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The Shadow Warriors


Lost and forgotten by the people of the world Jayden Warney takes it upon himself to start his own team of heroes. With all is knowledge, power and friends he vows to rid Gotham of its evil. ways..

Action / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Shadow Year One

The night was cold as snow slowly fell to the ground and covered Gotham. Even in the winter Gotham still looked dirty with its inhabitants being mostly thieves, corrupted cops and serial killers. One place in particular was a gothic night club that secretly drugged women and sold them off as prostitutes for the Maroni crime family.

Above the night club a lone warrior who wore a long black leather coat a mask that covered his mouth and a pair of sunglasses that were actually designed by Wayne enterprises. A crow that was perched over the main door let out a few caws before flying up and landing on the warriors shoulder.

"Hello Jake," The young man said as he held his left hand out. "What do you got?"

Jake the crow leaned his beak in and dropped a silver necklace with a small sapphire gem at the end.

"Hmm, she actually did it." He thought out loud. "Well, now I won't get anywhere sitting here."

He slid off the edge of the roof and fell four floors down to the ground. Before he could hit the ground he activated his belt and an invisible barrier appeared between his feet and the ground causing him to land safely on the ground.

"I love my anti-gravity field." He said as he walked around the corner of the alleyway and crept around the corner to see two guards guarding the doors.

He let out a chuckle as walked over to them. They both looked him up and down as one of them looked at a list.

"Name?" The guard asked in a gruff voice.

"Shadow." The boy said in a devious voice.

"What kind of stupid name is that?" He asked.

"You're mother loved it when she screamed it last night." Shadow snickered. Unfortunately the guard did not find it too funny.

"Fuck you ya little punk!" He shouted as he pulled out a glock and pointed it at Shadow's head.

Shadow swiped his hand up and the gun went flying in the air as he reached into his coat and pulled out a .44 Shepard. The glock fell into his left hand and he pointed both guns at the guards.

"Now, I need to get inside and you two don't need a bullet in either of your heads." He said smugly. "So why don't you open those doors and we can all go home happy okay?" He asked. The two nodded slowly as the one guard unlocked the doors and Shadow turned his attention to the one who he mouthed off to earlier. "You, do you know where they are keeping those kidnapped girls?"

"Y-Yeah, downstairs in the basement," He stuttered. "That's where they have their 'private' sessions for partiers who want a good time."

"Well that's good," He said in a chipper voice before bringing the butt of the glock onto his head knocking him out cold. "Because I'm looking for a good time, you get that door open yet?"

The guard nodded before Shadow knocked him out too and proceeded into the club.

The night club was just like he thought it would be. Loud techno music, fog on the floor, strippers in black leather panties and bras with black eyeliner and lipstick it was all so pathetic. The dancers moved at a fast beat as the music destroyed their eardrums. The dancers were all young teens who wore either long black coats and spiked necklaces or skimpy skirts with torn stockings.

"Now these guys were loved too much or not enough when they were kids." Shadow grumbled as he looked around for the basement. He walked over to one of the bouncers but they told him to see the manager. All it took was a twenty dollar tip and he was leading him straight to the manager's office. He opened the metal door and the inside was just as strange and twisted as the club.

The walls were all black and the floor was all lit up giving the room a creepy glow. Shadow was hardly fazed as he pushed past the guards and slammed his hands on the black desk that stood between him and the manager. He wore a black coat with a furry collar and black jeans with combat boots. His hair was black and his skin was pale as he smirked at Shadow.

"Welcome to Purgatory my name is Damien." He said with a menacing tone.

"Like the son of Satan my name is Shadow as in deaths shadow." Shadow grunted. "Now that we have the formalities out of the way I'm here for only one reason." He then leaned in closer so that he and Damien were face to face. "I want those girls released."

Damien raised an eyebrow and played the innocent bystander routine.

"Girls, what girls?" He asked as if completely oblivious. "The only girls I know are the ones dancing of their free will downstairs. You can't hold me responsible for what they do after they leave." He said as he turned to look down at the dance floor. His arrogance was starting to get on Shadows nerves.

"I'm not asking you for the girls I'm demanding the girls," Shadow grumbled as he sat down in front of his desk. "What happens to you or your shitty nightclub is of no concern."

Damien let out a high pitched laugh as he turned back to face Shadow.

"You really don't know who you're messing with do you?" He snickered.

"You're just an errand boy for the Maroni crime family." Shadow snickered as he placed his feet on Damien's desk. "Now, are you gonna give the girls or not?"

"They belong to me now Shadow," Damien said, his voice starting to shake. "They are nothing to no one anymore. I am just putting those whores to use."

"Well one hundred weeping mothers and one hundred pissed off fathers happen to disagree and now I have my answer."

He pulled out his magnum and glock and fired both guns at Damien landing two shots into his chest. Damien went flying through the window and down to the club floor as Shadow pushed his feet on the desk and rolled to his feet behind the guards behind him. He smacked the butt of the guns on the back of their heads and knocked them out cold.

Shadow then ran towards the window and jumped out of the office landing on the dance floor. The dancers had already started running for the doors as Damien ran towards the basement. Shadow went to follow him when he was interrupted by a couple of guards with handguns. Shadow took cover behind the bar and pulled out his guns. The guards fired blindly at Shadow until they were out of bullets. Shadow took the opportunity and fired his magnum at the two. He landed two shots into each of the one in the arm and the leg. They both fell to the ground as Shadow chased after Damien.

He found the basement door that led to a dark hallway and went down it. Shadow walked down the hallway as he saw multiple girls slumped on the ground and drugged out of their minds. Shadow grunted in disgust as he went after Damien. He chased him out of the basement and into an alleyway where Damien ran towards his car but before he could get in Shadow had fired multiple rounds at the car taking out its tires.

Damien snarled at Shadow and ran to the back of his car and popped the trunk. He pulled out a katana in a black sheath and drew his blade.

"You really have no idea who you're messing with do you?" He shouted as Shadow drew his black straight sword with a red ribbon tide at the end.

"You're not a warrior," Shadow said in a monotone voice. "You're just another criminal running out of time."

Damien let out a battle cry as he brought his sword down at Shadow who raised his blade and blocked his attack. Damien then swung his sword wildly at Shadow causing sparks to fly with each impact to his blade. They locked blades again but Damien landed a kick to Shadow's stomach and knocked him on the ground. Shadow looked up and his eyes widened as Damien brought his sword down to stab his head.

Shadow barely rolled out of the way in time as the tip of the sword sliced the right side of his cheek. Damien tried to pull his sword out of the ground but he had stabbed it so hard into the ground he got it stuck. Damien let out a frustrated growl and started to stomp on Shadow's chest and head for a minute before Shadow was able to push him off.

"You're good asshole I'll give you that," Shadow said as he pulled down his mask and spat out blood. "But you aren't even close to taking me down. Now, you can either just tell me who you're working for or I can make you tell me while I hack you to pieces!"

"Go to hell!" Damien shouted.

He then ran over to his sword that was still stuck in the ground and ripped it out. Shadow trailed his fingers along his belt as his fingers bumped onto small little handles. He whipped out three small throwing knives and threw them at Damien, two stuck his arms and one hit his stomach. He let out a gasp of air and fell to the ground his sword glittering to the ground.

He laid on the ground breathing heavily as Shadow towered over him. His eyes widened as he held the tip of his sword to his chin.

"I bet when you woke up this morning you didn't think at nine' o'clock you would be bleeding in an alleyway did ya?" Shadow chuckled.

"Your screwed buddy," Damien whispered. "My boys are on their way soon and they'll kill you."

"We'll see about that." Shadow responded as he picked Damien up by the collar of his coat.

Two cars pulled up outside of the club each carrying four men armed with either a shotgun or an assault rifle. They were about to storm the building when they all stopped to see a white piece of paper tapped to the door with the word 'Alley' written on it.

The lead thug shrugged his shoulders as he led his men down the alleyway. They walked a few minutes before they started hearing muffled cries in the distance. They walked over to see someone tied to a chair with a bag over his head.

"Who's that?" One thug asked.

"Why don't ya take the bag off his head and find out ya moron?" Another thug snapped.

"Don't call me a moron ya schmuck!" He yelled back as he ripped the bag off the tied up person to reveal it to be Damien.

"Hey isn't this the freak we trust to get us the girls?" He asked.

"Yeah, but what's he doing tied up?" Another thug asked.

"Obviously the punk who's making a move on us." The lead thug snapped.

He then heard something beeping beneath Damien's coat and moved his hand over to unzip it ignoring Damien's muffled cries. When he unzipped it his question was answered when he saw a round circular device blinking red with a vote for Dent sticker on it.

"Oh shit a bomb!" They all yelled as the bomb flashed a bright light.

"It's a flash bang!" One thug yelled.

They all stumbled around bumping into each other as Shadow dropped down in the center of the group. He swiped on thugs legs and knocked him on the ground before smashing his fist into his face. He then brought his boot to the side of another thugs head knocking him out cold and landed a punch to the center of another guys face.

A few thugs started to get their vision back and reached for their guns but before they could pick them up Shadow knocked their heads together and delivered a haymaker across their faces. They both fell to the ground as Shadow finished off the remaining thugs. He stood over the broken bodies as he recognized that the men that Damien was working for were Maroni's men. Damien still tied and gagged in his chair started whimpering as Shadow kicked him down onto the ground and pointed his magnum to his chin.

"Now, here's what's going to happen," Shadow said as he cleared his throat. "This whole auctioning off women is over. You are going to shut this club down and tell Maroni that if he even thinks about kidnapping another woman that I'll cut his balls off. Now what did I just say?"

Damien swallowed as he started to tremble.

"You want us to stop auctioning off women, you want the club gone and Maroni should stop kidnapping women or you'll cut his balls off." He repeated.

"And who am I?" Shadow snarled as he pressed the barrel to his chin.

"S-Shadow." He stuttered.

"No. Who. Am. I?"

"I don't know." He whimpered.

"That's right you don't know, let that keep you up at night. This time was a warning next time I see you stepping a single toe out of line I'll put you down like the dog you are." He then holstered his gun and started to walk away before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a photo. "By the way this girl went missing tonight have you seen her?"

"Y-Yeah, she's locked up in the basement." He said.

"Thanks." Shadow said before landing a kick to his head knocking him out cold.

Shadow then made his way to the basement and started kicking down doors. He freed multiple girls from their rooms before he came upon one last door. He kicked it down and saw multiple girls hiding behind just one young woman with red hair and blue eyes. She looked at Shadow and smiled as she ran over to him and wrapped her arms tightly around him.

"Hey Ally." He smiled as he led everyone out of the basement.

Shadow sat on the ledge of the roof with his mask off as Ally sat next to him. The two looked down at the cops arresting the thugs and helping the girls to ambulances as sirens wailed and lights shined in the darkness. Ally turned and planted a small kiss on his cheek causing the warrior to blush.

"My hero." She swooned as she nuzzled her face into his shoulder.

"I'm no hero," He said in a low voice. "I'm just trying to make the city a better place."

"Ugh, Jayden please you did good tonight, you helped saved these girls from a terrible fate." She said with a toothy grin. "With some help from you're sidekick."

"Please you just activated the tracking chip in your belt," Jayden retorted. "I had already planned on coming here to investigate. All you managed to do was make it more risky for me."

"Hey, if you had just let me help you to begin with we could have taken these pigs down together." She huffed as she crossed her arms. "You know I'm just going to follow you wherever you go so why don't you just let me help you?"

"I don't want this life for you," He said. "Don't forget you were working as a Falcone working girl too. I don't want anything like that happening to you again."

His expression softened which made Ally smile. She opened up her arms and wrapped them around him and held him tight.

"You're so sweet," She squealed. "You act so tough but you are all heart on the inside." Jayden let out a small chuckle as he wrapped his arms around her. "So…can I help you?"

"Hell no." Jayden said as he broke off the hug and got up from the ground.

"C'mon, please?" Ally whined. Jayden rubbed the bridge of his nose and let out a frustrated growl.

"Well what is your name gonna be?" He asked.

"I've been thinking about that I want it to be Breeze." She said. Jayden raised an eyebrow.

"Breeze, why Breeze?" He asked.

"I chose Breeze because I move swiftly and quietly in the calm of the night. Just like the shadow casted by the light of the moon." She said poetically.

"That's not bad." Jayden mused as he suddenly had a look of realization. "Oh by the way I have this for you." He said as he pulled out the silver necklace with the sapphire gem at the end. Ally smiled as she moved her long red hair out of the way. Jayden tied the necklace around her neck and Ally turned around and kissed him on his lips. She leaned back and looked away bashfully as Jayden put his mask back on to hide the blush. "Let's go home."

With that the two walked off hand in hand into the night.

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