The Legend of Matthew Hyde


subject: Verona Hyde, age 48

date: December 21

time: 10:46 a.m.

-resume taped interview-

"I think about him every day. I miss him. Jim and I both do. But I don't think Matthew's far away.

"He had a dream once, a happy dream, and told me about it the last time we talked. Twice, I've had the same dream myself, of Matthew waking in a beautiful, peaceful place filled with white mist under a beautiful, blue sky. Arthur is there waiting on him, calling him Merlin and talking him out of his long sleep. There's so much joy in the two of them being together again that it's almost too much to take.

"I guess that sounds like a dream of heaven than anyone might have. But it's the next part that makes me think it's true.

"After a time, he notices the long line of people behind Arthur, stretching down into the road, across a bridge and on into what looks like a town. They're waiting for him, which makes Matthew a bit nervous, and he asks Arthur-I remember this part very clearly-'What am I supposed to do for them?'

"And Arthur says, 'Nothing. Those are the people you helped during your lifetime. They want to bless you, to repay you for the things you've done. You see, Merlin? None of it was in vain.' Arthur looked so proud. He put his hand on Merlin's shoulder and said, ' Thank you for taking care of my people.'

"Isn't that beautiful?"

*voice mumbles in background*

"The butterflies? Yes, that was Matthew. They're an entirely new species, you know-such a deep, beautiful blue. They flew out of the cave a few hours after Arthur went in and they migrated to our house, to the place where Matthew grew up.

"Well. I knew then. He sent them, you see? They were a sign that after everything, after all he'd been through, he was fine. That was his way of saying goodbye."


"I will never forget him.

"I will always feel beyond blessed that he was a part of my life.

"And one day, I will stand in that line myself."

-end taped interview-

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