The boss and the idol jungkook ff


The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart

~St. Jerome


???:No no no plz don't come near me plzz no i beg you Jonny

Jonny:You i always saw you as my women nothing else

???:But i saw you as a friend

Jonny:You know that you remind me of her that's why i took you

???:Who is she

Jonny:The love of my life now stop talking let's have some fun

???:No no no please i beg you Jonny don't tuch me no no

Jonny:Shhhh i know you will like it

End of dream

Lina:Nooo don't touch her

I was breathing havy as i remembered what jonny did what he said

Lina:The love of my life you never will be like her

He is such a psycho ahhh let's wake up

Lina:But why does he love ahhh whatever

I got to the bathroom and then went to my walkin clothed as i got in it was emty and i screamed

Lina:Kang Soobinnnnn

Mr.Kang:Yahh what happend


Mr.Kang:Ohh i forget to tell you that your clothes and everything else is at your new house

Lina:New HOUSE is Uncle serious about this really i should live with BTS i dont understand why he is doing this and living with 7 strangers

Mr.Kang:They arent strangers okay you know them and you are a ARMY its a dream come true

Lina:That is the problem im an Army

Mr.kang:I dont understand

Lina:You cant understand now give me some FUCKING clothes because i dont want to go nude to work

Mr.Kang:You can go if you want there wont be any problem you know

Lina:YAHHHH you perverted pice of shit do you want to die give me clothes now

Mr.Kang:Ahh to bad here take them

he handet me some clothes and i just death glared at him and he just giggled as he got out wore this:

Lina:WOW Soobin knowes my style im satisfied😁😁

I got downstairs and saw Soobin

Lina:Let go now

Mr.Kang:Im so exited to see the new house

Lina:Don't worry we will be out there in just 1 week

Mr.Kang:What are you planning

Lina:😏😏😏Nothing lets go


Meanwhile Jonnys P.O.V

I was Sleeping and Dreamed about her she is so Beautiful but she chooesed the wrong site

Jonny:Ahh babby i want you so bad but if I cant have you then no one will

worker:Boss He wants to talk to you

Jonny:Tell him am on my way

Worker:Yes boss

Jonny:Im comming Lina be ready becauese im gonna distroy you like you did to me

Meanwhile Bts P.O.V

Jin:Soo we are now going to live with a girl its Strange

Jhope:No its not its a bit confuseing but you get used to it

Jungkook:Yah she is older so she was more mature but Lina is 16 a teenager they are so ughh why do we have to do this

Jimin:Yah jungkook even if she is 16 that doesn't meen she is immature

Teahyung:Yeah im kinda excited to meet her i hope she is kind

Namjoon:I am looking forward to meet her i meen she has a billion dollar company I must say Jungkook she doesn't sem immature to me

Suga:And she was damm sexy

Bts without suga:WHAT SUGA

Suga:Yeah im saying the truth come on she was nice looking

Jungkook:How can you like a teen

Suga:How can you like a noona

Bts without suga&Jk:Uuuuuuuuuu

Jungkook:She is mature she ia 100% better than this Lina she can sing she is Beautiful and

*Suga interrupted*

Suga:Lina can not be comped to IU

Jungkook:That is..

*Suga interrupted*

Suga:Because IU is to low for Lina so compering her to lina will just se how low class she is

All of bts was shooked since he never said something this bad about someone

Jin:Yah suga he loves her dont be so


Jungkook:Hyung i respect you but if you will fucking continue to talk bad about my girlfriend i will not shut my mouth

Suga:If you have respected me you wouldn't be with IU but you are

It went silent and then jhope spoke

Jhope:Suga he loves her this isn't about us

Suga:You don't know who she really is

With that they didn't speak all of bts was thinkin but the most confused one was jungkook since to people told him the same thing

Author's P.O.V

As jonny got in the office he saw him and his daughter

Jonny:You called me

???:Yes come and sit

He sit and looked at his daughter

???:She is Beautiful just like her mother now tell me about her secret

Jonny laughed and said


???:Are you kidding me


He laughed like there was no tomorrow

???:I didn't know that this will be so easy but why are you telling me this

Daughter:Because she rejected him

It went silent for a moment

Jonny:Yes so i want her to fel pain like i did for the past year's

???:Jonny tell the story

Jonny:Why should I

???:If you want me to destroy her tell me the secret

Jonny:As my parents died I was alone had to teke the company over i was lonely but Lina came and she gave me love so i started to love her more as days pased she wanted to couple me with her bff so i couldn't refuse so i dated her i was later jealous because she found a boyfriend and her bff was just annoying but she remained me of lina so i took her to my house and maked her as my slave of course it was good but after some time i lost interest and killed her lina was sad as i told her she was shooked and jusy nod the next thing was her boyfriend ohhh he loved her but one threat from me and he did as i told him to do of course she came to me asking for help and i felt good to see her in pain but I had to punish her so i let her 1 month in prison as she got out i helped her and one day I told her to be my women and she will have anything but she just laughed and said what a good joke then i lost it i took her to my house and told that i love her she said that i need help that we are blood related and she walked out and i told her that if she doesn't take my offer she will live in hell and she walked out So i promised my self that if i cant have her no one will

???:So sad Lina need to be punished and i will make sure for that you can go now

Jonny:Yes boss

As he got out the daughter spoke

Daughter:Do you trust him

???:of course not after killing Lina he will be dead to but after sining the contract

Daughter:What about Suho

???:Ahhh suho what a shame he is just like his father

Daughter:Like Mr.lee

???:Ahhh Mr.lee i killed him and im gonna kill his daughter

Daughter:You meen step daughter

???:Suho doesn't know that Mr.Lee is his father it was so easy to manipulate a little boy now he thinks that Lina is at fault ahhh this is so good

Daughter:What is my mission

???:Go and find her and bully her

Daughter:What am i not gonna gain her trust

???:No no no lisen do as i say meke her life hell

Daughter:Yes father

???:Good ahhh this will be so fun

But little did he know someone was listening to them

???:You are gonna pay for this...

Who was listening and does jonny still love Lina who is he and his daughter find out in the next chapter

To be continue

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