The boss and the idol jungkook ff


Nothing can stop me from loving my brother.

~Brandy Norwood

???:If you tuch her again i kill you

Lina:Yahhh Suho What is you're problem Lucas are you okay

Lucas:Yeah i am

But what happen next was even more confusing lucas got punched again

Lina:Omg lucas

And the most confusing thing is who punched him

Lina:Jungkook what are you doing here are you 2 crazy omg lucas im sorry

Lucas:It's okay i meen such a beautiful woman must have man around her im gonna go now and I hope we will meet again

As he said that he kissed my cheeks and told his goodbyes but before that he whisperd somthing to jungkook and didn't seem so happy and Lucas left and i spoke


Suho:I need to talk to you

Lina:And you jungkook

Jungkook:I was....ammm i think....i don't know neither

Lina:Oki Suho speak

Suho:i want to talk to you alone

Lina:I have nothing to hide so speak

Suho:It's about our partners

Lina:Yahh Suho What are you talking my presents are at Y/C and our we are not related did you drink or what


Lina:what....i...know that My adopt parents didn't have a son

Suho:I know it's hard to believe but im your brother

Lina:No you aren't are you joking just to make me feel like this ...sob.....

Suho:No No We i remember you

Lina:Stop stop Uncle didn't tell me this

I was crying so much

Suho:He didn't know he thought i died i was taken away

He was interrupted by your scream

Lina:STOOP I DON'T...sob.... WANNA HEAR YOU .....sob....Im leaving Jungkook send me home

Suho:Lina sister plzz hear me out He..


And i started runing i didn't know where and i heard Jungkook calling me but i just run and stopped and cryed when i feelt some hands around me and it felt so good like im protected from everything and i turn and saw jungkook and huged him

He was surprised but hugged me back and told me

Jungkook:It's okay im here im here shhhhhh shhhhh

Lina:Jung....sob...kook ....sob...i...i....sob

Jungkook:Shh don't let it all out

When he said that i let it all out it was a strange feeling in his arm's like this it feelt good and i didn't want to let go after some time i calmed down and spoke

Lina:I don't want to go home can we stay at a hotel please

Jungkook:Okey but i don't have money with me

Lina:I have but just for a room

Jungkook:I sleep at the floor


Jungkook:Soo do you want me to sleep next to you

He smirked that idiot but it made me blush but i smirked and spoke

Lina:Why not

As i said that he's eye's grove wide and blushed and i just laughed at his cute bunny face

Lina:Is jungkook blushing

Jungkook:N-no im not

Lina:Omg jungkook is blushing

Jungkook:Stop am not blushing

I started to run and said blushing Jungkook is blushing Jungkook is blushing

He catches me and was hugging me from behind

Our body's where touching and our hands where together but it wasn't uncomfortable but it felt right

Jungkook:If you say that again im gona punish you

Lina:Oki Oki im sorry let's go

After the drive we went to the hotel i had money just for one room so we had to share one as we got inside it was beautiful

Lina:soo ummm who is gona sleep in the bed

Jungkook:Let's share the bed


Jungkook:Ahh come on it's nothing

Lina:Yahhh im not gonna sleep with you in one bed

Jungkook:Why are you afraid that you can not resist me

Lina:No it's i never sleeped with a boy before

Jungkook:You never had a boyfriend

Lina:Yes but we didn't sleep together

Jungkook:Ohhh so you had your first kiss


Jungkook:im going to sleep

Lina:Yah are you serious

Jungkook:Do what you want night

Lina:Ahhh Fuck you

Jungkook:My pleasure


As i got in the bed i was thinking about suho i need to talk to Uncle i need to find out the truth but my thinking was interrupted by Jungkook he was hugging me

And i smiled i loved this Feeling i think i am faling for him with that i feel asleep

Jungkook's P.O.V (Morning)

As i woke up i feelt someone on my chest

I liked this Feeling but what is this i feel the need to protect to be with her i never had this this feeling with IU what is this am.i falling for her no i love IU but why do i fell different with lina i was interrupted by Lina i looked at her and cherish her cheek

Lina:am i so beautiful

Jungkook:No now let's go


I almost got cought why do i feel like this i need to find out


Mr.Kim:How did she take it

Suho:Not good im afraid

Mr.Kim:Don't be she will understand

Suho:I wanted her dead my own sister

Mr.Kim:We all make mistakes im just glad we are together

Suho:But he...he wants to see her dead

Mr.Kim:yeah i know but i won't let that happen

Suho:Why does he hate her

Mr.Kim:He blames Lina for her death

Suho:I don't understand

Mr.Kim:You will when the time comes

Suho:I hope she is okay

Mr.Kim:Don't worry she is

Suho:What about IU

Mr.Kim:She is our last problem we have to take care of him

Suho:Yes we will


Lina:hello we are home

Jimin:where the hell where you

Jungkook:hyung chill.we are okay

Jin:YAHHH do you know i died what where you thinking

Lina:im sorry it's my fault

IU:Jungkook what where you thinking Hugh tell me what where you both doing huh tell me or i will go

Jungkook:Baby she was just sad and i just comforted her we did nothing i only have eye's on you

IU:Yahh i hope so it will be ashame if i would choose her

Jhope:what about her she is awesome

IU:Aha yes she is so awesome that even her family didn't want her

That was it lina lost it she went to her room crying

Suga:IU what was that

IU:The truth im going upstairs

Jungkook:I'll come with you

He was confused how did she know

Jungkook:How did you know

IU:About what

Jungkook:About Lina

IU was now surprised and kissed him

IU:aii come on im gonig to shower

As she got into the bathroom he said

Jungkook:Im starting to lose trust in you IU

What is going to happen is Lina falling for jungkook is suho linas brother will Jungkook find out about IUs true self and what about lucas find out in the next chapter

To be continue

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