PMD: Love in the Abyss of Time

Just a Shot in the Dark

Author's Note: Thanks you guys for reading and reviewing. I am so glad that you guys are loving this story. I am happy to write it. (:D)

Summer's POV

"Up and at um'! Get up or your gunna be late!" Loudred's voice boomed across the room. I tighten my eyes, trying to return to the dream I was having...or at least remember it. I buried my face in the straw, trying to escape the morning light. I groaned, rubbing my eyes before laying back on my bed, I really hate Monday.

"Does he always have to be so loud?" I heard Basil comment, rolling over from his bed to face me. I turned to Sam, his eyes slowly opening, he sighed, siting up and scratching the back of his head.

"What?" Sam took the stuffing out of his ears. His silver eyes, scanning the scenery.

"That explains so much." Basil joked. I giggled, Sam looked past me to Basil.

"Well, it's the only way I can sleep with your snoring." I laughed again, smiled while hiding behind my paw.

"OK guys let's go." I said, breaking up the fight that was bound to happen if I didn't jump in. I jumped out of bed, taking the two boys with me as we walked out to the floor with the other recruits.

"Did you hear about Sam and Summer." said Sunflora. Her leaf hand covering her mouth as she giggled in excitement.

"Ohhhh... I did girl. They are so cute." said Chimicho, I blushed remembering exactly what they were talking about. Sam had saved me, but I was sure that there was something that was more lead onto by Basil. I really liked Basil, like that instant attraction, when I first looked into his eyes, I felt my heart was special, magical even; I didn't know why, but I liked him.

"I think so too!" Chimicho squealed, her bell chiming in excitement.

"I bet you, Basil will make the first move." said Chimicho, I blushed even more; they were making bets, But I wanted to go out with Basil, I like him, maybe he felt the same? Well he is always nice and thoughtful to me.

"Lets bet." whispered Sunflora to Chimicho. The two girls laughed in front of me, turning back for a glance at me before returning to their laughter. I ran up to them, interrupting the conversation for going any further.

"You guys! Shut up! They might hear you!" Sunflora's face, smiled widely.

"Oh, you enjoy it!?" I blushed. Sunflora beamed back at the two boys, who were lost in their own conversation.

"No one would blame you..." Chimicho said as she rang her bell.

"No, I just don't want you trying to decide who I end up with. Sam and Basil are just that, Sam and Basil." I said, walking back to my line.

Sam and Basil didn't seem to mind, Sunflora and Chimicho continued laughing.

"So?" Sunflora laughed. Chimicho smiled, shaking Sunflora's hand with her tail.

"Your on." chimed Chimicho. I hid my face, walking back toward my friends.

I walked out to the main floor, trying to forget the conversation I just over heard.

"Three! Smiles go for miles!" We all chanted together. I smiled, I really liked that rule.

"Ok, Pokemon! Time to get to work!" chanted Chatot. Everyone pumped a fist in the air, estatic to work.

"HOORAY!" We cheered, Chatot waved his arm, and everyone was dismissed and went off to work. I was going to coach our team to the job boards when a loud scream pierced the air. I held my ears, closing my eyes to block out the sound.

"Hey, you three!" I looked over to see Loudred. My group looked over to Loudred, slightly annoyed he was always yelling.

"We need your help with something today!" We walked behind him to a hole in the ground. Standing next to him was Diglett. I thought they were set, usually they never needed our help, in that matter wanted it.

"Diglett, I brought them!" He smiled at Diglett. Diglett smiled at us.

"Thank you, Loudred."

"You two are doing sentry duty today." Loudred looked over at Diglett, who sighed in disappointment.

"Sorry. I'm usually the one to do sentry duty. But today, my dad gave me his duty of updating the boards. That's why I can't man my post. It would be great if someone could take over my sentry duty for today. And that's why you're here. Please do a good job for me. Bye!" Diglett burrowed underground to finish his job, leaving my team confused. He wants us to do what?

"...And that's THAT." Loudred said with a smile.

Sam quickly became flustered, his face stressed out. We didn't know what this was, let alone how to do this.

"Huh? I didn't follow that at all! Why are we involved?" Sam cried out, his voice carrying on.

Loudred turned around in a heated rage. His face turning a bright red. His voiced rang in my ears.

"Shut your yap!" My ears were ringing. Sam covered his ears. Basil just stood there in a relaxed motion. He probably tried to ignore it, but he face looked slightly annoyed.

"No more bellyaching! Go do your duty!"

"ugh... My head hurts..." Sam whispered in a low voice. We stood up and looked at Loudred.

"What do you expect us to do, anyway?" said Basil, his eyes directed at the hole in the ground.

"Climb down this hole and stand guard. You're on sentry duty." Sam looked confused.

"Sentry duty?"

"You heard right. Sentry duty. We can't have suspicious characters coming into the guild. So we station a sentry below the guild entrance to evaluate Pokemon visitors. When you first came, you had your footprint evaluated, right?"

"My footprint? What do you...?"Sam quickly realized.

"Oh, now I remember! There was that weird hole in front of the gate... I stood on the grating, then someone shouted up at me. It was scary."

Basil quickly inturrupted.

"Ok, so we climb down this hole. What next?"

"The tunnel down there leads to the sentry post." Loudred instructed.

"Let me explain this...Diglett burrows through it and pops out underneath the sentry post. From the sentry pst, Diglett inspects the footprints of visitors, identifies them, then informs me. Then I decide if the Pokemon is suspicious or not and open the gate if he passes muster. So we serve as the guild's gatekeepers. That's the gist of it. Look, all you have to do is insepct the footprints of visitors, then tell me what Pokemon they are. All right? Understood?"

We all said in unison.

"Understood." That explanation was too long.

"Good! Then let's get to WORK!."

"Ok." I jumped down in the hole. Basil jumped in after me. Sam was about to jump in when Loudred stopped him.

"There's to many people down there. You can help me here." Sam shrugged his shoulders and trotted off with Loudred.

"It's pitch black in here, Summer... " Basil's voice echoed throughout the tunnel. I turned to see a sly smile came across Basil's face. I smiled back, continuing down the tunnel.

"Maybe you should hold my hand in case you get scared." He quickly grabbed my paw. I squeezed it reassuringly and turned to see him smile. I felt the heat rise in my cheeks.

"We have to feel our way through the tunnel." I touched the edges of the cave, feeling the ridges that were carved out.



"Well, we should be getting close to the sentry post... Hey! There! I see light!" Basil said, pulling my hand toward the light.

"How's it going? Have you taken position at the sentry post?" I heard Sam yell down the hole. I turned back, cupping my hands over my mouth.

"Yup! We're here!" I yelled back.

"Good." He yelled back.

"Visitors will step onto the grill above the sentry post.! Identify them by footprint, the inform me!"

"Got it!" We said in unison.

"Good! Let's get started." Said Sam.

The day went by really slow allowing time to slip through the day.

"Hey, about yesterday..." I heard Basil say.

"You don't have to say anything, I get that it freaked you out." I said, turning my gaze back to the dark tunnel.

"I...look..." I looked at him, his red eyes staring at me.

"You don't scare me." I felt him lean closer, looking at me with hinted sympathy.

"You actually fascinate me..." He said holding my hand. I smiled, leaning back against the wall.

"My eyes fascinate you...?" He turned, giving a reassuring squeeze. I smiled, looking away from him.

"In every color." He said, he leaned closer, kissing me on the cheek. I felt the heat rush to my face as he pulled away, a smile rushing to my face. I dared not turn back, keeping words in my mouth. He smiled, standing to move farther away me. Uncertainty had run through my mind, if he liked me, he would have sat next to me. But if he hadn't he wouldn't have kissed me...right?

I felt bad that he didn't stay by my side, I gulped, moving my hair from my eyes. I swallowed hard, I was going to be gutsy, saying something I never thought I would.

"You can sit with me." I said, patting the dirt next to me. He smiled, picking himself up and sitting next to me. I scooted next to him, leaning on his shoulder. This feeling, so new to me, it was strange, but I seemed to like it. From the look I was getting he didn't seem to mind either. I closed my eyes, relaxing in the serenity of company.

"No more visitors! No more visitors!" Chatot's voice interrupted me from my thoughts. I moved my head from Basil's shoulder, sighing in defeat.

"Ok got that." I heard Loudred's loud voice boom.

"Hey, Basil and Summer! That's all for today! Now get back here!" He yelled, I looked over to Basil. His head looking down.

"Alright, lets go Basil." I said standing up, I felt my hand jump as he touched it, like electricity. Our fingers intertwined, I smiled as we walked back through the tunnel. I saw the light of the tunnel, looking back to see Basil still holding my hand. I let go, not wanting to be teased by others. We climbed out, releasing our hands before anyone could notice.

"You've worked an honest day, you guys." Chatot chirped and sung.

"Let me review you sentry-duty performance." He flapped his wings in joy.

"Well,well! Your results were...completely perfect! You identified every visitor correctly."

Loudred jumped up and down. His smile was wide and proud.


"Yes." I said while jumping up and down. Sam laughed, throwing his paws into the air. His face was victorious and triumphant. Basil crossed his arms in a happy smile.

"We did it."

"We'll reward your effort! Generously, I might add." He handed me a joy seed, Ginseng, and a life seed.

"So many rewards! Can you believe it? Is it really ok to get this much?"

"OF COURSE!" Yelled Loudred, he had a proud smirk.

"Don't question it..." said Basil in the back round. I turned back to him, shaking my head.

Dinner rolled around so fast that it was hard not to even question it. Chimicho walked out, ringing her soft bell, signalling dinner. I ate my dinner so fast I got a massive cramp in my jaw.

"Slow down Summer, no ones gunna take it from you!" Basil pointed out. I looked around to see Wigglytuff eyeing my food. His green eyes wide, drooling as he starred at my food. I growled, looking back to my food.

"He might." I said, going back to eating my food. Soon, the food was gone. We had all walked back to our rooms, preparing to go to sleep. The sunlight from the sun had faded, leaving only the dark night.

"Good night guys." I said. I layed back to my bed, trying to relax.

"Good night Summer." Sam whispered, turning over to him turn over to his side and sleep.

"Night." Said Basil. He looked at me, and smiled. My face got red and I was beginning to feel nervous.

The lights were out but I found it hard to sleep with the talking going on in the next room.

I could hear the voices of my two friends Sunflora and Chimicho. They were in the room next door, talking loud enough for me to hear.

"Pay up..." I heard Sunflora sighed as she handed over the poke.

"I still think this is going to end differently." I looked around hoping Sam and Basil didn't hear it.

The moonlight shown throughout the room, to created a relaxing atmosphere that put me and my friends to sleep.

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