot an icy glare right back at him.

"I can feel you from here, just so you know…" He muttered with a smile forming from the corner of his mouth. His words described how I felt myself. I could feel his energy from where I was standing.

"Same here…" I said panting. I looked up at him as he jumped to the other end of the arena. We locked eyes, his red eyes and my brown, and I felt that connection. As I looked into his eyes, I could see no evil. The color red wasn't menacing, despite how it may have seemed. For him, it symbolized protection, security, truth. He was faithful, hardworking…kind. It was as if I was reading his soul. That sole connection was out of this world. It was one that made my heart beat out of my chest, its beat so quickly I thought for a moment it would explode. The world around me was white now. Everything at that moment seemed to disappear and vanish, it was only us. He was the only one at the moment I could see, the only one I could hear…the only one I would speak to.

"You going to fight me?" He asked, standing up straight for a moment. He then smirked for a moment, getting back into position.

"Or are you going to stare at my eyes all day?" He remarked, smiling in delight. I backed away, my face flushing red in embarrassment. He noticed? I thought I had only looked for about three seconds…tops.

"I…uh… no… I…" I yelled out in frustration, trying to forget the subject. I charged right at him. I was ready to end this long fight. My energy at that point was non-existent. We fought using attacks, fighting, our strength beginning to fade after fighting for so long. Scratches on him, bruises on me. I could feel my body struggling to stand in place, swaying back and forth.

"Aura Sphere!" He shouted, running toward me. I gasped in surprise as I quickly thought of a move to counter.

"Electro Ball!" I yelled back. I charged up a ball from my tail, slinging it with speed. The two moves collided and the arena became black. I couldn't see anything. I waved my hand in front of my face to see I could barely see that. The Riolu continued his assault... how?

"How do you keep attacking, I can't even see you." I yelled, trying my best to see past the dense smoke. He continued to try and push me to the edge. I wasn't about to lose.

"It's a secret…" He shouted loud enough for me to hear. I was tired of this fight, I grabbed his shoulders, trying my hardest not to let go as he tried to get me to release him.

"Let go!" He yelled, but I just gripped tighter, this was my last chance. I needed this to work.

"Thunderbolt!" I hit him, to the point where he stumbled to get up. I wasn't sure wether or not to finish this or give in myself. He fell to the floor clearly exhausted. He attempted to get up, falling as he tried. I stumbled toward him, an intense pain in my side. I was ready to fall over, but the crowd that I had forgotten about began to cheer.

"We finally have a winner! Summer of Team Firestar wins!" As I walked toward the Riolu, I couldn't help but find myself smiling at him. This Riolu was something else.

As I walked up to him I heard him say "That was a great fight, I haven't fought like that in a really long time." He smiled, and I felt happy at his comment. It made me feel proud, to have him say that to me.

"Ya, your very strong" I said, struggling to shake his hand. He took my hand in his and they clasped together.

"I thought so…too…" He said looking up at me. I looked to him once more getting stuck on his eyes. I had stared at the red rubies that seemed to stare right back at me. We had both stood there, watching the other.

"Uh…you two can let go now." I heard the Arcanine say, motioning to our clasped handshake. I quickly pulled away, blushing. The Riolu had also done the same, his face turning purple. He shyly smiled turning to leave but I ran up to him before he could leave the stage.

"Hey wait!" I called out to him. He turned back. I smiled, how would I ask him?

"Yes?" I shyly giggled, rubbing the back of my head. He smirked, crossing his arms across his chest.

"H-have you considered joining a team?" I asked, he smiled, looking up in the stands somewhere. He looked back at me with seriousness.

"Of course, but no team has ever had the right style for me. Which leads me to my next question..." He paused, his eyes once again locking with mine. I felt nervous about the entire interaction, like him being around me was making me feel as though I was on edge.

"You and your team have impressed me...Can I join your team?" His sudden question took me back for a moment. I smiled, he wanted to join us? I never thought of actually having new members, but having others is nice; so I smirked going to answer his question.

"So you want to join our team...sure." I said smiling. He quickly smiled back, letting out a content sigh.

"Since we are going to be on the same team, do you mind if I ask you some questions?" He said, walking beside me as I quietly lead him back to our spot.

"Uh…okay, shoot." I mumbled.

"For starters, how about your name... " He stepped closer to me as we continued our walk, but I tried not to think about it.

"Oh my name…right, uh well it's…Summer." I said, slightly forcing that word to come out.

"That's a beautiful name… its unique." He quietly said.

"Oh uh…thank you." I shyly said as I twiddled my fingers. He quickly picked up on the twiddling and decided to ask me about it.

"Nervous about something?" He asked, looking at me again.

"Oh uh…no…I was just… wondering about how I was going to tell my partner about you…" I quickly said.

"Your…partner…" He said as I nodded.

" Ya, uh, his name is Sam…you'll like him, he's really nice." I grabbed his paw and pulled him up the stair as I had finally found my partner in the sea of people. He walked slowly behind me. He was quiet for a moment, before asking another question.

"Who is Sam?" He whispered, I honestly would have missed it if he wasn't so close to my ear.

"Well Sam is co-founder of Team Firestar." I said. The Riolu quickly became quiet. He momentarily closed his eyes, as if he was running through his own thoughts. A frown now appeared on his face, like he was upset about something.

"Is he your boyfriend?" I was taken a bit back on his question. I stopped walking up the stairs. He opened his eyes again, his red eyes directed at me. I stood like a stone. He didn't even know me and yet he had picked up on the romantic tension. I liked the guy, as my friend…everyone just kinda assumed.

"No..." I quietly mumbled; I didn't understand why everyone had assumed that... were we missing something here? Was there some sort of memo that said that we had to be together…was that it because I didn't get it. But his question pondered, was there something between us? Most likely not…I was probably over thinking this.

"Oh...sorry, you see I actually-" He began as his face turned red. I felt my hand fly up in the air, stopping him from finishing.

"It's okay. Nothing is going on between us… we are just friends. Everyone just kinda assumes." I said trying not to blush. But I quickly thought back to the question.

"Why do you want to know?" He quickly stumbled backwards, but I caught his hand before he could take the fall down the stairs. My eyes quickly jolted to him as he helped himself back up. He turned a bright purple, looking away from me.

"Uh, thanks." He said, rubbing his arm slightly. I smiled back, turning back to continue the walk up the stairs.

"Oh, no worries…" I responded. He then responded with the answer to my question. I was surprised I didn't have to ask again.

"I was just asking for future reference…sorry if it made you uncomfortable." He said, shrugging his shoulders. But he apologized for the question. That was polite, gentlemen quality. When I scanned him earlier, I wasn't wrong about his kindness.

"No that's fine…" I whispered in a low voice.

"Okay so when can I meet Sam?" He said trying to change the subject.

"You can meet him now, if I can find him." As soon as I said that, I saw Sam in the stands. He stood up from his seat and jumped up and down in excitement.

"That was incredible; I can't believe you won!" He hugged me tightly. He shut his eyes tight, opening them as he pulled away. He looked behind me curiously and tilted his head.

"Who is he?" Sam asked, staring at the Riolu. He looked up in response, his body immediately stopped when he saw Sam. Both had just looked at each other, much like I had when I first met the Riolu. But both had looked to me in response to the silence.

"Sam this is Ace. He is that Riolu that I faced during the competition. He wanted to join our team…I um…said 'yes'." Sam shook his head and smiled. He crossed his arms with a huge smile.

"Basil?" I turned back the Riolu, his smile was bigger than Texas. Sam had the same smile. Both had not said a word but looked at each other as if they had known each other their entire lives.

Ace finally spoke up... "Sam?" Sam nodded his head in response. The both then ran to each other with a hug. I frowned, what is up with those two? They act like they've known each other since…well…forever.

"It really is you…it's good to see you old friend." Sam said, moving back to my side. The Riolu smirked in response.

"Likewise." He said.

"Oh wow, you seriously want to join our team? That's wonderful Basil!" Sam yelled in excitement. The Riolu nodded in response.

"Wait, wait, wait, hold on a second…your name is Basil?" The Riolu nodded in response to my question. He waited for me to say something.

"That's a wonderful name…" I said, and he gracefully bowed. He flashed a smile and I found myself smiling back.

"Basil can join, I'll be back later…spend the time to talk for a bit you two…I'm going to pack up our things." Sam said, walking past us and up the stairs to the exit. Basil had turned to me, and smiled.

"So…" I started, trying to remember his name. I was blank at the moment but he quickly finished my sentence.

"Basil…" He said making me blush at the fact that I couldn't remember his name.

"Basil…uh, welcome to our team." I smiled, trying not to seem any dumber then my previous statement.

"I'm excited to join…I'm really glad I met you." He smiled at me. I smiled back, now slightly nervous. I tried to change the subject as he walked with me outside the arena. The grass touched my toes as I walked along the outside area.

"I'm glad I met you too… your really…" He finished my sentence again.

"Faithful, hardworking…kind." He mentioned, as I quickly stopped my thoughts. I had thought that when I first met him. How did he know?

"How did you…know that?" I asked, crossing my arms.

"Aura allows me as a person to read hearts, thoughts and souls. I read you during our battle…knew exactly what you thought of me." He smirked but my face turned bright red, he knew what I thought of him at first glance.

"Aura?" This intrigued me, what was Aura? I was curious on how he could tell what I was thinking.

"Yes, aura is the essence in all living organisms; it also gives off a certain color based on your personality." I wished I could do that, I wanted to know what my color was.

"So what color am I?" Basil closed his eyes and smiled "How could I forget, you are the only maroon I've ever seen." He smiled at me, I found myself smiling back. If what he said was true, then I was a unique different.

"I'm a maroon red? What does that mean?" I asked.

"Red is the color of a leader. A bright intelligent thinker...A person who is not afraid to do what is right when it comes down to it. You rush things and usually become careless, but the best thing about people with red is that they are remarkable you." I backed up feeling my face burn red.

"Oh thank you..." I smiled and then looked away trying to hide my blush.

"Can you teach me how to do that? See aura like that?" I looked at him with pleading eyes. He looked down at me. He towered over me since he was much taller.

"It would be hard…you're not a Riolu." He said sadly. I frowned, looking down at the ground. I really wanted to learn how to do that… but he tapped my paw for a moment and I quickly looked up.

"How can I say no to a face like that?" I quickly perked up my head as I heard the words. He said it with a smirk across his face.

"So that's a yes right?" I said with a smile.

"Yes of course, I would love to teach you how to see Aura." He said, taking my paw and pointing to a tree. I quickly yanked my hand back trying not to blush at the sudden touch. My heart sped up once more, I smiled thinking about the action.

"I want you to close your eyes, and focus on the tree in front in you. Focus on the energy that it has...inhale and exhale." I did as he told me...inhale and exhale...inhale and exhale. At first I could only see black.

"I can't see anything…" I said frowning. He put a hand on my shoulder.

"I told you its hard since you're not a Riolu…try it again." He said in encouraging tone. I pursed my lips, trying again. It was faint, but I'm sure of it. It was a tree, dark green outlined its shape. I smiled as I realized that's what he was talking about.

"I-I see it." I whispered opening my eyes. Basil ran over to me with a high five and said.

"See it's that easy, cool right?" He said. I nodded.

"The colors mean something, and they fade once the thing dies…or is dying." He said sadly. But he quickly shook the frown away, smiling again.

"They do? I mean, the dying I understand…but the color change based on feelings or personality." I asked confused.

"You know red, its special. But there is also orange; orange is bright, not just in color but in spirit… it's like the sun. It's a bright personality. Yellow is happy and playful. A person who is yellow is a very feisty person. Light green is full of life, they are intrigued by life and life to preserve it. Dark green is mysterious and timid, they don't like to fight but feel the need to explore and try to over the fears they have. This is also a confused color, it can mean different things. Light blue is free, its flies over the sky so anyone with light blue is always carefree and happy. Smart marine blue is neutral…they don't usually take sides. They try to find ways to stay out of the conflict rather than join it. Purple is intrigued and understanding, they try to help others in their problems…but they tend to over look their own. Black seems menacing, but it's actually the color of a protector, a loyal friend. Pink is…" He suddenly stopped. He suddenly looked away with a red face.

"What?" I asked.

"Its love… this is one of the colors I don't see that often…many don't experience real love…they think they do…but they don't…so it's a rare color."

"Oh…so are those all the colors?" I asked, tilting my head.

"No, there are many others in the color spectrum." I looked behind me seeing the building as we began walking back to our rooms. I closed my eyes, locking on Basil's shape. It was a never ending does he do that?

"Practice…" He muttered, I blinked realizing he read my mind again. This would get annoying if he constantly read my mind…there wouldn't be a thing I could keep from him. Not that I want that, I actually am very open with my emotions with my teammates…well most of the time.

"Just try not to invade my mind… and on that note…Sam's too." I said, rubbing my arm. He flashed a smile and nodded in approval.

"Okay, I will stay out of your guys' head…" He said, rolling his eyes. I shook my head.

"Thanks… so uh… how come your color is always changing?" I asked, I wanted to know what he was thinking. If I couldn't see his color how could I tell what he was thinking? I would be a continuous guessing game with him.

"So that way you can never guess what I'm going to do next…" He turned and winked at me then turned away toward the stadium. I quickly ran behind him, holding onto his shoulder.

"Is that supposed to be a threat?" He turned and smiled. I quickly pursed my lips.

"Does it sound like one? I promise…I am a good guy…in more ways than one." He smirked at me.

"Your…a…good guy… that's a promise right?"

"Only if you want it to be…" I blushed at the smooth comment. He turned and left me standing there, as I tried to hide the huge smile that was forming on my face. I felt my cheeks burn as butterflies flew in my stomach. I chuckled lightly, following the young Riolu back to our room. I walked back trying not to look at the gaze of Basil…he opened the door to our room and let me walk in first.

"You guys ready?" Sam asked as he looked up to see us standing in the doorway.

"Ya, I'm excited." Basil said as he walked beside Sam.

"Me too…" I said with a smile. This was going to be interesting. I was excited for my team…this was a new beginning for all of us.

Author's Note: So did you catch it? The other shipping… I hope so… so continue with all the budding romances in the next exciting chapter.

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