The boss and the idol jungkook ff


There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.

~George Sand

Lina's P.O.V

I was sleeping until someone woke me up

???:Unnniieee wake up

Lina:Ahhh Eui give me just 5 min

Eui:Nooo come on we will go shopping today plz

Lina:Ahhh okay now go i will be downstairs in 20 min

Eui:Oki just come

As she got out i looked at my room

Yeah it's been 2 day's that im here but im still not used to it im kinda happy Mrs.Kim treats me like im her daughter and Mr.Kim or should i say uncle spoiles me he gives me everything i would love this place more if i didn't have to study yeah i have to study and i have to learn Korean Japanese Chinese Taiwanese Spanish Italian Wow right so many languages but Mr.Kim said i have to learn this languages because it's for the company the different between me and Eui is that im treated like a Hier of the family everybody respect me and did what i tell them to do I had a privet teacher and i had too learn about business statistics math I didn't understand why i had to but Mr.Kim said the same thing You have to take over it's why you are here you were raised from 2 most famous and strongest people on the world so if you go in the public they will se you as them and look up to you.It was confusing what the hell he was talking about but i just nodded the only think that he told me was that my name is now Lee Lina i didn't ask to much because i was afraid to learn more about my past so Mr.Kim said the he would tell me when the time comes so I trust him today im going shopping with Eui and see the town i kinda fell like i belong here and Eui tretes me like a bigger sister its funny she even asked Mrs.Kim that i should be her math teacher because she understand it better with me its so funny she is so cute and pure and beautiful she was like a princess in the house funny what Love can do even if we aren't blood related they love me and i fell safe here as i looked at my room i slowly god up and got to the bathroom and it's amazing

As i was done i got to my walk in closest and wore this:

And got downstairs i go to the dinning room and Eui spoke

Author's P.O.V

Eui:I waited for you 19 minutes

Lina:Ha I am in time 😏😏

Eui:Yeah how can you do this i get ready for 1.

Lina:the difference little sis is that i don't put 2 Ton make up

Eui:Hhhhhh wow that was a diss

Lina:I know

The to girl's started laughing they where happy and Mr.Kim was happy when he saw this he thought that Lina should have everything what se wanted and he was gonna make shure that happens but he was afraid of Him that he findes out she is here but little did he know someone was watching them

Eui:Omma appa we are going

Mr.Kim:okay but don't be late your mother has gone to the firm she will come later

Lina:don't worry uncle we will be fine and we will come in time

Mr.Kim:I know you both are my sunshines and Lina you are the boss so what ever happens

Lina:I have to take responsibility

Mr.Kim:You are learning fast as i see in 2 month you will be the person you wanted to be

Lina:Yes i will and we both know who is the first one

Eui:Yahhhh what are you talking about who is the first one cere to tell

Lina:It's nothing just some business talk it's nothing to important so let's go bye uncle

Eui:bye appa

Mr.Kim:Bye sweeties love you both

He was concerned about Lina why does she want to destroy Jonny it makes him more curious about this but what it is

Mr.Kim:I hope she will tell me

Lina P.O.V

As i was walking i looked everything it was beautiful I was fascinated and i was excited to be in the place where Bts was or Exo or Nct I was happy and i didn't realize that Eui was so far away from me i sighed and looked at my drawing book

(I really draw this😁)

And put it in my bagg and started to run but i run over a man and apologised

Lina:Im sorry (so the conversation is in korean)

???:Oh no it's my fault I didn't look where i was walking sorry

Lina:No it's my fault im sorry i have to go goodbye

???'s P.O.V

Wow she run over me and she apologised and than she run away again she was beautiful and she spoke perfectly korean but she was not my type as I wanted to continue i saw a book on the floor

I took it and laught so she is an ARMY and a telented one but what is her name my thoughts were interrupted from girl's screams

Gril:OMG its him oppa i love you

And i stated to run the girls where runing after me ahh i hate this as nuch as i love them i hate this good that hyung was waiting for me

???:Kookie come on let's go you just toled everyone that we are here

Jungkook:Aishhh suga hyung im sorry i didn't know that they will recognise me

Suga:What is that

Jungkook:Ahh yes i run over a girl and this had fallen from her bagg

Suga:Wow she can draw what is her name

Jungkook:I don't know it's something i would like to know

Suga:Oooo is someone in love

Jungkook:No the only person i love is her and you know that

Suga:oki oki let me see ha i found it


Suga:Her name every artis has either a signature or her name in the drawing she has her name

Jungkook:Where do you know that

Suga:You know when your brother draw me he told me this so yeah

Jungkook:soo what is her name

Suga:i thought you aren't interested

Jungkook:im not i just wanna return this to her

Suga:Ooo i do it don't worry

Fuck it he won't tell me aghhh i want to know the name i don't know why but i want to know her aghhhh Jungkook you have IU and no boddy else aghhh why am i thinking now

Suga:It's Lina


Suga:Her name is Lina

Jungkook:why are you telling me this now

Suga:aghhh don't talk it's annoying

Jungkook:Oki thanks i guess

Suga:Fuck of im sleeping

Wow he can literally sleep everywhere but he works to much and it's tired I fell proud to have him as a friend and Lina its not Korean who are you i hope to see you again

Lina's P.O.V

The day was amazing and me and Eui headed home as i got to my room i took my bagg to start drawing but it isn't in my bagg i put it in here

Lina:I put it in my bagg where is it noooo

I was thinking where i let it and fuck i remembered the boy he has it ahhhhhh how how could i be so dumb and not close my bagg aghhh i have to find him because in there was ny work form 9 year's i will find him

Author's P.O.V

He was laughing and was happy

???:Lee Lina you are finally home hahahahhahaha

He laughed and laughed


???:ahh Sehun what is it are you not treaning EXO will have a debut why are you here

Sehun:I want to take responsibility over the girl

He was smirking he know that Sehun always wanted to know about her

???:And why should I give you that

Suho:You told me it's her fault that it happen and i want revenge

He was smirking even more because his plan was going as he wanted to

???:Oki i will let you but don't make any problem or you know what will happen

Suho:Yes boss

???:Good now go


???:Ahh and Suho don't tell this anyone we wouldn't like it if we have a scandal you coming to another firm don't we

Suho:Yes boss don't worry

Suho left and he was happy and said

???:Lee Lina im gonna kill you together with anyone you love because without you she she aghhh i will destroy you together with Mr.Kim


To be continue

What will happen and who is him why was Suho involved in this and why did he want revenge see in the next chapter

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