PMD: Love in the Abyss of Time

You Can't take Me

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Sam's POV

Where did I think I could go? Ugh...what a joke. I sat on top of the seaside cave, and looked out upon the sea. The sunset played off the water with a gleaming glisten. I could see down the whole beach. The waves created a peaceful calm over me. I no longer felt mad. Whenever I saw the waves crash on the sand, it made all of my emotions slip away, leaving a calming effect.

Running away wasn't the smartest idea. I really couldn't go far. I couldn't just pack up and leave. I couldn't even bring myself to the fact that Summer and Basil are dating. He won the war, he's going out with her. I, on the other hand I could never muster the courage to tell her how I felt. I liked her, alot...and the fact that Basil could be with her all day was far from anything bearable. The life I had known with her could have been so much more in my heart.

I haven't been home for a week, thinking someone would see me and tell Summer or Basil where I was. I always see Summer out on the beach at least once a day, her smile is gone, as if I took her happiness with me when I ran away. She sits alone, probably thinking about me. I was the first person she knew, and I wasn't with her anymore.

I felt a frown cross my face. I never see Basil on the beach, although I thought he LOVED spending all his time with Summer. It sure seemed that way when he had his lips all over her. I growled again, trying to swat the feelings from my brain.

I sighed and as I turned around, I saw a pair of golden eyes in the bushes. They stared at me intently as if thinking. I cautiously walked toward them, when Sunflora jumped out of them. She startled me as I stumbled backwards.

"WAAHH!" I stumbled backward almost falling off the cliff. She grabbed my hand, keeping me from falling.

"Oh sorry I didn't mean to scare you Sam." It was Sunflora, another apprentice from the guild, how did she know where I was?

"Sorry about that. I didn't mean to scare you, I just was going to make sure you were ok and well I-" I cut her off.

"No worries it's alright." I looked behind me to see Summer sitting on the beach. I would have to go back eventually, it hurt her too much for me not to be there. I would go back for her, even if I had to put up with Basil. I looked over at Sunflora who smiled.

"I haven't seen you all week, where have you been? Everyone is so quiet, ESPECIALLY SUMMER." Sunflora said. Her gaze, it the same direction as mine. Her brown eyes looking out at the sea.

I looked out at the beach and sighed. I looked over at Summer and I suddenly became lost in thought, everything about her made me want to be near her. She made my world. Even though she's going out with Basil, and got into a fight with me, I'm not mad at her. I could never be mad at her.

Basil on the other know.

"You like her right?" I blushed almost instantaneous to her comment. I felt the blood rush to my face, she just playfully giggled. I slowly backed away, lying to her, hoping she would buy it.

"No, besides she has a boyfriend. She has Basil." My heart broke in two again, I hated the fact that I had to watch what went on between those two. She should have been with me.

"No she doesn't. She wants to go out with you, I can tell." She whispered into my ear. A chill ran up my spine. The kind that makes your heart fly so high you swear it has left you.

"If you want to hear me say how wrong I was, your just wasting your time." Sunflora frowned again.

"Loving someone is not a waste of time." She said, sitting beside me as I sat. I blushed again.

"Well what if I do love her? Then what do I do? She is going out with Basil!" I forced out, She rolled her eyes.

"She feels the same way, you know." I liked her, she was going out with Basil, if she really liked me she'd wouldn't be going out with him.

"If she really did, she wouldn't be going out with Basil." I spat out those words. I didn't feel right saying this.

"You need to go back and tell her how you feel, she only did because you didn't say anything." She touched my shoulder with her leaf for a hand. I silently thought to myself, did she really like me, and even if she did why would she go out with Basil then?

"Well what if she doesn't feel that way, what if she rejects me? What if Basil hears me?" I said, I was scared that Basil would get mad at me for liking no, loving his girlfriend. Those words reigned true, I really did love her. The way I would stress if anything happened to her, the way anything she had to say I would listen to.

"She obviously misses you. She would be happy to see you." Sunflora said, nudging me playfully in the shoulder.

"I-I just can't, not now anyway." I looked back over at her on the beach. I wanted to tell her. I wanted to be there for her. She needed to know how I felt about her. She needed to know I would never let her go...

"Well its time to go home, you've put her through enough. Come on." We slowly walked down the cliff side and headed toward the guild. We stopped when we got toward the beach.

"Go...I know that she will have missed you so much she won't even be mad." I looked back and smiled at her.

"Thanks." She hugged me and whispered in my ear.

"Anything for love..." I blushed and started walking over toward Summer.

"You should do that with Loudred..." I said, as she blushed.

I walked over toward Summer, but began to have my doubts. Would she be mad at me? Does she really like me? I turned around to see Sunflora nudging my in Summer's direction. I was nervous. I could see Summer in the outreach of my view. I extended my arm to touch let her know I was still here. I could her her muffled cries under the waves. Her body cradled up in a ball.

"Why did you leave me? Did I upset you...I'm sorry Sam I was just mad. You can't leave me...I...I..." She couldn't force out the last part of her sentence. Her tears caused her cheeks to crackle with electricity. She didn't even notice I was there. Like myself, she seemed to use the beach as a comfort zone. I breathed in the sweet ocean air. I touched her shoulder to accidentally startle her.

"No, I'm the one that is sorry. I should have not been such a jerk and I didn't mean to hurt you its just I-" She quickly hugged me, wrapping her arms around me for a tight embrace. I sighed, hugging her back. I hugged her tightly, I had been seperated from her for so long that it pained me to she her go. I quickly hugged her back, like Sunflora said she wasn't mad she was just happy to see me.

she choked on her words, as she buried her face deeper into my chest. I frowned, I hated seeing her cry, but I caused it.

"I missed you so much. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I should have done right by you, because you would have by me, I won't ever make that mistake again." Her tears ran down her face.

"It's OK. I'm back, and I won't leave anytime soon." She pulled away from the hug. She looked up at me with her eyes.

She looked up at me. "Promise?" I gulped, my heart leaving me. She had so desperately wanted me to say how I would never leave...but I couldn't help but wonder.

"Promise." As I said that, she hugged me tighter. I stood there, hugging her for a while. The waves crashed for a couple of times, time seeming to stand still. I breathed in her scent a sweet scent of gummies. I smiled at the thought, opening my eyes to see Basil came running down the beach. He had a smile as big as Texas but suddenly stopped the second he saw me.

"What's he doing here?" He shot a look at me, as if he wanted me gone. She turned to me then back at him. She wiped away the tears from her eyes as she talked to him.

"Basil, he came back." Her smile was still plastered on her face. He looked over at me with disgust.

"Don't think this changes anything." Summer quickly looked over at him. A frown appearing on her face.

"Of course it does, he's back that's all that matters." She growled.

"It's different for you. I'll see you at the guild Sam, come on Summer." He took her paw and they walked back down toward the guild. She turned back waving at me, I shrugged my shoulders. I really didn't like seeing them all lovey-dovey but as long as she was happy I guess I could learn to live with it.

I walked behind them lost in thought... could Sunflora really be right? I doubt it...besides Summer seemed happy in her relationship.

I looked up at the sky to see it was a bright orange-red and was beginning to show some stars. I climbed up the stairs that lead back to the guild. The steps where hard to climb, considering I hadn't walked them in a week. When I got to the top of the stairs, Summer yelled down the man-hole.

"Hey everybody! Sam's back!"

The ground began to shake, and the gate creaked open. Everyone quickly ran outside except for Chatot and Wigglytuff. Chimicho, Loudred and Bidoof all hugged, Digtrio and Digglet were all chanting.

Sunflora stood in the back when she saw me she suddenly winked at me. I turned a bright red, knowing exactly what she meant by it. I walked down to the other floors of the guild. Every greeted me so warm and happily. All of these people had missed me...

"I am so happy your back" Summer looked at me with her smile still plastered on her face. Sunflora walked in.

"She wouldn't shut up about you the whole time you were gone." Summer looked over at Sunflora. A growl eminating from one side of the room, I covered my face with my paw, trying not to laugh.

"I did not. I just missed my best friend is all." Sunflora shook her head, sighing as she looked to me.

"I thought I was your best friend." Basil walked in and chuckled. Basil sat beside her in his straw made bed, holding her paw in his while looking at her adoringly.

"Nope! That would be Sam...right Summer?" She playfully nudged Summer's shoulder, laughing as she did so. My face got red in embarrassment as did Summer's.

"Ya Basil your not my best friend...your more then that." Summer said, looking at Basil as her sparked cheek touched Basil, shocking him. He didn't seem to mind.

"Oh course he is..." Sunflora said sarcastically. Basil looked over at Sunflora then at me then at Summer. Summer's face changed, a unpleasant smile creeping on her face.

"What is she-" Basil began to say as Summer cut him off mid sentence.

"Nothing!" She sure as hell tried to cover that up. It wasn't going to work if we pried but I wasn't going to.

"OK good night guys." Sunflora trotted out of the room, leaving Summer to answer questions.

"Ya...goodnight guys." She said stretching before laying down in her bed and shut her eyes. I sat there, wondering what the hell that was about... was she hiding something?

Basil and I just starred at her. Her perfect sleeping form as she lay on her bed, still holding Basil's hand. I rolled my eyes, I remembered when I first met her, she had done that to me... I smiled remembering the thought.

"Why are you smiling?" Basil asked, one eyebrow raised as his red eyes shot glares.

"Uh...ya know...I was just remembering something." Basil rolled his eyes, laying beside Summer before cuddling up to her. He smiled contently at the moment and I stood in my place.

"Night Sam." I heard Summer whisper, a smile on her face as she did. Basil wrapped his arm around her, pulling her closed toward him... I knew what that meant...she belonged to him, and he was trying to tell me that.

"Later" I climbed in bed, blowing out the candle that lite the room. I lay in my bed, turning my head to see Summer smile...ya, it was nice to be home.

Summer's POV

"Smiles go for miles" We all chanted. I still love that rule. It always filled me with the excitement of the new day.

"As I was saying last week, our guild will be going on a expedition soon, the first in a long time."

The other members became excited. Their pleasure pleas filling the room with excitement.

"An expedition, you say? Yes, please! Yes sirree!" Bidoof cheered, his beaver teeth chattering in excitement.

"It's been a long time since we went on an expedition!" Diglett sequeld.

"But... That means you're going to be picking members for the expedition from ALL of us again, right?" Sunflora said, her cheerful voice now lower then before.

"Precisely! We will leave in several days. Over these next few days, we will choose the most worthy apprentices. The chosen members will form the expedition party. Everyone, work hard so that you may be chosen for the expedition." We all shouted in excitement, we were all ready for the expedition now.

"Oh my gosh! This is so exciting!" We cheered, as Chatot hushed us for our final cheer.

"OK then, lets get to work!" He huffed.

"HOORAY!" The guild members walked off. Smiles plastered on their faces as they trotted away to complete their jobs.

"OK I want you guys to check the job boards. You guys are on fire, make sure you keep it up and I'm sure you guys will be on the exploration." I felt a excitement rise in me. Oddly enough, it felt familiar.

"OK sure." I said, confident my team would be picked to go. This was going to be fun. If I could only get my team to go.

We walked up to the first floor; I went to pick a job from the items board. I spotted two familiar faces. They turned towards me and I knew for sure this was going to be a smack down. I knew their faces from the moment I met them, their dark egos and their annoying attitudes.

It was Koffing and Zubat, the two pokemon we fought to get back Sam's treasure. What were they doing here? Sam saw them and he stood next to me surrounding the job board. He was the first to call them out. His eyes directed in anger, as he growled at them.

"You guys aren't a exploration team!" Koffing and Zubat laughed. Their smug faces, exempt on making it look like we were stupid.

"Of course we are, we just aren't the nicest exploration team. The thing I want to know is, how are you weaklings a exploration team? You guys suck at exploring." Zubat said with a slight chuckle. I clenched my fist, feeling a paw on my fist as I did so, Basil was trying to stop me again.

"Don't...let him do this." He quietly said, I looked away holding my tongue. It pained me not to give them a thrashing.

"Thanks." I quietly said, moving away from the socially awkward duo.

"We've been training here to become real members." I heard Sam pipe up.

The two pokemon quickly surrounded Sam. They grabbed his arms dragging him away from my side, Sam had just smiled, trying to assure me he would be OK.

"You! Come with us for a second." I quickly became defensive, I was sure they were going to try to pull something. I was looking out for my partner.

"Wh-what is this!?" The two pokemon pulled Sam over to the corner of the room. Basil, looked to them, then back at me growling.

"HEY, paws off." I quickly jumped in to help him, Basil grabbing my wrist held me back.

"Let him be, he can take care of himself." He whispered, releasing my wrist. I turned back to Basil, raising my voice.

"But he needs my help!" I said, my stare directed at Basil. He shook his head, a frown on his face as he looked back toward Sam.

"I doubt these guys will do anything to him...and you can't always be there to protect him, so let him fight his battles...alone this time." He said, I gritted my teeth. It was true, I would not always be with Sam, eventually he would have to do the fighting himself. I sighed, listening to what the duo was saying to him.

"Hey don't take what I'm about to say the wrong way. You should just forget about being an exploration team!" Said the purple Koffing. My mouth flew open, how dare they say that! Why I outta-

"What! Why!?" Tears were beginning to form in his eyes, I couldn't help him...even though Basil had said not to, I could only watch because if I tried to help, Basil would probably stop me. This hurt me the most. Sam gritted his teeth in anger, I could tell his anger was beginning to build.

"Well you're timid. You scare easy. You are a weakling, its not cut out for everyone." Those words must have stung, I could tell by the look on his face that he felt disappointed in himself. He coughed, spitting out words as he forced them to come out.

"That's why I'm here...I want to overcome my own shortcomings. Even now I'm trying to become picked for the exploration." He had opened his mouth 'exploration' was all they needed to hear.

"Exploration you say. Weaklings like you would never get picked." Said the zubat. Sam quickly bit his tongue, realizing what he just said. I mentally slapped him, if I could have hit those guys with a car and left them burning in a ditch somewhere, the world would be a better place.

"Weaklings, PLEASE, if we are weaklings then how did we beat you?" I jumped in, ignoring Basil as he had just stepped back with his eyes closed.

"Your girlfriend still fighting your battles Sam? Or did she find someone new?" Koffing chuckled. I shot them daggers. They walked around Sam, taunting him. I STILL am not going out with Sam, you idiot.

Basil quickly turned around hearing what they said. That had probably struck a nerve, I looked at Basil to see his red eyes shooting glares.

"That would be me...and on that are starting to bother get out." Basil growled. That must have been the last of Basil's patience, the girlfriend bid.

"Oh I see she did, well that's what happens when your a loser Sam." Said the Koffing. I looked over at Sam, who sank lower to the ground. The Koffing and Zubat turned over to Basil. Basil had stepped toward them, his eyes never leaving their gaze.

"You gunna make us?" Basil leaned in closer, the tension could be cut with a thick knife. I gasped, walking toward Sam. If they angered him enough, Basil might just destroy them

"Ya, I mean Sam beat you, so how hard could it be?" Basil smirked all the other apprentices turned to watch the commotion. They taunted and whistled, making the argument tense up more.

"You only beat use because we didn't have our chief with us." said Zubat. Knowing these guys their leader is just as weak as they are, but looks can always be deceiving...

"I'd like to see your leader, so I can show him a thing or two." I said boasting with major confidence. I smirked but it quickly faded as they did the same.

"Team Skull has three members, and here he comes now, I can smell him." said the Koffing, his purple eyes wandering toward the door. I looked toward the door also, waiting to see what they were talking about.

"Smell?" Sam asked, clearly confused.

"Ok, fine, Oh Skunktank!" Suddenly a rotten skunk like oder filled the air. The stench traveled across the room, filling the air with a rotten smell. I covered my nose and mouth, the stench had already peirced the fresh air, leaving disgust in its place.

"EEKKKKK! It smells like rotten cheese." I heard a apprentice say, I quickly reconized it as Sunflora, her high pitched voice traveling across the room and touching my ears.

"By golly, who or what is that awful smell." Bidoof chattered, his paws frantically moving in front of his face.

A giant skunk looking creature walked into the room. The smell traveled from his face and it was scary to hear his walk across the room, much like Bowser's stomps from Super Mario. It was big enough to be a small tank. He walked into the room with his tail held high. He stopped right in front of me. His voice boomed in my ears as Sam stepped aside.

"MOVE!" He said with a forceful voice. I didn't have a chance to even take a step. He shot out a attack, as I heard gasps and shrieks from many of the others. I could hear my name being called by two different voices as I sank into the darkness.

Sam's POV

I had moved aside, trying to stay out of harms way. I had looked behind me to see Summer still standing there, her cheeks crackling like a whip. I gasped, was she going to stand up to Skunktank? He yelled at her, shattering the iry calm that had fallen over the room. Before I could react, her body had already flew across the room, she lay limp on the floor. Every gasped, I called her name out... hoping she would get up.

"Summer..." She lay on the floor, as Basil had already gritted his teeth and was up in Skunktank's face. Basil looked at me in disappointment. He shook his head with his eyes closed. I felt helpless, weak, even after everything that happened to me, I was still too weak to stand up for myself. I felt myself grow angry, yelling out at the team.

"At least I won't have to look at his ugly butt once we go on the exploration!" I yelled but then quickly bit my tongue realizing what I had just said. I had just gave them the answer to their problems.

"See you guys there. The team turned around.

"I guess we will see you guys soon." The Skunktank chuckled, turning his attention to the door. They went to walk out, when Basil blocked their path. He stood a lot smaller to Skunktank then his lackeys and I quickly thought back to Summer, moving to her side as I watched what was going on.

"We DON'T SUCK." Basil said. His voice carried through the room, dancing in pride and bravery.

"And who might you be?" The Skunktank spoke up. Basil's eyes shot daggers, glaring at them with his ember eyes. His blue paws crossed across his chest.

"I'm Basil, I'm a member of this team and I will not have you come in here and insult it." I looked at Basil in awe. Was he really standing up to Skunktank and his team? He sure seemed brave. Skunktank quickly turned around.

"Whatever, besides you team isn't worth my time..." I gasped, Basil quickly made a move, tripping the Skunktank to where his face plummeted to the floor with a loud crash. The Skunktank growled, flashing his fangs at Basil. But he quickly regained his composure, standing up straight before walking to the exit of the building.

"Fine, don't think this is over." They quickly left the building, leaving a awkward silence as the crowd had gathered around me and Summer. I brushed the bangs out of her face, sighing in disappointment. Basil had tried to push past the crowd, but was quickly stopped.

"Summer, are you OK?" She groaned before opening her eyes, her soft brown eyes slowly opened. She coughed before sitting up, rubbing the back of her head. She looked to me with concern.

"I should be asking you that, they didn't hurt you right?" She asked, rubbing her eyes to get a better look at me.

"No no, I'm fine, just..." I smiled, as she smiled back. I slowed my pace on the sentence as our gazes met. My heart increased and my face was going to turn red if something didn't stop me.

"Making...sure...your OK." I felt myself say, smiling wider. I felt like we had just stared at each other for a while, ignoring the rest of the people who seemed to be there. This moment couldn't be happening right? It was just my imagination right?

I heard someone clear their throat, and I looked up to see Basil. I quickly backed away, my face getting hotter and hotter as I separated myself from Summer's side.

"You OK love?" He quietly said to her, she nodded smiling at his comment.

"I guess so. That's what I get for holding my ground." she said 'wil sticking out her tongue.

"At least your OK. Stinky, but OK." He said, laughing, she smirked, punching his arm. She stood up and backed away from him.

"That's not funny." She laughed, I smiled, same old Summer...I guess that would never change. Basil turned around to look at me.

"Go pick a job." I felt so disappointed in myself. How could I let them hurt Summer then just move aside when things got rough? Basil stood his ground, and got them to leave.

I really wanted to get over my fear and get on with my life. I picked a job for the outlaw board. I picked the hardest criminal I could find, so I could prove that I'm not scared. To prove that I can overcome my fears. I want to be strong, like Summer and Basil, it must be hard for them to carry around dead weight all the time.

I walked back over to them and handed Summer the job. She looked down at the job then back at me. Her face seemed shocked, much to my dismay of the whole, coward thing.

"You want to catch a outlaw with a B ranking?" Summer said clearly a little shock I would pick something like this...I sighed, nodding my head, I looked away before she waved the paper in my hand.

"Let's go. I get to come right?" Summer said with a smile.

"Naturally." I said smiling back, she nodded her head standing before walking out the door.

We bolted out the door, leaving the guild behind as we headed off on our next journey.

The Next Day (Basil's POV)

"Hey! Get up! Get up Already!" My ears were ringing and my head was pounding. I opened my eyes to see a white blinding light. I squinted, rolled to my side to block the sun from beating my eyes any longer.

"Ugh to tired to get up..." I groaned, burying my face in the hay I slept on. Summer had lay beside me the night before, she yawned, slowly getting up.

"Basil, Basil..." A paw was on my shoulder coaching me to get up. I groaned again, of all days I didn't want to get up.

"Ugh...not now Summer. Sleepy time." I tried to doze back and sleep, but I was suddenly met by a large jolt of electricity. I howled out in pain, my eyes shooting open.

"Get UP NOW, before you get another one." I rubbed the area that had been shocked, smirking as I did.

"Summer, was there any reason for you to do that?" I jumped off my bed walking toward her and trapping her between my hands against the wall. She smirked.

"You have to get up..."

"So couldn't you just lay with me a little longer?" She turned red, smiling after biting her bottom lip.

"And not enjoy the day's adventure?" She said pointing to the sun that was coming through our window.

"And wouldn't that be tragic?" I smiled, rubbing the back of my head.

"Tragic if I didn't get to open my eyes and see you..." She said, I smiled...damn that was smooth...I quietly laughed to myself. How clever she could be sometimes...especially with words.

She passed my arms, heading to Sam's bed as I began to leave with the other recruits.

"I'll meet up with you in a second just let me get Sam." I stopped dead in my tracks. There is no way I'm taking that chance of him and her together alone. I walked back over toward her.

"That's OK love, I'll get him up; you go ahead and pick a job." She shook her head before shrugging her shoulders to leave. Her feet shuffled across the floor. She turned as she stood in the archway of the door, smiling.

"Ok...See you soon." I looked back at her.

"I'll be waiting." She quickly blushed a dark red. Got ya...I quietly thought to myself as she then left the room.

I turned around to see a sleeping Sam. His orange body hiding amongst the hay. He must have been really tired. I tried to shake him, but he began to mumble in his sleep.

"I love you so much, stay with me forever." Oh...this suddenly got very interesting for me. I leaned in closer to his face to hear what he might have to say.

"Red Gummi." I smiled, he of all people would dream about a gummi. I laughed, covering my face with a paw to keep from waking him.

I shook him slightly. He opened his eyes and had a shocked look on his face.

"Ugh, that's the first thing I wake up to? You should go back to sleep." He laughed.

"Your not so hot to look at yourself." I shot back.

"Where's Summer at?" I pointed toward the door

"She's out at the assembly we should hurry before we are late."

"Let's go."He quickly jumped out of his bed and ran out the door.

*Later that night.* (Summer's Pov)

I was really happy that Sam was home. It really hadn't sunk in yet the fact he was back.

Basil didn't seem to share the same feeling, I wonder why? Could something be bothering him about Sam? Is this going to have to concern me?

The night had already come, everyone was heading to bed after the night's dinner.

Loudred had a loud yawn, he stretched beside Sunflora.

"Ok guys I'm off to bed, see ya in the morning, don't wanna be late ya know." Sam quickly joked about it "Ya wouldn't want you to be late for screaming in my ear." Everyone laughed. Loudred quickly turned around.

"I'll make sure you're the first one I get tomorrow." He quickly winked, then trotted off to his room. I stifled a laugh, hiding my laugh behind my paw. Loudred quickly turned, his face turning red.

"That sounded gay didn't it? OK no homo" He said, heading to his room. Sunflora turned to Loudred's direction, her blank stare into the distance told me she was thinking about him. Sam giggled, teasing her.

"I see your looking for your loud fellow." He said, she turned to us. Her face turned red and she quickly spilled words.

"Oh, me and Loudred! Oh no no no no no you got it all wron, you see we're just friends-" She could have stopped their but she continued, Loudred creeped out of the hallway, hearing her continued sentence. I quickly swallowed air, this would not end well.

"See I don't like him, well, maybe I do... oh what do it matter if I-" Loudred had tapped her on the shoulder, and she turned, he leafs turning red and her mouth on the floor. The room had become quiet.

"What's this about this guy you like?" Loudred asked, his purple eyes scanning Sunflora for a answer. She stood there frozen in place, stuttering.

"I...uh...well...this...ya see..." I jumped in to help her, even though she might have just left me hanging.

"She was doing her impressions..." Loudred's eyes scanned me as I put on a fake smile.

"Of who?" Damn, he was smarter then he looked, I'll give him that.

"Uh, me...ya I told her a story and she just went nuts for it..." Loudred shrugged his shoulder's turning his face, his eyes showed a hint of sadness as he left the room. I smirked, there would be no end with those two. Sunflora quickly turned to me.


"Remember that...OK" She nodded her head disappearing in her room before I could muster another sound.

I quickly yawned followed by the others. We all headed up to our dorms, I walked beside Basil and Sam. Both had stood beside me.

"I guess its time for bed." Said Sunflora

"Ya I'm gunna hit the hay too." I yawned again. Basil picked me up.

"Come on sleepy head, before you miss out on beauty sleep." He said nustling up to me as I wrapped my arms around his neck and relaxed.

"Ya, cuz who needs that." He smirked at my comment.

"You think all this just happens." I laughed, he would. Sam quickly jumped in.

"Oh, we were looking at the beauty in you, I'd hate to see you when you don't get sleep." Basil chuckled.

"Looks like you could use some Sam." I was trying hard not to laugh, covering my face with my paw. Sam turned his head pouting as we walked into our room.

"Ok guys come on lets go to sleep." We walked into our room and Basil placed me on my bed. He quickly curled up next to me, sigh in content as he wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Good Night love." He sighed, I looked back to Sam, who blew out the candle that lite up our room. He sat on his bed. The lights went out and everything became silent. I suddenly heard heavy breathing noises, I looked over to see Basil fast asleep.

I heard Sam, who stared at me with his silver eyes. He smiled, looking down before starting a conversation with me over Basil's snoring.

"Look, I'm sorry about not defending you, even though they knocked you out, I still should have punched that guy in the face because it would have been the right thing to do by other people... it was right to do by you." I heard Sam whisper over to me. I reached out to touch his shoulder.

"Its fine-" He grabbed my hand mid motion, looking directly at me, his silver eyes glowing in the night.

"No, I'm always such a bother, a burden, I'm not a asset to this team like you are. I felt so helpless, so weak. I should have defended you, I should have punched him for you, I should have protected you the way you do for me." His voice sounded shakey to me.

"You don't bother me. You not a wimp. The thing about you is, that you overcome anything life throws at you, sure your scared, but you always manage to do the right thing in the end...and thats what I really like about you." I smiled, he smiled back.

"You really mean that?" I nodded, smiling as I lay my head on the pillow.

"Yes. Don't ever change, got that. I mean...change for the better, not the know this isn't coming out right. I-" I was starting to become anxious, feeling my face turn red at every turn.

"I know what you meant...Thanks." He smiled over at me. My looked away, trying to get off the subject.

"Good night..." He whispered, smiling before turning to face the moon that shown through our window.

"Ya, good night..."

I looked over at him as his head hit the pillow. I closed my eyes to fall in to a deep sleep.

*The next Day* (Summer's POV)

"Get up!" Loudred yelled.

"Ugh...fine." I jumped out of the bed and tried to wipe the sleep from my eyes. I turned around to see Sam and Basil already standing up waiting for me to leave the room. They got up quickly this morning...well at least we wouldn't be late.

"And Three: Smiles go for Miles!" We all chanted.

"OK I have a annoucment to make, we have some members coming in that will be joining us on our exploration." Suddenly the members of team Skull walked into the room. Their horrid stench filled the room as they giggled and trotted to met our gaze.

"You!" piped up Sam. He growled, as my eyes widenned, what the hell were they doing here.

"You know them?" asked Chatot. He said as he looked over at the team them back at us.

"Well that makes it easier to explain. These members will be joining us on the exploration. I expect you guys to treat them with respect." My mouth flew open, we had to treat them with respect!

"But Chatot...they." Sam was quickly cut off by Chatot.

"HUSH!" He was quickly silenced by the bird, as he hunched to the back of our line.

"Its ok chatot, don't mind the little one, he does that often." The skunktank said.

"Ok very well..." The team left the room, leaving a stench behind.

"OK POKEMON TIME TO GET TO WORK." The others didn't seem as enthusiastic as usual.


"Whats the matter? Where is your normal cheers?"

"Oh YOU have GOT to be kidding me? This stinks, literattly." The smell had stayed behind, even after the team had unfortunate.?

Everyone wasn't having the best time of their lives, which was understandable since the big exploration was about to start. They were trying to enjoy the moments so they would be chosen to go... Suddenly the whole building began to shake, Wigglytuff was cleching himself in a tight ball. Chatot looked pale.

"OH NO! The guild Master's rage is building...listen everyone...Cheer, be enthuiastic even if it hurts. So, LETS GET TO WORK." We all did as we were told not even giving a second thought.

"HOORAY!" Suddenly the shaking subsided.

"Whew. Ok get to work." The rest of the members left to do their jobs.

"You guys come here."

We walked over to him.

"We have a important job, I don't entrust this to anyone else simply because its very important."

Sam asked the question.

"Whats so important?"

"The guildmaster eats a item called Perfect Apple. Unfortunatly...someone ate all the apples." He looked over at Bidoof, who blushed in embarressment.

"Well...I need you guys to get more, I would do it myself but I don't have the time to do it. Here let me show you." He pulled out his wonder map and pointed to a little forest with apples in it.

"In the depths of this forest, there is a tree with only perfect apples, please bring back some." Basil stepped forward.

"You can count on us." We walked out of the room, on our way to apple woods.

*Back at the Guild*

"Those wimps might actually have shot of making it on the exploration." Said SkunkTank

"I overheard Chatot say something about a apple and the guildmaster." Said the zubat

"We should definatley make sure they don't get those apple, that way they don't get to go. said the Skunktank.

"Woah-ho-ho that sounds like fun." said the koffing.

"Let's follow them and get them."

Team Skull slowly walks behind Team Firestar...while they walk to apple forest.

Basil's POV

"Finally...I can't believe you guys stopped every five seriously?" I shot a look at Summer and Sam. They had flowers in their hands, walking along the trail like this wasn't important.

"Well sorry, but I really like to enjoy my surroundings." Summer looked back at me.

"Well enjoy it on your own time." I said sternly. If Wigglytuff didn't get his apples, we would be in for it.

"Its OK me and Sam can go back later and enjoy, while you can be Mr. Serious." Summer joked, nudging Sam with her shoulder as I growled.

"Can you just focus on the task at hand rather then the senery."

"Whatever." Said Sam, picking up another blue flower he had walked past.

"Hey check this one out!" The two had exclaimed showing each other flowers as I continued to walk on.

"Why don't we just pick up on of these apples then just go home?" I grumbled, kicking along another apple that I found on the floor.

"It might not taste the same as a perfect apple... I don't want the guild master to get mad and get scary again."

We all looked at each and shuddered.

"That guy was scary." I spoke

"Same." Sam said in agreement.

"Hell ya he was." Summer said, she smiled. We walked along the forest looking for any sign of the giant tree Chatot mentioned.

"Look there, I see it." Shouted Sam.

We looked up to see a giant apple tree. It branches peaking out holding huge, gigantic apples from every point. Summer's facial expression said it all.

"I want one." She laughed. I looked over at her, her tail swaying back and forth in pure excitment. Her eyes sparkled in excitement.

"I'll get you one as soon as we get some for Wiggly Tuff." She looked over at me and smiled. Sam quickly yelled out.

"HEY! What are you doing here!?" I looked up in the tree, to see the familiar faces of team Skull. Those guys were really starting to bother me...indefinatly.

"You guys took so long we ate all the apples. Let me be the first to tell you, they were good." Skunktank chuckled, flashing his fangs at me. I growled as they jumped out of the tree to land right in front of us.

"At least they didn't eat them all, let knock them out and take some back!" I yelled.

"Knock us out? Please, you wish." I quickly bacame on guard.

"GO!" I quickly ran behind they and hid in the tree watching the fight below.

Summer's POV

"GO!" I ran into skunktank but he quickly knocked me back on my tail. Sam was behind me, giving a confident smirk as he quickly ran off to get Koffing and Zubat. I could feel the heat behind me, seemed like Sam was having a easy time with this.

"What's the matter little mouse, can't create a spark?" I bit my tongue, ready to give him a good thrashing. I leaped for him, balling up my fist and aiming at his thick head. He hit my face with his tail, knocking me back along the ground.

"Sam, you ok over there?" I shouted behind me.

"No worries here...easier then last time." I turned around to see koffing and zubat on the floor. Sam was rushing to my side.

" lets take out Skunktank." I quickly turned to Skunktank being hit back with a force as I felt my feet being lifted off the floor. I felt something behind me fly along with me into the base of a tree. I opened my eyes Sam has been thrown into the tree after Skunktank slammed me into him. He yelped in pain, sending a chill up my spine.

"ARGH!" He wailed gripping his arm as I stood up, I turned to Skunktank. No way that I would let him get away with that.

"Sam are you OK!?" I shrieked out, Sam quickly stood up...his quick look of pain seemingly vanished.

"Ya, ya I think so...sorry." He apologized.

"Not now..."I quickly got up and grabbed his hand and ran toward SkunkTank

"Back for more mousy?" He called out again, I grunted, throwing Sam into the air.

"Use something with fire." I flung him high into the air and he executed a perfect fire spin that landed on Skunktank's back. He stumbled before falling to the ground.

"We did it."

"I got the apples." Basil jumped down from the tree.

"Where were you during all this? Hiding?" Sam crossed his arms.

"Well someone had to get the apples and I'd be willing to bet poke that Summer would fall out of the tree without even reaching the first apple." He pointed over to me.

"Well you could have at least waited til after the fight." Scolded Sam.

"I could have, but then I would look like you." I looked at Sam to see his face still crimson red. Sam looked around then quickly changed the subject.

"Hey where is Team Skull?" I quickly turned around and noticed that they weren't there.

"Well where do you think-?" Basil was cut off.

"TAKE THIS!" We were all blasted with their nasty stench, the foul stench made my eyes water. I couldn't find air to breath. Everything became black.

Basil's POV

"Ugh... That smells so bad." I quielty stood up and shook the dirt out of my fur. I turned around to see Summer and Sam sitting up.

"I hate those guys." Summer's electricity crackled.

"Your not the only one." I said.

"Let me join that list." Sam quietly said.

I looked around for the apples I picked, I didn't see them.

"I think they took my apple." I looked over at Summer.

"We have to go back and explain to Chatot." Said Sam.

"I really wanted one of those apples too." Summer said with a smirk on her face.

We reached the outskirts of the guild at dusk. The final rays of the sun were coming down in a beautiful sunset.

"I'll tell him...I take full responcibility for this...I'm sorry guys." Sam hung his head low.

"I'll tell him with you, it wasn't anyones fault." She smiled at him.

"Thanks." We trotted up the stairs to the 2nd floor of the guild.

"OH! You guys are back, tell me how did it go?" I looked at Summer who laughed nervously.

"Um...well...the thing is...we don't have any..." Chatot's calm figure suddenly became frightening and scary.

"YOU FAILED?" He ran around the room, pale and frightened. He ran around squeking and squaking as if in distress about what might happen next.

"You'll go without dinner tonight, and you will tell the guild master about this. Futhur more, you probably won't be going on the exploration now because of this." Sam's calm face turned pale. Summer turned around to look at him.

"I-I-I d-don't understand? D-did you just say w-we won't be going?"

"Yes, what part of that didn't I make clear." His tongue lashing on Sam really wasn't helping the situation.

"Hey if it hadn't been for Skunktank-" Chatot quickly lashed out on me.

"How dare you blame them, they are guests." He quickly trotted off to dinner.

"They tried to make us fail, I'm sure if you check you'll see everything that you need to know." Summer piped up.

Just then Chimicho came outside the mess hall.

"Dinner." Everyone around us walked into the mess hall. They sat down to eat. Chatot inturrupted them.

"I have a annocement to make." This guy makes alot of annoucments.

" We will be departing tomorrow for the exploration...the guildmaster will make his final decisions tonight."

"EKK! This is so exciting."

"Yes sirree! Finally!"

"When do we find out?"

Chatot hushed the group.

"Tomorrow." Everyone was so happy they forgot about eating.

"You three come here!" Chatot called us over and I knew why. I was afraid that this would be the end of my team. WigglyTuff was not going to take this news very well.

"GuildMaster here is team Firestar."

He didn't directly turn around, at first he just staired at us before he finally said

"Hiya! Did you bring me my perfect apple?" I was a little hesitant. Could he really be taking this so well? Summer spoke up

"W-we didn't guildmaster. I-I'm really sorry." Her face looked pale, it was so unlike her to ever even be scared. I felt like my body could sweat bricks if I gave it the opputunity.

"N-no apple?" He closed his eyes and the whole area began to shake. This was it. It was the end, we would blow up in his rage. Everything around us started ringing and glowing.

"Oh man..." I started to say.

"One perfect apple for WigglyTuff." A perfect apple rolled into the room, as well did three familiar faces.

"You got this for me?" His face lit up, like a happy child waiting in line for a cookie.

"Consider it a gift. Its only right theat we return all the kindness you have given us." Skunktank smiled a fake grin. I tried to speak up hopeing Chatot would see it our way.

"He is a lier. Chatot he-" I was quickly silenced by the angry bird.

"Go to bed and don't forget about what I said." We walked out of the room silently.

I walked into my room and jumped on my bed.

"I hate those guys." I growled through my teeth making a slight grinding sound.

"I'm starving." I heard Summer's stomach growl and I looked over to see her face become bright pink.

"Told you."

I looked over at Sam who hung his head low in shame.

"I can't believe all that hard work has gone to waste because of Skunktank and his team." His eye were full of tears. I really felt bad for him, he worked so hard for this just so it could be taken away so easily.

I heard footsteps outside our room. Three figures walked in, holding apples. It was Loudred, Sunflora and Bidoof.

"We all thought you might want something to eat." I was happy to see that they cared.

"Everyone needs their strenght for the exploration." Sam almost broke down in tears, every word he said struck a nerve with me.

Sam's POV

"Ch-Chatot said we wouldn't be going." I stumbled over my word trying to think of the right ones to say.

"What do you mean Sam?" Sunflora looked over in my direction and smiled

"Well..." after telling them the entire story, tell all looked over at Summer.

"How could this happen, you guys were doing so well. I just hope that no matter how this plays out the people who go will explore for the people who can't."

I just sat on my bed. I was hopeing that wouldn't have to be the case.

"Ok guys, and Thanks, I will see you guys later." They walked out of the room. I looked over at Summer her face still had a smile on it.

"I know that my team might not be going but if one of us gets to go, I hope its you." Her words made me fell better about the situation.

"I don't want to leave with out you guys." I saw the lights go out in the other rooms.

"Good night guys." I whispered.

"Night Sam." They both said back.

*The Next Day* (Summer's POV)

"I'm filling in for Loudred...time to get up." Sunflora whispered.

"Ugh...fine." I slowly got out of bed as she tried to wake up Sam and Basil. I stopped in the doorway...

"Wait, your filling in for Loudred?" She smirked, tuning back red.

"Uh, well he asked me to and you know me...can't say no to him..." I rolled my eyes.

"You ready?" She asked calmly

"No...but I'm hopeing Sam will go."

"Not you? You want him to go?"

"Well he is my best friend. Why not?"

She closed her mouth and hummed a relaxing tune.


I walked out of the room alittle puzzled. It was so early that noone else was out on the floor. Everyone was still sleeping. After about 15 minutes the other recruits rushed out of their rooms. The guildmaster climbed out of his chamber, with Chatot by his side.

"Ok as you all may have been wanting to hear, I will now be annoucing the members of the exploration." Everyone squeled in excitement. He took the paper from WigglyTuff and was mustering up the courage to speak.

"Ok the members that will be going on the exploration are..."

Cliff Hanger! How will you survive?

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