The Last Adventure of ATM: Heaven on Earth

Chapter 11: Escape from L.A

Stephanie McMahon was hovering above the ground and everyone was terrified; Jericho and Carla B. Cool where holding hands, their hair wild with electricity that had short circuited all the lights in the entire hotel. The Rock, The Guerreros and Rey Mysterio were trapped, Charlotte and Dan were refusing to let them leave, there was only one way out and that was through the window and out to the veranda. That was already taken as Stephanie, Jericho and Carla flew right through it blazing the sky like Super Sayins in Dragonball Z. The Rock flew out to the balcony and called out to Jericho begging him to come back before somebody saw them and called the police, the cops had already killed Shawn's wife because of witchcraft, what would they do to Stephanie and Jericho if they saw them like this?

"Jericho come back you assclown you're gonna get killed up there!" The Rock yelled.

Jericho turned in mid-air and smiled demonically, "No I'm the one who does the killing!" he snarled and Stephanie and Carla cackled.

"Hunter, Joanie and LC won't know what hit 'em," Stephanie said and they took of like a comet tearing across the sky.

The Rock turned to Rey and Vicky panicking, "They're going to kill DX, we have to warn Shawn and Hunter!" he said taking out his cell-phone when Dan knocked it out of his hand.

"Shut your mouth!" he yelled still possessed, "Nobody goes anywhere until Stephanie McMahon says so,"

Rey-Rey looked up at the chandelier, it was huge and still flickering which means there was electricity still running through the room. He winked at Rocky who nodded knowing what Rey-Rey intended to do; he locked his hands and Rey used him as a springboard to the chandelier which he ripped out of the ceiling and pulled to the ground. The candles broke and lit the carpet which was soaked in alcohol instantly setting the room ablaze.

"Let's go!" The Rock said grabbing Vicky while Rey grabbed Dominic and Aaliyah from Dan and Charlotte who ran after them down the lobby as the hotel staff evacuated the Grand Wilshire.

"Are Aaliyah and Dominic still possessed?" Rocky asked Rey who looked at his children concerned.

"Yes, we have to find out what happened back there!" Rey replied and Rocky nodded.

"But we have to get out of L.A," he said.

"I say we go to Mexico where it's safe," Vicky said dragging her daughters along with her down the stairs as Charlotte and Dan got lost in the crowds of people scurrying to get out of the hotel.

"But what about DX, we have to warn them about the unholy trinity?" Rey-Rey said running towards the exit and spotting Vince and Shane McMahon just outside the hotel entrance grinding them all to a halt.

"Oh no!" Vicky, Rey and Rocky moaned knowing Vince and Shane were going to ask them where Stephanie was, "We gotta get out without them seeing us!" The Rock said.

"But how?" Rey said as Charlotte and Dan spotted them in the crowds exiting the hotel. As the guests tried to leave, Rocky and everyone tried to figure out how they were going to escape, luckily Ashley, Candice, Mickie James and Victoria already provided them with a distraction.

"Hello boys," the WWE Divas said seductively all at once getting the full attention of everyone in the hotel lobby.

"Whoa check it out they're getting naked!" Dan said and Charlotte snapped out of the spell, she tried to remember what had just happened and saw that not only was the sprinkler system on soaking her through and through, Carla was missing.

"Dan where's Carla?" she asked frantically but her husband didn't answer, "Dan!" she snapped shoving him angrily to get his attention hurting her hand as she did so. It was then that she realized that he had turned to stone as had all the men in the lobby.

"It's the Whore of Babylon - she's got the WWE Divas!" Shaul Guerrero cried out.

"Now's our chance, move!" The Rock yelled covering his eyes along with Rey's so they didn't turn to stone along with all the married men that had obviously been reading Playboy magazine. Vicky and the Guerreros guided the men towards Vince and Shane.

"Where's Stephanie?" Vince asked wondering what was going on inside.

"We'll explain later right now we have to get to Tijuana can we borrow your helicopter?" The Rock asked the Chairman who frowned concerned.

"Please tell me you didn't start a fire in there? I'd expect that kind of nonsense out of DX but not you Rocky you're better than that!" Vince said and Rocky grunted angrily.

"Vince please stop giving Shawn and Hunter such a hard time, they've given everything to the WWE, this McMadness has got to stop! Stephanie's out of her mind, she was drinking herself silly, maybe you should call of this whole death of DX thing you've got planned for Monday Night RAW,"

Shaul, Sherilyn and Kaylee Marie frowned at each other knowing they'd heard that somewhere before but it ended up in a war.

"Stephanie's happiness is all I care about now tell me what happened up there!" Vince demanded and Rocky sighed; it was pointless trying to reason with a madman unless he had long blond hair and was lead singer of a band named Fozzy.

"I'm sorry Vince we've got a demon to exorcise, now if you'll move you're candy ass just slightly to the left, we can be on our way," Rocky said and Vince looked at The Rock puzzled.

"Excuse me somebody called for an emergency pick up?" said a crane handler and Vince and Shane scratched their heads and suddenly found themselves being hoisted up by a crane.

"Hey get us down, Rocky you better not leave us hanging?" Vince demanded as Rocky, Rey, Vicky and the children climbed in a cab and drove away to LAX for the very next flight to Tijuana to perform and emergency exorcism on their innocent children. As they were leaving Ashley Massaro and John Cena arrived at the Beverly Wilshire wondering why all these men were turned to stone.

"I think I know what happened here, that stupid Whore of Babylon must have gotten freaky again," Cena said and Massaro touched her lips.

"Leave this to me," she said and she started to kiss all the men and the stone broke freeing each and everyone of them.

"Whoa how are you doing that?" Cena wondered amazed.

"I got the Kiss of Life from Torrie Wilson, it's a gift God gave Shawn Michaels when he became one of ATM's holy helpers," Ashley explained as she went to kiss Dan much to Charlotte relief.

"Shawn Michaels is so awesome, I couldn't imagine anyone deserving more to be WWE Champion than him," Charlotte said and Cena laughed.

"Whatever," he said and looked up noticing the feet dangling from the air and figured whatever reason Vince and Shane McMahon were being held up by a giant crane DX had something to do with it, "Where the Hell are those guys?" Cena wondered, apart from Ashley, he hadn't seen anyone on the WWE roster since yesterday and there was almost no news on Edge and Lita's wedding on Saturday. Sometimes he wondered if he had any friends in the WWE at all and figured he'd go pay his baby mother's ex-boyfriend a visit since he was the only Superstar still in L.A.

Undertaker's Ranch, Houston, TX:

Hunter, Joanie and LC stared at the ice sculpture that was The Undertaker; Hurricane Aurora went medieval on The Deadman letting loose a blizzard over his ranch that covered the land in ice and snow making Houston look more like Alaska right now. He was trapped and that's exactly how the Helmsleys wanted him. Hunter kissed his little girl and she giggled happily.

"Let me take this thing off your head," he said about to remove the yellow hat when LC told him not to.

"She likes it," she said.

"Yeah but its yellow and that's a cowardly color, the Helmsleys are brave and strong, right baby?" he asked Chyna who shuddered trying to keep warm.

"How should I know? I'm not your wife and Aurora isn't my baby," she said.

"Are you mad or just cold?" Hunter asked.

"I would say a bit of both," Chyna replied, "Hunter how are you gonna keep Aurora's powers under control? She started a hurricane because we woke her up there's no telling how much danger we could put people in if she gets in one of her moods again,"

Hunter and LC exchanged glances, they found Chyna's attitude to be quite uncool.

"You have a problem with Aurora's supernatural powers?" LC asked furrowing her brow in confusion.

"No I have a problem with everything that's going on right now, Jeff gave his life so that you could have yours and now we have to stand here and freeze to death, it doesn't seem like God gave Aurora these powers for good, otherwise she'd be able to make the sun come out and warm us up," Chyna said to Hunter.

"Who says she can't?" Hunter said and now Chyna was the one who was confused.

"You want to see Ro-Ro make the sun come out mom?" LC asked and Chyna nodded, "Leave it to me," she said and reached up for her baby sister, Hunter gave her to LC who started to sing Chyna's theme tune from the Attitude Era much to LC's delight. Chyna looked up and the sky began to clear and the sun came out and lit up the sky as Aurora Rose shook her rattle jubilantly while LC sang the lyrics to the famous WWF theme.

"She's got great taste in music," Hunter said hugging Chyna fondly resting his head on hers reflecting back to when he was just getting started in the business and he remembered hearing Who I Am the first time; it sounded even better with his own daughter singing it. The DX family were getting so into the music they forgot that ice melts and the sunshine that Aurora was making come out was melting Undertaker and by the time they noticed he was completely defrosted.

"The Deadman's alive!" LC cried out as Mark rolled his eyes in the back of his head and reached for Hunter's neck setting him up for what looked like a Choke Slam.

"Let him go!" Chyna yelled fighting Taker off he just snarled and pulled them both closer to him.

"You think you can have it all Hunter Hurst Helmsley, well there's something I want that you can never ever have and that's Shawn Michaels. I already took little Jeff Hardy's life for stepping out of line by siding with you two Degenerates, now I'm gonna take Shawn's for siding with you all those years ago,"

"You lay one hand on him and you're really gonna be a dead man!" Hunter snarled his neck constricting under Mark's fierce grip.

"You can't kill wants already dead!" The Undertaker spat and he choke-slammed both Hunter and Joanie to the ground. LC growled angrily as Undertaker grabbed Cameron and Cheyenne who were frozen in their tracks by his death glare, she ran after him as he threw them into the back of his Range Rover and jumped onto the back seat taking Hurricane Aurora with her.

"LC!" Chyna cried out.

"Aurora!" Hunter cried out but it was too late; LC, Aurora, Cam and Chey Michaels were on the Highway to Hell.

"Shawn is gonna kick my ass," Hunter sighed desperately as he looked down at Jeff Hardy's tombstone, erected by none other than the Deadman himself, "Get two coffins ready," Hunter said, because when Shawn found out he let Undertaker escape with his two children he was gonna need Jesus more than ever before.

"What the Hell is that?" Chyna said looking up at three shadowy figures in the sky, "those are the biggest birds I have ever seen!" she said gazing at the creatures that were circling around their heads. Hunter looked up and felt like he was on drugs; he was certain the figures circling above their heads were not human but demon; he was half right.

"Oh my God it's not a bird," he said, "and it's not a plane,"

"Well what is it?" Chyna asked as the three figures headed towards them.

"It's my ex-wife!" Hunter replied and Chyna wished she hadn't been so hard on Aurora, they could really use her supernatural powers around now as Stephanie, Chris Jericho and Carla B. Cool landed next to them, their eyes alight with electricity - all three of them.

"Greetings from Stamford, Connecticut," Stephanie McMahon said, her third eye locking on Chyna unnerving the Amazon and terrifying Hunter who immediately looked at Jericho who was looking as evil as he always did.

"What did you do to her Jericho?" Hunter said.

"I flew her to the moon junior, something you could never do," Jericho replied.

"You guys can do whatever the Hell you want with us but leave Carla out of this!" Chyna panicked on seeing her daughter possessed and having no say in what was happening to her.

"You have no business asking me to do anything!" Stephanie McMahon spat, "You've already taken everything away from me, now I have something of yours and I'm making her part of my family, two can play that game Chyna!" Stephanie declared as Jericho and Carla wrapped their arms around her lovingly.

"We are the unholy trinity and we are going to kill all three members of Degeneration X starting with you two," Carla said.

"Stephanie please don't do something you're going to regret for the rest of your life!" Chyna pleaded and Stephanie looked at Hunter and gnashed her teeth angrily.

"I already have made all the mistakes I'm ever going to make, now fry piggy!" Stephanie yelled and Jericho and Carla joined her sticking their hands in the air and caused lighting to come down and strike the ground creating an earthquake that separated the land. Hunter and Chyna screamed and fell in-between the layers of dirt, Stephanie, Jericho and Carla struck the ground with their hands and the earth closed around Chyna and Hunter burying them alive.

Stephanie smiled cruelly as Jericho kissed her cheek; she picked Carla up and hugged her lovingly to her chest.

"Who needs an Undertaker when you've got McMagic?" she said arrogantly and the unholy trinity laughed maliciously and took to the air to find the co-founder of DX and his precious angelic trio and their friends to finish what Vince, Shane and Linda had started in the name of the McMahon family.

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