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"Love is not weakness, its strength." Octavia is one of the last Jedi, hunted by Kylo Ren she conceals her identity and joins the Resistance where she meets Poe Dameron and they quickly become close allies but when Octavia defies orders to go on a secret mission in search of the missing Luke Skywalker things go wrong resulting in Poe and Octavia's capture. The man that haunts Octavia's past will do everything in his power to get her back and if that means destroying the universe in his way he will not hesitate to do it. //ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO THE CREATORS OF STAR WARS I OWN NOTHING BUT MY ORIGINAL CHARACTER//

Scifi / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not in any way own Star Wars or The Force Awakens, I do however own the character of Octavia so please don’t try to steal her!

Two years ago in a galaxy far far way...

Octavia’s body shook from the cold of the mountain as deadly winds struck her like a thousand whips. Every day was the same; wake up train, train some more. She never complained about how her long hair was always tangled and knotted or how her hands were turning blue, not even when her bones became so sore the point point she it became impossible to sleep at night did she falter.

It had been six years since she was taken from her lack of a home, freed from her slave life and thrust onto another planet. Six years since the infamous Luke Skywalker found her. She had always thought the Jedi were a myth, a whisper you tell to the children that won’t make it thought the night. But all the stories were true the myth quickly became her reality, she was the universe’s last hope. Or so she thought.

“You look cold.” The young boy observed as he sat himself upon the uneven rock-face the girl was sat upon, he was barley a year or so older than her with short dark hair and eyes to match.

“And you look grumpy, but let’s not point out the obvious shall we.” The girl huffed blowing out a mass of cold air into the sky. She would come up here almost every night when insomnia took over, the stars and planets glistened in the sky above her as she watched them wondering what life would be like somewhere else. Longing for adventure.

Octavia fiddled with the metal object in her hands, a beautifully sculpted weapon that belonged to her; it was the most important thing she had ever owned.

“Master Luke has been working you too hard, you need to take a break.” He rested a hand upon her shoulder and gave her body a once over letting his eyes linger on the half healed cuts that litters her arms and hands.

“Don’t do that Ben.” Octavia scolded him as he rested his head on his hand and gazed up at her eyes, they were the colour of smoke when it drifted into the sky after a fire, his affection for her had been clear since the day she met.

“What this?” He smirked revealing as he moved his hand to touch her face making Octavia close her eyes for a moment, the coldness of his skin often worried her but she had became adjusted to his icy touch.

“Don’t, we can’t.” She reminded him pushing his hand away, forgetting to remove her hand from the to of his she placed it on the ground gripping the rock she sat upon to prevent the temptation of his touch.

“And why not, you feel the same way I do. What is there to stop us.” He blinked at her twice waiting for an answer, Octavia felt her stomach drop.

“The Jedi aren’t supposed to fall in love It’s not the right way.” A single tear escaped cascading down her face, she wiped it way with the end of her sleeve before he could notice.

“Why listen to everything Master Luke tells you, times are changing and the rules should be broken for once.” Ben smiled slyly, his words worried her more and more every day. The force within him became conflicted and she had began to notice. His words no longer sounded like his own.

“He’s a good teacher, we have much to learn and I don’t want to waste any time.” She stood up- swatting her hair from her face then began walking down the hill.

The green mossy grass sunk into footprints as she walked in search of her master but boy had reached out grabbing her arm to prevent her from going.

“Why do you want to be Jedi so badly?” The boy questioned, he spoke the word Jedilike the meant to say another word in its place, something like ‘poison’′ or ‘evil’.

“Why don’t you? It’s an honour we are needed to restore peace to the Galaxy and-”

The force was everything to Octavia she was still a child yet understood it perfectly, to her it was the breath from the trees and the tears of the broken. It consumed every atom in the universe and healed the weak. To be apart of the force was an honour to her not a burden.

“It’s a waste of time and you know it.” He snapped his voice went from calm to violent in a matter of seconds. Ben’s eyes squinted as he tried to figure this girl out, he just couldn’t understand why she did everything she was told.

"Stop. You are hurting me.” She yelled yanking her arm out of his grasp, his fingers had left a painful red mark on her bicep one that was probably bruise. Ben had always been unaware of his own strength.

“Sorry...I just think there is so much more we can do with the force, haven’t you ever wondered if there is another way?” He breathed deeply taking a step back and holding his hands out in front shocked by his own actions. “I have these dreams sometimes...dreams where I’m more than just a Jedi.”

“I think it’s time you decided what side you’re on.”

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