The Valhalla Crystal


Astrid finished her transformation just as she hit the water, and as Blygia’s powers took hold, the cold of the water didn’t touch her, she was also able to breathe without any problem.

Her long blond hair was freed from its tight braid and floated freely around her, there were strands of turquoise amongst the blond which grew darker at the ends. She now wore a green and blue tunic with a dark blue sash around her middle, the tunic had wave like patterns around the edges, and the sleeves were partly see through and flared out at her elbows. The armour on her shoulders, shins and forearms were all silver and spiked, her red leather headband had also been replaced with a silver band, and there was also a deep blue cape flowing from her shoulders.

Her feet were bare, and there was webbing between her fingers and toes, as well as the large dorsal fin growing from her back. When her eyes snapped open, one of them was still a bright sky blue, while the other was now a shining turquoise.

She pushed herself through the waters, going deeper until she saw the rock golems , they were still standing on the ocean floor, ready to strike. Every now and then, a handful of them would propel themselves out of the water and take down another of Berk’s dragons. It was surprising to see such heavily looking beings shooting out of the water like flying fish, then again... flying fish didn’t usually take down dragons with a single punch.

Astrid and Blygia dived further down until they also stood on the ocean floor amongst the rock giants, quickly catching their attention. Their heads all turned to look at her, and they leapt forward to attack, it became clear that these beings were clearly infused with Loki’s magic, they were running as if the water wasn’t even there.

But in reality, there was water everywhere, and Blygia could control every droplet.

She moved so fluidly, as if made of water herself, the rock fists never touched her, never even came close. Then she returned the attack.

Summoning the water around her, she made the current move and pick up speed. The rock giants may have been able to avoid being slowed down by the water, but when the pull of the current grew stronger, it was only a matter of time before they were pulled from the ocean floor. Astrid stood in the centre of the flow, watching the giants as they were pulled into the growing whirlpool that was starting to form below the water’s surface. But that was just the start.

Astrid and Blygia suddenly shot upwards, rocketing towards the surface, pulling the waterlogged giants with them. They broke through the surface and sent a torrent of water into the air, shooting the rock giants high into the air, some of them collided with each other and fragmented upon impact, while some broke apart as they hit the dense surface of the ocean.

The broken rocks sunk to the ocean floor

///////////LINE BREAK/////////////

At the same time, Fishlegs transformed and fused with Forseti.

Meatlug was focused on the battle bellow, looking out for offspring, but she was snapped back to her rider when she felt a heavy weight shift on her back.

She was starting to worry that something had happened to her rider, but a gentle hand on her head calmed her, “It’s okay girl, I’m fine.” The voice sounded mostly like Fishlegs, but there was something different, it was a little deeper, and also sounded... more confident.

Meatlug looked over her shoulder, and almost didn’t recognise her human companion. The first thing that struck her was his build, he was still large, but now it was mostly muscles. His hair was still short, but instead of being a sandy blond colour all over, there were now brunet shades at the edges. His tunic and fur boots were a dark brown, while his leggings were a slightly lighter shade, along with metal armour on his chest, shoulders, and legs, and a long fur mantle down his back.

Meatlug gave a slight grumble at the odd person on her back, but for some reason, she knew she could trust him when he spoke again, “I’ll be right back.” That was all he said before he jumped for the Gronckle’s back, and fell towards one of the rock giants that was still standing on the remains of the stone statue.

As he fell, he spread his arms to the side, with his palms facing outward, Forseti directed his power through them. Balls of white light gathered in his hands, then expand outward, growing longer until they were as long as Fishlegs was tall. When the glowing stopped, Forseti held two long staffs in his hands, one was deep red and thin white ribbons wrapped around both ends. The other as thin at one end and thicker at the other like a club, it was an off white colour with a red ribbon tied around the thinner end.

As he fell towards one of the giants, he swung his club in a wide ark, hitting the side of the rock giant and sending him flying across the water, it skipped across the surface 4 times, backing apart more and more each time it hit the water. Fishlegs then landed on the same stone platform, he then turned towards the remaining rock giant on the opposite stone platform. The remaining rock giant raised its fists and launched itself at him, but Fishlegs and Forseti were ready and raised their red staff towards the oncoming giant, forcing him to stop in mid air.

The red staff was then pointed up suddenly, and the rock giant was flung into the sky, Forseti and Fishlegs jumped into the sky after it, they swung the white club and made direct contact with the giant, sending it flying into the cliff face. He landed back on the stone statue platform and watched as the rock giant shattered on impact, and the remains fell into the water.

Fishlegs heard a humming from behind, and he turned to see Meatlug behind him, looking at him curiously. He gave a smile and reached up to pat her nose, “It’s alright girl, this will all be over soon.” Meatlug gave a bark and allowed him to climb on her back, they then took off towards a large ship that had appeared in the middle of the battlefield.

///////////LINE BREAK/////////////

When Tuffnut transformed, it was a miracle Barf and Belch were able to keep flying straight.

With his hands still gripping the reins, the two headed dragon halted when they felt a tug and an odd weight on their shoulders, Barf and Belch both turned to see someone who didn’t look entirely human.

The person on their back was a lean build, but with a narrow face and strong looking arms. His hair was long and shaggy looking, mostly dull blond but with hints of mossy green strands. His tunic was a dull green colour with no sleeves and tattered edges, his leggings were dark grey and he wore thick fur boots and vest, with leather straps tied around his forearms. Along with the large leather belt around his waist with various pouches attached to it, he looked like some kind of wild man, but the more surprising aspects, were the features that didn’t look human.

The claws at the ends of his fingers, his pointed ears, and the two long horns sticking out from his forehead, they curved over his head and branched out. One of his eyes was a deep blue, but the other was definitely beast like, with and yellowy green colour and a cat like pupil.

“Alright, let’s get to work,” His voice was low with an underlining growl. That was all the two-headed dragon heard him say, before he jumped off their back.

He reached into one of his pouches and pulled out a small wooden object, it was so small that fit in the palm of his hand, and the fine details were hard to see, but the overall shape was that of a ship.

“Skidbladnir, grow!!” He roared

He threw the tiny ship downwards ahead of him, as it slipped from his fingers, is started to grow. From being the size of a coin, to the size of a helmet, then the size of a sheep, then a Gronkle, then a Viking ship, finally it reached the size of a grand battle ship.

It hit the ocean and rocked back and forth for a little while, then it settled and stood tall, almost double the size of the Berserker ships. Freyr and Tuffnut landed on the main deck, they stood tall and looked out over the battlefield, in particular, the Berserker armada ships.

He then looked over his own empty ship, or at least... to the human eye it was empty.

“Face the ship north, ready the catapults on the port side!” He yelled over the ship.

The ship started to creek and turn, it’s catapults on the left side of the ship were rolled forward and aimed at the Berserker ships.

This didn’t go unnoticed by the Berserker Vikings, some turned their catapults and crossbows to the ships, but others didn’t know where to aim. Aside from the monstrous looking man on the deck, they couldn’t see any other people on the ship. But that wasn’t possible, one person could never control an entire ship, even if there were gods of sailing and travel, they’d never heard of a god able to control an entire ship by themselves.

But unseen by humans, the animalistic god wasn’t alone, the crew of his size changing ship... were elves.

Freyr was the king of elves, and his ship was manned by hundreds of them, controlling the ship and readying its weapons. Weapons that were currently aimed at the Berserk ships.

But the enemy Vikings fired their crossbows and catapults first, before Freyr and Tuffnut had a chance to react, and since the Berserkers couldn’t see the elves on the ship, all of the projectiles were aimed at Freyr and the ship.

But they never hit their target.

Before they even got close, a strong gust of wind pushed against the projectiles, and threw them right back to where they’d come from. Tuff and Freyr both looked to the sky to see where the rush of air had come from, and they both saw their sisters.

Tuffnut’s twin sister Ruffnut, was merged with Freyr’s twin sister Freya. She was in the air... and flying.

Her build was tall and slim, and her features were sharp. Her hair was dull blond and long, reaching all the way down to her feet, most of it was tied in tight braid hanging down her back, with a few smaller braids hanging in front of her shoulders. Her tunic was a light cream colour and hung loosely off her shoulders, it only reached her mid thighs with no sleeves and gold trim around the edges, there was a thick gold sash tied around her waist and a thin gold chocker studded with diamonds around her neck.

Like her brother, she also had some animal like features, although hers were mostly bird like. Starting from her knees down, her pale skin started to become harder with a yellowish colour, and instead of feet, she had talons at the end of her legs. Her wings were her most prominent feature, starting from her armpits all the way down the length of her arms to her wrists, were layers of long feathers, mostly white with some brown shades. They were large, and if that sudden gust of wind was anything to go by, the wings were very strong too.

One of her eyes was the same deep blue as her brother, but the other was a light purple, almost pink colour.

She landed on the railing of the ship and turned to her twin, “You focus on attacking, I’ll keep deflecting their weapons.”

He gave a smirk, “Sure thing, just don’t scratch my ship with your talons.”

She rolled her eyes and took off, soaring into the sky and pulling her wings back, she brought them forward with a strong push, and sent another burst of air at the ships. It pushed the ships back, and forced the men to shield their eyes from the strong breeze, Freyr took the opportunity.

“Fire!!” All of the catapults released, sending countless boulders at the ships. Each one hitting its mark and breaking through the enemy catapults and the Berserkers ships themselves.

They destroyed at least thirteen of the ships, but something forced them to stop their attack there, Freyr and Tuffnut just stood there and watched the now ship-less Berserker Vikings swim and scramble onto the ships that were still afloat, Freya and Ruffnut landed nearby and watched with them.

“You feel it too, right?” She asked.

“Yes, our human half’s can sense it from their friend, the one merged with Skadi,” He replied.

They both turned when the sound of thunder reached them, and lightning lit up the sky. The female twin rolled her eyes again, “Let’s just hope Thor doesn’t go too wild in the mean time.”

///////////LINE BREAK/////////////

Snotlout was the last to transform, and Hookfang could almost feel the power seeping off his rider.

The dragon felt his rider grip his horns more firmly and start to steer him skywards, “Okay boy, head straight for those clouds, we’re about to bring a storm.”

The voice sounded a lot deeper than Hookfang was used to, but his rider’s usual cocky tone was somehow comforting, so the dragon did as he was asked and flew into the cloud cover.

Once they were in the clouds, the person on Hookfang’s saddle changed his position from sitting on the dragon’s neck, and instead stood on the dragon’s back. Hookfang finally took the opportunity to look over his shoulder at his rider, only to see a grown man instead of his teenaged rider.

The man had a large a muscular body, he was covered in metal armour, with a dark red tunic and leggings underneath, with a grand looking Viking helmet on his head. His hair was shoulder length and mostly brunet, but faded into blond at the ends, he also had dark stubble on his chin. Attached to his shoulders was a long flowing red cape with silver around the edges, he was also carrying a large hammer, with a strong leather handle and detailed patterns carved into the stone. One of his eyes was a dark greeny-blue, while the other was a much paler blue, almost grey.

As Hookfang watched him, Thor and Snotlout raised their hammer to the sky, changing his grip so that he was now holding the leather strap attached to the handle. He then started to swing the hammer above his head, as he did so, the clouds above and around them started to darken and twist, moving around them like some vortex in the sky. He spun the hammer fast, and thunder started to sound.

“Okay Hookfang, dive!”Hookfang was more than happy to get out of the storm clouds. He tilted his body down and dived towards the Berserker ships, his rider gripped one of the spike’s on the dragon’s back and continued to swing the hammer, “Aim for the water, I‘ll take care of the ships.” Hookfang grunted and tucked his wings in tighter.

As they neared the water, he jumped from the dragon’s back onto one of the enemy ships, right in the middle of a swarm of Vikings. All at once, Hookfang dived below the water’s surface, the Berserkers turned to attack the newcomer, and Thor summoned the power of lightning and slammed the hammer onto the deck of the ship.

A lightning bolt struck the ship, and nine others nearby.

When Hookfang surfaced, he saw the Berserker men on the ship, all of them lying unconscious, and some still juddering as shocks coursed through them. There were now only eight ships left, and the remaining Berserkers were scrambling to save themselves and any others that were still alive, it seemed pretty obvious that they weren’t going to fight back anymore. But that didn’t mean they were going to leave, they weren’t going anywhere without their chief, they were loyal at least.

Hookfang climbed out of the water and onto the ship, he found his rider standing on the ship, looking towards the Hooligan fleet. Hookfang stopped next to him and gave a gurgle in question, Snotlout and Thor turned and patted him on the snout, “This fight isn’t over yet, take me to the others.”

Hookfang lowered his head and let his rider climb onto his saddle, then he took off towards the new, much larger ship.

When they arrived on Skidbladnir’s deck, the other half-gods and their dragons were waiting for him. They had already started helping the injured dragons out of the water, but at the same time, they were keeping their eyes on the growing patch of ice in the ocean.

“How is she?” Snotlout asked the others.

“It’s impossible to tell, they’re too far away, and the fighting is too intense for us to get close,” Fishlegs answered worriedly as he helped an injured Nadder onto the ship.

“But we’re running out of time, the crystals we were given are only temporary, Skadi and Hicca need to finish this, and quickly,” Ruffnut pointed out. She had flown up high to try and get a view of the fight, but all she could make out was the icy plane on the ocean, the ripples in the air caused by the exchange of powers, and the flashes of green and blue as the two figures fought.

“Skadi might be able to finish this, but we can sense what Hicca is thinking,” Tuffnut pointed out, a worried look on his face.

“She still doesn’t want to kill him... but might not have any other way of ending this.” Astrid was gripping the railing of the ship tightly.

Hicca wasn’t a killer, and Skadi would only use killing as a last resort. But Dagur and Loki were the complete opposite, they wouldn’t hesitate to kill Hicca and Skadi in this fight, they only way they’d have a chance of winning, was if Skadi and Hicca returned in kind.

It’s very possible, that the only way this fight would finish... would be with the end of a chief, or an heiress.
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