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The boss and the idol jungkook ff


THIS STORY IS COMPLETED You are Lina just a 16 year old girl who lived with her family.She was smart cute and beautiful but she didn't believe it.She has a crush on Bts Jeon Jungkook she never thought her life would change with just a favour.And would be the Successfules woman alive. Jeon Jungkook the golden boy he is the main vocalist from the group BTS.He has a crush on IU one of the most famous singer around South Korea.He thoght that she was his love but little did he know someone is comming and will change their lives completely. Life can be a B*tch sometime but what would hapen if 2 person's from different country's, state's, personalities Cross paths with each other would they hate each other or would they love and do anything for each other.... Sooooo this is my first FF sorry for every grammar mistake i hope you like it the book is inspired by other FF's and Book's i have read this FF will contain mature content 😏 🔞😏 Hope you will have fun reading this Sooo lets get started The Boss and The Idol a Jungkook FF My first book Contain's mature content The photo's aren't mine so the credits go to the rightful owners This is a story based on my fantasy so its not true thanks for reading

Romance / Mystery
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The lie

When truth is replaced by silence,the silence is a lie.

~Yevgeny Yevtushenko

Doctor:She lost a lot of blood she is okay but we have to find her blood tybe if not she will fall in koma.

Mrs.Kim:Lina what is he talking i dont understand

Lina:Mrs.Kim we have to give her blood or else se would be in koma

Mrs.Kim started to cry the doctor started to talk english for her to understand

Doctor:Miss if we dont give her blood we will lost her

Mrs.Kim:That's the problem we don't have her blood tybe either me nor my husband

She started crying even more

Lina:What is her blood type

Doctor:Its AB- its rare

Lina:That's my blood tybe i will give it too her

Doctor:Are you shure it's not time to experiment

Lina:Doctor if you will fucking continue to talk than she will have no time any more

It went silent mrs.Kim looked at me she was speechless

Mrs Kim P.O.V

Doctor:Fine let's go

Lina:Don't worry she will be fine im gona take care of that stay here


I was speechless how could a girl do this to someone that she doesn't know.

I was very gratefull that she helped me i will definitely replay her this if my daughter will survive i will be thankful to Lina for the rest of my life

Author's P.O.V

Mrs.Kim was waiting at the meantime

Someone arrived it was a man in a suit he looked very important as he saw his wife he run to her and hugged her

Mrs.Kim:uli ttal-eun mianhada(our daughter im sorry) mian hamnida(im sorry)

She was crying her eye's out she was putting the fault on herself

???:Gwaenchanh-a,gwaenchanh-a(it's okay)geugeon ne jalmos-i aniya.(it's not your fault)shhhh geunyeoneun gwaenchanh-eulgeoya.(she will be okay)

Mrs Kim:Jagi naneun dulyeowo(I am afraid)

Ms.Kim:haji mala(don't be)ulineun uli ttal-eul wihaeseo ganghaeyahanda(we must be strong for our daughter)

He was silently crying he never thought of losing his own daughter he loved her and would do anything for her he was afraid that her beautiful face will not shine anymore who would he tell the story's that he has lived he never thought of that.He couldn't lose another one not again.

But little did Ms.Kim know that another person would be in his life and would do anything for her

Lina's P.O.V

As the doctor was taking my blood i looked at the child she looked beautiful she was laying in the bed she looked like a 13 year old my thoughts were interrupted as the doctor spoke

Doctor:thanks you can go now

Lina:Yes please take care of her

Doctor:I will do my best miss

As i was walking to Mrs.Kim i saw a man hugging her i approached them

Lina:Exsuse me Mrs.Kim im done

They looked at me The man was confused he asked me

Mr.Kim:Who are you what do you want

He was annoyed thinking she is a paparazzi and wants to ask him some questions

Mrs.Kim:she is the one who helped me and our daughter without her

She started crying

Mrs.Kim:without her she wouled have died

She got up and hugged me i was surprised but i eventually hugged back

Ms.Kim:You saved my daughter thank you

He pulled me to a hug I was a little uncomfortable but i felt save at his arm's like my own dad

He thank me 100 time's just wenn i wantet to speak the doctor came

Author's P.O.V.

Doctor:She is okey the blood was a mach you can visit her but she needs to rest

Mr.Kim:Blood what Blood

Mrs.Kim:Lina gave her blood to our

daughter without Lina she wouldn't be alive Lina thank you

Mr.kim just lisent he was confused why a girl would give strangers blood but he was thankful and though he would researche about her later

Mr.Kim:Thank you Lina i will pay you back just name me the prise

Lina was speechless how could this man think i did this for money i was angry at that point

Lina:Im sorry but i dont want anything how are you thinking that i did this for MONEY-she yelled

Mr.Kim:Then Why did you do IT

Lina:I did it because i couldn't let her die even if i don't know her she did nothing bad to me so i did it Mrs.Kim i sorry for yelling im gonna go my pernents must be waiting for me i will wisit tomorrow if it is okay

Mrs.Kim:Yes Lina i will be waiting

With that she went off and got home but she did not know that will be the last day at her home

Lina's P.O.V

As i got home i noticed some shoes there were expensive shoes the only one who has this was my biggest enemy as i got inside there was silence till i spoke


She got inside the living room I saw him the person who i hate the most who i wish would die he was smirking at me at the tabel where photos i was confused till he spoke

???:wow there you are any comment on what are you doing

He smirked and licked his lips

Lina:What are you talking about

???:You know what you did fucking around with old people disgusting i never though you are such a bitch

Lina:What i never did such thing's what are you talking the only bitch here is you You fucki..

I was interrupted by dad's yelling

Dad:Enough dont talk like that to your brother without him you wouldn't have enjoyed the thing's you have show some respect and he is right what have you been doing


STOP yelled my mother i was shocked she nerve yells until she spoke

Mom:Don't talk anymore here look at yourself i never rised you like this

I was confused like fuck until i saw the picture's it was me hugging Mr.Kim

Mom:See yourself i don't want a daughter like you

Lina:Mom i swere i never did this its a misunderstanding please

I was crying mom just looked at me in a disgusting way

???:What misunderstanding Lina the photo's shows it you are disgusting

Lina:shut up Jonny you did this didn't you just to se me hurt and broke you liar

As i said that i fell my cheek burn i looked up and saw my father he looked at me at his eye's were hate and anger

Lina:Dad believe me

Dad:shut up you are not my daughter anymore live this house i don't wana see you again

My mother was surprised even Jonny looked surprised but he smirked and looked at me I slowly god up and talked

Lina:I know you don't want any explanation but i will expect your decision i will leve but one thing father I would never do something that will put shame on you I will still love you but i see your love is gonn for me i will leave tonight and you will never se me again

Mom:Lina look

Lina:Thank you for raising me thank you for giving me the love and all the thing's i wanted i will never forget that

I turnd around and go to my room i started packing and crying i took my money that i saved since i was 10 and looked at it there was 3 thousands €

It was enought to survive for some day's as I was done packing he came to my room

Jonny:Wow i never though he will be this angry but it amused me now do you regret not doing what i told you too it's not to late the offer it's still there just say yes

Lina:Fuck you i die than saying yes too you bitch just wait i will tell everybody your secret and you will fall down

He laught like he was a psycho

Jonny:Hahaha I don't think soo i just destroyed you you have nothing i almost fell sorry hmmm do you want to come to my house you can be my slave hahahah

I just looked at him he was right dad won't believe me since i made one mistake they will not believe me they hate me

Lina:I hate you i will never come to you fuck of

He was angry and he went outside i go to the bathroom and wore my clothes

I took my bag and got down stairs they were laughing with him the bitch i hate him as i went there they look at me silence was over the room till i spoke

Lina:Im leaving

Dad:Oh you are still here what do you need money go and take it to the person you fucked with

It hurt but i won't cry not in front him not in front Jonny mom looked at my she was sad i could tell she didn't want this and was hurt too

Lina:No Mr.Beka i am here to say my goodbye

He was shocked he looked at me speechless he was looking at my bag and saw that i was really living he just looked at me

Lina:good bye i hope you will have a grat life with jonny but none of you know what he really did

Dad:At least he didn't put shame on my name

Lina:You don't know what he did and when you would know you wouldn't be talking like this but you will not believe me even if i told you so good bye I will love you till the end

I got out of the house i heard mom calling for me but i was to late I was. in the bus going nowhere and silently crying

Mr.Kim's P.O.V

I was reading her information i was impressed she was smart caring and kind a perfect daughter but there was somthing off i looked at her data and i saw something interesting a mistake so she isn't so prefect as i was reading my worker came inside he looked like he had run a marathon i was confused till he spoke

Worker:Boss the girl here

He handed me some new information i was surprised and i fellt guilt over me

Mr.Kim:What happened i don't understand

Worker:She is at a hotel right now shall i go to her and get her

Mr.Kim:No kepp an eye on her

Worker:Yes boss

Soo she is related to him but she hate him too she is interesting she almost reminds me of her but that's impossible she died along with her

As i was reading I saw it she is her but how

Mr.Kim:She is .....

Who is mr.kim talking about who is who find out in the next chapter

To be continue

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