The Last Adventure of ATM: Heaven on Earth

Chapter 19: Love Interrupted

San Diego Airport, 9pm:

Vince, Shane and Linda McMahon were in line for a first class flight to Tijuana to find their WWE Superstars and warn them about TNA when The Rock, Jericho and Stephanie found themselves in the same queue only they were with Dixie Carter several people ahead.

Vince frowned, "What is Stephanie doing up there with Dixie?" he said and Linda marched over to her daughter and tapped her on the shoulder irritated.

"Stephanie Marie McMahon would you please explain yourself?" she said, "What are you doing here talking with the head of our rival TNA?"

Stephanie shrugged, "Jericho wants me to move out to Florida with him, Dixie was just recommending some places for me to live in Orlando,"

"Why?" Linda asked even more confused.

"Because Chris Jericho's coming to TNA Linda, that's why," Dixie said and Linda ran over to her husband and son and dragged them over to talk some sense into one of their biggest main events.

"Vince talk some sense into Jericho he wants to sign with TNA!" she cried and Vince blanched.

"There's no way in Hell any of my boys are coming to your neck of the woods Mrs. Carter, not Jericho, not Rocky, not DX, not nobody!" Vince insisted as they moved down toward the ticket lady.

"I'm afraid that all flights to Tijuana have been cancelled due to the earthquake and some unpredictable weather conditions, please remain seated until we have further information on when all flights to Mexico will resume," she said and everyone sighed.

"I guess we're staying here for awhile," The Rock sighed not wanting to hear anymore of Vince McMahon's voice for a lifetime, his lack of appreciation for everything DX had done for the company was getting to him, he was thinking of going to TNA as-well, he would hate to have what happened to Shawn and Hunter on RAW happen to him.

"I think you need to take stock of what TNA has taken from you in 5 short years, " Dixie said turning to Vince McMahon, "I've already got your boys Vince; Kurt, Christian, Rhyno, Team 3D, what can you offer Chris that I can't?" Dixie asked confident as they all moved down the lounge to find a comfortable spot to rest their world weary bones.

"I'll tell you what I can offer you Chris," Vince said to the Ayatollah of Rock N'Rolla who listened intrigued by the Chairman's offer, "A shot at the WWE Champion John Cena!"

"I'll take it!" Chris said ecstatically shaking Vince's hand but Dixie laughed at his gullibility.

"You don't believe that Vince McMahon is going to take the WWE Championship off of his biggest draw and put it on you after he screwed you out of your last Championship match at SummerSlam two years ago? He didn't think much of you then and he doesn't think much of you now," Dixie said and Shane frowned at the TNA owner angrily.

"What reason have The McMahons given you not to trust us Jericho? You were the first Undisputed Champion?" Shane argued, "We really don't have time for this we've got a wedding to go to, we can discuss this at a more convenient time,"

Jericho and Stephanie looked at each other confused, "You talking about Shawn and Lita's wedding?" Stephanie asked trying to muffle her laughter.

"Yes why is there something else we don't know about?" Vince said getting annoyed.

"No you know everything there is to know, except the fact that Shawn and Lita didn't invite you," Dixie Carter said turning to the next page of her magazine casually while Stephanie and Jericho laughed at how hurt Vince, Shane and Linda looked.

"How did you even know they were getting married in Tijuana they only announced it a few hours ago?" Jericho asked holding his stomach with laughter.

"We were just going to San Diego to pick up their wedding gift, where's your present?" Stephanie asked her familia who just scowled at her.

"And after all we've done for you Stephanie Marie McMahon," Linda said holding her hand against her heart in disappointment, "You're selling out your own family to the devil woman of TNA!"

Now it was Dixie Carter's turn to laugh, she closed her magazine and addressed the McMahons directly, "Guys please don't make accusations you can't back up, now unless you've actually been to Hell and seen the woman the devil's sleeping with, you have no right to call me that Linda. Why don't you celebrate the fact that your daughter's finally going to with the man she loves rather than that over-rated piece of crap you call The Game?" Linda said.

"Are you gonna sit there and let this Confederate cow talk about your ex-husband like that?" Vince McMahon asked his daughter who shrugged.

"Daddy she's right; Hunter's not the man he used to be, I was wrong he's not the man I want to spend the rest of my life with, Jericho is,"

Stephanie put her hand on her father's knee gently with a soft smile on her face, "I'm sorry Daddy I wasted so much of your time and money defending Triple H and his degenerate friends, if it makes you feel better Jericho and I have decided not to get married right away, you won't have to foot the bill until maybe 2010," Stephanie said and kissed Jericho much to her family's horror.

"I'm the happiest man alive - Dad!" Jericho said with a big smile on his face, Vince sank back in his seat as The Rock came over and handed him a bag of peanuts.

"Nuts?" he asked his Brahma smile lighting up his handsome face the way Hunter's used to light up Stephanie's.

"I couldn't have said it better myself," Vince said dejected and ravaged the small bag of peanuts while Linda and Shane ignored Stephanie and Jericho realizing that they owed DX a huge apology, they were all they had left of the Attitude Era and if they kept on hating on them, it wouldn't be long before they too left Stamford, Connecticut for Dixieland, Florida and they didn't think that would go down too well with a certain baby girl by the name of Aurora Rose Helmsley who was attached to Connecticut as she was to her rattle. It was then that Vince McMahon realized that his disowned grand-daughter was the key to all this; if he could prove that Stephanie leaving Connecticut for Florida would endanger the country, maybe he could get out of having to pay for yet another extravagant wedding that would no doubt end in yet another divorce.

"Hey check this out," Shane said waving his mother and father over to the window where a brightly colored motor yacht was cruising across the ocean, "Is that not the coolest motor yacht you've ever seen?" he said impressed and Jericho, Stephanie and Rocky came over for a look.

"What is that written on the side?" Rocky asked chugging some coffee observing the florescent green and blue paint job, "It looks like SUCK IT," he observed and The McMahons pressed their faces against the glass for a closer look.

"It's DX!" Vince yelled reading the trademark tag.

"If DX hadn't stolen our motor yacht we could chase after them and beg their forgiveness!" Linda said.

"The McMahons never beg!" Vince said power-walking over to the ticket lady, "Excuse me ma'am I'd like to report a robbery,"

"What property have you lost sir?" the lady asked him and Vince pointed to the motor yacht aboard which a newly engaged Shawn and Lita were blissfully cruising aboard engrossed in their own company.

"That's my motor yacht those degenerates are riding, I demand you alert the coast guard and report them immediately to the local authorities right here in San Diego!" Vince said his eyes alive with mischief as the lady got on the phone and report the alleged theft to the local authorities as the WWE Chairman requested.

"What did you say to her?" Linda McMahon asked as her husband came back over to his family and Superstars rubbing his hands together in victory.

"I told her to bring Shawn and Hunter right here right now," Vince said proudly.

"What are you gonna do when they haul their dumb-asses in?" Shane asked curiously feeling mischievous himself.

"I'm gonna tell them what they've been wanting to hear for as long as I've known them: I'm sorry," Vince said and The McMahons covered their mouths in shock; for them, Hell just froze over because the decade-long war between The McMahons and DeGeneration X was going to end tonight.

"Shouldn't you wait until RAW to do something so historical?" Rocky said like the savvy sports entertainer that he was.

"I can't take the chance of them going to TNA before the wedding this weekend Rock, I have to make peace with the little bastards tonight," Vince said, he hoped that this act of benevolence would also convince Rocky and Jericho to stay in the WWE too, as the war between TNA and the WWE ran wild throughout the wrestling world his time to save the company that had made him so very, very rich several times over and the men and women who had made that possible was running out.

"That reminds me I have to fire Carlito," Vince said and The Rock gasped in horror.

"What?" he said.

"Rock please no Stone Cold impressions, I've had enough attitude for one day, " the Chairman said and Rocky shook the man back and forth hoping to shake some sense into him.

"I'm talking about Carlito why are you gonna fire the little apple-biter he hasn't done anything to anyone?" Rocky asked frantically worried what this news was gonna do to Trish Stratus.

"He hasn't shown up for work in months, he's obviously not interested in becoming WWE Champion the only mountain he wants to climb are the Toronto Twins of Trish Stratus," Vince explained and Rocky pinched the bridge of his nose in distress.

"Vince listen to me, you cannot do this to Carlito, he is the apple of Trish Stratus' eye - no pun intended," Rocky said.

"Exactly," Vince said and Rock frowned in confusion and Mr. McMahon explained to everyone why firing Carlito was a good idea, "I'm gonna use Carlito to get Trish Stratus to come back to RAW full-time,"

Shane and Linda nodded impressed, "That's a great idea, she'll never do anything to upset her darling Carlito," Shane said mocking Trish and Carlito with mock kisses to his mother and Rocky felt sick.

"That's it I'm out you McMahons are truly insane, Dixie sign be up baby, The Rock's coming to TNA!" The Rock announced walking up to Mrs. Carter.

"Oh no my man you're not going anywhere because you're the one whose gonna tell Trish to come back to RAW full-time!" Vince snapped defiantly.

"What are you crazy? She's got truth-telling abilities she's The Truth: Trish Stratus she's gonna know you made me do it and then she'll sic Lita on you!" Rocky said alarmed by Vince's stupidity and the WWE Chairman laughed casually to himself.

"But you won't be telling a lie Rocky, you'll be telling her the truth, the truth that you've been suppressing inside that big muscular heart of yours for the last 5 years, and that's that you're still in love with her,"

Jericho gawked as Rocky sunk his head into his chest ashamed and Vince slapped hands with Shane and Linda triumphantly and dusted off his shoulder proudly, "Man I'm good!" Vince said loving the pain the Truth showed in Rocky's eyes as he came to grips with the gravity of what the Chairman of the Board wanted him to do,

"I can't believe you didn't tell me," Jericho said hurt.

"Well you've been a little hard to talk to recently Third Eye Blind," Rocky retorted sarcastically but Jericho was genuinely hurt; Rocky and Y2J never kept secrets from each other and Chris had no idea Rocky was still holding a candle for Trish all this time that he was going through Hell with Stephanie and Hunter.

"And you have to audacity to give me and Stephanie a hard-time?" Jericho yelled angrily and Rocky pushed him away angrily but Jericho pushed him back, "You're wrong Rocky, what are you gonna tell your wife and kids?"

"They already know I haven't spoken to my wife in months why do you think she hasn't been home in so long? She's been staying at her mother's with the girls, I didn't know how to tell you okay?" Rocky explained in his own defense and Jericho shook his head in disbelief that Rocky had kept this from him for so long.

"Next week on RAW you're gonna make a choice Rock; either convince Trish Stratus to come back full-time so I can keep the ratings up after Shawn and Lita get married or I fire Carlito, this is your problem to fix so I suggest you fix it," Vince said callously and Rocky nodded too tired to argue with the craziest Chairman in the wrestling world.

Suddenly Shawn and Lita were in their midst handcuffed and pissed off that their first date as an Anointed couple had been interrupted yet again.

"Vince this better be good!" HBK said wrangling himself free from the security guard about to hit him with some Sweet Chin Music when Lita stopped him, "Let me go Lita I wanna tune up the band sweetie," he said as the Anointed one grabbed his ankle making him hop on one foot.

"The only person you should be super-kicking is him," Lita said pointing to Vince McMahon, "I don't work for you anymore Vincenzo, you messed up royal when you dragged us off the DX to the Extreme!"

Jericho and Stephanie frowned at each other, "The what?" they asked confused.

"The DX to the Extreme its our motor yacht, Charlotte and Dan McCool gave it to us as an engagement present, hint-hint," Lita explained and Stephanie and Jericho made gagging noises, Lita smiled and blew a kiss at them that almost burned the cocky smiles right off their faces.

"Easy Big Red I don't think the burn unit has any room for anymore of our haters," Shawn said pulling Lita over to his side and eye-balling the Chairman of the Board who didn't have enough patience for this unexplainable pairing that he never would have dreamed of scripting in his entire career as a wrestling promoter; Shawn and Lita, who woulda thunk it? The Chairman thought,

"You got two seconds to explain yourself Vince before I kick your false teeth down your throat!" Shawn snarled and Vince rolled his eyes.

"What are you doing with Edge's left-overs and where is Triple H? I have something I need to say to both of you," Vince said ignoring Shawn's threat but quickly ran behind The Rock as Shawn raised his foot nearly kicking the miserable mogul's head off, Shawn quickly lowered his foot and his temper when he saw the dejected face of the Brahma Bull.

"Do you miss Hunter too?" Shawn asked humorously patting The Rock on the shoulder, "Don't worry he'll be up and running tomorrow morning, he's just talking a long nap," Shawn said winking at Lita who winked right back her eyes darting between the McMahons and Dixie Carter wondering why they were in the same seating area with no security guards around.

"Lita what are the odds of Trish coming out of retirement?" Rocky asked Shawn's Anointed other half who laughed at the Brahma Bull's question.

"She'd never come back to the WWE, she's enjoying life with Carlito in Florida, if she ever came back to wrestling she'd most probably stay down South," Lita said and Dixie Carter came into the conversation.

"So your saying Trish Stratus would come to TNA?" Dixie asked delighted with the idea of Trish as a TNA Knockout, her credentials would really help get the Women's Division off the ground.

"Yeah but only because she lives in Florida, why you ask?" Lita asked her ex-boss who just gave her his trademark evil grin and looked in The Rock's direction and Lita knew there was something terribly wrong.

"Because she may not have a choice," Rocky said wiping the tears from his eyes and Shawn looked at Vince thinking he had something to do with The Rock's fallen demeanor, "If she doesn't come back to RAW Vince is gonna fire Carlito,"

"No he's not," Shawn said nonchalantly and Vince got hot hating the way Shawn Michaels always under-minded his authority in public.

"Yes I am!" Vince said.

"No you're not you wanna know why? Because Trish knows you would never do anything to hurt her, she's your favorite Women's Champion, and that's the Gospel Truth," Shawn said confident in his assessment of the situation and The Rock turned away looking out of the window and Lita and Shawn came over to him concerned.

"Vince would never do anything to hurt Trish Stratus but I will," he said tearfully and Shawn and Lita looked at each other confused then Rocky told them what they really didn't need to hear on their first date as an Anointed Couple, "I'm still in love with Trish," Rocky confessed, "And she's still in love with me,"

"But you're married, you've got two kids - I really thought you were happily married!" Shawn said confused.

"I thought the same about you Shawn, I guess after all this time we were both lying to ourselves," Rocky said and Lita got hot looking out over the water and Shawn banged his head against the glass in dismay.

"STRATUS!" Lita cried shattering the glass and everyone except Shawn ducked for cover as the shards rained down on them all and her voice radiated throughout the lounge over the water all the way to Tijuana where a troubled Trish Stratus could hear it, not that she was surprised; after all she was The Truth: Trish Stratus and this was one Truth Trish Stratus could no longer hide.

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