The boss and the idol jungkook ff

1 Month??

Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind.

~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

Someone's P.O.V

Girl 1:I hate her I just hate her how can someone be so cruel

Girl 2:What happened this time???

Girl 1:You know i had an report to do for the other companies how much we are winning from them and i give it to her and

Gril 2:Anddd???

Girl 1:And she just cut it with scissors in front of me and said if i don't do the report for tomorrow she will fire me i hate her

Girl 2:You know that boss never screams to workes who did the job right she tactically compliments them and if the job was hard she gives extra money so no she is not cruel

Girl 1:Okey but what about when she is always cold even if we joke she just said get to work this is not a cirkus

Girl 2:Of course she is cold she doesn't trust us and she the niece of Mr.Kim of course she is like him and she is only 16 year's and she controls the biggest company in The Asian countries so for my opinion she is awesome

Girl 1:Ahh whatever do you think she will come today

As girl 1&2 were talking someone came and told everyone that she is coming

Girl 3:Girl's she is coming

Girl 1&2:Who

Girl 3:The boss

Lina's P.O.V

As i was sleeping Someone woke me up

???:Wake up Mr.Kim wanted to talk to you in the company

Lina:Tell uncle today i have free so night

As i said that i was out of the bed he just pushed me out from my own bad

Lina:Yahhh Kang Soobin i will fire you are you crazy

Mr.Kang:No you can't fire me and yes i am so get your ass up and come we don't have time

Lina:I know you love me

Mr.Kang:In your dreams

Ahhh i looked at my room it's ben 2 week's since I left home and now i live alone i got up and went to the balcony and just smiled so many thinks changed but I am still the same

Then i got into the bathroom and wore this:

I went downstairs and saw Soobin he and I were now wery close he understands me and knows me

Mr.Kang:Yahh i thought you have fallen on the toilet

Lina:Ha ha ha i dying of that gooddd joke

Mr.Kang:I know that you love them

Lina:I can't live without them

Mr.Kang:See i knew it now let's eat

We started eating and i started thinking about that boy i run over it's been 1 month and i still didn't find him who is this boy

Mr.Kang:Come on let's go

Lina:Yeah come on

We got into the car and then i heard Soobin saying

Mr.Kang:My baby you look beautiful

Lina:Are you complementing my car right now

Mr.Kang:It's our car if you don't remember you gave it to me

Lina:Whatever let's go

Mr.Kang:Yeah i told the company that we are coming

Lina:Good i hate it when i see that they are not working but just chatting

Mr.Kang:Lina why don't you try to be friends with them

Lina:Why should I

We were in the car hedding to the company i was thinking about my past friends

Mr.Kang:Lina i don't know why but you should attest try be more kind

Lina:Hmm no thank you I dont need people who will betray me if i don't have money or somthing they wanted

Mr.Kang:You never told me why do you thing like this who maked you think like this

Lina:You will never know and besides i have EXO we are friends i don't need anyone ellse

Mr.Kang:Like you wish.

I sorry i cant tell you Soobin but even my uncel doesn't know about him that he ...He maked me like this

We continued to drive to the company it was silent till there

Mr.Kang:We are here let's go

We got outside and people well looking at me and starting to take pictures as we got inside the company everybody was working

Lina:Good morning everyone

As i said that everyone was confused sice i never spoked to them or greeded them the only time i talked to them is just business nothing more As i got to the elevator Soobin smirked at me


Mr.Kang:Is someone listening to me

Lina:Ahh Soobin fuck off

Mr.Kang:Someone is trying to listen

Lina:Dear Soobin if you not shut up you will be my new punch bagg

Mr.Kang:Oki sorry

Lina:What does Unce whant from me

Mr.Kang:I don't know but he said it important

As he said that the elevator whent open and we headed to the office

Author's P.O.V

Mr.Kim:Lina dear welcome

Lina:Hello uncle what do you want from me something important

Mr.Kim:Look at yourself

He headed her a newspaper and she was speechless

Lina:Wow im in the newspaper 😂😂

Mr.Kim:Yeah you are im proud of you i never thought you will be so successful in one month i needed 20 year's and i wasn't so successful but you in 1 month just brought the company from number 6 to number 1 im very proud to have you in the family you are just like your mother

Lina:You meen step mother you still didn't told me about my past when are you planning to tell me

Mr.Kim:When you finish the task I will give to you

Lina:What task

Mr.Kim:You will know later now get to work

Lina:Yes boss

Jungkook P.O.V

As i was editing my vidio Namjoon hyung came and called me

Namjoon:Jungkook we have a metting with the manager

Jungkook:Really i didn't know sorry

Namjoon:Yah check your phone sometimes i have called you 100 times

Jungkook:sorry i

Namjoon:It's okay now come on let's go

We were heading to the office as we got in we sat down and the manager spoke

Manager:Soo since TXT are dabuting

We are planning to work with DB enterprises

Suga:For this shit you woke me up why do we care with who you want to work

Manager:Suga this is not just an company this is The company

Namjoon:What do you mean

Manager:I mean i we will work with them you will be more successful than you are

Jin:I dont get it

Manager:You will have access to the modeling acting and more if we will work with them

J-hope:So why are you not doing it

Manager:The CEO is a bitt

Jimin:A bitt what

Manager:Arrogant,cold.cruel ect.. So she will not agree

Teahyung:She so the CEO is a She

Manager:Yes and she is younger than you guys

Suga:So what do we need to do

Manager:For now we will look for her information and then tell you guys and you will gain her trust so she will work with us

Jungkook:So you want us to manipulate her just for money and fame no thank you

As i wanted to get up the manager spoke

Manager:Do you think we don't know that you are in a relationship With IU

Where did he know that fuck it

Manager:If you want to be with her you will have to do this don't you understand that this is an opportunity to do what you guys always wanted

Jin:We don't want to manipulate

Manager:You are not manipulating because the Boss of the Company agrees to it

J-hope:I dont understand

Jungkook:Me either

Manager:The boss said that she liked you guys she is basically an army so she won't agree because of her pride so that's why being friends with her will change her mind

Jimin:okay we are in what's next

Manager:Nothing you can go now i will call you when we have new information


Manager:Jungkook wait


Manager:How much are you planning to be with her


Manager:Haha nothing is forever im telling you to be careful

Jungkook:Yes sir i will

I got up as i was to the door the manager spoke

Manager:IU is not what you think she is bye

What was that what???

Jungkook:bye sir

What did he mean i don't understand aghh forget it Jungkook and let's go

Author's P.O.V

Suho was talking to him telling him about Lina

???:Suho you must be patient we will destroy her after she will be more successful okay

Suho:I don't understand why

???:Because than the Company will be ours and she will be gone did you gain her trust

Suho:Not really Kai and Byun Baek-hyun are more closer to her she doesn't have time

???:I told you to be friends with her how did it happen that they met

Suho:Lina helped them that bitch acting all kind and cute she doesn't know that i know who she really is

???:Na na na suho don't be angry everything is going as planed go now and be patient be friends with her go now

Suho:Yes boss i will

With that he left and someone called

On the phone

???:What a surprise did you miss me so much

???:I have a deal

???:ohh Jonny jonny what deal

Jonny:I will tell you her weeknes if you help me

???:Good boy let's talk i will be waiting in Korea

Jonny:Im on my way

End of phone call

???:Lina lina hahahahaa wait in 2 month's you will be in hell together with anyone you love hahahhaah

Lina's P.O.V

Lina:Fuck that was a wird dream but who was he

Who was lina dreming about who is he and with wo will Bts work what did the Manager mean that IU is not who he thinks she is find out in the next chapter

To be continue

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