The boss and the idol jungkook ff


A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

~Walter Winchel

Author's P.O.V

IU:Jagi do you think they will like me

Jungkook:Ohh noona they will

IU:Kookie will i sleep with you

Jungkook:😏of course noona

IU:I hope the other's don't mind

Jungkook:Why are you so innocent it makes me love you more

IU:Yahh stop it

Jungkook:We are here

As they got instide the house IU smirked anf then spoke

IU:Kookie i want to meet the other's

Jungkook:okey i will call them

Then Jungkook screamed and everyone came

Mr.Kang:Wait where is Lina

Jimin:She was in her room i saw her

Mr.Kang:Linaaa come

Lina:Just give me 5 min

Mr.Kang:okay let's sit

As they sat down they heard heels

They looked up and saw her they were speechless how could she look so beautiful

Mr.Kang:And you told me that you don't like him

Lina:Why don't you like it

Mr.Kang:It shows to much skin

Lina just smirk and looked at the boys there she was IU lina through let's teas a little bitt

Lina:Boys do you like my dress

Suga:You look beautiful

All agreed but not Jungkook

Lina:Hmm There is a girl here im asking you what do you think IU

IU laughed and said

IU:Good not bad

Lina:Jungkook what about you

He just looked at her

He thought she looked awesome but the dress was to short he was angry to think how man will look at her IU noticed that and was angry too and Lina just smirked and spoke

Lina:Im going on a date soo don't wait for me I will be late

Jungkook:The rule is at 10 o'clock is sleeping time so be home at 9

Lina:Hmm no thank you I have a date so the rules don't apply to me

Mr.Kang:Actually Jungkook is right but it's about work so you are free

Jungkook:Okay since everyone is here i like to introduce my girlfriend IU

IU:Hello im IU nice to meet you all

Jhope:Nice to meet you to

Lina:Soo IU how long are you both together

IU:3 month's

Tae:What and Kook you didn't tell me

Jungkook:im sorry hyung but we like it to kepp a secret

Lina:Yeah if it came out that They are together the internet would explore

Mr.Kang:Yeah that is true but if you will date him the world will explore

Jimin:Yah who is him

As he said that the door ring and one of the worker's opend it and he came in

???:Hello beautiful

Lina:Lucas hello

He got and kissed her cheeks

Lucas:You look to beautiful for me to resist you know that

As he said that lina saw Jungkook face he was angry and she liked that

Lina:Who is asking you to hold back

As she said that jungkook just got up and got to them Bts was confused of his actions why is he doing this

Jungkook:Hello who are you

Lucas:Im Lucas Ceo of LC enterprises and Lina's sont to be boyfriend you

Jungkook:boyfriend i don't think so she is to young for a boyfriend

Lucas:Age doesn't meter in love and im 19 so its cool

Lina:So we are going guys see you leter IU it was nice meeting you

With that they left and Jungkook yelled at Soobin

Jungkook:Yah how can you let her go what if he does somthing

Mr.Kang:Yahh she is not young anymore and she likes him so chill

Jungkook:Im going

Namjoon:Yah where

Jungkook:Jogging bye

With that he left

Suga:Let him so he knows what he is doing

Lina's P.O.V

omg he lookes good i admit maybe i can like him

Lina:Soo where are we going

Lucas:Its a surprise

Lina:I love surprises

We had fun the drive was comfortable and we arived

Lina:OMG Lucas this is so beautiful

Lucaa:Glad you like it

Lina:Like it I love it

I gave him kiss on his cheek and after I realise what I did i blushed

Lucas:Ahh you are so cute but hot at the same time

I blushed even more

We order what we wanted and then talked

Lucas:Soo tell me about yourself

Lina:Hmmm i don't have somthing you don't know

Lucas:Ahh come on plzzz

Lina:Oki i love the sea

Lucas:that is it ahhaha

Lina:But im afraid of it to


Lina:It many thing's that we don't know and in every corner could be danger so I am afraid of it But if you see it it's breath taking so calming and so mysterious

Lucas:Yeah true i never though of it

Lina:Now your turn

Lucas:It's not fair


Lucas:oki i tell you after you dance with me deal


We got up and danced it was awesome

Lucas:Can i kiss you plz

As he did that i was shooked

But what hapend next shooked me the most

He just got punched in the face

Lina:Yahh are you crazy

???:If you tuch her again i kill you

To be continue

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