The boss and the idol jungkook ff


“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.”

~Richard Bach

Mr.Kim:she is Lee Lina


Y/M:She left she really left my daughter my sweetheart this is your fault

I was thinking she left she left her own family was i too rude ahhh but i was right she was putting dird on my name I don't know anymore my thoughts were interrupted from my wife she was crying

Y/M:How could you go and find her if not He will find her we almost lost her the first time and now its your fault go go or we will lost her my baby

Y/F:I can't she isn't comming nobody know who she really was or is she will be fine

Y/M:How how can you be so cruel she is your daughter god damm it

Y/F:yes she is but she will be better without ous if she would have been here He sonner or later would have found her and take her it's better this way im going to sleep

Y/M:I will never forgive you for what you have done and if something would happen to her i will kill you with my own hands

She cryed and i left as I enter her room i started crying i wish i didn't do that i wish i would never met him but what can i do he is to powerful what I did was for her of course she upseted me with that old man but i always have known for Jonnys dirty game's but i had to do it i had to if not..

Y/F:Im sorry my beautiful daughter im sorry i hope you will forgive me..


Lina's P.O.V.

As i was at the hotel i though someone was watching me but when i looked back there was now one so i didn't think to much and go to the reception

Lina:Hello i would like to reserv a smal room for 1 week.

Receptionist:Ah hello we have a room free but is to smal and it has a little bathroom since it wasn't used in such a long time we will drop the price a little bitt is that okay with you

Lina:Ah yes no problem how much?

Rec:it's 2000 € but since it's a little one we will make it 1300€ is that okay

Lina:wow yes absolutely here

Rec:Good here please signature and i need your ID


I gave har the ID i hope she won't ask me why such a young lady is coming at this late night in the hotel

Rec:Her miss the butler will help you find the room

Lina:Thank you bye

As i was walking behind the butler i thought of what am i gona do after this i need to find a job but who will except a 16 year old as i was thinking i didn't realized that i was at my room the butler left and i thanked him the room was beautiful i was surprised why it was so cheep

It was a small room but it was beautiful as i sat down i began to think what happened back home how could dad say that im not his daughter i didn't realize i was crying

I just sat there on the floor hugged my knees and cryed my heart out

For the first time i thought im not loved and i falled asleep


I woke up and i had pain every were

Lina:Ahhhh i have sleep at the floor screw it

I god up and remembered i have to go visit and her daughter and then find a job i took my phone and saw nobody called or texst i let a laugh

Lina:Who would have called me anyway no body want me

I took my clothes and went to the bathroom and i wore my clothes

I took my keys and went to the hospital when i arrived i saw there talking with the doctor and i called her

Lina:Mrs.Kim im here

When se saw me her face shined up she smiled and i smiled back

Mrs.Kim:You are here come on i want you to meet my daughter come As i got in i saw her and Unfortunately there was it just remains me of what jonny said he looked up at me and spoke

Mr.Kim:hello dear you look beautiful how are you

I was confused was he the person who told me yesterday that i helped because of money than i spoke

Lina:Thank you im fine i just came to see if everything is alright and then go

Mrs.Kim:Ohhh no my dear you will stay come this is my daughter

Author's P.O.V

???:Omma nuguseyo(Mom who is this

Mrs.Kim:geunyeoga neoleul guhaess-eo.(she saved you)ije yeong-eolo malhae(now speak English)

???:Arasso hello im Eui Kim Eui and you

Lina:My name is Lina Beka nice to meet you

Eui:You are cute you look older then me how old are you

Lina:Im 16 and you

Eui:Wow you are just one year older then me im 15 so i have to call you


Eui:Can you speak Korean

Lina:No i just know some word's its because i like BTS that's why

Eui:OMG is it true me too i love them my bias is V omg i love him he is so cute and sexy and OMG

Mr.Kim:Eui chill you can tell her just breathe

Eui:Appa you don't understand i found my BFF no i have found my soulmate lina will you be my BFF no will you be my sister

Lina:LOL yeah i would love to

Eui:Soo who is your bias

Lina:Hmmm im not goona tell you

Eui:Ahhh come onn plzzz


Mr.Kim P.O.V

I smiled they looked so beautiful my daughter was happy but i can tell lina was not she doesn't know who she is she doesn't know that im her uncle she doesn't know but i will protect her me and my wife i told her she was shocked but said its fate and im going to take her with me

Mr.Kim:Lina i want to talk to you

Lina:Yes of course bye Eui

Eui:Ahhh oki come tomorrow love ya bye

I laught at my daughter silliness she was so pure she loved a person just as she talked with them's talk to the roof

She nodded

We arrived at the roof and looked at her

Lina:what do you want to talk about is there any problem

Mr.Kim:I want to talk to you about your family

Lina:What are you talking about

Mr.Kim:I know that your Father abounded you that's why im telling you

Lina:STOP where do you know this who are you do you work with jonny

Mr.Kim:No i don't but hear me

Lina:No im going i don't wanna see you again

Mr.Kim:If you go you would never know the truth

Lina:What truth

Mr.Kim:I will tell you if you....

To be continue

What do you think will happen who is HE and what does mr.Kim know is he really her uncle find out in the next chapter

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