The Last Adventure of ATM: Heaven on Earth

Chapter 18: Just the 2 of Us

Imperial Beach, 8pm:

Rey Mysterio and Shawn Michaels were sitting on the boardwalk of the Camino Real away from all the action talking about Dominic and Shaul and what would have happened if they hadn't used protection when they had sex. The conversation was so intense it turned HBK off the idea of having sex altogether, which was a problem considering he was two minutes away from the restaurant he was supposed to be meeting Lita in at 8 o'clock. Mysterio could see that Shawn was anxious and he assured the Showstoppa that he had nothing to worry about.

"It's gonna be fine Holmes," he said squeezing Shawn's shoulder compassionately, "Rebecca's at peace, she's with Eddie, Owen and the King of Kings, I know she's alright with this, it's time to make your move,"

Shawn sighed and brushed Rey's hand off his shoulder standing to his feet looking at the woman approaching La Diferencia, a fine Mexican gourmet restaurant wearing nothing more than a red bikini covered only by a Salome red-beaded pareo that only covered one leg.

"Mamacita!" Rey-Rey exclaimed when he saw Lita and removed his mask for a better look, Lita gasped in horror and tried to make him put it back on, "Lita I can't, you're too beautiful to miss," he said and kissed her incredibly warm hands, "Shawn I'll talk to you in the morning," he said to the Heartbreak Kid who nodded quickly and tried to remember how to think, Lita had just taken his mind off of everything he and Rey had been talking about for the past hour and she was wearing a bikini, and not just any bikini, the bikini he wanted to take off her the moment he saw it - it was blocking his view of her fabulous breasts.

"Is this okay?" he said pointing to La Diferencia and Lita noticed the many tourists gaping at them through the window and frowned; she knew what they were gaping at and she didn't want that kind of attention tonight.

"Can we go to La Strada it's more our type of people," she said trying to avoid their glares.

"And by our people you mean other wrestlers?" Shawn said displeased with the suggestion and Lita ruffled her brow.

"What's wrong with La Strada?" she said crossing her arms and the audience Shawn and Lita now had all around the broad walk started listening in on their conversation, "Don't wave to them!" Lita said pulling Shawn's hand down as he waved at the people but he put it back up and kept smiling at them, then he did the most unexpected thing, he put his arm around Lita and posed for the tourists, Lita was shocked, "Shawn they're taking our picture!" she cried terrified and she tried to hide her face in his shoulder which was barely covered by his white linen shirt that was almost open all the way down to his cowboy belt buckle.

"Relax Big Red you'll live longer," he said with a big Christian smile pulling Lita in closer till she could feel his key chain pressing against her bare leg, she looked down and saw that it had a picture of Cameron, Cheyenne and Rebecca attached to it.

"Do we need to talk about this baby?" Lita said and now it was Shawn's turn to freak out.

"Did you just call me baby?" he said in delight and Lita went redder than the bikini she was wearing, she looked into HBK's eyes and couldn't help but smile he was so happy to be with her in front of all these people, maybe now wasn't the time to tell him that she just killed his best friend, she needn't have worried since Trish was going to break that news to him anyway.

"Yeah I did . . . hey baby," she said wrapping a lock of her hair around her ear and doing the same to Shawn whose hair was loose and sitting proudly on his muscular shoulders, she kissed his nose and Shawn blanched.

"You can do better than that!" he exclaimed and the tourists began to chant "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" and just as Shawn and Lita were about to make everyone forget about the earthquake and the giant women that were fighting in the ocean only moments ago, Trish tore them apart knocking Lita onto Melina who held her at a safe distance from Shawn.

"No kissing before Saturday!" she yelled and the fans booed her heavily, Shawn tried to help Lita get away from Melina but Trish pushed him away, "I know something you don't!" she told him.

"What that Lita killed Hunter? I knew Miss. Know-It-All, I told her to kill him so we could have the night to ourselves, I'll bring him back to life when the date's over, don't you two have men of your own?" Shawn said coolly and Carlito, Randy and Nitro nodded impressed; HBK was the man in their eyes and they finally understood what women loved about him as he pulled Lita to her feet and escorted her into La Diferencia like she was the apple of his eye and at that point in time Lita was all he could think about, he'd deal with Hunter's man crush in the morning for now, it was just him and Big Red.

Trish shook her head as the wait staff told her and the Miraculous one to take a hike as cameras flashed wildly taking as many pictures of Shawn and Lita as possible.

"Shawn told Lita to kill Hunter so they could have some time alone together, why didn't I think of that?" she thought scratching her head; she kept forgetting that she and God operated on a 'need to know' basis.

"So what did she say are they gonna bring Daddy back to life?" LC asked tearfully holding her baby sister in her arms and Aurora slept soundly like she didn't have a care in the world.

"Your father's gonna be fine sweetie," Trish said with a warm smile stroking LC's tear-stained face, "Shawn and Lita just need a little quiet time that's all,"

LC turned to Chyna, Kevin, Scottie, XPac and the rest of the wrestlers that had followed ATM over to this side of the beach to get answers about Hunter's unexpected death and told them to go back to the Camino Real, "Show's over folks nothing to see here, my father's going to be fine he's just taking a real long nap," she explained but not very well as everyone was wondering how Shawn could be on a date with his best friend lying stiff as a board in front of the hotel entrance.

"Shawn!" Chyna called and Trish hit her hand over her head and the wrestlers began to yell at Shawn over each other creating quite a raucous outside La Diferencia. Melina shushed them but it was no use, the WWE guys were furious that the head guy of their promotion was dead and the TNA guys didn't want to get the blame for it: they wanted answers and they wanted it now. If they knew how pissed off Lita was before she even stepped into the restaurant maybe they wouldn't have been so tactless.

"Guys shut up and go back to the hotel!" Trish cried as she and Melina tried to push them back, "Hunter's just taking a nap okay, think of him as the Sleeping Cerebral Assassin, Shawn will wake him up in the morning and everything will be back to normal,"

"How?" XPac asked furiously.

"He'll wake Hunter with his Kiss of Life," Torrie Wilson replied and everyone turned to her as she cut through the crowd of wrestlers to the front of the restaurant and stared at the Anointed couple through the window, "the Kiss that saved my life," she said gratefully and blew Shawn a kiss of her own much to Trish and Melina's annoyance.

"The Kiss that saved my life," Ashley Massaro said somberly and did the same-thing.

"The Kiss that once had can never be replaced, " The Undertaker said and blew the Heartbreak Kid a kiss of his own.

"That does it!" Shawn snapped and threw the menu down, grabbed Big Red and stormed out of the restaurant with Lita by his side like a conjoined twin, his eyes were lit with rage and his hair was ablaze both red and blond turning gold while Lita's hair became the same and her hazel eyes turned to a dark blue.

"The Kiss that I will give Lita in 48 hours and none of you are invited!" he snapped and the wrestlers complained and started cussing HBK out, Matt Hardy and Edge appeared and tried to convince everyone to be quiet.

"You guys really don't want to get them mad," Matt explained and Edge agreed.

"Now that they're officially a couple they've got a Double Anointing," Trish explained and everyone frowned.

"What's a Double Anointing?" MVP asked scratching his cornrows and the restaurant began to shake as Shawn and Lita began to get hot, real hot, so hot that the ice in the restaurant freezer started to sizzle.

"Does that answer your question?" Edge said and MVP gulped understanding immediately.

"So instead of Lita getting mad and going Apocalyptic on all our heathen asses, Shawn Michaels gets to go nuts on us too? That sucks!" Mr. Kennedy asked and Trish and Melina felt like crying, "Hey Shawn, convert this!" he said and gave HBK the finger.

"Heathens, oye!" Melina sighed and together Trish and Melina took Shawn and Lita by the hand and smiled.

"Why don't you guys just wait until tomorrow to have your first date?" Melina suggested, "Tijuana's a mess anyway thanks to the earthquake, everyone's stuff is everywhere you guys aren't gonna convince these guys to go back to the hotel anytime soon,"

Melina snatched her hand away from Shawn and Trish snatched her hand away from Lita, they looked at their palms and saw the blisters that were there, Shawn and Lita were having their first date right now.

"GO AWAY!" they roared and the wrestlers flew back as did the majority of the people eating as a whoosh of heat came over the broad walk scaring everyone except Trish, Melina, El Con Dios and TKO who understood completely why Shawn and Lita were so pissed off…

As they burned with Double Righteous Indignation Lita looked ahead at the ocean and saw that it was clear, she pulled HBK down the steps towards the water and they jumped in. Everyone watched as the water parted revealing the water-bed and all the sea creatures beneath who were now without oxygen.

"Oh no the fishes are dying!" Lita said trying to bring a dying kelp back to life and Shawn shook his head.

"You've never gone fishing before?" he asked looking for wood as Lita tried to save as many fish as she could.

"No I'm a vegetarian, I don't eat meat," she explained and Shawn smiled to himself.

"Well I'll show you how to fish and you can watch me eat while you eat sand or something," he said creating a makeshift barbeque with two sticks and a few stones.

Lita pouted, "I don't eat red meat," she explained further as Shawn gutted a huge codfish right in front of her with his switch-blade, she was impressed the man could cook, this date just got interesting considering she didn't have a clue how to do what he was doing and neither did her previous two boyfriends who looked on from outside La Diferencia with curiosity.

"Are they having dinner in the ocean?" Nitro asked taking off his Gucci shades for a better look while the tourists went back to their meals and the wrestlers took photos with them and signed autographs.

"I guess Shawn's trying to show her what a rugged outdoors man he is," Melina thought playing with her hair as Lita watched Shawn catch a swordfish while she lit the makeshift barbeque on fire with her hot and holy hands.

Edge shook his head in disbelief, "She couldn't even light the stove when we were dating, now she just points and some rocks and they catch a fire?" he said bitterly, a pang of jealousy taking over him and Matt Hardy shook his head.

"There's nothing wrong with cooking for your woman," he said, "maybe if you wined and dined Lita instead of bumping and grinding on her for the last three years she'd still be with you,"

The wrestlers all laughed especially Chyna who gave Matt Hardy a hi-five, "Hunter's a great cook too Shawn used to cook for us all back in the day, its essential isn't it Trish?"

The Truth frowned taking a seat on the steps watching her sister in Christ take it slow like she suggested and Shawn was not rushing past this romantic part of their relationship either, it was great. She gave Chyna a People's Eyebrow, "What's that Joanie?" she asked and Chyna rolled her eyes and sat next to the former Women's Champion who was also one of her oldest rivals.

"You know, you love Carlito's cooking right?" she asked and Trish winked at her Puerto Rican lover who winked right back.

"There's nothing sexier than a man who knows how to cook," she said and Nitro and Shelton exchanged worried glances knowing Carlito couldn't get them to eat a grain of his food.

"I can't cook at all," Shelton confessed to Krystal.

"Maybe Shawn can give us some tips," Nitro suggested and Melina sank back onto Trish as Nitro and Shelton ran over to Shawn and Lita and interrupted them once again. The fire that Lita had created blazed so high it lit up the whole sky causing the wrestlers and tourists in La Diferencia to look out towards the ocean and see two muscular studs of different ethnic origins running away from Shawn and Lita with their pants on fire.

"For Heaven's Sake can't a couple eat in peace?" Shawn yelled angrily as Nitro and Shelton put their butts out in the water, Shawn growled at them and started to pack up the makeshift barbeque fervently, "Grab the Swordfish," he told Lita who obeyed wondering what HBK had in mind as he walked ahead making footprints in the sand as he went, he had really nice feet, they were almost as pretty as hers. She didn't know why that was important but she was sure it had something to do with sex, but there would be plenty of time for that, tonight Lita was eating with the best in the business and for once she didn't have to take her clothes off first.

As she followed the Heartbreak Kid who had removed his shirt and was walking only in his vanilla combat shorts and small silver cross, she couldn't help but watch his butt move from side-to-side; Edge and Matt were kind of challenged in that area, she wondered what it was gonna be like to be married to a man whose ass attracted more attention than her breasts, at least that's what she thought. Lita never really thought of how much men liked her breasts until she did the Rated R angle with Edge two years ago, watching Shawn walk put the whole 'sexy boy' thing in a different light.

"Ouch, Lita did you just grab my ass?" Shawn said rubbing the taut muscle while Lita smirked.

"I think it was Sebastian, you know that Caribbean crab from Little Mermaid?" she replied humorously and Shawn dropped the makeshift barbeque and stepped towards her undoing her beaded pereo and let it fall to her feet, he reached under the hem of her bikini bottom tracing a circle around the small of her back and felt on her booty.

"Sebastian told me to tell you to behave yourself until we get married," he replied and Lita laughed tying her pereo back around her hip as Shawn collected the wood that he dropped and kept on walking, Lita had only gotten a taste of what was to come but he came to an abrupt halt when she said his name and took a deep breath.

"Yes Lita?" he asked her afraid to turn around, if she looked at him again like that before the wedding there was no way they were leaving Mexico without having sex but Lita was counting on that, she just wanted to give Shawn a taste of what was to come too.

"I love Disney movies, why don't we take Cam and Chey to see Lion King next week? It would give them a chance to get to know me out of character," she said taking Shawn completely off guard.

"Sure sure, I'm totally free next week, oh wait I'm doing RAW on Monday," Shawn remembered suddenly hating his job, Lita told him to come closer, she looked into his eyes and smiled putting her hand on his face and almost kissed his ear with her mouth.

"No you're not doing RAW on Monday, you're doing me," she said and Shawn dropped the makeshift barbeque on his bare feet and hopped up and down in pain while Lita laughed and laughed.

"This is gonna be the best sex I've ever had," she told herself and continued on in the direction Shawn had been going in and found herself looking at Charlotte and Dan McCool's Predator 55 luxury motor yacht.

Shawn eventually hopped over as she stared at it impressed with the Xtreme Makeover Shawn and Matt had given it, it said DX To the Extreme on the side in green and blue metallic paint.

"Charlotte and Dan said we could keep it until tomorrow then they're gonna auction it off on eBay, what do you say Big Red, wanna go for a boat ride with the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels?" Shawn said loving the way Lita's now dark blue eyes sparkled in the moonlight, he wanted her hair to go back to red though, it was suddenly his favorite color.

"I gotta say I think that's a really good way to end what has been one of the craziest days of my life," she said and Shawn nodded looking at the small church he told Hunter he loved Lita in just on the other side of the dock.

"Bet you can't tell what I'm thinking?" he said with a shy smile as Lita looked over at the little church.

"That's where you want to get married right?" Lita guessed and smiled as Shawn nodded, "I'll be there cowboy," she said and Shawn threw the sticks and stones to the ground and pulled her into a increasingly warm embrace, together like that they stayed, the night quiet and the water still and for the first time in a long time Shawn Michaels and Amy 'Lita' Dumas found a peace they both needed and rested in each others arm as their wrestler buddies and best friends looked on from the roof top of the Camino Real hotel enjoying the view.

"Hunter's gonna have a lot to compete with if he thinks he can break those two up," Trish said and Melina nodded.

"Ain't nothing or nobody gonna come between Shawn and Lita, Hunter will just have to accept that the days of him and Shawn running around and raising havoc on the wrestling world are over," Chyna said and Trish, Melina and Chyna clinked their glasses of tepid melted ice water together in a toast to the Anointed couple.

"Thank God!" they declared in unison and celebrated the couple with the WWE and TNA wrestlers who were so caught up in the romance on display between Shawn and Lita that they forgot they had to leave for America in the morning and would have to come back for the wedding.

"We can catch a ride back to LAX airport with Shawn and Lita!" Konnan said and the wrestlers started to call out to the Anointed couple all at once much to Trish and Melina fury. It didn't matter though, by the time the wrestlers reached the dock, Shawn and Lita were cruising along the open water swapping war stories and ideas for where to have their honeymoon, they weren't sure where they were going to go but it most definitely would be in a non-wrestling world, somewhere in a galaxy far-far-away.
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