PMD: Love in the Abyss of Time

Find out Who your Friends Are

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Summer's POV

The light peaked in early that morning. I squinted my eyes as I sat up and stretched.

"Good morning Sam, Good morning Basil." I whispered, lazily rubbing the sleep from my eyes. I waited to listen for a sound or lazy response from them but it was still, not a sound was uttered.

"Guys?" I looked over thinking they still might be asleep, but to my surprise, they weren't even there. I sighed, wondering where they could have gone. It had been about a month since Basil came to live with us. Sam and he were hanging out a lot. It was good to see how their friendship had still lasted over the years. I have come to enjoy Basil's company as well…he's a nice guy.

I got up, fixed my straw bed and walked out into the hallway. I ran into Sunflora on the way out.

"Hey Sunflora, have you seen Sam...or Basil for that matter?" I asked her, she looked back at me. She smiled, turning to me in her happy fashion as always.

"No, sorry, I haven't seen them all morning." I felt my lip twitch, and I quickly nodded in acceptance.

"And Three...Smiles Go For Miles!" I yelled. I just wanted to find them already.

"OK, Pokemon, lets get to work." Chatot said.

"Hooray!" The other recruits went off to work. I was going to run off to find my friends but Chatot called me usual.

"OK since you guys have come back, you guys have shown improvement on your missions. I'll let you capture a outlaw instead of searching for items. But Bidoof has to help you pick one." I rolled my eyes, Bidoof can't pick an outlaw, he'd probably pick one based on cuteness.

I was so happy, FINALLY our first outlaw. I was so happy, but I had no one to share it with, I hadn't seen Sam or Basil all morning. I looked around wanting to tell them the good news. In the but I did find a hungry looking Bidoof eating the leftovers from the night before.

"Bidoof, once I find Sam and Basil I need you to help us pick a outlaw."

"Yup yup OK girly." Is that like the word around here? Everyone keeps calling me girly, its starting to get on my nerves.

I went to our room, maybe they came back, I wasn't too sure. Not a person there either. Why is it that when ever I need to find one of them its always like 'let's hide from Summer',but when they need to find me its like 'oh there's Summer in the place where she would most likely be'...ugh...they would. I walked outside the guild looking all over town, I couldn't find them...maybe they were by the cliff side?

I looked over the cliff side, not finding them there either. This was pointless, I needed to find them now.

"Sam, Basil, where are you guys.!" I screamed, hoping they would at least be within ear shot. Still standing in the same spot, I didn't get an answer. I still hadn't checked the beach yet, maybe they were there. I walked down the beach, feeling the sand between my toes as I walked, as far as I could see, they weren't here.

I walked down to the beach and sat down in the sand. Ugh, I can't find these guys ANYWHERE! I sat down, giving up in my search on finding them. I can't go alone, so maybe I get a free day... I felt a smile creep on my face. I didn't want to work today anyway. I just need to relax...

Sam's POV

"Basil, do you really think it was smart to leave Summer by herself? We might have a mission or she might come looking for us if she wakes up." I said, twiddling my fingers nervously.

"Of course, she was so tired from yesterday's mission, I didn't want to wake her up..." He said, shifting his tone to a question.

"Did you?" He said, with a sly smile on his face.

That dark image passed through my mind, that dark image of Summer as an evil monster.

"N-no." Basil turned back, a smile still on his face.

"Good, besides the minute she see this she's going to be happy anyway, despite not knowing where we are." That completely reminded me, where were we going anyway?

"Basil, where are we?" I looked to see us wondering through thick green plants.

"I don't even really know myself. I only know where we are going because I put a special aura stick out here. Its color is usually white so its really easy to find. I put one in the entrance and exit so we can get in and out easily."

"Aura?" He looked a little annoyed at my question then it hit me.

"Oh right right! Never mind...but I do have one question can you see aura with other Pokemon?"

"Yes, it's a special technique that can only be done with your eyes closed though." He smirked, like he was waiting for me to ask.

"Oh cool! Let me try!" I focused and squinted my eyes really tight...and waited for a long time. finding that nothing was going to come to me.

"I can't do it, can you teach me?" Basil smiled, then shook his head.

"Maybe some other time perhaps…" I sighed. That's not really the answer I was hoping for. I had one more question to ask.

"I have one more question about Aura, you can see people without even really looking at them right...colors?"

"Exactly it's how I found Summer during our match."

"That explains so much." I wish I could use aura because then I could find her when I needed too.

"OK then, can you at least tell me what color I am?" I smiled, He closed his eyes, his mouth going ajar still faced in my direction. He struggled to speak to me, as if it was poison spilling from his mouth.

"Yes you" Basil seem kinda surprised at me. I didn't know what that meant...was it something bad?

"Sam your... pink?" Basil said still shocked. I was starting to get scared, I still don't know what pink is.

"WHY? Is pink bad?" I was seriously hoping for some good news about now.

"Pink is..."

"What? What is it!?" I started shaking him, trying to get a answer.

"Love, the answer is Love!" He screamed. I stopped, shocked at his answer. He pushed away from my grip but he didn't have to try hard, my hands fell to my side...Love? The thought stayed in my mind drifting back to memories, making me blush.

"But...I'm not in love with anyone." He looked at me and smirked slyly.

"OF COURSE your not Sam, of course not..." He paused, hinting with sarcasm. I felt my face heat up, I quickly looked away trying to avoid this awkward subject.

Uhh...I-well," This wasn't working, he was still staring at me, trying to hide a laugh.

"So...who's the lucky girl?" I didn't even know how to answer him. This was like him asking me who I was going to marry.

"Ugh..." My face got all flushed and red. I'm pretty sure this is the reddest I've ever been. He couldn't possibly be asking me about...

"Can we not talk about this?" I said pushing him forward to continue walking.

"Well, I just thought we could talk about girls." He said, rolling his eyes.

"I'm not going to tell you, unless you tell me." He stopped, turning a deep red, I smiled finding pleasure in slightly humiliating him.

"Ya, that's right even after all these years I can still see right through you." I practically shouted, he quickly shoved a hand over my mouth keeping me from saying another word.

"Well I still can see past me" He blushed. He never could hide from me, an interesting fact considering we haven't seen each other in years.

"Well, come on don't be shy what's her name?" I just had to ask, seeing how he might describe her, what she seemed like to him.

"Well I haven't known her for too long, so I can't say if it will work out for sure..." He chuckled

"When I saw her, I could tell that she was different. I could see that fire, that spark. She made me feel like I was being drawn to her, like a bond I could not break. I want to tell her...but how...?" He seemed to get lost in thought...something I had never seen in him. He quickly turned back to me, his face turning red.

"Oh, sorry..." He muttered, smiling shyly.

"No worries, lets just forget about it..." I said, trying to avoid the question I knew he would soon ask.

"...Well...?" He asked. I frowned, I knew what he was talking about.

"Well...what?" I said, trying to play dumb on the subject.

"What about you Sam, what's your girl like?

"I remember... staring at her, her eyes drawing me closer toward her. She simply stared back at me, pushing me slightly away from her. I knew that during those couple of seconds there was a connection, it's real, I know because she feels it too." I said, feeling the corner of my mouth form a smile.

"So, she doesn't even know you?" Basil raised one eyebrow. I had just given long winded excuse and he went to that?

"Of course she does." That would be extremely weird if she didn't know me. But I can't help but feeling like these feelings are really nothing, it was too soon to tell her anyway.

"Is she from the Guild?" Basil tilted his head.

"Well ya but...I think it will take a bit more time to tell for sure." My eyes slightly widened, I had just gave him an important information. My thoughts rushed back to her; She had only known me for a short time, could it be that I already felt that way about her? No…ugh! Stop thinking about this!

"Well I think things are going EXTREMELY well between us." Basil had his signature proud happy smirk.

"Same here" I said casually.

We pushed our way out of the last of the bushes. We walked along the dirt path and Basil opened the bush to show a cave.

"A cave REALLY? Ya this was TOTALLY worth leaving Summer sleeping and my nice warm bed for."

"No look stupid." He pointed deeper in the cave. I looked where he pointed to see a mini paradise. A underground waterfall and sandy beaches. Taking a closer look, I saw a circle of sand in the dome, and a island surrounded by water in the middle.

"Wow! This is awesome! We have to go show Summer, come on." I said bolting back to the bushes. Once there we walked out of the bushed area we were back on the beach.

"Ok let's go get Summer." Basil started walking toward the guild. I looked out at the was really a sight to see, always breath-taking, worth taking up your whole day. I smiled, running after Basil as he got closer to the guild.

"Come on Basil, Summer is probably wondering where we are." I yelled as I ran to him.

"OK sure...I'm sure she hasn't gotten into too much trouble, let's go find her."

Basil's POV

"What do you mean you haven't seen her? She has to be around her somewhere." I yelled from inside the guild walls. The recruits gave me strange faces, feeling strange that someone was yelling at them.

"I'm really sorry Basil, we have seen her since morning assembly. She was looking for you when I last saw her." I walked out of the room, looking up at the sky as I left the guild. I could see the sun high in the sky, looking to be about noon. Sam ran out behind me.

"Hey where are you going?" He asked.

"I need to clear my head, I'll be at the beach."

"Oh...OK I'll stay here in case she comes back." Sam stayed behind at the guild to look for Summer. I walked down onto the beach. I could tell why Sam really liked the beach. It was a calm cooling effect that just made all of your worries slip away.

I closed my eyes, breathing the sweet ocean air...I could scene I wasn't alone.

"Maroon Red? Summer" I remember that she was a really beautiful vibrant red. I kept my eyes closed, heading closer toward the light. She was on the beach the whole time? I opened my eyes, I saw how peaceful, how cute she was when she was asleep.

"Hey dude I couldn't find Summer anywher-oh there she is." Sam said behind me, he walked from behind me. Sam smiled I couldn't help but laugh. We looked all over for her and here she is on the beach sleeping. "Summer..." she stirred and slowly opened her eyes. Her face turned red, she slowly sat up.

She rubbed her eyes, blinking them, she seemed really groggy. Still a little tired she said. "Hey guys what are you doing here?"

Sam said something before I could even opened my mouth. "We have you been? Basil and I have looked all over for you."

"You have...I'm sorry."

I finally spoke up "Chatot said that you needed to tell us something. What was it exactly?" Her ears perked up as she suddenly remembered.

"We need to go to the market and stock up..." That's all we needed? Really? "So we can find Bidoof and FINALLY go capture our first outlaw." I yelled out.

"Ya! No more weenie missions." I said smiling. I turned to see one of my team mates, the other hide behind a tree.

Summer's POV

Sam started to shake after I told him about the outlaw. His face turned pale, a bead of sweat running down the side of his face. He quickly ran and hide behind a tree. I started walking in his direction when Basil stopped me.

"I got this..." He said, walking to Sam and talking to him gently. Basil spoke to Sam in a soft voice, coaxing him to go on the mission.

"Don't worry Sam we are the best exploration team it doesn't matter about which bad guy we take out first, in the end we are going to get them."

Sam slowly walked out nodding his head.

"OK, lets go to the market." He said walking in the direction of town. Basil stayed behind walking beside me. He playfully pushed me as we walked along the beach. I smiled.

"I really like what you told Sam..."


"So the comment was the only thing you noticed?" I heard him say flashing a smile. I felt my heart speed up, and my smile widen.

"Uh...of course not." I said shyly as we walked off the beach and into treasure town. We walked through the shops and town.

We walked to the Kacleom shop. The shop's counter was made of glass, showing all the items they had. We were about to ask them for a couple of reviver seeds when a Marrill and Azumarill came up to the stand. They spoke very politely as children often do.

"Excuse me sir, but may we buy an apple?" The Azumarill said. His little face was so innocent. His blue cheeks puffed up in excitement as he asked the Kecleon.

"Certainly here you go." The Kecleon said exchanging the money for a bag. With the bag in hand, the children walked away, smiles plastered on their faces.

"OK little ones have a good day." The brothers called out to the children as they left. They turned to us, sighing as they glanced back in the children's direction once more.

"I just love those kids their mom has been sick lately and they take care of her, what sweethearts." The purple Kecleon said, his voice sounding so happy.

"So what can I help you-" He began before the Marrill and Azumarill rushed back up to the stand. The little children looked terrified, sweaty even. The little one of the two, his face was flushed like he had scared himself. His face streaming with tears.

The Kecleon brother said. "What's the matter?" These boys had been happy only minutes before, and now they were scared, pale even.

"You gave us one to many apples, we didn't pay for this many." The Kecleon brothers smiled.

"Consider it a gift from us." The Azumarill thanked them kindly and was about to head on their way when he fell and dropped the apple. The apple bumped against my feet. I picked it up and handed it to him.

I touched his paw, feeling my head become dizzy and I found myself out in space when I heard a voice ringing in my ears.

"Help!" A tiny voice cried, sending a faint chill up my spine. I finally snapped back in to reality. I looked around, that was weird.

"Was that you?" I could have sworn that was him screaming for help. It was his tiny voice, I know it. He didn't know what I meant, so I asked again.

"Did you just scream?" I asked, but the little boy looked around, shaking his head and seemingly looked confused. He shrugged his shoulders, smiling once more before turning away to walk toward his brother.

" have to go bye!" He said cheerfully as he walked away. I shrugged my shoulders, trying to disregard the subject. We began walking back to the guild. Sam walked beside me as Basil took the other side.

"Got everything?" Basil asked, peering inside the bag. He chuckled, holding a seed in his paw.

"Why so many? Do you really think Sam is going to pass out this much?" He said laughing, I felt a giggle escape my mouth aside from the fact I felt it was sad.

"Ya, can't have too many reviver seeds when your traveling with us." I tried not to smile, even though I heard a growl from beside me. I turned my attention back in Sam's direction seeing, three familiar figures.

In the corner of my eye I saw them once again. I saw a Drowsee talking to the two kids. I thought: why would that man be talking to them...they are just kids. That gave me chills, what a creepy chill it gave major creeper moment. I walked up to them, trying to see why this man was talking to these children.

"Hey guys what are you talking about?" The children had ear to ear grins on their faces. The younger one spoke. I totally just butt into their conversation and they didn't mind?

"We have been looking for our precious item; we lost it a long time ago." Marill said.

"Mr. Drowsee said he knew where to find our precious item. So we are going with him to get it." That seemed weird. Children that don't know people should never go anywhere with a strange adult...right?

"OK, I guess I'll see you guys later." I said, as they started to walk away. The Drowsee bumped into me, making me back up into Basil behind me. I turned back and apologized.

"Sorry Basil." I felt a paw tap my shoulder. I turned around to see the Drowsee.

"Oh, excuse me." He said, as he began to walk away again. I suddenly felt dizzy; grasping my head as the images flowed through my mind.

"You'd better do as I say otherwise things are going to get ugly for you." It was that Drowsee again, he starred a the little azumarill as he started to shake. I saw tears streaming down his little blue face, his cheeks puffed up, looking so terrified and alone. "HEEEEEELLPPPPPPP!" He screamed, sending me back into reality. I blinked, slowly looking around.

I was scared, those little boys had already left with him. If my vision was true, the boys were in grave danger. I ran to Sam, leaving Basil standing behind me.

"Sam can I talk to you really quick?" He nodded his head, listening to me as I explained the scream and vision. But unlike the answer I had hoped for, he just shook his head.

"Your just tired, you've slept in the sun for too long...come on Summer, lets go get Bidoof." He said, pushing past me and beginning to walk up the stairs to the guild. My heart sank, he just took my warning as a joke. Much to my dismay, that really wasn't the answer I was hoping for. I really hoped he would believe me. I could feel the hurt in my chest, feeling it well up inside me as I tried to fight the urge to cry. He didn't believe could he? I turned back, feeling a paw touch my shoulder. I looked to see it was blue, and I knew it was Basil.

"Its OK, I believe you...I can sence your not lying." Basil smiled at me. It made me feel better that he actually believed me. I found myself smiling.

"Really? You actually believe me?" He smiled, his hand running down my arm, sending a chill up my spine. He touched my paw, and looked me in the eyes as he spoke.

"I trust you, you've never lied to me, so why wouldn't I?" His words made me feel that much worse, Sam didn't believe me...did he still not trust me? I ran next to Sam, leaving Basil with a bewildered look on his face. I faced Sam, seeing his face looking away from me as I spoke.

"Why don't you believe me...?" I questioned, as he walked up the stairs. He sighed, scratching his neck. His eyes turned toward me, and I felt my heart sink deeper into my chest.

"Well, it could be a dream? I don't know?" He said. I shook my head.

"I wouldn't lie to you, but thanks for believing me." I huffed, turning away from him as I rushed up the remaining stairs and into the guild.

"But I-" I didn't give him a chance to finish, I jumped into the guild rushing down the ladder to the 2nd floor.

I found Bidoof, sitting next to the board looking cheerful. His teeth chattered as he waved hi to me. I motioned back, standing in front of him. Sam stood away from me, not looking at my gaze when I would face his direction. Basil stood beside me. We were all ready to go.

"Bidoof we are ready to pick now" I said. Sam was the first to speak up, breaking the awkward silence that had fallen over the room.

"Just don't pick one too scary." I rolled my eyes and Basil covered his mouth, trying not to laugh at the silly statement that had just come out of Sam's mouth. You got to admit it was pretty funny how he would just hate scary things. He joined a team to be heroic, not a chicken.

"By golly I hear you" Bidoof whistled, turned back to the board and scanning it with his eyes. Suddenly the board made a loud ringing sound, and I rushed behind Basil. I heard him chuckle as he patted my head.

"Don't be scared, if anything I'm here to protect you." He said, grabbing my paw. I felt the blood rush to my face, quickly ripping it away and changing the subject.

"Bidoof whats going on?" I asked.

"Well Dugtrio is just updating the outlaw board. It would really suck if you went on a mission that had already been completed." Bidoof stated. I wonder how many people have actually done that? Hopefully enough for a good laugh.

Suddenly, the board started ringing again. I backed away, hearing another low chuckle from Basil.

"UPDATING COMPLETE, UPDATING COMPLETE." I heard a muffled sound shout. I looked up at the board, thinking of which one my team could possibly handle. I turned to see Sam shaking, his body trembling from head to toe.

"Sam are you ok? Is there a draft in here?" Bidoof asked. I only saw Sam point, he forced his words to escape his mouth.

"Summer look in the top left corner." I looked up to where he instructed. I was shocked to see it was Drowsee, I was right. I quickly shouted to my teammates.

"Quick we have to go save azumarill!" Sam, Basil and I rushed out the door, leaving a confused Bidoof behind. I rushed out the door, almost falling face-first down the steps. I felt a paw grab my shoulder, saving me from falling down the flight of stairs. I looked to see Basil. I sighed.

"Thanks." I whispered. He shook his head.

"No worries, I said I would protect you right?" He winked, rushing down the steps before I could mutter another word. The blood rushed to my face, and I felt my hand run up my hand. I was so certain now...but- I heard my name being called and I shook the thoughts from my head. I ran down the steps to see a flustered Marill.

His eyes were blood red from crying, his breathing short and panicked, he was terrified. His brother was nowhere to be seen.

"Marill where is Drowsee? Where is your brother?" The little Marill cried harder, his words coming out in muffled hiccups. He was hysterical. "W-w-well w-we w-w-went t-t-to get our-r stuff-f. Bu-t they k-kept get-t-t-ting farthe-er and f-farther from me. I tried to c-catch up but-t the P-pokemon w-were too s-strong...p-p-lease h-help me" He finally let out, crying hysterically.

"OK, don't worry we'll get your brother. Where are they?" I said; the Marill pointed in the direction, telling us where they were and we ran off to help Azumaril. When we reached the Dungeon, I looked to the top of the dungeon it was high above the clouds. "Damn" I seriously didn't want to have to go up so high.

We climbed up the mountain, seeing rock and flying pokemon. I was seriously hoping were aren't to late. Climbing higher and higher, no one stopped pushing forward. We had to save Azumarill, we just had to.

*MEAN WHILE* (Still Summer's POV)

"Ok Mr. Drowsee we are finally at the top can you show me where my item is now?" The little pokemon walked up to a wall, stopping and turning to see Drowsee behind him.

"Oh, right, see your item isn't here." The Drowsee chuckled softly.

"What do you mean?" the azumarill said. He tilted his head to the side, looking behind Drowsee to see his brother was not there with them.

"W-where is my brother? He's coming right!?" The little Azumarill cried, his eyes looking frantically for his brother.

"Oh, your brother...he's not coming." The Drowsee said with a simple shrug of his shoulders.

"I-I don't understand." He said grabbing his tail, quivering in fear.

You see that crevice behind you?" Azumarill looked behind him and quickly nodded his head. His eyes filling with tears.

"Legend says a long time ago a exploration team hid a treasure chest in that crevice, it is supposed to be very valueable. So get going and don't come back out until you have the treasure chest."

Azumarill screamed and tried to run away but Drowsee was too fast. "Hey if you try to run away again there's going to be trouble for you." Azumarill cried, tears rolling down his face as he frantically looked for a way to escape. Azumarill didn't know what to do, his tears rolled down his face. He yelled out, hoping someone would see him.

"Help!" He yelled out, pulling his head into the ground.

"Hey you! Get away from the kid before you get a beat down" I yelled, walking down the rocky path. I stopped, seeing Drowsee perked his head up and saw us come closer toward him and Azumarill.

"Oh that's right I'm a wanted criminal. So you guys gunna take me in our what?" He smirked, a odd feeling filling the air.

Sam ran up to him and screamed. "As of right now, by the power invested in team Firestar, Drowsee you are under arrest!" Sam's body trembled, he stood there shaking. Sam stuttered, he was very afraid. Drowsee started laughing, his stare directed at Sam.

"Oh, I get it you guys are a bunch of rookies, your not a real team." I growled, seeing Sam's gaze turn away from Drowsee.

"No! We will beat you! I'll be sure of that!" Sam yelled, his voice echoing of the walls.

"Bring it." Drowsee said his silver eyes glowing a soft blue. He readied himself and prepared to fight us.

We all charged at each other. Sam slid under Drowsee's legs, making Drowsee flinch in surprise. Drowsee backed away, moving all of us in front of him. Drowsee's eye flashed a dark blue.

"Confusion!" His eyes drifted to Basil, making Basil's red eyes flash to a bright orange. He grasped his head in pain, wailing and groaning.

"Ow, my head." Basil closed his eyes, shaking it furiously. My sence heightened. I punched Drowsee in the stomach, yelling out to him.

"Basil!" He yelled back to me, flashing a quick smile.

"Its all good, just worry about the fight." He said motioning back to Drowsee.

"Don't worry I got it until you regain your sences." I yelled, continuing to fight as Basil rubbed his eyes and walked around.

"Telekinsis" Drowsee yelled, picking up Sam with his mind and slamming him and Basil into the wall. They crashed into the wall, Basil lying on top of Sam.

"Hey you can't do that to them." I snapped at him. Turning my attention back over to Drowsee.

"Well don't worry its not as bad as what I'm about to do to you." He chuckled as I gasped. I slowly backed away, he was too strong for me to take by myself.

Basil and Sam stood up. I backed against a wall, no longer having anywhere to go. I closed my eyes, gripping the wall.

"Summer quick get away from him." Basil yelled. I opened my eyes, turning my gaze to Azumarill, his little face, horrified, if we didn't suceed who would? I jumped away from the wall, getting closer to Drowsee.

"I'm not about to back away from a fight. Azumarill is going to get hurt if I don't do something.!" Drowsee charged, surprising me. He quickly did a sweep kick, making me fall to the floor.

"Crap" I muttered, looking up a Drowsee to see a sly smile. What ever he was going to do he was going to do it now. Drowsee laughed as he starred down at me.

"That's it your times up." His head began to glow "Zen Headbutt!" He used his move, I knew I was not going to be able to move and dodge it. I was going to be hit with that move.

"Get down!" I heard a familiar voice yell. I closed my eyes waiting for the pain to come, but it never did. I looked up to see Sam over my body, shielding me from the hit. I looked to see their heads had collided. Sam gritted his teeth, as Drowsee pulled away.

"You shielded your friend?" Sam grunted, going down on one knee. Drowsee smirked, as I sat there with my mouth slightly ajar.

"S-she's important...and we need her." Sam said, showing me a faint smile.

"!" "Sam... Why-" I was shortly cut off by Sam. He stood their, his feet swaying out from beneath him as he crumbled to the floor.

"Hey ...Summer you'd better get... him for... me." He fell over like a collapsed building. I caught him from behind, seeing his eyes close as he lay in my arms.

"Sam..." I held onto him, feeling his body go limp in my arms. I felt dizzy suddenly, my body reacting in a way of pure reaction. I was angry and Drowsee was going to get it. I looked up at Drowsee, him eyes widening with terror as I slowly place Sam on the floor. I looked back at Sam's body as I looked to Basil. He looked at me giving me nodd.

I sprinted toward Drowsee, prepared to destroy him. I looked at Drowsee, fear now replaced on that once confident face. I attacked him, using every ounce of energy I had.

"Thunder Bolt!" I yelled, the attack hit him and he stumbled backwards. He looked up, sweat beading off his head.

"Aura Sphere!" The attack stunned him. He looked afraid, he wanted to leave, to run, the coward made me sick. I was ready to make him pay.

"Let's end this now!" I yelled out, unleashing a shock wave that went out to the middle of the room.

"Aura Sphere!" The two moves collided, creating a dark cloud over the entire room. I closed my eyes seeing a Drowsee using my aura. Drowsee yelled out, his face screaming in terror as I punch him to the floor. Drowsee fell the floor exhausted. I turned back to see Basil with Azumaril, trying to calm the child, he looked at me and smiled. I smiled too, turning away to walk back over to him.

But I quickly stopped, I felt a odd sensation, wanting to go back to Drowsee. I could have turned away, but I drew back grabbing Drowsee's neck and lifting him off the floor.

"P-please, stop!" He cried, tears welling up in his eyes.

"Did you stop when you kidnapped that child? Did you stop when you hurt my friend? No, so in turn you will get everything that is coming to you." I yelled, my voice bouncing down to the edge of the room. I saw Basil look back at me.

"Summer?" He called, but I didn't want to listen, I wasn't about to let Drowsee go either. Drowsee was crying, scared like a little child. I punched him in the face, watching him squirm on the floor. He whimpered softly, his hands covering his face.

"I'll make this quick..." I whispered raising my hand into a fist, ready to punch him. I swiftly pounded my fist down, ready to kill. My arm was caught, Basil was behind me. His hand stopped my attack, his eyes wide.

"W-what are you doing?" He asked, his voice stern. He brought his eyes up to mine, but his eyes widened more. I didn't answer him. His eyes to me his reaction.

"Y-your eyes..." He quietly said. He stared at me, his eyes not averting away. He looked at me strangely, like a sick monster.

"Stop! Don't look at me that way!" I yelled, retreating back away, running to the corner. I quietly sat in the corner, I didn't know what had come over me.

If it hadn't been for Basil, Drowsee would be in big trouble. I felt tears, why would I even try to hurt someone like that? I fell to my knees, cradling them in a ball.

Basil walked up to me, his paw touching my shoulder. He didn't mention what he saw.

"I'm sorry, are you OK?" I looked back at Sam, seeing his body still laying on the floor.

"No, I almost killed someone today, then almost got someone else no I am not OK." I whispered.

"Oh, well aside from that I'm glad to see your not hurt, I was really worried." He was worried? He had only moments before struck fear into my heart...those words, he sounded scared.

"You weren't...but thanks for playing." I said standing up and walking toward Azumarill when I felt someone grab my hand.

"I was scared of the thought of you getting hurt…you…you…" He stopped sighing for a moment. But he continued after a moment of standing in silence.

"Sam was right when he said you were important." He said squeezing my hand, I closed my eyes feeling my heart beat out of my chest. I didn't turn back, I simply felt my face burn like a fire.

He quickly let go, walking over to Sam, and picking his body up. He slowly walked out, calling out to me as I just stood there still thinking about him.

"You coming sweetheart?." He yelled behind him, making me blush more then I already was, I was hot, the air wasn't with me and I couldn't breathe. I quickly ran after the others, walking beside them as we wondered home.


I pondered these thoughts, also thinking of Sam until I spotted Marill, his little brother running to his arms, tears streaming down his face.

"Oh god thank Arceas you OK; your not hurt are you?" Marill asked his little brother. His brother buried his face into his chest, pulling back with a happy grin on his face.

"Yup I'm fine thanks to Team Firestar." He said motioning back to us. I was really happy he was safe. I turned my attention to Basil, who ran up the stairs and carried Sam into the guild. I was worried about Sam. He took that hit for me. Why? He should have let me take the hit, I'm strong, I could have handled why protect me?

I walked up the steps after them and down the ladder on the 2nd floor of the guild. Basil waited outside the door waiting for me. His arms extended. I rushed to him, holding him into a hug. I quietly sobbed into his chest.

"Shhh…Its gunna be okay…its gunna be okay." He said softly. I was so worried about Sam...please, please, be okay. Chimicho walked out of our room. I nearly tackled her to the floor to get an answer. She stood fearfully, and I slowly got up. She dusted herself off, reasurring us with a smile.

"Is He okay? He's not going to die is he?" I practically yelled out, causing some odd stares. She shook her head and I gave out a sigh.

"Go see him." I said, rushing past them to our rooms. I turned back, yelling to them as I ran.

"Oh, thank god. He nearly gave me a heart attack. I'll see you in a bit." I swore that I wouldn't leave his side, until he was better. I walked in our room, seeing Sam, peacefully sleeping. His expression was so peaceful.

"Sam..." I was so worried about him. His eyes stirred and he opened his eyes. He slowly looked at me and smiled. His voice sounded like music to me. He saved me…

"Your such an idiot!" I yelled, jumping on him with a big hug.

"Sorry! I just can't see you get hurt!"

"I would have been fine! I wouldn't have been hurt that bad."

"I would have…" He quietly said, looking away for a moment. I grit my teeth.

"Ya…well…you can't just…Drowsee was crazy." I started, but I couldn't finish. I was angry but I couldn't be mad at him.

"You still beat him up right?" He smirked.

"Yes, we did, Thanks to you." I said, gripping him tighter with every word.

"No worries, how Azumarill?" He said. He cared about other people's safety. I liked that about him.

"Thank you Sam. Your the best." I smiled, hugging him as tight as I could.

"No worries...believe me it was worth it."

*Later that night*

I jumped in my bed and looked out the window to see it pouring outside. Sam looked out the window and jumped at the sound of lighting. I looked out the window to see the rain pouring.

"It was raining just like this the day before I met you." He looked over at me then jumped in his bed. The comment made me shudder. How did I end up on that beach? Why am I a pokemon now? Will I ever find out where I truly came from?

"Oh I also thought about something. You said you wanted to know about why all these bad pokemon keep popping up recently." I was confused. Recently? Whats going on here?

"What do you mean recently?" I asked interested in what a time gear was.

"Time in certain areas is getting messed up so it makes other pokemon more fearful and violent causing them to become criminals." Time? As in seconds, minutes, and hours? Whats going on here?

"Time? OK? So what does that have to do with time?" I wasn't really sure how to take this all in.

"Time here is kept afloat by TimeGears. Its a relic that keeps time flowing in certain areas. Even the most hardened of criminals stay away from them. They are actually all over the place. Seeing on is considered very personal and magical. I'm not sure why but alot of people keep thinking that the time gears have something to do with it.

"Oh...thats nice." I was starting to fall asleep when Sam asked me another question.

"Summer,I have something else to tell you." He looked over at me with pleading eyes, all I wanted was for my pleading eyes to go to sleep.

"What?" A little aggrivated he would not let me sleep.

"Its about the fact that you can see the future. Maybe it has something to do with your personality, You the only Pikachu I know that can do that. Maybe it has something to do with who you really are? Can you remember anything?"

I tried to think, to remember, but I couldn't.

"I guess it won't be that easy. Anyway, we have to get up early tomorrow, goodnight Summer." He yawned.

"Goodnight Sam." I quickly relaxed and fell asleep.

MeanWhile… In a completely different location.

A dark and mysterious figure runs through the forest. The rain poured on the pokemon as it ran through the thick of the wood. It spots a green glowing gem in the distance.

"Yes I have finally got first time gear." The pokemon spoke in a dark low toned voice as if a middle aged flashed to reveal a grovyle.

The pokemon took the time gear and the area around it froze. The Rain no longer poured. Wind no longer blew. Trees and life no longer had and color other then grey. The sun would never again rise in this area.

"Now I have the rest to find." He ran off with the Time gear in hand, hoping to find the others.

Author's Note: So that's another chapter fixed, tell me what you think…also I know the beginning is kinda slow…later chapters are crazy (good crazy)

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