The boss and the idol jungkook ff

The Beginning

Coming together is a beginning,keeping together is a progress, working together is succes..

~ Edward Everett Hale

Hello im Lina im 16 year's old and i go to hight school.I live with my perents I live in Y/C.I can draw and i can speak English,Albanian,German and French.

I have a crush i love BTS Jeon Jungkook im an Army.In 2 year's i will go to university and study Informatics but little did i know that would change in just a sekond...

Lina's P.O.V


I woke up from my alarm but it hit me i have 2 week's vacation yeeee i woke up and go to the bathroom.

I went downstairs and saw mom

Y/M:Hey sweetheart are you going somewhere

Lina:Yes im going to town shopping i saw beautiful things wanna come

Y/M:No i can't i have work to do sweetie.Take money and don't be late.

Lina:Ahhh mom am not 10 i know im going love ya.Hi dad Bye dad

Y/F:Yahh where are you gonig

Lina:Shopping see yaaa

Y/F:Have fun.Dont run or you will brake somthing aishh this kid

Lina:yeahh bye

I took the bus and go to town i went to the shopping center it was full people were buying like there was no tomorrow.I looked around and bought some cute stuff

I went outside and go to a coffee and sit there near the Window as I was drinking my coffee i saw a woman i saw that she wasn't from Y/C she was telling people somthing but they just ignore her she had a young child in her hands i paid my coffee and go to her she was crying i was confused why then i asked her

Lina:Can i help you


she was crying .She was Korean i know some word's but i dont understand it so much so i talked on English

Lina:May i help you can you speak English.

She looked up at me and talked

???:My daughter she is sick please hospital

I saw her daughter she was so pale i immediately called a taxi

Lina:Come im going to take you to the hospital

I took her to the hospital i called a doctor he took the child to the opperation room

Doctor:i will make an opperation if not she will die

I just nod and he went to the opperation room.i saw the mother she was crying so hard on the floor i slowly approached her

Lina:miss your daughter is going to be okay she is in the opperation room the doctor will do he's best

???:Thank you my chlid i don't know how to thank you

Lina:You dont have too i hope she is okay

???:I hope too.What is your name

Lina:My name is Lina Beka and yours

???:My name is Kim Jeahwuan

Lina:Do you want to call someone here the phone

Mis.Kim:Thank you my dear

She took the phone and called somebody then the doctor came he looked at us and sead

Doctor:She .......

What will happen did the daughter survive.Who was this Mis.Kim and what will she do to Lina....

To be continued

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