The Valhalla Crystal


On the Hooligan ships, they still had a way to go until they reached Berserk.

Gobber was kept busy sharpening swords and axes, every now and again he would turn to look out over the ocean. He had sharpened most of the weapons back on Berk before they left, he was just doing it now to kill time. Like everyone else on board, he was worried about Hicca.

He knew she was tough, much tougher than most people realised, but Dagur was vicious. He’d seen the kind of things Dagur did to Hicca when they were children, trying to drown her, leaving her in the woods at night, causing an avalanche to fall on her. Gobber didn’t tell Stoick about the extent of Dagur’s attempts, for fear it would cause a fight between the two tribes. But there had been one time that really stuck with Gobber, back when Hicca was 8 and Dagur had been 12. Dagur had locked her in the arena, back when it had been the killing ring, he had then pulled the lever to release the Monstrous Nightmare.

When the dragon flew out of its cage, Hicca barely had a chance to react. Thankfully the dragon flew up to the cage roof of the arena, giving Hicca a chance to hide behind a stack of weapons, she grabbed a shield and hid behind it. She had been so small back then, a single shield was big enough to hid her entire body. But the dragon could smell her, with its beady eyes it scanned the arena looking for the source of the human smell.

By this point even the berserker guards wanted to help the young girl, but Dagur had order them not to. So instead they stood next to Dagur and watched with him, silently hoping for the girl’s survival. Most of the villagers and other Vikings had heard the commotion by this point, it didn’t take long for them to realise the dragon wasn’t alone in there. The nightmare ripped apart one of the displays clawed through the wreckage before continuing its search, little did it know that it was getting closer to Hicca’s hiding spot.

That was when Gobber finally showed up, and it didn’t take him long to piece together what happened. He saw the Nightmare, the locked gate, Hicca shivering behind a shield, and Dagur cackling like mad. Instinct took over, he ran to the gate and forced them open before he charged in with a bellowing battle cry. The dragon turned and narrowed its eyes at Gobber, it reared back and spewed a long stream of fire in Gobber’s direction. But even with one leg, Gobber was a fierce fighter, and was able to dodge and continue his charge. When he was close enough to the beast, he swung his hammer hand and hit the dragon square in the jaw. As the dragon stumbled, Gobber delivered two more hits in quick succession.

The dragon finally seemed to realise he wouldn’t win against the large Viking, with an annoyed growl it trudged back to his cage. Gobber followed and shut the door behind it, he slid the wooden beam back into place and locked the door. With things finally calmed down Gobber plodded over to the still shivering shield, he slowly lifted it to see Hicca curled up tightly underneath, her eyes squeezed shut with her arms coving her head.

“It’s alright, lassie. You’re safe now.” He said in his softest possible tone.

When she finally turned to look up at him Gobber’s heart almost broke, her tiny body was shaking terribly and her face was red and tear soaked. She jumped up and gripped tightly to him as Gobber lifted her into his beefy arms and carried her out of the arena. Thankfully, aside from a few scrapes and being absolutely terrified, she was alright. When Stoick and Oswald had finally showed up, they had demanded to know what had happened. Gobber hadn’t told them much, he just told them to ask Dagur.

Of course Dagur had lied and said that Hicca had gotten herself locked in the arena, and when Dagur tried to ‘help’ her he’d ‘accidently’ released the Nightmare. The guards didn’t say anything, but Gobber doubted that the two chiefs really believed Dagur, Gobber sure as Hel didn’t. But Hicca assured them she was alright and that no harm was done, so Stoick reluctantly let the issue slide.

Gobber wasn’t sure why Hicca had done it, maybe even at such a young age she seemed aware of the relation between tribes, and didn’t want to cause trouble. Gobber would normally agree, but after Hicca told him what really happened, Gobber was adamant on telling Stoick the truth. The only reason he hadn’t, was because Hicca made him promise not to.

Gobber stopped sharpening the axe he’d been working on, he let out a sigh and turned to look at the head of the ship. He was very worried for Hicca, but not nearly as much as Toothless and Stoick. They hadn’t moved much since they’d set off, aside from Stoick giving the occasional order and Toothless growling at the other dragons every now and then to keep them in line.

They both kept looking forward, hoping to soon see the grey silhouette of Berserk Island. To Gobber, Hicca was like the daughter he’d never had, he could only imagine what Stoick was going through. He could understand Toothless’s worry as well, the bond he shared with Hicca was obviously strong, could he sense the pain she was in?

No matter what, he would fight by their side to rescue her.

////////////LINE BREAK/////////////

Back in the Berserker prison cell. Dagur’s hands were still on Hicca.

Once her flat stomach was exposed, Dagur started by scratching and pinching at her skin leaving small marks in his wake, it was hardly anything compared to what he had done to her already but they still made her wince and clench her teeth. Then his touches changed completely... he started being gentle, running his finger tips up her sides to the point where they almost tickled. Again Hicca tried to wriggle her body away from his touches, but he just placed his firm hand on her hip to hold her still.

He took his time, going back and forth between stroking her stomach and suddenly scraping his nails across her skin, leaving angry red lines behind. “You know, it’s strange... My dad used to say that this kind of torture causes the kind of pain that can never heal... But he also said that this could cause pleasure... are you enjoying this, Hicca?” She closed her eyes and tried to block him out.

“Just stop it,” She whispered, already feeling shivers travel up her spine. It was natural for her body to react to soft and caring touches, but right now she was desperately trying to think of anything else. Dagur’s eyes narrowed, he wanted a reaction from her, he wanted to hurt her and he wanted her power, those were the only two outcomes to this. He started pushing her tunic further up, over her chest until it caught under her chin, now that her chest bindings were visible Dagur could tell that she was a modest size despite how small she was.

He pulled out his knife and swiftly cut through her bindings, the sudden cold air making her gasp lightly, “Don’t do this, please.” Of course this just made Dagur chuckle again. He loved the way she looked so humiliated right now, obviously hating that he was seeing her so bear. He reached out and ran his finger down between her mounds, his touch sending jolts through her body. He suddenly turned harsh again, grabbing one of her breasts and digging his fingers in hard.

“GAH! S-Stop it! Don’t touch there!” Hicca screamed as her body gave a violent jerk, she never realised how sensitive she was there.

“That’s more like it, I love hearing you scream.” He loosened his grip and reached his other hand to her unharmed breast, he softly kneaded it with his palm and ran his fingers lightly over her nipple.

“Mmh, Ah!” The touch took Hicca by surprise, she gasped and then bit her lip tightly trying to stop herself from making anymore strange noises.

“However,” Dagur continued. “I’m starting to like those sounds more.” Again he went back and forth with his hands, harshly pinching and pulling at her one minute before tenderly rubbing and squeezing the next. The assault on her senses was making her head spin, his cruel touches hurt a lot, but his affectionate touches made her soul hurt so much more. After just a few minutes of this she was panting and her cheeks were red from embarrassment.

Dagur pulled one of his hands away from her nipple and leaned forward, taking her nipple into his mouth and biting down hard. “AAH!! D-Dagur! Stop, please!” Hicca begged, her back arched painfully and body thrashing trying to get Dagur off of her. By this point she didn’t care if she sounded pathetic, she’d actually preferred him to just hurt her, instead of violation of her senses like this.

But Dagur didn’t stop his assault. He retracted his teeth and licked the abused flesh of her nipple, “Ah... St-Stop that’s- Oh, Mm...” Hicca couldn’t stop the moans that slipped past and she couldn’t stop her body from feeling the way it did. The sparks of pleasure shooting up her spine also felt like they were burning her, and the way he twisted and pulled painfully at her other nipple made her scream and gasp. It all made her head spin and she hated herself for feeling that way, this was a torturous pleasure.

This was rape.

“D-Dagur! Please, mmh... please stop. I-AAh! I can’t... I can’t take it any-mmh, more,” She knew she was crying but she couldn’t stop, she hurt in so many ways, it was agony.

Dagur ran his hand up her side and gave her nipple one last hard suck before finally pulling away. “You can beg all you want, but unless it’s you asking Skadi for help, I’m not going to listen.”

Hicca was relieved that Dagur had finally stopped the assault on her breasts, but his words made her realise that the situation hadn’t changed. To Dagur this was just a form of torture, just another way to cause her pain and make her suffer. Dagur moved upwards so that his lips were hovering above the pulse point on her neck, “All you have to do is transform and all you’re suffering will end.” He waited for a little while, but Hicca just turned her head away and refused to say anything. “Still nothing? Are you really hating this? With all the moaning you were doing earlier... could it be that you’re actually enjoying this?”

Even with Hicca’s head turned away from him, Dagur could see another part of Hicca break away as she started to cry more. “No, I don’t! That’s not... I-I...”, but it made no difference, Dagur was having so much fun playing with her body and emotions like this.

He chuckled darkly and ran his tongue down her neck. “You do like it, don’t you? You dirty little whore. You actually love my hands on you, don’t you?” He pulled his tongue away and instead started sucking on the pulse point of her neck.

Hicca let out another cry as she tried to pull away, “Stop it! Get off me!” Hicca finally fought back and aim a kick at his stomach with her metal leg. But Dagur just caught it and squeezed the area just above her knee, he removed his other hand from her torso and moved away slightly before dropping her leg. For a moment Hicca thought he was finally going to stop, but the look on his face was still a menacing smirk. She then watched in horror as Dagur repositioned himself to kneel in front of her lower body.

He ran his fingers over her stomach once more before scrapping his nails down towards the band of her leggings. He slowly ran his fingers across the band making Hicca shudder at his touch, before slipping his fingers underneath the material and tugging at the slightly. But then his face changed into a look of annoyance, “It’s going to be annoying getting these past that metal leg of yours...” He leaned back and pulled out his knife again, “Unless you want me to cut you again, I suggest you hold still.”

Hicca’s leggings already had a large amount of holes in them, so it didn’t take Dagur long to cut the material away. Her legs were now bare aside from the tattered remains hanging from the top of her prosthetic. The only thing separating Dagur from seeing Hicca completely naked was her thin undergarments.

Once they were gone... He would... Dagur was going to...

Hicca couldn’t even think about it.

But Dagur still took his time. He placed his hand on her right knee and slid it up her thigh, then he started pulling, scratching and pinching the soft skin there. He did the same to her other leg, but then he ran the back of his knuckles against her inner thigh, from her knee all the way up until it was just inches away for where she hoped he would never touch. Hicca squeezed her thighs together to try and stop his hands, but Dagur just grabbed her knees and pulled them apart, he dug his finger nails into her skin as a warning.

He moved his hand down to her metal leg and raised it so that her thigh was at his eye line. Half way between her knee and hip, on the inside of her thigh, he bit down again. Hicca screamed out again as the softer flesh was attacked by Dagur’s teeth, not hard enough to draw blood, but enough to leave a definite make.

When Dagur finally retracted his teeth, Hicca was so close to breaking. She could feel her body shaking as the tears streamed down her cheeks and her breath came out in short pants. Her body still fought against itself, still unsure whether she was feeling pleasure, pain, or a mix of the two.

He really was going to rape her.

As Dagur’s hand moved further up her thigh and almost brushed against her lower region, Hicca turned her head to the side and prayed for it to be over quickly.

Suddenly there was a knock on the cell door. It made Hicca jump and Dagur rear back, his face a look of pure hatred. “What!?” He roared, causing Hicca flinched at the volume.

“M-My apologies sir, but we’ve spotted several ships heading this way. There are dragons with them.” The guard on the other side sounded shaken, obviously not expecting Dagur to respond so viciously.

Dagur growled in annoyance, “Already?” He glared at Hicca but she still refused to look at him, then he turned back to the door in annoyance, “Get ready to intercept them!”

The guard’s footstep quickly sprinted away down the hall. Dagur turned his attention back to her, “How annoying, looks like we’ll have to stop for now. But don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.” He reached up and unhooked her chains, causing her to collapse to her knees while breathing heavily. It seemed she was still in shock. She couldn’t believe it... Dagur had finally stopped.

But then she realised that Dagur still hadn’t left. Before she had a chance to pull her tunic back down and cover herself, he grabbed her shoulder and knelt down in front of her. Then he leaned in closer to her ear, “In the mean time... I’ll give you a taste of what’s to come.”

With his other hand Dagur grabbed the neck of her tunic and ripped it to the side, exposing her left shoulder and making her yelp in surprise. Then he lunged forward and sunk his teeth into her skin.

Hicca screamed in pain as his teeth broke through her skin, she pulled on his hair and pushed against his shoulders, desperately tried to dislodge him. But Dagur just clamped his jaw harder making her whimper.

When Dagur finally let her go, Hicca fell back and lay on the floor panting. He leaned back and wiped her blood from his mouth as he admired his work on her skin. The bruises, welts and cuts that covered every inch of her body, her torn clothes, dishevelled hair, and now the new bleeding bite mark on her neck. Her tears completing the broken look.

Dagur stood, readjusted himself and then left.

////////////LINE BREAK/////////////

In his hiding place, Snotlout was almost falling asleep beside Hookfang. But when Hookfang heard the guards talking loudly, he quickly nudged his rider awake.

“Wha... What’s happening?” He asked sleepily.

Hookfang gestured forward with his snout, Snotlout crawled towards the bushes and peeked through. He could now see the two guards from before as well as a third soldier. The new soldier was clad in much less armour than the other two, his face flushed red as if he’d been running, maybe he was a messenger.

“Chief Dagur is busy questioning the prisoner, you cannot disturb him right now.” One of the guards said. So Hicca is down there.

“But it’s an emergency. We’ve spotted enemy ships on the horizon, and they’re being pulled by dragons.”

“What!?” Both guards exclaimed. Snotlout breathed a sigh of relief as he heard those words. The others were on their way, and by the sounds of it, they’d be here very soon. Reluctantly, the guards stepped aside to allow the messenger enter the prison. Snotlout waited.

After a little while, the messenger exited the tunnel, Dagur followed a few minutes later. He then left with the messenger and one of the guards, leaving the other one to watch the entrance. This was his chance.

Snotlout signalled Hookfang to stay where he was, he then slowly pulled his hammer from his back and began creeping up on the remaining soldier. Once he was close enough, he pulled his hammer back and swung it forward on the guard’s head. A satisfying clang sounded and the hammer hit the steel of the guard’s helmet, the guard gave a groan and crumpled to the floor.

Snotlout then turned to the prison entrance, he tightened his grip on his hammer and made his way down the stairs.

////////////LINE BREAK/////////////

Out on the horizon, the island could be seen from the ships. This of course meant that the Berserkers could see them as well. They had to be ready for Dagur’s ships to come and meet them, but with an army of dragons on their side, Stoick wasn’t worried about them. He was worried that the ships would slow them down thought, possibly giving Dagur enough time to do something else.

He didn’t want to think what ‘something else’ could be, but he wouldn’t let Dagur stop him from saving his daughter.
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