The Valhalla Crystal


On Berserk Island, Loki had retreated and Dagur was in control again.

But the young chief had locked himself away inside his house. Unlike Skadi, Loki was a master of trickery and mind games , instead of simply speaking to Dagur through his mind, Loki was slowly starting to take control over Dagur’s body. From the outside, it must have looked as though Dagur was having an argument with himself.

“Why did you let them escape!?” Dagur yelled at into the air.

Loki then took over to answer, Dagur’s eyes glowing green and a calm smirk replaced the scowl on his face. “Why not? There’s nothing they can do to stop my power, so why not let them panic for a little while.”

Dagur’s eyes stopped glowing as he took over again. “If we give them a chance, then they’ll come up with a plan, Hicca is clever and sneaky, if there’s even a chance they can defeat you-”

“Who do you think you’re talking to mortal? I am Loki, god of tricks, and master of magic and fire. That former vessel of Skadi will be crushed under my foot.”

“No. Not Hicca, you can kill all the others but not Hicca.”

Loki poked around Dagur’s mind for a few minutes, before he once again took control. “You love her, don’t you?”

“What!? Don’t be ridicules!” Dagur yelled.

“I’m not hearing ‘no’,” Loki noted with a small chuckle. “I can see into your mind remember, but maybe love is the wrong word. You’re obsessed with her, you want to posses her-“

“I want her to kneel at my feet!” Loki had started the speech, but he let the control slip part way through and forced Dagur to finish the sentence. Dagur was shocked to realise just how much control Loki had over him.

“Do you understand now? I’m the one in control here. You seem to know a bit about the Valhalla Crystal, but you clearly don’t know everything. My ability to change form was needed for the crystal, but my blood was taken by force. I never agreed to obey the holder of the crystal.” Loki gave an evil grin.

Dagur didn’t have an answer. He’d thought that gaining the crystal meant controlling the power of the gods, but the humans didn’t have a choice over which god they were assigned to.

Dagur forgot that Loki could hear his thoughts, “Are you starting to understand now boy? Since I’m connected to the crystal, I was able to forced a link to it, then as soon as it transferred to you, I took over.”

“Why? Why were you so eager to get to the crystal now of all time?”

“Skadi,” Loki said simply. “I want to punish her, the same way you want to punish Hicca. That ice witch made a fool out of me, and has been causing me pain for centuries. This is possibly my only chance to get back at her, and the way to do that, is by targeting that human girl.”

Dagur had to think of something, he was supposed to be in control. “I won’t let you,” Dagur snarled, but his brain was starting to panic. What could he do? But then Loki took it a step further, proving how much power he had over Dagur.

Dagur realised with fear that that his hand was moving, but it wasn’t him who was controlling it. Dagur tried to get his hand back under control, but the possessed hand was suddenly at his throat, the force of it causing him to fall backwards onto the floor. It felt as though the god was really there, looming over him with a hand on his throat. The hand gave him a quick warning squeeze, “Are you going to start behaving now?”

Dagur could only lie there in shock.

“Now I’m going to do as I please, all I need you to do is lose consciousness for a while, while I kill that girl.” The controlled hand tightened again, and this time it didn’t let up as Dagur started having trouble breathing. He tried to lash out with his feet and claw at the hand, but there was no one else in the room for him to kick, and the hand chocking him was his own, it only caused him more pain to scratch at it. As Dagur’s vision started to blur, Loki was able to take control of the other hand. With both hands now gripping Dagur’s neck, the process sped up, Dagur’s eyes role back into his head and he passed out.

With the mind now vacant, Loki took over completely. The god hated to admit it, but his body had been weakened after so many years bound to the boulder, he was only able to perform his magic yesterday because of the leftover energy from Skadi in the crystal. He was still far stronger than human, but he needed a body to control, and Dagur was his victim. Loki violated every inch of Dagur’s body, had the boy been conscious, he would have been losing him mind at the sensation.

Once Loki was done, he opened his new eyes and sat up. From the outside, Dagur didn’t look any different, but it was only a shell of the young chief. The longer Loki remained in Dagur’s body, the more it would change into Loki’s new form, but for now, no one would be able to tell the difference.

Loki stood and inspected his body, ‘Hmm... youthful, strong, not too bright though. Still, could be worse.’

Just then there was a knock on the door. Loki made sure he was presentable and walked over to the door. The Viking on the other side was surprised that Dagur had answered, normally the young chief just yelled through the door.

“What is it?”

“S-Sorry to disturb you, sir. We’ve finally managed to gather the armada ships, but there’s a lot of damage to them.”

“When will they be repaired?”

The Viking was nervous about Dagur’s reaction, and was shocked when a calm voice answered. “Um... T-Two days at most.”

“Good, get to it then. Until they’re repaired and ready to attack, no one is to disturb me, understand?”

“Yes, chief!” With that, the Viking ran off.

Loki closed the door, and locked it. He turned and looked down at his new hands. ‘This body is strong, but let’s see how it handles me power.’ He reached out a hand and gestured to a wooden chair beside the table, he focused on it and suddenly clamped his hand into a tight fist. The chair was flown against the wall and shattered into pieces, Loki then looked down at his hand again, it was shaking slightly and covered in small burn marks. Well, at least it didn’t rip apart.

He’d need to train this new body. He’d told the Hooligans he’d give them three days last night, and it would take two to prepare the ships. So that’s how long he had to prepare.

He sat on the ground cross-legged and focussed his energy, making it run through the body’s system. He’d start slow and then increase the power flow until the body was used to it, then he’d be ready to use his power against the former vessel of Skadi.

////////////LINE BREAK/////////////

Back on Berk, everyone seemed to be preparing for the promised Ragnarok.

Whether that meant preparing to fight, or spending time for their loved ones, everyone was trying to keep busy. The other dragon riders were spending time with their families, only taking time away to look after Hicca. Gobber was keeping busy in the forge, working overtime to sharpen and repair axes, swords, hammers, arrows, crossbows, and shields. Stoick wanted to spend ever y moment with Hicca, but he had to take care of the village and make sure everyone was alright. Needless to say, they weren’t giving up without a fight, but against a god... everyone wondered what they could do.

Most of them hoped that Hicca would think of a plan as usual, but right now she was still unconscious. Her friends and family were taking it in turns to watch over her as she slept, and Toothless was curled up at the bottom of her bed, keeping his large green eyes glued to his rider. It was already afternoon, Hicca had been out for 18 hours. They were honestly worried that she wouldn’t wake up at all.

Astrid was watching over her now. She still had bandages all over her, even across her nose and over her cheeks. She and Ruffnut had helped Phlegma remove Hicca’s clothes, they had seen most of the blood and bruises, Ruff had almost thrown up at the sight of them. As Phlegma applied alcohol to the scratches, Hicca’s body had twitched and struggled on the hammock, even Astrid had to look away as they held her down. It had been hell for Hicca, and an test for all of them, but it was far from over.

Astrid was honestly scared, but she felt like she couldn’t talk to anyone. She normally confided in Hicca, since she was the only person she could trust to really keep her mouth shut. Astrid wondered something...

“Hicca? Can you hear me?” Obviously there was no response. ‘This is stupid...’ she thought with a sigh. But a small part of her wanted to talk anyway, even if Hicca couldn’t respond, talking with her around seemed to calm Astrid.

She sighed again and moved her chair a little closer. “Okay... Um... I don’t even know what to say. Hicca, I know you probably can’t hear me, but you need to know... I was really scared.” Astrid’s shoulder slumped and she leaned forward in her chair. “We had no idea where you were, and then when we found out that Dagur had you... I was really worried. I had all these thoughts running through my head about what Dagur could be doing to you. But then Snotlout found you, and we all thought everything was going to be okay. But...”

Astrid ran her hands over her face as she thought about everything that happened after that. “It all happened so fast... You turned into Skadi, Dagur defeated her, then he became Loki... and then he kicked you into the ship... Then we finally saw what he’d done to you, and you weren’t moving at all. I thought... I thought you were dead...” Astrid was starting to break down.

“Hicca... You are my best friend. You have no idea how much you’ve helped me over the last few years, and you’ve saved me countless times. Before any of this happened, before the dragons... I didn’t have anyone. My parents trained me to be the perfect Viking, to be the strong, never cry and fight for the tribe... I didn’t feel close to them, and I certainly didn’t have any friends. I was so cold to everyone, some were actually afraid of me, Snotlout was the only one who ever tried talking to me, and that was only to flirt.” She gave a slight chuckle.

“But you changed everything. You treated me like a real person, and you actually tried to be friends with me. I am sorry for the way I treated you during dragon training, I just didn’t know how to react to you... and then you showed me the dragon.” Astrid chuckled again as she remembered her first ever dragon ride, she had been absolutely terrified and screamed like a banshee as Toothless looped and dived. “I was terrified, but you were so brave. You proved to be a better Viking than I could ever hope to be. You took on the Queen and saved everyone, and you made us all realise we were wrong about you. You risk so much for us, and yet you never ask anything in return...” Astrid realised she was crying again.

“We’ll protect you as long as it takes, so just...” She took a shaking breath as tears started running down her face. “Just please... don’t die...”

Astrid was truly crying now, her shoulders shaking and she tried to calm herself. Just as she finally calmed down, and the room became silent again, a small voice could be heard

“... m’ not going anywhere...”

Astrid head shot up. Hicca was still lying in the bed, but her head was turned towards Astrid. Her emerald eyes were mostly open, and a small smile started to form on her lips.

////////////LINE BREAK/////////////

When Stoick came home that night, he heard a loud crying from upstairs. He rushed upstairs and was utter relieved to see his conscious daughter being hugged tightly by her friend, who was still crying tears of happiness, and the large dragon sitting up with his tail wagging happily.

Everyone was relieved to hear that Hicca was awake, and soon Gobber and the other dragon rider were at the Hooligan household to see her. Hicca was relieved to see that everyone was alright, but then the air grew serious as she was told the situation.

“You’re sure it was Loki?” She asked sitting up in bed.

“Yeah, we compared him to the description in the Norse mythology book, it was a match.” Fishlegs answered as he held said book in his hand.

Hicca gave a sigh and leaned back, unintentionally bumping one of the scratched on her back on the bed, she winced a little and tried not to let the others know. “We need to do some research, if the gods were able to defeat Loki before, then maybe we can do the same. Not only that, but we need to think of a plan in case Dagur is in command instead. It’s very possible he’ll take the opportunity to gloat, so we need to use the element of surprise and knock him out before he can summon the god.”

“That’s a great plan lassie, but you still need t’ take in easy, you’ve only just woken up.” Gobber pointed out.

“Agreed, Dagur gave us a deadline of two and a half days from now, we can rest tonight and then come up with a plan tomorrow when we’re well rested. That goes double for you Hicca.” Stoick said in a calm but stern voice.

“I’m fine, really.” Hicca tried to reassure them, but even Toothless wasn’t buying it.

“’You realise we don’t believe you one bit, right?” Snotlout said as he leaned on the doorway.

Hicca was about to respond, but she knew it was pointless. She was wearing a new pale green tunic over her bandages, but it couldn’t hide the mess of her body, and as she shifted, it also became clear she was shivering slightly. Gobber left to go get Phlegma and Gothi, while everyone else said goodnight to Hicca and went back to their own homes.

When Phlegma and Gothi arrived, they were also pleased to see that Hicca was alright. Gothi took her bag of herbs over to the foot of Hicca’s bed, and started mixing salves for the bruises and burns, while Phlegma took a seat next to Hicca and started undoing her bandages. Stoick stayed for the most part, but Gothi gestured for him to leave when they were about to remove Hicca’s tunic.

Once Stoick left the room, Hicca became slightly more reluctant. She turned her head away as her chest, back and legs were inspected, she felt embarrassed, despite Phlegma’s calming words. Hicca was able to wash herself with minimal help from Phlegma, the salves were then applied to the wounds and clean bandages were wrapped. Hicca felt more refreshed and relaxed after that, and she felt more comfortable once her tunic was back on. But then it came time for another inspection.

“Hicca, we still need to inspect your lower regions,” Phlegma told her, trying to keep her voice calm.

“I-I’m sorry?” She asked nervously.

“The marks on your body suggest that Dagur tried to rape you, you father asked me to at least wait until you were awake before I proceeded any further.”

“Th-There’s really no need, Dagur didn’t get that far, I swear.” Without realizing it, Hicca started holding her hands in front of her as some kind of protection.

“I believe you. But you were also unconscious for some amount of time weren’t you?”

“Um... Yeah. Dagur did knock me out at one point.”

“Can you honestly say that he didn’t do anything during that time?”

Hicca didn’t have an answer.

It was a horrible thought, and she had been so focused on what Dagur had been doing at the time, she didn’t even consider what he could have done while she was unconscious.

“W... What do I need to do?” Hicca asked after a little while.

“Just lie back and spread you’re legs, I’ll be as gentle as I can.”

Gothi moved to the head of the bed and rearranged the pillow so that Hicca could lie down, once she was lying on her back, the elderly woman offered out her hand to Hicca with a caring smile. Hicca realised that Gothi was offering to hold her hand if she needed it, she gave her own shaky smile, and placed her hand in the older woman’s.

Then Phlegma started her examination. She pushed Hicca’s tunic up passed her hips, and gently massaged the areas around Hicca’s mound and upper thighs, looking for any for any sigh of bruising, causing Hicca to tighten he grip on Gothi’s hand slightly. She then checked around the labia, before slowly slipping a finger inside to check the hymen, Hicca’s hips jerk and she made a noise of protest. But thankfully Phlegma was able to finish her examine, and was relieved to find that her hymen was still intact.

She had been sexually assaulted, but she hadn’t been raped.

Phlegma allowed Hicca to close her legs and pulled her tunic back over her hips, Gothi patted the girls hand to comfort her. Hicca was shaking slightly, but for the most part, she was just relieved that Dagur hadn’t done anything without her knowledge.

////////////LINE BREAK/////////////

Phlegma and Gothi left some salve and bandages for Hicca and then left her to sleep, they told her father the good news as they left, and he thanked them before wishing them good night.

Hicca lay in her bed on her side, Toothless had crawled in next to her to keep her warm, she reached out a hand to stroke his scaly head. He looked up at her with large eyes, and made a low rumble in his throat, he was trying to ask if she was okay.

Hicca was about to give her usual answer, but something stopped her. “I’m scared, bud.” She said quietly, and Toothless made low grumble in concern. “Dagur has the crystal, and now he has Loki on his side. But there’s something else...” Hicca paused and thought for a moment. “I don’t think Loki will obey Dagur completely. All of the old text’s refer to Loki as a trickster with control over fire, but unlike the other gods, his powerful magic isn’t limited to a single element. If Loki disobeys Dagur and starts acting on his own, then there’s no way of knowing exactly what he’s going to do.”

The two were quiet for a moment, but Toothless soon broke the silence by giving Hicca a quick lick on her cheek.

“Eek! Toothless!” Hicca couldn’t help but laugh as she wiped away the slobber from her cheek. Toothless gave quiet bark before snuggling down to sleep, Hicca realise he was trying to tell her to get some sleep. She’d been unconscious for the entire day but she suddenly felt tired, she followed Toothless’s lead and lay her head against the pillow. That night, Hicca got her first good night’s sleep in days.
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