PMD: Love in the Abyss of Time

A Little Magic in the Sunlight

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Summer's POV

"Sam, hey Sam wake up Sam, we got to go, and we have a mission." Sam rolled over so he wouldn't face me. He groaned and answered me in a sleepy tone.

"No, too tired, tomorrow." I smiled. He's obviously not a morning person. I sighed, shocking him with my finger.

"Get up!" He perked his head up, yelping out in pain. He quickly jumped out of his straw-made bed.

"OK fine!" He rushed out the door, not even giving a second glance. I quickly followed as I ran out the door. I walked through the door, walking to our line. Everyone else walked out, doing our usual chant for the days.

"And Three, smiles go for miles!" We all cheered in unison. I smiled, that chant might just never get old. Chatot was a little hesitant on what to say next. He stared at us nervously, and chuckled. He opened his mouth, and spoke, trying not to lose his calm.

"Ok I have an important announcement." Everybody turned their head to give Chatot their full attention. He looked pale, almost sickly.

"Far to the northeast, then farther into its outermost reaches...There lies a place named Treeshroud Forest... In Treeshroud Forest...Time has apparently stopped." He forced out, everyone looked around the room, faces filled with confusion and fright.

Everyone burst out as if in cry for help.

"Huh?" said Diglett, he shrilled in fear.

"Eek! What did you say?" said Sunflora, her face in a downcast.

"You're saying time stopped? Hey, hey hey!"

Chatot hushed everyone. We all stood once more in silence, thinking about what this really was about.

"Yes, that's correct..Time has come to a standstill in Treeshroud Forest...The wind has stopped...The clouds are motionless...Dewdrops on leaves won't fall...They just hang there, suspended. In Treeshroud Forest, time itself has truly stopped."

Dugtrio, Diglett's father, jumped up and down. His voice in a outrage.

"T-time has stopped?" He shrieked.

"But...How could something this awful happen?" stuttered Sunflora. She was silent before suddenly she perked her head up.

"It's unthinkable!"

"Yes, the unthinkable has happened. Why has time stopped in Treeshroud Forest? Well, Forest's Time Gear was...Stolen!" Everyone was in shock even I was. I was talking about this a few days ago with Sam, could this be mere coincidence.

"Huh?" said Bidoof.

"The Time Gear was s-stolen?" said dugtrio.

"That's what made time stop!" said cophish.

"I heard it was possible! But now it's really happened."

Loudred fustrated with all this talking yelled

"I don't get it, though! Why would ANYONE take a Time Gear?"

Chatot silenced the air

"Quiet everyone! Officer Magnezone has already started an investigation. It's hard to believe that anyone would dare steal a Time Gear. But if one Time Gear can be stolen, the others may also be in danger. The officer asked to be notified immediately if we notice any suspicious characters. So keep that in mind. Let us know if you notice anything. That is all."

"All right here's to another busy day of Work!" Chatot said with joy.

"HOORAY!" Everyone left to do their job and Chatot called us over.

"You three come here."

"I'm impressed with your capture of Drowsee. That was very admirable. So you will finally be assigned a mission worthy of a proper exploration team." I got all tingly, my body filling with excitement.

"So! you will finally be assigned a mission worthy of a proper exploration team." Sam jumped up and down.

"R-really? Woo-hoo!"

"Let me see your wonder map."

I opened up our wonder map. Chatot pointed to a waterfall.

"By all appearances, it's just an ordinary waterfall. But we've received intelligence that the waterfall may hide a secret. We want you lot to investigate the waterfall and determine what's there." Sam began to shake.

"Huh? what's wrong? Your're shivering." Sam looked up with tears in his eyes.

"..." Chatot began to panic he never wanted to make people cry.

"A-are you all right?"

"Yup. I'm OK. It's just the anticipation that's making me nervous. This will be our first real job as a exploration team. I'm feeling a little worked up..." He turned toward me.

"Yeah! I might just burst of excitement! Let's do this right, guys!" He was excited, I honestly was too.

"Ok." Basil shot me a smile.

"I'm in...especially because your going." I felt the heat in my face rise again. We we leaving the room when Chatot yelled out to us.

"Ok I don't want any repeats of the outlaw incident, so watch each other's backs. Your mission is to explore the waterfalls. Our other teams have a sense that there is something more to it. Please go and check it out." Chatot said, his voice sounded a bit nervous.

"Don't worry Chatot we'll never let that happen again." I looked over at Basil then at Sam. I tried to discard the thought of one of my teammates getting hurt. After Sam got hurt, I promised I would never let that happen again.

We walked all the way to the falls, in silence.

"Ok guys we are supposed to be looking for any strange, out of the ordinary or odd behavior around this area." I told them.

"Right." Sam had his fire in his eyes. He was really excited about this mission. Basil didn't share the feeling. He turned around and said

"Ya if it's anything like our first outlaw, we should be JUST fine." he said sarcastically.

I looked over at Sam, who looked at the ground and blushed. Basil looked over at Sam and saw his blush was still there.

"Hey Sam you ok?" Sam quickly looked up.

"Uh, uh, ya of course...just thinking." I shrugged my shoulders, drawing my attention back at Basil. I looked away.

"Oh...OK then..." I frowned, he didn't want to talk about it, and the thought was a sad one, how could he? What could he be hiding from me? He never hides from me. Is this about Drowsee? What's up with him?

Lost in thought, I was unaware of where we were when Basil spoke.

"Summer look we're here." I looked up to see a majestic waterfall. The clear stream of water fell over the edge, creating mist that flew through the air to my face. Looking higher, I saw the water's mist created a rainbow, the different colors mixing together to make the harmony of the place that much more thrilling. It was truly breathtaking.

"Ok guys remember what to look for." I reminded.

We scanned the area. I kept looking up at the falls. So pretty, powerful, it was unlike anything I had ever seen. Truly just exciting to even be in its presence. I walked up to it. I could feel its power surge off of it. Truly amazing.

Sam looked at the waterfall. He stared at it in awe. You could tell he really liked it. He turned toward us and called us over "Summer, Basil come check this out. Look how powerful it is. I bet if I touch it..."

"Don't touch it!" I scolded him.

"Don't be Stupid, you have already hurt yourself one too many times." Basil smirked as he agreed.

"Look touching things that you're unsure of isn't the safest thing. Just please be careful." I warned, being wary of the situation. It made me nervous watching my friends head into battle without the risk of getting hurt.

He walked up to the falls and touched it. It pushed him back and he fell to the floor.

Basil and I ran up to him. I knew it, that was a dumb idea...again I screwed up.

"Sam! Are you OK man?" Basil said clearly shocked a waterfall could do such a thing.

"Sam! Oh my God! You ok?" Basil and I had faces that were full of concern. Sam stood up clearly showing he was fine. He brushed the dirt out of his fur, smiling tall and proud.

"W-What power." He said a little shocked.

"Go test it out guys" We walked up to the waterfall. Basil closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he slowly let out his paw to touch the water. When he touched the water it pushed him back, same as Sam. I went up to the falls but when I touched it, it pushed me back same as the others.

I stood up but suddenly felt dizzy again, like that time with Drowsee. I was suddenly in space. I saw a familiar shape on the same place as us. It was dark outside, probably night. He looked around. When the mysterious figure suddenly jumped into the waterfall, and landed in an inside cave. I was sucked back into reality just like the first time.

"Sam it happened again, that dizzy spell. I saw it, a figure running and landing on the other side." Sam ran up to me.

"Are you sure? I do believe you because of what happened last time, but what is it that you actually saw. IF so what do we do?"

I told him to jump into the waterfall. I told him I had another vision.

"But this time you saw a lone pokemon leap into this waterfall? There's a hidden cave behind the waterfall?"

He had a blank look on his face.

"Hmm... But it looks like that water is coming down really hard. Imagine if there was actually a solid chilff wall behind that waterfall! So Summer...What do you think?"

"..." (You either trust me or you don't Sam)

"Well...All right. I'm going to believe you. Yes! I totally believe in you."

Sam's POV

I backed up (inhale ...exhale) The waterfall was so powerful already. The axiety is stressful enough, maybe I should just sit out side.

"You comin? Scaredy cat!" Basil chuckled, before leaping threw the waterfall. He didn't resurface. I couldn't hear screaming, but even if I had they would have been drowned out by the water. It was time to be brave, Summer had still not left my side.

"Ready?" She asked, looking ahead of her, I gulped. I had no air, it was gone and was replace with fright. If I don't jump at full speed I'll be crushed. If there is a wall on the other side, I'm dead anyway.

"Ok I can do this. One...Two...THREE!" I yelled as I sprinted forward. I would never look back, if I did I may get crushed. I jumped into the water not even giving a second thought. The pressure pushed me through to the other side. I felt the water's force push me, I felt scared... I had just jumping into a water fall, stupid for a fire type. I rolled until I crashed into a wall. My head spinning as I opened my eyes.

"Hey Sam get up and check this out." I stood up and looked around the cave. The ground was flooded with water. The walls, covered in gold and silver diamonds. We all looked in awe at the cave.

"You were right!"

"Told you!" She punched my arm, growling.

"Well, that's the last time I doubt you." She turned back, walking around the cave in front of Basil and I. I slowly took the back, looking every so often to see Basil walking next to Summer. She smiled at him, as he talked. He listened as she talked. They leaned so closed to each other it was as if they were glued.

I felt a sensation rise in my stomach, a fire that I hated. It rushed through me and I growled at the sight. I didn't like the way he looked at her, it was a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, and every time I looked at her smiling I could only feel the more certain. Jealousy.

As they leaned toward each other, seeming closer to each other then they had before. I looked to them seeing Summer smirk as she tackled Basil to the floor until he was on top of her. They silently smiled, looking at each other with such a longing. I gritted my teeth as I watched them lean so close their noses touched. He smiled as she turned a dark shade of red. I looked away, trying to get the thought from my mind, I didn't like her so why did I feel this way?

I mean...I had jumped in front of her without thinking, like out of pure reaction to save her. She looked so surprised to see me there...protecting her. Had I protected her because I loved her...? I guess it was true, I couldn't deny it... I protected her when Drowsee was going to attack her... why would I protect her if I didn't like her.

I looked back up at Basil and Summer; every single time he made her smile or laugh was just another growl or whirl of anger from me. I didn't like the idea of them together, but did I feel this way because she was my friend and I cared for her? Or was it that I liked her? Did I want her on my arm instead of his? I don't really know, I mean people get jealous because their friends are dating, right? But they aren't why am I jealous?

When we were within inches of each other, that first time... I looked at her soft eyes; the pleasure of just watching her as we stared. I swear I could feel my soul fly, higher then any thrill or chill. I felt my heart race, maybe then...I hadn't realized it yet...I did like her? I looked to see Summer and Basil, talking the day away, lost in their own conversation. I felt my insides twist as she smiled at him adoringly. A single thought ran through my mind.

Weren't she and I suited better then she and him?

My eyes was true, and I couldn't deny it now...I liked her...alot.

Basil's POV

Summer walked in front of me, Sam was behind me. I was stuck in the middle, but it seemed that I always was, I had made my move a few days ago, hadn't I made a good impression when I had first met her? I needed to know she felt the same way. It had seemed that she felt the same way, so should I just tell her?

"Hey Summer" I walked beside her. He looked to me and cracked a quick smile. My insides turned to mush, I felt so nervous but yet so calm talking to her.

"Ya" She said, her bangs flopping to the side of her face.

"I uh..." She looked at me and frowned. She rolled her eyes.

"Cat got your tongue...?" She squeaked. Her red cheeks sparked as I looked at them.

"More like mouse..." I muttered, her ears perked up, and she quickly looked at me.

"What was that?" I sighed, scratching my neck as I did.

"I uh," I gulped, feeling the heat in my face rise as I spoke.

"I found this place...and I wanted to know..." I stopped, my air not letting me finish my sentence, this was so do people do this without throwing up? She smirked. My heart dropped, she had not mentioned a word.

"And you wanted to know what?" I shut my eyes, trying to force the words to come out of my mouth.

"I-I wanted to know if you...if you would go with me?" I asked in an awkward voice. There was fire, so much heat in the the temperature had spiked in my body. She looked at me, as I nervously awaited her answer.

"Are you asking me out...on a date?" She asked, a slight smile on her face. I tried to play this down, this was nerve wreaking enough.

"Are you going to say yes?" She smiled, playfully nudging my shoulder with hers.

"All depends, are you going to treat me to a nice evening?" She asked, smiling. I blinked, did she say yes? It sounded like she had; I opened my mouth speaking with another awkward question.

"If I didn't then I wouldn't call it a date, would I?" I smirked. She turned red, touching her ear.

"Then its a date." She calmly said after being quiet for a bit. I smiled, leaping for joy on the inside. She had said yes, the most relieving and nervous thing anybody ever has to ask another being. I breathed out a sigh of relief, exasperated from all the questions.

"So where are you taking me?" She asked, smiling. I pursed my lips, I was determined not to say anything.

"Can't say, its a surprise." I nonchalantly looked away, touching the wet floor with my paws.

"What? Then how are you supposed to tell me where we are going?" I rolled my eyes.

"I am going to show you. So we don't get in trouble with the guild I'll show you when we go to bed." She smiled. Her eyes sparkling in excitement.

"Such a rule breaker..." I rolled my eyes.

"I break more then just rules." She smirked, playfully punching my arm.

"Hearts, you a heart-breaker?" I shook my head.

"Only the ones who don't complete the other half of mine." I touched her hand, quickly jolting it back as I felt a spark.

"OK, sneaking out after dark, sounds fun."

"Its fun as long as you don't trip." I frowned, she may take that the wrong way.

"Trip? Are you saying I'm clumsy?"

"Well, you did fall on your face on the way over here." I'm gunna go with it; the smart thing to do is just that.

"I'm such a klutz." She said as she shrugged her shoulders

"Don't have to tell me twice." I said turning back to see Sam as he walked behind us.

"It's only funny when it happens to you!" She jumped on top of me, she clung to my body, as we rolled on the floor. I finally landed on top of her. I looked down at her, as she covered her face with her paws.

"I win." I smirked at her. I leaned closer to her as I said this. She smiled, leaning closer to me.

"Only because I let you."

"Oh you wanna go." Our noses were touching. Her face began to turn a dark red. She bit her lip. Before she finally said.

"Sure." She flipped me over and I became the person on the bottom.

"Well played."

"It was always intended"

"I doubt me landing on top of you was intended." She looked over and smiled. A smirk appeared on her face.


"Oh you wanna play that game?"

"Who said I wasn't already playing?"

"Ok we'll continue this game later." She smiled. I tilted my head and smiled back, this was going to be the best day ever.

"Fine by me."

We continued walking along the path of the cave.

Summer's POV

I stopped to talk with Sam, letting Basil take the lead.

"Hey Sam, we need to talk." He still wouldn't look up at me. Did I do something he didn't approve of? What had I done? What had I said that up set him? He shook his head.

"Please?" He just shook he head again. He looked away from me, a sence of hurt to his face. He refused to talk to me, I looked ahead, seeing a complete dead end. He looked up, interrupting my thoughts with his voice.

"Really? I thought-" I started to say, before the floor beneath us began to crumble. I cautiously looked around, hearing the noise beginning to fade. It was silent, I decided it was best we leave before we got hurt. Sam took a step, falling through the floor with a shriek. I yelled to him, as he grabbed on to the ledge. I turned to see Basil paralyzed in his place.

"Sam!" I yelled, sprinting over to him. I grabbed onto his hand as he let go of the ledge.

"Sam don't let go! We are going to get you out of here!" I yelled, pulling him up as hard as I could. He looked at me, scared. His voice sending a chill up my spine. His quietly mumbled, slowly looking up at me. I could feel my grip slipping from his hand.

"Please, Sam don't let go!" I shrieked, yelling at Basil to help me pull Sam up.

"Take Basil and go!" He yelled. I grabbed him, pulling him up.

"No, I need you here with me you can't just-" I yelled, but he cut me off with his words. I was so scared, the fear ran through me like cold air up a spine.

"Promise me something..." I shut my eyes, this can't be happening, this couldn't be happening. I opened my mouth, feeling my air spill out, as if I was suddenly empty.

"W-what?" As quickly as I said those words I felt my chest become tight. He looked down then back up, I noticed a tear stream down his face. This tight feeling, it was heartbreak.

"Promise me that you'll be OK?" I sighed sadly, looking at his eyes. His silver eyes that I had grown to trust. I muttered the words he wanted to say, as we would leave him behind and run like a coward. I didn't but he had made me promise...why was his word always easier to follow then my own?

"I-I promise." He smiled slightly as he let go letting out a scream as he did. I had just lost my best friend... I-I don't know what to do. I saw Basil, making a run across the floor. He stepped falling through the floor as he ran to safety. My reality snapped back, I couldn't lose anyone else.

"Basil!" I wasn't about to lose another friend. I grabbed his hand and pulled up as hard as I could. Please, please don't leave me...I can't lose him, I just can't. Basil looked up at me.

"Summer, get out of here." He screamed, his arms trying to pull himself up.

"I'm not leaving without you, your the only thing I have left..." I trailed off at the last part. Tears began to form in his eyes as I looked at him. I began to choke on my words. My friends are vanishing right before my eyes,and I can't do anything to help them.

"Just go, I promise I'll be OK." He yelled, I felt a tear stream down my face.

"How do you know?!" My tears began to flow freely. I never wanted him to see me cry, but seeing as it was the end I couldn't see a reason not to.

"I don't..." He quietly said. I frowned.

"Well I need to know!" I yelled, more tears starting to fall down my face, I wiped them but they continued to fall.

"I-I'm sorry I don't..." He cried out as he looked up at me.

"That's OK..." I mustered those words, I couldn't pull him up, not without someone else. He said nothing, as I finished the rest of my sentence.

"I forgive you..." I said quietly looking around, seeing the ground crackled toward us.

"You shouldn't forgive me for this..." My head perked up.

"I...shouldn't?" I said in true disbelief, he had told me not to forgive him. This was not his fault, the sadness that spread across his face was sad, heartbreaking even.

"No..." He paused, pulsing his fingers hard on the edge of the ground.

"You should forgive me for this..." He leaned up, moving his face closer toward mine, I could feel the cooling sensation of his breath hit my face as we were merely inches apart. He closed his eyes leaning ever so closely. I felt myself do the same. My heart was in my throat, I could hear it in my ears. It would be perfect, if the floor would only give us a few more couldn't happen...not when I- I mean we were so close. The ground below me gave out, I closed my eyes, dropping down into the darkness below.

Sam's POV

"Owww my head." I looked up to see spots. The cave ceiling had a hole in it, fallen pieces lay around me as I sat up. I looked around me, hoping my friends were somewhere nearby. I looked around for Summer and Basil. Not a soul in sight. Could we have gotten separated during the fall down here? I got up to shake the dirt out of my fur. I'm not sure where they could be.

I hope that Summer and Basil are OK. Summer's face, she looked so scared, so terrified...I felt so guilty for that. I was supposed to make it out without scaring her today, and then I do this. I yelled out hoping they would hear me. Maybe they came down here to find me?

"Summer! Basil! Can you guys hear me!?" I didn't hear an answer. I walked ahead, down the cave's path hoping to see someone, anyone that could get me out of this cave. Hours went by, I still hadn't seen a soul. Maybe they had gotten lost?

I finally see two familiar shapes, a yellow and blue blur at first. As I got closer I could see it looked like a female Pikachu and male Riolu. They didn't seem to even notice I was there, which seemed great, until I saw it was my friends. I called out to them, catching there attention as they looked toward me.

It was them;I was so happy that they were the first people I saw. I hugged them both so tight; I never wanted to let them go. I looked around, happy to see no one else around. I happened to look down, seeing that Summer was holding Basil's paw. I felt my heart drop, sad was not a word to describe this feeling.

Could they really be together? Could I have just overestimated how close they really were? They both exchanged glances, as if speaking to each other with their minds. Are you SERIOUS? My reaction was to turn away. But I had to look back eventually. They started on their merry way, continuing like they had before.

I walked behind them, in silence. I stared at the ground. I didn't want to even look at them right now. Was she really going out with my other partner, my friend? Why me? Why would the one person my heart truly cares for be going out with him? I was lost, hopeless...why could this be the other way around...oh wait...that's called a fairytale.

I suddenly bumped into them. I looked up to see my friends standing perfectly still. I looked around them to see a gigantic gem. It shimmered and sparkled like no other. It had a soft pink glow, its radiant shine shimmering over the water around us. The gem was huge, at least the size of a Typlosion.

"Oh" Basil said

"My" I said

"God" Summer said.

Basil and I looked at Summer. In her world there must be a god, instead of Arceas...that's super awkward for us, but that's another story. She quickly blushed and looked away from us. I turned my attention back to the gem.

I ran to the gigantic gem and tried to pull it out. I was taking this puppy back with me, I really didn't care what the cost was. But it was stuck, It wouldn't budge.

"Hey Summer come try to pull it out." She tried to pull it out. It wouldn't budge. She walked back over when she suddenly stopped. Her body stood motionless as Basil continued to walk over toward the gem.

He pried and pulled, but the gem still wouldn't move.

"No wait its a trap!" He quickly looked up, leaning on the rose colored jewel.

"What-" It toppled over and it clicked. The ground shook, knocking me off my balance. I turned; seeing a huge tidal wave coming straight for us. I ran as fast as I could, away from the tidal wave. Please don't let me die here, I know I hate water, so don't kill me in it.

Summer jumped in the water and started swimming, let me be the first to tell you she swims fast for a girl who always falls on her face. She moved her yellow paws, dragging them across the water in a fast motion.

Basil jumped in after her, swimming somewhat fast. He swam like a dog, but then again...isn't he a jackal?

I ran to the ledge, looking at the water behind me and the water below. I knew it, I was trapped, I can't swim. I wish I could, but it never made sense for a fire type like me to swim. I took a deep breath and jumped to the water below. The tidal wave sucked me in before I couldn't make a splash. I slowly opened my eyes, Basil swam as fast as he could he was pretty far ahead of the wave, but he was soon sucked in. He crashed into me as we held our breath, waiting to see where the water would take us. At least Summer will...oh wait spoke to soon.

The pressure wasn't anything short of unbearable. We were pushed up and out of the cave by the water. We fly out through the air, I closed my eyes. This is it, I'm going to die. The air stung my eyes as I tried to open them. I shouted before we landed, only to be met with a splash. We flopped into water. I quickly stood up, scared of the experience we had just had. I looked aroundfir Summer, who had just stood in the water, Basil was quietly sitting on the rocks, relaxing in the water. I jumped out, I HATE water.

The elder Pokémon, a Torkoal. The Pokémon was a tortoise like creature. He was a rusty orange, a grey turtle shell on his back. He had holes on his back, probably to ignite flames if he needed to protect himself. He stepped forward, as he spoke in a old, brittle voice.

"You youngens ok? You scared us half to death." He spoke softly.

Summer quickly apologized, shaking the water out of her fur. She softly said "Sir, do you know where we are?"

"Pull out your map, I'll show you..." We brought out our map, which was surprisingly dry considering that we had fallen in water.

"You say you came from this temple here?" He said pointing a temple in the picture.


"You guys are here."

He was as surprised and was I; the cave where we were was far away from this spring where we now were. After apologizing, we slowly started the long walk home, Basil and Summer after I turned around were no longer behind me... strange. But as long as they are together, it would be OK.

Summer's POV

Walking back toward the guild, I can see that the flowers are finally in bloom. They blossomed a bright yellow and pink and orange. I looked up to see Sam, leading the team home. Basil walked beside me.

"So about our date?" He shyly asked, nudging me with his shoulder. I hadn't even really thought about it. But I did almost kiss him, and it had seemed like he had wanted to do the same. I felt my face go red, thinking about the subject.

"I don't remember agreeing to a date." I said lamely trying to avoid the subject. The mood was already changed, or gone.

"When we first walked in the cave, I asked you, and you said yes... that means we go out for a date." To be honest I felt like I did like him, was I sure I was ready to go out with

"Ya, but I'm not sure if I can..." I said, turning away from him. He moved toward a rose-bush sitting along side of the road. He walked back handing me a single rose, and put it in my paw. I found myself blushing. He was persistent, a trait that most people no longer have.

He smirked, as I looked at the rose to see its petals wilting. I touched the tips of the rose, feeling the soft velvet touch that had aspired its beauty all these years. A true sight to have in my hand saddened me to see the flowers beauty, dying along with it.

"Oh the petals..." He turned toward me. Grabbing my paw in his.

"I can fix" He took the rose, holding it in his paws gently.

"I can show you the best moment of my life, would you like to see?" I found myself wanting to know, to get to know the other side of him. I found myself instinctively nodding.

He swirled it in an aura sphere. The blue swirl spinning and flipping in his hand with ease. He put the rose in the sphere, making the rose twist and flip in his hand. I could see the petals coming off the rose, seeing them fall and swirl around the steam. He gently placed the sphere in my hand. The once blue color was now turning white. It was a white aura sphere, how mystical. The petals now were placed in a straight line in my hands, writing out the thing he was talking about.

The best moment of my life was when you said yes.

I was speechless, I found myself blushing with every word I was reading. I knew that he meant when I agreed to his date. I felt him hold my hand in his, I looked up toward him. His red eyes, calling me. He moved his face closer to mine, until we were mere inches away.

"How about now...?" I felt myself leaning in, trying to be closer toward him, as if being gravitated toward him. I was leaning, toward him, his face, his lips. I felt myself stop. My body jerking itself back. I blushed again.

"I to go." I finally forced out. He simply smiled, I found myself doing the same. We walked back together, waiting for the night's calling and our date.

Sam's POV

"So let me get the gist of your report. The is the waterfall, behind it there is a cave, in the cave there is a gem, when you push on the gem you get flushed away to a spring." He said bubbling with excitement with every word. His eyes sparkled in excitement.

"Ya we are sorry-" Summer was quickly cut off.

"What an amazing discovery you guys, fantastic this has never been discovered before." At least today would be somewhat OK. It was a suckish day, thinking about the events was horrible.

"Really, this is amazing! What do you think Summer?" I looked over toward her and she just starred out into space. She turned toward Chatot.

"I think that WigglyTuff has already explored that area." This shocked me, as well as Chatot. He sat in wonder, it was so scary.

"Why would he ask you to explore it if he already explored it?" Chatot was trying to give us more credit then Summer would allow. He turned away from us and mumbled.

"These new recruits would want to spoil their own discovery? Oh odd. They are probably another weird crew." I pretended I didn't know what he was saying and I stifled a laugh.

"What was that?" I said

"Oh nothing. I'll be right back." He walked off toward the guild master's room. He dwidled outside, the room, his face shocked and slightly confused.

"The guild master trotted around his room before saying ' Yes when I think hard maybe I did explore that area once'" I felt my heart shatter. I thought that we had actually discovered something. This had to suck, first earlier today and now this...what else could go wrong?

I decided to skip dinner and walked over to my room. I looked behind me to see my friends talking and eating still gazing at each other with a loving gaze. I felt so mad, so angry. Basil may have known I liked her, but how could he, I had just realized them myself today...ARG! This is too frustrating...does she like him or not? Does she like me or not? Man why are girls so complicated?

Basil walked into the room. Summer close behind him. The were closely followed by Chatot. He gestured for us to follow, which we did. He walked us into the guild master's room.

"I've brought team Firestar just like you asked...Guildmaster?" The guild master quickly turned around. He startled me as I jumped at his voice.

"Hiya. I would just like to inform you that our guild is going on a trip really soon, and normally we would never EVER even consider new recruits but since you guys are trying so hard, we have put you on a list of canadiates to be choosen for our exploration." He bellowed excitedly. I was bursting with excitement, this was going to be great.

"Really? That so cool." My feeling were happy, the thoughts from earlier seemingly vanished from my mind.

"All you have to do is try hard." He winked at us. I smiled, trying not to jump in joy.

"Let's make sure we make sure we try our very hardest." We all cheered. We shuffled out of the room, returning to out room. As we walked back, I saw Summer and realized that she had seen this again, but this time it was in the past.

"Hey Summer." I said, walking into our room and turning off the light before laying on my bed.


"You saw a event that was in the past this time...not the future. Maybe it has something to do with everything thats happening now, I also noticed that your always touching something when you have those dizzy spells. I feel like they are somehow connected."

"Thats true." She said, sounding a little astonished.

"In other words whenever you touch something, you see something that connects to the future or past." I said, trying not to scream in excitement with the connections we were now making.

"Ok...that actually makes sence to me." She scratched the back of her head.

"And by the way, Thanks." I quietly said, closing my eyes and turning over in my bed. He quietly answered me.

"Thanks? For what?"

"Its because of you that I can explore. You make me a storonger person. Yup... When I needed to summon my courage, you were there, I'm the biggest chicken around, and even I managed to work up the courage! And it was all because you were there with me, Summer." I turned around at her and smiled. She smiled back, sending a pleasant peace calm over me.

"Seriously, Summer, thanks!" I quietly said as I rolled over to sleep.

Author's Note: OK first off, please tell me you got the 'don't trip' may not if your not in school...but that the only piece I wasn't too sure you would get...aside from that...


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