The Last Adventure of ATM: Heaven on Earth

Chapter 29: Leaving on the Midnight Train to Georgia

Tattoo Me, Fashion Valley Home Mall, San Diego, CA:

Just as the sun was going down Shawn and Lita were coming back to Earth in the most unusual way much to the amazement of the wrestlers and friends of the Anointed Couple who were deeply disturbed by the story LAX had told them about Shawn and Lita burning to death at Chris Jericho's house. After Trish shut the Latino trio up she explained that although Shawn and Lita's bodies were destroyed their spirits were in Heaven and they were scheduled to return in fully restored Heavenly bodies momentarily.

So everyone was gathered around The Undertaker whose back was exposed and his tattoo of Shawn and Lita embracing was in full view, as it began to move some of the wrestlers started heading for the door again but as Shawn and Lita's eyes began to look at everyone no-one was able to go anywhere.

"It's them they're alive!" Stephanie McMahon cried out relieved as Lita's unforgettable smile lit up Undertaker's strong back and HBK winked at Triple H who shook his head in disbelief.

"Will you quit fooling around and get outta there Shawn? I've been going crazy worrying about you!" Hunter said and Trish frowned at him.

"Why, you knew he was in good hands?" she asked the Cerebral Assassin who ignored her and brushed past all the other wrestlers and started threatening HBK.

"I mean it Shawnie come on, the fellas and I have planned you a batchelor party and you're going!" he said and HBK looked at Lita concerned suddenly not wanting to leave Heaven anymore.

"I'm gonna count to three Shawn and then we're outta here, I'm not staying in The Deadman one minute more than I have to," Lita told the Showstoppa who pouted allowing her to take his hand and together they exited the Divine Tat becoming flesh and blood again and that flesh was on total display since they were both completely naked.

"Urm Earth to Shawn and Lita, will you please put something on we're in public!" Stephanie McMahon admonished the Anointed Couple who were haloed by the Light of Heaven, Lita's long red curls covering her breasts and her hands covering her privates, while Shawn turned his back showing only his ass which no-one seemed to mind except Stephanie, she'd seen enough of it and Hunter's over the years, "Hunter give Shawn you're sweater and Joanie give Lita your skirt," Stephanie told the two Degenerates who didn't hesitate, especially since Hunter loved seeing Joanie in her underwear and Joanie loved it when Hunter took his shirt off to reveal his Action Man like physique to the world while she stood only in her knee high boots, stockings and black satin underwear.

Edge watched as Lita put the micro leather skirt on thinking she was a fool to put anything on at all, she was like a Bottecelli painting to him, then he watched HBK slip Hunter's polo sweater over his sun-kissed shoulders, it was so big that it reached his thighs making him decent in the eyes of his peers, family and friends.

"Eddie says hi," he told everyone and they gasped.

"You talked to Eddie?" Rey Mysterio asked jubliantly coming out from behind Hunter with Dominic and Aaliyah and HBK nodded looking around for something to tie his hair back with.

"I saw Owen too Bret, he says cheer up you'll live longer," Shawn said to Bret Hart who smiled fondly thinking about his dearly departed little brother.

"Want to borrow one of my hairbands to tie your hair back?" Bret said offering Shawn one of his tie bands which HBK accepted, until Hunter sharply cut him off and offered one of his own hair bands to the Heartbreak Kid with a superior smirk.

"Excuse me Bret I believe I am Shawn's best man and that means I get to tie his hair back," The Cerebral Assassin said rudely, "Here you go Shawn," he said handing Shawn one of his hair bands and Shawn was about to take it when Edge stepped in.

"You know Shawn you shouldn't tie your hair back until you brush it and as the ex-fiance of the woman you're less than a day away from marrying I think I should be the one to brush it as a token of our everlasting friendship," Edge said and Lita frowned.

"Edge what are you doing hitting on my future husband just hours before we get married?" she asked confused.

"Yeah you're so gay its not even like you're pretending anymore," Matt Hardy said and Edge sighed looking over at Christian begging him to step in and explain to these American idiots the significance of him combing Shawn's hair before he got married. The Instant Classic cleared his throat and began to explain.

"Edge combed my hair before I got married and my wife and I have been happily married for years, its good luck Shawn you should let him do it," he said confident in his best friend's grooming abilities and Edge looked over at Shawn expectantly.

"Well can I?" Edge asked enthusiastically and Shawn frowned uncomfortably.

"I don't have a brush on me," he said and Hunter chuckled at Shawn's flimsy excuse before reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a hairbrush.

"Would you mind if I combed your hair Shawn, I mean I am your best man and I am entitled to certain privileges aren't I?" Hunter asked and Chyna laughed along with Stephanie, Jericho and everyone else.

"What privileges I'm not getting married to you, the only person who's gonna be touching my hair or any part of me from this moment on is on my right hand side," Shawn replied motioning to Lita, snatching Hunter's hairbrush and handing it to his future wife adoringly, giving her the most beautiful smile she ever saw and she couldn't help but give him one straight back, "Would you mind combing my hair out Lita? It gets real tangled if I don't comb it out on the regular," Shawn said endearingly and Lita flicked her long red hair over her left shoulder accidently exposing her right breast and Shawn dropped the hairbrush, his jaw and got extremely embarassed, "Oh my God Lita!" he gasped and Lita wondered what had gotten him so upset when she looked at everyone staring at her as if she was naked, and then she saw it, her left boob was exposed and in public yet again!

"Shit!" she cursed covering it up with her hair and everyone applauded as her face flushed bright red with embarassment, "Why are you guys applauding me this isn't funny I'm a woman of God I'm not Edge's horny sex kitten anymore!" Lita snapped angrily getting hot and Shawn put a hand on her shoulder pressed his lips to her head and she cooled off instantly.

"We're applauding your dignity," Krystal said and Shelton nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, the old Lita wouldn't have felt embarassed about having the entire wrestling world see her left boob or both, this is proof that you really have changed, you should be proud of yourself Lita, Shawn is a very lucky man to have a woman like you," he said sincerely and the rest of the WWE Superstars applauded in agreement and Lita was ecstatic and turned to HBK.

"You're not disappointed that you saw my left boob before the wedding are you?" Lita asked him anxiously but HBK wasn't thinking straight he was thinking boob and Hunter noticed at once since he was fluent in all things Breast.

"Look Lita just give Shawn a break and whip out the other boob too," he said and Lita rolled her eyes at the Cerebral Assman who only ever had sex on the brain.

"That would be wrong, he's seen way too much already," Lita said observing the reticient glances Shawn was sending her way and Lita considered Hunter's recommendation, after all they were just boobs, then she remembered that they technically were still on a date everyone kept interrupting and what better way to give Shawn a glimpse of her goodies than in privacy where no-one else could see them? That wasn't something the old Lita would do, so fired up by this idea Lita took HBK hands in her own, squeezed them lovingly to her mouth then pressed them to her cherry red lips and kissed them sweetly, "Honey," she said warmly and Shawn felt his legs trembling beneath him wishing he was wearing pants now.

"Lita just remember I'm not wearing any pants right now," he said implicitly and Lita let go of his hands and waved him over to the exit of the tattoo parlor, she turned and gave Edge a hug and thanked Undertaker for letting Jeff's Divine Tat come to life on his back giving her and Shawn safe passage back to San Diego, then she clocked Matt and remembered the almost empty bag of Skittles Jesus had asked her to give him to show that Jeff was alive and well, she took the creased up red packet and placed it in Matt Hardy's unsuspecting hand and he queried her action, Lita just smiled,

"Jeff says save one for him," she said and Matt teared up nodding grateful that his little brother was okay counting down the hours to his return to Earth. Lita then faced everyone smiling like a Cheshire cat taking her red dress and shoes from Melina who chuckled along with Trish knowing exactly what Lita had in mind for the end of her only date with the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels before she shared his last name and his life.

"I'll see you guys in Tijuana, Shawn and I are leaving on the midnight train to Georgia and we don't want to hear from anyone of you until the morning of the wedding and that's an order from Above," she said firmly and everyone understood, everyone except HBK who was wondering what was in the shopping bag as Lita dragged his half naked body towards the train station.

"Lita why don't we fly, the train to Georgia's gonna take hours?" Shawn asked puzzled by her impetuous behavior getting a kick out of the alarmed faces looking at them as their bare legs beat down the board walks like they were running from the police, "Lita slow down I'm having a hard time keeping my privates concealed!" Shawn said stretching Hunter's huge white sweater down as far as he could.

"Two tickets to Atlanta, Georgia, hurry!" Lita told the ticket lady who took one look at HBK and looked back at Lita enviously, "That's right, he's my man and we're getting married tomorrow in Tijuana!" Lita bragged and the woman almost threw the two tickets at Lita.

"Congratulations," she said jealously as Shawn strutted behind his buxom bride to be like they were already married noticing how little of Lita's legs were actually covered by Chyna's leather skirt and Shawn started to wonder what exactly was going to go down on this train ride to Georgia which according to the schedule wasn't leaving until midnight and it was only half seven.

Shawn sat down next to the fiery red-head who took his hair in her hands and started to comb it out gently.

"You know we've got five hours before the train leaves for Georgia, why on Earth were you in such a rush to get to the train station?" Shawn asked Lita ask she combed through his hair relaxing his brain and chilling him out completely.

Lita smiled as he leaned back onto her chest with a deep sigh, he was getting more and more relaxed, she wrapped her bare legs around him pulling herself closer to his body and he caressed her ankles letting his fingers wander up to her knee caps and they went wandering back up and down over and over again. Shawn could hear Lita's breathing getting heavy and he opened one eye and smiled up at her with a cheeky grin.

"Whatever you do don't flip your hair," he said humorously and Lita laughed.

"This is the last few moments we have before things get serious," she said and Shawn tried not to think about it, he knew what she meant but the thought of it was too exciting, in less than a day, he was going to have sex with Lita and not just any old sex nah-uh, the kind of sex you only read about in crappy Jackie Collins' novels only without the crappy part. It was going to be awesome and it was only by the grace of God that they could have waited this long, as Lita drew the hairbrush through his softening locks Shawn swallowed down his urge to reach around, grab her roll onto his stomach and make love to her right there in front of all the strangers wondering why were those people half-naked? But there was no need to rush, contrary to Shawn's assessment, Lita was totally in control of the situation. He saw something red sticking out of the shopping bag she had taken from Melina and put two and two together with a smile of anticipation on his face which Lita noticed and smiled right along with him, "Things are gonna get hot before we even get on the train if you don't keep still," she whispered into his exposed ear, she lowered her lips below the lobe and kissed the soft area underneath dropping the hairbrush onto the floor kissing Shawn's neck softly before biting into it like he did her back at the Camino Real in Tijuana. Lita pulled away gently and saw Shawn's eyes going back into his head his forehead was wet with perspiration and his heart was beating fast and this was only introduction, they hadn't even got onto the train yet and she smiled at Shawn's already dishevelled state knowing things were going to get even better for him, but she didn't want to exhaust him too soon and resumed combing his hair quietly as Shawn tried to catch is breath while pulling down his sweater so his bare behind didn't stick to the wooden bench so much.

"You know what would be really nice right now?" he asked Lita in his gravely Southern drawl and she lost concentration and dropped the hairbrush again but Shawn caught it and turned to her looking straight into her autumn brown eyes which were warmer than furr gloves in the winter right now.

"What would be really nice right now Shawn?" Lita asked nervously as HBK pressed her hands to his face warming them even more with his hot and raspy voice.

"For you to put on whatever's in that bag and come back out here to me," he said and Lita gulped thinking that would not be a good idea since the dress was red, short and irresistable, they'd never make it past the guard rail if she put it on Shawn would lose control right there in the station!

"That's probably not a good idea, I don't want to tempt you to do something you're going to regret," Lita said as soberly as she could but it was very difficult since she was drunk on HBK who shook his head assured that nothing was going to happen unless he wanted it to which really didn't reassure Lita at all and that's when it happened; Shawn widened his eyes, dropped his head to the right and squeezed her hands in his.

"Please?" he said, he begged her to put the ruby studded embroidered Piqué swing dress on, Shawn Michaels was begging and she was utterly speechless, then finally said what she had never said to either of her two ex-fiance's.

"No," she said simply and Shawn shrugged, turned back around leaning against her comfortably.

"Okay," he replied and she sighed in relief as he handed her back the hairbrush so she could resume combing his honey blond locks with love and affection, there was no way she was going to spoil what was to be the most miraculous thing that had ever happened to her by giving into his fantasy of her, Lita had learned her lesson well and that was a mistake she was never going to make ever again, especially with a man who was more than willing to wait content with just her pleasant company and her soft hands in his hair.
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