The boss and the idol jungkook ff


The present is the ever moving shadow that divides yesterday from tomorrow. In that lies hope.

~ Frank Lloyd Wright

Mr.Kim:I will tell you if you will come to South Korea with me

Lina:What are you crazy i don't even know you and you except me to go with you to Korea are you kidding me

Mr.Kim:Lina im serious you are somebody wery important you just don't know who

Lina:I don't believe one thing what you are saying im gonig


Lina:Where do you know about him

Mr.Kim:So you remember the dog i gave to you

Lina:You gave me pagasus that is impossible my dad gave it to me

Mr.Kim:No you don't remember you were raised in Korea from your childhood till 5 years

Lina:What im 100% Y/R(your religion)

Mr.Kim:That's true but it's complicated

Lina:Complicated hahaha im laughing do you know when a stranger tells you that you where raised in korea for fucking 6 year's and does that mean my parents aren't my real ones

Mr.Kim:Not exactly they are your real parents


Mr.Kim:You know that im telling the truth come with me and i will tell you everything

Lina's P.O.V

I was thinking should i go i have nothing to lose anyway my parents hate me they don't want me even if i go they wouldn't care and there is something he knows about my childhood because i can't remember it my parents said i don't have to remember it because it's nothing good to remember so this is confusing I think he knows somthing but going with him i was sacred then i spoke

Lina:How can i trust you

Mr.Kim:you can't

I was confused he was saying come trust me and in a secont he telles me you can't he is so confusing

Mr.Kim:if you want to know the truth believe me and trust me

Lina:I will come with you under one condition

Mr.Kim:A condition name it

Lina:You will help me destroy...

Mr.Kim:Jonny Beka

How did he know Does he know what he did i looked at him speechless then he spokw

Mr.Kim:i don't know what he did too you that you hate him so much but okay i will now signature this

I was confused what was this contract it was at Korean so I didn't understand it

Mr.Kim:don't worry its a business contract sing it

I obeyed and sing it and i hoped i wouldn't regret it later

Mr.Kim:good girl now go and pack your stuff a car will be waiting in front of your hotel don't be late we are going tonight

Lina:Tonight I......I....

Mr.Kim:You can't go home


Mr.Kim:Im afraid if you go you will not come back so no

I sighed and nodded

Lina:Yes sir

Mr.Kim:don't call me sir call me uncle plz since you will be living with us and you goona take over call me uncle

Take over what does he mean with take over i went at the hotel and packed my things a tear escaped my eye

As i though all was a lie everything but no im gonna be strong and tell the world who i am and i will destroy Jonny and tell the world who he really was i got up and waited outside till a car came and he called me

???:Miss Lina i here to take you to the airport

Lina:And who are you

???:Im your bodyguard and personal assistant and driver my name is Kang Soobin

Lina:okay let's go

He was attractive but why was he my personal assistant and driver what are they so important as i got in the car i was thinking about my past here and perents my 2 mistakes everything we arrived and i was surprised like what the hell how rich are thay

Thay were wanting for me Eui was happy she was sitting on the wheelchair as i got out she streamed

Eui:Linaaaaaaa sister

Lina:Hello im here

Mrs.Kim:Hello my daughter welcome to your new family

What new family

Mr.Kim:Let's get in we don't have time to waiste come

As i got in i was amazed like wow

Eui saw that i was shooked and laught

Eui:yeah it's amazing isn't it this is nothing competed to Our house you will love it

She was so kind that i just laughed and nodded

After some time i falled asleep untill we landed as i got out Eui screamed

EUI:Hello Korea

Yes inded hello Korea

To be continue.....

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