The Last Adventure of ATM: Heaven on Earth

Chapter 25: To Daddy

Fashion Valley Home, San Diego, CA, 9am:

Nitro, Shelton, Cryme Tyme, Edge and Undertaker walked side by side while Melina, Trish, Krystal and the other WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts discussed where the best places would be to go to buy Lita and Shawn's wedding gifts.

"I say we get them a blanket with both their names on it, so they have something to keep them warm," Trish said and Melina turned her nose up looking at the boutiques noticing the expensive shoes in the window.

"I'm going in here," she said entering the shop, the Divas walked on but Krystal entered with her, "Hey Krys thanks for following me in here I don't look so sad now," Melina said waving to the store clerk and pointing at the shoes in the window, "How much are those?" she said pointing at the ruby red wrap around sandals.

"$2500," the store clerk replied simply and Melina signaled for her to wrap 'em up because she was taking them right now and the store clerk beamed enthusiastically, "Would you like to see the dress that goes with the shoes?" she asked hopefully and Melina said yes.

"If the dress is hot I'll give it to Shawn to replace the one that The McMahons stole," Melina said to Krystal as the store clerk went to retrieve the dress and Krystal nodded but she was nervously looking through the window at Nitro, Shelton and Cryme Tyme who were about to walk past and Melina picked up on it, "What's wrong honey?" she asked her gently and Krystal breathed heavily.

"It's you Melina," she answered directly, "the way you and Nitro have been avoiding each other ever since he kissed Ashley and Brooke has really turned me off marrying Shelton,"

"Good don't marry him, if you don't want reality marriage is not for you," Melina replied and Krystal turned her nose up.

"I am not living in a fantasy world look at Lita and Shawn, they fight and they make up, you fight and its like you don't even love each other anymore, you're so unhappy mami," Krystal continued and Melina looked down careful not to say anything she couldn't take back but it was hard when she was about to buy Lita a pair of shoes and maybe a dress to seduce a man the way her husband had been seduced. Krystal opened the shop door and hollered for the boys to come in and Melina sighed not wanting things to get ugly when Nitro stepped through the door, but as soon as she saw him it was like he was waiting for her to punch him and that was wrong, Krystal wasn't exaggerating she was an unhappily married woman and there was no denying it something had to be done.

"Sweetie please forgive me I can't stand that you're mad at me, I'm sorry I really am," Nitro pleaded, "I'll buy you everything in this store just stop looking at me like that,"

"I can't I hate you!" Melina cried angrily, "Why did you marry me if you didn't want to commit to me? Why did you stick with me for so long and put up with my bad attitude only to betray me twice to women who don't love you?"

"Because I can that's why," Nitro shouted back and Shelton and Cryme Tyme jumped on him begging him to be quiet, "Here me out okay?" he said to everyone walking over to his wife and taking her hand, "I read Playboy and kiss other girls but I come home to you; my wife, my love, the only woman walking this Earth that I would kill for and that burns you up and I like it that way," he explained and Melina shook her head in disbelief pulling away from him angrily.

"You can't Nitro its not fair, if I kissed every guy that looked at me I'd be with Randy Orton right now," Melina said and Nitro gasped in shock, "That's right he hasn't stopped thinking about me since his obsession with me last Christmas and New Years, should I kiss him Nitro? Would you like that?"

"No I wouldn't and you better not start up with him again he's bad for you!" Nitro warned her and Melina felt her blood boiling.

"Not as bad for me as you are Johnny; love is supposed to feel good and if loving you means looking over my shoulder to see who you're kissing every two seconds this marriage won't last more than a year. Can you keep your eyes and lips to yourself?" Melina asked her husband desperate for him to say that he could so she could rebuild her trust in him again.

"No I can't so you better learn to live with it," Nitro said and Shelton slapped him around the head.

"You have to submit to your wife, if she don't want you kissing other girls you can't kiss other girls," Shelton said and Krystal smiled knowing that Shelton would make the perfect husband if there was such a thing, "You're taking Melina for granted,"

"Exactly," Cryme Tyme said.

"I am not I'm just flirtatious, it's not like I got Ashley or Brooke pregnant, its just kissing!" Nitro retaliated.

"Well you're breaking my heart!" Melina said.

"Here's the dress," the store clerk said coming out to them holding a ruby studded embroidered Piqué swing dress with pockets and a scalloped hemline; it was the perfect dress in Melina's eyes for Lita, she wondered if the one Shawn saw back in Tijuana looked better than this, there was only one man who would know and she was thinking about him more and more these days, "What do you think?" the store clerk asked as Melina stared at the beautiful red apparel.

"We'll take it," Nitro said whipping out his credit card and the store clerk gushed recognizing him instantly.

"Oh my God you're Johnny Nitro," she said excited, "you are so hot Melina's a very lucky woman," she said taking the credit card and the dress over to the counter while Melina asked Nitro what he was doing.

"This is a gift from me not you," she snapped.

"No it's a gift from one married couple to a future married couple; you're not getting out of this marriage Melina its you and me forever, excuse me miss!" Nitro called over to the store clerk who looked up still in shock from having Johnny Nitro in her boutique, "make sure the card reads from Melina and Johnny Hennigan," Nitro said and the store clerk nodded reluctantly wishing it was her name she was writing, she didn't know that marriage was much more than waking up to a pretty face and a hot bod every morning, if she did her face would look less like Krystal's and more like Melina's right now and it wasn't pretty, "Who's the dress for if you don't mind me asking," the store clerk asked Melina.

"A dear friend of mine with red hair and great legs," Melina said.

"Well this is the dress for her, please send me a picture of her wearing it, customers like to see beautiful women wearing our clothes it gives them something to strive to," the store clerk said and Melina smiled taking the bag with the shoes and dress inside.

"If there was ever a woman to be like my Big Red sister in Christ is a good place to start," Melina said and the store clerk frowned wondering who this woman was and how lucky she was to have a friend with such great taste in clothes and men.

As Melina and Krystal left the shop with Nitro, Shelton and Cryme Tyme, LAX, Samoa Joe, CM Punk, Maria and John Cena were in an antique gun store buying HBK and Big Red a classic marble Smith and Wesson of all things.

"I don't like this," John Cena said looking around at all the guns and shaking his head, "Forgive me but I don't really feel safe in here with you guys,"

"Is this because Punk shot you?" Maria said to her babyfather.

"You're so smart Maria really you should work for NASA," Cena replied and Maria frowned.

"You mean that thing with all the cars going really fast?" she asked confused and LAX laughed.

"You escaped a landmine when you dumped her Punk," Konnan said, "Cena's talking about NASA and she's thinking about NASCAR,"

Punk shook his head in agreement amazed at how many times he had corrected Maria in the past, "You'd be surprised how much you put up with for a pretty face and a hot body," Punk said.

"No I wouldn't," came the sour and depressed voice of Melina the Miraculous who wondered into the store aimlessly while Krystal, Shelton, Nitro and Cryme Tyme caught up with Edge, Undertaker and the other WWE Superstars, "Hey guys, Cena how come you're here?"

"Well since me and Maria are back together I figured I'd get to know her friends a little better since she already knows all of mine, why so blue what's with you?" Cena asked Melina as Homicide, Hernandez, Konnan, Punk and Joe kissed her hand out of respect for her and her miraculous healing abilities which she used by placing her hands on Konnan's hip and healed the fractured bone enabling him to walk once again without the need for a wheelchair.

"I heal you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and I declare it done in Jesus' name, Amen," she said and opened her eyes as Konnan got to his feet and walked up and down to the utter shock of his boyz, "That's better, now I don't feel so blue, see you guys later," she said to everyone who blew kisses of gratitude and adulaton at her and Maria and Cena decided to follow her while LAX decided which gun to buy for Shawn and Lita.

"I think we should get them one each, so if things go wrong they can do like Romeo and Juliet and blow each other's brains out," Homicide said and Hernandez slapped him up side the head.

"That was a movie there were no guns in Shakespeare's time," Hernandez said.

"No guns in Shakespeare's time? I guess that's how come he spent all his time writing those violent plays instead," Homicide said and Punk and Joe gawked at the twin guns Konnan was having engraved with Shawn and Lita's name on them.

"Konnan God may not like that," Samoa Joe said biting into his ham and egg bagel.

"It's not like they need anymore power they're freaking Anointed," Punk said.

"Guns are the American way amigos, I don't feel right unless I know a young married couple have a gun in the house; there are a lot of crazy single people out there who would kill you before they let you lay hands on them the way Melina just did on me," Konnan said.

"But Lita can kill anyone who harms her or those she cares about," Punk explained.

"That's now, what about after ATM disbands?" Konnan said and Punk and Joe thought about it.

"Better buy some antique bullets to go with 'em," Punk said changing his mind forgetting that Lita, Trish and Melina were going to go back to normal after the wedding and in that case having a gun in the house wasn't a bad idea, after all, there were a lot of crazy people out there and Shawn had two kids and now a wife to protect.

"To serve and to protect - that's our motto," Homicide said putting his hand over his heart proudly.

"No that's the police motto, ours is 5150," Hernandez said

"Oh yeah, BRURRAAHHH!" Homicide cried with one of the guns in his hand as the best friends left the shop to find the TNA wrestlers and find out what they were buying for Shawn and Lita who were sitting together on Sunset Cliffs while their friends and family shopped for their wedding gifts. It was kind of dangerous for them to be alone together since they couldn't resist touching each other but they had promised Trish and Hunter that they would be on their best behavior and so far they had held up to their agreement and were just holding hands facing each other on the cliff looking down at Ocean Beach.

"So you think Melina's in love with Randy too?" Lita asked Shawn concerned about her little sister in Christ who seemed to be struggling to stay happy these days.

Shawn shrugged not really one to talk about other people unless it was Hunter or Stephanie, "I dunno I don't wanna get involved, its just that Randy's liked Melina forever and Nitro doesn't seem to be making her very happy, she even mistook me for him once," he said and Lita remembered when that happened.

"Oh yeah that was at Trish and Carlito's house," Lita said and now she started to think about her other sister in Christ who didn't seem too happy either, "To think Trish and Carlito only just moved in together, what am I gonna do with my sisters in Christ Shawn? It looks like they're gonna go back to their old ways after ATM disbands; Trish is gonna start lying again and Mel's gonna start bitching about Nitro again,"

"Maybe you don't have to disband, God could change His mind and keep ya'll together," Shawn said circling her knuckles with his thumb giving Lita a little jolt of pleasure.

"She's watching us you know," Lita said and Shawn released her hands and started looking around for Trish nervously, "Sucka!" Lita said and Shawn went red with embarrassment; that was the third time Lita had fooled him, "You're making me paranoid woman cut it out," he said pulling out his hair and flicking it about his shoulders. As he combed it out Lita noticed the initial letter tattooed around his finger; it was R for Rebecca and she smiled thinking about his beautiful wife sitting in Heaven with her beloved friend Jeff Hardy watching Shawn comb out his honey blond locks with the most serene look on his face.

"I could do this all day," she said on her stomach cradling her face with her hands looking at Shawn like fine piece of art and the Showstoppa smiled at her adoringly.

"I feel the same way but eventually I'm gonna stop looking and just touch you," he said softly leaning on his side his face shadowing her own, "I'm gonna start here," he said tracing a finger down her nose down to her chin, "then I'm gonna stop and kiss you for a minute," he said with a bright look in his eye, "after that I guess we'll just have to make love," he said with a promising glint in his eye and Lita sighed in anticipation rolling onto her side and kept rolling until she was on the edge of the cliff and looked down at the crashing waves over the rocks below. She was on the edge of marriage and Shawn was so calm, cool and collected while she felt more like those waves crashing against each other dying for contact with the solid rocks. A strong arm suddenly curled around her waist and pulled her back over to the grass where it was safe, looking up into Shawn's warm blue grey eyes she knew there was no chance of her getting hurt as long as she was in his arms. The cliff began to shake and the tremor could be felt all over San Diego.

"Uh-oh," Lita said as her cell-phone rang, Shawn's did as well and they answered at the same-time knowing who was calling.

"BEHAVE YOURSELVES!" Trish yelled with Hunter who called Shawn at the same-time that she called Lita.

"OKAY!" Shawn and Lita yelled back and hung up lying on their backs looking up at the clouds together.

"You know they're watching us right?" Lita said to her beloved sweetheart.

"Who Jeff and Rebecca? Yeah I know there'll probably laughing at us," he said disgruntled folding his arms over his chest, "Must be entertaining seeing us struggle like this,"

"Only one more day to go my love, then you can have me just as you want me and Trish and Hunter can SUCK IT!" Lita said and Shawn started to laugh.

"WE HEARD THAT!" Trish and Hunter said still connected on the other side of the phone and Shawn and Lita responded by tossing their cell phones over the cliff.

"That's better, now we can enjoy each other's company in peace," Shawn said rolling over onto his stomach while Lita stretched her arms over her head in an effort to relax, but as her hand accidentally touched Shawn's hair she knew they couldn't be alone, it was just too dangerous.

"Let's go see a man about a dog," she suggested getting to her feet and Shawn jumped up too and pulled himself together trying not to think of Lita naked anymore, but it was hard and every now and again so was he.

"Down boy!" he whispered to his crotch as Lita jumped on his back and did a Litacanrana tossing him into the bushes, while she skipped ahead making her way to the Fashion Valley mall giving Shawn a moment to realize he'd been outwrestled, it wouldn't be long before he started running after her or so she thought, five minutes later Shawn was nowhere to be found.

"Shawn?" Lita called out coming back over to the cliff side where she saw Shawn being dragged by an older man into a pick up truck, "Shawn!" she cried out running over to it but she couldn't get there in time and her heart nearly stopped as she memorized the license plate, she pulled out her cell-phone frantically and dialed the first number that came to mind, "Mom, Dad just kidnapped Shawn!" she cried down the phone as the truck sped away, "And if he hurts him I swear by my Lord and Savior I will kill him!"

"Lita!" a familiar voice called out and the Anointed one looked up to see Stephanie waving at her to come quick, "Call him and talk some sense into him Mom!" she told her mother who nodded that she would try and Lita hung up.

"Stephanie I don't have time to talk I've gotta go after my Dad he's kidnapped Shawn!" Lita told the Billion Dollar Princess who nodded that she knew.

"I know my Dad told him to," Stephanie said and Lita nearly lost her mind.

"But your Dad hates my Dad why would he do that?" Lita said then she remembered that Vince was pissed because he wasn't invited to the wedding, "Call your father and tell him he's invited okay, enough's enough!" Lita said shocked at how far Vince McMahon would go to get his way.

"You think this is about your wedding?" Stephanie said and Lita nodded, "Your father says Vince owes him $1 million dollars and if he doesn't get it he's gonna take it out on you by hurting Shawn so badly he won't be able to make it to Tijuana for the wedding tomorrow," Stephanie explained and Lita flew into a rage.

"Why is he doing this to me!" she cried angrily and Stephanie tried to calm her down but she was furious and that was not good for anyone within the San Diego area or any of the neighboring states.

"I'll tell Dad to give him the money and in exchange you'll have to invite my family to the wedding," Stephanie said and Lita nodded, anything to keep Shawn safe from harm.

"This is supposed to be the happiest time of my life Steph, why is he going out of his way to ruin it for me?" Lita said wrought with frustration pulling her hair out.

"I used to feel the same way about my father but we can't choose our parents Lita, we can chose our own family though," Stephanie replied and it was then that Lita noticed the sterling silver rattle in Stephanie's hand. "Hunter may have moved on but there's a part of him that still belongs to me and her name is Aurora," Stephanie said.

"That's Hurricane Aurora," Hunter said coming down towards them with Trish.

"Before you say anything Stephanie told me what's going on," Lita said putting her hand up in protest.

"I would have told you first if you didn't throw away your cell phone!" Trish responded angrily, "Come on your father's heading for Chris Jericho's apartment in downtown L.A where Vince, Shane and Linda are waiting for him,"

"So we're just gonna give Lita's dad $1 million dollars just like that after what he put her and my best friend through?" Hunter said disgusted and Stephanie shook Aurora's rattle from side-to-side with a sly grin on her face.

"Oh I wouldn't say he'll be getting off that easily," she said with a vengeful gleam in her eye and Hunter smiled understanding what she meant and wrapped his arm around Lita who was still seething with rage.

"Your father's gonna find out what it means to mess with the Kliq," Hunter said assuring the angry red-head that everything was gonna be okay, "you're part of the family now, and what hurts you hurts me and I ain't down with nobody hurting my boy's future ex-wife,"

"Whad'ya mean "ex-wife"?" Trish said insulted by Hunter's choice of words.

"Hey if it could happen to me it could happen to anybody," Hunter said and Stephanie rolled her eyes.

"Don't mind him he's just bitter now let's roll," Stephanie said getting into Jericho's car and Trish, Lita and Hunter got in with her noticing the baby strapped into the front seat.

"Look sweetie its Daddy," Stephanie said to Aurora who was reaching out for her rattle but Hunter shook his head at her, "Not yet Aurora, not yet," he said and kissed her on the forehead as Stephanie drove off towards L.A for a showdown with Lita's Daddy for the last time.

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