Lost- Clexa

Chapter 10


Clarke collapsed on her bed as soon as she entered her room. She was exhausted mentally and physically. She hated fighting with Lexa, after all she had literally just come back from the dead but Lexa infuriated her - she was ready to choose death. Ready to leave Clarke so easily. Now Clarke wasn't sure anymore if her feelings were reciprocated by the Commander. She would just have to wait till the Commander was well to confess her feelings and know the outcome, Clarke thought. She knew that it would take at least 2 more days for the stitches to be strong enough. Why did she have to get shot in the chest? Clarke thought irritably.

Clarke woke up with the sound of someone knocking on her door. Groaning, she got up and pulled the door open.

"Yes?" Clarke asked, grumpily.

"Someone's not in a good mood." Bellamy said in an amused voice.

"Oh, shit. Sorry Bell, I was just tired and totally forgot that you were going to come and..."

Bellamy just smiled, stared at her and cleared his throat.

"Do I just stand here?"

"Oh. I am sorry, how rude of me. Come in."

"You missed lunch, Clarke." Bellamy said, taking seat on Clarke's bed.

"Shit. What time is it?" Clarke cursed quickly, tying her hair up.

"Luckily for you, I saved you a plate and it's nearly 5." Bellamy said, putting a plate of roasted meet with some sort of vegetable on table, which Clarke had missed he had in his hand.

"Thanks, Bel." Clarke said gratefully.

"So...I wanted to talk to you about yesterday, Clarke." Bellamy said nervously.

Clarke nodded, sitting next to Bellamy, leaving quite some space.

"Look Clarke, I like you. I really do and I am not going to apologize for it. But I am sorry that I didn't ask you before kissing you. I thought that maybe you felt the same way about me but it was wrong of me to assume that."

"It's okay, Bel. You are a nice guy, a really nice guy and I do love you, just...not the way you want me to." Clarke said, smiling weakly.

"Yeah." Bellamy murmured. Silence greeted them.

"Bel, I don't want to lose your friendship. I meant it when I said I can't lose anyone else." Clarke said, her voice quivering a bit.

"You won't, Princess. You won't." Bellamy smiled and turned to look at her.

Clarke moved closer to Bellamy and rested her head on his shoulder. "Don't worry Bellamy, there's someone out there for you too."

"Hmm, you seem experienced at rejecting people, Griffin." Bellamy said in mock seriousness.

"Ha. Ha. Very funny." Clarke said humorously, hitting Bellamy's arm.

Bellamy deeply sighed and said, "So you think you've found your someone?"

"I don't know, Bellamy. I think I have but...how do I know when I've found that person?"

"I don't really know how these things work out Clarke, but I think you'll just have to dive in the water to retrieve the treasure chest."


"Now get up, Clarke. You've had your rest. You should probably meet the prisoners now." Bellamy said, moving is shoulders up so Clarke moved her head.

"What prisoner?" Clarke asked surprised.

"Well princess, the shooter was caught by Kane's team and four other mountain men were caught by grounder scouts."

"And you are telling me this, now?" Clarke said, getting up from the bed and glaring at him.

"What would you have done, Clarke? Besides, everyone saw what a mess you were after the incident, if we told you at that time, then you might've done something that you later would have regretted."

"Done something like killing them on the spot? I don't think I would've regretted it the least." Clarke mumbled.

Bellamy raised his eyebrows.

"Oh really? And what if I told you that the shooter was the one who told us about his fellows?"

"Fine, whatever." Clarke said defeated and then grabbed her jacket.

"Umm...going somewhere?" Bellamy asked.

"Yes. I need to see the prisoners."

"Wow, Wow, Wow. Slow down, princess. You need to eat first. Or are you trying to fall sick on purpose to have yourself in a bed in the infirmary?" Bellamy teased, standing in front of Clarke.

"Shut up Bellamy." Clarke said but stuffed food in her mouth after shoving him aside. She quickly chewed it all.

"Done, happy?"

"Good girl, let's go and have a word with the mountain prisoners now."

Octavia was getting tired of the silence. She wondered what Clarke found attractive in Lexa other than her obvious physical beauty. Slowly she started humming the lyrics of a song she had rather grown to like. The Mountain had a huge collection of albums and Octavia found liking the records of Lady Antebellum.

"Octavia call Indra, please." Octavia noticed that she hesitated a bit before saying please and briefly wondered how many times the Commander had said the word. Clarke surely had a very strong effect on the Commander; there was no doubt about that.

Octavia nodded and left.

Soon she came back with Indra but didn't bother asking her to take the other seat as she sat back to where she had been sitting since morning. Lexa noted this but didn't say anything, as it was not her place. After all, all could not be as forgiving as Clarke, Lexa thought.

"It's good to see your spirit well, heda." Indra said with devotion.

"Mochof (thank you), Indra. Octavia of the Sky People told me about the mountain men being caught. Brief me about their status."

"The shooter was caught by Sky People and hence still breathes." Indra said with clear disapproval in her voice.

"What about the rest?"

"They were captured by our warriors and are ready to be executed on your orders." Indra said respectfully.

"Where are they at the moment?"

"In the Sky People's holding room, Heda. Our warriors are present there."

"And that of Sky People?"

"A few but they claim that it is impossible to escape from that room. They have placed some kind of alarms and picture capturing machine in the room. More of their guards just arrived as the Sky Prisa is visiting the prisoners."

"Take me to them, Indra." Lexa ordered.

" But Heda, the Sky healer said you need to stay…"

"Are you questioning me?" Lexa challenged. Octavia watched the whole scene in silence and couldn't help but notice how intimidating and powerful the Commander looked even when injured and in bed.

"No, Heda." Indra quickly said and moved to help Lexa out of bed.

Finally Octavia spoke up, "Seriously Commander, what is wrong with you? Clarke is safe, relax. She has about a dozen guards for her protection, my brother being among them."

"Bellamy is with her?" Lexa asked sharply.

"Yes. He just radioed that he is taking Clarke to the prisoners and..."

"Indra, get my cloak." Lexa ordered, cutting off Octavia.

Octavia rolled her eyes. "At least leave your cloak. It would be hard enough for you to walk without it."

"Octavia, you do not tell the Commander what to do." Indra spoke harshly.

"And neither do you but I can see that there's no stopping your Commander when she decides on something so I will just leave you to deal with her. I better go ahead and explain this to Clarke before she decides to kill me."

"Do that and I will revive you, just to kill you again." Lexa threatened rather calmly.

Octavia gulped, "I prefer dying only once. I think I will go see if Raven wants my help in…anything."

With that, she left the room quickly.

Clarke arrived in the prison with Bellamy and was greeted with nearly a dozen Grounder warriors and half a dozen of hers. She looked at Bellamy, raising her eyebrows. He just shrugged and said, "You are the Sky Princess, after all."

She saw four prisoners hanging by the wall, and staring at her in disgust.

"Where's the shooter?" Clarke asked, averting her gaze from them.

"He's in the other room." Bellamy answered.

"Lead me to him." Clarke commanded.

"Clarke, I know you probably want to kill him but we need to know if he knows anything that may cause us any danger. We can get it out of him, you know that."

"We have four other people who can go through your interrogation. This one doesn't deserve to live." Clarke snarled, loading bullets in her pistol.

"Yeah but this one seems to be the leader. The rest are just...mindless morons from what I've got to know about them."

"Or they are more cunning and are pretending to be dumb." Clarke argued.

Bellamy shook his head, "Clarke, I cannot be fooled that easily. And let's for a moment consider that I am being fooled, do you still want to finish off the one who is actually speaking up?"

"All right, I won't shoot him just yet. He does not deserve an easy death anyway." Clarke said, moving past Bellamy, making way to the other room. Bellamy hurried to match Clarke's pace.

As soon as Clarke's eyes fell on the man, her voice turned as cold as steel as she ordered Bellamy," Bellamy, leave me and take these guards along with you."

"It's not wise, Princess."

"I am not a child, Bellamy. I can handle myself. Leave now." Clarke said, still not turning to Bellamy.

Bellamy knew that Clarke never ordered people around unless necessary. He trusted her and her capabilities, therefore he left the room, taking the guards with him.

"So it's you again." Clarke said unfeelingly, walking up to the man hanging by the wall.

Lexa felt pangs of pain with every step she took but she had been taught that enduring pain was strength. She was the Commander and she would show strength. So, after initial help from Indra to wrap her Commander cloak around her shoulders and make her stand, Lexa started walking without any support. She noticed that Indra was walking closer to her than usual but didn't make any comments about it as she was in a hurry. She knew Clarke would be safe with her guards but she also knew that Clarke was under a lot of stress and needed not to be given anymore of it.

Once she arrived at the Sky People's prison, which was basically a room with chained prisoners, she was greeted by her warriors calling her name respectfully and bowing their head. She raised a hand to silence them and looked around the room for Clarke. She wasn't there.

"Where is the Sky Princess?" She asked one of the warriors in her native tongue.

"Sky Heda's with the shooter."

She looked at Indra who nodded and led her to other room. She frowned when she saw Bellamy and the rest of his guards standing outside the room. In fact, blocking its entrance.

"What is the meaning of this?" Indra asked angrily, her hand gripping the hilt of her sword tightly, ready to pull it out.

"Commander, how are you out of bed?" Bellamy asked, surprise clearly evident in his voice.

"Where is Clarke, Bellamy?" Lexa asked, inwardly wincing. It hurt to speak.

"She's inside with the prisoner, solo interrogating him. And before you say it, she has a loaded gun and the guy is chained to the wall. He can't hurt her."

"Let me through." Lexa ordered.

Bellamy slowly shook his head. "I am sorry Commander, but you need to wait till Clarke comes out. She ordered not to be interrupted."

"You dare defy the Commander's orders, Sky boy?" Indra said, happily unsheathing her sword. Bellamy seemed unaffected by it and glared at Indra.

"Stand down Indra. The boy is only following his Heda's orders. You cannot have his head for this."

Indra looked disappointed as she sheathed her sword. Bellamy couldn't help but draw a parallel to her with a kid whose Christmas present had been taken away from them.Grounders, he thought and resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

"Bellamy, your leader's orders do not apply to me. We are in an alliance and she is not superior to me and neither am I to her. We are equals." Lexa spoke to the boy coolly.

"You are to let me pass." Lexa said compellingly.

Bellamy stared at her for a few moments, contemplating her words and her logic before finally allowing her the entrance.

"Your guard is to stay here."

"Of course." She said, nodding at Bellamy. It didn't matter how she felt about Bellamy, he was good at protecting Clarke. He is good for her, a sad voice whispered in her head.

Bellamy opened the door very slowly, trying his best not to disturb Clarke or divert her attention. Lexa was naturally stealthy thus Clarke was unaware of the entrance of the Commander. Lexa chose to stay in the shadows and watch the blonde rather than interfere.

She watched impassively as Clarke moved towards the prisoner, pistol in her hand.


"You know why." The prisoner spat.

"No. I had spared your life. Your debt was paid."

"Oh, really? And would that make my son return? The son you killed."

"I did what I had to, to protect my people. "

"What was my son's fault in all this? He was just a boy!" The prisoner said passionately.

"It's not going to work on me, not anymore. I am not going to be blackmailed by you. And you ask what was your son's fault? None."

"It was your mistake that he died. It's on you, not me." Clarke continued calmly and Lexa watched impressed.

"I would have never harmed my son, you bitch!" He spat on Clarke.

Clarke laughed a humorless laugh, extracted a tissue from her pocket and wiped her face. Then she slammed her hand hard across the man's jaws.

"You killed my people, and so I killed your people. It's all your fault." Clarke said pronouncing every word.

The man clenched his jaws but said nothing, his eyes furious.

"You sacrificed your son so you would walk in the sun. It's all on you. I believed it was mine but no...I know better now. It's all your fault." Clarke whispered.

"We did it for survival!" He argued.

"No, you did not. You were SURVIVNG in the mountain. You were just draining people's lives for your luxury. To walk on the ground. You didn't care about people, about lives, about families, about the children."

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" He screamed.

"I want you to tell me everything you know." Clarke said evenly.

"Will you let me live if I told you so?"

"No, I cannot do that. Not after what you did."

"That boy of yours wasn't harmed!" He shouted.

"No, he wasn't. No thanks to you. However, you shot someone else that I care for as well."

"It was just a girl."

"It was the Commander."

All the color drained from his face at this information.

"It can't be." He said fearfully.

"Oh, but it was. You know the Grounders and their customs, after all you had eyes on them 24/7. So here's what I will offer you." Clarke said, picking up the dagger placed on the table and twirling it around her fingers.

"I offer not to hand you over to the Grounders in exchange for your informations."

"Liar. You do not have the power to do that, the Commander will have your head."

"Oh, so you have heard of the fierce nature of the Commander? Good. But that is my problem not yours." Clarke said sharply.

"You promise you will not hand me over to the Grounders?" He asked for confirmation.

"I do." Clarke looked at him straight in the eyes.

"I was the closest to the President after Emerson. I was his bodyguard and so I know about the City of Light." He spoke after sometime.

"What about it?" Clarke asked, taking the seat in front of the man hanging by the wall.

"Our forefathers have created an automated machine to set off the nuclear weapons. It was controlled by a voice recognition software but now that the Wallaces are dead...there is no one controlling it. That machine is present at the City of Light. "

"What do you mean?" Clarke asked a bit fearfully.

"You know what I mean, Clarke." He said gravely.

Clarke was lost for words for a few minutes but when she finally regained the ability to speak, her voice quivered. "Why were you there last night?"

"We need someone to be able to regain the control of the machine and we figured out that the boy and the girl who blew up our dams were our only chance. We were there to take them and blow up the rest of you." He sighed in defeat.

"Lies." Lexa spoke up, her voice sharp.

Clarke turned around, surprised. "Lexa, how...what...what are you doing here?"

Lexa shook her head, telling her that they can talk about it later.

"Clarke, you promised!" The man shouted frightfully.

"Tell me, how many of you are there?" Lexa said, unsheathing a dagger from her cloak and running it across the man's face.

"Enough to end you!" He replied defiantly.

"Answer me!" Lexa said, stabbing his right bicep.

"Aaagh. All. All of them have been captured."

"Lexa, he was the one who told us about their whereabouts." Clarke spoke slowly.

"Very well. I think he has outlived his usefulness then. It's time for him to suffer the wrath for attacking the Commander." Lexa said decisively.

"You said I would not be handed over to the Grounders!" The man said, looking at Clarke.

"And I will stick to my word." Clarke replied, bringing a relieved expression on his face.

"Clarke-" Lexa started.

"I, however, said nothing about me or the Sky People."

"Bellamy!" Clarke called out.

Bellamy came in immediately.

"Take him and tie him around a tree."

The man screamed as Bellamy, along with some guards, dragged him out.

"I was under the impression that you saw our ways as savage." Lexa said, not bothering to hide the surprise from her voice.

"I am flexible, just like I want you to be. I do not stick to my traditions like they are the word of God." Clarke replied.

Lexa looked away from Clarke at this.

"And why are you out of bed?" Clarke asked.

"You have stitched me up, now I see no reason to lie there all day. I am the Commander, I have my duties."

"One of which is to stay alive."

"Don't worry about me, Clarke. I am used to suffering." The Commander said coldly and made her way out, leaving a frowning Clarke.

Clarke watched with satisfaction as her people drew cuts into the man's body. She knew her people loved Bellamy and none had their sympathy towards the man tied around the tree, screaming. Clarke, who was of a forgiving nature, didn't feel any sympathy towards him either. He had made Clarke feel her belief, about the mountain men's blood on her hands, stronger; he had nearly killed her, had almost killed all of her and Lexa's people, had come close to kill Bellamy and he would have killed Lexa if it weren't for Octavia bringing her back. Most of all, he was a man working for revenge. Clarke knew, no matter what he said, they would never see eye to eye. Honestly, she also believed she couldn't, not after what he almost took away from her. Lexa.

The man lasted for about 4 hours before it became clear that he would die any second. Lexa, who was sitting on a chair and watching the whole scene, with her eyes occasionally slipping to Clarke's, nodded at her and Clarke moved forward with her pistol, pointed it at the almost dead man's forehead and pushed the trigger, ending his life.

"May you find peace with your son." She whispered.

Lexa was back in the hospital wing to retrieve one of her daggers, which had fallen out of her cloak; she didn't ask Indra about it as she knew the lesser Indra interacted with the Sky People, the better. Just as she was ready to go back to her camp, Bellamy entered.

"Commander, I wanted to thank you for saving my life. I am forever indebted to you." He came straight to the point. One rare Sky being, Lexa thought amusedly.

"No you are not. I did not do it for you." She said honestly.

Bellamy smiled. "I know but regardless you saved my life, so thank you."

Lexa nodded and Bellamy left.

Again she was ready to go when, this time, Abby stopped her.

"Honestly Commander, you could not wait only a day more?" Clear disapproval in her voice.

"I am the Commander. My presence is needed among my people."

"All right. Just let me have a look at your stitches please." Abby said, motioning for her to lie down. Lexa laid down, taking her cloak off. Then Abby raised her eyebrows in a silent question and Lexa nodded granting her permission as she moved her shirt up.

Abby expertly applied some white cream on the affected area and quickly covered her back with her shirt. A satisfied look on her face as she said, "It turns out you heal fast, Commander. Your stitches are in a quite good state and I can allow you free movement though I have a feeling you wouldn't have waited for me to allow it."

"I have Commander blood, Abigail." Lexa said proudly.

Abby just smiled.

"I wanted to thank you for what you did for me " Lexa said sincerely.

"You are welcome, Commander."

"I should leave now." Lexa said, getting up and putting on her cloak.

"I suggest you meet with my daughter before leaving."

Lexa halted in her tracks, thinking over Abby's words. She had to talk to Clarke about the alliance and what the mountain man had said anyway. She nodded and left for Clarke's bedroom.

The Sky People openly gazed at her as she walked towards Clarke's room; she was used to it and wasn't bothered in the slightest by it, but what bothered her was the whispering. Her people hardly ever dared to open their mouth in her presence and these people apparently found it difficult to close theirs. So eager to get away from them, Lexa went straight into Clarke's room without knocking. She frowned when she found it empty. Then she heard noises coming from a door inside Clarke's room. She could see it was slightly open and Lexa easily pushed it wide open with a kick, her hand ready to draw out her sword.

She wasn't sure what she expected to find, but Clarke soaking in a bathtub, her moist hair sticking against her back, her head resting against the rim, definitely was not what she had in mind.

"Lexa?" Clarke screeched, sinking deeper in the water to cover her exposed breasts. Lexa, on the contrary, did nothing to avert her gaze from Clarke's naked form.

"What do you need?" Clarke asked, bringing back Lexa's attention.

Lexa's cheeks turned red and she forgot all about the purpose she was here for, "I…need...I...I'll wait outside."

She didn't know why but she waited for Clarke's response to this and Clarke just stared at her in disbelief. Lexa couldn't control her eyes as they trailed Clarke's eyelashes and straight nose, to the stoop of her lips, where her eyes lingered and her throat started to feel dry. Her lips were glistering with water droplets and looked so very inviting but Lexa's eyes did not only stop there. She stalked one of the droplets falling from Clarke's lips to her chin and then traveling down her small neck reaching her...

"Lexa, I said you can wait outside." The amusement in Clarke's voice further turning the Commander's face red. She managed to look up at Clarke's face and nod.

Getting out of the washroom, she really didn't know what to do. Run off or wait for Clarke? She had fought numerous wars and she never had been afraid before but, in that moment, she was terrified. Terrified of her own actions. Just as she contemplated running away this once in her lifetime, Clarke emerged with nothing but a towel covering her naked body, Her long legs half-bare for the Commander's eyes to eagerly feast upon. Clarke moved towards the wide eyed Commander and started,

"That was..."

Lexa wasn't aware of when she crossed the gap between them or when she pushed the blonde to the wall. All she was aware of was Clarke's lips against hers. Lexa kissed her hungrily, with passion, with a fire that consumed Clarke. Clarke remained unresponsive in the beginning and Lexa, as soon as she realized this, tried to move back but Clarke's lips caught hers and then the fire started anew; Clarke, bringing Lexa's body closer to hers and Lexa feeling Clarke's hands on her hips, let out a shaky breath but kept kissing her. A growl escaped Lexa's throat as she felt Clarke's hips against hers. She had never felt this way before, so out of control, so free. She loved the feeling and when she felt Clarke's tongue brushed against her lips, she obediently parted them, giving the Sky Princess the access she required. Their tongues battled against each other, fighting for the upper hand. Lexa's hands found their way to Clarke's back and she pulled her closer, making her fully aware of the fact that only a towel was between Clarke's skin and Lexa's line of sight. This aroused the Commander to an unbelievable extent and she shuddered involuntarily. Clarke cut the kiss for air and Lexa's lips descended to Clarke's throat, to the crook of her neck, leaving a trail of kisses. Clarke moaned in pleasure above her and said, "Lexa" breathlessly.

The sound of her name uttered from Clarke's lips brought her back to Commander mode and she quickly backed away from the sinful temptation. She dared look up at the blonde beauty who had her eyes shut. After a few seconds, Clarke's eyes opened, confused.

"Clarke, I am so sorry." Lexa said apologetically.

"Why are you sorry?" Clarke asked, hurt.

Lexa felt moisture in her eyes and quickly walked out of Clarke's room saying, "I need to leave."

Clarke touched her swollen lips to confirm whether or not this was her imagination. It wasn't.

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