PMD: Love in the Abyss of Time

Cross that Line

Author's Note: Hi Everybody, this was my favorite chapter to write so far, and I am pleased to say thank you to red-eyed warrior for all of the kind and encouraging reviews...they mean alot.

Basil's P.O.V

The darkness rolled into the room after the lights were out. The moonlight showed through the window to show a soft reflection on the straw made bed. She looked back at me and smiled. I looked over to see Sam facing away from us, sleeping. He snored softly as he rolled onto his back. His dreams are so innocent, I can't help but feel guilty, like I did something I shouldn't have...but why?


" head". I had a headache as I opened my eyes to see Summer siting over me. I stifled a gasp, as this startled her as she leaned back. She waited for me, although the moment we had before this was quite pleasant, and I-I mean we were so close too. I had almost kissed her, and from the looks of it, she didn't reject me...well as far as I know.

"Oh thank God your OK! I was so worried about you". Her whispered, I blushed as she shook me out of my day dream. I looked at her face; it was full of concern and happiness. She was glad to see me, and I can honestly say I was too. I glance around and I quickly realized I was still laying on her lap. I quickly sat up, scooting away from her. She said nothing as I looked away from her and blushed. I panicked, she could probably see all of this, and then I would be so screwed. I was stiff, as I thought about what to say next. I quickly noticed Sam was not with us, and brought it up as a subject changer.

"Hey Summer...where are we?" She looked around the room. Her ear perked up as if in remembrance. She quickly looked around, probably for Sam and his sleeping orange body.

"Hey where's Sam?" She asked, standing up. I always knew she cared for us, she probably would not go home until she found him.

" Don't know." I quietly said, walking until I was beside her.

As we began our search for him, she started walking off before she started limping. Her left ankle had seemed to be bothering her. I looked at her wondering why she would try to act like nothing was wrong. I watched her take a couple of steps before she would stop and wince from the pain. She would stop and sigh before trying to do it again, refusing to take my help.

"Your foot bothering you?" I asked, already knowing the answer. I hoped she would be honest and open with me. She got defensive about the subject.

"No...uh. I'm fine, see." She said smiling as took a couple of steps, wincing in pain the entire way. I rolled my eyes, why did she have to be so stubborn?

"That's not fine." I went behind her gently picking her and cradling her in my arms. She seemed shocked at my reaction, startled that I would even pick her up off the floor.

"Hey put me down! I can make it on my own!" She growled, trying to fiddle her way out of my arms. I felt stern about the subject, she would not walk the rest of the way...that was final.

"I'm not putting you down until we get somewhere where I can fix that foot. Now would you just relax and enjoy the ride!" I barked back at her. She seemed quiet, looking away, pouting.

"Don't act all surprised with me because I don't buy that stuff. You can depend on me, I wouldn't let you down right?" She looked back at me.

"Right!?" I practically yelled, making her pout and look away from me as I continued to walk across the cave. I wanted to bring up that subject...the almost kiss. At least I think it was...

The walk was silent. I had yelled and now she didn't want to talk on the subject. I sighed, hugging her as she rested in my arms.

"Sorry, its just, don't be so stubborn, I am here to help you ya know." I whispered. She didn't seem to care on the subject as she just nodded her head in approval. I heard her question another subject.

"So about out game?" She asked as her temperature got hot, I could feel her body's temperature soar as we continued on the subject.

"No." I tried to end the conversation there, before I would become the person in the hot seat.

"Why not?" She turned her head and faced me. Her face confused. She wanted to know why, but I couldn't play, if I did, she might ask that question.

"Because I won." I smirked; I had won, I got a date. That's all the proof I need...end of story.

"How did you win? Last time I checked I was on top." I laughed, she had me beat. She was on top of me, but I liked it, if that was the price I payed for being close to her than that would be fine with me.

"Ha, thought so." She smiled and looked back the other way.

We walked down along the edge of the cave when I suddenly felt a jolt shot up my body. Like danger had appeared, but I didn't see anything. Every hair on my body stood up on edge. I looked around, nothing. Maybe it was just me? Probably. I walked farther into the cave, until we reached an upward wall.

Usually I would have no problem climbing this on my own but I had to carry Summer with me. I was about to jump when I heard a piercing scream, Summer was ripped from my arms. I turned back to see a Purple, sticky, gooey slime all over her. She looked up at me then tried to free herself from the sticky gooey mess. She seemed to be struggling with it as she wrestled it to the ground.

"Hey having fun in the muk". I laughed, walking over to her.

"No I think it's a grimer". She shrieked again. The slime had dripped down her yellow ears and into her ears.

"EWWWWWWW! It got in my ear, it got in my ear!" I was seriously trying not to laugh but it was just so damn funny. She wiggled and squirmed on the ground, screaming how gross goo was. I stopped laughing and out on a serious face.

"OK, just hold still." I calmly said while walking towards her. I readied myself making a little aura sphere to help her get out of the slime.

"What are you doing? Don't you dare!" She screamed as she saw me make a aura sphere. I was already in position making the littlest aura spear I had ever seen.

"DON'T!" I quickly stopped in my tracks. She didn't want me to help, so I wasn't going to force her by doing so. She tried electrocuting it, many times, shooting electricity trough the grimer. She suddenly toppled over, sending a alarm to my head.

"OH crap! What do I do? What do I do?" I quickly shot at the grimer with a bizarre of quick attacks when he finally fainted. It laid on the floor, groaning in pain. I ran to Summer's side. She looked like she was in pain, as she squirmed on the floor.

"Summer, tell me what's wrong I-I'll fix it." I was so scared, I closed my eyes to she her aura's color starting to fade. I was losing her, and she would be gone if I didn't do something quickly.

"I-I lost too much wouldn't happen to have any would you?" I smiled, even now she would still try and crack a joke? Oh such a immature girl to joke at a time such as this.

"No... I don't" She smirked. Her smile fading as she whined in agony.

"Great... well now what?" She quietly said, closing her eyes. Her body curling up into a ball as she tried to comfort her body.

"Wait, don't go...I have a idea!" I yelled, as her eyes shot open.

I had something that might be to fix that, but its risky. I could transfer energy to her but if I give her too much energy it could become fatal for me...if I wasn't careful.

She had already given so much to this much for me alone that I had to do this. I reached forward, I held her paw in my hand and focused all my energy on her aura. Her body glowed. I was feeling light headed, my head pounding. This was taking alot out of me, I was beginning to feel dizzy myself. I could faintly see it, the bright color she had, was coming back. Oh thank Arceas. I let out a deep sigh of relief.

I stood up, trying to regain my composure, my head whirled me, and I toppled over in dizziness. I fell on top of her. Her once perfect curled up position began to unwind. Her head got closer and closer to my face. Her lips skimmed across mine. I gasped, I had actually touched her lips. As I stared into her eyes, I wondered what to say next. This was a unavoidable discussion, this was going to happen. Her face turned a bright red. I am sure that my face was just as red, I quickly separated myself, clearly embarrassed.

"I am SO SORRY!" She quickly answered. It wasn't her fault, as it was mine. I blushed a deep red and swallowed my pride. I was so scared she would say something about it. This was killing me, softly but surely.

"Don't worry about it, it was my fault anyway." I quickly looked away my heart still racing, I wanted to stop myself from smiling, and I just couldn't.

"Look if anything I actually enjoyed it." I felt my face get hot, I didn't say that...did she? I looked over at her; her face a bright red, her eyes directed at me.

"" I stuttered, her smile had faded, I was so stupid, just tell her! I couldn't stop these words, these feelings from escaping my mouth...good thing too I thought I was going to lose it.

"You stole the words right out of my mouth..." With those words I went to kiss her, but I stopped, feeling it just wasn't the right moment. I stepped back holding my breath waiting for her to answer.

"..." I said nothing as I was still waiting for her to answer. She had already said something, but had I imagined it? She took a deep breath speaking with a calm, collective voice.

"I never knew you felt that way, believe it or not, I have thought about it..."

My heart stopped, she had all ready thought about it? What was she thinking, I could never tell...

"I had already decided that you...are indeed worth giving a chance." She smiled as she said those words, I still had to process them. I smiled at them, as old friends meeting at a park when they least expect it.

"..." I picked her up and spun her around. I was so in love with this moment I would remember it for the rest of my life. She laughed, smiling at me.

"So I take it you feel the same?" She stood there, shaking her head. I walked up to her and grabbed her paw. I squeezed it, and she did the same. If anything she really didn't seem to mind, she actually seemed to enjoy it. We starred at each other in happiness.

"I-" I was interrupted by Sam, who came running up to us. He had the worst timing I had ever seen. REALLY SAM? REALLY? Way to kill my moment with Summer. Buzz Kill.*End of Flashback.*

"You ready to go?" I asked still sitting outside the window. I looked at the sea, the moon shining on the black waters as they rolled onto the shore. Oh what a perfect night.

"YA, I just was just snooping" She whispered coming back through the archway of our door.

She quickly jumped out the window and started the cliff hike up. (Remember the guild's on a cliff.) The moon was our only light as we walked down toward the beach.

When we got there, I realized that the beach, that was always so peaceful, was even more breath taking at night. As we walked along side the ocean water, I took her paw in mine. As couples do when they walk along the beach lit by the night.

As we got closer, I took out a red handkerchief and covered her eyes. She smiled in delight.

"Where ya takin me?" She said putting her paws out in front of her so she wouldn't bump anything. I took her hands, pulling her in the direction of a giant covering of rocks, there was a bush that covered the entrance of one of the rocks, inside would be my surprise. I slowly took the cover off her eyes, seeing them sparkle as she jumped into my arms.

"Oh thank you so much for taking me here!"

"No, trust me, the place I'm going to show you'll love even more." I said pulling back the bush. The moon lite up the stones I had already put in place, lighting up the room. The rocks sparkled as if a gem in the moonlight. I looked over at Summer,who was still in awe shock about her new surroundings. The room was a dome. There was sand encircling the entire cave. A lake at the center with a tiny island. She looked at the waterfall, touching the sand between her toes. She looked incredibly happy to be here. I could say, I was happy I brought her here.

"So where to first?" The water looked as if it was freezing cold, it made me shudder just to think about it. But we had to get to the other side.

"Up for a swim?" I playfully said, standing toward her facing away from the water. She smiled, placing her hand on my shoulder.

"You going in first?" I shook my head.

"Only if you jump with me..." She pondered the thought for a moment before smiling.

"That can be arranged." She said standing beside me as we looked down to the water below.

"One...two...THREE!" We yelled, I jumped, grabbing her hand. Her feet stayed to the floor and she screamed as I pulled her down with me. I smiled, she thought she would get out of jumping well she thought wrong. I got her.

I laughed as she just grabbed me tighter before we were met with freezing cold water. I shrieked at how cold it was. She yelped out, practically jumping as she swam of shore. She jumped out of the water and shook off. I did the same but my fur was still wet. She looked like a fluffy mouse. She shivered as she buried her body toward mine.

"You cold?" I asked, standing to get a fire started.

"Ya but that's OK, I'll dry off eventually." She said rubbing her arms to get warm. I frowned, she was still so stubborn...sigh...but at least I would be able to make her happier. I grabbed some wood from a palm tree that was in the middle of the island and I started a fire. She curled up into my shoulder and I wrapped my arm around her, bringing her closer to me.

Her eyes closed and she lay peacefully beside me. I wanted her to remember this moment. I broke the moment, as I stood up and walk over to the water.

"What are you doing?" She stood up, her eyes showing a hint of hurt in them. I flashed a smile.

"Something your going to love. Close your eyes." I whispered in her ear, smiling as I did so.

Summer's P.O.V

I was hesitant on what he would do or show to me. This night was already magical, all of the cool things that were here alone, was enough to make me insane with happiness. He moved around and I heard a commotion in the back round. I couldn't tell what he was doing. I heard him walked toward me, grabbing my shoulders and whispering in my ear.

" them." He whispered, sending a chill up my spine. The cave's light was illuminated with a blue light. I looked in the water to see Aura Spheres circling around each other as if in dance. The blue light trapped in the water around us, I felt compealed to touch them, to see if I was actually dreaming...

"Look up." I heard Basil call, I slowly looked up, feeling overcome with happiness as I did. My name was beautifully written on the top of the cave. Cursive, spelled out in perfect serenity from the S to the R. This moment had to be the most beautiful thing I had ever saw. The blue and red glow illuminated the back round, making me smile.

"Wow..." I quietly said, feeling my heart in my throat. He walked over to me and took my paw in his. He cared enough to truelly make this night magical. I smiled contently as the night seemed to pass all around us.

"You like it?" He asked, moving his body toward me. I turned my head up towards his gaze.

"More than you know." I said quietly, his face softened.

"You know what could top that?" He said smirking.

"What?" I smiled as he brought his hand to my face.

"This." He leaned down, closer to me, I closed my eyes feeling a spark fly as his lips touched mine for the very first time. The world seemed to stop as time had just engulfed the moment. This meant something to me; I knew he wanted to do this too feeling this moment of pure magic between us. I felt no resistance as I pushed back onto him. I had my hands on his soft broad chest as a barrier between us, this barrier was broken, as I flung my arms around his neck touching the soft fur on his neck. He pushed further toward me, as I began to push back more passionately then before. The whole world was now on mute, as the electricity had passed between the two of us.

The soft touch of his hands was tingling as they slid down my stomach to around my waist to deepen the kiss. As he held me closer to him, my body felt as though it was mush, like puddy in his hands. The touch had sent a tingle up my spine and I let out a gasp to the point were I only thought I could hear. This was beautiful. And as he pulled away, the whole world had begun to revolve again taking the sweet music of my love with him.

"" He smiled, as he pulled away from me, holding my hand gently in his. The morning sunlight was starting to come through the cave. The soft night had been inturupted by the dawn of a new day. I moved through the water, walking back up the stairs with him paw in paw.

"Today was the second best day of my life..." He whispered, wrapping his arms around my waist. I paused, this was by far the best day of my life, or at least the only ones I could remember. This peaked my curiosity.

"What was the first?" I asked.

"The day I met you was the first." I felt my face go red, feeling my trusted barriers had fallen when I was with him. That sentence meant so much to me. We walked along side the beach, this time, a couple.

We climbed back in through the window and pretended to be asleep. The morning light had hit my face as I lay in my straw bed. I could hear the inevitable footsteps that were followed by loud screaming.

"Get up! Your going to be late!" I heard a screeching noise that ripped through my head and left my head with mush in return. I groaned, sitting up. Now I did want to sleep, knowing I couldn't was making me that much more tired. Basil sat up, walking toward me with a sly smile and he looked back in Loudred's direction.

"You sure your ready...?" He asked taking my hand in his. I felt my face get red.

"I'm ready as long as you are." I whispered, dragging him with me out the door. He leaned in and kissed my forehead as we left the room. It was strange idea of him and me together, I was sure that it made sence, right?

We walked out of the room hand in hand, along with the other recruits. I heard giggles from Chimicho; Sunflora remained quiet as she walked beside me. Her gaze had met the floor, but she could have been tired...I wasn't too sure.

"And three, smiles go for miles" I stood at the front of my line. Basil stood behind me. I could help but feel like I was forgetting something. But what? Suddenly a Chimchar ran into the room. He scrurried across the room in a quick fashion, stumbling as he jumped into our line. It was Sam.

"I'm so sorry I'm late Chatot. Guild master, I-uh over sleep." He ran behind us, his face red in embaressment. Chatot dismissed everyone. "You guys just do the job boards today, you guys are doing just fine." I looked back and winked.

Basil and I walked together, moving up the boards as one. Sam walked behind us in silence. He didn't look up. His head hung low as if in defeat. I turned to Basil and signaled him to go up to board and pick one.

"Sam are you-" He head stay motionless.

"No, now go away." He's never been like that with me. What could be eating away at him? Basil came back with a job from the board. He smiled in delight as he came to pass it to me, Sam took the paper from Basil and ripped it up. His eyes directed at Basil.

I was mad, that's what this team was for, to help others. When help was needed, they called us, otherwise they would be stuck in a cave for days, or weeks. He just ripped up someone's cry for help. My blood was beginning to boil. I was trying so hard not to explode, fearing I might just kill him if I did.

"Why-why did you do that? Other Pokemon need our help, and you just do that to someone who is in need? I thought you were someone else, but I guess I was wrong about you." I yelled, screaming to no end for a cause that he had so desperately wanted, not me.

"I guess you were!" He yelled, flinging his arms into the air. I stomped my foot, screaming louder.

"Your such a- UGH!" I screamed in frustration, Basil grabbed my shoulder's keeping me at a distance so I might just not strangle Sam to death.

"Say it, I DARE You." He was tempting me, and I couldn't hide my anger any longer. I ripped away from Basil's grip, walking toward Sam with a furious rage.

"Your such a ass! How could you turn your back on someone who needs you, who wants your help? You started this team so you could help others, or was I wrong about that too?" I yelled, feeling the emotional tears welling up in my eyes.

"No, your the ass. You talk about never turning your back on other people, but then you do it to me." He yelled, balling up his fists. I couldn't believe what I was hearing/

"Me? Are you serious?"

"Ya, so back up before things get messy." He growled, I backed up growling. I felt a figure push me back. Basil stepped in to defend me.

"Hey guys, why don't we just forget about it and just go get a smoothy at splinda's cafe?" He calmly suggested, trying to bring us closer together.

"I don't want to be here anymore! Especially with you!" He yelled, bolting out the door. I stopped, did he mean what he had said? I wasn't going to wonder, I quickly ran after him. He ran to the beach. I quickly followed, with Basil close behind.

"I said go away, what part of that didn't you understand?" He barked at me. I was grinding my teeth, growling.

"You are going to explain yourself, what's your freakin' issue!" Basil yelled at the top of his lungs. His fists clenched in a ball. He walked toward Sam. I had stopped, Basil had lost his calm composure...which was unlike him.

"Your my issue. You-You-ugh! Just go away, before I make you!" Sam growled, his eyes growing a dark red. I was starting to panic, this wasn't Sam, not even close. I had to stop Basil, or at least get him away from Sam.

"Your going to challenge me? Really?" Basil got in position to fight. I had ran to him, but I was too late.

"OK then, bring it!" Basil yelled, getting into a fighting position. I turned to see Sam, his eyes glowing with fury. I gasped, my friend was going to fight Basil. Basil was going to fight Sam and I couldn't stop it...crap.

I backed up, starting to wish I wasn't such a dumb ass sometimes. I had caused this...the fighting...I think?

"Come on Sam, or are you going to wuss out here too!?" Basil screamed. In my head, I was wishing he hadn't said that. Sam quickly turned his head, his eyes glowing. He started walking toward Basil, his fists balled up. The ground he walked burned with every step he took.

"I didn't wuss out, I saved the thing you care about most!" He yelled pointing to me, I sank low into the floor, feeling a need to hide rather then be seen. As much as I hated to say it, he did have a point. Sam had saved me from Drowsee.

"I wasn't afraid, you were!" The two boys were getting closer to each other, and this was going to get ugly, someone was going home with a black eye or broken something. Usually that would never happen to them, considering that they were best friends.

"You caused this!" Sam said, shooting fire at me, Basil jumped in front blocking the attack from hitting me.

"Sam, I'm sorry! Stop!" I was screaming to him, trying to get him to stop. I was willing to suck up my pride, I couldn't have them fight, knowing I couldn't stop it.

"No! You pushed me too far this time!" This wasn't even Sam anymore. This was like that dream that I had, my Sam was gone. This one was coming for me, and it scared me to even think that Basil and Sam were fighting and trying to hurt each other. I screamed out again.

"Guys seriously. Let's go home." I was starting to feel the tears well up in my eyes, I had to get out of here, this fight was going to happen. Basil called out to me.

"Summer, hide. I'll take care of Sam!" I nodded, running behind a rock that was close by.

I gasped as the two clashed. Basil and Sam fought in a aggressive battle. Basil's leg swept out and connected with Sam's ankles. The crunch of the fall made me shutter. Sam had fallen, grunting as he fell to the floor. I saw Basil jump on top, readying his blue fist as he shot down a attack.

Sam fell on his back not even given a chance to react to the fist that followed. Sam rolled, dodging the attack. He quickly stood up, charging at Basil with a fist. They fell on Basil's used his legs to propel Sam over his body to land beside the far end of the beach toward the guild.

The two had stood up, I looked at Basil, who had a cut that ran down his arm. His blue fur stained with blood. I looked to Sam, a bruise on his arm and a cut across his leg that ran down from his thigh. I rushed out between them.

"Stop you guys! This is over!" I screamed, putting myself between the two. They seemed to look past me, directly at each other as if I wasn't there. The fighting had seemed to slow down after the two had punched each other in the face.

Sam was on the floor. Basil's was on top. In Basil's hand was an aura sphere;the biggest one I had ever seen him make. Basil was going to finish the fight, permanently if I didn't do something. I ran as fast as I could; tears streaming down my face, I had to stop this. It was going to be now or never.

"No!" I yelled, jumping over Sam to protect him. Basil had seemingly stopped, Sam lay unconscious on the floor. Basil had a blank emotionless face. His voice had a ringing in my ears.

"Move!" I felt as if I was going to lose this battle. I couldn't afford to lose someone. Every part of my part said to move, to get out-of-the-way. I didn't want to move, could I afford to lose my best friend over this? I spoke in a tiny voice, tears still streaming down my face.

"He's not a threat anymore. Let's just drop it and go home, together." His face softened, his hand wiping tears from my eyes.

"You-Your crying." I wiped away the tears to realize that I was crying, I hate crying. The boys had never seen me cry, I felt helpless and weak when I did.

"I'm sorry but you guys needed to stop fighting. I was over this fight the second things got physical with Sam." I said honestly, rubbing my arm in embarrassment. Speaking of Sam; I looked beneath me, seeing Sam crawl out from beneath me. He winced in pain.

"Sam! Please lets go home." I said pulling him into a hug. He pushed me away, growling as he looked away.

"You two deserve each other..." He mumbled, sprinting away from me. I chased after him, my hand stretched out to reach him.

"Sam!" I yelled, gasping for air. He was just getting farther and farther from my grasp. His tears running down his face as he ran. He slowly dissappeared from my view, I could breath. My air was gone, I couldn't even think straight, he was no longer with me.

"Please...come back." I sat, cradling my knees in a ball. Basil hugged me from behind. I put my hand on his arm, leaning my head on his chest.

"He just needs time to cool off, I'm sure he'll be back soon." He whispered, as we walked back to the guild. I initally thought that he was right, until night had come, he never stayed out that long before... I sat writing in my journal.*Journal Writing*Kisses are the messages between love and friendship. Love? When Basil and I had kissed, there was a spark that I couldn't describe...does that mean that I like him? Or love him? Well, either way, its something new...something thats worth exploring. best friend... gone. He left, after fighting with me and Basil...but why? He usually has that safe charisma about him, one that inspires me to do better. When I saw that side change, its scared me to think of him being that way...but where ever you are Sam know that I miss you, and hope that you forgive me, as I do for you.

Can't you walk through the door so I can hug you and tell you how sorry I am? Can I explain myself? Can we just go back to the way things used to be? I am sorry for the way I talked to you, can't you see I didn't mean it? I miss you...more than you know.

*End of Journal*

Sam's POV

I left, not turning back as I watched her from the window. She didn't notice, as she cried into her book. I frowned, feeling guilty. This wasn't her fault... I am just a heartless person I suppose.

When they had left that night, I had followed them. The moments they had shared together, I had witnessed them all. The laughing, the aura spheres...the kiss. When I saw that, my heart sank, lower then anything I had ever felt.

My heart broke in two. Maybe she didn't feel that way about him? When she wrapped her arms around him, I knew my only chance with her was gone. I left as I came, silent. I walked along side the beach. Wondering what I had done to deserve this. She kissed him back? I thought for sure maybe she would be too surprised to say anything. Or maybe reject him.

I'm so mad at him. He KNEW I liked her. I sat at the beach, when I suddenly heard laughing and saw Summer and Basil running back toward the guild holding paws. Another wave of rage and jealousy washed over me. I realized they would spot me, hiding behind the rock. I followed them back, sure to stay out of their sight.

When I was sure they were gone, I started heading back toward the guild. I climbed down the cliff when I heard Loudred. No one seemed to notice I was gone. If they didn't know then, they probably won't know now. I jumped through the window but fell on impact. I ran out of the room, everyone stared at me, because I was late.

I was mad, they didn't know I was gone? Wasn't I a good teammate? I ripped up the paper because I was frustrated, I couldn't tell her how I felt and I lost her because of it. Summer was just trying to defend herself and I shouldn't have snapped at her. I yelled and screamed at her, felt like she had betrayed me. The reality was I had blown my chance with her. I liked her, and didn't say anything, feeling she may just have to wait until I told her.

She begged me to stop to retreat and go home at the beach, I had started a fight. I had a point that I wanted to prove. We got into a fight, that lasted a long time, before he finally beat me. I had lost the fight, such a weakling, no wonder she liked him better. I was too tired to protect myself from Basil, who was ready to practically kill me. I opened my eyes, Summer standing over me protecting me from Basil. She still cares even though I got mad.

Shame, hatred, rage, I felt it. I couldn't face her and ran, ran to who knows where to really. I just had to get away, knowing I couldn't face the questions that would follow. I'm all alone now but thinking about it...I guess I always was.

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