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"Can you help me get one move right?" . "sure..." A not so typical love story . With your conditions, only one person was able to help you, but something had to be given up to reach goals. . HOSEOK FANFICTION

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“Bye Mom! I’ll see you later!” You sling your backpack across your back and run out the doors of your house. Your shoes clacking as it hits the damp cement. You were late for your class at the studio and you don’t think your teacher would be so pleased to see you come to class when they’re 10 minutes into it.

Hoseok, however was early for his class. He didn’t want to be; being early to class meant he had to wait and do nothing. He didn’t like that idea, but he had to put up with it today. He didn’t have a ride, so he had to carpool with Minseok who went to work early.

Turning through the hallways, you finally reach the studio. Worry takes over your tiredness as you hear the slow classical music that was played every time you start to stretch. Letting out a sigh, you cautiously turn the knob of the door and go inside.

“Why are you late?” Kaitlyn whispers. She was your ballet teacher since elementary and you have never missed or have been late for this class ever, your whole life. It was only today, because you ended up sleeping in; and your alarm didn’t turn off.

Across your studio was the same studio that Hoseok went too. You’ve never met each other though. You’ve been too busy practicing or rushing to work, making it impossible for both of you to cross baths.

Hoseok was waiting for his choreographer to come, thinking of what to do while waiting. He had about 30 minutes left and he knew that if he just sat there time would go by slower.

He went out the studio, looking across, seeing the other door. He didn’t think twice, and just opened the door, not even bother knocking.

“Mr. Jung! What are you doing here?” Kaitlyn exclaims, while you only continue stretching, ignoring the standing hot figure in front of you.

“I have nothing to do. Daniel isn’t here yet.” You felt his eyes completely on you, but you chose to ignore it. He kept fiddling with his jacket, just looking at you, wanting to stay and watch.

“Well... okay... I guess you could stay here for a while.” Kaitlyn giggled awkwardly since everyone in the room were girls. If ever someone came in unexpectedly that person would think Hoseok was a pervert.

He didn’t want people to think that though, and he knew that would probably happen, so he just decided to join. Ballet wasn’t his thing, but it wouldn’t hurt to just try. Who knows, maybe he’d find a thing other than HipHop.

“No, Kaitlyn, I’ll be joining until Daniel comes. My bandmates aren’t here yet either.” Ignoring the fact that everyone was drooling over him, well, except for you and Kaitlyn, you continued practicing the routine Kaitlyn has shown you minutes ago.

She wasn’t so affected by Hoseok because she obviously though of him as her brother, as for you, you haven’t looked at him yet. You didn’t bother to either. You weren’t interested, and even if you were you’d just think he was okay.




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